Detroit and Death:
A View of a Future
United States of America


Victor Edward Swanson,

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July28, 2013
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    I have lived in the Detroit area of Michigan since 1953, an over the years, I have watch Detroit fall apart, and, today, I define Detroit, Michigan, as a "Dead City."  Within the last years, I have been more pronounced in calling Detroit a "Dead City," knowing what Barack Obama and watching what Barack Obama has been doing to the United States of America through his legislative actions, all of which have been defective, especially the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (February 17, 2009); in fact, in he summer of 2009, while traveling in other states of the nation, I described how Detroit is a "Dead City" to American citizens of such states as Louisiana and Indiana.  And, today, I will report that Detroit is going to be a "Dead City" for decades, and this document will show why, and this document will show what the United States of America will quickly become if people do now strongly and angrily fight against Barack Obama, who is insane (as I note in other documents on my that are available at the Web site of The Hologlobe Press) and the associates of Barack Obama, some of whom are known communists, known promoters of homosexuality, known socialists, known racists, known tax cheats, et cetera.

    Let me make a thought clear: When I use the term "general jobless rate," I am describing the jobless rate that does not include information about part-time workers who are trying to find full-time employment and information about people who have stopped looking for work, and when these people are put into the jobless statistics, you have what called "U6 unemployment" figure by the federal government.

* * * The Main Event * * *

    I now present a bit of history pertaining to Detroit, and why Detroit is what it is.  In the 1970s, the Mayor of Detroit, Coleman A. Young began the process to kill Detroit, and one way in which he did that was to make "whites" enemies to "blacks," and that led to "whites" leaving.  Over the years, more and more whites left, and they left because crime went up and violence in the schools rose, and what also happened was blacks who disliked having to pay taxes and get fewer and fewer services each year left for other cities.  Since the 1970s, the school system--the Detroit Public School system (or DPS system) has often had budget deficits, and many stories about corruption and mismanagement in relation to Detroit and the DPS became public knowledge, and one of the recent stories was the Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick corruption incident related to police firings that led to Kwame Kilpatrick's having to leave his job as the mayor and having to spend about three months in prison in 2008.

    Examine a number of facts (and you will see others sort of listed in the title of articles in the "Bibliography" of this document):

    Fact One: Around 2009, the illiteracy rate for adults in Detroit was at least 47 percent.

    Fact Two: The Detroit Public School system had a deficit of $139,000,000 for the 2007-2008 year (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "Amid deficit, DPS to return $16 million."  Detroit Free Press, 16 January 2009, p. 1B.).

    Fact Three: Around April 2009, it was public knowledge that the Detroit Public Schools had a projected deficit of about $305,000,000 (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "Signs of trouble ignored: District kept poor records, Bobb says." Detroit Free Press, 2 April 2009, p.  4A.).

    Fact Four: In May 2009, it was public knowledge that Wayne County, a big part of which is Detroit, saw a decrease of 77,535 blacks from 2000 to 2008, and that is a 8.9 percent drop.

    Fact Five: In mid-June 2009, it was public knowledge that the Detroit Public School system had a deficit of about $430,000,000.000 (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "DPS deficit hits $430 million."  Detroit Free Press, 19 June 2009, p. 4A.).

    Fact Six: On Monday, June 29, 2009, Monica Conyers, the wife of U.S. Representative John Conyers, resigned as a member of the Detroit City Council; she had recently pleaded guilty in a bribery charge.

    Fact Seven: On July 19, 2009, the Detroit Free Press reported that Martha Reeves (who was the former lead singer of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and who was a member of the City Council of Detroit) had accumulated about $210,000 in federal and state tax liens since becoming a member of the City Council in 2006 (Elrick, M.L.  "Tax debts, money woes hound council."  Detroit Free Press, 19 July 2009, p. 1A.).

    Fact Eight: Around the end of September 2009, it was public knowledge that about 40 square miles of Detroit, Michigan, were vacant, and, at the time, Detroit covered about 139 square miles, so that means that about one-third of Detroit is vacant land.

    Fact Nine: In August 2009, the general jobless rate for the state of Michigan was about 15.2 percent.

    Fact Ten: In September 2009, the general jobless rate in the United States increased from 9.7 percent to 9.8 percent, and that jobless rate is not the rate that includes information about part-time workers who are trying to find full-time employment and information about people who have stopped looking for work, and when those persons are taken into account, the complex jobless rate was about about 16.8 percent in September 2009, and, at this time, the general jobless rate for men older than twenty years of age was 10.3 percent, and the general jobless rate for teenagers was 25.9 percent, and the unemployment rate for black adults was 15.4 percent.

    Fact Eleven: On October 6, 2009, The Washington Post reported that Michigan has lost 870,000 jobs in the last year years, that Michigan has lost 632,000 jobs since Jennifer Granholm (a Democrat) became the governor of Michigan (which was in 2003), and that Michigan was expected to lose another 130,000 jobs by the end of 2010, and it was reported that Jennifer Granholm believed that by 2020 her push for "green jobs" and a green industry for Michigan would create about 40,000 jobs, which is about 1,000 jobs a year (Hedgpeth, Dana.  "In Michigan, A Yellow Light for Green Jobs."  The Washington Post, 6 October 2009, p. NA.).

    Fact Twelve: On Thursday, October 8, 2009, the Detroit Free Press reported facts from the U.S. Census Bureau, RealtyTrac Inc., and Michigan, and here were some of the facts that were reported.  The general unemployment rate for Detroit in August 2009 was 27.8 percent, and the general unemployment rate for Michigan in August 2009 was 15.2 percent.  From August 2008 to August 2009, Michigan lost 300,000 jobs.  In Detroit, about 32 percent of the households use "food stamps" (which are associated with a federal social program and are used to buy food), and, in Michigan, about 12 percent of the households use "food stamps."  (Thierry, Martha.  "Measurements of hardship." Detroit Free Press, 8 October 2009, p. 1A.)

    Fact Thirteen: The general jobless rate in Michigan in September 2009 was 15.2 percent, and that is information from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (Gallagher, John.  "State's jobless rate is showing stability."  Detroit Free Press, 15 October 2009, p. 1B.).

    Fact Fourteen: On September 27, 2009, it was reported by the New York Post that the unemployment for those persons from 16 years of age to 24 years of age is now 53.4 percent, and that is information from the U.S. Labor Department and that figure is a post-World War II high, and it was reported that, since the recession started (in 2008), 6.9-million jobs related to the group have been lost in the country (Wilner, Richard.  "The dead end kids: Young, unemployed and facing a tough future."  New York Post,  27 September 2009 (last update 29 September 2009), p. NA.).

    Fact Fifteen: On Friday, November 6, 2009, more statistics about joblessness were issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the federal government.  The national general jobless rate was now 10.2 percent, and the national "U6" jobless rate was now 17.5 percent.

    Fact Sixteen: On Thursday, November 12, 2009, the Detroit Free Press published articles entitled "A Bleak outlook for Michigan" and "We'll be among the poorest states for years, study says" that gave, in essence, predictions about Michigan, and the predictions came from the Pew Center on the States, and one prediction noted that the one-million lost recently will not return for 15 years--if there is a full-blown economic recovery (Christoff, Chris.  "A bleak outlook for Michigan." Detroit Free Press, 12 November 2009, p. 17A; Christoff, Chris.  "We'll be among the poorest states for years, study says."  Detroit Free Press, 12 November 2009, p. 1A.).

    Fact Seventeen: The Detroit Free Press noted on November 1, 2009, that the jobless rate in Michigan was 15.1 percent in October 2009; the jobless rate had been 15.3 percent in September (Gallagher, John.  "State jobless rate falls to 15.1%; employment gains hailed." Detroit Free Press, 19 November 2009, p. 2B.).  Then, on November 12, 2009, the Detroit Free Press published a report from the Pew Center that hinted that the state would be 'one of the nation's 10 poorest states for the foreseeable future...." (Christoff, Chris.  "We'll be among the poorest states for years, study says."  Detroit Free Press, 12 November 2009, p. 1A.).  I note that, in the second article, little of the Pew Reporter was passed along--in fact, almost nothing was passed along as far as facts, and no reasons were given, and, in the first article, it was not note why the jobless rate went down to 15.1 percent in October 2009 (maybe, job seekers left the state, or job seekers gave up their search).

    Fact Eighteen: On Friday, January 29, 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor released unemployment data (or underemployment rate), and it was reported that full unemployment figure for Michigan in relation to 2009 (at least the end of 2009) was 21.5 percent (Rugaber, Christopher S.  "Underemployment at 21.5% for Michigan in '09." Detroit Free Press, 30 January 2010, p. 9A.).

    Fact Nineteen: At the end of 2008, when U.S. President George W. Bush's term as the U.S. President was about finished, the national debt was 454.8-billion dollars, and about a lot of that had come out of policies to stall the economic crash of 2008.  At the end of 2009, when U.S. Presdient Barack Obama had been in office for about one year, the federal deficit had been increased to 1,420-billion dollars.  In essence, in one year, the national debt had been increased by about 3.14 percent.  On Monday, February 1, 2010, Barack Obama put forth to the U.S. Congress a proposed budget for 2011, and the budget was rated at about 3,800-billion dollars, and since the bill was required to project budgets out ten years, it became public knowledge that the bill would increase the debt by about 1,000-billion a year for the next ten years.  Barack Obama is killing the country--purposely--and that includes the depressed Detroit.

    Fact Twenty: It was announced on Wednesday, May 19, 2010, that the general jobless rate in Michigan was about 14 percent  (Gallagher, John.  "JOBLESS RATE DIPS."  Detroit Free Press, 20 May 2010, p. 1B.).

    Fact Twenty-one: On Friday, May 21, 2010, the Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "Scores on test trigger plan to change what DPS teaches," in which it was noted that, in the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress test (or the NAEP test), "73% of Detroit Public Schools fourth-graders and 60% of eighth-graders read below a basic level, posting the worst scores of students in 18 large cities and the worst scores ever on a national exam."  (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt, and Lori Higgins.  "Scores on test trigger plan to change what DPS teaches."  Detroit Free Press, 21 May 2010, p. 4A.)

    Fact Twenty-two: On Thursday, March 24, 2011, the Detroit Press Press published an article entitled "State unemployment rate declines to 10.4%" (Gallagher, John.  "State Unemployment rate declines to 10.4%."  Detroit Free Press, 24 March 2011, p. 4B.), but the article did really note why the unemployment rate went down, as did the national unemployment rate, such as because more people had given up looking for jobs, and the article did not note how many people might have left the state, and then on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, the Detroit Free Press published several stories related to the shifting of the population in Michigan, loss of population in the state since 2000, and the big loss of population in Detroit since 2000, such as in "A SHIFTING MICHIGAN: WHAT IT MEANS TO US" (Wisely, John.  "A SHIFTING MICHIGAN: WHAT IS MEANS TO US."  Detroit Free Press, 23 March 2011, p. 1A.), and the newspaper noted that, at the moment, it is estimated that Detroit now only has a population of 713,777 persons.

    Fact Twenty-three: On Tuesday, June 21, 2011, the Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "NEW START FOR WORST SCHOOLS" (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "NEW SCHOOLS FOR WORST SCHOOLS."  Detroit Free Press, 21 June 2011, p. 1A.), in which it was noted that the Detroit Public School system is about $327-million in debt.

    Consider these two main rules about life that you should know about, and they are what I know about.  Since the 1950s, I have watched how the cities in the Detroit area have changed, and since 1976, I have in some way been involved in promoting tourism in Michigan (for example, for twenty-seven years, I did that as a writer/broadcaster associated with the Automobile Club of Michigan or AAA Michigan), and I have learned, such as by going to historic town sites or villages in Michigan and talking about places in Michigan, how it takes decades for a city or town to grow and build, and I know the way a city or town grows is when business is able to thrive, which attracts people, who then do things, which attract more people, and, yet, it does take decades for a city to grow, especially to the size of Detroit, because, for one, buildings can take months and months to make, and it takes time to make roads, and children have to be born and grow up.  Over the years, I have learned through experience that it can take only a few years or a few decades for city or town to fall in ruin, and a big reason for a city or town to fall is the way politicians do their work to hurt the private section economy through what legislation they enact or through the corrupt use of tax funds and the process of over-spending, and, certainly, by allowing corruption and crime to grow is one way to kill a city (by the way, since the 1970s, other cities in Michigan that have had defective management--headed be Democrats--like that of Detroit are Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Flint, Highland Park, and Pontiac, and they have either been put in receivership under the state or have had managers appointed by the state to manage their fiscal operations).

    Consider two many laws about government.  Government does not create jobs really, except for government jobs, which are not involved in making product, such as from telephones to dolls and from baseball cards or dresses; it is individuals who create jobs of all types within a state or country, unless government hinders the creation of jobs through burdensome taxes and regulations and other ways, and the jobs are created because many, many people--minds--are working are independently to live, grow and build families, do things, et cetera, and the inspiration within the minds leads to the creation of jobs (for instance, one person can create something new, and that can give that person a job, and that person then can build a business focusing on that new something and that can lead to the creation of jobs for others).  Government can kill jobs by taxing people so much that they do not have enough money to buy products or use services--when people buy products businesses can exist or grow or be developed--and government can kill jobs by taxing businesses so much that the businesses cannot survive or grow, and government can kill jobs by making the environment poor for businesses, such as by not controlling crime and keeping streets and streetlights in proper order, which are the basic responsibilities of a government entity in the United States of America (as demanded by the citizens).

    Here is an aside that shows Democrats in Michigan are going to undercut anything good that might be started in Detroit.  The Detroit Free Press noted on Tuesday, October 12, 2009, in a story entitled "Balancing budget with a special doctor tax" (Christoff, Chris.  "Balancing budget with a special doctor tax."  Detroit Free Press, 13 October 2009, p. 1A.) that Michigan House Democrats were instrumental in creating a bill that would put a new tax on doctors--only doctors--who already pay, for example, individual income taxes and state business taxes, like many types of  business people.  There are garbage people in the Michigan Legislature--people who are working to make "doctors" appear to be the enemy of the regular guy and gal (or, maybe, the little people") and to make "doctors" pay and pay big.

    When people came to the country in the first century of the country, the people had little and they had to build things--towns and cities and families--and, in the next century, more people came to the country and more people were born, and during these times, some towns and cities died, such as when a gold-rush boom disappeared or when a railroad was never built nearby, and since the 1960s, there has been growth in the country, but there was been a big push by socialists and communists and black radicals to acquire power in some major cities or inner parts of major cities, such as Detroit, and the ideas of socialism, communism, and such led to making people slaves to handouts and the like.  Today, Detroit is a Dead City--there is a history of corruption and mismanagement--in the city proper and in the school system, and it yet exists today, and the city is in deep debt, and the city is losing jobs and population, and the educational quality of the population is poor, and many of the standing houses are in poor shape.  For the future, it looks as if things are going to get worse, and one reason for that is Barack Obama is going to undercut any effort to make Detroit good again by taxing the country too much, by taking over businesses and financial institutions, by ruining the "dollar" by spending too much, and by enacting inane federal acts, and because Detroit is in poor shape, people who not see it as a place to which they should go to build families and businesses--from car dealerships to grocery stores, from hair salons to body shops, and from this to that.

