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November 29, 2012
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    "Enslavists" or "Enslavers" are people who are more regularly defined or called Marxists or communists or socialists or similar names, and they are people who goal in life or mission in life is to be politicians, since they wish to be nothing else, and they are people want to enslave others so that they can remain what they have spent their life in becoming, and some of the enslavists in the federal government today are U.S. Representative John Conyers, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, and U.S. President Barack Obama, who has since January 20, 2009, caused the federal government to borrow about three-trillion dollars (or 3,000-billion dollars) and is putting the country is deeper debt.  Since January 20, 2010, the enslavists in the U.S. government have enacted the horrible Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which, for one, has a rule that has never been imposed by the federal government on citizens--since The U.S. Constitution does not allow--and that rule will in the near future require all citizens to buy health-care insurance and particularly health-care insurance improved by the federal government, and the federal government has done other bad, bad things, such as go to court against the State of Arizona over the issue an immigration law enacted by the State of Arizona.  Smart and honorable people who like the United States of America as it was founded have made predictions about other bad legislation that the enslavists who are members of the federal government wish to enact, such as "cap-and-trade" rules, and one political idea that is being look as is the idea of the federal government taking over or taking control of or nationalizing pension plans or retirement plans, such as Roth IRAs, Keoghs, and 401(k)s.  On October 18, 2010, Mark R. Levin played on his nationally syndicated radio show an interview that he had done in 2008 with a woman who was proposing the idea of the "Guaranteed Retirement Account" and having the federal government controlling the accounts.  On this date, the Social Security System was basically bankrupt, and Medicare and Medicaid were unfunded liabilities that go way in to the tens of trillions of dollars, and, really, it was the federal government that has ruined and mismanaged Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and now enslavers in the federal government are hoping to get their hands on the money that people have been saving for years for retirement, and that total amount is somewhere around nine-trillion dollars (or 9,000-billion dollars).  Here is a text version of most of the interview that was aired by Mark R. Levin on October 18, 2010, and the woman in the interview is Teresa Ghilarducci (the interview was played in four parts on this day, and you will see that Mark Levin was playing with the woman and tripping her up, and, by the way, I did not supply all of part four of the interview):

    Part one:
    Mark Levin: "Now, ah, you're a professor of economics at the New School for Social Research.  Is that correct?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "That's right."
    Mark Levin: "And you have an idea with these 401(k) plans that has now received a lot of publicity.  Ah, you have attended, ah, at least one hearing, ah, in the House.  Ah, people are, ah, intrigued by your proposal. What is your proposal?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, well, I don't think people understand how bad 401(k) plans, um, treat, treat them--ah, with their high fees and, ah, really...."
    Mark Levin: "Now, now, I'm gonna slow you down.  You can get a 401(k) plan with a mutual fund that has no fees."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, yeah, that's what they tell you.  Ah, but all 401(k) plans have fees.  How do you pay the salaries of the investment managers and the advertising?  There are fees, but they're not, um, but they're not apparent...."
    Mark Levin: "So they're crooked.  They're crooks.  Can I say that?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Pardon me."
    Mark Levin: "So they're crooks."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "They're, they're, um.  They've gotten away with, ah, um, they've gotten way with...."
    Mark Levin: "Say it, say it, say it!...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: " away with it...."
    Mark Levin: "Are they crooks, Madam?  Yes or no?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...fees over time that can erode about thirty or forty percent of people's assets.  Ah, it's also a huge waste of money from the U.S. Treasury, because we give huge tax breaks, um, for these 401(k)s...."
    Mark Levin: "Now, now, we gotta, we gotta do this slowly or I'm gonna get confused.  I'm not that bright.  So may question is.  We give two huge tax breaks to whom?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, well, to anybody who contributes to 401(k)...."
    Mark Levin: "So the people?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "The people, workers.  And they get to contribute tax free, and the earnings in those plans, ah, accumulate tax free."
    Mark Levin: "And then you're taxed when you start taking...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...And when you take it out.  The problem is is that people, ah, who are middle class, um, happen to not contribute as much as people at the very top."
    Mark Levin: "...Now before we get to that."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ugh um."
    Mark Levin: "The fact is--isn't it true, Madam--we are denying the federal the tax revenue it deserves?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Um, yeah, well, that..."
    Mark Levin: "Isn't that true.  I mean if I'm putting that money into a 401(k)--that first of all is ripping me off, as you point out--and then, secondly, there's tens of billions of dollars in taxes the government could be collecting but for the fact that we keep...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, you're exactly right."
    Mark Levin: "Yes."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "That's exactly right."
    Mark Levin: "Not so stupid, am I?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "No, no.  You got it just right, and I'm gonna steal that way of describing it."
    Mark Levin: "Now let me ask you another question while...."

