And So You Think You're Going
to the Moon, Mars, or the Stars...


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2018

December 19, 2018
(Version 2)
(Draft version)

    "It's not going to happen!"
    The first sentence of this document (which is on the line above this line) is something that I say when I have concluded something will never happen.  For instance, I will never get to date some asian-type gal shaped like Ema Hayasaka and get to caress her and such, and I will never become the president of the United States of America.  The first sentence of this document, referring up to the title of this document, means that you will never get to the moon or Mars or the stars.
    "It's not going to happen!"
    The reason that is not going to happen is the main topic for this document, and the document is a logic piece, which--I say--Stephen Hawking did not have the ability or willingness to put together.  Stephen Hawking is mentioned for a big reason.  In November 2016, Stephen Hawking--a man beloved by science-fiction-writing people and space nuts and whatever--pushed out the idea that man only has--now--1,000 years in which to find another planet or whatever to live on.  Stephen Hawking's defective statement was tied to the nonsense of manmade-global warming or manmade climate change or whatever the communists and socialists are calling it at the moment.  Stephen Hawking was so much of a specialist in one field that he was an ignorant man overall, and, in the end, he helped promote ignorance.  For one, based on Stephen Hawking's idea, some ten-billion persons or twenty-billion persons or the like will have to be transported off this planet in 1,000 years and travel countless light years to a number of planets, since one faraway planet will not be ready for so many persons or be able to take in so many persons--and everything that must come with them [Note: Of course, there are people on the planet today who wish to drop the population of the planet to ten percent of what it is to save the planet, which means they will have to find ways in which to kill more people quickly and regularly.]. Stephen Hawking died on March 14, 2018 [Note: I first talked about Stephen Hawking and his 1,000-year prediction in Television History and Trivia #152, which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #152 link.]
    Consider only some of the reasons that man will not really get off the planet and get to another in the near centuries to come.
    To have a group of people from Earth live and survive on another planet, such as Mars, which seems to be the first hoped-for choice in the minds of a lot of "children" (especially young people today), the people will have to have a lot of things (in essence, "possessions," which are frowned upon by "minimalists" and "socialists" and "communists").  There will have to have food, and the food will have to be continually grown and watched over, and that means people will have to spend time and effort growing and processing and storing food.  In a place like Mars, big, big, big buildings will have to be built to grow the food, and, in fact, buildings covering acres and acres of land will have to be built to grow the food--buildings like greenhouses.  A lot oxygen will be needed in the buildings for the people caring for the plants, and water will have to be provided to get the plants to grow, and since plants need carbon dioxide to grow, the people will have to produce enough carbon dioxide for the plants to survive and live [Note: Are not people on Earth working to cut down the amount of carbon dioxide on the planet today to save the planet?].  Plants need dirt--containing minerals and such--to grow, so minerals--the right minerals and the right proportion of minerals--will have to be dug up and processed to give to the plants being grown.  To get the minerals, machinery--big things, like trucks and frontloaders--will have to exist on the colonized planet.  Water will have to be, in essence, harvested or produced from materials on the planet for not only the plants but also the people.  The people on the planet will have to have big air-treatment systems in the greenhouses, and buildings will have to be at least nearly airtight so that the air will not escape into deep space (lost forever).  And getting growing systems started on the planet will take a lot of time--months and years--and that means stuff will have to be transported in countless spaceships and such for a long time.
    By the way, I guess the people who will be stuck on Earth will be happy when people start taking countless amounts of minerals and such off Earth to take to other planets, or I guess the people who will be stuck on Earth will be happy when people start taking countless rockets and such away from the plant with supplies and machinery and parts for buildings [Note: The expense will be enormous.].
    Besides air-treatment systems (machinery) and water-treatment and waste-water treatment systems (machinery), there will have to be living quarters, kitchen areas, recreation areas, bathing areas, shops (such as machine shops) with repair tools and equipment (all types of tools), medical areas, storage areas (such for spare parts for buildings and spare parts for equipment, such as big trucks), areas in which to build things (such as vehicles) that will go outside or stay inside, waste-disposal systems or plants, et cetera.
    Here is an aside.  Today, there is a museum at Mackinaw City, Michigan, known as the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum, and the main focus of the museum is a ship--an icebreaker--that was called The Mackinaw WAG-83 (at first) and then The Mackinaw WAGB-83, and it was operated on the Great Lakes from December 1944 to June 2006, and when it was fully loaded, the whole thing weighed 5,200 tons (the original weight when fully loaded), and it had anywhere from 80 persons to 140 persons on board to run it.  The ship--only 290-feet long--was built from about March 1943 to December 1944.  Some 500 persons were involved in making the ship.  That is one ship, which never had to leave the planet.
    Think a moment, or really, really think.  Think about how much material will have to be transported off Earth and to the other planet, such as Mars.  Machines--from transport vehicles to such things as diggers and cranes--will have to be transported to the other planet.  Wall and roofs and such for buildings will have to be transported to the other planet, and, ultimately, in the case of Mars, the buildings will have to be airtight, and the walls and roof and floor will have to be highly puncture resistant or thick.  By the way, remember, fully constructed buildings cannot be dropped on to the planet, and fully assembled machines that can be to construct the buildings cannot be just dropped on to the planet.  Tools and parts, such as nuts and bolts and whatever, will have to be transported down to the other planet.  Think of how many people--from machinists to doctors to whatever--will have to be transported off Earth and to the other planet, such as Mars, to operate even a small community.
