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    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.

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    On Monday, August 11, 2014, a big rain storm hit the Detroit area, and at some places in the area, up to six inches of rain fell within about three hours [Hunter, George.  "METRO DETROIT MOPS UP FROM RAIN, FLOODING."  The Detroit News, 13 August 2014, pp. 1A and 5A.].  I was way from the Detroit area at the time, but on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, I returned to the area to work in a basement, which had gotten some rain water (but no sewage water).  Over the next week or so, when I traveled around the area, I saw many houses that had received damage from the storm--people had put out piles of water-damaged items.  Yes, many good people and some bad people had been given hard work to do by the storm, and they had to fix up their places of safe haven.  Each house is supposed to be a safe haven for the lawful occupants from not only the weather but also bad persons, such as thieves and killers.  It is no doubt that good people see their homes as safe havens from bad people, and the houses are used to keep the rottenness of others out, such as the ways of life that are bad and do harm [Note: Think of the followers of black radicalism (which pushes the idea of "economic justice," which is a bullshit idea pushed along by those who want to take from others (especially "whites") and want stuff from others for free)].  By the way, Barack Obama is a type of rotten black who pushes for "economic justice" (though only to enrich himself really, based on my evaluation of him).  The United States of America is like a "house," or the United States of America is supposed to be likened to a house, which is supposed to have borders that are designed to keep bad people out, and there are many bad people--especially politicians in the world--who would love to hurt the people of the United States of America and take from the people of the United States of America.  The United Nations is an entity that is controlled by bad politicians (there are some--only some--good politicians from a few good countries), and, in essence, the United Nations is like a community, and each country is like one of the houses in the community.  Since 2009, Barack Obama has been letting bad people, such as very poor and uneducated people and even diseased people, in to the country freely--there are many illegal aliens in the country who were not in the country in 2009 or 2010.  By the way, "illegal aliens" are criminals--they have violated U.S. immigration law.  Letting just anybody in to a house can put the people in the house at risk to danger.  A person must keep in mind that good people, in essence, set up their houses with rules and good moral ways, and they do not allow others outside of their homes to dictate what will be the "house rules" or the "rules for the family."  A good person would not want the United States of America--that person's house, too--to be subject to the bad ways imposed on the United States of America by others houses in the world community--that is, countries of the United Nations (which, I say again, is controlled by bad people, communists and African tribal dictators).  On August 28, 2014, I learned Barack Obama is working to allow other houses--countries of the United Nations--to impose laws and rules on the people of the United States of America, and Barack Obama is working to have that become the way of life by bypassing the laws of the United States of America, such as The United States Constitution, which means he is working to bypass the U.S. Congress and be a dictator and violate U.S. law.  I state that Barack Obama is purposely working to destroy the house--the United States of America--and that makes him a traitor [Davenport, Coral.  "Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty."  The New York Times, 28 August 2014.].  It is time for good Americans to fight back and not follow the rules of Barack Obama, since good Americans who follow the rules of Barack Obama can be likened to being traitors to the United States of America--for a person to follow such a man is to be a traitor to the United States of America.  I state--Barack Obama (shown by me to be perpetual liar) is a shit-head man, a killer, a mentally ill man, and a danger to the United States of America and the world (at least the good people of the world).  [Note: On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, I just happened to catch a report about the "EU" (the "European Union") on a television program called The 700 Club that noted that the countries belonging to the "EU" are having their local laws negated by the "EU" politicians--it is like what Barack Obama wants the United Nations to be able to do over the United States of America, which is why the Barack Obama administration, for instance, is involved in trying to get the United States of America to agree to new treaties tied to the United Nations, which is a rotten entity).  The treaties can ultimately make The United States Constitution hull and void.  If such treaties were pushed through by Barack Obama, I would protest and not follow them.]

