Conservatives and The United States Constitution
Versus Enslavers and Enslavism
(or Communism, Sharia, Socialism, et cetera)


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2013

February 3, 2013
(Version 3)
(Draft version)

One of "The Rules of Man" is
 a man can choose what job the
man wants in life, and some men
choose to be enslavers of other men.

    In November 2008, Barack Obama was elected to the office of the President of the United States of America, even though Barack Obama was at least a communist, which had not been known by enough non-communists persons so that he would not be elected, and it was clear in November 2008, that many of Barack Obama's associates and friends and mentors were, for example, communists or socialists or radical blacks (such as those that push "Black Liberation Theology").  Today, some people, such as Mark R. Levin (the author of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto), say that, in essence, people who support, for instance, communism or socialism or fascism can be defined as "Marxists," people who follow the early 1800s teachings of Karl Marx, and, officially, Mark R. Levin groups such people under the heading of "statists," since such people wish to have a world in which the "state" or the "government" is the controlling force in society--the degrees of which can go from fairly strong control to highly strict control, the latter of which is the way of tyrants and dictators who are often killers.  I find such words as "statists" and communists" not strong enough to define what such people are, and I say that such people are "enslavers"--persons who promote "enslavism," which, really, is an ideology that has existed for centuries and centuries.  When the The United States Constitution was created in the late-1700s--created by a small group of men--it was created as a document that might help stop and block enslavers from imposing enslavism on the U.S. citizens through the means of politics and laws.
    Look at what "enslavers" (or "enslavists") are and what "enslavism" is.  In the extreme form, "enslavism" is a form of government in which a person or a few persons have political power over the others--the citizens--and are able to dictate what citizens may or may not do and what they may or may not have, and the "enslavers" are the people who have the power to dictate to the citizens, which can even result in life and death decisions, such as through rules about health care, and such "enslavers" are very likely to be, today, communists, like the now-dead Mao of China, who had millions of Chinese citizens killed in the mid-1900s.  Less extreme forms of "enslavism" have the government setting rules that are somewhat oppressive on businesses, bogging down the "private sector" in taxes and laws, and less extreme forms of "enslavism" may not lead to easy out-right killing of citizens for political reasons, such as for not agreeing or promoting the ideology of the "enslavers," who, today, can often be thought of as "socialists."
    Rarely have I heard people talk about the nature of "enslavers."  Enslavers are people whose goal is to control others, wishing not to be anything else or do anything else, such as not wishing to be a plumber or a doctor or a mechanic.  Enslavers are people who wish to have no other job than be enslavers--at all costs.  Enslavers are often people who feel they are mentally superior to others, maybe feeling they have been given that gift by the "Creator," and they can be narcissists or megalomaniacs, and they may feel they are more intelligent than other persons--what they consider most of the regular citizens of the country--for having gone to some "great" school or schools, though the school or schools are actually breeding grounds for enslavers and "enslavism," one of which, today, is Harvard University.
    Enslavers have "bibles" or guides to their philosophy of enslavism, and, in essence, the books are nothing more than guides for breaking down normal societies and people so that the enslavers can take more control of the societies and be more safe from being removed from their positions of control.  One of the more recent guides is Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Guide for Young Radicals, which was put together by Saul Alinsky in the early 1970s in the United States of America and which is a document that Barack Obama follows, and, really, the book promotes ways in which a person or persons can work to destroy the United States of America (Saul Alinsky was based in Chicago, which it can be said Barack Obama defines as his home today, though he has ties to Kenya and Indonesia).  Another guide--the most important for enslavers--is the Communist Manifesto, which was put together by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the mid-1800s and which promotes, for example, having a few take over the ownership of all property within a state (or a country), removing all religions from the society, and giving all people free education, which is offered publicly and teaches only what the enslavers wish the pupils or students to know, which involves throwing out what has been learned over the ages as truth and what I would call the better "Rules of Man."
    To accomplish aims and goals, enslavers use a number of easy-to-understand tactics.  For one, they lie quite regularly (my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama shows hundreds of times that Barack Obama has publicly lied (and the document does not show all the many times that he has lied).  Enslavers must lie because what they believe in--ideas that are based on allowing them to be enslavers--cannot be made public, because regular people or non-enslavers cannot abide by such rules or live by such rules and wish not to push such rules on others.  Enslavers use "thuggery" or coercion to accomplish their goals, and that can involve surrounding themselves with armies, such as enslavism-based unions, a good example of which is the Service Employees International Union today, or gangs, who may dress the same, such as in the same-colored sweatshirts or in paramilitary garb.
    Now I present a number of thoughts that you should keep in mind about The United States Constitution and that you should teach to others, especially children, teenagers, and young adults.  A society or country must have laws, such as a person may not kill another unless the person's life is truly threatened, and the The United States Constitution is a general set of rules that sets down the general structure of the federal government, which, really, was created and beholden to the states.  The United States Constitution is a "logic puzzle," or when it was being created, the men talked of logic and tactics, considering topics such as what the federal government would be allowed to do and what the general duties of each main unit of the federal government (the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch) would be, and the logic puzzle being created was given, for example, a checks-and-balance system in which ways were set up to stop any one main unit of government or any one person--such as a U.S. President--from being all powerful, like a dictator.  And the men who created The United States Constitution set up the document having knowledge about how enslavism works, what enslavers are, and who the enslavers in history had been, since the creators of The United States Constitution understood the nature of man or of some types of men, especially evil men, and they knew in the future other enslavers would indeed be born and come to prominence in the political business of the United States of America, as they had over the centuries in other societies.
    I must make it clear--The United States Constitution does not define a king-based society or country or a dictator-based society or country or a "ruling-class' society or country or a constitutional monarchy.
    Over the years, enslavers have promoted the idea that The United States Constitution is a "living and breathing document," because it is a way in which they can undermine the ideas of the document in the minds of idiots and the naive.  People who follow enslavism say that, as the years go by, things change in the society that is the United States of America and The United States Constitution no longer applies, though, I say, the document does apply and always will apply since enslavism never changes and enslavers will always exist because enslavism is the nature of some men and women--those with defective minds.  Really, when a person says that The United States Constitution is a "living and breathing document," it means that they wish not to follow it, and when you hear a person use the term--a "living and breathing document"--you know you are listing to a person who promotes "enslavism" in the United States of America.
    Since January 2010, I have heard a number of statements made by those to promote "enslavism" that show that they dislike The United States Constitution.  First, though, I must note as I have reported in other documents that Barack Obama has said that he feels that The United States Constitution is a "flawed document.  Now look at one statement made by a person that shows the person's dislike for The United States Constitution:
    On Sunday, September 26, 2010, Cass Sunstein--a very close associate of Barack Obama's and the author of the book entitled Radicals in Robes: Why extreme right-wing courts are wrong for America (copyright 2005)--made this statement on Washington Journal on C-SPAN: "...Ah, let me explain the division among conservative legal thinkers.  Some conservative legal thinkers like Justice Scalia, Justice Thomas think that The Constitution means what it originally meant.  That means we should understand the document by going into a kind of time machine and capturing the public understanding of the public that ratified the document a century or more than a century ago.  So that is a very distinctive approach...involve quite radical changes in our existing constitutional understandings.  Justice Thomas is entirely clear on that.  Ah, he's voted to overrule the Supreme Court's own precedence, ah, over twenty times.  On the other hand, there are other conservatives who are not in favor of going in the time machine, that who are, ah, skeptical of liberal judicial activism in a way that would involve, ah, narrow cautious literally conservative rulings.  So Chief Justice Renquist was often a different, a very different kind of conservative from Justice Scilia, Justice Thomas...."   (You are urged to see my document entitled THE CRUD AROUND BARACK OBAMA: My Rule--"Like Minds Get Together", which can be reached by using this link: Crud.)
    There are degrees of enslavers.  Some enslavers are hard-line enslavers, since they enjoy hurting other people, and Barack Obama is certainly such a person (evidence of which exists in a number of my documents that exist at the Web site for The Hologlobe Press).  Some enslavers are not hard-line enslavers, because they cannot directly see themselves doing true harm to people, or they cannot stomach directly ordering the death of people or directly order the killing others, or they do not necessary enjoy consciously hurting other people, but they can hurt people if it happens indirectly and they really can justify in their minds that they are not hurting other people, but, over time, a soft-core enslaver can be dragged into becoming a hard-line enslaver by following along with a crowd of hard-line enslavers and by simply following the path that makes them become more and more oppressive--getting resistance from those who wish not to be enslaved, which are most people.
    "Enslavers" often gain a crowd of non-politician followers.  Followers of enslavers can be predisposed to following others, especially those persons who present themselves as saviors and special leaders.  Followers of enslavers are those who may have a grudge against others but have not the political position from which to enact retribution.  Followers of enlavers can be jealous of others and can work to have enslavers punish the people who they are jealous of.  Followers of enslavers can be ignorant of what enslavers really are and what enslavism really is and can be ignorant about what life really is and what the world really is, such as by living in a fantasy world.  Followers of enslavers can be those who are economically depressed, becoming that by wishing not to do anything or by wishing to let others provide for them, or becoming that they because they have grown up in families or communities in which they were taught to believe in enslavers and follow enslavers (like messiahs) blindly.  Followers of enslavers can be people who think they can gain greatly in a monetary way by supporting enslavers.
    By the way, today, in the United States of America, enslavers can be joined by those who feel the so many people that exist in the world are going to kill the plant--make it lifeless--and lead to their deaths, particularly through causing pollution, and enslavers use such people--who can be masses of people, often uninformed and ignorant people--to help promote the hoax that the so many people that exist in the world are killing the planet, which covers up the enslavers' true intentions, and the true intentions can be to control the minerals and resources of a society, the control production in a society, and control the behavior of the masses in a society, as if controlling cattle or sheep.
    I now make clear that not only men can be enslavers but women can be.  On Monday, October 18, 2010, Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House of Representatives (she was a Democrat and a U.S. Representative related to California).  On that day, Nancy Pelosi made a number of statements before people at a U.S. Steel Workers conference, and here was one statement: "...So we're talking about the creation of jobs.  We're talking about addressing the disparity in our country of income where the wealthy people continue to get wealthier, and some other people are falling out of the middle class, while we want to bring many more people into the middle class.  But that disparity is not just about wages alone.  That disparity is about ownership and equity.  It's all about fairness in our country...."  What this quotation is is pure Marxism--to take from others to give to others to supposedly make people equal.  A few people cannot make other people equal, but what this quotation shows is that she wants control of equity--assets--of people so that she can distribute the assets equally amongst the masses.  In addition, she wants to control ownership.  This person is an "enslaver" of a high degree.