    The amount of material that will have to be taken off Earth and taken to the other planet or planets will be a staggering amount, and the transporting process will not be an easy endeavor, and I say that probably millions of tons of material will have to be moved, maybe an impossible task to be completed in even several hundred years, once it is possible to move material in mass.
    For this document, I think I will skip a detailed talking about setting up factories (which will have cover acres and acres of land) on the other planet in which to make things, such as bolts and nuts, handles for brooms, electric motors (for all types of equipment, such as fans), and pumps and containers.
    For years, I have said that the next best government for a community or society--which will have a basis in The United States Constitution, which is being destroyed today, such as by communists and socialists, wishing to have no part of that document because it limits their power to be rotten and be free to hurt others--will be created at some place off of Earth, since too many rotten people exist in governments on Earth and will in the future work to block any new good governments from being set up--the countless rotten politicians on the planet and countless rotten politicians who have yet to show up on the planet will do as much as possible to only have governments in existence that keep them in power.  [Note: In the United States of America, another term used to identify communists and socialists is "progressives," and the term has been pushed along into commonplace use by communists and socialists to help hide their bad ideas and natures and make it seem that they are good, such as good thinkers, though their thoughts are rotten.]
    Socialism and communism and Sharia (a government form masquerading as a religion (the main basis of Islam)) are bad forms of government, since the government people promote violence and lying and corruption, work to suppress the citizens, such as their ability to do things and think things, are not altruistic in any form, and are usually ignorance or stupid (having no real talents), and history shows that is true.  For socialistic societies and communistic societies and Sharia-based societies and the like to survive--which is to further the ability of those in power to stay in power--the leaders must have natures that at the outset involve being willing to imprison and kill dissenters, and the politicians have to use a lot of time and effort to keep the citizens depressed and under control (which has to become ever more pronounced from day to day as things fall apart in the society) so that the ruled cannot achieve what the rulers have achieved (which is not through real work and skills), and some of what the rulers achieve is money and riches and stature in society and even an easy life (related to physical stress, not having to work), and because the rulers have to do so much to protect themselves, their interest in space exploration is last on their minds and never developed starting at a young age.  The rulers or leaders in socialistic systems or communistic systems or Sharia-based systems usually have gained their positions through corruption and violence and payoffs and such, and it is not real mind skills that allow the leaders and rulers to gain power, and in many societies, it has developed that the leaders have power because of divine intervention or are tied to gods and the like, which is all nonsense, and then the rulers and leaders can have gained their power from having been tied (genetically) to previous rulers or leaders, as happens in family dynasties [Note: The idea about having power passing from father to son (or a daughter) as good or leads to good is defective, and I say that it leads to rottenness usually because of a rule that I have, in which, usually, the children of parent will never be as good at something as the parent is because the children have different brains and different development environments and different guiding brain-thinking patterns and different personalities and goals in life, and the true is truly important in relation to thinking jobs.].  People who promote and wish to run societies based on socialism or communism or Sharia are not smart people or the type of people who have the right brains and are smart enough to make decisions that will lead to good space-exploration ways!
    When the ways of socialism and the like are put in practice, it leads to a society of mostly stupid people.  The leaders must have stupid citizens so that the citizens will not be smart enough to see that the leaders have rotten ideas and, in some cases, so that the citizens cannot care for themselves well without the leaders.  In order to keep in power, the leaders must promote people into political jobs to replace them who uphold the same ideas as the leaders hold, such as about economics (almost always defective economics) and justice, and given the ideas about the ways of life for citizens in the minds of the leaders are rotten, the rottenness becomes self-sustaining.  [Note: Are you aware the percentage of functionally illiterates who are adults in Detroit is at about sixty percent today?]
    Today, many the societies on the planet are rotten, and some are in the process of going rotten, and the rottenness is because of the political systems, such as those involving kings and queens (such as the tribal societies and the House of Saud) or dictators tied to socialism and communism, and such societies often lead to the creation of nothing or to the destruction of what exists, and I have examples.  For years, the leaders of China--a communistic country--have had to steal technology from the United States of America and other countries, since the political system created an environment of stagnation in thinking.  The Middle East was a stagnant society for centuries--with kings and queens as leaders, under Islamic rule--and it took, for instance, the United States of America in the 1900s to help get the oil industries going, because the systems of government in the Middle East kept the societies tied to nomadic life (and, really, the underlying political systems in the region are still going to keep the region steeped in ignorance).  Since the late 1900s, Venezuela has fallen apart because the ways of communism and socialism were adopted by the leaders or forced on the citizens by the leaders--it became a society ruled by a few people or dictators (corrupt people and defective-thinking people and violent people); by the way, around 2016 and 2017, international news reports showed how much the country had devolved, having food riots, some of which resulted in the death of some people involved.  North Korea--a super hard-line communistic society--is a dead society, with starvation, poverty, and disease.  Societies in Africa have existed for centuries, and yet there was almost no development to what could be call modern things, such as water-treatment systems, well into the 1900s, and little of what exists today in the world was created on the African continent, and, even today a person can still hear about how backwoods-like the continent is in many areas, and it has all been because the societies have been based on rules of kings and queens and their tribal ways and tribal fighting, which allowed, in essence, nothing to be built and nothing to be acquired by the citizens and communities over the long run.
