"Transgendering" and Children--
People Should be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity
and Put in Prison with the Murderers


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
Postal Box 5263
Cheboygan, Michigan  49721
The United States of America

copyright c. 2020

March 4, 2020
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    In late 2019 and early 2020, I made something special, or, really, I made five special little things.  The things were tiny statues of nude women.  I made them out of a copper wire and a material called Milliput (Superfine White), and the designs of the women were based on photographs of nude women--many of whom were Asian--that I had tracked down on the Internet.  I made them so that I could set them up for a photograph that could be used as part of a one-page PDF-type document that would put down "feminists" (who are communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and the like, all of whom are bad people).  I decided to make the lovely women, because I wanted them to look like real women and not like so many nude figurines that can be bought, such as through websites, and look like science-fiction exaggerations of the female or fantasy figures (from comics).  I am quite proud of my work, though the gals are not perfect in detail; for example, I could not make detailed hands and feet, showing highly defined fingers and toes, because Milliput did not allow me to make such detail and because I had no previous experience at making little nude women (in such small forms, each of which is about one-inch-and-quarter-or-so tall).  While making the little gals, I was aware women are different from men.  On the outside, a woman has two breasts (mammary glands), which are designed to feed babies, and a woman has no penis.  Women have internal structures that are different from what men have, and some structural differences are the hip structure and the rib structure (women have two more ribs than men have), and a woman has a uterus, and a woman has no prostate.  I can argue well that the brain of the female is different than the brain of the male is because of how each has evolved over countless years to do particular jobs.  The main structure of the male and the main structure of the female is created by nature, and the structures of the male and the female have developed over centuries, and the human being has only two main structures--the female and the male.  However, sometimes a particular human being ends up with a defect, and it is a rare, rare occurrence, and the example is the hermaphrodite, such as a person who is mostly female in structure who ends up with a penis.  At any time, I could rework my lovely women to be something else--men.  I would never do that.  Consider this thought--Since my lovely gals are only lifeless and statues made of Milliput, the outside form can be changed to male, and the result would be five males.  The real human being--a living person--is not like one of my lovely gals.  When the outside structure of a human being is changed through surgery and hormones, the inside structure remains the same; for instance, when a male has the penis removed, there is still a prostate in the male, and the male still has two fewer ribs than a real female has.  No matter how much surgery is done to a male to change the outside appearance to female, the base structure is still male, and if a female is surgically and chemically changed to be sort of like a male, the base female structure remains the same.  To change a female to male--artificially--results is no real change of what the base structure is, and to change a male to female--artificially--results to no real change to what the base structure is.  It is not possible to change a living male into a living real female, and it is not possible to change a living female into a living male.  In essence, the human being can only be female or male--no matter how much surgery is done.  Yet, some people believe there are nearly a countless number of types of human beings--"genders."  That is a lie, and that is bullshit, which is being pushed along by defective minds.  A person who pushes the idea that a male can be changed into a female and a female can be changed into a male is an evil person, especially when the person is involved in pushing child--those younger than at least about 21 years of age--to change outward appearance from one look (such as male) or another look (such as female).  Already in the United States of America and other countries of the world (such as Canada), evil people have been pushing children to undergo "sex change" or "transgender" surgery.  It is well know that, in essence, children really do not have a grasp of the realities of the world, and, for instance, it is well known that children really do not even fully understand the realities of their actions of doing wrong till they are in their teens.  Certainly, children have not the minds to compose complex thought, and in this day and day, many children cannot even read and write well enough for their ages in elementary school and high school (as facts about Detroit show [Note: On March 1, 2020, the Detroit Free Press published a story entitled "Graduation rate down in Detroit; up statewide" [Higgins, Lori.  "Graduation rate down in Detroit; up statewide."  Detroit Free Press, 1 March 2020, p. 1A and 5A.], and the story noted that the graduation rate declined a bit over last year, ending up at 75.8 percent.]).  Children between the ages of at least one year of age and 21 years of age are still working out things about what the world is, what they are going to be (in relation to careers), what bad politics and good politics are, and more, and they often have defective ideas, which may or may not get corrected when they are older (through rethinking).  In the younger years, a person can be influenced greatly in the wrong way by many things, such as television shows, movies, teachers, parents, friends, and clerics, and a person can be pushed into thinking that the idea that the person is not what the person appears to be structurally, either female or male, is true, though it is wrong.  In the theatrical profession or the acting profession, a male can pretend to be a female (getting help in playing a part through costuming), and a female can pretend to be a male, but that is only pretending--it is not reality.  