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"Shared Responsibility Payment"--this is a reason
to hate all Democrats (especially the politicians), many
upper-level politicians of Republican Party, and two-thirds of
U.S. Supreme Court.  The payment is what the federal
government thinks people who do not buy government-
approved health insurance should pay as a tax or a fine.
It has come about through the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act of 2010.  It is rottenness of the
highest degree.  The only way for a good person
to destroy a bad person is to hate the bad person.
It is a rule of life!  I promote hate of rotten people,
especially Barack Hussein Obama, a promoter of
Sharia and communism and a killer.  I will not share
in paying for jackass sex-change-appearance people,
like that "Jenner" defect of nature, or foreigners, especially
illegal aliens, who are criminals, despite what shit-head
Barack Obama wants you to believe.  Hate the enemy!
I state again--I promote hate against rotten people!


    At the open of Michigan Travel Tips #145 (reached through Travel #145) and the open of Television History and Trivia #145 (reached through T.H.A.T. #145), I passed along information, which your favorite television newscaster probably did not tell you about, that notes that the federal government--controlled by the evil Barack Obama and his associates (socialists and communities and black racists and the like)--is well into making it commonplace for the federal government to determine where and where not people, especially "whites," will get to buy property for residences and live in the United States of America, and it is tied to, for one, using even more taxpayer money to put low-income people into high-rent areas, especially communities that are mostly "white" in nature.  Also, the idea is to put people who are very likely to vote for "Democrats" than "Republicans" into communities that have in the past supported more "Republicans" and "Republican-type issues" in elections than "Democrats" and "Democratic Party-type issues" (which are now hard-line communistic issues).  Since your favorite newscaster, such as Stephen Clark of WXYZ-TV, who has shown he is a supporter of communistic ways, probably will not tell you--I say that you must look up truthful information about the "Small-Area Fair Market Rents" idea and the "Mobility Counselors" idea (the "Mobility Counselors" will be like enforcers).  You will see how rotten the nature of the "Democrat" of today is--it is hellish!  I say that the nature will involve violence, pushed out by the "Mobility Counselors."

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 152 - - -

    Hey, did your favorite television newscast of the Detroit area pass along these two stories, which show of  the rottenness of so-called geniuses.  Both stories are tied to November 2016.  Stephen Hawking--who may be a good thinker about the universe--is a pusher of the idea that manmade global climate change is real and that man is killing the planet, and I say that, at a Debating Society event for the Oxford Union recently, Stephen Hawking showed off his rottenness as a general-knowledge thinker (so-called geniuses are often so into one subject that the rest-of-the-world stuff is all defective in the geniuses minds, and that is especially true of musicians and singers).  Stephen Hawking says that humans only have 1,000 years left on Earth before the Earth will be uninhabitable for humans, and he noted that people only have 1,000 years to find another planet to live on.  It is one of those predictions that cannot be backed up with anything logical.  Stephen Hawking is an idiot really.  Men are more logical than women are, and that is because the man and the woman have evolved to be specialists in different jobs, such as nurture children (in the case of women).  To me, the more women get put in to jobs of thinking--often to meet "diversity" standards or so-called "equality" quotas--things go more to crap.  Lets look at what the "feminist movement" has done in Stockholm, Sweden.  [Note: I say that Sweden is a dumb-ass country, being highly focused on a political system known as socialism.]  Last winter, the government of Stockholm adopted the idea of clearing sidewalks before roads when snow storms hit, and that was done since the government felt it was unfair to clear streets first (often used by men who drive to work than women (who often use sidewalks and drive less)).  It seems the government did not take into consideration that cleared or clear streets allow fire trucks and ambulances to move about well at all times, which is important for men and women.  It seems the government did not take into consideration that is was logical to clear big things (roads) first and then small things (sidewalks).  By the way, where I have lived, it has always been the rule (not necessarily because of laws) for government to clear roads (when possible), for the people to clear their sidewalks and driveways at their homes, and for businesses to clear sidewalks at their business locations (such as in front of stores).  This past November, a super-big storm hit Stockholm, and, in essence, everything went to crap!  By the way, do not men need to get to work so that they can make money to take care of families, such as children?  The "feminist movement" and so-called geniuses (who are not general-knowledge people) have helped bring the world to 'The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," some of which can be found on television regularly.  ["'Gender-equal' snow removal procedures left Stockholm paralyzed." Lifesitenews.com, 16 November 2016, 4:40 p.m. EST.; Dodgson, Lindsay.  "Stephen Hawking: Humans only have about 1,000 years left."  MSN.com, 17 November 2016.; Hale, Virginia.  "'Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing' Plunges Sweden into Chaos."  Breitbart.com, 14 November 2016.]