    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, people from the United States of America went to the moon, and it was historic, and it was a time in which hard-line "feminism" was really starting to take hold and mixing in with the ways of socialism and communism (elitism with violence), especially at universities and colleges in the United States of America.  Since I have been around for 65 years on the planet, I have gained the skill and knowledge to deduce that, as a rule, women are less logical than men are, and women are more likely to make decisions based on feelings and emotions than men are, and women are more likely to adopt the ways socialism and communism into everyday life, and women who take up the ways of "feminism," which, for example, promotes hate against men and bias against men, are the worst women on the planet and the last type of women that should be in government jobs.  [Note: For the election of November 2018, people in the State of Michigan put socialistic/communistic/feministic women in such jobs as the governor of the state and the attorney general of the state.].  Because the United States of America is transitioning into more and more socialism and communism and Sharia (Islamic law)--with "feminism" mixed in--there are even more restrictions showing up to block people from going to other planets because thinking processes have been getting more and more female-based.  [Note: There are always exceptions, but the rule applies, and it all comes down to how the female has developed over centuries and centuries and centuries of evolution, which has given the female necessary and important skills needed in, for example, raising children that the male has not had developed in it over centuries and centuries and centuries of evolution.]
    Socialism and like political systems lead to economic stagnation and failure, and that means, when there is economic stagnation and failure, no money--an enormous amount of money--is available to use for space exploration and space travel, and it also means political leaders cannot devote moneys to space exploration and space travel, since, for instance, money must be used to suppress the people or keep the people suppressed or to subsidized things, such as provide food for the people (so that, for example, the people will not put the leaders out of power), and with stagnation, which means no growing resource of income for politicians to steal from the citizens and use for space exploration and space travel, the leaders often have to go to rationing to simply keep the basics of life sort of available in the society.
    Incidentally, in socialistic societies and the like, armies may be set up to repel people of other countries but mostly the armies are set up to control the citizens and keep the citizens in place and do violence to the citizens, and when money has to be used to corral citizens within their country, it is money that does not go into space exploration.
    History shows that socialistic and communistic countries are ripe with or ripe for corruption.  In such countries, it can be commonplace for businesses to sort of pay tribute (such as under the table) to the politicians so that the businesses can exist or be less harassed by the politicians (particularly through laws), and that idea even comes down to politicians in little communities, where citizens might have to pay tribute to police officials.  In such countries, it is commonplace for politicians to "raid" the tax coffers and become rich, while the citizens become poor.  In such countries, people--the citizens--have to sort of hide assets that they acquire and keep their houses bland on the outside), because politicians can determine certain citizens--I am not talking about the so-called rich--have something that the politicians want (which might be something inside a house), and the politicians will take stuff from citizens (as can happen in Iran).  [Note: The idea can sort of happen in the United States of America, such as in Detroit, where people keep the outsides of their properties looking run down so that criminals will not think there is something on the insides to steal.]
    The United Nations is a corrupt organization--it is mostly made up of people who can be defined as dictators, communists, and socialists.  For one, the entity has been involved in pushing out false information and lies; for example, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or the IPCC) is a unit of the United Nations, and it has proved that the IPCC has purposely used false climate date in reports about "climate change," and the IPCC was one entity at the center of "Climategate," which was a scandal in which people all over the world  (such as in England and the United States of America) were lying about climate change and climate data.  The United Nations has had scandals, such as about moneys being used improperly.
    What entity will control the space program or programs designed to get people off the planet and to another planet to live?  Today, people might say that the United Nations or something like the United Nations should be in charge, since all countries would be involved if the world were to be on the way to dying (the rush to get off the planet pertains to the people of the entire planet).  I state that it is better that no one entity--where there would be a lack of competing ideas--should be in control, and that means there should be a number of entities running programs.  However, today, most people believe a central entity is always better, like having one central-world government (which, I say, will end up in creating nothing but crap in the long run, since when one entity controls everything, decision errors by the government screw up the lives or all, and people cannot be untouched by the defective thinking).
    Over the last few years, people have learned news of manmade rovers being in existence on other planetary bodies in the galaxy, such as Mars.  It takes a lot of energy and time to simply send rovers to, for example, Mars, and over the last numbers of years, it has cost millions and millions and millions of dollars (U.S. money) or a bunch of billion dollars to put rovers on Mars, and it is estimated that it will cost around two-billion dollars to put the "2020" rovers on Mars.  In essence, the rovers sent out to Mars and the moon have been pissy-ass little things when compared with what will have to be sent out from Earth to Mars or another planet for people to live on, and the total of those big things will probably cost trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars (certainly, well above the current general-operating debt of the United States of America of today, which is around 20-trillion dollars (or 20,000-billion dollars), and the current the unfunded-liabilities debt, which is at least 100-trillion dollars (or 100,000-billion dollars)).
    A person must keep in mind that, over time, inflation makes the cost of things go up; for example, it is commonplace for cars and trucks to cost $20,000 to $40,000 in the United States of America in this day and age, and they will cost more in the future [Note: In the 1960s, cars were costing, for instance, several thousand dollars.].