Part two:
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, you're Social Security deduction goes toward your account, and you'll get Social Security...."
    Mark Levin:  "Now, now, now, now, wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  How much money is in that 'trust fund?'"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, it's now about two-trillion dollars....
    Mark Levin: "No, there's not.  There are two-trillion-dollars worth of 'I.O.U.s' from the Treasury Department.
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...federal government."
    Mark Levin: "So where is my cash today?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Th--you know what?--you don't want it in cash, you want it in Treasury...."
    Mark Levin: "Let say I want it now.  Where is my cash today?  Does it exist?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...You're not entitled to it."
    Mark Levin: "Well, I don't.  Well, I'm not gonna take it now.  But where is it?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "It is, ah. It, it resides...."
    Mark Levin: "Come on!  Be honest now!  It's not there."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...and it's a promise the Congress has made to you."
    Mark Levin: "It's a promise.  You might like the FDIC promise?  Where's all that money?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah, yeah.  And just like the...."
    Mark Levin: "But, but, Madam, we've already agreed the private sector is full of crooks...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Okay...."
    Mark Levin: "...So now we're saying the government's full of crooks."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, um, you, you pick your crooks, and, right now, the only place...."
    Mark Levin: "How much, how much?--you're an expert, I mean I've very stupid when...."

Part three:
    Mark Levin: "The Controller General says it's closer to twenty-three trillion."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "That's if you, ah, if you look at it, ah, in infinity.  But..."
    Mark Levin: "No, that's if you look at it to 2050."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, um...."
    Mark Levin: "You're the expert, not me, ah...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "The Social Security actuary, um, who is the final word on, on this--Congress agrees that the actuaries get to do the numbers--it says that it's four trillion.  So in...."
    Mark Levin: "No, no, no!  By 2050, it's more than four trillion...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, if we don't, if we don't anything on Social Security, people will collect about three-forths of what they owe...."
    Mark Levin: "So, basically, the Controller General, the United States, in January and February, when he issued--he's a liar, too.  He's a crook."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "You mean David Walker?"
    Mark Levin: "Yes. We can't trust him either."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...He has a bone to pick"
    Mark Levin: "Really?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: ""
    Mark Levin: "Back to my 'trust fund.'  Where's my 'trust fund.'"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Your 'trust fund' is mostly in the full faith and credit of the U.S. government."
    Mark Levin: "Ah, now, let's cut to it.  The full faith and credit...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yup...."
    Mark Levin: "In other words, the money has been spent for general purposes, hasn't it"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, well, it, the 'trust fund', ah, is in the budget, and it makes...."
    Mark Levin: "Come on, come on!  Let's get to it.  You're a professor.  You're not a politician.   The money's gone, isn't it?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "....every, every time we buy a Treasury Bond...."
    Mark Levin: "Dr. Ghilarducci, the money is gone, isn't it?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "The Trea, the government borrowed it from Social Security....just like...."
    Mark Levin: "They issued 'I.O.U.s', correct?  They issued 'I.O.U.s', correct?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "The did.  Just like they're issuing...."
    Mark Levin: "Hold on, now!  Is that, is that insurance?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "It's insured by the full faith and credit of U.S. government."
    Mark Levin: "No, no, I didn't ask that.  Is that insurance?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Um, Social Security is insurance."
    Mark Levin: "How can that be?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, what it is, if you meet the requirements to get the benefit, you get it...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, the full faith and credit, I, I got that part.  The 'I.O.U.s,' I got that part."
    Teresa Ghiladucci: "...Yeah..."