    Remember: Today, in the United States of America, "enslavers" can be called or call themselves "Marxists," "Leninists," "Stalinists," "Trotskyists," "communists," socialists," "leftists," "liberals," and "progressives."

    Let me get to one particular facet of enslavers and their followers--and that is education or pseudo-education--and it is commonplace for enslavers to be people who have gained "degrees" of some type from universities, especially those related to politics (political science) and education, and one of the universities from which many enslavers have ties is Harvard University.  One problem with enslavers who have high degrees of learning is their degrees were gained by being good memorizers and poor thinkers--if a person memorizes well and can regurgitate words without ever having come to understand the words and without thinking about the words for what they really mean or do not mean, that person can be in actuality a dumb person, having little commonsense.  Another problem with enslavers who have high degrees of learning is they have no practical experience in life--their lives have been mostly that of learning from books and not putting what was learned into practice, which would should up their knowledge as useful or useless; for example, a person can take up a career in political science and go from being a student to being a teacher or professor, and that person may never do anything good in the community with the knowledge that was gained at school.  Yet another problem with enslavers who have high degrees of learning is they are incapable of understanding they are ignorant people; for instance, such a person can get excellent grades from a university that is actually a defect teaching institution, such as Harvard University, and because the person has attained high praise through being awarded a degree or degrees, they are unaware and incapable of believing they are actually stupid people--their having a certificate, worthless though it is, that bestows upon them an image of having acquired intelligence and knowledge.  Also a problem with enslavers who have high degrees of learning is they can be jealous of others and to keep themselves seen as as high in stature as possible they must belittle those with what they see as less in stature and will fight for their cause no matter what, even if it means passing on bad information.  And a really big problem with enslavers who have high degrees of learning is that people with little education can blindly follow the enslavers, putting their faith in the idea that the degrees gained by the enslavers identify the enslavers as worthwhile and higher in rank, and what that can mean is dumb people know not that they should not praise the enslavers and they should not follow the enslavers.

