A Document that Dispels
Myths and Other Nonsense of
of Science-Fiction Books, Movies,
and Television Shows
(a Logic Puzzle)


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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copyright c. 2018

October 10, 2018
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    Oops!  Look out!  A blob creature is at your front door.  Get down!  An alien with five legs is walking through your backyard, looking for an ice-cream store on Earth.  Oh, boy!  A slimy thing from outer space is getting on your bicycle, and the seat is going to be a mess.
    And now it is time for reality!
    I could argue well that science-fiction helps promote ignorance, especially when there is so much of it around in books and movies and televisions, going back for decades and decades.  I have put this document together to teach you what some of the idiocies of science fiction are, which have spilled into every-day beliefs as very likely to be reality.  I present my teachings as a group of "rules."

    The "Alien" Monster and "The Rule of Symmetry":
        Since at least the 1920s, people have seen countless books and movies and television shows about creatures from other planets, and people's mind have been hit with all types of monsters, such as gooey monsters, slimy monsters, multiple-arm-and-leg monsters, and lizard-face monsters, and and people have been hit with all types of alien people from the skinny and weak-looking "Grays" to the big-forehead people.  This section is designed to dispel the ideas of science-fiction writers about what people from other planets are probably going to look like if they show up on Earth.  Much of the dispelling can be done with "The Rule of Symmetry," a name that I have been using for decades.  Look at the human being.  Look at the human body.  In essence, it has symmetry--if you draw a line through the body from the top of the head through the groin to the ground, you can see the body is made up of two halves, each of which is the mirror image of the other.  There are two eyes (the minimum needed for depth perception), two ears (necessary to determine the direction of sound), two arms and hands, and two legs and feet.  To have, for instance, only one hand or arm or leg, the human being could not do things, as a rule, such as easily make and use tools, and to have, for instance, three hands and arms or legs, you would have a hard time determining where the third thing could be placed, and a third thing would not be efficient and necessary, and the idea of having four things or five things or more things would add useless complexity.  Really, "The Rule of Symmetry" is about "two."  Two is the simplest number to have to have a creature that can do things, such as make spaceships that might travel to distance places in the galaxy.  It would not be very likely people from other planets who show up on Earth would not reflect "The Rule of Symmetry" or maybe what I could call "The Universal Rule of Symmetry."  That means no "aliens" will show up with three arms, four arms, five arms, or more.

    The "Alien" and "The Not-More-Than-One-Head Rule":
    On Earth, the rule is a creature or bug or whatever will only have one head.  Over the centuries, "one" has developed as the standard for the number of heads that a creature or bug or whatever will have.  To have more than one head, a creature or bug of whatever would be inefficient and defective.  In addition, if a creature or bug or whatever had more than one head, the creature or bug or whatever would have--it seems--two centers of control, and that would be a defective idea, and the creature could not function well.  I say that no "aliens" will have more than one main control center, such as more than one head with a brain.

    The "Alien" and "The Rule of Slime":
    Slimy aliens are regularly seen in television shows and movies.  To be slimy, an "alien" would have to have a high intake of, for instance, water on a regular basis, since atmosphere--the air--around the the "alien" would always to absorbing water from the creature, and the creature would dry out without a high intake of water regularly.  A slimy creature is an inefficient creature.  In addition, I have this thought, which goes back to my radio days at Wayne State University in the 1970s.  The rule, then, was no drinking in the studio, because if there was a spill, a audio control console could get shorted out.  In a spacecraft, there will be electronic equipment, and if the operators of the space craft were slimy, there would be a high likelihood that slime would drip off the creature and short out electronics.  No slimy aliens--especially slimy intelligent aliens--are ever going to show up on Earth.

    The "Alien" and "The Rule about Scales":
    When someone mentions "scales" to you, you might think about music, since "scales" is a term relating to music.  Another type of "scales" is related to creatures, such as snakes and lizards or fish.  One problem with scales on a creature is, if you wipe on hand on them backwards, they can catch on the hand or flip up or rub you the wrong way.  A human-like creature--a type which will have to comply with "The Rule of Symmetry"--cannot have scales as a body covering, since the scales will be inefficient on the body and a problem, such as when the creature works to put on a shirt or a pair of pants--material would catch.  Whatever type of covering a human-like creature from another planet would have, it would not be in the form of scales.

    The "Please-Don't-Take-Me-To-Your-Leader" Rule:
    A politician on Earth is arrogant and stupid if the politician believes people from other planets wishing to make contact with Earthings will seek out politicians or leaders first.  History of the planet known as Earth shows that kings, queens, politicians, rulers, and leaders are mostly rotten people, and one reason for that is most people who seek out the being the heads of from villages to countries wish not to be workers and such, feeling working is menial, wish to gain as much out of life, such as riches, with as little effort as possible, wish to force others about, wish to be seen high in stature in society based on no real qualifications, wish to use the rules of government to protect themselves from the people, et cetera.  However, there are exceptions to the rule provided in the previous sentence--sometimes, a political leader really does wish to do well for others and make the lives of other better, often as a defensive tactic against the ways of rotten politicians.  Today, on Earth, most of the political leaders are rotten, following the ways of, for example, communism and socialism and Sharia (Islamic law), and the ruling techniques are often by using coercion and violence and the people might be cotrolled with great violence.  I contend people who are able to travel through the galaxy are well aware of the nature of what politicians and such can be, especially on a more primitive planet than theirs.  Earth qualifies as a primitive planet, given, for example, some societies are yet based in grass huts or have no real manmade water systems (such as waste-water treatment plants) or have people who have a hard time getting food (suppressed by leaders, a good example of which are the leaders in North Korea).  I state that the last people of Earth that people from another planet would want to meet first would be politicians and such of Earth.  A alien would have to be stupid to say--"Take me to your leader!".