    By the way, the new prime-time series called Pure Genius is unlikable, especially the lead character.

    Carpet Theater--what do you think it is or was in Detroit?  You should have no idea, and you might guess it was an umbrella title for the showing of movies.  At one point, before I would track it down, I pretended it an umbrella title for a show whose named was related to the idea of having children laying in front of the television set (which is in the living room) and watching some type of program [that is a cliché image of the 1950s].  Of course, that was fantasy.  Some of the fact is there was a carpet-selling company in Detroit informally called "Arthur Fleischman Carpet Company" and "Arthur Fleischman Linoleum and Carpet Company" from the late 1920s to 1987, and the main location was at 12585 Gratiot Avenue (but it was not the only location during the time period).  By the way, the store was closed on May 25, 1964, because of the death of Arthur Fleischman.  The company was the sponsor for Carpet Theater.  I have yet to find a host for the show, which a person might think was used to show movies.  The series was used to present either off-network television series (which had been filmed and had been aired in prime time) or first-run syndication television series.  The first season for Carpet Theater was the 1951-1952 season, and it aired on WWJ-TV (Channel 4), starting out on Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.  It only ran 30 minutes each time it was on.  In roughly the second half of the first season, it was shown on Wednesdays at l0:30 p.m.   For the 1952-1953 season, the program was shown on WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), and for the 1952-1954 season, it was aired by WJBK-TV (Channel 2), and during the 1954-1955 season (which was the final season), it was shown by WWJ-TV (Channel 4).  For the final season, the program was like an umbrella program for the showing of the new syndicated series called Passport to Danger, which can still be found on television in the United States of America today.  The program had Cesar Romero playing a courier who travels the world and ends up getting in trouble or getting people out of trouble.  Carpet Theater was used as the umbrella title for off-network showing of episodes of Fireside Theatre in the 1952-1953 season, and, for the 1953-1964 season, Carpet Theater had episodes originally shown during Gruen Gold Playhouse (or Gruen Theater or whatever).

    On November 12, 2016, I finally caught an edition of The Queen of Car Loans, which is a local production designed to promote Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet, a car dealership.  I caught the program twice, starting at 9:00 a.m. on Channel 50, WKBD-TV; the program ran 15 minutes and was aired once and then again (in the first half hour of the 9:00 a.m. hour).  The program featured Regina Woodard, who is involved with financing at the dealership.  The program is an infomercial, and it came from Crystal Visions Communications.  Joe Lunghamer was on the program as a guest.  Also on the program was Shaun Woods, who is the service manager for the dealership.  One part of what Shaun Woods said came off as sort of crap.  Shaun Woods said--"...Never open the radiator cap!....".  It came off as a scare tactic that was over the top.

    By the way, I notice that Bowling Showcase (or sometimes Bowling Showcase Challenge Edition) is running for another season on WADL-TV, and this half-hour local program (with Mark Martin as the main host) is airing weekly at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays.

    On Friday, November 18, 2016, WXYZ-HD, Channel 7.1, aired a special one-hour program that was about the lighting of the Christmas tree at Campus Martius Park, Detroit, and the program was called Light Up the Season (which was a local production).  I caught the program through the Internet, as a repeat offering.  The program was hosted by Stephen Clark and Carolyn Clifford, and the co-host was Glenda Lewis, and several other staffers of the television station appeared on the program.  Special guests at the event were Meryl Davis and Charlie White, known as an Olympic skating team.  The musical guest was Aaron Neville, whose performance segments as a whole were flat.  There were about a dozen guests, one of whom was Santa Claus.  The program was an adequate presentation, but it had one really big problem.  Campus Martius Park has a skating rink, and the producer and the director decided to take some shots of the skating rink from high above.  The shots came off as if the camera was a mile away--the people on the ice were super tiny.  It was a bad shot.  Where is the zoom camera?  (Note: I say in jest--"Where is that old "zoomar lens"!".)  The program had no end credits, denoting, for instance, who the director was and who the producer was.  The camera shot of the rink was a big goof!

