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Victor Edward Swanson,



    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.


For decades, the United States of America has had immigration laws,
and one of the purposes of the laws has been to block the entry
of people in to the country who have bad diseases, coming from rotten
countries, controlled by killers and dictators and other enslavists.  Since
January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has blocked people from enforcing
U.S. immigration laws (for example, he took the State of Arizona to court
for wanting to uphold U.S. immigration laws, which sent a message to
the peoples of the world that it was like the U.S. had no borders and
anyone could enter the country).  Around July 2014, it was reported
by a least few news entities that countless illegal immigrants (many of
whom were children) with bad diseases and such were getting in to the
county and were being allowed to stay.  The diseases and such were
such things as chicken pox, lice, and scabies.  It became public
knowledge that security persons (tied to Barack Obama) at a refugee
camp at Lackland Air Force Base (San Antonio, Texas) told doctors
and nurses to keep quiet about the sicknesses to the American public--using
threat.  By the way, the members of the security entity called themselves
"Brown Shirts" (much like the "Brown Shirts"--killers--of the Nazis in
Germany in the 1930s and 1940s).  On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, people at
Murrieta, California, blocked three buses of illegal-alien children
from entering their town.  It is clear--Barack Obama and others are working
to bring killer diseases and such in to the United States of America to
hurt Americans (especially good Americans, those who are
anti-Obama and anti-communist and anti-Democratic Party).  By the
way, putting ill people into military bases puts the health of
America soldiers at risk, and it seems to me Barack Obama, who
has put down the U.S. military, could be hoping to infect U.S.
soldiers with diseases to weaken the U.S. military
[You are urged to see my document entitled Television History
and Trivia #123, which can be reached through this
T.H.A.T. #123 link.]

- - - Travel Thoughts for Everyone - - -

    When you travel around the United States of America, such as Michigan, you will see that some things, such as lakes or streets, have names that are based on American Indian names.  Over the last few decades, American Indians have been disappearing into history.  One reason for that is American Indians seem to be stupid to the fact that some persons are purposely working to wipe out the images of American Indians, and people are getting away with making American Indians a forgotten group of peoples--they are forcing individuals to change the names of baseball teams and football teams that have ties--good-hearted ties and honorable ties--to American Indians, and even the federal government is getting involved in wiping out American Indians in earnest.  For example, on June 18, 2014, the public learned the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (of the Executive Branch of the federal government, which is headed by Barack Obama, an enslavist and a rotten man) had recently taken away the six trademark registrations of the Washington Redskins, and a smart person knows it is part of the work to remove from public view more that is the American Indian (already, sports teams around the country have been divorcing themselves from the American Indian, though the sports teams honored the American Indian names and worked hard bring honor to the names and even got hurt working to honor the names, such as through sports injuries, some of which have been severe).  So, the American Indian is disappearing from history, based on the work of rotten people (such as Amanda Blackhorse, Courtney Tsotigh, and Jillian Pappan).  In Michigan, though, American Indian names have yet to disappear completely from things, and you will see that when you travel in Michigan.

    By the way, I am an authority--if not "the authority"--on The Mackinaw WAGB-83, which was a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker on the Great Lakes from December 1944 to June 2006 and which is now a museum at Mackinaw City, and the name of the ship has roots in American Indian culture and history, and the first proposed name for the ship was The Manitowoc, and the name was not used since another ship already had the name, and, by the way, another ship was using The Mackinac.

    Warning announcement!  Because of incidents at schools for children and incidents at other places for people in general tied to "Sharia" or "Islamic Law" or even the religion/political system known as "Islam," I now regularly have this paragraph as a part of each edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  The governmental system of the United States of America based on The U.S. Constitution and "Sharia" or, informally, Islam law, are not compatible and cannot co-exist, and one reason is "Sharia" (et cetera) is a political system, in which there is one-party rule, and that one party is basically made up or controlled by religious leaders who base all the ways of their culture or society on "Sharia" or "Islamic Law."  Those who uphold and practice "Sharia" have no tolerance for the existence of Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism or non-religion, and that is a fact, and "Sharia" is a political system in which women are second-rate human bodies and in which clergy can be involved in determining  business transactions, and there is no "freedom of speech" tied to politics in a society related to "Sharia."  When you travel around Michigan and in other states of the country, watch for signs that rotten people are trying to teach you or family members, especially children, that "Sharia" is good and "Allah" is good and teach you or family members that the United States of America is bad and that, for instance, Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism are bad, which I have evidence is happening and which is being brought about by people who are clearly working to make "Sharia" and "Islamic Law" a dominant political system in the world (it is a political system as rotten as socialism and fascism and communism are, since it promotes violence and thuggery and coercion and killing under the face of religion).  By the way, a society based of "Sharia" really creates nothing in the long run and does not advance the human society as a whole since it is too busy suppressing the ideas of people and keeping that ideas of the society based of ways of only a few minds up front (the political leaders, whose main purpose is too keep themselves enriched through  the work of others, the many--it is a gang-run society really.  Yes, if you run across people pushing the idea that Muslim-stuff is better than U.S. is, especially to little children, go public and make it known to other good people and fight back against it!

