Lessons for Children
about Politics
and Dangerous People


Victor Edward Swanson,

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November 7, 2009
(Version 7)

    In the world, evil people exist, and some of those type of people are those who steal or rob from other people, break things that belong to other people, and physically hurt, injure, or kill other people, and the general names for some of the bad people are thieves, robbers, killers, and murderers.  When a child is growing up, the parents of the child should be instrumental in teaching the child about bad people, and to help parents teach their children, I have put together this document.  However,  this document is not about such people as thieves and killers and the like, it is about politicians, and it has necessary information in this day and age when bad people are now working in the highest levels of the federal government and are working in other levels of government.  Really, this document is a guide for parents to use in the process of passing along what I think children should know, and this document is a guide that children with enough reading skill can use.
    To understand this document, I say that it is important for a parent to make sure every child that the parent has understands the basic format of the federal government of the country, and the information should be known before the rules that make up this document can be expressed to a child.  A parent should tell a child that the country has as a foundation a constitution, The U.S. Constitution, and this document tells, for example, how the federal government is made up of three main parts, the Executive Branch (which, today, is headed by a president or the president and is made up of a number of departments and agencies), the Legislative Branch (which is made up of the U.S, Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives), and the Judicial Branch (which is made up of the federal court system, at the top of which is the U.S. Supreme Court).  I will not express details about the federal government here, and I will leave a more detailed discussion about the topic with a parent.  To get a free copy of The U.S. Constitution, a person should go to the Web sites for the Heritage Foundation, such as askheritage.org, which can be reached at this askheritage.org link).  An important point in any lesson given to a child would include a talk about "The Bill of Rights," the first ten amendments to The U.S. Constitution, and the remainder of the amendments.
    Another document that children should be aware of and understand is The Declaration of Independence, which had been put together before The U.S. Constitution was, and The Declaration of Independence was used to declare the creation of the United States of America and to show the breaking way of the people now of the United States of America from England, specially the rule of the King of England.
    Once a child has the basics about the federal government known, a parent should talk about state government and local government.  When a parent talks about the fifty states, the parent can say that, generally speaking, each state is headed by a governor, has a court system (on top of which is some type of head court, one name of which that is used is a Supreme Court), and a legislative system (which is made up of a senate and a house of representatives), and the talk about state government could be aided by information about the structure of the government of the state in which the child lives, which might be obtained from a Web site associated with the state government.  A talk about local government should include a talk about at least counties, cities, and towns, and, for instance, some information about the a town or city in which the child lives should be available from the local government, such as in a pamphlet..

    To aid a parent who wants to talk about the country, I have suggestions of materials to read.  Certainly, a parent should read the book entitled Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, which was written by Mark R. Levin (a constitutional lawyer and a radio talk-show host) and which was released in March 2009, and the book talks about how the federal government has been and is being changed by people who wish the government to not be beholden to the citizen and who wish to make the citizen beholden or a slave to the government, and, by the way, Mark R. Levin was the man who wrote the book entitled Men in Black, which is about the U.S. Supreme Court.  And I have put together documents that can help a parent, and the documents exist at the Web Site for The Hologlobe Press, and some of those documents are Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, Political Lessons for the Individual Woman and the Individual Man in the United States of  America, A Collection of Words--Just Words--That Show Dangerous People, and Never Forget These Media "Darlings" ?: A Guide for the Individual in the United States of America.  (I will have other materials listed in this paragraph at some time in the future.)

