World Tyranny:
Warnings about the Insane
Who are Trying to Create
a Communist World Country


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2010

April 22, 2010
(Version 9)
(Draft version)

Special Note

    On December 7, 2009, a climate conference or climate summit began in Copenhagen, Denmark, with politicians from all over the world.  I do not trust most of the people of the United Nations, which set up the event, since most are dictators, Marxists, tribal radicals, communists, et cetera (and Barack Obama is one of them).  Although the conference ended with no big agreement made, I think Barack Obama and others in the United Nations want to create an international communist country soon, which is the theme of this document.  Keep alert for signs that people, such as Barack Obama, are working to make treaties related to climate change, which should not be made, and fight against them.

Special Note

    Around the several days after November 19, 2009, people were first learning that a hacker had obtained about 1,000 emails and more than 2,000 electronic documents from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, Norwich, the United Kingdom, which showed evidence that, since 1996, pro-manmade-global-warming scientists have been working to put down and hide real research conducted by many other scientists that counters the idea about manmade global warming, and the evidence shows the pro-global-warming scientists are pushing a fraud on the world--manmade global warming (Johnson, Keith, and Jeffrey Ball.  "Climate Emails Stoke Debate."  The Wall Street Journal, 22 November 2009. (; Eilperin, Juliet.  "Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center."  The Washington Post, 21 November 2009.  (; Hickman, Leo, and James Randerson.  "Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists."  The Guardian (The U.K.), 20 November 2009. (  For more information on this subject--"Climate-gate"--you should see my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, a link to which exists at end of this document.

World Tyranny:
Warnings about the Insane
Who are Trying to Create
a Communist World Country

    It has been shown in some of my documents that Barack Obama has a very ill mind, and he is not the only political leader with an ill mind, and many of the politicians with ill minds around the world are working to create an international government, using "climate-change" legislation in the United States of America and "climate-change" treaties to create that government.  At this point, it looks as if, in a few weeks, Barack Obama is sign an international treaty that will tie the United States of America to international laws that will help kill the United States of America and the usefulness of The U.S. Constitution. This document shows evidence of politicians with ill minds and shows   (You are urge to see my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which can be reached by using this Carbon link, and you are urged to see my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, which can be reached by using the link at the end of this document.)

    Let me begin this document by showing an example of a man with a truly ill mind, if not an insane mind, and the man is Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England.  It was on Sunday, October 18, 2009, that Gordon Brown made a speech about the state of the world.  Consider these parts of the speech:
    "...In every era, there are one or two moments when nations come together and reach agreements that make history, because they change the course of history, and Copenhagen must be such a time!  There are no fewer than fifty days to set the course, ah, for the next few decades...."
    "...If we do not reach a deal over the next few months, let us be in no doubt, since once the damage from unchecked emissions growth is done, no retrospective global agreement in some future period can undo that choice--by then, it will be unretrievably too late.  We should never allow     ourselves to lose sight of the catastrophe we face, if present warming trends continue...."
    You should see Gordon Brown spews lies and nonsense and even is using fear tactics, the reason for which will come to your mind through what is presented the next section of this section

    Let me now show warnings given out to the world by a man of England, who shows he does not have an ill mind.  The man is Lord Christopher Monckton (the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley), a climate-change expert of England, and he made a speech to Americans in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, and the topic was the forthcoming international climate-change treaty associated with the United Nations.  Here are some statements made by Lord Christopher Monckton:
    "...At Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed--your president will sign it, most of the Third World countries will sign it, 'cause they think they will get money out of it.  Most of the left-wing regimens around the world, like the European Union, will rubber stamp it.  Virtually, nobody won't sign it.  I have read that treaty, and what it says is this, 'That a world government is going to be created.'  The word 'government' actually appears as the first of the three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from countries of the West to Third World countries in satisfaction of what is called coyly 'the climate debt,' because we've been burning CO2, and they haven't, and we've been screwing up the climate.  We haven't been screwing up the climate, but that's the line!  And the third purpose of this new entity--this government--is enforcement.  How many of you think that the word 'election' or 'democracy' or 'vote' or 'ballot' occurs anywhere in the two-hundred pages of that treaty?  Quite right!  It doesn't appear once!  So, at last, the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement and took over Greenpeace--so that my friends who founded, it left within a year because they'd captured it.  Now the apotheosis is at hand.  They are about to impose a communist world government on the world.  You have a president who has very strong sympathies with that point of view.  He's going to sign--he'll sign anything.  He's a Nobel Peace laureate.  Of course, he'll sign.  And the trouble is this--if that treaty is signed, your Constitution says that it takes precedents over your Constitution, and you can't resile* from that treaty unless you get the agreement of all the other states participating, because you'll be the biggest paying country--they're not going to let you out.  So, thank you, America!  You were the beacon of freedom for the world.  It is a privilege merely to stand on this soil of freedom while it is still free.  But in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your president will sign your freedom, your democracy, and your prosperity away forever!  And neither you nor any subsequent government you may elect will have any power whatsoever to take it back again!  That is how serious it is!  I have read the treaty.  I've seen this stuff about government, climate debt, and enforcement.  They are going to do this to you whether you like it or no.  But I think it is here, here in your great nation, which I so love and I so admire.  It is here that perhaps at this eleventh hour of the fifty-ninth minute of fifty-ninth second, you will rise up, and you will stop your president from signing that dreadful treaty, that purposely treaty--for there is no problem with the climate, and even if there were--economically speaking--there's nothing we can do about it.  So I end by saying the words that Winston Churchill addressed to your president in the darkness hour before the dawn of freedom in the Second World War.  He quoted from your great poet Longfellow, 'Sail on, oh ship of state.  Sail on, oh union, strong and great.  Humanity with all its fears, with all the hopes of future years, is hanging breathless on thy fate.'...."   [The material from Longfellow may be punctuated improperly, but this document is a draft version that I rushed to put on the Internet, and I punctuated the material as I thought by how Lord Monckton said it.  * Note: Lord Monckton used the word "resile," and since you may not know the word, I note that you may think of the word "resign" to understand the definition of "resile."]

