Mark Levin Interviews Dick Morris:
More on International Treaties Designed
to Enslave the United States of America
to the United Nations Communists and Such


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November 30, 2012
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    On May 25, 2012, Dick Morris was interviewed by Mark R. Levin during a portion of The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show), and the topic was international treaties and what they can do to take freedom away from Americans and even make The United States Constitution and the U.S. laws as useless, and, for example, the treaties can put the people of the United Nations--most of whom are communist dictators--as overseers of the United States of America and can result in the United States of America having to pay money for so-called violations of whatever to the United Nations or Third-World countries, especially Third-World dictatorships.  It is known that Barack Obama is a "redistributionalist," who is a person who likes to take from people who do things and produce things and then give what is taken to others, and some believe Barack Obama practices his redistribution tactics to truly help the poor, but I say that Barack Obama is a person who takes from others, such a successful business people, so that he can be seen as higher in stature than those other people, and I say that Barack Obama, like a street thug, has the goal of taking money from the United States of America and giving it to other nations not to help the poor but to simply steal from the United States of America and support and reward other enslavists and maybe be seen as one of the greatest communists in world history, rising above the stature of, for instance, Stalin.  To a madman, the United States of American is quite a prize, and one way to control the United States of America--the people and the wealth--is  to us international treaties.  It is unfortunate much of the population is ignorant to the evil that Barack Obama is, and it is evident many of the people of the United States of America are ignorant or evil, given he was elected to be the U.S. President for a second term (in November 2012).  On November 29, 2012, Dick Morris was once again interviewed on The Mark Levin Show by Mark Levin, and I provide in this document a text version of much of the interview, which may help some of the ignorant better understand what a bad man as a U.S. President can do not only to the United States of America but also to them.  Here is the text material, and I start at the point where Dick Morris mentions the name of his newest book:

    Dick Morris: "The book in entitled Here Come the Black Helicopters, and the subtitle is UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom.  And obviously my wife [Eileen McGann] and I who wrote it don't believe there really are going to be black helicopters coming over.  It'd be drones.  But we do believe, ah, passionately there is a movement afoot that, ah, has, ah, adherence of the highest levels of our own government who want to basically replace American sovereignty with UN sovereignty and want to create a global governing structure.  Ah, at the moment, their offensive is a very broad wide offense that's receiving almost no coverage.  Ah, on Monday, for example, in Dubai, there's going to be a meeting of a hundred-ninety-three nations, including the U.S., at the International Telecommunications Union Conference, and their goal is to write a treaty giving the United Nations control over the Internet, and that treaty has been in the works now for six months.  But it's been...being negotiated in secret.  Ah, the only reason we know anything about what they're planning to do is that the founder of the Internet--...I'm sorry--two researchers from George Mason University, ah, put up a wi, WikiLeaks-like site and said, if there's anyone that knows anything about what's going on in these negotiations, please post it.  And on J, June 12th, somebody posted a two-hundred-and-twelve-page memo explaining what they have in mind.  And that's the only indication we have.  Ah, and yet, this is going on over the next two weeks, and very likely a treaty will be signed at the end of that, including with the United States.  And what they're looking at doing is giving this UN agency--that basically administers long-distance phone calls--control over the Internet.  Ah, they would assign the e-addresses.  They would assign the IP names, ah, and, and acquaint each government with the IP users and their country so they can track down dissidents.  One of the things they're proposing is that, just as with long-distance phone calls, the person that initiates the call pays for it, so Google and all the other websites pay for any foreigner who accesses them--ah, within the country would be free, but outside of the country, ah, it would be charged.  And the goal of that, of course, would be that they charge so much that nobody wants to access them, and, therefore, they, the countries can keep the Internet users looking at the censored in-country sites.  There's a treaty coming up on, in mid-March, which is going to be negotiated and signed then, I believe, which is a global small-arms treaty.  Now, the object of it is a completely phony one.  They're saying that what they want to do is to stop individuals and companies from steeling arms to foreign governments and, ah, mob and mob groups or criminals gangs or drug gangs, but that's absurbed--ninety percent of the arms exports of small arms come from governments not from individuals.  And there's a long thing about everything that they want to do, but then there's a provision in there saying the signatory countries are obliged to adopt means--whatever means are necessary--to stop the exportation of these weapons, and that will open the door to registration and even to confiscation.  And since a signed treaty, if ratified by the Senate, has the same force as a constitutional amendment, the Second Amendment [of The United States Constitution] would offer no protection.  And there's a third treaty up for ratification, ah, next month--probably, they'll wait until they get more votes in the Senate from this last election--called the Law of the Sea Treaty that gives the UN ownership of the seas of the world, seventy-one percent of the planet.  And it says, if you want to drill more than 200 miles off your continental shelf for oil or gas, you've got to get this agency's permission, you got to pay for an application fee, and you have to give it a share of your royalties, all of which are then distributed to Third World countries.  And the other elements that are going on is a, an effort to tax the United States in order to aid the Third World.  There are five taxes under consideration--the one that I just spoke about about oil drilling, a tax on billionaires, which, of course, would lead to a global UN income tax, ah, a tax on financial transactions of one-half of one percent that would then go, of, of all, of buying or selling of bonds or stocks or even currency changing, which would go into a fund to be given to the Third World, a tax on airlines that, ah, penalize them for their carbon emissions that would amount to about a hundred-and-twenty dollars for a round trip to Europe.  Ah, the World Health Organization is pushing a global cigarette tax.  So they're all of these efforts afoot to tax us, to regulate us, and to take away our sovereignty.  And to explain them and red flag them--'cause nobody's writing about them--um, we wrote this book, Here Come the Black Helicopters."
    Mark Levin: "That's scary, and that's why I didn't interrupt you.  I wanted you to lay out the points.  Now, now, Dick Morris, I wanted to say this to you--Isn't it funny Obama's tal, complains about out sourcing jobs, and yet he would out source of sovereignty, wouldn't he?"
    Dick Morris: "Yeah, exactly.  And the, the big overview of this, Mark, is something that you have turned me on to through your book "Freedom and Tyranny."  Is that right, Liberty and Tyranny?"
    Mark Levin: "Yes, sir."
    Dick Morris: "And, um, and, and, bas, after I read your book, I then read Hayek for the first time.  He wrote To Serfdom [The Road to Serfdom].  I'm sure most of your listeners have a while ago, but I used to be a 'liberal.'  And, ah, the concept that underscores what Hayek talks about is to achieve, ah, regulation and planning and ultimately global governments, you need to do so in the name of a specific cause, and that cause is climate change.  Ah, there's a book that was written in 1991 called The First Global Revolution by the Club of Rome, and it says: 'A common adversary to organize an act together is a necessary motivation.  We must find it to bring the divided nations together to face an outside enemy.  It need not be a real one, but can be one invented for the purpose.  This is the way we are setting the scene for mankind's encounter with the planet.  New enemies, therefore, have to be identified, new struggles imagined, new weapons developed.  In searching for a new reality, new enemies unite us.  We came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famines, and the like would fill the bill.  All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it's only though changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then is humanity itself.'  And this is their roots to their goal of global government.  And in, at the Rio conference in 19...."
    Mark Levin: "Let me slow you down.  Ba, basically, what you're defining ultimately is totalitarianism?"
    Dick Morris: "Yes, I'm defining, I'm saying there's this entity out there that does not respect democracy.  Ah, sixty percent of its members are rated as not free by Freedom House.  It's no honest.  It's not.  And three-quarters of its members are rated as corrupt by Transparency International.  Ah, and it doesn't respect human rights.  And this entity, the United Nations General Assembly--not the...Council--the General Assembly wants to essentially replace the U.S. Congress as the vehicle that levies taxes, imposes regulations, and distributes aid to Third World countries.  And they ventured into a global bargain, which is--they will fight in the name of climate change for a global transfer of wealth from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, and in return for that, they'll get the votes of all of the dictators and tyrants in southern hemisphere to permit that to happen.  And that global deal is essentially what we're unfolding and explaining in this book, in which I advanced at the Rio conference in ninety-two, the twenty-year-later Rio conference this year, and, ah, it's implicit in 'Agenda 21,' which is an effort to drill down to local zones and planning boards to adopt pro-density policies that would minimize driving and, essentially, herd us all into cities.  So this is kind of a global plan.  I don't want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but...."
    Mark Levin: "No, no, no, but let, let me tell you somethin'!  That, those days are gone.  This stuff is serious now.  In other words, in other words, in other words, maybe five years ago, if you had said this to me, I'd say--What the hell is going on with Dick Morris?  Now, now, I very attentive on listening to your every words.  So, go ahead.  We've got one more minute left."
    Dick Morris: "Take 'Agenda 21.'  Ah, HUD gives out planning grants to all local planning boards, and it requires that, to get those grants, they have to ascribe to the goals of 'Agenda 21,' which is, essentially, to move us all away from rural areas and from suburbs and put us all in cities, ah, kind of akin to what Stalin wanted under collectivization, ah, so that we don't drive and so that we don't, ah, pollute the planet--ah, again, seeking to regulate us and make us conform in the name of preventing global climate change.  Ah, and, what is going on is without any coverage, without any focus.  Our sovereignty and our liberties are being eroded chip by chip, and, dah, that's what we talk about in Here Come the Black Helicopters.  I hope people get it for Christmas and really pay attention to it, because the media's not covering it.  Nobody is covering this...Internet conference.  If this is the first time you've ever heard of this, well, it was the lead article on Drudge on Wednesday, but that was the first time it's ever broken into consciousness...."

    That covers most of the interview.

    Think about my comment about Barack Obama's not really helping the poor--If he gives money to dictators, they might vote for him to be the President of the World or the King of the World at the time when the first such person might be chosen (by tyrants and dictators at the United Nations).


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