    A number of goals have to be achieved for Detroit to get better.  To build up Detroit, the political ideologies of many people in Detroit will have to change--they will have to adopt something other than socialism, communism, and black radicalism, and the best choice will be conservatism.  Detroit will have to make the creation of walking dead a thing of the past, and it will take at least two generations to bring up the educational standards and make the average smartness level higher.  Detroit will have to have new houses and buildings constructed and have water systems reconstructed.  Detroit will have to show improvement in the environment to attract people who will grow families and businesses.  Detroit will have to beat down crime and be willing to make crime a limited activity.  Detroit will have to adopt the idea that citizens' owning properly is good and continually improving property is good.

    I state that it will take several decades to make Detroit good again, if the thoughts of the previous paragraph are followed, and I state that the people who begin the process now will be like the pioneers of decades past who laid the groundwork for the following generations but did not have everything that the following generations would have, or, in other words, I say that those who take up the choice to build Detroit have to realize the work to build Detroit will be like the work done by people of decades past who started up cities and towns, and it will take decades to build Detroit into a good city again, and like the pioneers of decades past, some will fail and some will succeed and the goal will not be achieve in a year or a couple years.

    And, so, on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, and Wednesday, October 7, 2009, residents of Detroit gathered at Cobo Hall, Detroit, to sign up to receive money for housing, and the money was federal "stimulus" money, and at one point during the event, a reporter of WJR-AM, Detroit, named Ken Rogulski interviewed a woman, and here is a part of the interview in text form:
    Ken Rogulski: "Did you get an application to fill out, yet?"
    The woman: "I sure did!  And filled it out.  And I am waiting to see what the results are gonna be."
    Ken Rogulski: "Did you know today how much money you're getting?"
    The woman: "No, I won't.  But I'm waiting for a phone call.."
    Ken Rogulski: "Where's the money coming from?"
    The woman: "I believe it's coming from the, hum, City of Detroit or the state."
    Ken Rogulski: "Where did they get it from?"
    The woman: "Some funds that was, ah, given by Obama."
    Ken Rogulski: "And where did Obama get the funds?"
    The woman: "Obama get the funds from.  I have no idea to tell you the truth!  He's the President."
    Ken Rogulski: "In downtown Detroit, Ken Rogulski, WJR News."
    This conversation I was able to hear on The Rush Limbaugh Program on October 7, 2009, in the second hour, and the conversation shows how ignorant the woman is and shows how the woman simply seems to think the government is going to give her money and how the woman thinks the government is going to take care of her.
    Let see some facts: On Thursday, the Detroit Free Press reported that about 35,000 persons showed up at Cobo Hall on Wednesday, October 7, 2009, to get money fr utility bills and mortage-loan bills, which would come for about $15.-million in "stimulus" money from the federal government, and the Detroit Free Press stated that Detroit officials said that about 65,000 persons showed up at Cobo for the past few days (Battaglia, Tammy Stables, and Matt Helms.  "Pushing for help: Crushing crowds at Cobo Desperate for aid."   Detroit Free Press, 8 October 2009, p. 1A.).
    [On page 14A of the Detroit Free Press for October 8, 2009, "Pushing for help: Crushing crowds at Cobo desperate for aid" was at the title of an article, and there was a photograph under the title (Battaglia, Tammy Stables, and Matt Helms.  "Pushing for help: Crushing crowds at Cobo Desperate for aid."   Detroit Free Press, 8 October 2009, p. 14A.).  The article associated with the photograph and the headline did not tell the story of how the "desperation" came about.  It started when the Coleman A. Young began to put in place his destructive policies of the 1970s, which scared away "whites," businesses, and blacks who wanted a civil society and his push for at least socialism for the people of Detroit, many of who today can be described as "slaves" (of the government) in a what I call a "slave city," and the "desperation" was not created by the recent troubles of the automobile industry, most of which were caused by government, especially the federal government and its policies pushed through--mostly--by Democrats, such as U.S. Representative John Conyers (a Democrat associated with Detroit), and one policy is that of companies' not being able to freely drill for oil in the U.S. and process that oil in this country.  So many elected officials in Detroit government and Michigan government over the years have hurt Detroit, and some of those (all of whom call themselves "Democrats," though they could really be called communists, black radicals, socialists, or Marxists) are U.S. Senator John Dingell, Michigan, U.S. Senator Carl Levin, U.S. Representative Sander Levin, Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm (who comes from Canada), Monica Conyers, Kwame Kilpatrick, Ken Cockrel Sr., Ken Cockrel Jr., and Coleman Young Jr. (a State Representative associated with Detroit).  Recently, people in Detroit have been talking about turning vacant land into farm land or farms, maybe "community" farms like those in communist countries, and if that happens, then I look at it as Detroit will have plantations with slaves, and since Detroit is a "black" city, the enslavers will be blacks, and their slaves with be blacks.  I point out that, around the 1700s on the African continent, it was sometimes black tribes that captured and enslaved other blacks and sold those other blacks as slaves for the plantations in the southern regions of the North American continent.]
    I must add that on Thursday, October 8, 2009, Rush Limbaugh played on his nationally syndicated radio show (The Rush Limbaugh Program) in the first hour another piece of audio made by Ken Rogulski of WJR-AM, and the piece of  audio had Ken Rogulski talking with two women who were at the Cobo Hall event, and I now present text of the report (however, one woman's statement are not presented because she was talking in the background and mostly what she did was say "Obama" several times at the end of the piece):
    Ken Rogulski: "Why are you here?"
    Woman No. 1: "To get the money!"
    Ken Rogulski: "What kind of money?"
    Woman No. 1: "Obama money."
    Ken Rogulski: "Where's it comin' from?"
    Woman No. 1: "Obama."
    Ken Rogulski: "And where did Obama get it?"
    Woman No. 1: "I don't know.  His stash.  I don't know.  I don't know where he got it from.  But he given it to us to help us.  We love him...."

    On Saturday, December 26, 2009, the Detroit Free Press published a story entitled "Activist sows seeds for farm co-op," in which the newspaper made a big deal of a visit that had been made by "New York City activist Majora Carter" recently.  Majora Carter was and is promoting co-op farming for Detroit, and some people in Detroit seem to be listening to the idea, believing the idea will bring prosperity to the city.  Worker-owned cooperatives have failed or are failing in socialistic or communistic countries, such as the Soviet Union, and worker cooperatives have even failed on the North American continent, such as with the pilgrims (the latter case of failure is shown, for instance, in Rush Limbaugh's story entitled "The Real Story of Thanksgiving," which is available on the Internet and which Rush Limbaugh has told on radio a number of times, a main theme of which notes how the leader of the Pilgrims, William Bradford, got his little settlement off of a collective-like system or commune-like system of agriculture and onto a capitalistic-like system in the 1620s, when the former system had been shown to be counter productive).  In essence, Majora Carter and others are promoting more failure for Detroit, are promoting more socialism and communism for Detroit, and even promoting slavery for Detroiters (making Detroiters like a collection of migrant-type workers--unskilled laborers).

    Here is an aside.  In the early 1970s, while attending Wayne State University (Detroit), which was and is near the Fisher Building (where WJR-AM was and is), from time to time, I travel on city buses to get from Wayne State University to downtown Detroit and on buses to get from downtown Detroit to Inkster (a western suburb of Detroit), and, today, I would never travel on a bus or on a mass transit system, which does not exist and which people are working to create (which will be a dead issue and a waste of money).  In late 2009, I worked on a house of a friend who lived three blocks north of the Fisher Building a number of times (as a favor), and it was incredible to me how much nothing there was in the blocks that are around the Fisher Building, and I would say that fifty percent of the houses that were still standing need major work, and, of course, there were a lot of vacant spots.  Such a change Detroit has gone through in my eyes since the early 1970s.

    I know what Detroit looks like, unlike most people in Michigan and around the country, who only know what the world looks like where they live, maybe a small town some three-hundred miles away from downtown Detroit!

    The causes that have led Detroit into becoming what it is today are linked to a certain type of people--the enslaver--and Barack Obama is a same type of person as those who led Detroit into becoming what it is today, and Detroit is not the only place where enslavers like Barack Obama have been working to destroy things since the 1960s (by the way, Barack Obama helped destroy parts of Chicago and people in Chicago as a "community organizer," and that is why you have seen no television programs that show how great the areas of Chicago are that were helped by Barack Obama--there is not good to report on).

    Consider this fact of life.  Around Friday, October 9, 2009, people were hearing reports on radio stations, such as WTCM-AM, Traverse City, Michigan, that George Cushingberry (a Democrat and State Representative related to Detroit) wanted to put a new tax on doctors, and, for instance, at about 3:05 p.m., on Friday, October 9, 2009, WTCM-AM played a report from the "Michigan News Network" (which is a radio news news for radio stations in Michigan), which featured a reporter named Tim Skubik, and the report had a statement made by George Cushingberry, who was clearly angry: "We got to end some of this selfishness.  And listen--Don't call my office if you not from my district.  I ain't takin' your call!  I don't have to!  And you can't theaten me!..."  The statement was made in response to doctors who had brought up companies about the proposed tax being pushed by George Cushingberry in the Michigan House, and the proposed tax shows the nonsense of another Detroit politcian--a man who will help keep Detroiters in slavery and, certainly, a man in league with Barack Obama, who was pushing a deadly health-care system on the country around this time.  [The "selfishness" in George Cushingberry's mind relates to all the money that doctors make or all the money that George Cushingberry thinks doctor make, and notice how George Cushingberry thinks doctors should end their "selfishness" and give back to the people or not earn so much, and that is what the "socialist" pushes for--make people who work hard, such as by studying and reading for hours and hours and hours, unlike the lazy, get little as a reward in life.]

    Let me point out a troubling thought.  Detroit Free Press presented a page of information on Sunday, January 31, 2010, on the wife of the current mayor of Detroit (Dave Bing), and the woman was Yvette Bing, and at the bottom of the page was a section called "Fast facts on Yvette Bing," and it presented two quotations from Yvette Bing, and they were about Michelle Obama and Barack Obama--"She's a great role model for women in general and especially African-American women.  I love that they look like they really love each other" and "They show that passion for one another, and that's good to see."  Michelle Obama is hard-left wife of a hard-left politician, who are raising two hard-left children, if not communist children, and I say that Michelle Obama, who has not like this country and probably still does not, as Barack Obama does not, is not a good role model for any woman in this country, and since Yvette Bing believes that Michelle Obama is a good role model, that does not bode well for Detroit.

    On Wednesday, February 24, 2010, Frank Beckmann interviewed Dave Bing, the Mayor of Detroit, during the nine o'clock hour in the morning on The Frank Beckmann Show of WJR-AM, 760, Detroit, Michigan.  During the interview, Dave Bing brought up the subject that there are plans to help Detroit by moving people from bad areas of Detroit to good areas (whatever "good" means), and, in essence, it will be a program in which people will be forced from their homes and set up in others.  Really, the idea that is being talked about is a part of a two-part plan, the first part of which will deal with private homes and the second of which will deal with other types of buildings.
    Let me remind you of history.  Back around the 1600s and 1700s, the place where Detroit was developed was a gathering point for voyageurs and Indians and settlers since it was a good place for a fort to exist and for soldiers to be based to protect traders, such as those who dealt in beaver skins.  Detroit developed into a shipping port over the decades and decades to come, and other businesses were started and built up, and some businesses would came and go, such as when founders or operators died or retired.  Detroit became a center for car production in the early 1900s, and more people came to the city and the nearby cities to do things.
    The reason Detroit grew up to be a big city is people were attracted by business opportunities in Detroit and the Detroit area, and, now, Dave Bing thinks that Detroit will be improved and made anew by moving people out of bad areas of Detroit and destroying and leveling vacant bad areas, which can then be developed into something.  (By the way, in the summer of 2009, I was in Pella, Iowa, and learned about a company that makes big machines that I call "house eaters," which are designed to destroy houses or grind up houses or take down houses.)
    Consider well these thoughts   There is no motivating reason being created to bring people to Detroit--for example, a lot of people are not being allowed to use their imaginations and resources to attempt to create businesses and jobs, since taxes are high, illiteracy is high, et cetera.  Government--a single body of a few people--cannot inspire people to do things and build a city of varied interests and businesses, but government can, through force, put some people to work, such as as people who are employed to tear down buildings.  What is the reason for people to come to Detroit, to come from other places in the country, as happened in the early 1900s, when people came from southern states to become employees of the automobile factories?  (You should see my documents entitled Michigan Travel Tips #67 and Michigan Travel Tips #68, in which I talk about information that I found in an old wardrobe trunk in an attic of a house in Detroit in 2009, which focused on a man--Don Weber--who came to Detroit from Chicago and lived in Detroit in the 1920s, and two here are links to the two documents: Travel #67 and Travel #68.)
    After Frank Beckmann and Dave Bing finished the interview, Frank Beckmann took telephone calls from listeners, and, of course, the subject came up that the city government is going to use laws and forget laws (such as parts of The U.S. Constitution) to shift people around in Detroit and get people sort of more grouped together or better organized into groups in the city, like cattle, which can be serviced better, and while people talked, I thought how the plans are going to be a failure on a mass scale for many reasons, such as because some people being displaced from their homes will leave Detroit and Michigan, where the economic climate, being hindered by the policies of socialists and people worse than socialists based in Detroit and Michigan, is defective, and that will lead to a drop in the number of residents and a drop in tax revenue, and no real industry will be created through trial and error and the gamble to succeed because more people who are willing to try things will leave Detroit, and Barack Obama--a truly defective man--exists as the U.S. President, and Barack Obama will block businesses from growing in Detroit through federal-goverment policies, especially tax polices and cap-and-trade rules (I state that Barack Obama hates morally sound and ethically sound black business people, too, hating anyone who could be deemed as more powerful than he is or having more than he has, and it must be remembered federal-government policies affect the businesses run by blacks, the businesses run by whites, the businesses run by Asians, the businesses run by wherever they are, and no one is exempt from the troubles caused by the ill mind of a communist or Marxist or like person, who is beholden to ideology, no matter how defective, and not logic and useful knowledge about life and the lives of others).