    It was on Friday, October 23, 2009, that Lord Christopher Monckton did a telephone interview with Frank Beckmann of WJR-AM, Detroit, Michigan, on WJR-AM 760, and Lord Christopher Monckton added information to his statement of October 14, 2009, and here is most of the interview:
    Frank Beckmann: "...We're happy to have Lord Monckton back with us once again.  Good morning.  How are you?"
    Lord Monckton: "Frank, it's a real pleasure to hear your lively voice on the radio."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, it's, it's great to have to back on the show.  People have heard your voice, ah, this, ah, clip of you speaking in, in Minnesota about the upcoming, ah, climate-treaty talks in Copenhagen, ah, has gone viral.  It's been on YouTube and, dah, and it's become very popular, hasn't it?"
    Lord Monckton: "Well, there have been a million hits in the week since I made that speech, and I think that's just about a record to have gone platinum on YouTube in a week."
    Frank Beckmann: "But I think one of the reasons for this is--here we have this warning from someone who has dedicated much of his life now to making people understand what the real science is concerning global warming slash climate change and not turning it into a religion and giving this warning about Copenhagen that is not based on, on a political viewpoint from the Republican Party--it's not, it can't be criticized as being Fox News, it's, it's someone who has nothing to gain here, but a whole lot to lose.  Tell, tell me about Copenhagen, when it takes place, and, and what exactly is goin' to happen here.  What's wrong with the treaty?"
    Lord Monckton: "Right!  From the seventh of the eighteenth to--seventeenth to the eighteenth--of September [he should have said "December"], the state parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change--that includes the United States--will be meeting in Copenhagen to decide on a new treaty to do with the climate, and that treaty is already in draft, and I managed to get hold of a copy, and when I read it, I was horrified.  I have quite a lot of experience, having worked for Margaret Thatcher [a former prime minister of England], of drafting, negotiating, altering, and studying international treaties--it's one of the things you have to do in that job--and I have never seen a treaty which takes way so much power from individual nations and transfers it not to any elected body but to a supreme government--and the word 'government,' believe it or not, actually appears at paragraph thirty-eight in the treaty twice--as the first purpose of the new many-tenacled, wickedly expensive, enormously powerful bure, bureaucratic entity, which is going to be created.  The next purpose is the transfer or redistribution of wealth from prosperous countries to poorer countries, ah, in the amount of up to two-percent of GDP a year--which would be many, many billions of--I think it's more like several-hundred billions, in fact--of dollars of U.S. money.  And the main target of the treaty is, of course, the U.S.  And the third purpose of this new entity is enforcement.  If don't pay the amount of money that the treaty says you should, then they can make you do it with unlimited fines and vari, various other penalty.  So if your president signs this, and if your Senate ratifies, and it therefore becomes a U.S. treaty standing alongside your Constitution, it will, in fact, take precedents over your Constitution, because under another treaty already signed and therefore alongside your Constitution--and that's the, ah, Vienna Convention on International Treaties [Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties]--it is an international treaty that takes precedents in any conflict between the two.  So even though your Constitution says that can't happen, international law says it can.  Therefore, one has to be very, very careful with these treaties.  And what is quite extraordinary about all this is that there is no reason why any of this need happen.  We now know from the latest scientific research just published that we now measured the effect of CO2 on temperature and it is less than one-sixth of the central estimate of the U.N.'s.  Instead of seeing a six Fahrenheit increase in temperature this century, we're looking at just one Fahrenheit, which is small, harmless, and beneficial.  So that is the end of the scare, scientifically speaking, and yet here we have this gargantuan, tangantrum* rolling on, and all these states' parties not up with the latest science, not familiar with what's happening with the future, turning out and basing on their decisions on the guess work of these huge computer models that the U.N. exclusively relies upon, rather than doing the actual measurements that should have [been] done, but have now been done by one of your most eminent climatologists, Professor Richard Lindzen--he and his colleague, Yong-Sang Choi, have just published the answer to the climate debate, which is we've now measured the relationship between, ah, changes in temperature at the sea surface, changes in outgoing radiation, and outgoing radiation is escaping to space much as it always did before we added CO2 to the atmosphere.  And that means it can hardly be down here be causing much warming, can it?  That is the end of the debate!  And yet the politicians will not let go, because they want to tax you out of existence, take your money away, and give it to less well-organized countries oversea."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, and, and this is, this is really the point here, isn't it, is that the, ah, the people on this alarmist side, ah, want to, ah, always claim that the science is settled, there's no more discussion, and, and what that does really is it closes your mind to actually examining science?  The whole point of science is, once you come to, to some sort of conclusion, ah, your, your responsibility is to try to prove it wrong, and, and when others have done that, the alarmist side in this argument simply, ah, covers its ears, starting shouting, 'Oh, no, no, no, no, no!', and doesn't, doesn't want to hear any other discussion about this.  And, and...."
    (They talked over each other.)