    I am a person who hopes space exploration continues and I am not putting down the idea that money gets used for space exploration, but it is expensive, and in the centuries to come, space exploration will become even more expensive because of inflation and because so much bigger things and systems than pissy-ass rovers will have to be sent out from Earth.
    Incidentally, I would expect it will cost $9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00+ to set up a completely self-sufficient community on Mars--with factories and all--which will need nothing from Earth. [Note: I had fun with the number, having no facts to really determine a number.]
    I call this day and age of man--"The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance."  It is an day and age in which a lot of so-called smart people, maybe called "thought leaders" (a term that I have heard recently), such as politicians, are pushing for man to rely on only sustainable energy or renewable energy.  Renewable energy or sustainable energy, such as that involving windmills or solar panels, will not be able to generate the power needed to make rockets and spaceships to send out into space and generate enough power to make things--millions and millions or billions of tons of things--to send out from the planet.   Because the world is taking up the nonsense of manmade-climate change, the work to get people in space could be hindered by lack of energy for producing things and the push to stop development of energy systems, especially new types of big-power energy systems.
    In the 1600s and 1700s, people left Europe for the North American continent, and they had to start up societies from scratch or from nothing, and in the late 1700s, the wish of people on the North American continent to escape the rotten rules of England resulted in a war--the government of England could not put up with the people on the North American continent wishing to escape the control of the government of England.  I can see that some politicians of the future will not be so eager to have a society set up out of their control, and that means, for instance, the politicians on Earth may have to have a force of soldiers on Mars or other planets, if the leaders wish to keep control of the people in the colonies.  And that means money that should be used for true space-related matters could be wasted on controlling people.  [Note: Why is it commonplace for communistic societies to block citizens from leaving their societies, such as by having guarded walls and fences?  Soldiers with guns and tanks at borders were the way of such places as the Soviet Union, Eastern Germany, North Korea, and Cuba in the 1900s.  The idea still exists today.]
    Science-fiction writers have pushed out the ideas into the minds of the public about traveling through space in relation to "warp drive" and black holes and other things and about moving materials with "transporters."  The ideas are fun to think about and talk about and see on television screens and movie screens and computer screens and whatever.  I believe ways in which to travel great distances in the galaxy will not be developed in centuries and centuries, given, for example, how the field of real scientific discovery has been hampered by political entities in the past, such as by the Catholic Church and other religious-based entities, and probably will be in the future [Note: In this day and age, the scientific community is being corrupted and hindered by politics, the rise of socialism in so-called scientists.].  Anyway, to have such systems in operation, the energy requirements should very likely be enormous [Note: No one will be able to run a starship with a windmill or many windmills.].
    It seems very likely to me, until more nuclear-based power systems are developed, technology to quickly make nuclear waste safe, and harnessing lightning (resulting in maybe plasma power systems) becomes commonplace, man will not have the things to reach the stars that are dreamt about by science-fiction writers of today.
    To get people living on another planet to survive, hundreds of thousands and probably millions of persons on Earth will have to be involved in making all that will have to be transported away from the planet and all that will have to be used to move materials and people away from the planet, and that means a super-big space industry will have to be developed (having smart people, such as those able to read well), and it will involve big factories and many factories devoted to making things for space, and it means it will involve large amounts of land on Earth and large amounts of production material (such as steel and aluminum and copper and whatever).  Where are the skilled minds going to come from, given teachings associated with communism and socialism are becoming the commonplace format worldwide?  Even in the United States of America, with, for instance, the adopting of "Common Core" features for teaching and learning, people, especially younger persons, are getting dumber than their predecessors, and I have already noted that some 60 percent of the adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate, and Detroit is not the only city in the United States of Michigan were illiteracy is a problem.  Adding to the problem is, for the last several decades, teaching grammar in relation to English (formal English) has been pushed aside or made passé, and schools have been getting away from having children learn memory skills, such as by having children learn and memorize numbers tables, as was commonplace in the first half of the 1900s [Note: Today, children working in stores have a hard time figuring out what change, such as in dollars and coins, to give customers.].  And the rise of the use of "texting" as a commonplace form of communication is going to lead to big problems in the minds of people--People are being programmed to not have stamina to read through long documents, such as contracts for houses and contracts for cars and maybe even this document.
    This paragraph applies to Michigan, but it may pertain to other states in the United States of America, and the theme probably does apply to other states in the country.  Over the last ten years, I have talked with retailers in the Detroit area and in smaller community areas of the state, and I have found many managers report that they are finding a hard time finding people, especially young people, who will work at a job.  By the way, some people say illegal aliens should be allowed into the country because there are jobs to be filled in the country that Americans will not do, and it is not that the jobs are demeaning that leads to Americans not working, but it is that people, especially young people, have no work ethic, which should have been instilled in them by parents--the people think that, for instance, others should give them stuff or the government should give them money, such as welfare payments.  Since the rise of "feminism" in the country a few decades ago and the rise of giving out "free money" (social programs tied to the federal government), it has happened that families with men at the head of the households have gone down, and there has been a rise in single parents with families, and the young women as mothers have not the capability to push young men to evolve into working men and not slugs as a rule [Note: Women have not the physical power to take on young growing animals (young men), or the women wish to be nice to their boys.].  [Note: On the day that I wrote the main body of this document, which I had already had plans to write, I saw an article in the Detroit Free Press (a communistic-based newspaper) entitled "Detroit tops list of single-parent households" (Witsil, Frank. "Detroit tops list of single-parent households."  Detroit Free Press, 1 December 2018, pp. 1A and 7A.), and the first paragraph of the story was--"Among America's largest cities, Detroit has the highest percentage of single-parent households, nearly 72 percent, more than twice the percentage for the United States as a whole.".  While traveling in Michigan, I have come across stories in which people get hired and work a few days, and then the people disappear, able to pick up welfare payments again, and, one day, I came across a manager of a grocery store in Royal Oak (a communistic-based city in 2018), Michigan, and the manager noted how he told a young person to do some sweeping, and the young person sort of did the work but did not know what to do with what was swept up (such as scoop it up in put the junk in the trash).
