Sherlock Holmes, Facts and Dead-End Trails,
Islamic Radicals, and Barack Obama:
Deductions from a Logic Man


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2013

January 24, 2013
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    Since the "movie" and "television" were created, a number of persons have play Sherlock Holmes--a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle--in movies and television shows or television series.  In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Basil Rathbone played Sherlock Holmes in a number of movies, which I watch from time to time, and, in fact, in November 2012 and December 2012, I watched several of them again through YouTube, and some of those movies were The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pursuit to Algiers, The Scarlet Claw, Sherlock Holmes and the Pearl of Death, and Sherlock Holmes in Washington, and one reason that I like to see them movies from time to time is they are fun and pleasant, and it is like seeing old friends, even the villains or really that actors who played the villains.  Around 1954, when television was well in to the heyday period--the heyday having started in 1946 and would last till about the 1970s--a man named Sheldon Reynolds was instrumental in putting together and syndicating a television series called Sheldon Reynolds Production of Sherlock Holmes (the short title to which is Sherlock Holmes), and this time Sherlock Holmes was played by Ronald Howard (the son of a famous actor known as Leslie Howard and a man who should not be confused with Ron Howard, who would be famous around the 1960s for playing Opie in The Andy Griffith Show and would become a movie director).  In 1976, Roger Moore appeared as Sherlock Holmes in the television movie entitled Sherlock Holmes in New York, and Christopher Lee appeared as Sherlock Holmes in the movie for television syndication called Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Years: Incident at Victoria Falls in June 1992 (and Christopher Lee should not be confused with Peter Cushing to played Sherlock Holmes for movie audiences and appeared in films with Christopher Lee), and Anthony Higgins played Sherlock Holmes in a television movie entitled Sherlock Holmes Returns in September 1993.  The most famous productions for television with Sherlock Holmes are those of the 1980s and 1990s that were shown in the United States of America on PBS-associated stations--The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes--and this Sherlock Holmes was played by Jeremy Brett.  There have been variations on the Sherlock Holmes idea in a number of productions, such as the cartoon series entitled Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.  More recently, Benedith Cumberbatch played in several productions as Sherlock Holmes for Masterpiece Theatre (around 2010), and for the start of the 2012-2013 television season, Jonny Lee Miller began to play a character called Sherlock Holmes in a modern-time series entitled Elementary.  I am aware of other movies and television productions that feature actors playing Sherlock Holmes, but I shall leave them unnamed, believing I have provided an introduction with enough information about Sherlock Holmes in movies and television programs.

    Although Sherlock Holmes has inspired a lot of movies and television productions, which audiences have been exposed to for decades, few Americans seem to have learned much about making deductions from facts to clear up mysteries and problems, and one proof of that is how some 50-million Americans voted "yes" to have Barack Obama be the U.S. President from January 2013 to January 2017, though evidence was all around that Barack Obama was a poor man and bad man to have as a U.S. President, being an "enslavist" (schooled in communism and a supporter of Sharia Law) and a perpetual liar and a man who acts like a thug).  But, of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character--a person who never really existed--and the actors who have played Sherlock Holmes are only actors, who need not be smart and skilled at making deductions to play the Sherlock Holmes.  I guess it can be said that fictional character--even Sherlock Holmes--cannot really teach people how to be smarter and think logically and deduce conclusions from facts, which would involved discarding useless information or bad information.

    Since 2008, I have collected information about what Barack Obama has been doing and put that information into documents that have been posted on the Internet, particularly at the Web site for The Hologlobe Press, and since 2008, I have come to understand who and what Barack Obama is and what Barack Obama is trying to do to the United States of America, and since 2008, I have come to understand many people are ignorant about who and what Barack Obama is and what Barack Obama is trying to do to the United States of America, and even those who are opposed to Barack Obama--and rightfully so--have been and are making tactical errors in telling the story about who and what Barack Obama is and what Barack Obama is trying to do to the United States of America.  Because of that, I decided to put together this document to make readers, such as you, better informed about who and what Barack Obama is and what Barack Obama is trying to do to the United States of America, and, really, the underlying goal of this document to give people a better base of knowledge about Barack Obama so that they can have and develop a true picture of Barack Obama and can be better able to layer on additional information--good and useful information--on to the base knowledge and come up with conclusions that make sense; if a person works with a defective base of knowledge about a subject, such as Barack Obama, the person may draw incorrect conclusions about the subject, or if a person has a base that suggests such and such about a subject, the person when confronted with other information and new information in the days to come can end up discarding that which does not layer well on the base but should be tied well to the base, leaving the person with a distorted and incomplete picture of the subject, which, when the person makes an attempt to pass on the picture to another person, the other picture will not really take hold in the mind, being not quite logical or not quite believable or not quite clear or not quite something or other.  In essence, my showing you a collection of information that should be contained in the base of knowledge about Barack Obama, this document will be working to teach you to act or function like a Sherlock Holmes.