    Lord Monckton: "...well put.  I think that's exactly the problem.  Ah, the other side have, have taken on the belief in anrogenic global warming--in other words, that CO2 has a major affect on temperature--as though it were some kind of religious superstition.  And they don't treat it as science, so they have to say that the science is settled, which, of course, with a mathematically chaotic object, it never can be.  Ah, anyone who knows any mathematics knows that even the simplest chaotic object, defined by an equation with only one parameter, is still amazing complex in how it evolves.  But when you have millions of parameters and you're dealing with the climate, there's absolutely no way the science can ever be settled, unless you take direct measurements, and that is what has now been done--it's taken twenty years for Professor Lindzen, who knows more about the atmosphere than anybody else, to take measurements, using the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment satellite of the outgoing radiation and compare it with further detailed measurements of changes in sea-surface temperature and correlating the two so he can show that, for a given increase in sea-surface temperature, more radiation will get out in to space, not less, as the U.N. imagines.  I mean the graph's actually going [in] completely different directions, and this is a very startling result, if you happen to be a true believer in the global-warming theory, because, at last, instead of all these expensive guesses, all of which uncannily agreed with each other from one computer model to the next, now suddenly we have meticulously measured, observed reality, and the reality is that there is no climate change problem.  End of speech!"
    Frank Beckmann: "Boy, exactly right.  And, and we have real science, not a computer model here, this is observed science that, that Professor Lintz engages in.  And yet the headlines shriek nothing but 'Arctic sea ice melting again,' and, ah, 'Prime minister warns of climate cat, catastrophe.'  Your own Gordon Brown saying we only have fifty days to save the world now, Lord Monckton, or else we face a catastrophe of floods, droughts, and killer heat waves."
    Lord Monckton: "Yes, this is childish rather on...he had no basis for, for saying any such thing.  He's a desperate man, clinging by his fingernails to his last months in office before the electorate slings him out, and, of course, when politicians are put in that position, they overstate their case in the hope of attracting attention.  And all it shows is how childishly ill-informed he is.  And one of the things that I find most distressing about this is that politicians now have so little education that, on these very simply scientific matters, they are unable to come to intelligent conclusions.  Let me give you an example!  Suppose just for one moment, for the sake of argument only, at argumentum, that Gordon Brown is right.  Let's just pretend.  Let's say there really is a catastrophe on the offing.  Can we in this treaty do anything whatsoever about it?  This turns out to be a really simple calculation.  And one of the curious things, if you will not be able to answer the following question that I'm going to put to you--How many tons of CO2 emission must we forego to prevent global temperature rising by just one-Fahrenheit degree?"
    Frank Beckmann: "It can't be answered."
    Lord Monckton: "You ca.  Well, of course, it can be answered.  It's a very easy sum to do.  The interesting thing is that you don't know the answer.  Is it because you're stupid, is it because you're ignorant, is it because you're lazy?  No!  It's because they've taken very great care not to tell you.  And here's why they've taken such care not to tell you, because the answer is one-trillion [one-thousand billion] tons of CO2 emission have to be foregone to forestall just one-Fahrenheit degree of temperature increase--one-trillion tons--and to put that figure in perspective, that is thirty-three years worth of the entire CO2 output of every economy in the planet...."
    Frank Beckmann: "So we have to shut down, we have to shut down the, ah, the, the, entire, ah, ah, free world and, and every manufacturing plant, every, every coal plant, you, you name it...."
    Lord Monckton: "Every automobile, every motorcycle, every train, every plane, everything!  Every hospital!  Close it down for thirty-three years, and you might be able to reduce global temperature by one-Fahrenheit degree compared to what it would otherwise be.  And, now, that is only if the U.N. is right about the magnitude of the affect of CO2 on temperature.  But given that we now know it isn't right, make that two-hundred years--two-hundred years with no global economy at all--in order to forestall one-Fahrenheit degree of temperature increase.  That is why Copenhagen is pointless.  That is why any measures to try to reduce our output of CO2 are completely irrelevant to selving--solving--this non-problem, even if it were a real problem.  And that is all you need to know about economics of climate change--one-trillion tons, that's thirty-three years of total global emissions equals one-Fahrenheit degree of temperature."
    Frank Beckmann: "I just didn't know you could put a number on it, but I should have know you could.  And, and when they close us down for the next thirty-three year, Lords, Lord Monckton, we'll go choose a cave next to one another to live in, ah, ah, because...."
    Lord Monckton: "But you won't even have the right to light a fire in your cave because that would emit CO2...."
    (Frank Beckmann was laughing over the last few words of Lord Monckton's sentence.)
    Frank Beckmann: "You're right.  That's true.  I had not thought of that.  And yet, and yet we have our government talking about, ah, ah, a designation of more than two-hundred-thousand square miles of coastal lands and waters on the north coast of Alaska, making it a critical habitat for the polar bear to prevent any drilling up there for, ah, for more sources of oil that, tah, that could, that could wean us off our dependence on, ah, on Middle East oil.  Th, we have all these moves that are being made that, that have no practical impact but to harm us."
    Lord Monckton: "And would you like me just to tell you how that figure of one-trillion tons is calculated?  It's so easy.  I'm going to tell you on the air...."
    Frank Beckmann: "Do that, please."
    Lord Monckton: "We, we.  Here go!  We emit thirty billion tons a year.  That increases the concentration in the atmosphere of CO2 by two parts per million by volume.  So that means that it's fifteen-billion tons of CO2 per part per million by volume.  The U.N. says, this century, we're going to increase CO2 concentration by four-hundred-sixty-eight parts per million by volume.  Multiply that by the fifteen-billion tons that we've just worked out.  That gives you several trillion tons of total, um, CO2 emissions to the whole of the world, if we don't do anything to mitigate it already.  It's, it's, ah, over the next century!  Divide that seven-trillion, ah, tons, by the six-Fahrenheit degrees that they forecast will be the temperature increase resulting from that, and you get just over one-trillon tons per Fahrenheit degree of warming.  End of calculation!  That's how easy it is to show what rubbish all this is!"
    Frank Beckmann: "Now, now tell me, ah, about your current activities?  Where do we find you this morning?  Where will you be traveling to spread the word on this?"
    And the interview went on a little longer, but I can say that the remainder of the interview is unnecessary information for this document.
    [* Note: It seemed Lord Monckton said "tangantrum" or something similar with "tangantrum," but I am unaware of what word he really said or meant, so I have spelled "tangantrum" in the sentence.]