    Reasons enslavers with high degrees of learning wish to enslave others is (1) they believe the others are stupid and can do harm to the enslavers' lives, (2) they believe those without the degrees are lower in stature in society and are inferior and have to be controlled, (3) they believe stupidity--as they see it to be--has to be contained and wiped out, and (4) they believe the "Creator" has purposely made them smarter so that they can be the rulers of lessors.

    Now, I bring up the topic of "conservatives" and Republicans (who are members of the Republican Party), as I have in other documents, such as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached by using the link at the end of this document).  "Conservatives" are not "enslavers," since "conservatives" are people who like The United States Constitution, knowing the document is a document that is designed to block enslavers from being able to practice their ways in the federal government, which can hurt the lives of conservatives and the lives of their families, and, by the way, "conservatives" are also considered to be "originalists," since they like the original intentions of The United States Constitution, one of which is to keep enslavers from harming the country and the people of the country by imposing the rules of enslavism on the country and the people.  In this day and age, "conservatives" are "anti-enslavers," "anti-communists," "anti-socialists," "anti-Marxists," et cetera.  (For information that shows the deviants and corrupt people who are closely linked to Barack Obama, you should see my document entitled THE CRUD AROUND BARACK OBAMA: My Rule--"Like Minds Get Together", which can be reached by using this link: Crud.)
    "Conservatives are usually members of the Republican Party and are very unlikely to be members of the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party of today does not support the ways of "conservatism," such as standing up for The United States Constitution, and Democratic Party has more corrupt persons than the Republican Party has, and examples of corrupt Democrats are--former President Bill Clinton (who was "impeached" while in office and was disbarred), Charlie Rangel (a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, who was in November 2010 found guilty of violating eleven ethics rules of the U.S. House of Representatives and was a tax cheat), and Tim Geithner (the head of the U.S. Department of Treasury and who cheated on taxes), and, in fact, the Democratic Party is a political party that is made of people who have defective moral values, praise Mao (the former leader of China and killer of millions), cheat on taxes, have been involved in corrupt land deals, et cetera, and I can argue well the politicians in the Democrat Party are in the party since, for the most part, the Republican Party will not stand to have such people associated with it, and so defective people have nowhere else to go than to the Democratic Party.  Although "conservatives" are very likely to be members of the Republican Party, not all "conservatives" are members of the Republican Party or any party, and not all the members of the Republican Party are "conservatives"--some members of the Republican Party are soft-core enslavers or simply stupid people (for example, politicians on a local level who are members of the Republican Party can be soft-core enslavers who ran for office as "Republicans" because others were running as Democrats or they wished to make it seem they believed in Republican values (maybe some of the "conservatives" values) or they ran in an area where the electorate would not willing vote for Democrats.
    Let me show examples of enslavers or idiots who exist in the Republican Party today, and they are dangerous to the Republican Party and the country.  On Monday, November 15, 2010, CBS-TV broadcast an interview between Katie Couric (the interviewer) and Lisa Murkowski (who had been a U.S. Senator related to Alaska since 2002, having first acquired the position through an appointment made by her father), and here is one comment that Lisa Murkowski said, "...I do not pass the purity test that the Repu, that the 'Tea Party' has set out.  It's just as simple as that.  But I don't think most people in my state pass that." and "There's a lot of people in Alaska that are pretty anti-government, but I think they would also agree that, well, maybe the best thing is not that we shut government down." and "I will tell you, I am not one of those who want Obama to fail.  If he does well, that means the country is doing well.  We don't have time as a nation to spend all of what we do blocking.  We have got to figure out how we get to a point where we can be sitting around the table and talking about these difficult problems and advancing some solutions...."  The quotations show that, if she believes what was said, Lisa Murkowski is an idiot about life, and that, if she was lying, she is really a "Democrat" or enslaver and likes the ways of "enslavism," such as communism, which are the ways of Barack Obama.  On Monday, November 15, 2010, former U.S. General Colin Powell (a retired general) was on Larry King Live on CNN, and Colin Powell made this statement, "I think a 'moderate Republican' is, ah, someone who believes in a strong national security and defense policy, who believes in low taxes, who believes in keeping government as small as necessary but making sure it's a government that performs the functions that the American people want.  But a 'moderate Republican,' in my judgment, is also someone who quite sympathetic to the social needs of our citizens, who is open to immigration.  Immigration is keeping this country thriving.  And the issue of civil rights and the issue of taking care of those in our society who are not doing as well as the rest of us, I think that should be part of the Republican mantra, too." and "Well, I think the 'Tea Party' movement is going to put pressure on Republicans and on Democrats.  And at the same time, some of the things that the 'Tea Party' movement is asking for are not achievable.  And I'm not sure it's right.  It's not doable to say we want to cut spending, we want to reduce the deficit, but we don't want to increase revenue."  The "Tea Party" movement is involved in stopping enslavers, such as Barack Obama, from turning the country into something like a socialistic state, and the "Tea Party" movement is involved in displacing Barack Obama from office, and the "Tea Party" movement is involved in getting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 repealed, and the "Tea Party" movement is involved in stopping Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress from crashing the economy of the United States of America though such means a Keynesian-economic ideas (which I say are defective ideas) or through the "Cloward-Piven strategy," which is an economic strategy to crash the economy of the United States of America through overspending so that enslavers can take control of the government of the country, in particular members of the Democrat Party, especially, today, Barack Obama, and so Colin Powell is not sure if the "Tea Party" movement is right, and, for example, Colin Powell--who voted for Barack Obama to be U.S. President--thinks Barack Obama's wild spending is good for the country, and, for instance, Colin Powell wants to increase "revenue" (taxes) on the citizens of the country even more, which is the way of the socialists and such of today and not "conservatives."