    Rule Number One: A child should never learn to be a "servant to a politician," or a child should never pledge to be a "servant to Barack Obama," or a child should always reject the idea of ever being a "servant" to Barack Obama or any politician.
    In the United States of America, no politician receives status as a king or a messiah or a dictator or a supreme leader, and, certainly, even the president gets no such distinction, since the country is based on "the individual" and not "an individual."  I have this rule at the top of the list of rules because of an event that made me fearful on January 20, 2009 (as I noted in T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached at this link: T.H.A.T. #58), and the event was the playing of audio on WJR-AM (Detroit) of a video put together by actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore that had actors pledging to do something, and one of the actors was pledging to be a "servant to Obama" (there were other bad things contained within the production), and, actually, the video is known as the "Presidential Pledge."  Such a video is reminiscent of something that a person would expect to exist in a communist country, such as China (think of children singing for Mao).  In addition, a child should never pledge to put trust in any leader and should never pledge to believe in our leaders.  (See the document entitled Madness in a President and Other Matters of a Defective Mind, which can be reached at this link: Madness.)
    I must add this--and it is about the indoctrination of children and teenagers at school to a political idea that is counter to The U.S. Constitution, to lies about government policies and proposed laws, and to a politician.  In the fall of 2008, two videos about children singing the praises of Barack Obama, one video of which was called "Sing for Change" and was done by children in Venice, California, and the other video of which involved young men in Kansas City, Missouri, became public knowledge, and, in this case, the video had the young men saying such lines as "...Obama's healthcare plan will include coverage of all necessary medical services...." and "...Obama's healthcare plan will reform our market structure to encourage competition...." (the latter line of which is a big lie, as can be seen in my document entitled National Health Care and Mass Failure: The Reasons it is a Dead Issue, a link to which exists at the end of this document).  In the fall of 2009, two more sets of videos about students--children--singing for Barack Obama became public knowledge, and one set was really two videos in which children sing for Barack Obama at B. Bernice Young Elementary School (in Burlington Township, New Jersey) around June 2009, and the other video was one related to Sand Hill Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina, and an event of around September 2009; the children in Burlington Township sang a new lyrics to music belonging to a well-known song entitled "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in one video, and the other video was a chant in which the children said, for instance, "...He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay..." and "...Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama" (which is actually said a number of times),  and the children at Sand Hill Elementary School recited a piece that had such lines as "...Change has come.  Change has come.  Hope.  Uniting black and whites.  Hope.  Being both, Obama cannot take sides...."  And, then, on Monday, October 5, 2009, more children were seen in a video praising Barack Obama's policies--the proposed national-health-care system--and the video was shown on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (a weekday series) on CNN.  (By the way, it was on Tuesday, September 28, 2009, that Rush Limbaugh spent a short amount of time during his nationally syndicated radio show (The Rush Limbaugh Program) to talk about a history teacher in Florida--at a school near where his studio is--who was doing political indoctrination of young children somewhat recently and who, because time was used to indoctrinate instead of teach history, gave children answers to tests so that they could pass history tests, and the teacher is still working at the school.)
    Here a special note.   The event of Monday, October 5, 2009, which is mentioned in the previous paragraph, had a surprise for the CNN reporter who was doing the story on the children, and that surprise was what one child said.  Here is the comment from the child: "...I, I feel personally that we should stay with our current health-care system, whi, which is a private plan, because of, if we did go to the Obama administration's, hum, private and public plan then not only would the people who were working do not only have to pay for their insurance plan but they also have to pay for someone else's insurance and then that's just making them have to spend more money and lay off more people and therefor reducing our, our economy right now....  (The song that the children sang was a reworking of Miley Cyrus's song entitled "Party in the U.S.A.")
    By the way, on Saturday, November 7, 2009, I discovered Andrew Breitbart's Web site that is known as bighollywood.breitbart.com had a document that showed more examples of children singing the praises of Barack Obama, and the page was entitled "ELEMENTARY EPIDEMIC: 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama," and the writer was John Nolte, and the Web page had links to videos and had lyrics to songs, and the document was dated November 4, 2009, and you should consider seeing the Web page.

    Rule Number Two: A child should never follow what actors and singers--especially young actors and singers--say about politicians.  Actors and singers are not real thinkers, such as those that have written non-fiction books about government, such as a book about the U.S. Supreme Court.  Singers are experienced in singing and appearing on stage or in movies or on television, and actors are basically people who read the words of others--and almost always the words of others are stories of fiction and make believe.  A child can like an actor or a singer, but a child should never blindly trust the political opinions of any actor or singer.

    Rule Number Three: Children are very likely to hear that people are killing the planet or people are causing the climate to change and become hotter, and that is all related to what people called "manmade climate change" or "manmade global warming," and some children might actually think the planet will not be around when they grow up.  Many children and adults seem to believe the nonsense of global warming because, for one, they are truly unaware of how big the planet is, never having driven or having been driven hundreds and hundreds of miles from home, which would make them understand--at least a little--how big the planet is and how small they are and because their minds are easily manipulated by bad or evil reporters and newscasters, who are willing to pass along false information.  To date, no good report or document has ever been put together for public use that proves humans are killing the planet, but a person can find stories or articles in newspapers and magazines and on the Internet that try to persuade a person with little in the way of facts and data that humans are killing the planet.  I have reports in some of my documents that show how media entities, such as newspapers, have been spreading false evidence of manmade global warming and manmade climate change (see such documents as Michigan Travel Tips #61,Michigan Travel Tips #60, Michigan Travel Tips #59, Michigan Travel Tips #58, and Michigan Travel Tips #57, which exist at the Web site of The Hologlobe Press, and the catalog page for the Michigan Travel Tips documents can be reached by using this link: Travel).  Also, a child should be told that An Inconvenient Truth, which is a film associated with Al Gore (a former vice president for the country) is filled with lies and should not be believed.
    A parent can explain to a child how the managers of newspapers and magazines can be selective about what stories they publish.  For example, publishers can purposely publish stories that only show what seems to be that the climate is changing for the worse, trying to show a false overall image of the climate of the planet, and they can do that on a regular basis; if you were to see the story entitled "The flow of water slows in world's largest rivers" on April 26, 2009 in the Detroit Free Press, you might think it is a sign of more trouble dealing with the weather ("The flow of water slows in world's largest rivers." Detroit Free Press, 26 April 2009, p. 32A), but that is not necessarily a sign of trouble--it shows a difference in rainfall and snowfall at least at some places.  Gunter Lorne wrote a story for The Edmonton Journal (as noted in Michigan Travel Tips #60) for March 15, 2009, that noted that, in the first part of March 2009, new cold records were set in Alberta, Canada, and the Detroit Free Press never passed on such information.
    Basically, it has yet to be proven whether or not humans are affecting the climate of the planet to any great degree or are killing the planet, such as by producing carbon dioxide, and it is very unlikely humans are doing great harm, since the planet is so massive and humans over-estimate how important they are and how big they are, and, anyway, humans do not have enough explosives or anything that could cause the planet to disappear.