    On Monday, December 7, 2009, politicians from countries all of the world were in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the first day of an international climate summit related to the United Nations that was designed to push for an international entity that would force countries to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, and it was also the day that Lisa Jackson, as the director of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America, said that the United States of America was going to reduce carbon emissions, and then on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, Frank Beckmann (the host of The Frank Beckmann Show of WJR-AM, Detroit, Michigan) did a telephone interview with Lord Christopher Monckton (of England), who was in Copenhagen, and here is a text version of most of the interview:
    Frank Beckmann: "...Christopher Monckton from Copenhagen."
    Lord Monckton: "Good to hear you."
    Frank Beckmann: "Good to hear your voice again.  Well, it has happened!  The EPA has issued its endangerment finding on greenhouses gases, most specifically CO2 being a, a danger to all of us.  Give me your take.  What does it mean?"
    Lord Monckton: "Right!  What it means is nothing at all!  What it means is it's a political gesture, it's the last desperate political gesture of an administration which has failed to carry its own population with it on the question of climate change.  Ah, the EPA first announced it was going to issue this endangerment finding back in March; however, it has failed to check the science itself, it has merely decided what it is going to do is naively to believe the UN climate panel--the IPCC--without checking.  What is now going to happen is this--The world is going to sue the EPA and say, ah, 'No, we won't have this,' and now every US citizen now has standing through the EPA, because every US citizen will be affected by the implementation of this finding by the EPA.  So, what is going to happen is that, in courts all over the United States, there will be cases brought against the EPA, and they have made therefore a heroic strategic mistake, because in any discipline forum, such as a court, where both sides of the argument have to be fully and fairly heard, the alarmist side is bound to lose because the science doesn't stack up, and they know it!  So, they've made a huge mistake.  We will now have a court after court, scientific facts being prevented [presented] in an organized manner.  The IPCC will be totally unable defend its, its position, and this therefore will lead to the collapse of any remaining belief in global warming on the part of the general population."
    Frank Beckmann: "But that's, that's a very optimistic viewpoint, Lord Monckton.  On the other side, there, there should be--should there not?--fears of, of lawsuits the other way against every major manufacturing entity that emits any, ah, ah, degree of carbon whatsoever, for instance, and, and, ah, I, I see this as a possible boom for trial lawyers who seek to tap into the pockets of wealthy corporations."
    Lord Monckton: "Well, that will certainly be one of the possible ways it will go.  But, of course, once they realize that, in every court case they fight, they will lose, because the evidence isn't there, then they will pretty soon stop doing this.  It only takes one court case crushingly to defeat that holds on, ah, nobody else will dare to try it on because a precedent will have been established.  Ah, so I'm not in the least bit concerned that this is going to lead to, to problems.  I think this, in fact, is going to, ah, do what the extreme left has been very careful not to do--they have avoided all court cases on the issue of climate change, ah, unless and until they had their people on both sides of the case, so the judge was merely asked to rubber stamp a friendly agreement, not a sweetheart action.  Um, it, now you're going to get hostile action, in which, this time, the argument against the IPCC science is going to be heard in court.  When it is heard in court, I think, that the EPA administrator will find herself being dismissed."
    Frank Beckmann: "Meantime, Lord Monckton, ah, give us an update on Copenhagen, the, ah, early stages of the, the climate summit and what's taken place.  We know that, ah, the, the so-called scientists have flown in on their private jets and, dah, have been in, in lines of limousines traveling around Copenhagen.  However, no Christmas trees are allowed anywhere near the hall.  Ah, what has happened so far?  What have you seen?  Give us an update, please!"
    Lord Monckton: "It is a fascinating conference.  They're more or less keeping everybody except the delegates themselves out of the negotiating hall.  Ah, so most people are in an enormous barrack of a hall outside the negotiating hall, where a number of remarkably childish demonstrations are taking place.  It reminds one very much of how the 'Hitler Youth' used to organize demonstrations and the SS.  Ah, there's a feeling of kind of regimented dull conformity about it, which I found unexciting.  Ah, what's going on inside the hall is this that the world government treaty is still very much on the tape.  They have now taken out the world 'government' from the treaty, because they realize that has caused worldwide outrage and defense.  But they're still essentially going to set up exactly the same bureaucratic structure.  This is still an attempt at a bureacratic coup d'etat by the UN and various officials of governments around the world so that they will be able to take absolute power over the rest of us.  It's a very nasty treaty!  It's full of details about how much tax is going to be imposed upon the West for its alleged climate debt to Third World countries, because we've burned CO2 and they haven't.  And all of this just at the moment when we know by measurement that the amount of outgoing radiation that ought to be being trapped down here and causing warming is, in fact, getting out to space, much of it always did.  We know that by the measurement.  Measurement always trumps the models on which the entire case of this nonsense has always been based, so we now know, scientifically speaking, that the scare is over.  But try telling that to the people of that conference.  They don't want to hear the truth.  They just want to hear world government put in place so that, in future, the West will no longer be democratic or free or prosperous.  Indeed, if you have a job--if you're listening to this--then forget it, mate, you're not going to have a job much longer, because your government is going to have to pay so much money to the new world government and take it from the, the profits of the business that now employs you, that the business that now employs you will move to India, China--the very people who have been quietly paying the environmental movement in your country to try to get you to shut down your own economy from within so that they don't have to compete with you for world resources..."  (Frank Beckmann attempted to break in, but Lord Monckton continued on.)  "...That's what's really going on here."