  Announcement for the novice again (reworked in August 2015): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel (which has to be treated as wishy-washy and suspect, showing signs of mostly supporting the Republican Party establishment, which is rotten), WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: The Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    I have to talk about the evening of Wednesday, December 7, 2016.  In the early evening, I was doing research on the Internet related to Detroit television history (looking at old newspaper articles and such).  Then, I had to stop working.  I had to drive a friend (a woman who was getting over a sinus infection) to a friend's place in Detroit, and then I took the two gals to the Fisher Theater so that they could see a musical called Fun Home.  I dropped the two gals off at the theater.  I went back home.  I got home in time to see the starting up of the television show called Hairspray Live!, which was being aired by NBC-TV.  I watched a while and went back to doing television research--I was working on a program called The Friendly Theater, which had been aired by, for one, WXYZ-TV, Channel 7, in 1951. I discovered Bill Morgan, who had already become well-known for working on radio in the Detroit area, was a host for the program.  The program showed theatrical movies of the past, such as G.I. Honeymoon (a 1945 movie with Gale Storm and Peter Cookson), which was shown on April 10, 1951.  Then, I had to stop working.  I had to go or drive to the Fisher Theater to pick up the gals.  When the gals got in the car, they expressed the idea that they were glad the show was only about one-hour-and-forty minutes long and that it was over.  They found Fun Home, though it was a winner of Tony Awards, was not very good.  I got home and saw the end of Hairspray Live!.  Based on what I saw of the program--which, incidentally, was loaded with performers who support communism, such as the really rotten Rosie O'Donnell--I can say that the program was not boring and that the program can be rated as a good show.  It will probably win Emmy Awards.  It was certainly better than The Rocky Horror Picture Show--Let's Do the Time Warp Again had been.  On December 7, 2016, I did not finish my searching for information about The Friendly Theater, and what I had yet to do was fully understand when The Friendly Theater was on the air on WJBK-TV (Channel 2) in 1951 and when The Friendly Theater was on on CKLW-TV (Channel 9) in 1954, and there was more related to Channel 7 to track down.  Based on what the television stations push out and what the broadcast networks push out in this day and age, I can say that it would be hard to find recent theatrical movies that could be put under an umbrella title called The Friendly Theater.

    Oh, I recently finished my full fall survey of who does the anchoring for which newscasts on the television stations in the Detroit area and who does the reporting.  It is a highly boring task.  I have to see all the newscasts and get exposed to often the same few useless stories reported over and over (for example, some get aired in the evening of one day and show up the next day (as repeats)).  There is a lot of filler crap, and the weathercasters eat up so much time.