    I now show evidence that Barack Obama is purposely working to hurt the country, which includes the economically depressed Detroit.  On Monday, February 1, 2010, U.S. Representative James Clyburn (a Democrat related to South Carolina) was on Happening Now (a weekday program on the Fox News Channel), and one thing that James Clyburn, who then headed up the Congressional Black Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, said was: "...We got to make some decisions here as to what's in the best interest of the country goin' forward.  And I think the best interest is to invest in education, control these deficits, but at the same time try to get people back to work.  We are not going save our way, eh, out of this recession, we've got to spend our way out this recession.  And I think most economists know that...."  James Clyburn is preaching crap and nonsense, which, if it rests in the minds of Detroiters, will help keep Detroiters the slaves of such defective people as James Clyburn and U.S. Representative John Conyers (a Democrat associated with Michigan).  A federal government's spending money--which is money that is taken out of the private sector (individuals and individuals who run businesses)--cannot end a recession as was shown during the time of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s and very early 1940s and as was publicly announced by Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (who was the U.S. Treasury Secretary for U.S. President Franklin): "...We've tried spending money.  We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work...." (You are urged to see my document entitled T.H.A.T. #59, which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #59).  What James Clyburn has in mind or in his mind does not bode well for Detroit--it is evil ignorance.

    There is a difference between fantasy and reality.  On Sunday, April 4, 2010, the front page of the Detroit Free Press (or Sunday Free Press), which is published in Detroit, Michigan, had an editorial called "2010 VISION: What Detroit could be in 10 years" ("2010 VISION: What Detroit could be in 10 years."  Sunday Free Press, 4 April 2010, p. 1A.), and here are the opening lines of the editorial: "For all its troubles today, Detroit is also a place brimming with hope for tomorrow.  When you assemble all the proposals, plans and dreams that have been advanced in recent months, the city of 2020 looks dramatically different than it looks today: smaller, smarter, greener, more mobile, with more job opporunities--and once again the pounding heart of a metropolitan region.  You see thousands of kids attending schools that work for them.  You see people using light rail and boarding buses in a transit system that serves them.  You see a gleaming, growing medical complex; banners being hoisted to the rafters of a new sports arena; and people tending little farms that nourish their neighborhoods in more ways than one.  You see convention-goers strolling a crowded RiverWalk and bicyclists coasting the downhills of a new trail network."  The quoted material comes from the minds of dreamers hoping for a fantasy world or a "utopia."  It is nonsense thought and shows Detroit is going to be a mess for decades.  People in Detroit think that the creation of a light-rail system (a mass-transit system) along Woodward Avenue will lead to the rebirth of Detroit, but creating a light-rail system does not inspire people to create things or jobs--people create jobs and things, which, if a city grows, can then lead to a need for a light-rail system (you should see my document entitled T.H.A.T. #71, which talks about a light-rail system for Detroit and a television document entitled Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City, which covers the light-rail topic in more detail and which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #71).  Manmade climate change has been shown to be a hoax, yet Barack Obama is pushing for cap-and-trade rules and laws, which will stifle the development of businesses, even in Detroit, which is starving for businesses.  What is a "green job"?  If everyone in the country were trying to start up green-jobs industries, a lot of people are gong to fail, because you cannot have only "green jobs" and have a country or a city survive or grow.  Right now, about fifty percent of the population of Detroit is illiterate, and it will take decades to fix the problem, since there will have to be several generations of turnover to bring up the average intelligence level of the city.  In April 2010, the national general unemployment rate was 9.7 percent and the national U6 unemployment rate was 20.3, and, certainly, Detroit was one of the worse places in the country in which a person who was looking or work could find work.  Government does not create jobs; individuals with drive and monetary resources create jobs by creating businesses that offer products or services for purchase or make products.  Barack Obama is going to be the U.S. President till at least January 20, 2013, and on April 2, 2010, Barack Obama showed more of himself--a person who hates all businesses--through a statement that he made, and the statement was: "...No company is going to make investments for the public good...." (see the entry of April 2, 2010, in my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, which can be reached by using the link at the end of this document).  Yes, in my mind, I can see a young woman who wants to start a perfume shop in Detroit, and her business may lead to the hiring of two employees--two gals who live in Detroit.  Forget that dream!  In Barack Obama's mind, the young woman would not be doing anything for the "public good."  (By the way, to the Marxist, like Barack Obama, the "public good" is what a government official says it is)  I state, informally, "Barack Obama is going to pull the rug out from all business people who want to do things in Detroit, even petite black gals who want to create perfume shops, and one way he will do that is through more taxes."  Marxists care nothing about race.  Marxists are enslavers.  (Remember: Mao of China was a Marxist, particularly a communist, and Chinese, and Mao enslaved and killed millions of Chinese in the mid-1900s.)  Oh, companies donate to charities, and companies lead to the creation of houses, buildings, roads, et cetera, and that, despite what Barack Obama says, is for the public good.  Political ideology leads to more political ideology--a depressing fantasy world when it is Marxism.  The government people in Detroit think they are going to create a utopia in ten years, though work by types like them over the last forty years has led to the death of a city, and even if almost all those who are promoting ideas for Detroit now are promoting non-socialistic ideas and are promoting capitalistic and for-the-individual ideas, they are going to be blocked for at least three years by Barack Obama and Barack Obama's ideas.  It takes decades to build a city, and ten years is not enough time to fix Detroit (given the next three years will be a dead issue under the defective pressures of Barack Obama).  Welcome to the real world.

    Some people who are black are probably unaware that other blacks really do enjoy enslaving other blacks in this day and age (Remember: During the slave years of the 1700s or so, blacks in Africa enslaved other blacks and sold those other blacks into slavery (for the North American continent), and in the mid-1900s, Mao--a communist--was the leader of China, was Chinese, and enslaved and killed millions of other Chinese).  On April 6, 2010, Gerry Hudson, a black man, was the Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union (or the SEIU), which was then headed by a Marxist/communist, Andy Stern.  And on April 6, 2010, Gerry Hudson made two interesting comments, which I was able to hear for the first time as audio clips on The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show) on April 12, 2010 (Mark R. Levin had gotten the clips from Naked Emperor News).
    Here was much of one statement that I heard: "...I've, I've organized huge numbers of conversations among workers about immigration, comprehensive immigration, and there is significant worker opposition to comprehensive-immigration reform, and, appallingly, among African-Americans, ah, people have gone overtime to try to organize a, a battle royal--right?--for the country between African-Americans and Latinos on this whole issue, so I, I got a feeling it's got some legs.  What's interesting to me is it doesn't take a whole lot to argue...African-American workers to another place.  It doesn't take a whole lot!  You understand?...."  (Notice Gerry Hudson's use of "workers."  Marxists often talk about "workers."  To Marxists, "workers" are low class people and are to be used and controlled.  And notice how Gerry Hudson feels it does not take much work to convince blacks to take up an issue that they might otherwise oppose.)
    Here was some of the other statement that I heard: "...On white workers, I think we got some real problems.  I've spent a lot of time in Wisconsin and places like that where I have heard some of the most anti-immigrant sentiment around.  It's also...this is where you get the black workers first...."
    The audio clips sounded as if Gerry Hudson was in a cave, though it was that it was in a big room and he was poorly miced, so some of his words were difficult for me to hear, which is why the entire clips as I heard them are not presented in text form to you, but you can understand through what I have presented that Gerry Hudson thinks that, generally speaking, blacks are stupid as a group and can be controlled easily and whites are smarter than blacks are and are harder than blacks to organize.
    Remember: Barack Obama has a very, very close relationship with the management of the SEIU, but that is to be expected since Barack Obama is a Marxist/communist, and if you do not think Barack Obama thinks as Gerry Hudson thinks, you had better think again.

    "Social justice"--this term is used by communists and like people, who are people who like to enslave other people and like be rulers (as a career), to justify their actions of taking money from some people and giving it to others, the latter of whom are used as sheep in rulers' plans to attain, usually, political power or clout and prestige of some type.  Detroit is made up of some people who are pushing for "social justice" in this country, which can also be thought a "social change."  From June 22, 2010, through Friday, June 25, 2010, Detroit was the location for the "US Social Forum," which. in essence, was a gathering of socialists and such, such as in what was called a Tent City," and it was in Rochelle Riley's article entitled "Revolutionaries on the Way" in the Detroit Free Press for June 20, 2010, that there was this quotation of Adele Nieves': "...The forum grew out of the 10-year-old World Social Forum, which was a cry against 'the world's elite--a small amount of people, entrepreneurs and government officials--making decisions for the majority of people."  The concept pushed forth by Adele Nieves in the quotation is nonsense, since that is not the way the United States of America works, but the concept does define the communist countries, in which a few persons--often headed by a tyrant or a dictator of some sort--do make decisions for all the rest, from where people will live to what they will be and what jobs they will have.  What the gathering of people for "US Social Forum" was was a gathering of lambs and idiots and defectives hoping for--knowingly or unknowingly--communism, and, certainly, a few of the attendees were really there to gain power over others for themselves and to not really do anything for Detroit and Detroiters since communists--especially the leaders--really do not care about the people, and this whole idea of promoting the event, such as by members of the Detroit Free Press and Rochelle Riley, shows that Detroit is being guided by bad people and bad thinkers, who promise the world and give the world nothing, and such people will put a drag on the efforts of good people to make Detroit better because such people are so busy trying to make everybody--supposedly--socially equal that they are not doing anything that makes individuals better or really allows individuals to make themselves better.  And I add a little proof of what went on at the event by showing a portion of a speech that was made by a community activist known as Elena Herrada (who is associated with Fronteras Nortenas): "...When we go in to a restaurant with border patrol sitting there, would you sit next to the Ku Klux Klan if they were sittin' in a restaurant with a hood on, over their heads?  Thank you.  Then say that when you see them...." and "...They're not like the police, who will sometimes answer a call in, in, you know, you know, the police, you know, kind of regulars.  They're not all head bustin'.  They're not all lookin' for trouble with everybody.  They, there's, there's a place for the police in the community really.  But there is no place for border patrol.  They have no good intentions.  They have no good intentions.  So when you see them, refuse to sit with them, refuse to eat with them, pretend like, you know, they are menace that they are, and pretty soon everybody will catch on to it, and they won't feel so **bleep** comfortable to terrorize our community...."  (By the way, on Friday, June 25, 2010, the Detroit Free Press published a story that noted that, at the moment, it looked as if seventy-seven city-maintained parks in Detroit would be or would have to be closed in Detroit in July because of lack of money (Hackney, Suzette, and Naomi T. Patton.  "Detroit to close 77 parks in July."  Detroit Free Press, 25 June 2010, p. 8A.).)

    Let me take up the topic of some of the people who claim to represent "blacks" in the United States of America, and here I specifically talk about Dr. Boyce Watkins on and Al Sharpton.  These two persons are the type that keep blacks in Detroit ignorant by pushing ignorant thought, and because the two men work to keep blacks in Detroit and other places ignorant, they are enslavers.  On April 13, 2010, one of the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court was Clarence Thomas, and, on this day, Al Sharpton had a radio show, and, on this day, Al Sharpton had a man named Dr. Boyce Watkins as a guest, and Al Sharpton and Dr. Boyce Watkins ended up at one point talking about Clarence Thomas, and here is some of what they said:
    Dr. Boyce Watkins: "...In my opinion, there is not a black man on Supreme Court, but, you know, hey, I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying that, but...."  Dr. Boyce Watkins and Al Sharpton talked at the same time.  "We need a black person on the Supreme Court.  Why not a black woman?"
    Al Sharpton: "Lot of us would like to see, ah, ah, a black [this "black" sounded like "flash" to me, which made no sense, so I believe "black" was the word], but a lot would also are reminded that we got a black from George Bush Senior named Clarence Thomas, and a lot of us would rather not have....  I'd rather have someone else who would vote--in my opinion--in line with upholding human rights, and civil rights, and, and women's rights, and prisoner rights than to have someone like Mr. Thomas or Justice Thomas who I think has consistently voted against all of that and has been one of the most inflexible members of the white-right voting block, ah, in terms of not only the court but in terms of his own, ah, public expression...."  [Special note: I may have made an error in presenting the quotation of Al Sharpton, because Al Sharpton is a very sloppy speaker--he slurs words regularly--and what I present is the best that I could do.]
    Some blacks look up to Al Sharpton and Dr. Boyce Watkins, both of whom are radical blacks; for example, Al Sharpton is a well-known race baiter.  Clarence Thomas is a black man, who happens to be a conservative and a man who upholds the rules of The U.S. Constitution, which treats all men and women equally as individuals, and Clarence Thomas has shown that he treats all equally under the rules of The U.S. Constitution.  Al Sharpton and Dr. Boyce Watkins showed through their words that they look at Clarence Thomas as a man who does not uphold their values of human rights and civil rights and women's rights and prisoner's rights, whatever those ideas are to Al Sharpton and Dr. Boyce Watkins, and they also tried to define Clarence Thomas as not a black man but as a "white man" of some type, and they hint through their words that they hate "whites," and Dr. Boyce Watkins clearly showed during the interview that he is a racist by saying, "...When we talk about Clarence Thomas, ah, you know, he's such an atrocious appointment for the black community...."  [Dr. Boyce Watkins is concerned about the black community and only the black community it seems, and Dr. Boyce Watkins seems to believe "The Rules of Man," such as something that might be called a "human right," are different for white men than for black men, but I say that "The Rules of Man" apply equally to all men.]
    Since Al Sharpton and Dr. Boyce Watkins have clout with Detroiters and promote defective ideas, they help hinder Detroit and Detroiters from getting better, and, yes, Al Sharpton is an associate of Barack Obama's, and since Barack Obama and Al Sharpton are associates, they must believe in many of the same ideas, and what Al Sharpton is shows what Barack Obama is, and not until many Detroiters abandon the nonsense thoughts of Al Sharpton and Barack Obama will Detroit become a city that is not a dead city.

    For a little over four decades, John Conyers has been a U.S. Representative related to a portion of Michigan, such as a part of Detroit.  On October 2, 2010, John Conyers was in Washington, D.C., and it was the day of the "One Nation Rally," which was made up of such persons as communists and socialists, and on this day, John Conyers made a little speech to people associated with an organization called the Democratic Socialists of America, and the speech took place in a room, and it was recorded by someone associated with the Democratic Socialists of America (and I saw the speech as a video clip on the Web site for The Heritage Foundation).  One set of statements that John Conyers--a big supporter of Barack Obama--made was: "...This kind of a gathering is one that there's really one looks beyond the immediate geography of where you come from.  It's a, it's a global concept that I think, a, a vision that I think we share that, ah, that this world has gotten smaller, ah, things aren't happening way away somewhere.  Too bad about the tsunami way over there.  Sorry for all those people.  Everything is everything.  We're all connected.  Whether we want to admit it or not.  And so as this globe shrinks, ah, so the commonalty of the issues between us begin to be less separated, so I, ah, come to you this afternoon, ah, to first of all thank you for coming to the march.  This is an important event that we don't doubt will be played down and misinterpreted.  What's new?  We understand the significance of it.  We know that when unions, political ideology, clergy, labor, civil rights come together and just people that are progressive enough to see in this one world concept that we're all in this together, it makes certain things pretty easy to understand where we're coming from...."  A person who pays attention to the speech can see John Conyers through this speech pushed the one-world-country idea, which Barack Obama almost had been able to help get started through the creation of an international climate-change treaty in December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a person can see that John Conyers is not working for Detroit and the interests of the people in Detroit--he is working for a one-world country.  In addition, that country will not be one in which the citizens are in control, as it can be in Detroit under the United States as it was founded, it is one in which elite politicians, especially "progressives" (or communists or socialists), who I define as "enslavists" or "enslavers," will have control of the people.  By the way, we are not all in this together--or the United States of America is not necessary in it with other countries, many of which are run by dictators, types of politicians that Barack Obama seems to wish he were, evidence of which can be seen through what he has already done as the U.S. President.  John Conyers is more evidence that Detroit is a long way from being a better for the individual.