If a person changes the outward appearance from male to female or from female to male, the person can only pretend to be what the outward appearance has been changed to--it is not reality.  When a child is thinking that the mind is not what the real structure of the body shows, then the child is only pretending or is working on false information that it has been given through the environment over the years; that is, if a girl thinks she is actually a boy or a boy thinks he is actually a girl, then only pretending or lying to the self is happening, the latter of which is based on false information that has been accumulated by the mind over time, such as years.  The DNA structure of a person--or a body--does not determine the mental state and thinking processes or the self-awareness information of the person, since almost all information in the brain comes about through interacting with the world from day one of the person, and if enough defective information supersedes good information, the result is idiocy.  The conscious information of a brain comes from learning from the environment!  DNA does not give the mind the idea that the person who looks like a girl is a boy or that the person who looks like a boy is a girl!  For a person--especially an adult--to persuade a child that the child is not what the body shows the child to be is to push idiocy or to lie to the child or to damage the child--mentally and physically--and that is a crime against humanity, and when a person--especially an adult--pushes for a child to get surgery, such as to remove a body part, such as penis, and for the child to take hormones to affect the body, that person is working to hurt the child, who has a mental defect or a thinking-process defect or a self-awareness defect, which cannot be corrected through surgery or hormones.  I state that any person who pushes to have children--at least those younger than 21 years of age--have their outward appearances change from one look (such as male) to another look (such as female) is committing a crime against humanity, and it is even worse when the person works to bypass the wishes of parents.  The evilness of pushing to have children change their outward appearances has been taking place, and I show now a few examples of people working to beat down the rottenness.  In May 2019, parents began to take on the Nellie Muir Elementary School of the Woodburn School District of Woodburn, Oregon, through a lawsuit (in Marion County Circuit Court), which involved the teaching of an eight-year-old boy information about transgendering [Woodworth, Whitney.  "Parents sue Woodburn Schools after teacher educates son about being transgender." statesmanjournal.com, 10 May 2019, at 10:42 a.m. PT (originally 8 May 2019, at 10:38 a.m. PT..].  On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, parents of children tied to a school in Madison, Wisconsin, who were being represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, filed a lawsuit noting that their rights were violated by the school, which was allowing students (children) to "transgender" without the permission of parents, and the lawsuit was filed with the Dane County Circuit Court, and the lawsuit noted that the school was "actively deceiving" parents about transgendering actions [Wroce, Logan. "Unnamed parents, conservative law firm sue Madison School District over gender identity policy."  Wisconsin State Journal, 18 February 2020.].  Between about 2017 and late 2020, a father of a girl in Canada was working to block his child from going through the transgender process, and in September 2019, good people learned that a court--the British Columbia Appeals Court--said that the therapy on the girl (who was then only 14 years of age) could continue, and the father was told that he could not talk about the case to the media ["Court backs trans teen who feared being 'stranded' by father's bid to stop transition." The Guardian, 6 September 2019, 04:00 EST.; Keenan, Jeremiah.  "Canada Appeals Court Rules Father Can't Stop teen Daughter From Taking Male Hormones."  The Federalist, 14 January 2020.].  By the way, the transgendering idea has led to people wasting money and time on fighting the "transgender" nonsense; for instance, on February 11, 2020, an entity called the Alliance Defending Freedom (on behalf of three real girls, one of whom was Chelsea Mitchell) filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference in relation to a policy allowing fake girls (transgenders, who are really self-defined girls in bodies with the base structures of boys) to run in races against real girls [Lucas, Fred.  "'Frustrating and Disheartening': 3 Girls, Losing to Biological Males in Track, Announce Lawsuit."  The Daily Signal, 12 February 2020.].  Everything about the "transgendering" idea is defective and evil, and a person must keep in mind that the cost of putting a person through the "transgendering" process and continually putting hormones in the person (forever) is very, very costly and expensive, and that cost can get covered by health insurance, and that means the general cost of health insurance goes up for everyone so that there is money to pay for the nonsense idea pushed along by freaks.  Consider--Where do the people of a school--teachers and such--and the people of a court think they have the right and the authority to stop a person as a parent from blocking a child of the person from going through a "transgendering" process?  By the way, when a teacher is dealing with a child thinking about transgendering" and the child is not the offspring of the teacher, that teacher, who is not the immediate creator of the child, gets no say-so with regard to the child and transgendering, and the parent has authority over the teacher, whose thoughts may be thrown away, and when a judge or a court upholds the idea that a school supersedes the authority of a parent with regard to transgendering, the judge or the court is corrupt and rotten [Note: The court should be disbanded or the judge should be kicked out of the court system.].  Those who promote the mutilation of bodies and, in essence, inflict pain (which operations do do)--to make real girls into fake boys and to make real boys into fake girls through surgery and hormones--are taking part in a crime against humanity and should be thought of as killers (who belong in prisons).  Yes, people are teaching children--even little children--to change their bodies through surgery and hormones, and I state that such people are enemies of good people and are to be hated.

