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"Shared Responsibility Payment"--this is a reason
to hate all Democrats (especially the politicians), many
upper-level politicians of Republican Party, and two-thirds of
U.S. Supreme Court.  The payment is what the federal
government thinks people who do not buy government-
approved health insurance should pay as a tax or a fine.
It has come about through the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act of 2010.  It is rottenness of the
highest degree.  The only way for a good person
to destroy a bad person is to hate the bad person.
It is a rule of life!  I promote hate of rotten people,
especially Barack Hussein Obama, a promoter of
Sharia and communism and a killer.  I will not share
in paying for jackass sex-change-appearance people,
like that "Jenner" defect of nature, or foreigners, especially
illegal aliens, who are criminals, despite what shit-head
Barack Obama wants you to believe.  Hate the enemy!
I state again--I promote hate against rotten people!


    At the open of Michigan Travel Tips #145 (reached through Travel #145) and the open of Television History and Trivia #145 (reached through T.H.A.T. #145), I passed along information, which your favorite television newscaster probably did not tell you about, that notes that the federal government--controlled by the evil Barack Obama and his associates (socialists and communities and black racists and the like)--is well into making it commonplace for the federal government to determine where and where not people, especially "whites," will get to buy property for residences and live in the United States of America, and it is tied to, for one, using even more taxpayer money to put low-income people into high-rent areas, especially communities that are mostly "white" in nature.  Also, the idea is to put people who are very likely to vote for "Democrats" than "Republicans" into communities that have in the past supported more "Republicans" and "Republican-type issues" in elections than "Democrats" and "Democratic Party-type issues" (which are now hard-line communistic issues).  Since your favorite newscaster, such as Stephen Clark of WXYZ-TV, who has shown he is a supporter of communistic ways, probably will not tell you--I say that you must look up truthful information about the "Small-Area Fair Market Rents" idea and the "Mobility Counselors" idea (the "Mobility Counselors" will be like enforcers).  You will see how rotten the nature of the "Democrat" of today is--it is hellish!  I say that the nature will involve violence, pushed out by the "Mobility Counselors."

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 151 - - -

    If the election for November 8, 2016, has shown anything--it has shown how many rotten people are tied to national television or are on national television.  It is something that cannot be "healed" (a word tied to the "healing the nation" theme) easily and probably over the next four years and more.  A good person--such as one who is not a liar or a thief or a cheater--knows Hillary Clinton is guilty of violating the "Espionage Act" and guilty of doing much more that goes against good people, such as supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and yet many people on television (in front of the camera) and many people working behind the scenes supported Hillary Clinton.  While I can say that about half the persons in the United States of America are rotten people, and the percentage is actually higher probably, and I can say that most people on television are rotten.  I cannot give an accurate report of how many people tied to or on national television are rotten, since I cannot really make an accurate survey, but while I can make a big list to people that I know publicly supported Hillary Clinton, from Oprah Winfrey (the black racist) to Rachel Maddow, I cannot make much of a list of people who opposed Hillary Clinton.  Yes, the nation is divided--at least half of the people in the country are evil and rotten, supporting highly rotten people for government offices, some of whom can be called "traitors" to good people.  As usual, this edition of Television History and Trivia will show a few of the bad people and their bad deeds, but this edition will not be all devoted to showing the bad.

    "...There are about four minutes....".