    In the United States of America, a hierarchy of "enslavers" exists in government, and you must know the hierarchy has been building for decades, especially since the 1960s.  People who were growing up in the 1960s and 1970s and were taking up the "enslavism" ideas worked to enter government service or government jobs, such as jobs in the Environmental Protection Agency, and, today, there are people--enslavers who are hoping to be high-level enslavers--who are working to go up the so-called "ladder of success" or are attempting to go from what might be called internships or introductory jobs to high-level positions.  In all levels of government, enslavers are issuing rules and regulations that they know will enslave the citizenry, but, of course, it is the high-level enslavers--the heads of departments or agencies--that really set the tone about what rules and regulations are issued, such as on a daily basis.
    Let me show two ideas of what can happen when too many enslavers get in government positions and are unchecked in what rules and regulations that they can issue.  If there were a country that was made up of ten main units or agencies, each could be issuing rules and regulations, and what can happen is the people of one unit or agency will not know what the other units or agencies are doing with respect to issuing rules and regulations or with respect to the number of rules and regulations issued each week or month.  If there were a country that was made up of one-hundred main units or agencies, each unit could be issuing rules and regulations, and what can happen is the people in one unit or agency will very unlikely know what the many, many other units or agencies are doing with respect to issuing rules and regulations or with respect to the number of rules and regulations issued each week or month.
    Remember: The more units or people in a government that there are, the more rules and regulations that can be issued by enslavers on a weekly or monthly basis, and it gets to the point the government is issuing so many rules and regulations that nobody knows how many rules and regulations that there really are and if rules or regulations are defective or contradict other rules and regulations or commonsense, if rules and regulations are being issued that in the long run are detrimental to the country, and if the rules and regulations are wasteful to the people of the country.
    The Executive Branch of the federal government is the branch that is headed by the U.S. President and is made up of many agencies and departments, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and each day, the parts of the Executive Branch can create and issue a lot of rules and regulations--without the support or supervision of the Judicial Branch or the Legislative Branch (the U.S. Congress)--and since January 20, 2010, the Executive Branch has been getting bigger, especially the Internal Revenue Service, which will become more like a police agency in relation to health care if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is not repealed in the near future.

    Here is an aside, and, here, I note that what is true and unfortunate for a citizen of any country is politicians believe their duty is to create laws and rules and believe when they do not create laws and rules they are not doing their jobs, and that is one reason politicians always have to be held in check or reigned in, because their idea about making laws usually gets out of hand, especially when the politicians are enslavers.

    Consider this true fact that notes what enslavers can actually do to hurt a country.  Around September 2010, New York City was in economically dire straits, as was the entire state of California and other states and local governments--especially "enslavers"-controlled states and local governments.  In September 2010, a big story was that the Federal Highway Administration had a new rule that cities were starting to act on, and the rule was that all street signs around the country had to be changed by 2018 from "upper case" types to "upper case"/"lower case" types, even if the signs were in good shape.  On September 30, 2010, Warren Levinson of AP Video did a report for the Internet entitled "New York Street Signs Get Downsized," and, in the story, it was noted that New York City had about a quarter-million street signs and it would cost $110 dollars to change each current sign, so you should see--for New York City alone--the cost to change all the signs in New York City was $27.5 million.  I say that, in essence, the federal government is forcing cities and states to change signs for no good reason and forcing cities and states to spend money that they should not have to spend, hurting budgets even more--in the time of a big recession in the country.  (For more information about how enslavers can purposely hurt a country, you should see my documents entitled Detroit and Death: A View of a Future United States of America, which can be reached by using this Detroit link, and The Economic Crash of Countries is Because of Liberalism--It is not Because of Capitalism and Conservatism, which can be reached by using this Crash link.)
    I report here what politicians in the United States of America are truly "enslavers."  For decades, such political parties as the Communist Party and the Socialist Party have existed in the the United States of America, and, certainly, all persons associated with such political parties are people who promote "enslavism."  Today, the members of the Democratic Party are "enslavers," and they range from moderate enslavers to hard-line enslavers, and names of some of those people can be found in my document entitled Enemies of the United States of America: Politicians Who Have Hurt You by Voting "Yes" on Bad Federal Bills, which can be reached by using this Enemies link, and, of course, Barack Obama is on top of the list, and, really, the Democratic Party is now clearly a party filled with, for example, communists and socialists.  The Republican Party is made up of "conservatives" and non-conservatives, the latter of whom are really soft-core enslavers, some of whom can be considered "plants"--people who have kept quiet about what they are and have become members of the Republican Party so that they can undermine the party, and one such person is Retired U.S. General Colin Powell, and others such persons can be found by looking at Enemies of the United States of America: Politicians Who Have Hurt You by Voting "Yes" on Bad Federal Bills to see the persons of the Republican Party who voted "yes" on legislation that would be signed into law by Barack Obama.
    As I have already noted, one thing that is unique in the United States of America is The United States Constitution, which is a blocking document--a document designed to block the work and ways of enslavers.  However, over the years, and especially recently, enough enslavers have been able bypass the rules and guidelines of The United States Constitution by simply discarding the rules and guidelines of The United States Constitution, and the biggest more recent example was when the "enslavers"--mostly members of the Democratic Party who were members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives--helped pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (March 2010), which has a provision that forces citizens to buy something--government approved health-care insurance--the first time that the federal government has made a law that the forces somebody to buy something from some entity, which to people with clear-thinking minds know is not allowed by any provision of The United States Constitution.  Barack Obama has shown disdain for The United States Constitution, such as by calling it "flawed," though he has lied about why it is "flawed," saying that it does not state what the government can do for people when--the document blocks him from doing things to people that an enslaver would want to be able to do and be unrestricted from doing.
    Not all politicians are "enslavers"--hard-line "enslavers" or "soft-core enslavers"--and it is possible to recognize non-enslavers, and that is is done in relation to a particular person by looking at the person's history and seeing if the person's history shows proof that the person is not an enslaver.  For a person to determine whether or not a particular politician an enslaver, the person has to see if rules that define a person has an enslaver can be tied to the politician.  Look at factors that can help define a politician as an enslaver (and some have been hinted at already in the document):