    Addendum #1: Why can a girl think that she is a boy or why can a boy think he is a girl?  A boy might like playing with dolls, but that does not mean the boy is a girl.  A girl might like playing football, but that does not mean the girl is a boy.  A boy might like sewing, but that does not make the boy a girl.  A girl might like working on fixing things like a toaster.  A girl might like having sexual relations with a girl, but that does not make the girl a boy, or a boy might like having sexual relations with a boy, but that does not make the boy a girl.  None of the ideas presented in the five sentences and like other like ideas are reason enough to have a child physically change outward appearance through surgeries and hormones, and the public should not have to pay out money for such nonsense and freakiness.

    Addendum #2: The people who push for the "transgendering" process for children can be likened to the Nazis of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s--under the socialistic rules of Adolph Hitler--who experimented on Jewish persons through torture and so-called surgeries, which could be the process of skinning people alive (to make shades for lamps).

    Addendum #3: There is no such thing as a "sex-change" operation really, since sex cannot be changed!

    Addendum #4: In the middle of the 1980s, I acquired my first copy of a book entitled Modern American Usage: A Guide (the first version of which had been published in 1966), and my copy was attributed to Wilson Follett, but it was noted that the book was edited and completed by Jacques Barzun in collaboration with Carlos Baker, Frederick W. Dupee, Dudley Fitts, James D. Hart, Phyllis McGinley, and Lionel Trilling.  I studied the book and I later got another copy of the book.  Based on lessons in the book and based on the idea that there are only really male and female in relation to the human being, I say that the trend to push such pronouns (in English) related to the human being as "hir" and "xem" should not be followed by anyone.  Remember: Real scientists have come up with the system related to chromosomes that notes that the male is usually "XY" (heterogametic sex) and that the female is usually "XX" (homogametic sex), but there are at times--very rarely--exceptions or deviations, such as "X" and "XXY".  Yet, people, such as staffers at universities, like those of the Missouri State University, are pushing the idea that the use of such words as "ze" (as a stand-in for "he"), and "xe" (as a stand-in for "he"), "hir" (as a stand-in for "she"), and "xem" (as a standing in for "she) is good.  I say that their theme is crap, which is probably not the way in which Wilson Follett would describe the idea if he were alive.  "Gender Pronoun Guides" (such as that of Missouri State University) come from the minds of fools and defects and creeps and communists and socialists and progressives and the like, and a good writer should reject such illogical pieces of words.  I have heard news reports that have noted that some people have been penalized, such as the penalty of getting reprimanded at work and worse, for not using a particular pronoun to identify a certain person, such as some type of "transgender," and that is crap, given freaks are trying to set an illogical standard for usage of English.  I will never uphold the practice of using a collection of numerous pronouns--freaky pronouns--to identify people.  To those who promote such crap as that of using "xe" and "xry" and "hrs" and would promote as good the nonsense science of more than two sexes for the human being and who would force people out of jobs for not saying right pronouns to identify whatevers, I say (and would say in person)--"You are full of shit!  Get lost, freak!".


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