    There are many days in which I say that the more that women get in control of television production, the worse television becomes, especially when the women are socialists and communists, who are wicked and rotten people.  I can make the case that the "American housewife" can gone to crap since the 1960s, especially starting with the rise of the "Modern-day Women's Movement" in the 1960s.  In past editions of T.H.A.T., I have pointed out some of the rotten women of television.  In this edition of T.H.A.T., I have more bad women to talk about.  I begin with American Housewife, which is a series aired by ABC-TV on a weekly basis in prime-time, actually in the portion of prime-time that used to be referred to as the "children's hour," which for the eastern part of the country was from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..  In the previous edition of T.H.A.T., I talked about promos that I saw in which someone was sitting on a toilet with pants down in scenes of new television programs--hinting at American Housewife--and I am adding more to that theme now since I have tuned into the series called American Housewife or really only the first episode of the program.  I watched the first episode of American Housewife, and I immediately listed it as a shit piece of television.  The show was created by Sarah Dunn, who wrote the first episode.  Very early in the program, viewers were subjected to a man (played by Diedrich Bader) sitting on a toilet with pants down, and he was reading a newspaper in what was considered the usually half-hour morning dump time for him.  Where is the humor in that?  The program got sicker not long thereafter.  Another short scene had Diedrich Bader's character still sitting on the toilet, and one of the character's children walked in to the bathroom (and it seemed as if it was a usual occurrence for the child and the family).  Do you see humor there?  I did not, especially since the child was a girl who was around the age of a kindergartner.  It was not a funny--it was slimy.  More crap came later in the program.  The main character of the program is played by Katy Mixon, whose character is called Eileen (a white woman), who is married to Diedrich Bader's character.  Eileen worked to get a woman fatter than she was into a house across the street (a fat woman was moving away).  The plot almost had Eileen getting a woman who was against gays and blacks into the house, but Eileen in the end dissuades the potential new homeowner (the woman) from moving in by pretending to be gay and kissing a black woman (played by Carly Hughes) out in public. American Housewife is a shit show, a rotten show, a show not made to entertain (for the sake of entertainment)!  Oh, fortunately for me, I was able to catch the credits of the program (I noted in the previous edition of T.H.A.T. how it is difficult to catch credits of some programs this year).  The director was Ruben Fleischer.  If Ruben Fleischer was a good person, he would not have directed the program or he would have had himself listed as "Alan Smithee" (it used to be that a director could get listed as "Alan Smithee" if the director did not like the end product of what the director was tied to).  Avoid American Housewife, and help kill it!

    Sarah Dunn is a shit piece of woman!

    On October 20, 2016, Fox TV aired a program called The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again.  It was a lame and flat production or musical television movie (it was filmed).  And the credits were difficult to read, since they were colored red and sometimes put over a background that helped obscure letters at times.

    This season, it turning out to be a tough season for me to catch credits.  Often white letters end up on backgrounds that obscure letters.  The letters can be too small.  In the case of ending credits, the credits can be at the bottom quarter or so of the screen, and then the upper part of the screen can have changing images, and when bright--bright--scenes show up in the upper portion, and eye has a tough time seeing the lettering below--it is a contrast problem.  And for people using regular analog television sets with converter boxes, words or the beginning of words at the left side of the screen can be cut off, and that can happen at the opening of shows or the ending of shows.  All the unions representing actors, producers, and technical people should complain; especially actors should complain, since getting their names in lights is one of their main goals in life.

    "...There are about four minutes....".

    Hey, have you caught the new block of programs distributed by Litton Entertainment aired by WDIV-HD, Channel 4.1, on Saturdays in the morning; really, the block of programming is on NBC-TV and is aimed at children.  The programs are Heart of a Champion (hosted by Lauren Thompson); The Voyager with Josh Garcia; Wilderness Vet, Dr. Oakley; Journey with Dylan Dreyer; Naturally, Danny Seo; and Give.  Danny Seo's program is yet another cooking show designed to (supposedly) push healthy eating.  It is a so-what program.  Most of the other programs are well produced and are just there, and they are not needed, and one program has a premise that is rotten for children.  Give made me sick, though it was designed to promote non-profit organizations or charities around the country, such as those helping poor.  I say that Give is not a program for children (given children should be using their time for themselves and for their growing up and for having fun and for doing chores).  Give is a political piece--a propaganda piece, an indoctrination piece.  Oh, the block of programming regularly promoted the idea that when a person--especially children, it can be inferred--sees "E/I", it means the person is seeing television that is "educational and informational" (as determined by the federal government, of course), and the slogan pushed was "the more you know".  Blair Underwood (well-known as an actor) and Jenna Bush Hager (who is a part of the George H.W. Bush family dynasty) are involved with Give, and each week, some celebrity guest can be involved in going to places.  The show has that underlying theme of--"giving back."  "Give back" or "giving back"--every time, I hear a person mention either set of words, I think the person is rotten.  Both set of words are used by communists and such--bad people--who want people to feel bad for what they have worked for or gotten out of life from doing things, as if they have stolen from others to get what they have.  That idea of giving back is a bunch of shit!  Just by creating things and not hurting others and such, a person is doing for others and the society and is helping the society, even if the person's daily motivation is working not for the "collective" first and foremost.  I state that we are not all in this together, as the communist would want you to believe so that you will be beholden to government people and the government!  Give is a program that you should shut off!