    While people are working to make things, such as buildings and spaceships to send into space, there will have to be many people involved in keeping the regular systems on Earth working, such as factories to make things to use on the planet.  Vehicles and trucks will still have to be built.  Food will have to be grown and the processed.  There will still have to be insurance companies, mortgage-loan companies, banks, dentists, doctors, plumbers, construction workers, et cetera.  People who push for fewer people on the planet will help kill the space industry, since--if their wish comes true--there will not be enough persons on the planet to sustain the regular systems on the planet and enough people to create the stuff that is needed in space; for example, minerals from all over the planet will probably be needed to make the things for space, and if there are not enough people associated with the mining industry to get materials and move materials, not enough things can be made.
    If people of Earth get on another planet, particularly Mars, in the early part of the space program designed to colonize other planets, how will people get back to Earth?  In the late 1960s and early 1970s, men from the United States of America who went to the moon could get off the moon by using a portion of the lunar-landing unit, and it was possible since the gravity of the moon could sort of be easily escaped from.  Mars has more gravitational force than the moon has, and that means it will take more energy and a big craft to get people off Mars (if there are any plans to get people off Mars, which may not be the idea--once a person gets to Mars, that person will be stuck there, such as when the person has an illness that cannot be cared for on Mars and can be cared for on Earth, a place having such things as MRI machines and CT machines).  It seems some big type of rocket or spacecraft will have to be built on Mars to get people off Mars [Note: I say--"Good luck with that, especially in the next few centuries."].
    Science-fiction writers have posed an idea about how people can get off another planet without using some type of big propusion-based spacecraft--Hey, we will have anti-gravity-based craft.  If anti-gravity systems should get developed someday, it seems very likely that they will be big.  It is very unlikely that an anti-gravity system will be possible in a small spacecraft, given a great amount of energy of some type will be needed to move even a small spacecraft related to anti-gravity.
    It seems to me corruption in a space program, especially controlled by socialists or communists or progressives or the like will lead to bad people getting in control of technology that might be tied to having ships travel at light speeds and having people have anti-gravity spacecraft and whatever.
    Here I make an aside, and the focus with be the Star Trek franchise of television series (and movies).  From 1966 to 1969, NBC-TV aired a television series called Star Trek, and that series--when it began--had the story line set in 2266.  From 1987 to 1994, there was the spin-off series entitled Star Trek The Next Generation, and it was a syndicated series, and that series opened with the story line set in 2364.  From 2001 to 2005, a series called Star Trek: Enterprise (and Enterprise) was syndicated around the country and the world, and the story line opened in 2150.
    The previous paragraph shows what some science-fiction writers have set as the dates when man will be traveling to the stars, but I say that the dating is defective.  I say that, in essence, nothing will really get done in the next hundred years to make space travel like that in Star Trek Enterprise possible.  It is all a dream, and, to me, the dating was not based on logic.  To me, the creators of the Star Trek franchise of television shows and movies (only a few of which I have talked about here) did not take into account how long it takes to make things, such as real Great Lakes-going ships and big buildings, and they did not take into account how long it can take to build a city or a metropolitan area (even on Earth).  The creators of the series and movies related to Star Trek did not take into account how communism and socialism can kill societies and hinder thinking and hinder the ability of minds to think logically on big matters [Note: It must be remembered there has been an increasing rise of socialism and communism in the world and even in the United States of America since the 1960s, when proof already has existed, such as with China, Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela, that communism and socialism lead to societies that stall (for decades) or devolve and crumble.].
    The spaceships of the Star Trek franchise are large, and it takes a lot of material to make them (if they were to exist in real life), and it will take a lot of material to make the places where the vehicles will be put together in space (if that is where people will be stuck building them), and some of the places that will be used to make spaceships in space will be what can be called "dry docks" (which will have to be large), and a lot of vehicles (spaceships) to move material and people around while building ships and dry docks in space will be needed.
    By the way, I think a lot of people, especially young people, have no idea how long to makes big things, such as jets, and part of the reason that I say that is many people in this day and date do not build anything or do anything (often having their minds focused on playing with hand-held computers on a regular basis), so let me pass along some ideas about how long it takes to make things or how long it took to make things.  Before the starship Enterprise was seen on television screens in 1966 in the television series called Star Trek, the United States of America had built an aircraft carrier called The U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65), and it had taken three years to build on the planet (1958 to 1961).  Over the history of nuclear power plants on Earth, the range for construction time has been from about six years to 35 years, and in this day and age, nuclear power plants are very likely to be build at some time between five years and ten years.  In the Ann Arbor area of Michigan in the United States of America, there is the Haldron Collider, and it took about 20 years to make, becoming ready for use around 2008.  To make a type of car (from design to showroom), it can take about four years (and the time does not include building factories to make the car), and it can take several years to build professional football stadiums, and it can take several years to make a Star Trek-type movie (something with a lot of special effects).
