Mark R. Levin Interviews Dick Morris:
The Topic is International Treaties and
the Evil Work of Barack Obama


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May 25, 2012
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    This document has two main parts--(1) a simple explanation about international treaties and what they can mean to the individual in the United States of America and (2) a text version of a radio interviewed conducted by Mark R. Levin on his nationally syndicated radio show with Dick Morris, one of the authors of a book entitled SCREWED! How Foreign Countries Are Ripping Off and Plundering Our Economy--and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It.  However, the reason that I put the document together is to show how an evil person--if he were to become the U.S. President--could do great harm to the United States of America and to you, though the evil person would be helped by other evil men and women in the U.S. Senate.  Barack Obama is an evil man, and I see him as a man who would hurt this country, and now let me should you how he could do it.

    Let me keep part one really simple.  Because of a provision of The U.S. Constitution and because of an existing international treaty, which the United States of America is tied to and which was created in the late 1960s, when the United States of America agrees to be a part of an international treaty, which is done, in essence, by having the U.S. Senate vote "yes" on it, the treaty can supersede U.S. laws, such as The United States Constitution, and that means that laws in The United States Constitution can, in essence, be made void or useless, such as the right that the citizen has in the country to have firearms, which would put the citizens in the United States of America at mercy to other countries, such as the many communistic and dictatorial countries in the world.  The United Nations is an entity mostly controlled by communists and socialists and people who wish to do harm to you and the United States of America by using United Nations-based treaties; by the way, in December 2009, an treaty related to climate change, which Barack Obama was pushing for, was almost made, and it would have cost the United States of America billions and billions of dollars and would have harmed you and the country.  Today, other bad international treaties are being proposed and worked on at the United Nations, and if looks as if Barack Obama would love to have them agreed to by the U.S. Senate of the United States of America.

    On May 8, 2012, Eileen McCann and Dick Morris had one of their books released to the public, and the topic was bad international treaties that it seemed very likely Barack Obama was going to push to have ratified by the U.S Senate, and on Friday, May 25, 2012, Dick Morris talked about the book and a number of potential treaties on The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show).  Since I am not an expert in treaties and law, I recorded the interview, and I present portions of it here because I believe many in the main media would avoid reporting of the treaties so that you and the country can be hurt and enslavism can be pushed even more on you and the country.  Here is material from the interview.

Here is one part (the opening):

    Mark Levin: "Dick Morris, are you there?"
    Dick Morris: "Yes, I am, Mark."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, my goodness.  It works.  Now, Dick Morris, your book is excellent.  SCREWED!  This, eh, eh, we haven't been paying attention to this.  This president has been signing and submitting all kinds of treaties to Congress, hasn't he?"
    Dick Morris: "Yeah.  He has and he will.  Ah, I think that at some level Obama understands he's gonna lose [the forthcoming election], and that's he gonna lose the Senate.  And what he's doing is negotiating and submitting a raft of treaties--many of which have been kicking around for a decade or more--which Reagan and Bush and Clinton and Bush would not submit to the Senate for ratification.  But it looks as if he's going to do it.  And the first...treaty is the Law and the Sea Treaty, where they had hearings two days ago.  And I think that what's gonna happen here is that a whole series of these treaties are going to be submitted to the lame-duck session of the Senate.  And between the Democratic majority, which is, will be extinguished a few weeks later, and the rhino Republicans, especially a guy like Lugar, who also will have to leave office, ah, I think that there's a very good chance of ratification.  And I really want people to understand the dangers.  Start with the Law of the Sea Treaty--this treaty provides that we have to give Third World countries, through the Seabed Authority, a U.N. body, fifty percent of our  royalties for oil and gas drilling outside of the two-hundred-mile continental shelf, a transfer that could ultimately reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars.  It also has a provision that vests the Seabed Authority with the right to fight pollution of the ocean, and a part of the pollution is thermal pollution, it's defined as.  That could be a backdoor climate-change treaty.  Ah, and, finally, of course, it surrenders to a judicial tribunal the capacity to determine what sea lanes are open and how to keep them open, ah, which is something the U.S. Navy basically does...."
    Mark Levin: "With this authority.  With...with, let me just straighten, with this authority be under the U.N. essentially?"
    Dick Morris: "Ah, essentially, but it would be a theoretically--it would be U.N.-like body of a 160 nations...."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, just what we need!"
    Dick Morris: "...Yeah.  And, and that, that concept.  Ah, I don't think it would formally be under the Secretary General, but it is a body specifically created by this L.O.S.T. Treaty--the Law of the Sea Treaty.  Then, there's the gun-control treaty, the ban on small-arms exports to other countries, and that sets up a body in Geneva to set up...negotiate with member nations, signatory nations schemes to prevent the export of hand guns and small arms to other countries, ah, which is a backdoor method of gun control in the United States.  They could never get it through the Congress, but they're gonna do it through this treaty.  And the most irksome and dangerous of all is the International Criminal Court Treaty.  We are the only nation in the world that is not a member of the I.C.C.  And the I.C.C. has a crime called 'aggression,' which is defined as a war crime, and it is going to war without the support and approval of the U.N. Security Council, which is to say Russia and China.  And when Bush was going to go to Switzerland to accept an award in 2010, he canceled the trip because there was thought that he might be arrested when he set foot on Swiss soil for the, or crimes against humanity of committing the crime of aggression.  And former presidents are personally liable for that crime."