    "...There are about four minutes....".

    Oh, you should be wondering what "'...There are about four minutes....'." has to do with anything, especially since I have shown it a number of times.  It is the crap that Hillary Clinton said in the third "debate" between her and Donald Trump.  During the debate, Hillary Clinton said the words, and, really, those words were tied to her telling how long it takes for the U.S. to launch defensive nuclear weapons when the order is given by the U.S. president to strike back.  Hillary Clinton's action was a treasonous act!  Of course, it is not the first treasonous act committed by Hillary Clinton in her life.  Her email scandal deals with violating the "Espionage Act"; that is, at least, a good person knows she violated the "Espionage Act"--a federal crime--and she should be in federal prison now, if the government of the country were not rotten and corrupt.

    A person should never forget Hillary Clinton--while on national television--told enemies of the United States of America--"...There are about four minutes....".

  Announcement for the novice again (reworked in August 2015): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel (which has to be treated as wishy-washy and suspect, showing signs of mostly supporting the Republican Party establishment, which is rotten), WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: The Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    On Saturday, October 22, 2016, I stumbled upon the first episode of a new local series; I had turned on the big screen television to watch college football, after having done a bunch of hours of television researching.  I came across Alexander Zonjic: From A to Z, which was broadcast by WADL-HD, Channel 38.1.  The program began at 7:30 p.m., and it ended at 8:00 p.m.  Basically, the program was a local production that was adequate, though there were a few technical flaws (for instance, at one point a keyboard player stood up (it was Jeff Lorber), and his head got cut off).  The program was an offering of four tunes--Doin' the D, Westchester Lady, Montserrat, and Memphis Underground--and an interview (Alexander Zonjic interviewed Jeff Lorber, and although the sound for the interview was loud enough, the producers offered sound picked up from speakers, which resulted in a off-mic quality).  The program, which was a Hi-Falutin' Music production, will be offered weekly (for some unknown time).  By the way, the program reminded me of some of what I had been tracking down over the last few days in old newspapers, which were musical programs of early Detroit television, especially the 1950s.

    In the 1950s, there were a lot of programs produced in Detroit with musicians and singers, such as Betty Clooney, Gloria Goode, Dolores Meyer.  One person who I finally learned about recently was Bob Wyatt, who made appearances on such programs as Southland Sings and Soupy's On (featuring Soupy Sales) in the 1950s.  Bob Wyatt was an organist (and a black man).  Generally speaking, in the 1940s and 1950s, he was a professional musician (he went into the military in 1943, which blocked his commercial career for a short while--it was World War II), and, in the 1950s, he often appeared at the Wal Ha Room of Hotel Garfield (which existed from about 1923 to March 4, 1963, when it burned down, killing two persons).  [Hotel Garfield or the Garfield Hotel was located at 4457 John R at Garfield in Detroit, in what is sort of the Wayne State University Medical Campus area today.]  When Bob Wyatt got out of the army or really a little later--in 1946--he could be reached at 925 3rd Avenue, New York City, New York or PL 9-4067).  Around 1953, he had a radio show on WXYZ-AM, and one of his compositions that people heard around that time was Banana Boat Bongo, and it was a time that he was known for performing afro-cuban music.  In early 1957, when he returned to the Wal Ha Room for an engagement, he now had two speakers set up for his performances, and he now had a three-tiered keyboard, which seemed to be a big deal in the music business at the time [Note: Around December 1947, Bob Wyatt was at Well's Music Bar in New York City, and he was using a "Vibratone" speaker, and that seemed to be a big deal for everyone at the time].  [Additional note: The "Vibratone" speaker mentioned by me was not the "Vibratone" speaker from Fender (guitar) of roughly the 1960s for guitars.]

    I liked to see Alexander Zonjic's group perform an edition of Banana Boat Bongo.