    Of course, before big things like spaceships and space houses and space docks can be built, the tools and machines--an incredible number of specialty tools to do specific jobs--to build them have to be created and developed and made.
    Here is a big point that must be kept in mind--Government cannot dictate something new be built or designed (though the U.S. government was involved in making the spacecrafts that went to the moon), and I mean that the U.S. government cannot simply make an order and make people create a thing that has never existed (which is unknown)--things happen over time, and things often become developed by accident or by being follow-ups to other inventions, and government officials cannot determine who will be the smartest people to support to get things invented.
    Philo T. Farnsworth was, in essence, a farmer (and an inventor) in the 1920s in the United States of America, and he was the person who came up with the good idea for electronic television, based on lines, and he came up with the idea while setting up rows--like lines--for growing things.  Remember: In the 1920s, it was already commonplace for facsimile machines to be used, such as to transmit photographs from one place to another (maybe for use in newspapers), and the machine systems involved light-emitting diodes and light-dedection diodes.  [If the points of a television line have varying points of light and if you have a whole bunch of lines with varying light points, you can make an image on a television screen.]  It was in the 1920s when people were really beginning to hear about transmitting images by radio waves (going beyond hard-wire systems of facsimile machines).
    A person should ask the self--How come so much of what is used in the world today was invented in the United States of America and not other places on the planet?  The answer is that minds were free to think about things in the United States of America and minds were not restricted by the ways of kings and queens and dictators and communistic leaders, who worked to suppress the ability of citizens to try to make new things, and the developers were not blocked by the government's taking so much money (through taxes and such) that developers had little resources that could be used for research purposes and trial-and-error work.
    Here is a hindrance toward getting to other planets--Governments, even the U.S. government and other governments in the United States of America (such as city governments), often lead to defective results, such as because of politicians' having to take the lowest bids on projects, and because of having, in a way, politicians set up things to so that real effective conclusions do not get implemented completely, their wishing to make it so that they will still be needed as a group of employed people, and when one political-power group or party takes over control from another, things can change for the worse or can be canceled.
    A big hindrance to the idea to get to other planets will be the so-called geniuses and self-described elites and family dynasties, especially in the form of politicians and academics, almost all of whom today have the same mind-sets and have the same thinking skills and often defective thinking skills, as can be seen by what prominent people believe in and support as good political ways today, such as the idea that man is killing the planet by existing, which is being pushed along by communists all over the world to, for example, extort money from the citizens of the United States of America through international laws or treaties.  Since 1900, universities and colleges all over the United States of America have been transformed from learning institutions to indoctrination centers, in which there is some learning but in which the ways of communism and socialism are pushed on to the students, and the ways of, for example, true democratic governments or constitutional-representative-republic governments like that based in The United States Constitution are belittled or not taught, and it creates groups of pseudo-intellectuals with hard-set beliefs that socialism and communism and such are good, leading to dumb laws and defective laws about numerous subjects in all levels of government (from local to national), such as about pushing people to not to eat beef (since cattle give off methane) and forcing businesses to serve types of food (such as vegan meals) that they would otherwise not serve.  Also since 1900, many so-called big-name leaders or national leaders in the United States of America have been coming from the same few big universities, such as Harvard University and Yale University, which have become places for the congregation of a select small number of elites types and for the teaching of elitism, especially in relation to government, to the young of rich families or well-connected families, all aimed at perpetuating the so-called upper-class of people or aristocrats and their ways, and what has happened is the same nonsense now is getting passed on from one generation to another, and nonsense gets spread out over the entire nation through bad thinking done by the leaders, such as the nonsense about what children are allowed and not allowed to eat at schools at lunchtime and the nonsense of a health-care system designed to be all-controlling in the country.  Since the 1980s--at least--the American people have taken up voting for a small number of families to become leaders of the country; for instance, in relation to the U.S. president, there was George H.W. Bush (a "Republican"), then Bill Clinton (a "Democrat"), and then George W. Bush (a "Republican" and George H.W. Bush's son), and then Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton's wife and a "Democrat") ran to be the U.S. President twice, and she was first beaten in a presidential-primary-election run by Barack Hussein Obama (a "Democrat"),  who began a U.S. president, and around the time that the main form of this document was put together, some people were pushing to have Barack Hussein Obama's wife--Michelle Obama (a "Democrat")--run to be the U.S. President and some people were pushing to have Chelsea Clinton (the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton) get involved in high-level political work, and so the country is becoming like an entity being governed by two groups of kings and queens and their offspring, and that had leads to narrow thinking and tunnel vision about the ways for the country and can lead to dynasties' willingness do anything to keep their dynasties in power [Note: The members of the dynasties become educated in the same fields and become detached from so many other fields of work or knowledge, so their decision making is based on limited knowledge.].  I have argued this point for years--geniuses are usually not smart people, because they are highly specialized people and not good general-knowledge people, and it is commonplace for so-called geniuses to support rotten politicians (supporters of communism and socialism, which is the basis of the Democratic Party in the United States of America today), which real smart people would not do, and proof can be found by looking at what political systems some so-called geniuses support; for example, Bill Gates (a rich man who made his money in computer systems) supports the "Democratic Party" way of life for citizens (which is communism and socialism), and Jeff Zucker (of "Facebook" fame) supports the "Democratic Party."  When a country becomes controlled by unwavering minds of self-described elites or aristocrats or geniuses--who have come from the same few universities that teach a lot of idiocy, especially political idiocy--the country ends up with a few like-minded people and unqualified people controlling what gets done, and that is leads to failure.