    The premise that is the focus of this document is--some people say that Barack Obama, as the U.S. President, is working to turn the United States of America, which is has a form of government based on a document called The United States Constitution, into a "socialistic democracy" like countries in West Europe, but I say that Barack Obama is not and that Barack Obama is working to create something much worse than a "socialistic democracy" (which is a name that is nonsense since, ultimately, a "socialistic democracy" is no democracy and is really an entity that is evolving into a one-party rule entity, a type of entity that is never a democracy).

    The evidence does not exist that Barack Obama is simply working to create a "socialistic democracy," which some people--with mistaken ideas about what "socialism" really is--might think is something that is actually good, even though it is not.

    Generally speaking, the nature of a man can be determined by the known nature of those with whom the man associates--when a man associates with bad people, the man is not a good person (no matter how much the man smiles), and here I show off some of those with whom Barack Obama associates and supports.  For some twenty years, Barack Obama was a member of a church headed by a black racist--Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Barack Obama made a known tax cheat the head of the U.S. Department of Treasury, and that tax-cheat man is Tim Geithner.  A close friend of Barack Obama's--a woman named Anita Dunn--has Mao Tse-Tung (also known as Mao Zedong, the dead leader of China who was a killer of millions and millions of Chinese) as a hero.  In 2009, Barack Obama had a communist--Van Jones--as a Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  Barack Obama has been tied to known killers and terrorists, such as William Ayers.  One of Barack Obama's friends is a black racist professor at Harvard University--Henry Gates Jr.  (To learn more about the bad people with whom Barack Obama associates, you should see my document entitled THE CRUD AROUND BARACK OBAMA: My rule--"Like Minds Get Together", which can be reached by using this link: Crud.)

    Since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has been a big pusher of the lie that is manmade global warming or manmade climate change, and even on January 21, 2013, during his second publicly delivered inaugural speech, Barack Obama pushed the idea that doing something about manmade climate change is a necessity, and he has been making the push for legislative action to stop climate change even though it is known that the manmade climate change or manmade global warming is a hoax (as I report in my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which can be reached by using this Carbon link) and really there is nothing that man can do.  Barack Obama uses the lie that is manmade climate change and manmade global warming to push for the ending of using carbon-based fuels, such as oil and coal, in the country; he does not push for an end to the using of carbon based fuels in other countries, such as China, which is the biggest user of coal in the world.  Through the pushing of the lie that is manmade global warming and manmade climate change, Barack Obama has been able to get the federal government--particularly the Environmental Protection Agency (or the EPA)--in more in control of the industrial sector of the country, which will allow it to more say what can be made in the country, how things can be make in the country, and where things can be made in the country.