    Let me present more evidence that Detroit is going to be a dead city for a long, long time.  A national election was held on Tuesday, November, 2, 2010, and before the election took place, it had been predicted that the Republican Party would make big gains around the country, and one reason the Republican Party would make big gains around the country is people around the country are highly anti-Barack Obama and against Barack Obama's political ideology, which is made up of Marxism and Black Liberation Theology and more defective ideas.  By Wednesday, November 3, 2010, it was indeed clear that the Republican Party had made big gains in national races, such as by winning control of the U.S. House of Representatives, state races, and local races.  Yet, in Detroit, it was clear the people had not taken up the cause of liberty for themselves; for example, John Conyers (a member of the Democratic Party, a communist, and the husband of a criminal known as Monica Conyers) was reelected to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and John Dingell (a member of the Democratic Party and a person who for years had been pushing for a government-run health-care system) was reelected to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Coleman Young Jr. (a communist and the son of Coleman Young, a man--as a mayor--who really can be called the initiator of the downfall of Detroit) was elected to be a state senator.  And on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, Marxist-type, socialist-type, ignorant-type, and black-radical-type journalists wrote pieces that lied to Detroiters, and, for instance, Rochelle Riley stated in an article entitled "Obama's agenda was focus, but  Detroiters let themselves down": "Two years ago, President Barack Obama was on the ballot.  Tuesday, his agenda was.  By 8:00 p.m. it was clear: Obama lost Detroit.  And Michigan.  And control of the Congress.  That's a shame because he was just  beginning to make the changes he promised when he was elected...." [Riley, Rochelle.  "Obama's agenda was focus, but  Detroiters let themselves down."  Detroit Free Press, 3 November 20, 2010, p. 2E.].  Then, around the one o'clock hour on the afternoon of November 3, 2010, Barack Obama had a press conference about the election and a little more, and his press conference took place about three days before he would lead a big trip to, for example, Mumbai, India, for a vacation and an international business conference and more.

    Incidentally, the election of November 2, 2010, showed that almost all the Detroiters are like "sheep" or "pawns" of the Democratic Party--which is really the Communist/Socialist Party.  There was an election for a new governor for Michigan on November 2, 2010, and Rick Snyder was the "Republican Party" candidate (but he was not a true "conservative"), and Virg Bernero was the Democratic Party candidate.  Rick Snyder won the election.  However, in Detroit, 94 percent of those who voted voted for Virg Bernero.  That vote result for Virg Bernero is a highly bad sign.  The political idea of the United States of America is known today as the "conservative" political idea, and, in essence, the people of Detroit voted against that idea and voted for communism.  If the Detroit statistic would have been 94 percent for a "conservative" candidate (probably running as a Republican), Detroit could certainly be shown to be a city made up of individuals--strong men and strong women.

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (or the NAACP) is today a socialistic/communistic entity.  On Saturday, November 13, 2010, the Detroit Free Press ran a story entitled "NAACP suspends Detroit chapter," which noted, for one, that the Detroit Branch NAACP owed the national NAACP about $46,000 (Ashenfelter, David, and Jennifer Dixon.  "NAACP suspends Detroit chapter. Detroit Free Press, 13 November 2010, p. 1A.).  The Detroit Branch NAACP, the president of which is Reverend Wendell Anthony, is another defective appendage of the people of Detroit, unable to pay bills correctly.  By the way, in January 2011, the Detroit Branch gained active status again, having paid required money to the National NAACP  (Dixon, Jennier, and David Ashenfelter.  "Detroit NAACP clears up back fees." Detroit Free Press, 2 February 2011, p. 3A.).

    Rosa Parks (1913-2005) is considered a Civil Rights icon.  She has a street named after her in Detroit.  Since 2001, the bus in which she refused to give up her seat to a white guy has been a part of the collection of the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit.  On February 22, 2002, a made-for-television movie was shown on CBS-TV that was about her, and it was entitled The Rosa Parks Story.  In July 2009, a bus terminal with her name on it--the Rosa Parks Transit Center--was opened up in downtown Detroit; it had cost $22.5 million to build.  During the week of Monday, November 22, 2010, stories were presented by The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press about the Rosa Parks Transit Center, and Frank Beckman (of The Frank Beckmann Show) talked about the Rosa Parks Transit Center and did at least one interview about the Rosa Parks Transit Center on WJR-AM (Detroit), and the reason the Rosa Parks Transit Center was in the news was that it was a mess, though it had only been open since July 2009.  The place had bathrooms that were very dirty or filthy--sinks were flooded--and people were using the Rosa Parks Transit Center to bathe and do washing of clothes.  The place was disgraceful, and it was a disgrace to Rosa Parks' memory.  Well, during the week, I heard that, supposedly, the Rosa Parks Transit Center was going to be taken care of and made nice again.  Okay.  To me, the important part of this event was what Gray Brown (a councilman for Detroit) was concerned about, which I learned about through a story presented in the Detroit Free Press that was entitled "New Detroit bus station befouled by rest room problems."  Gary Brown was concerned--not that the place should be immediately taken care of and kept in good order from now on--but concerned the place was not a good reflection on Rosa Parks' name, and he suggested that name of the bus center should be changed.  To Gary Brown, it was more important to change the name of the bus station than to make the bus station better.  Gary Brown shows why Detroit is a dead city.  Yes, Detroiters could not even care for and treat properly the Rosa Parks Transit Center.  [Mullen, RoNeisha.  "A year later, Detroit transit center filthy."  The Detroit News, 24 November 2010, 1:00 a.m.; Ncavling, Steve.  "New Detroit bus station befouled by rest room problems."  Detroit Free Press, 22 July 2010.]

    Big-name performers can add to the nonsense that is killing Detroit, and two examples of performers who are promoting lies and myths are Smokey Robinson (who really came to fame in the 1960s as a member of the Motown-group known as The Miracles) and Della Reese (an actress), and let me show examples of why they are hurting Detroiters through their nitwit thoughts.  On November 29, 2010, the Detroit Free Press published material from B.J. Hammerstein, and one piece of material was called "Motown legend is seeing green" (Hammerstein, B.J. "Names+Faces: Motown legend is seeing green."  Detroit Free Press, 29 November 2010, p. 2.), and the story noted that he is a spokesman for Green Automotive, and a quoted line in the story from Smokey Robinson that had been given to was "'We'd better do something, because we're destroying (Earth).'"  Smokey Robinson is promoting a lie to Detroiters and keeping them stupid--he has bought into--for big money it seems as a spokesman--the mandmade-global-warming myth (and you are urged to see my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which has proof of the myth and the main liars and which can be reached by using this link: Carbon).  On December 6, 2010, the Detroit Free Press published more material from B.J. Hammerstein, and one piece of material was "Della Reese pleased with city's progress" (Hammerstein, B.J.  "Della Reese pleased with city's progress."  Detroit Free Press, 6 December 2010, p. 2E.), and the story had this quotation associated with Della Reese; "'It was so good to come back and see firsthand how the town is being revived.'"  Detroit has many poorly uneducated people, and Smokey Robinson and Della Reese are helping to keep Detroiters from learning the truth or coming to grips with the truth, and, of course, B.J. Hammerstein is helping to push the nitwit thoughts of the two performers, but at least B.J. Hammerstein is yet not promoting as non-threat to Americans citizens what is known as "Sharia," as did Leonard Pitts Jr. through a work published in the Detroit Free Press entitled "Vote against Sharia law reveals a mindless fear" on December 3, 2010 (Pitts Jr., Leonard.  "Vote against Sharia law reveals a mindless fear."  Detroit Free Press, 3 December 2010, p. 15A.), which was loaded with defective thinking and ideas, which, I bet, many persons in Detroit found worthwhile and find worthwhile (you are urged to see my document entitled Sharia Law, Shariah-Compliant Finance, Radical Islam, and Barack Obama, which can be reached by using this link: Sharia).
    Note: For more information about Detroit in relation to entertainment, you should see my document entitled T.H.A.T. #80, which as information about a black-owned lower-power analog television station in Detroit (WHPR-TV, Channel 33) and which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #80.

    I am a television historian, who happens to have about 130,00 index cards with information about television, a library that I have been collecting since 1972, and each month, I publish an Internet-only television-related publication (called T.H.A.T.), which is available at the Web site for The Hologlobe Press.  Besides keeping track of national television programs, I keep track of Detroit-area programs, and the local programs are those of full-power stations and one low-power station, which is WHPR-TV, Channel 33.  All the full-power television stations in Detroit are "digital" stations, as they had to be by the end of June 12, 2009, and WHPR-TV is an analog station, which is still allowed.  The signal for WHPR-TV is weak for me where I live, but I tune in from time to time, and one of the programs that I sample from time to time is The Young Effect, which is broadcast on Sunday evenings and is hosted by Coleman Young Jr. (the son of Coleman Young, who was the mayor of Detroit in circa the 1970s and helped start the decline of Detroit), who is a politician that represents Detroit in state government (on November 2, 2010, he was elected to be a member of the State Senate, representing Detroit).  Every time, I tune into The Young Effect, I hear Coleman Young Jr. say something stupid, pass along wrong information or lies, or talk like a Marxist (Marxists are commonplace in Detroit government).
    On Sunday, December 12, 2010, I tuned into The Young Effect, and I heard nonsense as usual.  There is much that Coleman Young Jr. said that I could have talked about in this document, but I will only talk about one answer that he gave, which was given to a caller who wondered if the federal government "was going to stop the umemployment checks...."  I have Coleman Young's answer, and I will give it to you in four parts, since a few words never made it through the television set so that I could make one full segment of  quoted material.
    First, I must explain facts.  Since January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has been involved in spending more money--which comes from taxes on people and businesses--than any U.S. President in history and has put the country is even deeper debt and has created an atmosphere--through legislation and proposed legislation--in which businesses cannot or dare not hire more people, and that is why around December 12, 2010, the regular unemployment rate was about 9.6 percent and the full unemployment was about 17 percent, rates that were much higher than they had been during most of the days when George W. Bush was the U.S. President.  Around December 12, 2010, it was publicly understood and known the new health-care act--the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010--was going to cause unemployment in the medical community and was already causing health-care-insurance rates to go up.  Around December 12, 2010, the U.S. Congress was debating whether or not to extend the current tax rates, which had been put in place in 2001 and 2003.  Around December 12, 2010, the U.S. Congress was not talking about any tax cuts for anyone, and, really, what was going on was the Democrats were proposing increased taxes for, for instance, non-incorporated-business people who make $250,000 in gross profits in a year (which does not take into account expenses for the businesses), wanted to increase unemployment benefits to a maximum of three years for some people (an unheard of amount), and were pushing for several hundred-billion dollars of more spending, and, basically, the Republicans did not want to increase income taxes on anyone since it was public knowledge that increased taxes on, for one, small businesses, which would clearly be affected, would hurt the economy of the country, keeping it in a stalled state or making it worse.
    Now, let me show you what Coleman Young Jr. said about the "unemployment checks" topic brought up by the caller, and here are now the four parts:
    "...whether or not they'll approve tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires.  That's basically what the Republicans are saying.  You have....  That's a federal issue, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said repeatedly that they will block every single bill in the Senate...."
    "...threaten to filibuster every bill until they pass tax cuts for the very wealthy.  That is their [the Republicans] primary mission...."
    "...And they attack Democrats of class warfare, and yet they gonna stop unemployment benefits so they can afford seven-hundred-billion dollars of spending or..., yeah, seven-hundred-billion dollars of spending for these tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.  It's an absolute shame that we have teachers that are paying the same tax rates as some millionaires in this country.  It is unfathomable to think that.  But that's what's gonna on.  That's the debate right now.  You know, and, and, and quite frankly it's really gonna be up to the President to decide what he's gonna do.  Is he gonna cut a deal?  You know, is he gonna draw a line in the sand?  And if they don't do something, eventually government will shut down...."  [Incidentally, around December 2010, the Democrats were saying that keeping the tax rates the same for the so-called "rich" would cost the federal government $700-billion, and the government could not afford the spending, and that is nonsense thought since, if people get to keep more of the money that they make by having less taxes taken away from them, that is not government spending, and you can see that Coleman Young Jr. promoted the lie.]
    "...Right now, unemployment benefits are being held up so you can give millionaires and billionaires tax breaks...."
    The four sets of words from Coleman Young Jr. show his work to lie, mislead, and misinform people in Detroit, and if you were to hear him speak, you would hear more of how Coleman Young Jr. sounds like a stupid man.
    Coleman Young Jr. is a perfect example of why Detroit is in trouble--people in Detroit voted for this defective man--and people have a tendency to vote for those who seem to be like them
    By the way, one a male caller brought up the topic of lack of proper EMS and fire services in Detroit, which has been a problem for many years because of the mismanagement of the city--purposely (tied to corruption and defective ideologies) and not purposely (tied to ignorance)--by politicians, and one thing that the caller said was, "...See if they [Coleman Young Jr and the other Democrats in Lansing] can get the money for the EMS, so when people call 911, they don't have to worry about waiting two and three hours and people dying before they get to the hospital...."
    Note: For more information about Coleman Young Jr. and things that he has said in the past on The Young Effect, you should see these document of mind: T.H.A.T #57 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #57 link), T.H.A.T. #79 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #79 link), and T.H.A.T. #80 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T #80 link).

