The Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama,
a Man with a Sick Mind--Economic Crash,
Riots and Insurrection,
and the Takeover


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April 9, 2013
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    In late 2012, people were coming across a few articles, such as on the Internet, that were noting that the federal government--particularly the U.S. Department of Homeland Security--was buying a lot of ammunition, such as around one-point-four-billion rounds of ammunition.  It seems people began to think the federal government was getting ready to put down an insurrection against the federal government--particularly Barack Hussein Obama, a man who had shown himself to a communist and a supporter of enslavism, such as Sharia, and a violator of The United States Constitution, et cetera--and although some persons say that Barack Obama is simply a socialist or a person who is over his head with respect to the job that he holds, I say that, given he has shown he likes to hurt millions of persons, he is quite insane.  Mr. Rush Limbaugh has pushed the idea that Barack Obama has a big hate on for the United States of America, saying that Barack Obama thinks the country was founded by men who purposely put together a government that would keep them in power and in riches and would keep others down and in poverty, and Mr. Rush Limbaugh has pushed the idea that Barack Obama thinks that the country is immoral and unjust, and that may be true, but I say that Barack Obama hates the country for other reasons too, such as it blocks him from being a dictator and being seen as higher in stature than others are in the country, such as business people, who gain stature in the country and in communities by, for example, creating businesses and jobs for communities.  Given the nature of what Barack Obama has shown himself to be--at least to those who are paying attention, which seems to be less than half the persons who are eligible to vote in the country--a person could see that the Executive Branch, which is controlled by Barack Obama, is buying the many rounds of ammunition, which could be used to shoot every person in America five times or so, because the federal government wants to be ready to put down an insurrection, such as against Barack Obama maybe becoming the U.S. President for a third time or becoming a dictator or whatever.  A person has to remember, around 2012, stories were being published by some news entities that showed the federal government has been flying military-type spy drones over parts of the United States of America, which could be used to spy on people who might take up arms against the federal government.  The exact reasons for the federal government's buying so many bullets is yet not clearly known, but many persons have ideas, all of which I have thought of, but I will give reference to some of the ideas spoken or passed along by others.  On July 2, 2008, while in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Barack Obama noted in a speech--"...We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.  We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded...."  Given that the country has local police agencies (such as county sheriff's departments and local police departments) and state-police-type agencies all over the country, a person has to wonder why Barack Obama would push for a "civilian national security force."  Plus, the country does have the U.S. military (made up of a number of entities, such as the U.S. Army).  By 2012, it was clear, though, that the U.S. military was being hallowed out, such as through budget cutbacks, by Barack Obama and his associates in the Democratic Party.  Remember: All the members of the U.S. military are surely not beholden completely to Barack Obama and would not put down and kill civilians rioting against Barack Obama, should riots happen.  A "civilian national security force" set up by Barack Obama and beholden to him is what Barack Obama could use to control the people (or, as might be defined in his mind, the "masses"), and already in the country, there are a number of groups that would follow him faithfully--to the death--such as the Nation of Islam and The New Black Panthers.  In addition, it is known that, in the country, Islamic terrorists do have some training areas, though the main media has not reported such news.  Maybe the ammunition is being saved for persons tied to groups like the Nation of Islam.  Of course, maybe the ammunition is something that is not supposed to go directly to people tied to groups like the Nation of Islam--things do get stolen (mysteriously), and the government does lose stuff (somehow).  There are people in the country who support "La Raza," the idea of taking over of parts of the western United States of America and making those parts a region of a new expanded Mexico.  Let me make it clear--I am not saying that the ammunition is being gathered up so that it might be used by a private army for Barack Obama, consisting of hundreds of thousands of people tied to the La Raza movement or the Nation of Islam or The New Black Panthers and such.  But you must keep in mind the set of words spoken on July 2, 2008, by Barack Obama.  