    I report that Alexander Zonjic was one of the performers who appeared on Detroit Performs Live, which was a local special aired by WTVS-TV, Channel 56.1, an affiliate of PBS, on Friday, October 14, 2016.  The program had such performers as The Motor City Horns, Thornetta Davis, Selected of God, The Contours, and Devin Scillian (who is a newscaster on WDIV-HD, Channel 4.1, in Detroit and who performs what can be called country music).  Christy McDonald hosted the program, which was designed to raise money for Detroit Public Television, and the program was a passable production (though, for instance, when Christy McDonald began her first segment of speaking, the audio was weak for the first few words).  One thing that I found bad was Laith Al-Saadi, who came on stage as if he were some big deal thing, and it took him more time than necessary to get ready, and he came off as a jackass Muslim, some type of elitist.  By the way, the production was produced at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit.

    Hold it!  I have to back up.

    I was able to catch Alexander Zonjic: From A to Z, because I was already watching the station (WADL-HD); I had tuned into the station at about 7:25 p.m., and had caught the last few minutes of an episode of Dance Battle Detroit!.  What I saw of Dance Battle Detroit!, which is a local production, I rate as very low-budget and poorly produced.  The host was Mike Bonner, who came off as very amateurish and even bad.  Since the show is a "battle"--a dance competition series--it had judges, and the judges came off as gutter types, some evidence of which was their speech patterns and words used.  It was reported that Cyber Education Center was the sponsor of the series.  The executive producers were David Bangura and Rhonda Mays, and the producers were Dody Johnson and Tomika Campbell.  After I saw Alexander Zonjic: From A to Z, I went to YouTube to see if I could see another episode of Dance Battle Detroit!.  I found what appeared to be the first episode of the show, which was hosted by a man named "DJ G Raw" (whose persona was that of another gutter-type man).  The sound setup was terrible for this edition of the series, and much of the program was made up of sloppy interviews, such as of the people heading up the dance teams (which had to have at least ten members, given the show was about finding the best "dance crew" in Detroit).  As a television show, Dance Battle Detroit! is a crummy presentation.

    I have to backup again.  Morey Amsterdam was a famous or well-known comedian on stage and radio in roughly the middle of the 1900s (in the 1960s, he played one of the regulars on The Dick Van Dyke Show, which is still seen on television today).  Morey Amsterdam was featured on a number of television series on network television in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and one of those programs was The Morey Amsterdam Show.  That weekly television series debuted on CBS-TV on December 16, 1948, and it ran for 13 episodes, and it featured such other performers as Art Carney (who would have a long association on television with Jackie Gleason) and Jacqueline Susann; the program was an adaptation of a CBS radio network program that had started earlier in the year--in the summer of 1948--and it had featured such performers as Art Carney, Bette Garde, Shirley Mitchell, and Ginny Powell (a singer).  On Thursday, April 21, 1949, Morey Amsterdam's television series moved from CBS-TV to the Dumont television network (which would disappear in the middle of the 1950s).  Between December 16, 1948, and January 17, 1949, some television stations could carry the show live (those connected by television distribution lines or telephone lines in the eastern portion of the country), and some television stations, such as WJBK-TV, had to carry the program on a transcribed basis (on kinescope), a recorded basis.  On January 17, 1949, the television stations in the mid-western region finally got connected by telephone lines (or television-signal-transmission lines) to the broadcast centers or television stations in the eastern region.  That is, the midwestern networks were connected to the eastern networks.  I found that Bob Wyatt appeared on the first episode of The Morey Amsterdam Show (aired by Dumont) that showed up as a live presentation in Detroit.  When I found the information--an old newspaper article--that noted that Bob Wyatt was on Morey Amsterdam's first live show to the midwest, I saw that the article did not report a date of that broadcast.  I deduced Bob Wyatt probably appeared on Morey Amsterdam's show on Thursday, January 17, 1949.  I have not confirmed that date yet, but it should be correct.  By the way, The Morey Amsterdam Show of the very late 1940s and very early 1950s had Morey Amsterdam as an entertainer/emcee at a night club (music venue with food), and he performed musically, such as on his cello, and he performed in comedy bits, often with Art Carney, and he introduced entertainers, such as singers (Vic Damone (a singer)) and dancers.  The club was the "Golden Goose Cafe" for the CBS-TV version of the series and "Silver Swan Cafe" for the Dumont version of the series.

    Hey, on Saturday, September 27, 1952, at 11:30 p.m., Channel 4 (WWJ-TV) aired a program called Jam Session, which was a local production, and, maybe, some time in the future, I will discover who was on the program--for now, it is lost history.