    The economic story of the country since January 20, 2009, clearly shows some evidence that Barack Obama is not working to create a "socialistic democracy."  For one, the general operating budget of the federal government has been in deficit mode since 2009, when Barack Obama signed into law a big bill--what is considered a "stimulus" bill--that automatically adds more than 1,000-billion dollars of deficit spending to the general operating budget every year, and much of the spending has been for corrupt purposes, such as to prop up corrupt state and local governments that did not manage funds and budgets properly, and for nonsense purposes, such as green-energy programs that have given out loans to companies that were supposed to drive the green-energy industry in the country, especially in relation to making wind-turbines and electric batteries and solar-energy systems.  Between January 20, 2009, when, by the way, Barack Obama began to be the U.S. President, and January 20, 2013, the general-purpose national debt increased some 5,000-billion dollars, and during the period, Barack Obama made no proposals to cut back on the spending done by the federal government; the more deficit spending that the federal government does over the long run, the more the federal government has to borrow and the more the value of the money system--the dollar--falls.  Keep in mind--the general-purpose national debt does not take into account that amount of debt that is developing every day because entitlement programs are overspending, such as because of corruption and waste, and some of those entitlement programs are Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security (around January 2013, about 48 million persons in the country were receiving food stamps, which is not a sign that the country is in good shape economically), and the debt figure for the entitlement programs is somewhere between 50,000-billion dollars and 100,000-billion dollars (the figure is hard to pin down)  Although the general unemployment figure is somewhere around eight percent, as touted by Barack Obama, since January 20, 2009, there has been a net loss in the amount of jobs in the country and the job universe (the number of jobs available) has fallen.  Since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has raised taxes on the American public--not only the so-called "rich" but also all others--and big increases are tied to the hideous law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which is a law that was designed ultimately to make the federal government the sole determiner of who does and does not get health care in the country, which gives the federal government tyrannical control over the citizens or, as communists would say, the "masses" (the faceless masses of humans).

     By the way, Barack Obama as the U.S. President said in public (as I document in my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama in the entry for November 30, 2011) that his daughters will do well in life even if most of the other people of the country do not or the country as a whole does not, and that shows his unconcern with most of the people of the United States of America and how their lives go, and when a man destroys a country, he could find pleasant refuge in many other places of the world.

    Barack Obama has publicly made friends with people who are not good people.  Hugo Chavez (of Venezuela) and Fidel Castro (of Cuba), who are leaders that support and practice "communism" (which is a form of "enslavism" for people), have been treated as good people by Barack Obama, who was school in the ways of communism by his parents and such persons as Saul Alinsky (the writer of a book informally titled Rules for Radicals) and Frank Marshall Davis (who was a radical and communist based in Hawaii).  Soon after a former communist gorilla fighter (and killer)--a woman--became the president of Brazil, Barack Obama visited that president of Brazil (during the first term for Barack Obama as the U.S. President, Barack Obama blocked drilling for oil in many places tied to waters or lands of the United States of America and passed on loans to Brazil that it could use to drill for oil).  Barack Obama showed in a meeting with the President of Russia that he might undermine the United States of America in relation to missile defense; Barack Obama was caught saying, when a microphone was still on, that he would have more flexibility in a second term.

    Keep in mind--When Barack Obama was a State Senator in Illinois, he was a State Senator related to a portion of Chicago, and that area is considered the south side of Chicago, and, today, there is no proof that Barack Obama made the people of the south side of Chicago better, and if he had made things better for the people in the south side of Chicago, a person would expect that the accomplishments would be promoted to the American public, such as through the media, but there has been no national publicity about Barack Obama's having made the people of the south side of Chicago better.

    Barack Obama is not a nice man since he support the ways of the Muslim Brotherhood, which follows the ways of Sharia, a highly defined political system designed govern all aspects of a person's life.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamic terrorist entity, which for decades has been involved in killings and bombings and pushing Sharia on the reminder of the world--Sharia is a tyrannical political system, which is wrapped up into a package called religion, in which a few persons get to be rulers and set all the rules of life for the majority of people, and really the rules of Sharia were created, in essence, by a man or men centuries ago to justify the rulers' work of doing harm to other men.  Since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has been in touch regularly with the Muslim Brotherhood, even at the White House, and, for one, the Barack Obama administration worked behind the scenes with the Muslim Brotherhood before the fall of the Mubarak-led government in Egypt, and that helped lead to the Muslim Brotherhood getting control of Egypt, which soon expressed its dislike for Israel, which has been a U.S. ally for decades.  On January 22, 2013, four F-16s (fighter jets) left the Naval Air Force Base (in Dallas, Texas) and set off for Egypt, and they were the first of sixteen jets and some 200 Abrams tanks that the Barack Obama administration had worked out with Egypt in 2010 to let Egypt have, which is now controlled by people who hate the people of Israel.  Since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has pushed for a "two-state" solution to the conflict between Israel and radical Islamic groups in the Middle East in relation to lands, and Barack Obama has undermined the Prime Minister of Israel several times.  When people of Iran were protesting the results of an election in Iran, which is a Sharia-based country, Barack Obama did not show support for the people, and the leaders of Iran had already shown that they want the complete destruction of Israel and Jews.  Incidentally, countries that are governed through the ways of Sharia have limited civil rights for women and gays, and, for instance, women have to have faces covered up in public, and women may not be able to drive vehicles (such as cars), and women may not leave their homes, such as to go shopping, without getting approval from husbands or men who can give authority for them to leave.