    Special news and commentary: Now I come to something that smells!  On Friday, November 18, 2016, the Detroit Free Press (that communistic newspaper) had an article entitled "Group wants boycott of WDIV-TV in the wake of an alleged slur" (Laitner, Bill.  "Group wants boycott of WDIV-TV in the wake of an alleged slur." Detroit Free Press, 18 November 2016, p. 4A.).  Hold it!  Here is an aside.  I have to report that, around 1975, I helped Doug Podell make his first radio audition tape, when we were both members of WAYN-AM of Wayne State University (Detroit), but I have no had contact with him since the middle of the 1970s.  Doug Podell's daughter is Lauren Podell, who was at member of WDIV-TV (as a reporter and weekend anchor) till around November 16, 2016.  Lauren Podell resigned from the station.  It seems--based on information in the article--Lauren Podell may have used the "n" word (related to blacks) in a conversation (off the air) some six months ago.  It seems to me, if Lauren Podell used the "n" world some six months ago, the incident could have been investigated and dealt with some six months ago, leading maybe to her exit from the station some six months ago.  Why did the resignation take some six months?  Why did the resignation take place shortly after the national election?  I do know Lauren Podell has a "mouth."  For instance, in November 2016, Lauren Podell was heard saying the "f" word during a newscast on WDIV-HD; Lauren Podell said something like--"...I don't know where we're going.  Either does Jim.  I can't get this fucking in there....".  It seems to me there was confusion with all involved with getting Lauren Podell on the air for a remote report--she and her crew were not ready, and she was heard complaining, complaining in a way that was designed to get the producer of the newscast to get in gear.  So,  Lauren Podell may have used the "n" word.  That is not the point of this paragraph.  It comes off to me Lauren Podell was a victim of someone trying to get back at her after the election, maybe because she was not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  Oh, the article noted that some people protested at the station around the time that Lauren Podell resigned, such as Sam Riddle, a truly rotten person.  Sam Riddle was once the chief of staff for Monica Conyers (when she was on the Detroit City Council), and both Sam Riddle and Monica Conyers (the estranged wife of U.S. Representative John Conyers, a "Democrat" and a supporter of communism) served time in prison for bribery.  And that is that!  And something smells to me!  (Who was the person who finally decided to report--some six months after the incident may have occurred--Lauren Podell's possible wrongdoing?)

    Hey, if you want to see black racists on television--who almost never are called out for their rottenness (I do, though)--tune into Carl Williams and Hassan Aleem's television program on WHPR-TV, Channel 33, on Tuesday mornings.  Their weekly program is called  H & R Legal.  On the program for Tuesday, November 15, 2016, Carl Williams and Hassan Aleem--especially Hassan Aleem, who regularly does most of the talking--were spouting off about "white boys" and the recent national election.  The two men were hinting that Donald Trump--in his goal to be elected the next U.S. president--used the "Southern strategy."  Hassan Aleem said--"...Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever....".  Every time that I tune into H & R Legal, I hear crap from Hassan Aleem and Carl Williams (the latter of whom comes off on screen as a dope), and that is what they are teaching the people of Detroit.

    Planet Fitness--this is a business (focusing on exercise matters).  On Sunday, November 13, 2016, I saw a commercial for the company on WDIV-HD, Channel 4.1, at about 8:51 a.m..  The commercial noted that, till November 16, 2016, when a person pays the enrollment fee (which was $10.00), the enrollment fee will go to the cause designed to "stop bullying."  Such crap that was and is!  Only an idiot would think the enrollment fee was really going to stop bullying.

    On Sunday, November 20, 2016, I caught an episode of a local weekly program called On the Line with Rev Horace Sheffield (which is hosted by Horace Sheffield III).  The program is aired by WADL-HD, Channel 38.1, at 1:00 p.m. for thirty minutes.  I happened to tune in when the episode was about half over, and I happened to join the program when Rev. Horace Sheffield III was implying that whites still did not like Barack Obama as the U.S. president because Barack Obama was black.  The thought from the reverend--whatever "reverend" means--was more black racism from the reverend.  The program had guests, one of whom were State Senator (Michigan) Ian Conyers (a great nephew of U.S. Representative John Conyers); Ian Conyers--a Democrat--is a big supporter of Barack Obama, such as by having campaigned for Barack Obama.  Another guest was Judge Deborah Thomas, who noted that she ran on the campaign of "restorative justice" (which seems to have ties to the idea of "economic justice," a communistic theme of especially black communists, which is all rotten.  I noted that, really, the episode was anti-"white" and was working to continue to promote hate for "whites."

    Here is an aside.  You can look up what "restorative justice" is for yourself.  To me, it is pseudo-intellectual nonsense, something that I would expect women to push along, thinking they can make things nice against after a wrong (such as by bring perpetrators and victims together to talk over things).

