The White Privilege Conference and
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It is Not What You Think:
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May 23, 2014
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    A war is going on in the United States of America!  The enemies happen to be Americans, and yet they are working to displace The United States Constitution, and they are working to install a radical governmental system--an "enslavism" form of government--as the guiding political system in the country, and the type of political system is a one-party authoritative system, which will have elements of at least communism and Sharia, the latter of which is called a "religion" but is really nothing more than a rotten type of political system masquerading as a religion.  The type of people pushing the war onward want a power and privilege for themselves, and they want an easy life, such as that which gives them perpetual jobs in government (so that they do not have to have a job), and they want to be able to hurt people since a part of their nature is that they like--if not love--to hurt other people.  Certainly Barack Obama, a highly defective man is one of the enemies, and others are all the other members of the Democratic Party in the United States of America, which is political party that combines such political philosophies as communism and black radicalism and Sharia into one, and some of the enemies are most of the people involved in the major media, and yet other enemies are high-ranking members of the Republican Party in the United States of America (who can be considered, for example, communist infiltrators), and the group of enemies includes many in the educational community.  To gain what they want, such as riches and stature in society, these enemies push hatred amongst groups of people, and they lie about people, and, ultimately, they work to destroy, if not kill, people who oppose them, and, in essence, day in and day out, they continually work to teach defective ways of life and the way the life should be.
    On Thursday, May 22, 2014, I was taking a long-distance drive in Michigan, and I was listening to a nationally syndicated radio show called The Savage Nation, which is hosted by Michael Savage, and at one point during the program, he made me aware of something called the "White Privilege Conference."  Basically, Michael Savage took up the topic of the "White Privilege Conference" after having seen material at a website entitled "Prison Planet," which had posted material it had come across from "" and "".  A guiding force in the discussion from Michael Savage was tied to a video called WHITE LINES Lessons in Neo-Segregation at the White Privilege Conference PART 4 (which as the actual title on the video and which was also called White Privilege Conference 2014 part 4 of 4: Little Corvette Of Oppression).
    Before I get into a discussion of the White Privilege Conference and "White Privilege Ideology,"  I have to present facts:

    Here, I talk about "enslavism" forms of government.  An "enslavism" form of government is a type of government that has a few people of the country as rulers and the remainder of the people as subjects, and, in essence, the rulers own the subjects (like slaves or property), and the rulers hold their positions through coercion and violence and phony elections, and they may even hold their positions by saying that "God" has given them the positions or they are conduits of "God," which is nonsense.  "Communism" and Sharia are two forms of "enslavism," and, today, they are the most prevalent type of "enslavism" forms of government, and "communism" exists in Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, and other countries, and Sharia exists in Iran and Saudi Arabia and other countries.  It you look at the countries that are based on Sharia or communism, they are societies that are stalled, and, for instance, they are societies that are so busy suppressing the people that the people cannot create things and the societies are societies in which knowledge and truth are suppressed in favor of the limited and often corrupt thinking of the rulers.

    In the United States of America, politicians are almost always low-level thinkers.  They sort of know politics, which is the main focus of their lives, but, as a rule, they do not know other things--they are specialists focusing on, for example, getting and keeping political office.  Politicians do not get their jobs from actually having created things; politicians get their jobs by winning popularity contests, in which voters chose them often based on looks and smiles and fluff-based reasons.  Really, politicians are ignorant people, lacking well-rounded knowledge, covering topics from real science and mathematics to workable or realistic economics.

    "Capitalism"--what is it?  "Capitalism" is not a political system!  "Capitalism" is nothing more commerce--people making things, and other people buying things, and the people who make things make the things so that they can get money, which can be used to live.  In the United States of America, "capitalism" exists, and the government is not supposed to decide what can get made and what may not be made, as can happen in a country guided by an "enslavism" form of government.  Remember: It is The United States Constitution that sets up the government form of the federal government, and the federal government does not owe businesses or have ultimate control of businesses, such as hair salons and auto supply stores and grocery stores.  Many other countries are set up so that, in essence, the government owns businesses or has ultimate control of what businesses can and cannot make, and, in such countries, the government determines what amount of money can be made by a person.  In the United States of America, people are able take part in relatively free-will "capitalism," in which people do commerce and do work to make money and live without too much government interference [Note: The interference is increasing under Barack Hussein Obama].

    Here is a rule of life in the United States of America--"Freedom" is a set of rules, such as the freedom to speak out against the government, and "freedom" is color blind in that it applies to all types of people equally, and there is no such thing as a "freedom" for "white" people or "white principles" of freedom, which can be thought of as something different from "freedom" for black people and "freedom" for yellow people and "freedom" for whatever.