    By the way, when the storm hit, I expected to soon see rotten people of Michigan--"Democrats" (actually "communists")--come out and push the idea that "climate change" caused by man can be blamed for the storm.  On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, the Detroit Free Press published a commentary by Jon Switalski (a Democrat who is the State House of Representative for the 2 District) in Michigan entitled "Flooding a call to action on climate change" [Switalski, Jon.  "Flooding a call to action on climate change."  Detroit Free Press, 2 September 2014, p. 8.].  One thing that on Switalski wrote was--"...The recent flooding across southeast Michigan, which left so many families in my hometown of Warren under devastating floodwaters, is just the latest example in a string of extreme weather events....".  I note--Yes, the event was "extreme weather."  There is no proof that event is tied to manmade global warming as Jon Switalski was implying in the article.  Anyway, look at old newspapers of the last 100 years, and you will find a 100-year string of extreme weather events.  Also, Jon Switalski wrote--"...Science continues to point to a greater frequency of such events--especially extreme rainfall an dangerous storm patterns....".  The statement from him is--if not a lie--misleading.  In addition, Jon Switalski wrote--"...But even more important than talking about infrastructure, we need to have a conversation about what's happening to our climate--and what we can do to slow down this damage before it's too late....".  The previous sentence shows up the idiocy of Jon Switalski at least.  Actually, it shows he supports passing along the lie about global warming related to man, which is not happening [Look it up!].  That is a sign of a rotten man.  Also the article shows that Jon Switalski is an idiot about science. "Carbon" and "carbon dioxide" are not pollutants (despite what the federal government says).  "Carbon" makes up things, such as people and trees and flowers, and "carbon dioxide" is used by plants to live and make oxygen, which humans need desperately.  In the article, Jon Switalski wrote--"...Michigan can play a key role in mitigating the impacts of climate change, starting with commonsense steps to reduce carbon pollution.....".  I report that Jon Switalski's article lacks "commonsense."   I state--Jon Switalski is one of the highly rotten men in Michigan--a liar, an idiot about science, a pusher of communism.  Jon Switalski is a dangerous man--an evil man!  Unfortunately for you, if you travel in Michigan, you might come across Jon Switalski.  Michigan does have rotten people!

    Oh, Jon Switalski probably pushed his crap about manmade global warming to other people he met after the big storm of Friday, September 5, 2014, had hit, which had put somewhere around 375,000 electricity customers in the Detroit area without electricity, but that is the way of crappy people--Taking unrelated manners and try to tie them together to push rottenness.

    Warning announcement!  Because of incidents at schools for children and incidents at other places for people in general tied to "Sharia" or "Islamic Law" or even the religion/political system known as "Islam," I now regularly have this paragraph as a part of each edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  The governmental system of the United States of America based on The U.S. Constitution and "Sharia" or, informally, Islam law, are not compatible and cannot co-exist, and one reason is "Sharia" (et cetera) is a political system, in which there is one-party rule, and that one party is basically made up or controlled by religious leaders who base all the ways of their culture or society on "Sharia" or "Islamic Law."  Those who uphold and practice "Sharia" have no tolerance for the existence of Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism or non-religion, and that is a fact, and "Sharia" is a political system in which women are second-rate human bodies and in which clergy can be involved in determining  business transactions, and there is no "freedom of speech" tied to politics in a society related to "Sharia."  When you travel around Michigan and in other states of the country, watch for signs that rotten people are trying to teach you or family members, especially children, that "Sharia" is good and "Allah" is good and teach you or family members that the United States of America is bad and that, for instance, Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism are bad, which I have evidence is happening and which is being brought about by people who are clearly working to make "Sharia" and "Islamic Law" a dominant political system in the world (it is a political system as rotten as socialism and fascism and communism are, since it promotes violence and thuggery and coercion and killing under the face of religion).  By the way, a society based of "Sharia" really creates nothing in the long run and does not advance the human society as a whole since it is too busy suppressing the ideas of people and keeping that ideas of the society based of ways of only a few minds up front (the political leaders, whose main purpose is too keep themselves enriched through  the work of others, the many--it is a gang-run society really.  Yes, if you run across people pushing the idea that Muslim-stuff is better than U.S. is, especially to little children, go public and make it known to other good people and fight back against it!