    1. "Enslavers" promote the idea that they work for the interests of others, especially those who might be called the downtrodden or the oppressed.  They will say that they have "compassion" or are more "compassionate" than others, especially "Republicans," and they may say that they work for the "little guy."  What they promote is a lie, since enslavers by their very nature work for their own interests--to be enslavers, wishing not to be anything else.  What they do is for their survival in life and not for the survival of others, who are to them lower in stature and mind quality than they are.  Consider that an enslaver works for the self first--if an enslaver were to lose a job--a government job--that would mean the enslaver might have to do something other than what the enslaver wants to be in life, and that would be worse than death because the enslaver could not practice what the enslaver works to be.  In addition, how can any one person have compassion for millions of others.  The United States of America has 300,000,000 persons at least.  How can one person think about all the others?  Try an idea for yourself and on yourself.  Think about Bob in Seattle, Washington, and think about how much you think about Bob's welfare  Think about Sandra in St. Louis, Missouri.  How much of your day can you use to think about Sandra's welfare?  Think about Zulu in Hawaii.  You are busy with lives around you, so how can you be compassionate about Zulu.  A politician is busy going to speech events, going to dinners, sleeping, eating, taking care of what family the politician has, et cetera, so how can a politician really have your interests--you--in mind?  Really, highest in the mind of an enslaver is self survival, keeping in a position to be an enslaver, and that politician will fight to the death to keep in a position to be an enslaver--the enslaver knows nothing else and wishes nothing else.  In addition, think about another person you know--How much time does that person, who might be a sibling, have to think about you on a regular basis?  Yes, you think about yourself, and you think about yourself more than anybody else does and can.  No politician can think about you as well as you can.
    2. Enslavers prescribe to the idea that they work to make people equal, but they do not really work to make people equal--in the sense of equally better off.   Enslavers are and can be jealous, if not highly jealous, of others or are and can be jealous that others have more than they have, and that is why they work to make people equal, and, in fact, enslavers can be angry that others receive more admiration than they do.  An enslaver works to make other people equal and lower in stature than the enslaver is so that the others do not have more than the enslaver has, reducing what the enslaver has to be jealous of, and an enslaver works to make others equal and lower in stature than the enslaver is so that the enslaver can protect the self--keep others from having the ability to dethrone the enslaver or fight back against the enslaver, who is working on "self preservation."  In essence, an enslaver pretends to work to make everyone equal and uses others to achieve the goal--to make all others equally lower in stature than enslaver is so that the enslaver can be deemed as higher in rank.  Anyway, if you happen to look at a group of people and consider them--let us say--financially okay, how can any you make people who are less financially okay equal with those who are financially okay without knocking down those who are financially okay?  A rule of life is a person--a dictator, for example--cannot magically make people smarter, make people more creative, make people more self-sufficient, make people more innovative, make people more industrious, et cetera.  Without simply giving away money, how can a politician make another person better or supposedly equal with someone else?  Usually, the enslaver only thinks about monetarily equal when the idea of "equal" comes up as a topic.  No man or woman has the power to make all people monetarily equal.  It cannot be done!  The enslaver passes on a lie when the enslaver says that the enslaver can make everyone equal--in assets or principle or money or whatever.  However, I must add--Everyone is treated equally or is "equal under the law" in the United States of America in relation to and because of The United States Constitution, which the enslavers dislike.
    3. Enslavers in this day and age promote the idea that they are working to achieve "social justice," and that "social justice" can be for a particular person or for a group of people, such as the depressed in a place like Detroit, where decades of socialistic and communistic political leaders have corrupted and depleted people of morals and values and assets, which had been gained over time.  "Social justice" comes down to taking something, usually money, from one person and giving that which is taken to another person, who often has been done nothing except be a leach on society, or "social justice" comes down to taking things from one group of people--often doers--and giving what things were taken to another group of people, and the taking is done so that the non-doers will vote to keep the enslaver in political power.  Enslavers are really thieves who use what bounty they have gained to bribe leaches on society so that the enslavers can stay in political power, and, of course, while enslavers acquire from the one group of people--such as through high taxation and penalities--they lower the stature of those from which they have stolen, placing the enslavers--in their eyes--in a higher position of stature in relation to those from whom they have acquired the things.
    4. Enslavers work to make others dependent on them.  I have to take up this topic in a round-about way.  In this day and age, enslavers are purposely working to hurt the United States of America by making the United States of America dependent on other countries for materials and goods.  As the United States of America loses its ability to make products, such as by losing factories, the safety of the United States of America becomes dependent on other countries and the United States of America cannot take up helping other countries fight off oppression--for example, unlike in World World II, the country loses the ability to change existing factories from producing products to producing weapons.  As the United States of America loses its ability to make products, caused by politicians, people in the country lose jobs and have fewer types of jobs from all that can exit to choose to take up as careers, and when jobs disappear, enslavers work to have government give the the unemployed money, which makes the unemployed like the politicians, but it does not advance the creation of jobs and getting people in jobs.  To compensate for no exiting jobs or dwindling jobs, often caused by enslavers, the enslavers promote and fund through government never-ending "social programs," which do not create jobs, such as those that provide government "benefits," those that involve tax credits, those in which the government gives "rebates" for buying something, those that provide lunch programs and dinner programs for children, and even those that offer payments to children for learning to read.  If people are not dependent on enslavers, then enslavers have no purpose in the world.  Enslavers want dependency!
    Note: By the way, in the time of Jennifer Granholm's time as the governor Michigan--from 2003 to 2011--she often said that she was working on creating jobs in Michigan or was working to create jobs in this age of a "knowledge based economy."  What is a "knowledge-based economy"?  It is like a "green job."  It is nonsense.  A state or country has to have all types of jobs to be a healthy state or country.  If a state only has "knowledge-based-economy" jobs, the state is dependent on other places for other things and becomes too specialized in what jobs can be found in the state.
    5. Enslavers like to hurt people, and they have to hurt people to accomplish their goals, such as that to protect the self and keep the self in power.  The idea can be seen in the ways in which the leader of a gang, such as a local street gang, will use intimidation and coercion and force to take from others, and they do it because they enjoy giving pain to others and seeing others experiencing pain or because they feel no sympathy of others who receive pain, and when a leader of a gang, such as a illegal-drug-distribution gang, loses a member through arrest or a shooting, the leader will recruit others to join, such as through coercion or force of some type.  In addition, the idea that enslavers like to hurt people and do not really care about other people can be seen in the United Kingdom, where the creation of the national health-care system in the late 1940s has led to a shortage of dentists and has led to a poor dental-care industry in the United Kingdom and widespread poor dental care for people, and if politicians were concerned about the problem, the problem would not exist as it does--there would be better dental care.