    The Rule that Discredits the "Greys" or "Grays":
    In 1961, Barney and Betty Hill pushed out the story that they were abducted by people from another planet or by "aliens," and the aliens sort of looked like tiny and skinny guys with big eyes, as based on the discriptions from the Hills.  Since 1961, people all over the planet have come to call such aliens that look like the descriptions provided by the Hills as, for example, "Grays" or "Greys" or "Roswell Greys."  For decades, the idiocy of the Hills has been pushed along in books and television shows and movies.  I contend that Greys or Grays are a myth.  For one, the Greys or "Grays" look frail and weak.  To move objects and use tools and make things, a creature (who will have meet "The Rule of Symmetry") will have to have strong muscles and bones and have bulk.  If a creature cannot move heavy objects, the creature will not be able to make buildings to live in or make large machines, such spaceships.  On Earth, people who are aged and weak or have osteoporosis (a bone-thinning disease) are well aware any fall could leave them with broken bones and leave them with the inability to move well or move at all.  Given alien spacecraft move, it is possible an alien will fall within the spacecraft sometime, and if a creature built like a Gray or Grey falls, there is very likely to be injury.  By the way, the "alien" in the movie entitled E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (which was released in 1982) is nonsense, looking like a floppy mess.
    [See: "The Rule of 'What Big Eyes You Don't Have, Mr. Alien Man.'"]

    The Rule of "Unidentified Flying Objects" (or "UFOs") tied to People from Other Planets:
        The camera was developed in the early 1800s, and the first really popular camera for everyone showed up in 1900 (the "Brownie"), and the first wireless phone with a camera showed up in 2002 (such as the Nokia 7650).  How many cameras exist in the world?  I have no idea.  No one could give a really good answer to the question.  There must be billions and billions and billions.  Since there are billions and billions and billions of cameras in the world, why has no person on Earth been able to come up with a good photograph of an spacecraft from another world.  Many people say that they have seen an "unidentified flying object" (or "UFO")--believing the objects are from other planets--and yet no one has a good photograph of spacecraft from another planet.  It is very unlikely that people from other planets in spacecrafts could not be caught once on camera--since the early 1800s--by someone on Earth, given the Earth has a population of billions.

   The Rule of "What Big Eyes You Don't Have, Mr. Alien Man."
    I have covered the "Grays" and "Greys" to some extent already in this document.  I have to talk about eyes.  In many of the science-fiction movies and television shows that I have seen, aliens have big eyes.  The Grays or Greys are supposed to have big eyes.  Why are big eyes necessary for people on other planets?  In the movies and television shows with science-fiction themes, the space ships are often dark inside.  I guess the big eyes exist so that the aliens can see the instruments in their spaceships, since the spaceships are dark inside.  I contend people from other planets who are traveling through space are not going to be living in spaceships with dark rooms all the time.  If a person can travel for zillions of light-years through the universe, the person is going to have enough power to light a spacecraft properly.  In addition, on Earth, people have a tendency to get depressed if they are in cloudy days or darkness for long periods of time.  Certainly, people who travel in spacecrafts will combat the problems of possible depression and such by living in well lighted rooms, except when sleeping.  There is no reason for aliens to evolve in such as way that they need to have big eyes.  Plus, the bigger the eye is, the better the eye can be damaged by weather or objects or whatever.  Hey, wait!  Are you going to tell me aliens do not have flashlights and have not had flashlights for centuries, which would help in the evolution process--allowing eyes to not be large like baseballs?  [Things develop for a reason in creatures.]

    The Rule that Shows Aliens are Not Pill-Poppers:
    On September 23, 1962, a science-fiction television series from Hanna-Barbera (a television-show production company) showed up on ABC-TV, and the series was entitled The Jetsons, and it featured such characters as George Jetson and Jane Jetson.  The series, which was a weekly half-hour cartoon show, pushed forth the idea that the Jetsons had meals in the form of pills.  I contend that food in pill form will never happen for space travelers and does not exist for whatever aliens exist today.  Humans have bodies that require water on a regular basis and bulk material (such as minerals and vitamins) so that the millions of cells can be fed and new cells can be created to replace dead cells, and the bodies of creatures that are like humans who might show up here from other planets will have to ingest something like water (probably water) regularly and bulk material regularly, and that means "pills" in the form of food will never happen.  When humans go out into space, they will have to have a lot of water and volumes of minerals and such to live, and they will not be fed regularly through small food pills.

    It can be fun to read science-fiction books and see science-fiction movies or television shows, though lately many movies and television shows with science-fiction as the theme seem to be depressing and violent and dark.  A person exposed to science-fiction stuff must keep in mind that idiocy and foolishness can be quite commonplace in the stories.  And even though a person can write science-fiction stories or books or movies or television shows, it does not necessarily mean the person is well versed in logic or is a great thinker [Note: Such writers as Stephen King and Harlan Ellison and George Orwell supported socialism or communism, and that shows minds filled with idiocy and rottenness.].


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