    Here are two history notes showing failure.  Since the 1960s, it has become commonplace for female voters to vote to put women in government jobs simply because the candidates are women--ideas about what does work and does not work in a society based on history and logic gets tossed aside by voters, allowing a lot of rotten women to gain public office.  In the early 2000s, even though it was public knowledge that Hillary Clinton was a corrupt person and stood for communism, millions of people voted for her to be a U.S. president, and even though it was public knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama was a highly rotten man, having, for instance, ties to domestic terrorists and a sexual freak, people voted for him to be a U.S. president.
    Keep this theme in mind.  When so-called elites and such continually intermingle sexually over a number of generations, such as to protect themselves from those whom they consider genetically unequal to them, or when so-called elites and such end up in, in essence, cloistered communities with limited variation of genetic lines or a limited gene pool, brain evolution problems can show up.  In the history of the world, such as that related to Europe in centuries past, there was inbreeding in the so-called upper classes of families controlling countries--partially it was done to make alliances of ruling families--and that resulted in physical defects in people and mental defectiveness and insanity.  [Note: While traveling long-distance in the United States of America, I have been able to detect at times similarities of the facial structures of people in given cities, even in small towns, something that hints to me the idea of inbreeding or a limited gene pool in cities.  And I think, since the early 1900s, inbreeding problems have been developing within the so-called elites in the United States of America--a lot of the so-called elites and their offsprings have been at the same universities and schools and have been intermingling and marrying (their seeking to be tied to families of stature related to money and power).]
    Hey, I wonder what people will be in the first groups to leave Earth when another planet is being colonized.
    Exactly how many people are going to get off the planet and get to another planet?  I believe the starship Enterprise (of the Star Trek series) had a complement of men and women numbering around 400, and the spaceship was big.  How many Enterprise-type spaceships would be needed to move some 10-billion persons off Earth or only one-billion persons off Earth (the latter figure used for persons who are hoping to reduce the population of the planet greatly in the near future)?
    The original version of this document was written in December 2018.  On the original publishing date, there was nothing going on to suggest to me anything would be accomplished in creating technology that will lead to making ships that could travel the galaxy or the universe in a way that The Enterprise could sort of do (though only in fiction) by the end of the century, about 82 years away, and it was a time when people were pushing to have less energy--especially carbon-based fuels--used on the planet to save the planet, and it was said that, in only ten years, if something was not drastically done to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, mankind would die off or the planet would be uninhabitable soon.  The date for the start of Star Trek: Enterprise was the year 2150, a date about 132 years away, and, really, today, nothing reallyl is being done in relation to research to get giant dry docks made in space and to make thousands (probably) of shuttle ships to get materials to create dry docks in space for ships the size of The Enterprise.
    Infrastructure--in relation to cities, this involves water-treatment system, waste-water treatment systems, fresh-water-distribution systems, sewerage systems, roads and freeways, et cetera.  I do not even think real work to get in space will begin in or by even 2150, and between now and then, a lot of old infrastructure of cities on Earth will have to be changed or replaced and built up; for example, in big cities in the United States of America, a lot of houses exist that have clay-type sewerage lines (leading to sewer mains), which can be more than seventy years old, and those lines will need replacing or sleeving over the next one-hundred years or so [Note: Today, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 to sleeve a sewerage line (between a house and a sewer main).  I do not believe man is killing the planet by using fossil-based fuels, and I do not believe man's using fossil-based fuels is resulting in more and stronger weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, but I do believe, in the centuries to come, weather events are going to sometimes damage infrastructure of cities around the planet, and the damage will result in money having to be shifted from space-related matters to Earth-infrastructure matters, and that will help to delay the ability to head out into space, and, of course, I believe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will cause infrastructure damage, maybe even really extensive damage at some places over the centuries to come.  And there goes money!