    Mark Levin: "But, basically, if the government didn't have a printing press, it would be a ponzi scheme, correct?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...You're right.  And if it was Argentina or some other type of country, ah,...."
    Mark Levin: "Forget about Argentina!  Now, here's my next question."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "These 401(k)s, why don't we just nationalize the damn things?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, that's my proposal, um...."
    Mark Levin: "Yes.  Tell how we would do that.  Go ahead."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, well, ah, what I want is those, ah, tax breaks to be cut way back so, if people want to contribute five-thousand dollars to their 401(k)s--I don't know why they would--they can, and they'll get a tax break for that, but stop it at five-thousand..  Right now, um, the wealthiest contribute up to twenty-thousand dollars--only a few people, about three percent of workers...."
    Mark Levin: "Wow, we want to stick it to them!"
    Teresa Ghilarducci:  "Ye, so, well, they, ah, they don't need it.  We...."
    Mark Levin: "No they don't."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...they help themselves."
    Mark Levin: "...But may I ask you a question about the attitude...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "Not yours personally."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "But I'm mean the, the attitude that goes into this.  When somebody else says that someone else doesn't need something...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "...isn't, isn't that a little fascist, don't you think?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Well, you know, when we have dollars to spend, you want to help the people...."
    Mark Levin: "No, no, no!  But if I earn five-million dollars employing a thousand people in creating--let's say--a brand new heart valve, and I do things that are good for society, my question to you is--You're looking at me from the New School, is it--the New?...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Sure."
    Mark Levin: "....School for Social Research....."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Right."
    Mark Levin: "...why, why should you be able to tell me...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "...or anybody for that matter, ah, that, that I don't need that?'
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "No, no, I, I...."
    Mark Levin: "That's what you said...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: ", the rich in this country get to keep their riches...."
    Mark Levin: "What is rich?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...believe in that.  It's important..."
    Mark Levin: "What is rich?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...spend dollars for retirement income security, you don't need to...."
    Mark Levin: "...But you're, you're defining spending dollars as people keeping their money and denying it...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Sure.  You, you said it before--if the government needs money, you know, for whatever...."
    Mark Levin: "...exactly....:"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...bonds or freeways, then not taxing it is denying government the money."
    Mark Levin: "Exactly.  And where is that in The Constitution?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Pardon me."
    Mark Levin: "Where is that in The Constitution?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...well, um, The Constitution says...."
    Mark Levin: "Now, we can only do things that are constitutionally acceptable!"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "Where, where--hold on now--where is that authority, which Article, what Section?  You've been studying this.  You've written books on....  Where's the constitutional authority for the government to do that?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "For, for the federal income tax?"
    Mark Levin: "No, not the federal income tax.  For the government generally to say, 'You know what, you're rich, and you don't really need that.'"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "No, no.  It's not in The ConstitutionThe Constitution gave the power to Congress and the President...."
    Mark Levin: "To do what?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...make those philosophical decisions."
    Mark Levin: "No, no!  To raise taxes and income tax to pay for the legitimate purposes of government."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Right.  And then we decided to make it a progressive income tax."
    Mark Levin: "Well, right, I got all that.  But I'm, but my question is--Where does The Constitution permit the government to decide that I have too much money for my pension?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "No, it's not in The Constitution.  It's in the laws of Congress."