    In past editions of Michigan Travel Tips, I have reported that I do not promote Detroit as a place to visit because it is, in essence, a rotten city, controlled by communists and black radicals, who promote and practice rotten ways of life, and it is a city had attracts rotten people.  Between August 29, 2014, and September 1, 2014, Detroit (particularly Cobo Center) was the site for the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (or ISNA), which had been founded in 1981 in the United States of America by associates of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization that is pushing to have Sharia (Islamic Law) as the guiding force of the society in the United States of America.  ISNA is pushing "Wahhabi" teaching (which is rotten teaching) or Sharia in the United States of America.  Sharia is promoted as a "religion," but I say that it is a rotten, rotten political system--focusing on oppression of peoples, coercion, killing.  Sharia is an "enslavism" form of government.  During the convention, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (a Democrat) was a special speaker; history shows that Jimmy Carter is a rotten man.  (Remember: The Democratic Party is a political party that supports communism, socialism, and Sharia, and it is a rotten, rotten political party, which is filled with thugs and liars and tax cheats).  In addition, Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder (whose calls himself a "Republican" but is really a "Democrat") attended the convention, which showed off his rotten judgment or his rottenness as a man.  When you hear about Detroit, remember the crap that Detroit is and the crap that Detroit attracts.  ['To learn more about Sharia and the rottenness that it is, use this Sharia link and this Sharia2 link.]

    I have not taken you to a place in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips yet, so I had better now, given this is the end of the publication.  I am an authority on The Mackinaw WAGB-83, and on Sunday, August 31, 2014, I used information about radio-compass history and radar history, which I had gained since 2008 while learning about the former icebreaker on the Great Lakes, to pass on information to visitors to 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park, which is a little north of Rogers City along US-23 and Lake Huron (in Presque Isle County of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan).  I was a volunteer guide at the park, particularly in the pilot house for the former ship of the Great Lakes known as The Calcite, which was used from June 1912 to November 1960.  I was there about four hours, and I did well talking about the pilot house and equipment (I was able to study things in the pilot house when I had no guests, adding to my knowledge quickly and continually).  Over the next few days, I did research on The Calcite and made a document for me about the ship and equipment in the pilot house.  I have determined that, in the middle of the 1900s, the pilot house had a "Mark XIV" gyro compass, which was made by Sperry Gyroscope Company, and all that is left of it are two control panels (which are painted black) that are mounted on the port wall.  By the way, the "gyro compass" proper looked like a stainless-steel beer keg that was painted black (I have seen such a unit), and it existed somewhere on the ship, and in the bridge, there was a "gyro compass repeater" (a readout piece of equipment), which was probably on a three-leg pedestal that was standing in front of the wheel--to the left a bit).  Oh, the gyro-compass repeater in the pilot house today was not used on the ship--The unit is for a Mark XXVI gyro compass.  I have determined that the first radar unit was made by Raytheon, and it probably sat on pedestal close to the front windows on the port side of the bridge, and the ship got the radar in 1947 or 1948.  The current radar unit (the "operator station") seen on the bridge was not used on the ship--it was made in November 1997.  The old ship-to-shore telephone (a "radiotelephone") seen on the bridge was made by Radiomarine Corporation of America, and it is a model ET-8020, and it was probably installed on the ship in the very late 1930s, and it was used till November 1960. Actually, the unit on the bridge--which has a telephone receiver--is only the remote-control unit, and the transceiver (which was like a big box) was located elsewhere on the ship, probably in the radio room.  Also, I have determined the "radio compass" (or "radio direction finder") was installed on the ship in the late 1920s--after June 1925 (when the first radio station beacon for broadcasting a signal to be picked up by a "radio compass" had been installed at Port Huron, Michigan), and I say that the unit was installed in the late 1920s, given the unit was made by Federal Telegraph Company, which was involved in making such units in the late 1920s.  You can see the pilot house for The Calcite and the equipment that I have talked about in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips till October 10, 2014 (the last day that the museum is open this year) or see everything next year.

   By the way, I note that Barack Hussein Obama--a shit-head man or a highly rotten man--supports that ways of Sharia!

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tip in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips is:

    The pilot house for The Calcite, 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park, near Rogers City, Presque Isle County, the Lower Peninsula.


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