    A number of things are going to have to be destroyed or made passé before man can really head out into space, and here are some of the things.  Pseudo-intellectuals will have to be made much fewer in number than the number of today, even in the United States of America, where they are commonplace in universities and colleges.  Islam--a harsh form of "enslavism"--blocks free thought or restricts thought in people, and Islam will have to be made passé on the planet, and given that billions of people are tied to Islam today, the task will probably take centuries to complete.  Communism and socialism will have to be made passé, given communism and socialism, like Islam, support corruption in government and ignorance and violence, and that means, in relation to the world, most of the countries will have to have the political systems replaced, and good people in the world must block the world from being ruled by an international central government, since an international central goverment can easily ended up being corrupted and rotten, leading to failure all over the world, proof of which is the United Nations (most of the members of which--the leaders of countries--are rotten).  Between 1800 and 2000, a lot of things were invented, especially in the United States of America, though many of the things were small, and some of the things were typewriters, big presses (to make millions of newspapers and magazines), trains, steel-based ships, cars, radio, television, computers, rockets and missiles, and the laser, and countless things will have to be invented--such as production techniques and production places (factories) for space-relations things--to make it possible to create what might be called "starships," and no one knows what the many of the things that have to be invented or created are today.  [Note: I urge you to find, such as on the Internet, the document entitled I, Pencil (a 1958 essay by Leonard Read that is fully called I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read), which explains what it takes to make a pencil.]  The feminizing of the male in the United States of America (at least)--related to the "Feminist Movement" started in the 1900s--will have to be stopped and reversed, since the feminizing of the male has led to girly thinking in males, such as in politics, and has led to males becoming less willing to put down the idiocy of rotten women, especially in relation to government policies and ways.  The attention span and stamina in relation to reading long written materials will have to be increased greatly in people; currently, the attention span and stamina levels are going down in the world, especially in the young, because stamina is not being pushed as worthwhile in schools and because of rise of the use of "texting" (a defective language style).  Finding politicians or leaders through the same few families will have to be abandoned completely, since, generally speaking or usually, the sons or daughters of a particular politician are less suited or good for political jobs than the parent is (having different goals in life and different brains (developed through biological growth and through experience)), and that is especially true when the parent is a follower of rotten political ideas and the son or daughter follows up on the parent's ways (which is commonplace in the world) [Note: People have different skills, and good thinking skills are not passed on automatically through genes).].  Only when enough people are working to keep systems and communities on Earth working well and enough people can be employed in the ancillary work of making materials and things for space will there be a chance that man can get out to the stars.
    And if people are forced by government to be in certain jobs and do certain occupations not to their liking, which is the way of communism and socialism and such, you end up with defective machines and inferior products and unrest and revolt and even war.
    I say to you again--"It's not going to happen!".

    The first version of this document was posted on the Internet on December 10, 2018, and I made it while I was in Michigan, where Michigan State University is located (particularly at East Lansing, Michigan), and on December 28, 2018, I managed to see an article on the front page of the Detroit Free Press for the day, and the main title was "DEEP SPACE DILEMMA" (Matheny, Keith.  "DEEP SPACE DILEMMA." Detroit Free Press, 28 December 2018, pp. 1A and 8A.).  The opening few paragraphs of the article were--"NASA's lofty future plans include a return of astronauts to the moon, building bases there to foster deeper space missions, and manned missions to Mars possibly as soon as the 2030s.  Getting there will take overcoming not only massive financial and technological hurdles, but biological ones as well.  How can astronauts stay healthy on a Mars mission that might be a three-year round trip, especially with no hospital or even real-time communications with Earth should something go wrong?  A Michigan State University professor has received a two-year research grant to join other experts across the country, putting their collective brain power together on issues related to astronauts' health on long-term space missions.  George Mias, an assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at MSU, is one of 15 scientists nationwide to receive two years of research funding from the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) at the Baylor College of Medicine.  The NASA-funded program started at the Texas school in 2016 'to predict, protect, and preserve astronaut physical and mental wellness during deep space exploration mission.'....".  I say in jest--I am thrilled.  [Note: A bunch of eggheads get to play around with taxpayer money (grants) and avoid doing real work, and it looks as if eggheads will be able to play around for years and years, since little will be solved through two years of funding--it will take years, and they will have created a career thing, which can be passed on from one egghead to another at university for years.  How many spacecraft will have to be built to get people on and off Mars on a regular basis?  How do you continually supply (such as with food) people on Mars (such as over weeks and months and months and months)?  By the way, you cannot simply send one spacecraft at a time--you will have to send several, in case one breaks down and in case someone has to be sent back to Earth from the surface of Mars (leaving other spacecraft behind to take others off later, such as in emergencies).  I could argue that each spacecraft will have to be sent out with hospital-like facilities and with a team of medically trained people, and that means that each spacecraft will probably have to be sent out with at least a dozen persons, if not more, and that means there will be more "mass" that will have to be moved from Earth to Mars, covering people and things and supplies, than if only a few persons are sent, and each spacecraft will have to be able to sustain at least two loads of spacecraft personnel, in case one spacecraft becomes defective while on a trip and the defective spacecraft has to be abandoned (somewhat or for a while).  Since a trip to Mars can take well over a year, each spacecraft will have to be built so that the adverse affects of no gravity on the body over time will blocked.  Each trip to from Earth to Mars will have to involve a parade of big spacecraft, and each trip from Mars to Earth will have to involve a parade of big spacecraft.  The more that I write, here, the more and more complex a successful trip to Mars is developing to be.  And it seems, the people of NASA, at least some of whom have pushed out the lie of global warming leading to the death of Earth as fact, think a successful mission to Mars can be done by the 2030s.  Remember--This paragraph was written in 2018, and 2030 comes in 12 years, and, currently, global-warming people, such as pseudo-scientists (especially those tied to the Union of Concerned Scientists*), say that the Earth will be done for in 12 years (as news reports and television shows are pushing out at this time), if all carbon-based energy sources are not stopped almost immediately.  [* = Note: You should see my document entitled Television History and Trivia #176, which talks about, for instance, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and it is a document that can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #176 link.]]


    Note: This document was originally posted on the Internet on December 10, 2018.

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