    Enslavers or enslavists are people who believe in or practice "enslavism" (you are urged to see my document entitled Conservatives and The United States Constitution Versus Enslavers and Enslavism (Communism, Sharia, Socialism, et cetera, which can be reached by using this link: Enslavism), and one of the harsh forms of enslavism--and they are all political ideologies--is communism.  Enslavism is a political ideology in which a few people--rulers or hope-to-be rulers--control what many, many other people can do without the people being able to fight back, such as by setting laws that restrict people from buying what they want to buy, and enslavism has no ethnic barriers--for example, it not only can relate to "whites" but also can relate to "blacks," in that blacks can be enslavers who like enslave others blacks, which is being done in Detroit.  On Monday, December 13, 2010, Barack Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, and the title of the federal law might hint that it is something good for children, but really overall it is a bad law, since, for example, it has provisions that can restrict what people sell at bake sales at public schools; the act had been pushed through by Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack Obama, and other Democrats (and you can learn more about it by seeing my document entitled Michigan Travel Tips #80, which can be reached by using this link: Travel #80).  On Monday, December 13, 2010, Michelle Obama said during the signing ceremony for the act, "...And let's be clear, these folks don't just support this bill as leaders and as professionals but as parents as well.  And we know that ensuring that kids eat right and stay active is ultimately the responsibility of parents more than anyone else, and everywhere I go, fortunately I meet parents who are working very hard to make sure that their kids are healthy.  They're doin' things like cuttin' down on desserts and trying to increase fruits an vegetables.  They're tryin' ta teach their kids the kind of healthy habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.  But when our kids spend so much of their time each day in school and when many kids get up to half their daily calories from school meals, it's clear that we as a nation have a responsibility to meet as well.  We can't just leave it up to the parents!  I think that parents have a right to expect that their efforts won't be undone each day in the school cafeteria or in the vending machine in the hallway...."  It must be remembered that on November 2, 2010, the Board of Supervisors for the City of San Francisco, California (a state controlled by Democrats and, in essence, bankrupt), set down the first law for a major city in the country that put restrictions on when toys could be sold in McDonald's "Happy Meals" (the history of which goes back to 1979), and, for instance, toys could not be associated with meals that had more than 600 calories.  The San Francisco event comes down to a city telling businesses what they can sell, which, I say, is un-American.  On Tuesday, December 14, 2010, there were seventy-three fast-food restaurants in Detroit, and a group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine was urging Mayor Dave Bing (the mayor of Detroit) to put a moratorium on the creation of new fast food restaurants--the group wanted politicians to control the creation businesses--fast-food restaurants--in Detroit, which would kill jobs for young persons in Detroit.  [Incidentally, at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 15, 2010, when I was writing the previous several sentences, ABC News Radio did a story about a woman in California who was going to sue McDonald's over the Happy Meal with toys idea--it was all coincidence--and I say that it is another example of parents have given up controlling their children or discipline their children and making government do what they will not do--the job of being parents.]  What you should see is enslavers, such as Barack Obama, are more and more each day setting it up so that they can tell you what you may and may not feed your children each day--though it should only be your concern--and what you may and may not eat, and that is the way of tyranny and tyrants.

    "'We hope the culture of corruption is over'"--this was the headline on the Detroit Free Press for Thursday, December 16, 2010, and the headline was part of a number of pages devoted to an event that had taken place the previous day--the announcement of the setting down of dozens of indictments against, for example, people who had been in Detroit government, such as former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (who was indicted on 33 counts, one of which was a count related to racketeering), Bernard Kilpatrick (Kwame Kilpatrick's father and who was indicted six counts), Bobby Ferguson, and Victor Mercado.  The announcement about the extortion, bribery, obstruction of justice charges, et cetera was headed by U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade and was covered live by such entities of WJR-AM (760 radio), WDIV-HD (Channel 4), and WXYZ-HD (Channel 7).  Basically, what was being alleged by a grand jury in the announcement event of December 15, 2010, was that a number of persons had run a criminal enterprise in which they had done things that allowed them to profit financially to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars.
    While I typed the previous paragraph in the nine o'clock hour in the morning of December 16, 2010, WHPR-TV (Channel 33) had a program running on the air in which two persons were pushing and promoting the idea of Kwanzaa--the socialistic and black-radical holiday, which is masqueraded as some type of religious holiday.  Here was one sentence that was said by one of the two persons (a black woman): "...They had no, ah, rational for stealing.  You know, ah, ah, Great, Great Britain, which is not so great, stole so many things from Egypt, and then, ah....passed a Magna Carta, claiming it had eminent domain over those things they stole.  So if you go to the so-called Great Museum in, in Britain, ah, it's, ah, artifacts in there are all things that were absolutely stolen from Egypt, which is Africa."  The Magna Carta was created in England around the time of King John in1215 or so, and The Magna Carta (which went through various forms in the thirteen century and even had the full name of The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, and of the Liberties of the Forest) was a document that prescribed some rules of law and ways in which, at first, nobles could counter the king if the rule of law was violated by the king, and the document would be inspiration for the men who created The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution, the later of which sets up the main federal government structure of the United States of America and was designed to be a document that would make it hard for politicians in the federal government from imposing tyranny on the citizens of the country and that would make it hard for a politician to become like a tyrant against the citizens of the country and enslave the citizens through laws and rules, and it would not be for many centuries till artifacts of Egypt would be excavated by various people, some items of which would end up, for example, in museums around the world and some items of which would end up in museums in Egypt (and a number of items that would be taken away from Egypt would even be returned to Egypt and would on display, as they are today).
    Since the ignorance--the deep ignorance--is not over in the people of Detroit and will probably not be for many decades, the culture of corruption tied to socialism and communism and black radicalism (such as "Black Liberation Theology") is not over for Detroit!

    It is easy to find people of Detroit who are teaching people in Detroit ignorance and nonsense ideas about the United States of America and the world and life, and some of the people are seen on television, sometimes very regularly.  For one, on Saturday, November 20, 2010, WDIV-HD aired a program entitled Finishing the Dream, which was hosted by Carmen Harlan (a news anchor), that was filled with nonsense and flap-doodle thought (and more about the program can be seen by reading my document entitled T.H.A.T. #80, which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #80).  In addition, over the last couple years, WHPR-TV, Channel 33 (analog), which is a low-power television station based in Detroit has aired programs hosted by a man who calls himself "The Son of Man," and this man is related to the New Nation of Islam," and every time I have seen him talk--give what I call his "lectures"--I have heard nothing but convoluted and confused thoughts from him (to learn more about The Son of Man, you should see T.H.A.T. #80 and T.H.A.T. #81, which can be reached by using this link after January 9, 2011: T.H.A.T. #81), and this section of this document about Detroit shows one example of what The Son of Man puts forth to people in Detroit:
    On Sunday, December 26, 2010, I watched The Son of Man ramble about during the second half hour of the two o'clock hour in the afternoon on WHPR-TV, and here is some of what I heard, and you should examine it (some words are missing, because the broadcast signal was weak and parts got lost in the air, but you should not lose the theme of the portion of the "lecture" that I present):
    "...It is like you've heard people tell me that I need to go an learn Arabic in order to, ah, really understand the Quran.  But the Scriptures says that I would rule with the rod of iron.  If you notice, the atomic number for iron is twenty-six, just like the, ah, the English language is based on twenty-six letters, and that is, ah, the, the rod is the word.  And this, this, ah, of.  If you notice the greatest, the greatest...on the earth--and you can, you can get angry all you want--but it is the English people, people that, ah, callin' all the shots on the earth.  They, they the one that really, ah, rulin'.  Even those people that they claim are terrorists, if they had not had, if they had not had the help and aid of, ah, these who make all these weapons and stuff, they wouldn't have no bombs to blow nobody up with.  So they not terrorizing nobody but the masses, ah, with this propaganda and stuff.  I mean you, you are.  English is the broadest language, and it is the language of the ruler, you see.  And, ah, you cannot, dah, ah, rule a man if you cannot out think the man.  If you're thinkin' is, is...and his is broad, then you cannot rule over nobody who out thinks you.  So.  But anyway, ah, as it say, 'She brought forth the man child', and that's why it is written that it is done.  I'm alpha and omega.  Ah, this is what day and time, you are livin' in--ah, the day and time where, ah, the man that the 'book' told you was comin', that all of them prophesied of me comin'.  Prophet Mohammad, dah, he told you about Allah's says, 'when thy Lord said he...I'm going to create a man of sand and clay'....  Jesus said, 'When he the spirit of truth has come, he will guide you into all truth.'  Isaiah said, 'Born to us a child is born.  To us a son is given.'  Solomon said, 'Trust in the Lord....'  All of them bore witness to my comin'.  And, ah, they also, ah, said how you would act, and you doin' that.  It says--'First must he experience and suffer may things and be rejected of this generation.'  And, you notice, the younger the man is the more foolish he is in, in this world, just like that one that, ah, called up a little while ago... tell what he's goin' to do to me when he see me.  But, ah, you know, the 'book' tell me that, ah, this is what kind of people I would be comin' to...."
    There is much that can be learned about The Son of Man through what he said, and I shall show only a few things.  First, he is a poor speaker, and his use of English is poor.  Second, his logic is defective.  Third, he is pushing the idea that he is some kind of prophet or savior who has been announced as coming, and he sees himself as some type prophet or savior.
    I see The Son of Man as a scam artist with an ill mind and more.  During the half hour that I watched, The Son of Man pushed his fairly new "Let's Make Millionaires" campaign, which I had already learned about from him during another "lecture."  The general idea is to have people sign up (at a Web site) to be part of a campaign to make millionaires, and for now, no one is supposed to send any money to him to get things underway, but people are supposed to sign up, and sometime in the future, The Son of Man would tell people when they should send in donations to get the initiative going--creating black millionaires so that blacks will have and know blacks who are millionaires and can help them.
    The Son of Man's words make up some of the underlying ignorant thought that is in the minds of Detroiters or that is being accepted as high-level thought and truth by Detroiters.

    When some men talk, they cannot help but show off their ignorance, and when those men are supposedly leaders in the community who should be making other people better, they perpetuate ignorance in minds of Detroiters.  On Sunday, December 26, 2010, I saw The Young Effect episode shown on WHPR-TV (Channel 33 (analog)) during the seven o'clock hour in the evening, and the host--Coleman Young Jr.--showed off more of his ignorance, which, unfortunately for people in Detroit, was probably accepted as useful thought by some.  Here is one thing Coleman Young Jr. said at about 7:40 p.m. (and some of the statement may be slightly incorrect, because Coleman Young Jr. is a sloppy speaker, speaking that a gutter man): "...We import, eight items we import in the United States, we only export one to China.  That is gonna have to fundamentally change from national standpoint.  We gonna change our trade policy.  We're gonna reduce our trade deficit.  We'll also from a state and local perspective are gonna have to start focusing on certain sectors of the private in, eh, um, um, private economy that we want to invest in--whether that be alternative energy, where that be solar, wind, where that be hydro-electric, where that be, um, you know, air compression.  ...These are certain things that we are gonna have to--deconstuction industry--these are certain things we're gonna have to start lookin' at.  We're gonna have to start focusing on, if you want to create jobs.  We will also have to look at the public sector in terms of our roads, in terms of our bridges, in terms of our infrastructure setup, in terms of technology, whether it be, you know, ah, broad band, whether it be Wi-Fi...different things that...we need to look at setting up.  And then how do we put Detroiters in those jobs and what kind of policies--where they be community business agreements, where they be mandates or tax credits or other such incentives or, or legal mandates need to be put forth in order to make sure that Detroiters have access to those jobs so that we can thrive and proper in the new millennium.  Otherwise, we gonna keep havin' the same conversation that we're havin' over and over again.  I feel that this mentality of let's just lose a whole lot of folks so we can shrink the city down and then do what we want to do with the is, is not  gonna work.  I just don't feel that what we're doin' is working.  I feel quite frankly it's unconstitutional.  Last time, I checked we were the United States of America.  We have a Fourteenth Amendment here.  And I feel what they're doin' is wrong.  And, you know, I just think this is something we really need to look at.  These are things we really need to start actually having conversation of--What can government do and what can we do to incentivize the private sector as well as maximize the use of the public sector in order to create jobs for Detroiters.  Who do we need to educate?  How long is that gonna take in order for us to come back?  And what we need to make within the city in order for that to happen?  I don't really see those types of  conversations.  It's very convoluted.  It's more, only time I see reform take place with the attack...or attacking some thing.  It's never a, a encompassing broad perspective of ideas and ideals.  And I feel we're gonna have more inclusive with the people when where making these decisions.  A lot of times, we're making decisions that railroaded folks rather than evaluating people's opinions and actually coming together and putting a platform of ideas of how we're gonna to go to the next level, next level, how we're going to create a dynamic dimensional explosive growth in the city...."  This man is one of the leaders of Detroit; he was elected to be state senator representing Detroit on November 2, 2010.  This man is an idiot, besides believing in Marxism, and this man shows clearly more evidence why Detroit is going to be dead for decades to come.

    John Conyers (a Democrat related to Michigan) is a member of the "Black Caucus" of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the "Black Caucus" is simply group of blacks in the U.S House of Representatives who wish to be members of the entity, which is an informal entity, and those who belong to the entity have similar beliefs, which are like those of John Conyers, who is a communist, and one of the other members of the "Black Caucus" is Jim Clyburn (a Democrat related to South Carolina).  On Saturday, January 8, 2011, a man named Jared Loughner shot and killed a number of persons and shot and injured a number of persons in Tucson, Arizona; one person who was killed was a judge (a Republican), and one person who was killed was a nine-year-old girl, and one person who was injured was U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (a Democrat related to Arizona).  On Monday, January 10, 2011, Jim Clyburn made some public comments about the event, and when responding to a question posed to him about what caused the shooting, Jim Clyburn said: "...All of this stuff about delegitimazing the President of the United States.  That is uncalled for.  And all the stuff taking place in the Chambers the other day when The Constitution was being read.  All that stuff is uncalled for.  The hangin' over the banister as some members did last year egging on the demonstrators out there--that stuff is uncalled for.  We ought to conduct ourselves in public office in a way we teach our children to conduct themselves...."   Jim Clyburn passed along ignorance through the statement that I have presented.  That is not surprising, since the "Black Caucus"  is made up of Democrats (socialists and communists and such), and, for one, they are opposed to the ways of The United States Constitution, as Jim Clyburn showed in the statement, and if Detroit is going to get better, a majority of the citizens in Detroit will have to truly know what The United States Constitution stands for and how it protects them from being slaves, and a majority of the citizens will have to cast off and not reelect the persons who uphold the beliefs of the "Black Caucus," and, at this point, it seems to me it will not happen for many, many years, given how deep the ignorance in Detroit is, and no matter how much big-name politicians of Detroit or the Detroit area hype of the idea through a promotional campaign that Detroit is going to get better or is getting better will it get better.  (By the way, you are urged to see my document entitled T.H.A.T. #81 to see information about the television news campaign being run by WXYZ-HD called "Detroit 2020," and that document can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #81.)