    Keep in mind--For a dictator to be successful in a country and rule the country as a dictator, the dictator must control the military and have the military beholden to him and not to the people of the country, and that means the dictator has to, for one, adjust the lineup of generals in the military--conduct a "purge"--till the dictator has generals that he believes are beholden to him over the people of the country (since January 2009, by the way, there have been some changes in the lineup of generals in the U.S. military, and to me, some of the changes seem odd or suspicious in the way they happened--as announced publicly--and one of the big changes focused on David Petraeus).

    Here, I put in an aside of sorts, which sets up trails of information to follow, some of which maybe be false trails to an overall conclusion tied to what Barack Obama is trying to achieve. Basically, Africa and the Middle East are regions of the world where low-level countries or societies--particularly King-based societies, dictatorship societies, and tribal societies--are commonplace, and, really, the regions are rip with developmentally stalled countries, and one reason there are so many developmentally stalled countries is that the countries have had defective political systems for decades and centuries, and the political systems have a common theme, and the theme is the control of the countries have been in the hands of a few, such as tribal kings (such as those who have or are witch-doctor types, whose teachings are nonsense), who have blocked development through religious laws and nonsense laws to keep in power, which have kept most of the people from becoming thinkers and smart about the world.  Around 2008, Barack Obama (a Democrat) was working to be the next U.S. President, and during his campaigning, he was talking about getting U.S. troops out of the Middle East, such as Iraq (where the country was involved in a war) as soon as possible, and, in fact, in the days, to come, the federal government publicly announced timetables for getting out of the Middle East.  Barack Obama became the U.S. President in January 2009, and in June 2009, Barack Obama was touring in the Middle East and, of course, giving speeches, such as a famous speech in Cairo, Egypt, on June 4, 2009; one part of the speech talked about how the Islamic world had been involved in creating algebra and the magnetic compass, which had been done centuries and centuries past, and Barack Obama did not note how since roughly the year 600 (the time of Muhammad), the societies have created little and have been stalled societies (it took, for instance, the drive of the British, starting in the 1800s, to get the oil industry of the Middle East underway), and Barack Obama's speech was used to show some support for the Palestinians over the Jews in the Middle East and to even somewhat degrade the United States of America in the eyes of Muslims.  In the summer of 2009, there were elections in Iran (a country ruled by a hard-line Muslim dictators), and when citizens of the country protested, believing the election was illegitimate, which led to beatings and killings of citizens by the government, Barack Obama showed no support, such as through a public press conference, for the protesters (which horrified many good Americans, such as "conservatives" or non-communists).  In 2010 and early 2011, a revolution took place in Tunisia, and, for one, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was pushed out of office.  In January 2011, a revolution began in Egypt, and, for one, President Hosni Mubarak was removed from office, and not long later, in essence, the Muslim Brotherhood (such as President Mohamed Morsi) became the dominant power in the government of Egypt.  In March 2011, civil war broke out in Syria, and also in 2011, the leader of Libya--a military dictator called Muammar Gaddafi--was put out of power, and both countries are still in strife; by the way, in September 2012, four Americans were killed in a roughly seven-hour-long attack in Benghazi, Libya, and during the attack, little was done by the Barack Obama administration to protect the Americans who were under attack [to learn more about the attack in Benghazi, you should see my document entitled The "Benghazi Killings Scandal": A Short Information-and-Status Report, which can be reached by using this Benghazi link).  Also in 2011, a revolution took place in Yemen, which, in essence, is made up of tribes or is a tribal nation, and the country has yet to become stabilized with a new constitution and a new election (which seemed to be scheduled for 2014), and what government exists in under fire from and is battling Islamic radicals (members of Al-Qaeda), such as those based in Yemen.  In early 2012, what is called the "Tuareg Rebellion" began in northern Mali, which involved fighting against the government, and, in essence, fighting was still going on well in to early 2013, and in January 2013, a big hostage event took place at a gas plant in Algeria (which is a country that touches a part of Mali), and, for instance, the hostages were tied to such places as the United States of America, the Philippines, Japan, and Great Britain, and some of the hostages were killed, such as some Japanese (where many of the people follow Buddhism or Shinto).  [Keep in mind--To radical Islamists, such as those working hard to make Sharia the only religion in the world, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists are enemies--for not falling the ways of Islam and their Allah.]  During the first term as the U.S. President for Barack Obama, Barack Obama and the Democrats were trying to sell the idea to the American public that the political changes in the Middle East and Northern Africa had to do with "democracy movement" or an "Arab Spring," but I know the "democracy movement" or "Arab Spring" was a nonsense idea since people who were driving the revolutions and political changes in countries had not already developed plans for government structures in which the people would own the government and the governments would have limits imposed on them by the citizens and since the people who were driving the revolutions and political changes were pushing for governments based on Sharia, which is not compatible with the idea of "democracy" and which is nothing more than a political system disguised as a religion, and since I knew a lot of people in the Middle East supported the idea of having governments based on Sharia or Islamic law, maybe feeling a government based on a so-called religion--Sharia--would be a benevolent government (though, really, such a government would be nothing more than a body of people or humans, who could easily become tyrannical if not restrained).  In the Middle East and Northern African area, democracy is almost nonexistent--for example, Oman is a Islamic state having a ruling monarchy, and Sudan is a single party authoritarian country using Islamic principles, and Saudi Arabia has a ruling monarchy that follows strict Islamic law.  A person could see that there seems to be a consolidation of power going on in the Middle East and Northern Africa, a change that seems could lead to more control of the Middle East by Islamic radicals tied in some way to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Keep in mind--The Barack Obama administration has fought in court against the Christian community in relation to abortion and contraception, the latter of which has always felt Christians should not be forced to pay for the abortions or contraceptive materials of people and the former of which has been working to force the Christian community to give up money to those who want abortions and contraceptive materials paid for by others.