    Did you pay attention to the election results--really?  Exit polls are often taken of people after people have voted.  It looks as if exit polls (whether they are correct has yet to be determined) show 94 percent of the black women who voted voted for Hillary Clinton to be the next U.S. president, and the women voted for Hillary Clinton, even though facts show that Hillary Clinton is a rotten woman, such as a women who a good person knows violated the Espionage Act of U.S. law while she was the secretary of state of the United States of America) and a women who supports the ways of communism and Sharia (Islamic law) [Note: Much more fact exists to show Hillary Clinton is a rotten woman].  The percentage of black women who voted to Hillary Clinton shows how bad as a rule the "black woman" in the United States of America has become since the 1960s and is today.  [Note: It is already known a high percentage of black women give birth without being married, and that is bad, especially for the children born.)  If you are a good man and you want to find a good black woman in the United States of America to marry, you will have a very, very hard time; I say that a good man would not want to marry a woman who would be tied to rotten politics and ways of life--the types followed by Hillary Clinton.  Exit polls hint that about 68 percent of the "latinas" who voted voted for Hillary Clinton.  It seems about 53 percent of the white women who voted voted for Donald Trump, and that means many white women voted for Hillary Clinton.  I can see one reason why somewhere around half of first-time marriages in the United States of America end in divorce rather quickly.  ["More Than Half of White Women in the U.S. Voted For Trump, but Why?" Yahoo.com, 20 November 2016.]
    [Note: The last that I knew Stacey Dash was unmarried, and if she is, it is probably because she meets so many American men who voted for Hillary Clinton or would vote for people like Hillary Clinton.]

    I expect some people would try to suggest to me that Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong, and I would say that, if Hillary Clinton is not a piece of crap of a woman, why would Reverend Jesse Jackson put forth the idea in public that President Barack Obama should give Hillary Clinton a "pardon" for things done in the past [Jesse, David.  "Jackson suggests pardon for Clinton."  Detroit Free Press, 17 November 2016, p. 4A.].

    Now, let me get back to the "black racists" in Detroit, particularly one that is regularly seen on television, such as as the host of American Black Journal, which two stations in the Detroit area carry.  The man--the rotten man--is Stephen Henderson, a person who has been a topic for me in the past.  On Sunday, November 20, 2016, the Detroit Free Press published a commentary by Stephen Henderson entitled "The Electoral College and its racist roots" [Henderson, Stephen.  "The Electoral College and its racist roots."  Detroit Free Press, 20 November 2016, pp. 12A and 13A.].  By the way, the article opened with the line--"There is a book on my shelf called 'Negro President.' by historian Garry Wills....".  I do not have time to put down the crap that is the article.  The general roots of the Electoral College come down to trying to give small states--the states created the federal government and the main rules of the federal government--a chance to have some sway in elections; originally, smaller states were basically farm communities without the concentration of populations that cities had, which were and are often set up in land areas where industry can develop well, such as because there was or is an abundance of water.  [Note: Detroit was a good site for industry because it was near water, and Mio (of Michigan) was not a really good site for industry because it, in essence, only had a small river).  As the country transitioned from mostly farming to farming and a lot on industry (involving factories in cities), the populations of cities got bigger and bigger.  If you look at the results of the election of November 2016, you can see that, basically, it was mostly the West Coast states and the East Coast states with a lot of people (having big and old cities) that provided the votes for Hillary Clinton.  I can argue well, if the Electoral College system did not exist, the good blacks--such as the people who are not perpetual liars and morally corrupt or rotten--who live in so much of the inner part of the country would have no real say-so in national elections.  Today, the states on the East Coast and the states on the West Coast are highly corrupt because communists and socialists have conned people into accepting the ways of communism and socialism--government, government, government, government, government.  If the states of the East Coast and the states of the West Coast are magically switched around to anti-communism and anti-socialism, would Clinton-type supporters be so eager to abandon the Electoral College?  Really, "racism" had nothing to do with setting up the "Electoral College" system.  I have found that, in essence, to Stephen Henderson, everything that exists in the country can be tied to "racism" by "whites" on "blacks," and that shows the "racist" mind of Stephen Henderson, as I have shown in the past.  [Note: By the way, starting on page 12A of the Detroit Free Press, there was also another article about the "Electoral College," and it was written by Brian Dickerson (a white guy), and it was more bullshit, as hinted in the title, which was "A RECIPE FOR DISUNION: Nation can't survive system that distorts majority's will at every turn" [Dickerson, Brian.  "A RECIPE FOR DISUNION: Nation can't survive system that distorts majority's will at every turn"  Detroit Free Press, 20 November 2016, pp. 12A and 13A.].]