    Frank Beckmann: "...The govenments of China and India have been paying the left in our country to carry on this, this fight against, ah, against carbon emissions, et cetera?"
    Lord Monckton: "I've just had the first evidence of this.  I've been suspecting it for a long time, and now, from Utah, I have gotten first wind of the Chinese government in particular having used a front organization devoted to science and technology to buy scientific research of, to get a particular result in favor of the global-warming scare from United States universities.  Ah, it's very clear that there is a systematic program going on to enhance the alarm in the West, and it's paid for by countries that don't want to compete with us on fair term internationally."
    Frank Beckmann: "But we hear declarations from politicians in China and India that they are willing to go along with some sort of a agreement to reduce their emissions.  Should we believe that?"
    Lord Monckton: "Well, no, you shouldn't, because China, India, South Africa, and Brazil have come to a private agreement among themselves--of which I have seen the details--which says they will not accept any compulsory or legally binding reductions in carbon emissions to be imposed on them at all, and if they are to make any reductions in carbon emissions, those reductions in carbon emissions are to be paid for by the West, they will not accept verification or inspection of any reductions of emissions that are not paid for by the West, and they will not--and on this last point, they are quite right--they will not want the climate to be used as an excuse for protectionism and the prevention of free trade.  Those are the four declared policies--declared among themselves--on China, India, South Africa, and Brazil.  So whatever they're saying about their willingness, it comes with a very big price tag indeed."
    Frank Beckmann: "We, ah, we are about to witness the, ah, the speech by President Obama--we're little more than a week away, over in Copenhagen, to, ah, to put a climax to the, ah, summit over there, and, and, when he does, we suspect he will, one, apologize for the United States not being a part of the Kyoto, number two, we expect that he will ignore the fact that the US greenhouse gas emissions have actually been reduced since 2000 by three percent, while the European Kyoto signatories have increased theirs by one-tenth of one percent--ah, of course, ours going down because, ah, manufacturing has, ah, has slowed so in the United States, which has translated into a loss of jobs.  We won't hear that correlation, will we?"
    Lord Monckton: "No, you won't!  The one thing that he will try to conceal is the true cost of this unspeakable treaty to the American people and to the ordinary people who voted for him.  You see, the rich can always move overseas, they can escape this gloomy regime of communist rationing, which he and Waxman and Markey and Kerry and Boxer are so bursting to inflict upon the American people.  But the ordinary guy, the guy who goes to work on his bicycle or his motor bike and works all day very hard, often at physically difficult and demanding jobs, the ordinary guy that is the backbone of America, that's the guy who's going to suffer here most, because he can't afford to up sticks [pull up stakes] and go oversea and escape the communist clamp down on his country that is about to come in the name of this entirely superious* climate change nonsense.  It's a very serious moment in American history.  You've elected--and I'm going to use the word bluntly--a communist administration under a communist president, and he is going to do what communists do everywhere.  He is going to impose taxation, rationing, and control on an obsessively large scale and at a particulous* cost always of the proletariat, the workers, the ordinary guy.  This is a conspiracy not only in the United States but worldwide of the governing class against the governed, the rich against the poor, the powerful against the little man, the big against the little, the strong against the weak.  And while you still have your democracy--and you only have it for perhaps another ten days--then get on to your senator--both of them--by telephone.  That's the way to get their attention.  Don't speak to a, to a, an intern!  Don't speak to a secretary!  Insist on speaking to at least to a staffer!   And say what you think.  Tell them, 'The Copenhagen treaty shall not pass!'  Because if they don't ratify it, it's going to have to go through all kinds of other hoops to try to get it into place in America, and then those who oppose this encroachment upon the freedom and prosperity of America--and that freedom is something to which we all look, we look to America as the beacon of freedom in the world--if you let that go, it is we here who will lose just as much as you will lose.  So I beg you all, if you're listening to this, to ring your senators straight after this broadcast.  And if any of you are thinking--Isn't this peer of the realm from England overstating things, isn't he exaggerating?  I have just three words for you--read the treaty.  It is all there, as I say.  And it would mean the end of the freedom and prosperity--and above all--the democracy of the West, because the words 'vote,' 'ballot,' 'election,' 'democracy' do not appear anywhere in this treaty even once."
    That covers what you should know from the interview, and you should have seen an "*" at two points, and each notes that I am not sure of what word was really used or meant, but I put down what I heard, and although I may have the words wrong, you should understand the interview well enough.