    The biggest problem in people's work to make Detroit better is the ignorance that exists in this day and age that I call "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," and ignorance comes in many forms.  One form of ignorance is that of people who are ignorant and will always be ignorant, and the cause of the ignorance can be genetics (that involving a brain defect) or can be the environment in which living is done, such as in the particular home or community, and the person who is ignorant not because of genetics cannot be made non-ignorant through being exposed to truth and real knowledge, because the person wishes not to accept what is ignorant thought as ignorance.  Another form of ignorance is that in which a person can be kept ignorant by parents and teachers and associates, such as friends, all of whom regularly or always pass along ignorance and promote ignorant ideas to the person, but this person does have the potential to leave ignorance behind when truth touches the mind of the person.  Another type of ignorance is the most dangerous since it is rooted in those who are supposedly educated and are perceived to be smart, but, really, the persons are ignorant, and such persons, unfortunately for everyone, influence others and perpetuate ignorance in society relatively easily because how how they are perceived--as intellectuals--and, specifically, it is commonplace for prominent news reporters, teachers and professors, and politicians to fit in this category of ignorance, and one reason that such persons are ignorant is they subscribe to defective political or social ideas or economic ideas, such as Marxism, and, to compound the problem, such people may also be evil people or mentally bad people.  Let me show two persons in the Detroit area who Detroiters might accept as smart but are in reality ignorant, and what the two persons push along as knowledge is really defective knowledge or pseudo knowledge that keeps Detroiters ignorant.
    On Tuesday, January 4, 2011, WXYZ-HD launched a news-story campaign called "Detroit 2020," which was a campaign in which the station was going to purposely make stories to hype up the quality of Detroiters to Detroiters and others.  The campaign is tied to the slogan: "Unify.  Inspire.  Act."  In essence, the campaign in based in socialism.  On Tuesday, January 4, 2011, the station aired a recorded news report hosted by Diane Lewis, and, in the report, a number of people were interviewed and offered comments, and one of the persons was a professor of "urban studies" at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan--Robin Boyle (a male).  For the report, Robin Boyle said: "We are a disconnected region.  One of my top priorities for Detroit 2020 would be to better connect the region--connect it physically, connect it socially, and connect it in a cultural way."  This man is a socialist and speaks nonsense, and, yet, it is very likely people in Detroit, such as political leaders, accept this man's words as high-level useful thought, and it seems the man has clout with political leaders since political leaders in Detroit are working to move people from their homes and knock down homes and make portions of the city bare again (maybe for new development) and make farms, such as communal farms (like those of a communist country).
    Here is an aside.  A city develops of over decades, and a particular city develops because people--each of whom has different skills--decide to be at the city, drawn by, or example, the availability of jobs and evidence the city is generally safe.  On Tuesday, January 4, 2011---the day that "Detroit 2020" was launched and reported in newscasts--Cheryl Chodun (a reporter at WXYZ-HD did a report for the newscast at 11:00 p.m. that covered a robbery incident in which fake police officers broke in to a house, and one of the victim's of the robbery noted that he had been robbed five times previously, and it was reported that the man now has plans to leave Detroit.
    On January 13, 2011, The Detroit News published a commentary piece by David Skrbina, a lecturer in philosophy and environmental ethics at the University of Michigan--Dearborn (Skrbina, David.  "Commentary: Michigan's population loss good for the environment."  The Detroit News, 13 January 2011, 1:00 a.m.).  Look at portions of David Skrbina's piece.

    "From an environmental perspective, Michigan now has a chance to become a role model of environmental sustainability."
    "Experts in environmental studies have calculated the ecological footprint for every nation on earth.  The poorest nations have the smallest footprints; Haiti and India, for example, use only about 1.5 acres per person.  Americans have the largest footprint, about 25 acres per person."
    "Ideally, each nation would have a total footprint no greater than its land area.  The total American footprint is about 7.5 billion acres, but we only have (discounting Alaska) about 2 billion acres.  Thus we are using far more than our fair share."
    "Michigan has a total of 36 million acres.  The current total footprint of Michigan, of our 10 million residents living at 25 acres per person, is 250 million acres -- about seven times as much land as we have.  We are, at present, highly unsustainable."
    "We could develop a 100-year vision to transition half to protect land, and live sustainability on the rest.  This would require a slow, steady reduction in our per capita footprint and a slow but reduce in population.  But done over, say, 100 years, the reduction would be almost unnoticeable...."
    "Specifically, if both our footprint and our population were reduced by just 1.3 percent per year we could get to sustainable levels by the end of the century.  This would mean a population of about 2.7 million people, living with a footprint of around 7 acres per person.  Footprint is clearly achievable in 100 years.  But the real shocker is the population -- a reduction of more than 70 percent from current levels."
    What David Skrbina wrote is nonsense of the highest degree, espeically the "using far more than our fair share" part.  The quoted material shows that David Skrbina is a Marxist and, in essence, a nut, though some people think he is smart, having degrees from schools of higher education, and, in essence, David Skrbina is proposing the United States of America should stop growing, should stop creating businesses and jobs, and should shrink, and, given what he said, it seems he would like the population of the country to shrink by seventy percent in one-hundred years--to end up being about 90,000,000 (the current population is 300,000,000).  The current population of Detroit is about 900,000 *, so it seems David Skrbina wants the population of the city to shrink by seventy percent in one-hundred years--to be 270,000.  All that David Skrbina promotes to doing less and making less and creating less, and much of that is based on the manmade-global-warming idea or the manmade-climate-change idea, which is a lie pushed along by communists and such to stop the growth and bilk money from nations of the West, especially the United States of America (as I show in my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which can be reached by using this link: Carbon).  [* = This figure was the one that was being used in January 2011 by some people, but you should see, for example, "Fact Twenty-two" of this document, which is presented early in this document.]
    I have given you examples of educated idiots, and these persons have influence on people and their ideas are accepted as worthwhile, such as by politicians who happen to be ignorant (having attained their jobs by being elected by ignorant), and, really, their ideas are not based is reality.

    On Saturday, February 19, 2011, even more of the reality of what Detroit is became publicly apparent.  For a number of years, Detroit--now self-promoted as the "I'm a Believer" city--had been known for having a "world-class" symphony--the Detroit Symphony Orchestra--but by February 19, 2011, the symphony season had been on hold because of a strike by musicians for about twenty weeks.  On February 19, 2011, the musicians voted on a contract agreement with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra--what was called the final offer from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra--and the vote came out as a "no" vote.  On this day, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra had deep debt, because of, for one, lack of support from the community and suspended the remainder of the symphony season (it is not surprising the symphony had lack of support from the community, given it was a time when a recession was going and given Detroit was a city in which "gangster rap"--angry and violent poetry like music delivered by those who look like thugs--had more stature than other music had).  Symphonies are luxury items and not necessity items, and it seems a number of musicians misunderstood the nature of their world.

    I note here that on Sunday, February 27, 2011, the Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "Detroit Public Library to cut 83 workers" (Neavling, Steve.  "Detroit Public Library to cut 83 workers."  Detroit Free Press, 27 February 2011, p. 8A.), and, to me, it seems that is another bad sign about Detroit, and, by the way, 83 workers is about twenty-percent of the staff of the Detroit Public Library system.

    When a person owes a house, the person can take care of it, such as by making repairs from time to time on things, or the person can let it fall in disrepair, and when a person owns a house, though that could actually mean the person is yet paying off a mortgage loan on it, the person has to budget for things, such as by saving money to take care of problems or potential problems, such as an old roof or a leaking foundation.  A house usually is located in a city, which has some type of management system, made up of elected politicians, such as one who might be the mayor or the city manager, and bureaucrats and others, and, generally speaking, it is the politicians who are supposed to look after at least the basic structure of the city or see to it that the city structure is cared for and kept in working order, but politicians, especially enslavers, can be busy not paying attention to the basics and be busy using money from the city funds to do things that should not be done or should not be done till others things--the basic things--are done, and, for example, politicians can use money to influence people to vote for them by doing things with the money that seem to benefit the people, or politicians can find ways to use the money on themselves (through means of fraud and corrupt dealings).  Since late 1960s, Detroit has been dying, and one reason for that is there have been corrupt politicians in the government, such as corrupt mayors, who have supported corrupt ways in the government, and another reason is money has been misspent or poorly spent, such as on "Midnight Basketball" programs, and yet another reason is defective political ideologies have been practiced, such as those of black radicals and communists, and because of all the reasons, the infrastructure of Detroit has been falling part, such as street lighting and streets, and on roughly Thursday, June 9, 2011, the heart of Detroit got, in essence, shut down by a power failure, which lasted about one day.  Basically, over the years, since the 1960s, one of the basics of the city--the electricity power distribution system--has been let to fall in disrepair, because politicians were busy, as I have hinted at already, spending time on matters that would get them elected but where not really tied to the most important basics.  On Friday, June 10, 2011, Mayor Dave Bing was one of the guests (by telephone) on The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM, Detroit, and Dave Bing noted that the electricity system that was down is old and in disrepair, and in relation to making repairs and improvements, Dave Bing said that we "don't have the money to make the investment."  The ways of socialistic and communistic politicians or black-radical politicians of Detroit since the late 1960s--pushing the "welfare" way of life on people and enslavism for the recipients of the "welfare"--have not really included taking care of the house, and the house is in big, big disrepair, which will take several decades at least to fix, if the fix is started properly now.  [By the way, on one day in mid-May 2011, I once again worked the grounds of a house located about one mile north of the Fisher Building in Detroit, and I once again saw so many vacant lots and saw that many of the houses that are yet being used need major work, and I noted to myself the idea that many houses probably need to have the sewer pipes to the city mains sleeved, which is something most people never think about.and will cost a lot of money, and I know the problem with Detroit is a cultural problem and an ideology problem.]

    On Tuesday, June 21, 2011, in the eight o'clock hour in the morning, I was driving to a gas station-store to pick up a Detroit Free Press (since the newspaper is not delivered in the rural area were I was on Tuesdays), and I was listening to WTCM-AM (Traverse City), and I heard the main announcer note that there was a plan in the works to give children who graduate high school in Detroit free college tuition for two years, and when I picked up the newspaper for the day, the headline was "NEW START FOR WORST SCHOOLS (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "NEW SCHOOLS FOR WORST SCHOOLS."  Detroit Free Press, 21 June 2011, p. 1A.), and the newspaper talked more about the subject, and I thought back to the idea of "conditional cash transfers," which is the idea of giving money (money that government gets from taxes) to students for learning to read, which I talked about in T.H.A.T. #57 (which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #57).  The idea of giving students who graduate high school in Detroit free tuition to college for two years (or any amount of time), which the announcer at WTCM-TV thought was a good idea, is as bad an idea as giving cash (acquired by government from the people) to students who learn to read is, and that is for many reasons, and anyone who likes either idea is a defective thinker and will add to the problems of teaching children in Detroit and elsewhere in Michigan.  Children should not be conditioned into thinking they should get money for learning, because if they get conditioned into thinking they should get money for learning, they will complain when they do not get paid for learning or will hold back on learning if they do not get paid money.  Once the program of giving money gets started at one place (at a particular city), children at other places will say something--"Hey, why don't we get money too."  Once a program of giving money gets start, where will it end and what will be the upper limit on the money put out?  Supposedly, the money to provide free college education for children related to Detroit will come from philanthropic entities or from donations and will not come directly from government, but it is very likely sooner or later, to keep the program going and satisfy students (who are up in arms because there is not enough money), government will be pushed into appropriating money and there will be a never-ending push for more money.  I have noted only a few problems with the idea of giving money or stuff to children for learning to read or for making it through high school (the standards for which could be low or made lower), but there are more problems that I could show at least in relation to instilling a work ethic tied to learning.  However, I add that giving money or stuff to students for learning to read or for getting through high school does not--not really--improve the quality of teaching in schools, especially schools in Detroit, which seems to have the worst school system in the country.  And this paragraph shows more of the nonsense thinking that makes up a dead city.