    In the latter part of the 1700s, a group of men--who happened to be "white"--put together The United States Constitution, which was designed to form a new type of government, in which the people owned the government and the government did not own the people, and which was designed to block a man or a woman from becoming a dictator over the people--It must be pointed out that all types of people--"black" and "white" and whatever--had had centuries in which to create such a type of government but they had not (which means countless blacks and whites and whatever had been to stupid or whatever to create such a government).  The United States Constitution became the basis for the United States of America.  The United States Constitution was not perfect when it was ratified; soon after it as ratified, some parts were added, such as "The Bill of Rights," and other times, other features were added, and, for example, an amendment related to "prohibition" was removed.  I state that I know some features that should be added to the document, since the document is not quite good enough to block bad politicians from becoming dictators and doing harm to the county, as recent history shows, but I state that it is the best such document that exists, and nothing about the document--ever--promoted "racism" or a "white-only culture" or a "white-elite culture."

    Yes, people of other races had the opportunity to create non-enslavism forms of government over the ages of man, but they did not!

    Africans in Africa never did work to create a document like The United States Constitution.

    American Indians on the North American continent never did work to create a document like The United States Constitution.

    Chinese on the Asian continent never did work to create a document like The United States Constitution.

    People in South America never did work to create a document like The United States Constitution.

    It just happened to be that "whites" (who had fled "enslavism" forms of government in Europe) created The United States Constitution.

    Why did people of other countries and lands not create a document like The United States Constitution?  There are a number of reasons, not all of which will be presented here.  One reason is the people were always too busy just surviving on a day-to-day basis, which includes gathering food through hunting and farming, which took up much time of the day.  Another reason is political leaders, such as kings of little African villages, blocked the people from doing things, using "religious" reasons as blocking tools (such kings were always working to keep their power).  Another reason is the people were often busy fighting off armed thugs and crooks of other tribes, who did not want to work to make things but simply wanted to steal the things from others who made them (which yet happens in Africa, a recent example of which is the May 2014 kidnapping of some 300 young girls in Nigeria by followers of Sharia).  Another reason is the people lacked resources (such as money) to act on their visions and dreams--the governments kept the people poor by taking from them what they have made or earned through work (and that results in peoples' holding back on making things, well aware the governments will confiscate what they have made or are working on).  Another reason is, unlike on the North American continent with the men who created The United States Constitution, the people who might create a document like The United States Constitution of other lands were already working within countries with established political systems with established political leaders who were working to hold on to their political power and livelihood and block the creation of any new form of government (in essence, the people from Europe who were on the North American continent and were designing a new country were starting from scratch).

    Now, I can talk about the White Privilege Convention of 2014, and the information from this paragraph comes from what I saw in the video entitled WHITE LINES Lessons in Neo-Segregation at the White Privilege Conference PART 4 (which is tied to "" and "," the latter of which is an anti-communistic entity, despite having "progressives" in the name).  The White Privilege Convention took place from March 26, 2014, to March 29, 2014, at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center at Madison, Wisconsin, and it was offered to and attended by teachers and school administrators and such, and it was, for example, a time for the attendees to hear speeches and take part in discussion groups.  While the video ran, I quickly learned the event was put together by communists and such like rotten people to push propaganda and lies, and the event--which was a public event and not an event held in secret at someone's house in private (which I have learned over my lifetime has happened with little communist groups working to destroy the United States of America)--was designed to put down "Christianity" and promote communism (a totally government-controlled society) and put down "capitalism" and promote a totally government-controlled businesses sector, which blocks people from gaining wealth though real work and becoming seen as higher in stature than the rulers are.  The video showed some of the nonsense that was being learned by those who were attendees.  One person said that the United States of America  was "built on white principles for white people."  I wondered--What the hell are "white principles."  Within any group or race of people, "freedom" from oppression and enslavism is what it is for all other groups.  Another person shown in the video put down "Christianity," which was sort of a basis for the creation of The United States Constitution.  For those who do not know, I state that "Tea Party" people support The United States Constitution and are "anti-enslavists" (or, for instance, "anti-communists"), and they can be "white" people, and they can be "black" people, and they can be other types of people.  The video presented some moments of Leonard Zeskind speaking, and one main statement from Leonard Zeskind was--"The longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become."  Rosemary Colt was shown saying that, in the United States of America, "racism is systematic and institutionalized."   I state, here, that the Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist organization that promotes Sharia, which is "enslavism," throughout the world, and during the White Privilege Convention, Amer Ahmed (a professor at the University of Michigan) said--"Then, of course, there was the Huma Abedin saga which, ah, Huma is an aide to Hillary Clinton, which Michele Bachmann, ah, said that the administration had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood because her grandfather may or may not, way back in the day, had some kind of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a political party in Egypt."  Notice Amer Ahmed was working to suggest the Muslim Brotherhood was simply a political party in Egypt--in essence, he covered up the Muslim Brotherhood's history of coercion in Egypt (coercion and rotten rules tied to Islam were why a Muslim Brotherhood member who had become the president of Egypt recently had then been forced out of office by the military in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood was put on the enemies list for the country), and Amer Ahmed did not present information about the Muslim Brotherhood's dishonorable and evil work to push Sharia as the world "religion" (political system).  The video showed that the White Privilege Conference was an indoctrination event for people in the education business in the United States of America and was designed to get, for instance, teachers to take up the rotten cause and teach the rottenness to children in schools.  In fact, the video talked about the work to get young children indoctrinated into the themes of the "White Privilege Ideology," which is not something that pushes the ideas that "whites" are better than others are but is really pushing the idea that people should adopt communism and take up believing in total government control of the country so the government might make, for instance, the country fair for everyone and the country good finally (which is a phony reason pushed by the enslavists).