    Rule Number Four: Carbon dioxide is a gas, and it is not a harmful gas, since, for instance, it is a gas that plants use, which in the process of using carbon dioxide give off oxygen so that animals and humans can live.  Even programs such as a report on 60 Minutes (of CBS-TV) on Sunday, April 26, 2009, have yet to show that carbon dioxide is causing harm to the Earth.  Be wary of people who claim carbon dioxide is bad.  And even though the federal government believes carbon dioxide is a threat to the planet, it is not, and, remember, government officials are motivated in what they do by politics and money, and government officials are not scientists, who have had to do work in science for years.

    Rule Number Five: When a child hears a teacher hint or say that the United States of America is a bad country, the child should tell mother or father, since the United States of America is not a bad place--in fact, over the decades, the United States of America has saved people hurt by floods and famines and has fought wars to free people, such as the war in Iraq and World War II.

    Rule Number Six: A child should be made aware almost all businesses and companies are good or are not to be seen as enemies.  For example, banks, hedge funds, and investment groups are not bad, and, in fact, these entities, which invest in all types of companies, contain money that comes from all types of people, such as teachers, secretaries, auto workers, cooks, janitors, and police officers who have used some of their money as investment money to make money in the future, and banks, hedge funds, and investment groups are important to the country by using money of investors to help businesses invest in new ventures or new pieces of expensive equipment.  Tell a child that the money that such entities as investment groups and hedge funds get from people is loaned to companies, which are obligated to pay back the money and pay a fee (called interest) for using the borrowed money, and, later, the borrowed money and interest gets paid to the people involved in the investment groups and hedge funds.

    Rule Number Seven: A child should be taught that almost all business executives are good.  They have to get a lot of education, and they often have to work many hours a day, such as twelve hours a day or up to eighteen hours a day, and they might have to work six days a week.  Such people really do work hard, and not everyone can be a business executive because there is a lot of pressure on a business executive to do well for a business--business executives do get fired.  A child should be taught that the child should tell a parent when a teacher tells the child that all business executives are bad people.

    Rule Number Eight: A child should learn that the government does not make "investments," and when a politician says that the government is "investing" or is doing "investing," the politician is lying.  The government gets money mostly by collecting taxes from people and businesses, and some of the names of taxes are employment taxes and corporate taxes.  People and businesses invest in things, such as investing in a building, or investing in creating a new car, or investing in a new business, et cetera.  All the government can do is take money from people and companies and give the money to other people and companies.

    Rule Number Nine: There is no such thing as getting something for nothing.  A house is built because people do work to build a house.  A bicycle is made because people do work to make the bicycle.  Corn can be harvested because people planted seeds and allowed the corn to grow.  Doing something produces a reward, such as an ear of corn, a bicycle, or a car, and if the thing made is sold, the result can be money.  People who do things are rewarded by ending up with what they make or by ending up with money for what they make.  People who do nothing deserve nothing, and people who do nothing can be like animals, such as squirrels, who do not gather food for the winter and starve.  (Barack Obama is the mean type of person who would take stuff to people who do things and give it to people who do nothing; for example, Barack Obama is the type of person who would take most of the money that a boy made by mowing lawns and give it to a boy down the block who spent time goofing off on a playground or in a skate park, or Barack Obama is the type of person who would take most of the money that a girl made by selling soft drinks from a sidewalk stand and give it to the nasty girl who lives down the blocks and does not do anything.)