    Around the time of June 27, 2011, the mayor of Detroit--Dave Bing--was working to cut the budget of Detroit, and some people were angry with the ways in which Dave Bing was trying to balance the budget for Detroit, which is not surprising to me (since the city has many people who support "enslavism," such as, in particular, communism), and ways in which Dave Bing was trying to balance the budget will not be discussed here--some could be good ways and some could be bad ways--since the topic of this paragraph is a person who Dave Bing has to deal with, and the focus is a man name John Riehl, the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 207 (basically, the Detroit area).  On June 27, 2011, John Riehl was one of the guests by telephone on The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM (Detroit), and John Riehl was a guest during the second half hour of the nine o'clock hour of the morning.  Look at a portion of the interview, which took place near the end of the interview:
    Frank Beckmann: "Now, you know there's gonna be, ah, there's, there's gonna be some sentiment, dah, from people listening to you right now who are going to say--This is way we have the Emergency Financial Manager law, because the unions won't sit down and, and, dah, and, and work with the city when it's in these dire financial straights."
    John Riehl: "The reason we have the Emergency Financial law is because Republicans won the election in Lansing, and they've got away with, ah, pushing this law through.  This law would not have been like this in years in past under, ah, bipartisan, ah, discussion in Lansing.  They had the old seventy-two bill ['72 bill] and they used it, they use it, ah, in certain, um, situations around the state.  This is a change just because Republicans got extra power now, and they're flexing their muscles."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, the only change is really--it gave them the power to, to alter union contracts.  It gives them a real hammer over you in those negotiations, doesn't it?"
    John Riehl: "Ah, we don't feel, ah, the hammer!  Ah, and, ah, we think we'll prevail."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, what I'm saying is--If, if you wind up with an Emergency Financial Manager, that, that, ah, EFM has the hammer now under the new law governing that.  Under the old law covering Financial Managers, they, they couldn't unilaterally change union contracts.  Now, they can.  And what I'm saying is--If they do go to the EFM, they've got the hammer now against, dah, municipal unions, do they not?"
    John Riehl: "There is, ah, problems with the law, and it's very harmful.  And the law's being challenged in court, and it may get thrown out.  Ah, but I'll just give you the example.  I had a union meeting a couple months ago, we had wall-to-wall workers, who were ready to go on strike the next day.  City of Detroit workers are willing to fight!  They're, ah, if they wanna have a war here with us, I think our people will stand up.  I think they can beat this mayor, because we have support.  You look at the proportion of city workers who are, ah, who still live in the city, over ninety percent.  I think they're, ah, they have the support of the community, and I, and I don't fear this mayor, and I don't fear this governor!"
    Frank Beckmann: "So, what do you think happens if it comes to that, though, if, if, ah, if the mayor can't get the agreement he needs with you to restructure costs in, nah, in health care, pensions, salary, what, whatever areas you want to consider and he does have to go to this EFM and he says--Look, if, if you won't bargain, if you won't budge on this we're gonna have to change the contract unilaterally--what, what do you see foresee as happening in Detroit?"
    John Riehl: "Well, I see his administration collapsing, because of all the goofy things goin' on down in city hall.  We see even it's, ah, the issues the governor has to look at, even more closer than the city's finances, that the mayor can't control himself or the staff.  I think that shows the, ah, crumbling of the Bing administration."
    Frank Beckmann: "Can't control himself in what way?  What do you mean?"
    John Riehl: "Look at, look at.  Who's ya got?  Your chief of staff left.  His communication director left.  You've got, ah, everybody at the top...adminstration is leaving left and right.  I'm on the pension board, as a trustee now, we see the shear volume of high-level retirees from these various departments--people, people are fleeing.  They can't stand working for Bing under the threats that he's doing.  So the high-seniority people in Detroit are leaving, including major parts of, ah, city and particularly water department administration.  Just last year, the director of water department and forests directors retired in mass.  It's people won't work for Bing because he's--there's something wrong with him."
    Frank Beckmann: "Sadly, sadly, much of the population has left too, and they left a long time before Dave Bing came to office."
    John Riehl: "Ah...yes, and, certainly, ah, the problems, ah, of Detroit's under population, but it's directly related to the foreclosure market and these big banks, ah, ripping off the city, and it's a shame we didn't have a predatory-lending ordinance as it was proposed and passed by city council about five years ago."
    Frank Beckmann: "Really?...."
    John Riehl: "When that, when that was, ah, vetoed by, ah, Mayor, ah, Kilpatrick, it was really a shame, because that would've helped in these, ah...some of these big mortgage banks are doing in Detroit, 'cause a portion of those who left equals the portion of the people who had, ah, housing problems related to foreclosures.  It's really amazing."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, yeah, they, if, if you don't pay your mortgage, you, you risk foreclosure."
    John Riehl: "Ah, indeed.  But what happened is lot of these people were, ah, doing these special mortgages with big balloon payments with, ah, adjustable-rate mortgages, and, ah, instead of going through, ah, legitimate institutions, ah, where, where...they went through, they thought were legitmate--bang--they found themselves with a problem years later and, ah--it's not just in Detroit, it's all across America--and everybody that weren't...shouldn't have been done right, like they were done.  And but Detroit got hit worse.  And that's causing a lot of the under population.  Plus, shutting of the schools here in Detroit is drivin' folks out too."
    Frank Beckmann: "So you, you blame it all on big banks that, dah...."
    John Riehl: "Big banks had enormous impact."
    Frank Beckmann: "Really?"
    John Riehl: "That's what caused the national economic, ah, collapse, and, dah, over ten-million jobs were lost, because of their, ah, careless trading and their over-leveraging, ah, on investment, and everybody knows...and, and then what...."
    Frank Beckmann: "John, John, where do, where do you get your information?  I'm just curious."
    John Riehl: "Ah."
    Frank Beckmann: "Who, who gives you this stuff?"
    John Riehl: "It's pretty clear.  I read New York Times, read The Wall Street Journal.  It's pretty clear what happened.  Now, the, ah, government investigation...."
    Frank Beckmann: "You ever heard of the Community Reinvestment Act, by the way?  You know what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were doing?...."
    John Riehl: "...Yeah, they, there's problems...there too."
    Frank Beckmann: "...Of course.  And they were encouraging--the government was encouraging loans for people who couldn't repay.  That, that was the biggest problem."
    John Riehl: "Ah, yes, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were definitely part, ah, problem of, ah, market.  They encouraged it.  It was been goin' on for decades.  And everybody thinks there's free money.  There's not free money.  And...."
    Frank Beckmann: "And bingo!  Exactly!  You got to pay it back, and when you can't pay it back, you, and you can't, now you got the collapse.  But to blame the banks for that is, ah, ah--when, when they're required to make these loans to people.  Well, let's, let's not get off track here...."
    When you examine the material from John Riehl that I have presented, you can see a man who is stupid or is liar and thinks in a way that shows he thinks he can pass along crap, and to prove that more clearly, I now show only some of the problems with what John Riehl said.  Overall, John Riehl presents a collection of confused thought, having, for one, things that do not fit with other things.  So Detroit is in a financial mess, which got started in the 1970s really, and the main pushers of the financial mess have been Democrats, especially former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was recently granted a parole from prison, but John Riehl worked to shift the blame--of some type--on Republicans for having created a law that could force people associated with Detroit to face reality and take money cuts, given the population is dropping and has been for decades and what money that the population can give to the government can no longer support the government.  John Riehl says that the Emergency Financial Manager law is very harmful, though he gave no reasons why really, but a person can guess that it is harmful to him since, when government employees get paid less, union bosses--and, in essence, the managers of the Democratic Party--receive less money to do what they wish to do.  John Riehl put forth the idea that Detroiters are going to fight to keep getting what they are getting, though it is at the point where there is, in essence, nothing to fight over or what there is to fight for is getting smaller and smaller, so when you keep fighting for nothing, you get nothing, or you get a collapse, or you get an Emergency Financial Manager.  Yes, some people have left the Dave Bing administration, and I do not know the true reasons, but I do know when Kwame Kilpatrick was kicked out of office, there were certainly many other corrupt people in the government, which was a defective entity, and I say that, if Dave Bing is really working to get at least the budget balanced, some people in the government are going to balk at any changes, which might interfere in their plans (to get for themselves), and some people are going to leave before they are caught doing what they should not be doing, but John Riehl pushed forth--"It's people won't work for Bing because he's--there's something wrong with him."--and John Riehl gave no proof with his assertion about Dave Bing, as I can do when talking with Barack Obama.  John Riehl pushed forth the idea that people have left Detroit because of the foreclosure wave, but as I have noted in this document, the problems for Detroit started in at least the 1970s under the Mayor Coleman Young administration, when violence and thefts by black students on white students was increasing, and blacks were leaving too because they did not want their children to be in schools were violence and thefts were not being dealt with and suppressed.  In the interview, John Riehl talked about the economic crash of 2008, and he pushed the idea that the problem really came down to the "big banks," and John Riehl noted that some of the news he gets he gets from The New York Times, and, here, I note that John Riehl is wrong about the reasons for the economic crash of 2008 or passed along a highly defective reason for the economic crash of 2008, and two persons--Gretchen Morgenson (a reporter for The New York Times) and Joshua Rosner--show up John Riehl's simplistic idea through their book entitled Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led Economic Armageddon, which was released in May 2011 and which shows how, mostly, Democrats, especially high-level Democrats in the U.S. Congress, are responsible for the economic crash of 2008 (and, by the way, you should examine carefully how befuddled John Riehl's explanation about the economic crash of 2008 is, and it is very likely John Riehl was not going to bring up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and it took Frank Beckmann to bring up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and John Riehl's explanation shows he would teach his defective thoughts to people who do not really think much or know the story about the economic crash of 2008, wishing only to blame the "big banks" and wishing to keep his listeners stupid).
    John Riehl is a good example of why it will take decades to fix Detroit--people believe and follow this crap of a man.
    Note: Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon is one of the books that I list in my document entitled A Reading List of Books: Books That Will Help You Fight Against Barack Obama and Fight for Your Right to be an Individual in the United States of America, which can be reached by using this link: Reading.

    Here, I pass along thoughts related to events of December 2011, and I show what the chances are that Detroit is getting better or is going to get better sometime soon, showing it around this time when  it seemed very likely that the Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder would be appointing an "emergency financial manager" for Detroit.  On December 15, 2011, the Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "Michigan's jobless rate below 10% for first time in 3 years" (Gallagher, John.  "Michigan's jobless rate below 10% for first time in 3 years."  Detroit Free Press, 15 December 2011, p. 1B.), and the article might impress the citizens of Detroit, but the article did not note that the Barack Obama administration has been fudging the jobless figures not only for Detroit but also for the nation by not counting some unemployed and by lowering the figure tied to how many jobs are available (or how big the job universe is).  Then, on December 22, 2011, the Detroit Free Press published the article called "DETROIT CRISIS: IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT" (Egan, Paul, and Steve Neavling.  "DETROIT CRISIS: IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT."  Detroit Free Press, 22 December 2011, p. 1A.), and the story noted, as an estimate, that Detroit is $12-billion in debt (the figure was expanded $2-billion higher than a figure that had been announced earlier in the month), and an even more detailed examination of the finances of Detroit was to be made.  Around this time, the big-deal museum called the Detroit Science Center, which is in the "Culture Center" of Detroit, was closed because of budget problems (it had been closed in late September 26, 2011, except for one special event), and around this time, it looked as if cuts would have to be made at the Detroit Zoological Park and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History (Neavling, Steve.  "Detroit officials consider cuts to Wright museum, zoo."  Detroit Free Press, 20 December 2011, p. 3A.), and I published Michigan Travel Tips #92, which showed examples of the racism--blacks against whites--that exists in the leaders of Detroit--and which showed the underlying workings of Detroit based on "enslavism" (communism, socialism, and such), and I announced that I would no longer--till further notice--promote Detroit as a place to see by tourists through editions of Michigan Travel Tips (to reach Michigan Travel Tips #2, you can use this link: Travel #92), and it was also the month in which I put together the general structure of T.H.A.T. #93, which was designed to show the ignorance being taught by people on Detroit-are television to viewers in Detroit and which shows more racism that exists in Detroiters.  Ignorance, communism, mismanagement, corruption, racism, et cetera--these are the ways of Detroit.

    In late March 2012, Detroit was yet in a financial mess, and people were working--supposedly--to make things better in Detroit, and a big news event was that the State of Michigan might have to officially appoint a financial manager to run Detroit or run the financial operations of Detroit; for example, a "review team" was working to review the finances of Detroit, and, at one point, that team would declare, in essence, that Detroit was in a "financial emergency," and around the same time, the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit were trying to come up with a financial stability agreement that would make the appointing of a financial manager unnecessary.  People in Detroit were opposed to having the State of Michigan appoint a financial manager for Detroit, claiming it would be a move by "whites" to take over Detroit or take Detroit from "blacks."  On Monday, March 26, 2012, a man--a known black radical in Detroit--made a public statement at a meeting of the "review team" at Cadillac Place that shows the underlying nature of the sickness that is in the culture in Detroit, and that man was Malik Shabazz (of The New Black Panthers, a group known for promoting racism--"blacks" against "whites"--and known for promoting violence or intimidation, such as at election polling places), and Malik Shabazz said in an angry voice and like a street thug: "...This is white supremacy!  And we will fight you!  And before we let you take over our city, we will burn it down first.!...."  Malik Shabazz calls himself an "activist," not unlike in form to Barack Obama (a communist and worse than a communist), and Malik Shabazz's statement shows up the underlying evilness and ignorance that exists in Detroit.  On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Malik Shabazz was a guest by telephone on The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM, Detroit, and some of what Malik Shabazz said to Frank Beckmann is: "...But I speaking out of passion.  I'm in a almost war-like mode because war is bein' waged on upon the inner cities of Michigan that are predominantly African-Americans populated...."  Malik Shabazz spoke "crap," given that there is no war by "whites" going on against cities with high numbers of "blacks" as residents and that it has been "blacks" who have controlled a number of cities in Michigan whose actions or inactions (either purposeful inactions and not) have led to failed communities, and because Malik Shabazz spoke crap, Malik Shabazz showed himself to be a piece of crap of a man, and that is what can be found Detroit.
    By the way, members of The New Black Panthers were in Sanford, Florida, on Saturday, March 24, 2012, and they were part of a protest and more, an event that was tied to the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012, and Mikhail Muhammad of The New Black Panthers announced--in public--that the group put a bounty on the head of the man who shot Trayvon Martin and were mobilizing members of The New Black Panthers--"blacks"--to see the justice was done--their kind of justice was done--on behalf of Trayvon Martin.

    Reverend Jesse Jackson, a truly ignorant and evil man, was in Detroit on Thursday, March 29, 2012, and his reason for showing up was to speak before students of Wayne County Community College District, which would be another time to teach his beliefs, and on the same day, Jesse Jackson was interviewed by telephone by Frank Beckmann of The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM (Detroit).  I listened to the interview, and as usual when Jesse Jackson speaks, I had trouble undersanding much of what Jesse Jackson said, since Jesse Jackson is a sloppy speaker, speaking as if drunk most of the time.  In the interview, Jesse Jackson said: "...The largest organ in the Michigan body is Detroit.  If it's in crisis, Michigan's in crisis.  If Michigan in crisis, America's in crisis...."  and "...Detroit has the highest car insurance rate in the country in America.  That's a disincentive.  Ten-thousand who work there don't have to live there, so they get the best of jobs from Detroit, but so their, their home development outside, taking away the tax base.  Ah, you have the, ah, ah, a hundred-thousand thousand vacant homes and abandoned lots...." and "...The banks that put homeowners in the crisis paid no price for it...." and "...Banks used...rates....  They used predatory lending.  They used sub-prime lending...." and "...Detroit belongs to all of us.  Michigan belongs to all of us.  So let us have a summit of business, labor, and several layers of government to solve the problem [that is Detroit], as opposed to assuming that it's a management crisis...." and "...Detroit's crisis is a structural, it's not lack of management, it's lack of resources...." and "...Together we're gonna plan that respresents shared security for all, not...expense of others...." and "...So the, the experience of, of black profiling is so pervasive...."  Everything that I presented in quotation marks from Jesse Jackson is crap, and I could have presented more but too many words that Jesse Jackson spoke could not be understood, and that crap that Jesse Jackson spoke is the type of crap that Jesse Jackson teaches to people in Detroit, and that is the type of crap that people in Detroit believe, and that shows more of the nature of what Detroit is, and why Detroit is a dead city and will be dead for decades.

    On Thursday, March 29, 2012, it was reported that fifty students walked out of a school--Frederick Douglass Academy--in Detroit as a group in protest of what they felt was a bad educational environment, and the students got suspended (Dawsey, Chastity Pratt.  "Dozens of Douglass Academy high schoolers suspended after protesting lack of teachers." Detroit Free Press, 29 March 2012, 10:14 a.m.), and around this time, it was well known that the drop-out rate in Detroit was high and illiteracy was high, as it had been for many years, and I say that some of the problem is caused by evil and ignorant Detroit leaders, and I show an example of an evil and ignorant Detroit leader, right here.  On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Frank Beckmann interviewed Reverend David Murray on the radio show known as The Frank Beckmann Show (on WJR-AM), and I happened to hear the interview (while typing up information into my history document about The Mackinaw WAGB-83, which is now a museum at Mackinaw and which I am an expert about).  During the interview, Reverend David Murray--a member of the Detroit Board of Education--showed off a reason why many children in Detroit are stupid and illiterate.  In essence, Frank Beckmann got the interview going by reading a set of words that Reverend David Murray had said the previous day to the City Council of Detroit--"Stop playing kowtow to the white man who hates your guts."  Then Frank Beckmann asked Reverend David Murray--"Who is that white man?"  Reverend David Murray answered: "That white man is na, na, none other than the governor, Rick Snyder [a Republican], and his cohorts."  Frank Beckmann then said: "Then Andy Dillon [a Democrat] is, is, ah, one of those who hates the guts of Council?"  Reverend David Murray then said: ", he, he hates the guts of, of black people in general."  Frank Beckmann said next: "Andy Dillon hates black people?  Governor Rick Snyder hates black people?"  Then, Reverend David Murray said: "Yes, and anybody who, who's, who drawn in with them hates black people.  And not just hate black people.  They hate poor whites, Hispanics, and anybody who's not on high, ah, economic level.  They hate them."  Here are more comments that Reverend David Murray said (in public and on the radio) to Frank Beckmann (whose words I  leave out): "...The School Board has had no power since the take over of 1999, where you all raided the school district...over three-billion-eight-hundred million, I mean, eigh, eigh, eighty-million dollars and squandered it and gave it to the rich and the famous and left our children out in the cold...." and "...They took it from our babies...they gave it to their rich family members and friends...." and "...We had a, we had a three-billion dollar, ah, ah, ah, budget, and, and we had a, a eighty-million dollar surplus n 1999, when his honor--the Governor Engler--decided he wanted that money, so he did a take over and, and said he's gonna make this schools better...." and "...I thinkin' it, it's a disgrace that, the federal government allow Engler to come and take all that money and take over Detroit Public Schools from Detroiters.   Detroit Public Schools was on an upswing...." and "...No, no, it's not all white people.  Ah, there are white people, and, and, and, and their black agents...." and "...I talkin' about armed robbery.  I'm talkin' about rape, murder, a, a, assault against children--all those, in, in, in, in, in the capital crimes, all those crimes are, are far greater among whites than blacks...." and "...So you want to say wh, wh, when you, when a black person is killed by white people, by white person, it's okay, longs it didn't happen in Detroit...." and "...Yes, I do believe it...."  When I listened to Reverend David Murray while transcribing, I was struck by how poor Reverend David Murray's speech pattern was and is (during the live interview, I had been concentrating on other matters and had been letting a recorder record the interview), and I noticed Reverend David Murray spoke like a gutter man and like an uneducated man, evidence of which is shown in the material of his that I have in quotation marks, and during Reverend David Murray's speaking, Reverend David Murray struggled to speak, as if drunk or unable to get words out of his mind, and yet this man is a sitting member of the Detroit Board of Education.  Most certainly, you can see a big reason why Detroit is a dead city and will be a dead city for decades to come--there are evil and ignorant people as leaders in Detroit, and some, like Reverend David Murray, are truly people of crap and are keeping other blacks enslaved in filth and ignorance.