During the week of Monday, February, 12, 2013, I heard a telephone caller on the nationally syndicated radio show called The Michael Savage Show (hosted by Michael Savage) note that the federal government could be buying up the ammunition, which does not get delivered immediately by the suppliers, to reduce the amount of ammunition that is available in the marketplace for private citizens to buy, which they might use to protect themselves from crooks or even bad people in the federal government.  On Friday, February 15, 2013, Mark R. Levin gave his take on the ammunition buys during his nationally syndicated radio program (The Mark Levin Show), and he noted that it was his belief the federal government was buying up the ammunition so that it would be ready in case the economy collapsed and the citizens of the country began to riot and kill, such as to obtain such simple things as food stuffs.  Most certainly, Barack Obama has been purposely working to crash the economy of the country, such as by overspending.  Around February 2013, new stories about the federal government's buying all the ammunition were still being issued, and around the time, the general-budget debt for the country was about 16,000-billion dollars, which is an incredible amount, and the debt related to unfunded liabilities was well over 50,000-billion dollars or 70,000-billion dollars, and federal government officials tied to watching over the money matters of the programs defined as unfunded liabilities, such as Social Security, were reporting that the systems were "unsustainable."  Most certainly, if there is an economic collapse and people start to riot and loot, especially in the big cities, such as Detroit, which is already a dead city, caused by communists and such, the federal government could institute martial law and could see it proper to use U.S. military force and local-type police forces to put down the riots and control the people, and when a federal government has such a man as Barack Obama as the current U.S. President, the country also end up with a "fundamental change" in the government structure, which gets set up by Barack Obama, such as by using "Executive Orders" and taking it upon himself to be the supreme ruler.  Since many people--in the millions--voted twice to have Barack Obama be the U.S. President, many persons would probably take up arms on behalf of Barack Obama, and then you would have a war between the forces loyal to Barack Obama and the forces loyal to the real The United States of America, and that would put the country is a situation similar with those which had recently gone on in the last few years in parts of the Middle East, such as in the defective countries of Syria and Egypt, which, in 2012, was, in essence, put in control of the Muslim Brotherhood, a nationally known Sharia or Islamic terrorist entity, which Barack Obama had befriended, such as in meetings before the fall of the previous Egyptian government during Barack Obama's first term as the U.S. President.  Should economic collapse happen in the United States of America, other countries--bad countries--would not have to fear reprisals from the United States of America if the bad countries were to start up wars with other countries or invade other countries, since United States of America, caught in strife that was, in essence, caused by the federal government, especially those tied to the Democratic Party, could not take up helping good peoples elsewhere in the world, such as in Israel or Japan, who were under attack.  Also if an economic collapse were to happen, people living in areas south of the United States of America, such as in South America, where a rise in communism is taking place, could--could--decide to threaten the southern border of the United States of America, and, maybe, the ammunition that is being gathered by, in essence, Barack Obama could end up in the hands of those coming into the country from the south.  A lot of possibilities exist about what the ammunition could be used for, and I have used this document to pass along facts and thoughts that many Americans are unaware of, which is not good, and I cannot yet say which will come first--the big economic crash, riots against Barack Obama and the other enslavists, et cetera.  However, I can say that it seems very likely Barack Obama and his associates know trouble from good citizens of the United States of America--those who uphold The United States Constitution and are opposed to communist dictators and "enslavism"--will come since Barack Obama and his associates are well aware what things that they have been doing and what laws that they have been enacting are bad in nature and are designed to enslave people and hurt people--and people fight back when evil is done to them, especially purposely.

    P.S.: To see in more detail why Americans could riot in the near future, you should see my document entitled Through "Obamacare" and "Dodd-Frank," the Takeover of the United States of America by "Enslavists"--Barack Hussein Obama and His Democratic Party Cohorts--is Nearly Complete (Information from Mark R. Levin), which shows Barack Obama was given powers by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 to control the finances of the country and all businesses in the country through the Executive Branch of the federal government or act like a Third World dictator and which can be reached by using this Takeover link


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