    I have to put an aside here, and it will show you what is in the mind of a real "enslaver," in particular what the mind thinks about other people.  On Thursday, December 9, 2010, one of the U.S. Representatives for Minnesota was Keith Ellison (a Democrat), and on that day he did a radio interview with Tom Crann on Minnesota Public Radio, and two comments that Keith Ellison made were: "...Compromise is important, and I think we do need to compromise.  But if, but if you want me to vote to extend all the tax cuts, which is something that I am loathed to do, I can't do it at the price they're asking for..." and "...I think that we needed, need to create a real crisis here so that the Republicans will have to answer for denying Americans unemployment benefits on the eve of the Christmas holiday.  I don't think they would do that.  But we didn't create that crisis.  We let 'em off the hook in my opinion, and so...they were able to not only get away with extending, um, these 2001/2003 tax cuts--Bush tax cuts--um...."  The two quotations cover two issues related to an agreement in the U.S. Congress that Barack Obama announced to the public on December 6, 2010--a preliminary agreement.  With respect to the topic of unemployment benefits, notice there was little regard for people in his statement, based on his wish to create a "crisis"--trouble and hardship--which would, ultimately, be for citizens in the country, and Keith Ellison wanted the crisis so that they (the Democrats) could get what they wanted and get done what they wanted to do at the expense of people and even make Republicans look bad for the sake of making them look bad.  By the way, the agreement was proposing that unemployment benefits be lengthened to create a three-year upper limit for some people--an unheard of length of time--and it would also force the government to spend more money.  You will see that Keith Ellison disliked extending "all the tax cuts."  Like other Marxists (enslavers), Keith Ellison has the goal of taking as much money from people known to him as the "rich" as he can and giving the money to others, lower-income people (whatever that means) and people who wish handouts, which is all a part of satisfying the idea of "social justice" (or "economic social justice"), an idea often pushed by people who like "Black Liberation Theology."  The discussion about taxes in the U.S. Congress at the time had the Democrats wanting to raise taxes on people who have yearly gross income of at least $250,000 (the Democrats' proposal would, for example, affect a person who runs a business and reports the business doings (such as profits and losses) to the federal government in relation to a personal-income-tax filing, and that the figure would not take into account the expenses incurred for running the business, and it was publicly known was that the Democrats' proposed tax-rate increase would reduce the amount of money that many small businesses would have available to, for one, keep some employees, so the idea that he believed in if brought to fruition would create more unemployment).  Remember: The discussion in the U.S. Congress at the time was about keeping the tax rates as they had been over the last ten years or so or raising taxes, and at no time was the discussion about reducing taxes for anyone--even people who might be called "rich," who were those who met the $250,000-and-over idea.  (Oh, Democrats and many people in the main media were pushing the idea on the public that the Republicans wanted to give the so-called "rich" a "tax cut," which was a lie, since no tax cuts were being discussed or under consideration.)  You should see--it seems Keith Ellison wanted and wants the federal government to get more money out of the people so that the government can decide where the money will go, and that is Marxism or communism or socialism or what I call "enslavism," a philosophy that harms people who try to initiate things or try to create things and makes people dependent on government.