    On January 20, 2010, a man named Godfrey Bloom, who was a member of the European Parliament, made statement that showed that he knew about more fraud related to the manmade-global-warming idea or the manmade-climate-change idea.  I first heard the statement when Mark R. Levin played an audio clip of Godfrey Bloom on The Mark Levin Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, on January 21, 2010.  Here is a text version of the audio clip: "..I fought my way through the blizzard in Copenhagen, like many of you did.  Ah, interesting isn't it that we've had the coldest winter so far on record in London for thirty years.  It's the same in Poland.  It's the same in, ah, Korea.  It's the same in China.  Ah, we've had the coldest temperatures in Florida, Arizona, Texas--the first show in Texas, I think, for a hundred years.  And, of course, as Charles Koran* of The London Times said, 'My goodness me, my goodness me...we simply don't get it!'  Of course, of course, that's what global warming is all about. We'll have to get used to freezing temperatures.  Well, we've seen the Al Gore hockey stick, which is still I gather being show, shown in London, ah, ah, state schools.  Al Gore, snake-oil salesman, crook!  We've seen Professor Phil Jones from the East Anglia University, crook!  And, now, you won't know about this yet, because it''s been kept out of the public domain, the New Zealand National Climate Database--and I have the figure here--all fraudulent.  When are you all going to wake up?  Scam!  Scam!  Scam!..."  [I do note that the comment about no snow in Texas is somewhat incorrect, but he was generalizing, and he did say 'I think,' while trying to remember.   * = For now, I use "Charles Koran" because I do not know who the person is and do not have the correct name of the person--it sounded like "Charles Koran.]