    Again I have to report that I do not promote Detroit as a place to visit or spend money, because it is, in essence, a rotten city, as I have shown in other documents available at the website for The Hologlobe Press (such as Detroit and Death: A View of a Future United States of America, which can be reached through this Detroit link).  Another example of crappy people with crappy and rotten ideas in Detroit showed up since I published the previous edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  In the middle of June 2014, a group, which included the Detroit People's Water Board (an "activist" group--think socialists and communists and black radicals) sent a letter to the United Nations (particularly the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation) to get the United Nations (which is controlled by communists and socialists and other rotten people, such as Third World tribal-type dictators) involved in helping people in Detroit who cannot pay water bills.  By the way, working with the Detroit People's Water Board was an entity from Canada called Blue Planet Project [a name that makes by think of communistic environmentalists].  A woman named Curtrise Garner (a spokeswoman for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department) pushed out the idea that water or access to water is a "God-given right," and, in essence, the group pushing for the United Nations to help out Detroiters is pushing the idea that the "rights" of people are being violated and the United Nations has to get involved.  In truth, it has come to the point where only about fifty percent of the people in Detroit can afford to pay their water bills because, since the 1960s, the communists and black radicals have corrupted the government of Detroit and killed jobs in Detroit and forced people to move out of Detroit, and the communists and black radicals have worked to try to get things for doing nothing and make "blacks" feel they deserve to get things for doing no work done (which is anti-nature), and so many people in Detroit have to be cared for like cattle--they have no skills, they no rotten intelligence, they have leaders or hoped-to-be leaders like Curtrise Garner to screw up lives on a daily basis.  ["Detroit activists all for UN help as city shuts off water for thousands." Al Jazeera America, 22 June 2014, 12:51 p.m. ET; "Nearly Half of Detroit Water Customers Can't Pay Their Bill."  cbslocal.com (WWJ-TV, Detroit), 23 June 2014, 7:33 a.m.]

    In addition, a bunch of people are pushing the idea that the "M-1" rail system (on Woodward Avenue) has to get made soon since it will help Detroit and improve the economy of Detroit.  The idea is such nonsense.  There is a rule--You build a road or such a thing like a road when there is a need for it--people need another road because there is economic growth--and you not build a road, which is not really needed, hoping people will use it and by thinking that, by having the road, it will spur economic growth.  A lot people of Detroit have it "back-ass-wards," thinking building a rail system (and spending a lot of money to make it) will spur the economy and save Detroit (and, meanwhile, all the other roads in Detroit, on which most people travel and need, go to crap, getting little care).

    You have reached this point in the document, and you have not seen any place in Michigan promoted as something to see.  I am not in the mood to promote a place.  I could cover many places easily, such as the Crossroads Village (at Flint of Genesee County in the Lower Peninsula), the Holland Aquatic Center (at Holland of Ottawa County in the Lower Peninsula), the Howell Conference & Nature Center (at Howell of Livingston County in the Lower Peninsula), or Michigan Legacy Art Park (at Thompsonville of Benzie County in the Lower Peninsula).  Instead, I take you home.  That is a place for you.  It is a place you can shut off from, for instance, bad people or rotten people, and it is a thing that you defend.  It is a place not open to just anyone--You decide who and who does not get to come in.  For example, down the street could be a rotten family, and the members of the family are not people who get to come and go as they wish in your home, and one reason is you wish to keep their rottenness and crummy ways of life from infecting your home, especially the children in your home.  In essence, the United States of America is your home, and the borders are like the walls of your home.  Barack Obama and his associates (all the Democrats and some of the Republicans) are allowing people to come and go as they wish into your home--Your safety is threatened since people are bringing crap in to your home, such as diseases and rotten political ways, such as communism.  The walls of your home--the United States of America--have purposely been pushed aside or torn down or made useless, and I say that the reasons are designed to destroy your home, and I state clearly that that is Barack Obama's wish, while working to become king of the world.  Barack Obama has helped no one really in his lifetime so far and only works for the himself, and to reach the goal of becoming king of the world, he must destroy your home--the United States of America--so that the good people of the country will be less able to stop dictators and Barack Obama from enslaving others of the world, potentially leading to Barack Obama's becoming the king of the world (having gained clout to become such a person).  Your home is expendable to him.  Look at your home and your walls.  To Barack Obama, your home and your walls do not exist.  Barack Hussein Obama is pushing crap in to your living room--people who are the product of rotten, rotten, rotten political systems, like communism, in which people are purposely kept poor and dirty and disease-ridden and stupid and malnourished, and instead of working to show up the rottenness of the political systems of the countries from which the bad people are coming, Barack Obama is importing the rottenness and promoting it as good.   A shit-head man--Barack Obama--is a killer and he is aiming at your home and you!

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tips in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips are:

    Your home, your city, your state, you United States of America.


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