   6. Some enslavers have minds so defective that they believe they can correct the flaws of nature or compensate for the flaws of nature through legislation or rules--imposing rules and laws on people--and one of the flaws of nature is poverty, often caused by a faulty political ideology that keeps people from doing things and creating things or teaches people to be members of poverty or forces people to take up the ways poverty.  When enslavers see poverty, they perceive no fault at all goes to the people in poverty or the political system under which the people in poverty exist, especially if the political ways are under the control of the enslavers.  Enslavers usually blame or try to blame the "rich" for poverty, and that is nonsense.  Poverty will always exist the world, since some men wish to do nothing and some men are hit by illness and since enslavers will--in their supposed effort to fix the flaw of nature that is proverty--tax or legislate the destruction of those who are not in poverty and create opportunity for those in poverty or what enslavers will do is tax and legislate out of existence the ways in which people can most likely get out of poverty, and the ways in which people can get out of poverty is to have jobs potentially available to them, jobs that can be created by businesses if, for example, the business community is not over taxed and has money to invest in venture.  Remember: Jobs are rarely created by government (government creates government jobs, which can be thought of as jobs that are dependent on the private sector, because government jobs are paid for through money--taxes--taken from the private sector by government).
    7. Enslavers are known for using "class warfare," a technique that is designed to get the 'Middle Class' (whatever that is in this country) to dislike people who are "rich" (whatever that means from moment to moment), and enslavers are known for using "race warfare" to make people divide along ethnic lines, and, in fact, black who are enslavers, such as Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jesse Jackson, use "race baiting" quite frequently, such as by calling people who disagree with them "racists."
    8. For enslavers to do well in their eyes, they must not be restrained, such as by arms or by documents, such as The United States Constitution, which has been designed to limit what the federal government can do to citizens of the country or to limit what a few individuals--politicians--can do to the citizens of the country.  Enslavers consider or try to promote the idea that The United States Constitution is a "living-and-breathing document" so that judges and politicians who wish to be enslavers or are enslavers can through laws water down the effectiveness of The United States Constitution from blocking enslavers from practicing enslavism, which can be, for instance, being able to tax the citizens without almost any limits on how much may be taken in tax (without being countered by "conservatives").  And enslavers try to promote the idea that The United States Constitution is a "living-and-breathing document" so that they can teach the ignorant and naive wrong information about what The United States Constitution does and is for--to keep the ignorant and naive from becoming slaves to the enslavers.
    9. Look at all these general ideas.  Any person who promotes or talks about "Cloward and Priven" as worthwhile is an enslaver, and that person is a truly evil person, and any person who promotes "Mao" has a hero or a good man is an enslaver, and any person who promotes the idea that U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt got the U.S. out of the Great Depression (the depression of the 1930s) through policies enacted is an enslaver and a liar, and any person who often cites political-themed articles in such publications as The New York Times or Los Angeles Times or Washington Post or Politico as good is an enslaver, and any person who promotes the idea that the country needs to adopt a "Second Bill of Rights" (like that proposed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt) is an enslaver since a "Second Bill of Rights" would put in writing rules that make the country a highly government-controlled country (where, for example, the government could set prices for products and for wages and do even more harmful things to society), and any person who promotes the idea of "open borders"--easy access to citizenship for people from other countries--is an enslaver, and any person who promotes the idea that the federal government "creates jobs" or can "create jobs" is an enslaver (since business people of all types actually create jobs by starting up companies and expanded them (if possible), a big hindrance to which is how much tax the government takes), and any person who promotes the idea that in general business people are bad or are corrupt is an enslaver, and any person who promotes the idea that businesses are set up to provide benefits to employees is an enslaver (since businesses are set up to provide goods or services to the public and make money that can be used by the operators and employees to live and buy things), and any person who believes a media person or media entity that criticizes the federal government should be removed from the air or shut down is an enslaver (and is evil), and any person who promotes the idea that it is government that initiates innovation in products and new things is an enslaver (and a liar), and any person who promotes the idea that the government should be allowed to decide what a person may or may not eat or may or may not feed children is an enslaver.  And other general ideas exist.
   10. Enslavers regularly misuse and purposely misuse the language or purposely mislead listeners with the words that are used.  Enslavers will use "extreme right wing" to identify "conservatives," but conservatism is not "extreme"--it is the principle of what the country was founded as--and enslavers like to define "conservatives" as "right wing" with "right wing" having a bad conotation, as if "right wing" indicates something out of the mainstream, though in the United States of America, "conservatism" is the mainstream ideology (you are urged to see Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means, which can be reached by using the link at the end of this document).  Enslavers will say that they are "progressives" and have "progressive" thinking, but what they promote is decades-old and centuries-old ideas of enslavism, and their ideas are not "progressive" (ideas that advance society to a better quality in relation to The United States Constitution).  Enslavers will say that the government cannot "afford" tax cuts, but the government does not own the money of the people, and the government gets its money from the people, and when a politician says that the government cannot afford to give the people tax cuts, the listener should understand that politician is saying that the government cannot afford to cut back on spending and on taking money from the people.  Enslavers will say that the government needs to spend money to "invest" in the future or to "invest" in jobs, but it is not government that really can "invest" in the future or in jobs--it is companies of all sizes, using money gained through sales, that "invest" in the future, and it is companies that, by investing money in ventures, create jobs and things or services.
   11. Enslavers promote the idea that only government can solve the problems of society or the world or solve all the problems a person has in life or can protect the person from all things hurtful, but their idea is wrong for many reasons, and one problem is some problems cannot be solved, especially by a few people in government making rules or laws, since the world or a society is too complicated for a few persons in government making decisions for millions of persons to do better than millions of persons not in government making decisions about their daily lives, making choices for themselves based on all that they know and all that is around them, which can often be good decisions but sometimes can be bad decisions, but when bad decisions are made by an individual for the self, the decision does not affect millions of persons, as happens when government makes a bad decision.

    The "enslaver" never disappears from a society or a country or, certainly, the world, but particular enslavers do die off and are replaced by younger ones, and that is one of "The Rules of Man" and rules of nature, and one reason that the enslaver will never disappear is genetic defects of the mind cannot be stopped from happening--some people are born with genetically defective minds or have diseases of the mind--and environmental factors, such as constant false teachings, can affect a mind adversely and create defective thinking patterns in a mind.  A person must know what to do when confronting an enslaver, not only to protect the self directly but also to protect others, and I have rules that can be applied.  Here are rules:
    1. In truth, "conservatism" is right, and if someone differs in opinion with conservatism, that someone is wrong, and when an enslaver says that the two sides have strong but different opinions--that the Democrats have strong and different opinions from the Republicans--and hints that both opinions are viable, what was said is wrong, and it is the Democrats, who do not follow the ways of The U.S. Constitution, who are wrong and are not right, and you must stand up and say that one side has to be wrong of two sides, and in politics in the United States of America, it is the Democrats who are most often wrong.
    2. "Bipartisan"--this is a word that enslavers regularly use today, and "bipartanship" is promoted by enslavers because it promotes the idea of bargaining, and when enslavers who are in government are involved in bargaining, they gain power and more power to be enslavers through each bargaining incident, so a person should distrust and throw off a politician who promotes "bipartisan," especially since the person who promotes bipartisan is working to reduce the freedoms of citizens.
    3. Do not compromise with enslavers, since enslavers can offer nothing in the bargain--they want the power to enslave you and others, and you want not to be enslaved and allow enslavers to enslave others, and since each time an agreement is made with and enslaver, the enslaver gains more toward total enslavism.  Also, keep in mind that what enslavers have to bargain with is your amount of freedom in society--the freedom to choose what you can do for yourself, choose who will do health care for you, where you will live, how many children you may have, et cetera..
    4. You must always be alert for and watch for "enslavers," listening to what people say and do, and you must pass along knowledge to other persons that shows up and exposes people who are enslavers--for being "enslavers"--and your exposing who enslavers are should not only be done in private but also in public, such as through oral discourse (though not as a speech), maybe in a parking lot of a shopping center, where you can be overheard by the naive.
    5. Politicians are elected through elections--often nothing more than popularity contests, which can involve looks and race--politicians need not be and are often not--in the case of those who would be enslavers--"high-thought thinkers."  A person need not be smart to be a politician, and often politicians are not truly smart, especially if the politicians follow such defective ideologies as Marxism and "Keynesian economics."
    6. No political person should be praised or seen as a savior or messiah, since a politician is nothing more than a mortal man or woman, and you should not follow a politician for you feel that politician will be your savior or is your messiah, and you should teach children that politicians--for being politicians--are not greater people than the children are.
    7. In the United States of America, politicians--especially those who would be enslavers--are nothing more than employees of the citizens, and politicians can be hired and fired at will (such as through elections), as can, in essence, other types of employees, and politicians--especially those who would be enslavers--are simply "workers" for the people.
    8. In essence, enslavers have to be isolated--kept out of government jobs--and kept where they cannot damage others, such as by leaving them to be workers of some type of the private sector, where they may be failures or be nothing, and that means you must remove them from public office though the voting process or keep them from attaining any public office through the voting process.
    9. Never feel sorry for enslavers and for voting out enslavers, because enslavers do not feel sorry for you--enslavers hurt other individuals.
   10. Heartily enjoy blocking enslavers from getting into public office through elections and heartily enjoy removing enslavers from public office through elections.

