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    For some time, I have been saying that we live in "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," and one reason for that is many so-called journalists and many politicians are purposely talking lies about things and working to keep people ignoranT of the rottenness going on in the country, especially by Barack Hussein Obama, a perpetual liar and an "enslavist."  Here, I have another edition of Michigan Travel Tips, which is designed to expose rottenness that can be seen in the State of Michigan.  I report once again that I do not promote Detroit as a place for vacationers and others to see, since Detroit is a rotten city, as it has been for years--it is getting worse and deserves nothing.  Since I published the previous edition of Michigan Travel Tips, more people in Detroit have come out to push the idea that "water" (or access to water) is a "human right."  And their meaning is "water" is something that a person should get for free.  That is crap!  Nothing is free!  For centuries, people have had to get their water to keep themselves alive or pay someone else to get it for them, since no person will and should have to get water or carry it for someone else for free.  If you do not pay in some way for the water you need, such as by gathering it yourself, then you die.  Of course, you can force someone else to get water for you for free, using coercion and violence, but that someone else has a right to damage you to stop your coercion or violence or even kill you if necessary.  Today, about fifty percent of Detroiters cannot pay their water bill; yet 75 percent can keep their cell-phone bills up to par, and about 66 percent can keep their subscription television service paid up.  Do not tell me--Water is a "human right," which someone else should give some persons for free. Today, some Detroiters and foreigners are working to get others, such as people in the suburbs of Detroit, to pay for the water needed by people in Detroit, who would get water for free.  That idea is why I say that Detroit is overall a rotten city and it will be for decades to come.  It is not my job to get water for you or carry your water, and if you force me to get your water or give you free water, I have the "human right" to stop that from happening.  If you treat me as expendable, then I treat you as expendable.  Let me move on a moment.  On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, I had to be in Ferndale, Michigan, to observe and take part in a city-held meeting focusing on possibly building a parking garage/apartment/business-space complex in the downtown area, basically on the Nine Mile Road between Woodward Avenue and Planavon Street.  I heard rottenness--people (such as the mayor, Mayor Dave Coulter) trying to sell a rotten project to the residents of Ferndale (which reminded me of what Royal Oak had accepted some time back and has turned out to be a bust).  About 100 residents attended the meeting.  One big selling point being used by the mayor and his associates is the project would increase population density in the city and bring in more visitors.  It is idiot thought.  First, the project is expected to have high-rent apartments, but the apartments will be across the street from a HUD-housing unit ("Withington West").  Second, people who take up living in the new apartments will probably not spend much money in downtown Ferndale, because of the types of businesses that exist in downtown Ferndale and because many people probably work in other cities and each lunch at places near work and shop at places between home and work.  Consider what I found by doing a survey of the shops and such that existed on Nine Mile Road between Woodward Avenue and Planavon Street on Thursday, July 17, 2014.  Think about what there is to see if you were to walk the route (maybe on a visit) and what the potential new residents would have.  One building houses the Downtown Development Authority.  It is a waste of space that should be used by a business of some type.  There are two tattoo shops.  Three businesses are tax businesses (H&H Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax).  There are two vitamin stores (Natural Food Patch and Organi Food  Vitamin Center).  So far, there is nothing to see really.  There are two gay-and-lesbians-focused places--Affirmations and Just 4 Us.  There are three clothing stores, two of which (Mother Fletcher's and Designer Resale Boutique) sell, in essence, used clothing or recycled clothes, and one store (Dangerous Curves) has almost nothing inside (such as clothing and chairs and such), and to me, it could be moved away in about one hour.  The street has one shoe store, which has, it seems, nice shoes--only for women.  There are six hair salons or nail-job places (focusing mostly on women).  So far, do you see downtown Ferndale with an attractive allure?  There is one bank, and there is one place where artistic painting and such is taught, and there is one self-defense-teaching-type business.  The downtown street has a bike shop, a candle store, an old-record or old-album store, a bookstore with used books, a guitar store, and a tobacco shop.  There are a couple more shops.  The street (block) has eighteen food places (restaurants or cafes), three of which have Asian-type food (Bangkok Cafe, Bang Kok Express, and China Ruby Restaurant).  Two places focus on the baby.  That shows most of what is available on that block under consideration.  Really, I say--Ferndale is a "fad city," which most attracts people in the evening for meals, especially on Friday and Saturday, the only two times during the week during which a person might have to search a little for a parking place and may have to walk a block to get to a restaurant.  A big push by those selling the construction project at the meeting was to make people think the parking problem will be solved with the project.  By the way, during the meeting, the mayor could not clearly or exactly state how many parking places exist now.  The downtown area is focused on a narrow range of people.  During the meeting, a man--Jake Sigal--from an architectural agency (Krieger Kiatt) made a pitch about the project (which included showing proposed drawings), and regularly he pushed out the idea of how "cool" it all is and is going to be.  The presenters pushed the idea of "openness and transparency" (which is bullshit).  Near the opening of the meeting, the mayor lied to the audience or showed that he is a very stupid man and dangerous man--saying that the economy of the country is improving.  I know the unemployment rate is a fake number--the federal government has been fudging the figures for some time.  I know the "job universe" is shrinking in the country.  I know some 40-million persons are using food stamps.  I know the GDP was reported "negative" for the last quarter.  And there is more that I could note that shows the economy is crappy.  Oh, the mayor is a "Democrat," which means the mayor supports Barack Obama and communism, which involves lying regularly.  The presenters made much of the meeting about improving parking, though parking is only a problem somewhat on two evenings of the week.  Citizens got to talk and present their thoughts, and a few were in favor of the project, but most were opposed, saying it would be an eyesore, would be a monstrous thing in their backyards, would block out the sun for some people, and would not be wanted for other reasons.  Did I impress upon you how much the idea of how "cool" it would be and how it would be "cool" for the city and result in a "cool city"?  The architectural representative presented nothing more than a dream and feelings--he said nothing about an "anchor store" coming, which--if it did some--would help the other existing stores--or how the project would really benefit the current residents.  By the way, Ferndale touches a portion of the northern city limit of Detroit.  Meanwhile, Detroit has a big development project in the works--it is only something for the downtown area (once again, the areas outside of the downtown area will be left out).  The $650-million project (being pushed along by the very rich Illitch family, made up of supporters of Barack Obama and the communistic way of life for citizens) centers around another new sports arena, and it will offer space for businesses and it will have space for high-rent apartments, and I say that the project will be something that will take potential apartment renters away from the proposed Ferndale project--the yuppies and techies will head to that Detroit project first (going with the biggest fad place of the moment).  Oh, since I am back in Detroit, I have something else to pass along focusing on "water" in Detroit.  On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, a woman named Alice Jennings, who is an attorney, was an interviewee on The Frank Beckmann Show (of WJR-AM, Detroit), and during the interview, the woman was representing the NAACP, a black racist organization that is filled with communists and socialists.  During the program, Alice Jennings pushed out the idea that underlying law in Detroit is racism--racism was tied to the actions by the Water Department (based in Detroit) of cutting off water to people who had not paid water bills, though Detroit is, in essence, controlled by blacks and is made up mostly of black residents (Alice Jennings did push out the idea that the head of the Water Department (who is a woman) is white).  Alice Jennings showed herself to be a black racist and a rotten woman.  In essence, since black people have to pay their waters bills, it is racism--that was what Alice Jennings was pushing out.  I have to return to Ferndale.  "Medical marijuana"--it is a sham and a scam for the most part, mostly pushed along by those wishing to make Americans more hooked on "dope" and other mind-altering drugs so that most Americans can be controlled easily and pushed along by those who are hoping for easier access to "dope" so that they can satisfy their drug habit.  On July 28, 2014, the city council of Ferndale voted "yes" on approval for a medical  marijuana center (which is to be called "Meridan Wellness Center") for Ferndale [Laitner, Bill.  "Ferndale OKs a new center for registered users of medical pot."  Detroit Free Press,  4 August 2014, p. NA].