Here is another part:

    Mark Levin: "...Here's the thing, Dick Morris.  The, ah, isn't it interesting the 'left,' ah, they get all upset and argue about jobs being shipped overseas and so forth, although they promote it with government regulations and taxation, and, yet, they want to export of sovereignty, right?  I mean does this even make any sense?"
    Dick Morris: "Well, I think that what's going on, Mark, is this is the idea that we can't persuade the ludites* in Congress to move on 'progressive' legislation, so through treaty we're gonna to do it.  Remember how the European constitution was put up for a referendum in various countries, and France and Holland and Britain turned it down, and then they enacted the same thing anyway under the Lisbon Treaty, 'cause treaties didn't need popular approval, just parliamentary approval and became automatic.  That's what they're tryin' to do here.  They can't pass gun control, so they're passing the right to bear the small-arms export ban.  Ah, one of the other ones is called the Rights of the Child Treaty.  That provides, for example, that you can't put juveniles in adult prisons, which would undermine the entire effort of the last thirty years to try juveniles who commit murder and other heinous crimes over sixteen as adults and incarcerate them as adults.  It would make that illegal.  Um, it also says that every country shall give every child a certain level, basic level of food, nutrition, clothing, health care, and education.  That creates a statutory ability to sue for higher welfare benefits, and Cameron who just cut the welfare budget in Britain is currently the defendant in just such a lawsuit brought by the High Commissioner of the Rights of the Child Treaty for his welfare cuts in Britain.  And then it further says that rich countries are obliged to subside poor countries in provid, to make sure that they can help their own children.  And that could create a legal ability to sue for foreign-aid increases...."  [* = I am unsure what word Dick Morris used here, so I used "ludites" (going with the sound of the word), though the word "luddites" exists, but "luddites" does not seem to be the word used.]
    Mark Levin: "Let, let, let, let me ask you a question.  What do you make really--the Democrat Party used to be an admirable party, but it's been hijacked by these radically on the left--and my question to you is this, because you study this so carefully now, what do you make of a political party that seems to have as it's purpose the unraveling of the country?"
    Dick Morris: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "I mean isn't it stunning?"
    Dick Morris: "It's, it's amazing.  And, in this case, what it really is is the unraveling of our sovereignty.  This is the 'one-world' global stuff.  Hillary [Clinton], in her testimony on the Law of the Sea Treaty, mocked to the opponents that, saying that these guys are, have worried about black helicopters from the U.N. coming in any minute, and that's a quote from her...."
    Mark Levin: "Now, can I stop you right there?  Now we're worried about all these drones they want to put in the sky.  You know, who would have thought of that?  But go ahead, I'm sorry."
    Dick Morris: "But, in fact, I am worried that these treaties taken together are a monumental transfer of sovereignty from the United States to the global--quote--community.  And, you know, if the global community were a community of democracies, that would be fine.  If the Russian and the Chinese votes on the Security Council reflected Russian and Chinese opinion, that's one thing.  But the fact is that we're talking about a world of Third World dictatorships and autocracies.  And what they can't pass in the Senate and the House and the American people can't stand--higher welfare, higher foreign aid, ban on hand guns, ah, re, requirement that you go through the U.N. in any military or, or, or, or war offensive, ah, requirement that you share offshore royalties with every Third World country--Law of the Sea Treaty also obliges us to share our oil-drilling technology with any country that wants it through the Seabed Authority, whether we want to or not.  None of these things could be legislated domestically.  And the point that I make in SCREWED! with my wife Eileen is that we are ceded these issues through these treaties and under the "supremacy" clause of The Constitution--treaties are forever, ah, they acquire the same clout as constitutional provisions do, must be enforced by our U.S. courts, cannot be overridden except by a U.S. constitutional amendment or a replacement treaty letting us out of it signed by all 160 other nations."

    In essence, what Mark Levin and Dick Morris showed is that Barack Obama is very likely to give away control of the United States of America to other countries--a defective body of countries (the U.N.), and to me, for a person as a U.S. President to submit such treaties to the U.S. Senate to be potentially ratified shows that such a person is an enemy of the United States of America and is even a traitor to the United States of America, though many persons might say that my use of "traitor" cannot be applied.  And, of course, any person in the U.S. Senate who votes "yes" for such treaties is an enemy to the United States of America.

    The United States of America is in trouble, given that, for one, Barack Obama is the U.S. President and is an enemy of the county.

    You are urged to see my document titled Mark R. Levin Interviews Dick Morris: More on International Treaties Designed to Enslave the United States of America to the United Nations Communists and Such, which can be reached by using this link: Dick Morris.


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