    Good countries can have allies or be allied with other good countries, and when what has been a good country has a change in leadership that results in the country getting a political leader who shows that the country will be changed from what it is to something that is not good and then the leader sort of breaks off ties with good allies or shows disfavor with those allies, it shows that the leader is a bad leader.  For a lot years, the people of Great Britain have been allies with the Americans, and yet since Barack Obama became the U.S. President, he has snubbed or put down the people of Great Britain several times, such as by removing from his sight a bust of Winston Churchill (a prominent man in England, especially during World War II), and Barack Obama made a gift of this speeches to the Queen of England (using a format of technology that could not be used in England).  Barack Obama worked to block the creation of an oil pipeline between Canada and Texas (of the United States of America), which not only hurt the U.S. but also Canada.

    A big piece of my proof that shows that Barack Obama is not working to create a simple socialistic democracy is how Barack Obama has dealt with the border between Mexico and the United States of America.  Barack Obama has taken to court and has fought in court states, such as Arizona, that have tried to uphold the federal immigration rules of the country.  Barack Obama has done very little to stop illegal aliens from entering the country by means of the Mexican/U.S. border, and, in fact, Barack Obama has even work to promote the idea that "illegal aliens" are simply "undocumented" people in the country, though "illegal aliens" are criminals in that they are in violation of federal law (all other countries deal with "illegal aliens," such as by deporting them).  During the first term of Barack Obama as the U.S. President, his administration operated a gun-running program called "Operation Fast and Furious," which smart people know was designed to get guns into the hands of bad people in Mexico, who could then do bad things with the guns, which would get more American people to push for more gun-control laws in the United States of America (the plan blew up when, for one, a U.S. border agent was killed by someone using one of the guns, none of which the federal government did anything to track).