    Warning announcement!  Because of incidents at schools for children and incidents at other places for people in general tied to "Sharia" or "Islamic Law" or even the religion/political system known as "Islam," I now regularly have this paragraph as a part of each edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  The governmental system of the United States of America based on The U.S. Constitution and "Sharia" or, informally, Islam law, are not compatible and cannot co-exist, and one reason is "Sharia" (et cetera) is a political system, in which there is one-party rule, and that one party is basically made up or controlled by religious leaders who base all the ways of their culture or society on "Sharia" or "Islamic Law."  Those who uphold and practice "Sharia" have no tolerance for the existence of Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism or non-religion, and that is a fact, and "Sharia" is a political system in which women are second-rate human bodies and in which clergy can be involved in determining  business transactions, and there is no "freedom of speech" tied to politics in a society related to "Sharia."  When you travel around Michigan and in other states of the country, watch for signs that rotten people are trying to teach you or family members, especially children, that "Sharia" is good and "Allah" is good and teach you or family members that the United States of America is bad and that, for instance, Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism are bad, which I have evidence is happening and which is being brought about by people who are clearly working to make "Sharia" and "Islamic Law" a dominant political system in the world (it is a political system as rotten as socialism and fascism and communism are, since it promotes violence and thuggery and coercion and killing under the face of religion).  By the way, a society based of "Sharia" really creates nothing in the long run and does not advance the human society as a whole since it is too busy suppressing the ideas of people and keeping that ideas of the society based of ways of only a few minds up front (the political leaders, whose main purpose is too keep themselves enriched through  the work of others, the many--it is a gang-run society really.  Yes, if you run across people pushing the idea that Muslim-stuff is better than U.S. is, especially to little children, go public and make it known to other good people and fight back against it!