    On Wednesday, April 5, 2012, Detroit got a "consent agreement," and I say in jest--"Well, everything is all well now in Detroit!"  Yes, on Wednesday, April 5, 2012, Detroit City Council voted approvingly on a "consent agreement" related to straightening out the finances of Detroit, following negotiations that had involved Mayor David Bing of Detroit, the State of Michigan (such as Governor Rick Snyder), and a host of others; for example, a "financial advisory board" was going to be set up to help straighten up the financial dealings of Detroit.  It was all just another bit of foolishness in a city where the underlying social structure is defective and is failed and is not being addressed.

    The ignorance and evilness that underlies Detroit runs deep, and my proving it comes down to showing as many examples of possible (without many examples, you might not believe my thought), and this paragraph is another example of the ignorance and evilness, which is another lesson from me about evilness and ignorance are.  On Wednesday, April 25, 2012, Frank Beckmann--the host of The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM--did a live interview on his radio show with Reverend Charles Williams (of the Detroit area), who, for one, pushed the idea that voter-I.D. cards is a bad idea and is discriminatory, as shown by Reverend Charles Williams saying, "...I.D.'s not gonna solve it, it's gonna hurt it, because at the end of the day, if you don't have the money to go get a I.D., if you don't have the money, if you have three parking tickets and you can't go get an I.D., a ten-dollar or fifteen-dollar I.D., you will not be able to vote...."  Notice what jackass thought is--Reverend Charles Williams put forth the idea of people with parking tickets, each of which costs more than fifteen dollars, and the idea contains the meaning that the people have enough money to afford cars and then park in a way that results in their getting parking tickets, which hinted that they are unconcerned, it seems, with money (the money that would have to be used to pay parking tickets could be used to get a voter-I.D. card).  Here is one statement that shows that Reverend Charles Williams is a liar: "...This is what Republicans and conservatives have been saying all along--We need to suppress the vote.  And now that...they're gonna take the vote away.  This is 1964 rolled back...."  In fact, I argue Reverend Charles Williams was race baiting and was pushing the idea that the poor are hated by people who are not poor, which is nonsense, and that shows up Reverend Charles Williams as an evil man.  Reverend Charles Williams put forth the idea that he had no idea of the "Fast and Furious" scandal that is tied the Barack Obama administration and The New Black Panther voter-intimidation incident, and that shows that Reverend Charles Williams is a liar or is ignorant.  Here is plain big-time nonsense from Reverend Charles Williams: "...The real issues are here is people, the real issues are here is that the fact that our municipal governments are struggling, our state governments are struggling because taxes are not being paid by these multi-billion-dollar corporations....And so at the end of the day--'cause I know you gonna say, 'Ohhh, those black people, those elected officials ain't spendin' the money right.'  I know, I know that, I know that argument...."  Do you notice the racism in Reverend Charles Williams' mind, which is evident in the previous sentence of quoted material, which attacked Frank Beckmann, implying that Frank Beckmann is a racist.  Near the end of the interview, Reverend Charles Williams said: "I encourage business, ah, and, and I think growth and business is great.  Um, but I think, at the same time, we have to make sure we hold accountable everyone to be contributors this society."  The material in the previous quoted sentence is--as a whole--a piece of crap statement; for example, when businesses exist, jobs exist, and that helps the community, otherwise what would people do with their lives and days, and when businesses exist, people can get things like food and clothing and whatever and things get built, and that contributes to society, as has been the rule in the country for decades.  Ask yourself--What is Reverend Charles Williams' idea of "accountable"?  Who determines what "accountable" is?  "Accountable"--whose definition of the word sets the meaning?  The "accountable" idea is meaningless and nonsense.  Reverend Charles Williams showed himself to be just like Barack Obama, a black radical and a communist and more that is bad.

    By November 6, 2012, it was well known what Barack Obama was and what his nature was--Barack Obama was a perpetual liar, a black racist, an supporter of the evil political system known as Sharia, a man willing to not protect Americans (as shown by not enforcing immigration laws and by not getting really involved in protecting American in Benghazi  (Libya), where the "Benghazi Killing Scandal" (of September 11, 2012) is centered, a man who will violate The United States Constitution, a man whose close friends are tax cheats or lovers of Mao (the mass killer), et cetera.  On November 6, 2012, 98 percent of the residents of Detroit who voted in the national election vote to keep Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America.  For Detroiters, the nature of a black man matters not--it matters not how morally or politically corrupt or evil the man is.  Detroiters--while the city around them is falling apart economically and physically--will vote for a black man no matter how defective he is, and that is a sign of racists and this is a sign of ignorant people and that is a sign of a morally bankrupt philosophy of life and that is a sign of a lost culture and sick society.

    By the way, on November 6, 2012, it was well known to persons who paid attention that Barack Obama is a bad man, and on November 6, 2012, Martin Luther King Jr. (a person who is deemed a "Civil Rights leader") had been dead a little more than four decades, and some people still remember Martin Luther King Jr. pushed the idea that he hoped every man would be judged on his character and not on the color of his skin, and yet a mass of blacks in Detroit voted for a man--Barack Obama--not based on his character, which is bad, and that is the mark of failure on the face of Detroit and shows many, many blacks have no respect for Martin Luther King's teachings, and Detroit is loaded with those types of defective people.

    Here is something different to pass along.  On Friday, November 23, 2012, the Detroit Historical Museum was opened up again, after having been closed since May 2012 for major renovation, and people deemed it as a sign that Detroit is getting better.  Oh, on Tuesday November 20, 2012, the FBI made a raid on the main branch of the Detroit Public Library--which happens to be, in essence, only steps away from the Detroit Historical Museum--and gathered up financial records, seemingly working on information that something financially rotten is going on at the Detroit Public Library.   Should not the Detroit Public Library be made up of smart people?  Yet, there seems to be crap even in the Detroit Public Library.

    Between January 20, 2012, and November 28, 2012, several times, Sean Hannity had two black men--one a conservative and one a liberal (in essence, a black communist)--debate on his nationally syndicated radio show called The Sean Hannity Show.  The conservative was "AJ from Houston," and the liberal was "Levi from Detroit."  During a debate between the two men on November 28, 2012, "Levi from Detroit" clearly showed his nature--he is a black racist and a highly ignorant man.  One thing that "Levi from Detroit" said that showed what his true nature is--"...I still think that most of the opposition that Barack Obama is going through is, ah, endured and incur durin' this pre, present four years is because he is a black man!  I have a problem...I have a problem wit' you tryin' to distance yourself from certain aspects of the 'Tea Party' and certain conservatives who just won't work with Obama for nothin' because he's black!...." and "Louis Farrakhan is a truth teller, he's not a racist...." The ignorance and black racism in Detroit runs deep, very deep, as "Levi from Detroit" shows off.  [Author note: It is well known that Louis Farrakhan (of the Nation of Islam, a thug organization) is a black racist.]

    The ignorance runs deep into the society of Detroit.  On December 11, 2012, offered readers a piece written by Terence P. Jeffrey, which was put together with statistics that had been compiled by the U.S. Department of Education.  The piece entitled "Only 7% of Detroit Public School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading" noted that only seven percent of the 8th graders in the Detroit Public School system are "proficient" or better than "proficient" in reading (at the level that their grade level requires) and only four percent of the 8th graders in the Detroit Public School system are "proficient" or better than "proficient" in math (at the level that their grade level requires).  Slavery to ignorance--that is what the black society of Detroit has pushed up on blacks, especially black children.

    In the eleven o'clock hour in the morning on Friday, March 1, 2013, Barack Obama, a killer, was speaking before the press about the "Sequester" issue, and it was being shown on television stations in Detroit, and then some Detroit area television stations broke away from the coverage to air a live event, which featured Governor Rick Snyder (for Michigan).  The local program had Governor Rick Snyder making the announcement that Detroit was in an economic emergency, and the announcement was leading to the appointment of an "emergency financial manager" for Detroit.  It was another moment of idiocy for Governor Rick Snyder, who, by working to set up "health-care exchanges" in the state, had been helping to institutionalize the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 on the country, which is terrible, terrible federal law, which is going to lead to many good Americans coming to hate the country (good people hating the country is going to be a first for the country and "historic," as Barack Obama is so-called "historic").  Governor Rick Snyder said, in essence, some fast fixes will help build up Detroit.  All the fixes deal with financial matters, but financial matters are not the heart of the problem--the cultural and the political philosophy, such as that involving communism, are the problem, and the city is filled with ignorant people, many of whom have attained their status through the teachings of communists and black radicals (such as "black separatists").  For Detroit to get better, it must crash economically and fully, such as by going into bankrucpty--one of  "The Rules of Man" is sometimes good people must step aside and let something fall apart fully so that the crap can be seen for what it is and so that the real roots of the crap can be exposed.  Governor Rick Snyder has now gotten in the way of making Detroiters better.  By the way, one of the big problems in Detroit is it is loaded with "black racists," who want to keep Detroit their city--a "chocolate city"--and Governor Rick Snyder, a white man, has now tied "whites" more to the problem that is Detroit by having a "white" man involved in imposing an "emergency financial manager" on Detroit, and the appointment is not going to solve the underlying causes of the death of Detroit (since Rick Snyder is a "Republican"--he is not a "conservative" but he is a soft-line Democrat (and the Democratic Party is a communist/socialist political party)--it could mean blacks in Detroit will not, in the next election for governor, vote for a "Republican" but will vote for a "Democrat," and that will keep Detroit down even longer.  And the United States of America still has Barack Obama--a killer--as the U.S. president (you are urged to see my document entitled The "Benghazi Killings Scandal": A Short Information-and-Status Report, which can be reached by using this Benghazi link).  On March 1, 2013, there was a lot of hype and nothing leading to a gain for Detroit.
    [By the way, in Michigan, the school systems for the cities of Detroit, Highland Park, and Muskegon Heights have "emergency financial managers," and the cities with "emergency financial managers" are Allen Park, Ecorse, Pontiac, and Benton Harbor, which has been in trouble since the 1970s (but it still has a financial manager, showing nothing has been solved in decades).]

    Well, it finally happened--on Thursday, March 14, 2013, the Governor of Michigan (Rick Snyder) announced publicly that Kevyn Orr had been appointed the "emergency financial manager" for the City of Detroit.  That means everything in Detroit will soon be right, yes?  I say that it not possible.  On March 14, 2013, U.S. Representative John Conyers (the husband of a federal criminal), who serves, for the most part, Detroit, made this comment, which he had a hard time getting out of this mouth, about the national debt: "...First of all, that the debt is not endangering us a bit, na, not at all.  Our economists say, ah, we're, we're in debt but it's not endangering everything.  As a matter of fact, there are economists that say, ah, some debt is, is not a bad idea at all.  So all those ideas about, ah, the, the ceiling falling, the cav, the walls caving in because of that, ah, you can sleep more comfortably in your bed at night when you realize that we don't think there's a problem...."  The national debt related to only discretionary spending  is $16,000-billion.  John Conyers is either an idiot or a liar, and that is why Detroit is going to be in trouble for many years to come, and I remember Barack Hussein Obama, a bad man, is still the U.S. President!

    Thursday, July 18, 2013--this was the biggest day in the history of the City of Detroit (Michigan).  On this day, the City of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in a federal bankruptcy court.  Immediately, some people praised the action, and some people went to court to block the filing, and the people of the country got to see what happens when the biggest bankruptcy filing by a city in the country gets filed and what is the result to a city when it is guided by communistic policies, socialistic policies, policies of black racists, corrupt moral values, theft by politicians, laziness, et cetera.

    Barack Obama and his associates yet have control of the White House and the U.S. Senate, and Barack Obama controls the agencies of the Executive Branch of the federal government, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and if history is any lesson, the United States of America is being sent toward a standard that is like Detroit, a "Dead City."

    There are reasons why the United States of America is heading toward the Detroit standard, and it all has to do with purposeful intent.  Barack Obama has an ill mind, as I show in a number of my documents that are available on the Internet, and, in fact, I say that Barack Obama is insane, since, for one, Barack Obama has purposely already shown he cares nothing about hurting millions of people and is working to create laws that will destroy the country, such as "cap-and-trade" laws (either by federal act or policies of the Environmental Protection Agency), "value-added taxes" policies (which will put a tax on every step or process of the production of anything made and distributed in the country), and any national-health-care laws (which, for example, will put doctors out of work or cause doctors to quit and lead to the deaths of people, especially elderly).  And surrounding Barack Obama is a collection of deviants, ill minds, communists, socialists, Marxists, tax cheats, racists, and homosexuals (some of whom, for one, are pushing homosexual activity for young boys), and some of those defective people are Michelle Obama, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor (a racist), Tim Geithner (the head of the U.S. Department of Treasury, who is a tax cheat), Kevin Jennings (the "Safe-and-Drug-Free-School" czar, who pushes homosexuality), and David Axelrod (a senior advisor to Barack Obama), and it is clear these people are working to change the country into something highly different from what it was founded as.

    Yes, black radicals, communists, socialists, and Marxists have killed Detroit, and Barack Obama is at least a "radical" (if not an Islamic radical), communist, and Marxist, and although Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama is an enemy of the people of the United States of America, and until you understand that fact of life and fight back, Barack Obama will be unchecked in his process to kill the United States of America and kill you!

    Welcome to the war!

    P.S.: I believe Barack Obama is going to betray the U.S. military, and I am watching for it, and at the moment, it looks as if Barack Obama may have betrayed the U.S. military during what I call the "Benghazi Killings Scandal," information about which you can see by reading my document entitled The Benghazi Killings Scandal: A Little Information-and-Status Report, which can be reached by using this Benghazi link.

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