Part four:
    Mark Levin: "Now, let me ask you a question."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "Do you think Congress did a good job in overseeing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Oh, um, no!  They did terrible job...."
    Mark Levin: "Do you think they've done a good job in overseeing the Social Security Administration?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "You know, I think that's a good program actually.  Um...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, we're not gonna get rid of it.  My question is--If we have trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Uh um."
    Mark Levin: "...don't you think there needs to be better oversight?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "You know, I, I think that we're, we are aware of Social Security needing more money, and I'm all for it."
    Mark Levin: "....more money?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Right.  We...."
    Mark Levin: "Now, you, you, now you know there's.... Let's go back to this actuary that you spoke of...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah, sure."
    Mark Levin: "...who explains that we're running out of people to pay into Social Security.  Isn't that the real reason you want to tap into these private pension...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...the numbers of people...."
    Mark Levin: "Hold on now!  But follow my second part...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah, okay."
    Mark Levin: "Isn't the real reason you want to tap into these private pensions is because Social Security is out of money?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Um, no.  No, no.  I, Social Security is a good base.  We...."
    Mark Levin: "A good base of what--debt?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Ah, ah, well, pre-retirement income security.  It's a guaranteed source of income...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, it's guaranteed to the extent that the government doesn't go bankrupt.  You know, governments do go bankrupt."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Yeah.  But it's never missed a payment in all of its years...."
    Mark Levin: "That doesn't mean a thing, when the crash comes.  Now let me ask you this--I don't mean to be belligerent, I'm stupid on this stuff--let me ask you a question."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Uh um."
    Mark Levin: "What kind of pension do you have?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "I have a great pension.  It's a, it's like the kind of pension I want everyone to have...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, I didn't ask that.  What kind...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: " what it is I'm forced to save fif, ten percent our, my salary every single pay check.  Um, and it goes into a fund that's professionally managed, and my trustees bargain with a Wall Street firms to get the best prices.  And...."
    Mark Levin: "And I'm sure, and I'm sure you've resisted this tooth and nail?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "No, I think it's a really good--it forced me to save when I was...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, how much are you saving each year?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "I, I save ten percent of my salary.  It forces to."
    Mark Levin: "So--I don't want to know--is it over five-thousand?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Um, yeah.  It is over five-thousand."
    Mark Levin: "So, why should you be able to do that?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "I know, exactly, exactly...."
    Mark Levin: "I mean why shouldn't you just, why shouldn't you have to live off Social Security?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Exactly.  I think everybody should have what I have...."
    Mark Levin: "Why shouldn't you have to live off of twelve-hundred dollars a month?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "It's outrageous.  No, no.   That's why people...."
    Mark Levin: "No, no!  Wait a minute.  Social Security pays on average twelve-to-fourteen-hundred dollars a month."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "That's right.  People need more."
    Mark Levin: "It's a magnificent program.  You just said that."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "It is!  It's a good base.  But...."
    Mark Levin: "So, so it's twelve-hundred to fourteen-hundred a month...."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "Right."
    Mark Levin: "'s dead broke, it's got trillions of dollars unfunded obligation, and your problem is the two percent that the mutual funds take."
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "It's a big problem.  It is, it's a little cuts everywhere...."
    Mark Levin: "Are you, are you a Ph.D.?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "I, I am a "Ph.D...."
    Mark Levin: "Can I call you Doctor G then?
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "...Doctor G.  I agree with you."
    Mark Levin: "Doctor G, Doctor G, do you realize, do you realize the, the Rube Goldberg's type logic that's being applied here?"
    Teresa Ghilarducci: "So you think that because Social Security...."
    Mark Levin: "No, I think, I think professors should leave the rest of us alone...."

    Go back through the interview and notice some things.  Teresa Ghilarducci noted at one point--"...huge waste of money from the U.S. Treasury, because we give huge tax breaks...."  Her statement is that of a Marxist.  She sees that the money that a person makes is owned by the government, and the government gets hurt when tax breaks are given, even though when a person starts taking retirement money from an account, the money is taxed as income.  Notice she was concerned about "people, ah, who are middle class, um, happen to not contribute as much as people at the very top."   To that, I say, "So what?"  And during the interview, she hemmed and hawed and stalled, unable to give clear statements that would get her out of the traps that she had fell into.  And notice that Mark Levin showed that she did not grasp the idea that the law of the U.S. Congress must comply with the rules of The U.S. Constitution.

    During the show of October 18, 2010, Mark R. Levin, who is a constitutional lawyer and involved with Landmark Legal Foundation, noted that Democrats in the federal government, such as some in the U.S. Congress, are actually paying attention to this woman and this woman's ideas, even though it can be seen through the text presented here that she is--as I proclaim--an idiot and a really defective thinker.

P.S. #1: In the interview, which was before the election of 2008 would take place, Teresa Ghilarducci said that she was going to vote for Barack Obama, and that did not surprise me, since, when I listened to the interview, she sounded like a little naive girl in her thinking processes.

P.S. #2: I must say--If you think Barack Obama and other enslavers do not want to get their hands on such a treasure as nine-trillion dollars (9,000-billion dollars) and control it for purposes of their own wishes, you are stupid or dangerous or an enemy of the United States of America!


Jeffrey, Terence P.  "It's Official: Obama Has Now Borrowed 3 Trillion.", 18 October 18, 2010.

Note: On Monday, October 18, 2010, I went to the Web site for the Social Science Research Network so that I could get a general idea how much money exists in retirement accounts--private retirement accounts--in the United States of America, and a document entitled "Total Individual Account Retirement Plan Assets by Demographics, 2007, With Market Adjustments to March 2010" by Craig Copeland, provided notes that I could use, and the document was listed as "EBRI Notes, Vol. 31, No. 5, May 2010, and the document noted that the total amount of money in retirement accounts was about $8,979 trillion in 2007.


    Note: This document was originally posted on the Internet on October 18, 2010.

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