    There are foot baths for Muslims at the University of Michigan, which, in essence, were installed with tax-payer money, and that is only one of the rotten things about the University of Michigan, and I have more here.  In the past, I have reported that I am an authority on The Mackinaw WAGB-83, which was an icebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes from December 1944 to June 2006 and is now a museum at Mackinaw City, Michigan.  In October 1953, The Mackinaw WAGB-83 was stationed for some hours at the Straits of Mackinac--in the St. Ignace/Mackinaw City area--when an oil line was put in place in the water between St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.  The line was a little over five-miles long, and it was a 26-inch-diameter line, and each foot of line weighed 166 pounds, and the line was made up of 2,500-foot sections, and it was pulled from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City.  One thing that The Mackinaw WAGB-83 did was blocked ship traffic for periods of one-hour at a time.  The line became important to the lives of people.  On Friday, July 11, 2014, the Detroit Free Press (the communist-control newspaper and supporter of Barack Obama) published a story entitled "Pipeline break could lead to a catastrophe" [Matheny, Keith.  "Pipeline break could lead to a catastrophe."  Detroit Free Press, 11 July 2014, pp. 1A and 10.].  The article was based on thoughts of David Schwab, a research scientist at the University of Michigan Water Center (who had been at one time employed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal-government entity controlled by communists and radical environmentalists, who were probably students of the writings of Saul Alinsky, the communist, who put together the book informally entitled Rules for Radicals).  In October 1953, the pipeline belonged to Lakehead Pipeline Company and was a part of a line that was designed to exist between Superior, Wisconsin (the United States of America), and Sarnia, Ontario (Canada), and, today, the total pipeline--called "Line 5"--belongs to Enbridge (an Canadian entity).  In essence, the newspaper story was designed to scare people into thinking Lake Huron, such as Mackinac Island, could be severely damaged, if the pipeline were to rupture--David Schwab has come up with six sceranios about what could happen if the section of pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac were to rupture (the article had photographs of the Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island).  The article made no mention how the pipeline has many big valves that can be used shut off the flow of oil in the line--it is not as if there is only a valve at Sarnia and a valve at Superior.  The article mentioned U.S. Senator Carl Levin (a Democrat related to Michigan) and U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (a Democrat related to Michigan), both of whom are really hard-line communists; Carl Levin was involved in the IRS scandal dealing with "Tea Party" groups, and Debbie Stabenow is big advocate to killing free speech in the United States of America.  Oh, by the way, in the 1950s, my father worked as a surveyor for the Michigan-Wisconsin Pipe Line Company (now known as ANP Pipeline Company), and he drew up some cartoons--under the title "Pipeliners"--that got published in gas-oil trade magazines, and I remember one was about "pigging" a line, which, in the cartoon, involved a real pig.  By the way, I wonder if David Schwab's automobiles have ever dropped oil or grease (even an electric vehicle has to use, at least, grease for lubrication).  The Earth is dirty!  The Earth has oil, and man gets oil from the Earth, and accidents or breakdowns happen--that is life.  Instead of dreaming up scenarios, David Schwab should have used his time to learn what the quality of the line is and what the facts are.  He was pushing fear--about a "catastrophe."  Between December 1944, and June 2006, a number of ships have sunk or run aground in the Great Lakes, and sometimes diesel fuel or oil have escaped the vessels, and yet the Great Lakes have not died.  In the recent past, The Mackinaw WLBB-30 (which replaced The Mackinaw WAGB-83 officially and fully in June 2006) has leaked oily material in to the Great Lakes and has had to be repaired.  Oil comes from the Earth, and it exists in the Earth, and you cannot get rid of the oil in the Earth, where it is being produced through, for example, heat and decaying plant material..

    And I note--On July 12, 2014, the Detroit Free Press published an article called "FINAL SALUTE: ROTC headquarters at U-M to be torn down this summer" [Jesse, David.  "FINAL SALUTE: ROTC headquarters at U-M to be torn down this summer."  Detroit Free Press, 12 July 2014, p. 4A.], and the article reported information about how the North Hall (which was the home for the ROTC for many decades) is soon going to be torn down (it was closed down on Friday, July 11, 2014), the day on which the Detroit Free Press published the article pushing David Schwab's theme.

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tip in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips is (maybe), if it still exists when you look:

    The ROTC headquarters building on the campus of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, the Lower Peninsula.


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