    On Thursday, April 22, 2010, Frank Beckmann, who hosts a radio talk-show on WJR-AM, 760, Detroit, Michigan, interviewed live on this radio show, The Frank Beckmann Show, Lord Christopher Monckton.  On this day, which was "Earth Day," Lord Christopher Monckton was somewhere in the United States of America, having been blocked over the last week or so from getting home because of an erupting volcano on Iceland, which sent smoke and ash into the air in Western Europe, which led to governments and airlines canceling airline flights.  This section of this document presents some of the interview between Frank Beckmann and Lord Christopher Monckton (after the interview proper was finished, radio listeners called into talk with Christopher Monckton, and that section is not reported in this document).  I begin by presenting much of the main part of the interview:
    Frank Beckmann: "...Lord Christopher Monckton back with us!  How are you?"
    Lord Monckton: "Well, Frank, it's very good to be back with you once again."
    Frank Beckmann: "It's good to have you back on the show, especially on Earth Day."
    Lord Monckton: "Well, that's right.  Or 'Fossil-Fuel Day,' as I call it."
    Frank Beckmann: "Why do you call it 'Fossil-Fuel Day'?"
    Lord Monckton: "Just to annoy the people who call Earth Day."
    Frank Beckmann: "We've seen a lot happen in this entire movement since we last spoke--from the East Anglia emails to the admissions that, ah, a lot of the material in the IPCC report, regarding Himalayan glaciers, Arctic ice melt, et cetera, was all wrong."
    Lord Monckton: "That's right.  And the science behind so-called 'global warming' has collapsed more or less completely, and the people who have been advocating this nonsense for years are profounding demoralized and in galloping retreat.  But try telling that to the politicians.  They don't want to admit that they were hoodwinked and taken in and horns waggled by these people, and so they are still clinging desperately to the childish belief that adding a tiny, tiny percentage to the portion of the atmosphere--that is represented by carbon dioxide--is somehow going to cause enormous Herculean shifts in the climate.  Of course, everybody now knows it isn't going to do that.  All you have to do is to look at one volcano blowing up in Iceland, and that has had more affect on human activity than any other climatic event, ah, to do with CO2 in the last, um, fifty years.  And, so, once again, the computer models of the UN didn't predict the volcano erupting or chaos it would cause, and, of course, the latest revelation, ah, to come out of the UN's climate panel, which is trusted by 194 nations around the world to try to get climate science right, is that almost one-third of all the so-called scientific papers in peer-reviewed learned journals that is was citing in its latest report in 2007--it produces these reports every four of five years--something like one-third of all those reports were not from peer-reviewed sources in learned journals, they weren't from scientists at all--they were from journalists, they were from environmental campaigners, they were from political pressure group, all of whom were on one side of the debate only, the climate-extremist side."
    Frank Beckmann: "Lord Monckton, we can, ah, ah, shed this, ah, ah, light on this knowledge over and over and over again, but until politicians come around to understand how they have--in your words--been 'hoodwinked,' ah, they, they're goin' to continue pursue policy that impacts our economy and our pocket books and our lives."
    Lord Monckton: "Well, let's just talk about impact.  It's not just going to be an impact.  The people who are driving this scare have an agenda which has nothing to do with just impacting the economy, they're plan is to shut down the economies of the West selectively from within and to drive all of those who are listening to this program out of work and leave them no money to pay for the ever more rapidly increasing, ah, gasoline and electricity prices, which their policies would bring about.  Now, is India going to stop burning fossil fuels, is China going to stop, is Russia going to stop, is Indonesia going to stop, is South Africa going to stop, is Brazil going to stop?  Those are the big six emerging economies, and they, not one of them has got any plans whatsoever to stop burning fossil fuels.  But we have.  In America, something like a hundred-and-fifty-plus, ah, coal-fired stations [are] urgently needed now for generating enough electricity to keep the wheels turning here in America, where I'm speaking from.  Um, is a hundred-and-fifty of these coal stations over the last ten years have been refused permits that were previously have been granted because these 'environmental communists'--and that is what they are--have been objecting and objecting and objecting again, and timid, pathetic local politicians with a, with shortsighted lack of vision have given in again and again and again, and this is already beginning to cost real jobs in America.  The largest aluminum smelter in the world used to be in, ah, I think, in the mid-West somewhere, and it closed last month with the last of several thousand jobs because it could not find an electricity supplier who could guarantee it enough electricity to run the, the aluminum-smelting plant, which usually has got a lot of juice.  And this is just the beginning.  One by one, these huge, ah, heavily consuming industries are going to transfer to China or India or those other countries I mentioned where the restrictions are just nonexistent, and they can get on with their manufcatures without being tested by green groups.  