    Rule Number Ten: When a child hears a politician say that the politician is working for "the people" or is trying to help the "little guy," the child should realize the politician is lying, since a good politician will not say such things.  Generally speaking, politicians--especially bad politicians--often do first what will benefit them, such as give money, a new bridge, or a new building to people so that the people will vote for the politicians, so when a politician says that he is working for the people he is probably telling a lie.

    Rule Number Eleven: People work to make money, and people use money to buy food, houses, cars, newspapers, tools, and other things, and a person can only buy what the person has money enough to buy.  Businesses sell products or services to customers, and businesses use the money that they get from customers to buy things.  Barack Obama is a bad politician, because he is a politician who is spending more money than the federal government is bringing in through taxing people and businesses, so Barack Obama is bankrupting the country.

    Rule Number Twelve:  You should never like a politician because of how the politician looks and you should never vote for a politician based on how the politician looks.  You should decide to vote for a politician who has good moral values and good policies, such as economic policies, and who has good views about protecting the country from enemy countries; for example, a politician who does not hire tax cheats to work closely with him, as Barack Obama has done several times, is probably a good politician, and a politician who does not put workers out of work, as Barack Obama has done by talking down the economic system of the country, is probably a good politician.

    Rule Number Thirteen: A child must learn that learning is not fun, fun, fun.  It could be argued well by me that the push to make learning fun, fun, fun started in 1969, when Sesame Street began to be shown on the PBS television network, and after that show appeared, many other shows that hoped to teach children various topics in fun ways showed up.  When a child is taught that learning must be fun, fun, fun, the child does not develop stamina to take on hard projects learning, because the child is always expecting to have fun, fun, fun, and that is not the way of learning--sometimes doing reading takes work, especially if the topic is complex or big.  Remember: A baseball player practices and practices and practices, and if the baseball player does not work hard by practicing, practicing, practicing, then nothing is gained--the baseball player does not get better, and the baseball player will probably not play baseball for long.

    Rule Number Fourteen: Since the 1980s, the newspaper industry has gone through changes in which the industry has become much more sympathetic to communists and socialists and Marxists and global-warming proponents, and since 2007, the newspaper industry has truly become so highly biased in the coverage of political news that many newspapers can no longer be trusted in what they present in relation to political news, and also the idea about bias can be applied to many entities in the television industry, especially the main broadcast television networks, and, in the end, I can say that many newspaper entities and television entities have been instrumental in keeping the American public ignorant to what Barack Obama is.  Some of the main newspapers that have been highly sympathetic to Barack Obama are Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and U.S.A. Today.  Children should be made aware ABC-TV, CBS-TV, NBC-TV, CNN, and MSNBC have been highly sympathetic to Barack Obama, who is not god, and the news, especially the political news, from these entities and their affiliated Web sites cannot be trusted.

    Rule Number Fifteen: Children should be taught that "surveys" and "polls" are not news--"surveys" and "polls" are used in most cases by the media entities presented in "Rule Number Twelve" to manipulate the news or to present fake news, and, certainly, since the 1980s, the using of passing along the results of "surveys" and "polls" has become commonplace, so much so that the results of surveys and polls often take up time that should be used for real news.  If a fire takes place somewhere, the reporting on the fire is a news story.  If a business buys another company, the reporting of the event is a news story.  If an earthquake hits Japan, the reporting on the earthquake is a news story.  I could pass along other examples of news stories, but I shall not now, and now I will pass along a few ideas of how "surveys" and "polls" can be used to manipulate public opinion and can be bad.  If a weeknight news show of a broadcast television network regularly, such as weekly, presents information about how popular Barack Obama is, that poll is not a news story--it is a story that intends to make people who dislike Barack Obama change their minds about him by making the people who dislike Barack Obama doubt their judgement of Barack Obama and change their minds from his being bad to his being good, since so many people--who are very likely uninformed--seem to think he is good.  A poll can be set up so that the entity that is making the poll asks questions that the entity can expect to be answered as it is hoping for; for example, a news organization can do a poll that it hopes will find that a bunch of people like a certain type of car, and if the poll does find that a lot of people do indeed like a certain type of car, the news organization will report the results to the public, but if the results do not show that a lot of people like a certain type of car, the news organization will not tell the public about the results of the poll (and it will be as if no poll was ever done).

    Rule Number Sixteen: If a child hears a teacher say that "capitalism is bad" or says that the "country is bad," the child should tell a parent that the teacher made the statement, and if a child hears a teacher say or hint that the United States of America was the bad guy in the Iraq War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, or World War II, the child should tell a parent, since the teacher is wrong.

    Rule Number Seventeen: A child must learn to ask "Why?"  A child should learn not to be intimidated by a person who will not answer a question about "Why something happens?" or "Why something works?"  A child should press for an answer that makes sense.  Things happen for a reason, and when something happens that a child does not understand, the child should ask "Why?"


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