    International treaties can circumvent U.S. laws, even The United States Constitution, or international treaties when agreed to by the federal government of the United States of America can make international laws supersede U.S. laws, even The United States Constitution.  In 2009, Barack Obama was working to get an international climate-change treaty agreed to at the United Nations, and that would have put, for one, the U.S. under restrictions imposed on it by the United Nation, which is mostly controlled by bad people, such as communists, and it would have led to the U.S. having to cough up money to Third World dictatorships under the guise that the U.S. was helping those Third World countries fight climate change (which is well known to be a hoax, as was shown by the "Climategate" scandal of late 2009).  Around late 2012 and early 2013, it was clear that the Barack Obama administration was working to get finalized international treaties that would be detrimental to the United States of America (evidence exists in my documents entitled Mar R. Levin Interviews Dick Morris: The Topic is International Treaties and the Evil Work of Barack Obama (which can be reached through this Treaties link) and Mark R. Levin Interviews Dick Morris: More on International Treaties Designed to Enslave the United States of America to the United Nations Communists and Such, which can be reached by using this link: Dick Morris).

    Here is a collection of reasons that Barack Obama is trying to do more than simply create a socialistic democracy.  For more years, as the U.S. President, Barack Obama had worked to discredit and put down doctors and business people, and that is not a sign of a man simply working to create a simple socialistic democracy--he is working to make a more authoritarian country that controls doctors and business people.   Barack Obama lies continually (proof of which exists in two of my documents that exist on the Internet--Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama and Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama (Part Two)), and the lying is a sign of a detective mind and a bad person, and when a person lies as much as Barack Obama does, Barack Obama cannot be working to make things better for people.  Even if a man wants to turn a country into "socialistic democracy," the person does not block the creation of an oil pipeline, which, if built, would make him look good in the eyes of the citizens of the country, and the man does not work to block energy production, such as by making it harder for oil drillers to drill for oil (but helping other countries, such as Brazil, drill for oil).

    Keep in mind--Bad people think "democracy" means that all persons in a society (at least in the "masses" of the society) should be equal by having exactly the same amount of money or wealth.

    If a man seems to be working to crash a country or kill a country economically or in other ways from within, a person has to wonder what the man will get or achieve in the long run as a reward for the work done, which good people will know is bad work.  If a man can crash an economy of a country and keep the country in a depressed state, then the country would be hard pressed to it to be involved in blocking, such as with military action, bad people around the world from doing bad things, and the man could then have and gain clout with the international community of bad people, which might allow him to elected to a high international office, such as the president of the world (people are indeed working to create an overall one-world government, such as tied to the United Nations).  If a man crashes the economy of a country and the people of the country do not understand that he has been working to crash the economy, the man can yet be deemed as the man who should be put in charge to fix the economy and try to make the economy better, and that could give the man the ability to control the riches and wealth and resources of the country as a dictator or king.  If a man by nature is an "enslavist," which Barack Obama has shown himself to be, and if the man sees that his country was in the past responsible for putting out of power a man of another country that he likes (maybe Saddem Hussein of Iraq), the man could gain satisfaction from destroying the country that destroyed the man that he liked and yet likes.  By making Sharia commonplace a country that was not set up with Sharia or to follow Sharia, a man could gain clout and prestige with people of the world for having advanced the ways of Sharia (Islamists, especially radical Islamists terrorists, are working to turn the world into one large Islamic state, governed by the rules and ways of Sharia).  If a man can advance the cause of Sharia, such as by helping to destroy Israel, the man could see the self as having gained respect and favor in the eyes of Allah, which might afford the man a better life in the after-life, and although the idea can be deemed as nonsense and not based in reality, the idea is a reality within the mind of the man and the prize of success is real.

    The idea that Barack Obama is working to make a "socialistic democracy" does not fit--it is a false trail on the way to a person's trying to understand what Barack Obama is working to do to the country--and a person who acts like a Sherlock Holmes should see by the information presented in this document that the statement is true, and, by the way, a person who wishes not to be like a Sherlock Holmes
can always act like Charlie Chan or Mr. Moto or Mr. Wong or Jessica Fletcher or Miss Marple, all of whom are fictional characters, images of people, more reliable images than what many people have as an image for Barack Obama, which is a false image of goodness, and a person who acts like a detective should see Barack Obama is looking for success on an international basis with those who are not good people, which involves having to undermine the United States of America.


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