    On Friday, May 2, 2014, I went to the website for the "White Privilege Conference" of 2014 (called WPC 15) to see what was presented.  The main page pushed these words--"Building Relationships!  Strengthening Communities!  Seeking Justice!"  Having a knowledge of rotten nonprofit entities and such, I understood the website is tied to communists and communistic thinking.  For example, communists and black radicals call for "social justice" r "economic justice"  in the United States of America, which is nothing more than calling for the taking of stuff from people who do things and giving it to others (it is wealth distribution through government coercion).  A list of sponsors for the event showed off more evidence that communistic people were involved in setting up the conference, and it also showed that public money (taxpayer) money was involved in setting up the event.  Some of the sponsoring entities were--Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools, the University of Northern Iowa, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Eliminate Racism Empowering Women (Madison), Attic Correctional Services Inc., Diversity Action Team, the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire), the Sinsnawa Dominicans, the Madison-Area Urban Ministry, the City of Madison Civil Rights, the White Anti-Racism Collective (Groundwork), Echo Valley Farm, the Wisconsin Conference United Methodist Church, the Madison Area Diversity Roundtable, United Common Ground, the Sierra Club, the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, USAon RAE, and LeaderShape.  A person's examination of the list of sponsoring entities shows communistic entities were involved in the conference or shows what entities support communistic ways of life--rotten ways of life.  The list of keynote speakers showed off a collection of communistic activists and radicals--Jacqueline Battalora (a professor of sociology at Saint Xavier University), Daniel Beaty (a singer and writer), Rosa Clemente (a woman tied to the Green Party (a communistic party) and African-American studies at UMASS-Amherst), Joe Feagin (a professor of sociology at Texas A&M), John Powell (a professor of law and African studies at the University of Berkeley), and Howard Stevenson (a professor of education and Africana studies at the University of Pennsylvania).

    I went to the "about" page (really "THE WPC" page) at the website for the White Privilege Conference," and when I read six pieces of information about what the place is about and compared that with what I learned in the video, I saw conflict and realized the entity was rotten.  The first statement was--"WPC is a conference that examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world."  The second piece was--"It is not a conference designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks."  Notice the lying that is going on?  The other pieces are not be presented here, since they were nothing more that filler material (just a collection of words).

    By the way, did you notice that the Sierra Club was tied to the event.  The Sierra Club is a high-level communistic entity that is pushing on the world, especially the United States of America, the lie that is manmade climate change.  Ask yourself--Why is the Sierra Club involved in a "White Privilege Conference" for teachers?

    Near the end of the video, it was reported that people could see the video and the other three video parts of the set by going to either "" or "".

    Everything that I learned about the nature of the White Privilege Convention showed me more of the rottenness of some people in the country, and they are people who are promoting their rottenness in public more openly today and to teachers, and it reminded me of the things that were done by the Nazis in Germany in roughly the 1930s, which ultimately led to World War II, and of the things done by Mao and his associates in China in the middle of the 1900s, which led to the killings of millions of Chinese--all for the sake of imposing enslavism on people.

    If you have children who are yet in school, find out if any of their teachers attended the White Privilege Conference in May 2014 or support what was taught at the event, and if any teacher has ties to the event, take action to get that teacher removed from teaching your children!


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Note: On Friday, May 23, 2014, I read though "Remarks by the First Lady at Topeka School District Senior Recognition Day," which had been posted on the Internet on May 17, 2014, at 6:33 p.m.

Note: On Friday, May 23, 2014, I saw WHITE LINES Lessons in Neo-Segregation at the White Privilege Conference PART 4, related to "" and "".

Note: On Friday, May 23, 2014, I went to a website related to "FGC" (Friends General Conference), and I saw a piece of information entitled "Quakers' Recollections on the 2013 White Privilege Conference."


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