You see if the green groups really cared about cleaning up the planet, they would protest at the filthy atmosphere in China and Indonesia and India, which is covered with smog and smoke from coal-fired power stations that are not properly regulated, they don't have a clean fluidized bed, ah, combustion, they don't have fly-ash trapping, they don't have all the different ways of cleaning it up that we now have so that coal-fired power stations are no longer a problem.  And so this is really a, a very upsetting, um, position that these environmental groups will not campaign to clean up the environment in the areas where it really needs cleaning up--China, India, Russia, et cetera--no they campaign to shut down the economic activity in countries of the West where we have already cleaned up our act environmentally.  That shows you that this has nothing to do with the environment.  It is political, and it is specifically Marxist political.  They are aiming to shut America down."
    Frank Beckmann: "You know,  Lord Monckton, even over in Germany, where, ah, they were committed to eliminating all nuclear power plants by 2020, the cost of energy has gone so sky high over there--of course, gasoline costs, it costs about a hundred dollars U.S. to fill up a car, ah, with fuel over in Germany--but the, the cost of energy have, has gone so high, they're now reconsidering that, ah, that decision to eliminate all nuclear power plants."
    Lord Monckton: "Well, of course, they're going to have to.  If they can't build coal-fired power plants, because the 'greeners' won't let them, they're going to have to build some kind of power plants, and, you know, wind and solar are not going to hack it!  You can generate maybe five percent of total electricity by those means in, in a typical Western country.  No way are you going to be able to generate a hundred percent.  So, you, if you don't nuclear, you've turned off the lights and you shut down the economy, and that's what the environmental left want.  They make no pretense of wanting anything else but that.  All this chatter about green jobs--Green jobs is a new unemployment.  Interesting that you mentioned, um, Germany there, because the German kind of think-tank, whose job it is to foresee future energy needs, et cetera, has recently looked at this whole climate nonsense from the economic rather than the scientific perspective, and it's come to the conclusion that trying to, ah, stop climate change happening by emitting a little bit less CO2 or even a lot less CO2 is completely futile and would do enormous economic damage, and it would be orders of magnitude cheaper, more cost-effective to do nothing at all now and simply to adapt to any climate change or global warming that might come along where and if it happens."
    Frank Beckmann: "Lord Monckton is with us this morning...."
    The main portion of the interview ended, and then Frank Beckmann went into a commercial break, and when the commercial break was finished, telephone callers were able to speak with Lord Monckton.  During the part of the interview with callers, Lord Monckton noted that a big volcano when it erupts really does not emit enough CO2 to affect the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, since the atmosphere is really big, and over the last three big eruptions, little increase of CO2 was noticed by recording equipment, but the amount of ash thrown up in to the atmosphere did cause global cooling for about six months or a year.  Also during the part of the interview with callers, Lord Monckton noted that "smart grids," which will work with "smart meters" (which can allow power companies to shut off appliances in buildings of consumers), will not help in affecting global warming (if it exists) and are useless, noting that would you have to shut down the world-wide economy for a quarter of a century "just to prevent one Fahrenheit degree of the warming that they say CO2 causes."
    Near the end of the entire interview segment, Lord Christopher Monckton passed along this information:"...Now here's the thing, and I can give you this hot from the presses, 'cause I was trolling around inside Capitol Hill just earlier in the week.  The way that Obama is going to try and get this cap-and-trade, this new slimmed-down cap-and-trade bill through, which is going to concentrate on the utilities and on gasoline only is that he's going to give away free emissions permits to the utilities and the gasoline companies over the next twenty years, and those emissions permits will be worth two-hundred-and-fifty-billiion dollars.  But in order to reduce consumption, which is the hold idea of making these measures, ah, the customers will be made to pay extra anyway, as though the permits weren't free, so what's going to happen is that the, that these, these utility companies and the oil companies, including Shell Oil, are going to make windfall profits larger than those seen by any company on the planet ever before.  So, all of them now, having previously been against all this nonsense, has certainly been bought off by Obama.  And who's going to pay?  Well, of course, it's the working guy.  He's going to have to pay more every time he puts gasoline in his tank.  He's going to have to pay every, every time he turns the light or heat on.  It's an outrageous transfer of power and wealth by a supposedly democrat government from the working classes of America to the extremely rich, who will become even more indecently rich, as a result."
    And Frank Beckmann ended the interview at this point.

    Warning: Your life and your freedom are at stake, and Barack Obama, who is insane, is going to betray you!


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