    Special commentary: I recently talked about Anqunette Jamison, who is gone from Channel 2.1, WJBK-HD, from what she deemed as so important in her life--anchoring a morning show.  On Monday, November 21, 2016, the Detroit Free Press had a really--really--large story about Anqunette Jamison (Laitner, Bill.  "Anchor with MS joins politics of pot."  Detroit Free Press, 21 November 2016, pp. 1A and 5A.).  Anqunette Jamison is a big pusher of what communists and socialists want to help ruin a society--to get marijuana legalized.  There are decades and decades of proof that marijuana is "dope," and it creates "dopy" people.  Yes, I know Anqunette Jamison has MS, but I know more that the medical-marijuana idea will be corrupted, and many people will get access to marijuana, which will lead to a more crappy society.  Once again, Anqunette Jamison shows off her rottenness.  Anqunette Jamison may want marijuana for herself, but her selfishness will ruin many more lives.

    While speaking about Channel 2.1, WJBJK-HD, and must talk about the crap pushed out by Murray Feldman, who has been with the station for decades.  Around December 2, 2016, news entities were talking about the unemployment numbers for November 2016 released by the government.  Besides working for Channel 2.1, Murray Feldman also does radio reports, which can end up being heard on radio stations around Michigan, and I heard one about the unemployment numbers around the time.  Murray Feldman made a big deal that the economy is continuing to improve.  Of course, the jobs-number increase for November 2016 was about 178,000.   I state that that is terrible!  The number does not relate to the ever increasing population.  Remember--For years, I have noted in documents published at "hologlobepress.com" that the federal government during the Barack Obama went to fudging the employment numbers.  In addition, it was reported for November 2016 that some 226,000 left the labor force.  So, 226,000 persons left the labor force, and 178,000 persons got jobs, and the population increased.  There is a logic problem!  Some months ago, Murray Feldman announced that he was retiring.  I shall not miss him.  [Note: Of course, someone else will probably his job and take on pushing the crap, but it will not be the known plagarist--Charlie LeDuff--who has left the station, too.]  Oh, given the size of the country and statistics about recent decades of employment, the monthly numbers should be at least 300,000 to be seen as even somewhat good.   [By the way, did Murray Feldman ever report that the Obama stimulus plan was nonsense?  Remember--For the federal government to put money in to the economy (the private sector), it has to take the same amount from the private sector (through the taxes) or it has to print money (creating more government and country debt) first.  So what good was Murray Feldman really?]

    And so goes smoke and mirrors or flash and mirrors from the news media.

    And so goes Splash and Bubbles.  Have you seen the new television shows for children on PBS-based stations?  It is Splash and Bubbles.  It looks so cute (based on a photograph for an article in TV Guide for November 21-December 4, 2016 and on page 44, which I saw).  Yet, it is a pusher of bullshit on children.  Notice some of what the creator of the series said about the series for that TV Guide article--"The idea of mixing science with a social-emotional curriculum that embraces diversity seemed daunting....".  That is bullshit thought, and that it what the series will push on children, making them idiots.  Do not allow your children to see Splash and Bubbles!

    Hey!  Channel 14.6 (broadcast) is offering different stuff now.  Tuff TV is gone (it has been for a short while).  There is now REV'N, which is programming focused on the car, such as Dream Ridez, My Classic Car (with Dennis Gage), and The Appraisers.  That is that!

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Christ Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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    entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations
    of Barack Obama, which can be reached at
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For further reading, you should see the document
    about censorship, Fairness?: A Guide for the
    Individual Woman and the Individual Man
    in the United States of America, which can be
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For further reading, you should see the document
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    The Reasons it is a Dead Issue, which can be
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For further reading, you should see the document
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Keep in mind: T.H.A.T. documents and Michigan
    Travel Tips documents published since the middle
    of 2008 contain more quotations and statements
    of Barack Obama's that you should see.  To see
    the editions of Michigan Travel Tips, you should
    go to the catalog page, which can be reached by
    hitting this link: Travel.