    Here is an aside.  Inbreeding brought insanity and bred in defects into many persons in what was considered the upper classes of Europe during the Middle Ages and and in Middle East communities (particularly Muslims communities) today, and what happened is small groups of people, such as families of kings and noblemen, created and had a small circle of mating partners and marriages and so the diversity of DNA and the weeding out of bad traits got blocked or what happens is the "gene pool" becomes highly specialized and defective.  I say that such a problem can exist today in the United States of America, such as in the Democratic Party, where, for instance, a small group of so-called rich or elities or politicians are keeping their mating group small.

    Barack Obama is an "enslaver" or an "enslavist," and what goals he has an enslaver are probably many (and evidence exists in many documents of mine that exist at the Web site for The Hologlobe Press, such as A Little History of Barack Obama Events: A Show of Deconstruction, which can be reached by using this link: History).  I can see that Barack Obama wishes to punish the United States of America and many peoples within it for the "slavery" that existed on the North American Continent from the 1600s to the 1800s.  I can see that Barack Obama wishes to punish non-blacks for what he perceives as non-blacks' purposeful work to discriminate against blacks since at least the 1800s.  I can see that Barack Obama wishes to punish the United States of America for not following the ways of Islam and for wishing to follow the ways of The United States Constitution, in which individuals are more important than government.  I can see that Barack Obama wishes to push the United States of America for what it has, which has not come to pass in other countries, his feeling it is the United States of America that has blocked other countries from getting what the United States of America has, though it is really the other countries' following the ways of communism and like defective ways of living that have kept them with lower ways of life.  I can see Barack Obama wishes to enslave the people of the United States of America for having fought against other enslavers over history, especially recent history, which includes a man who could be like a brother to Barack Obama--Saddam Hussein, the killer and hard-line enslaver who had ruled over Iraq for many years.

    Today, Barack Obama and the other hard-line enslavers are unrestricted or nearly unrestricted in how many laws they can issue, such as through the Executive Branch of the federal government (examples of which are Executive Orders from Barack Obama), how much money they can spend, and how much money they can take in taxes from individuals or businesses--big businesses and small businesses--none of which is anywhere bigger than the federal government is, and, in essence, Barack Obama has a "shadow government" entity, which has been created with, for example, his appointing dozens of "czars," and the entity that need not do things with the supervision of the Legislative Branch, and Barack Obama and enslavers in the U.S. Congress have watered down and are watering down the purpose of The United States Constitution, such as by bastardizing the meanings of words in The United States Constitution.  Since January 20, 2010, a lot of really bad federal bills have been passed in the U.S. Congress and a lot of bad federal acts have been passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by Barack Obama, and some of those acts or bills are the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (made a law on March 23, 2010), the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (made a law on July 21, 2010), and the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (passed as a bill in the U.S. Senate on November 18, 2010).  The Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs--unfunded liabilities of the federal government--have been poorly managed over the years and are bankrupt; for example, there is no such thing as a "Social Security Trust Fund."  In the days to come, it will take "conservatives" to, for example, completely repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, rework the Social Security System, rework the Medicare System, cut the number and size of departments in the federal government and the size of state and local governments, destroy the federal shadow-government entity that exists, and, most importantly, restrict--permanently--the amount of money that the federal government may spend each year, such as making the amount some percentage of yearly Gross Domestic Product (or GDP), such as something between fifteen percent and twenty percent (which is a rough range that I have heard about, such as in association with Milton Friedman (1912-2006) and radio-host Mark R. Levin).  Really, it is the only conservatives with The United States Constitution in hand--the document pushed to be made viable again all the time--who can stop and block the enslavers, especially Barack Obama, and the enslavers' ways, given that the 'moderate Republicans" cannot do the work since they are soft-core enslavers or are idiots, and given that the enslavers themselves will not and cannot restrain themselves and their colleagues.  And the United States of America has to return to the ways of The United States Constitution, because enemies exist in the government of the country and must be blocked and made ineffective, and because enemies, such as enslavers pushing communism, are on the rise elsewhere in the world, such as in South America, this country--this United States of America--cannot afford to have enslavers in control of the government.

    Yes, some people become broaching-machine operators, and some people become actors, and some people become waitresses, and some people become police officers, and some people become bankers, and some people become electrical engineers, and some people become sailors, and some people become dock workers, and some people become tree trimmers, and some people become artists, and some people become golfers, and some people become window washers, and some people become auto mechanics, and some people become chemists, and some people become doctors, and some people become seamstresses, and some people become fishermen, and some people become riggers, and some people become IT specialists, and some people become salvage-yard operators, and some people become teachers, and some people become jewelers, and some people become bus drivers and some people become long-distrance truckers, and some people become bricklayers, and some people become newscasters, and some people become barbers, and some people become nude dancers, and some people become priests, and some people become soldiers....

    And some people become and are enslavers--and only "enslavers" by choice and by will--look at Barack Obama.



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Web site for The Hologlobe Press that will
give you information about the bad that Barack
Obama and his associates are doing to the
United States of America, such as the Michigan
Travel Tips documents and the T.H.A.T.
documents that have been published since
the fall of 2008.

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