    On Friday, November 4, 2016, Channel 4.1 (which is known as WDIV-HD or even WDIV-TV) aired a program called Celebrating Carmen, and now I have a little review of the program that ran about 60 minutes, and it was a local presentation for Detroit-area television viewers that celebrated Carmen Harlan, who was retiring from Channel 4.1 (or Channel 4) as a news anchor.  The program was, in essence, hosted by Ben Bailey, Bernie Smilovitz, and Devin Scillian.  Remember--I have shown, in the past, that Devin Scillian is a lover of Cuba, a communistic country.  A co-host for the show in a way was Chuck Gaidica.  The program was presented live, though there are pre-recorded parts, which was comments made by people.  One of the comments came from U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell (the wife of former U.S. Representative John Dingell); both Debbie Dingell and John Dingell are members of the Democratic Party, which is at least a hard-line communistic political party today, and, for decades, John Dingell had worked to install a communistic health-care system in the country (something controlled by the federal government alone).  Another person who was seen in a recorded segment was Brian Williams, and Brian Williams noted in the special that, for instance, he considered Carmen Harlan a friend; Brian Williams is the discredited nationally known newsman who had to leave his job as the main television anchor for NBC Nightly News for doing bad journalism, and he is a man who hob-nobs with communists and such.  Yet another person praising Carmen Harlan was a man named Bob Berg, who was Coleman Young's press secretary from 1983-1993, when Coleman Young--a big supporter of communism--was the mayor of Detroit; Colemen Young was one person who was instrumental in leading to the destruction of Detroit.  The current mayor of Detroit--Mike Duggan--is another "Democrat," and Mike Duggan was seen in a clip on the program.  Anne Thompson, who worked at Channel 4 in a portion of the 1980s and 1990s and now works for NBC-TV (which is a television entity that supports communism), was seen on the program.  Other persons on the program were Martha Reeves (a singer), Mildred Gaddis (a member of WCHB-AM), Rick Mahorn (a former Detroit Piston), Steve Yzerman (a former Detroit Red Wing), and there were several staffers of the news department of the station on the program.  To me, it was almost as if Celebrating Carmen was a communist love fest!

    Oh, Coleman Young Jr. still is a State Representative in the Michigan Legislature--he is tied to Detroit--and still is hosting a one-hour television show on Channel 33, WHPR-TV, on Sunday evenings.  I happened to stumble upon his show for October 23, 2016, about when it was ending.  Coleman Young Jr. was talking about some things that he thinks government should be doing, and, as usual, he showed his stupidity and rottenness.  Colemen Young Jr. reported, for instance, that a job of government is "to keep the people working".  That is idiot thought.  How can a government put people to work--government does not design products or grow products, et cetera?  Such a mess it would be to have government that designs jobs, tells people what jobs they may have, tells people what to make, tells people what to invent, tells people how much they may make!  Over the years, Coleman Young Jr. has remained a stupid fat man, who happens to have a television show, which, by the way, is called the Young Effect.

    While I am on the subject of idiots, let me talk about a New York State Assembly candidate--at least on October 30, 2016--Jenifer Rajkomar (a Democrat).  I was spinning through the channels and stumbled on Diya TV, which was airing something called "The Public Interest", which was an interview program.  In the little bit of the program that I caught, Jenifer Rajkomar pushed out the rotten idea that there should be "public financing of elections."  There is crap of the first degree.  So, she wants the government to dole out the money for elections, making decisions about who should and who should not get funded.  That woman is another idiot and rotten woman in the United States of America, who got to be on television.

    Hey, did you hear that Anqunette Jamison has given up her "anchoring" job (her main goal in life) at WJBK-HD, Channel 2.1, to push for the legalization of marijuana.  In the past, I have reported how Anqunette Jamison (who has "Q" as a nickname at Channel 2.1) came off as a shallow person on television.  And now she will push for more people to get on "dope."  I say in jest--Such a great calling in life Anqunette Jamison has.

    I have one thing good to say about network broadcast television in this edition of Television History and Trivia.  I watched the first episode of Supergirl, which was shown on The CW network on October 17, 2016.  In the past, I have noted that Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, comes off as a pleasant person, or the character comes off as pleasant when the character has to come off as pleasant.  The production people did a good casting job.  Well, I saw Supergirl teamed up with Superman on the October 17, 2016, episode, and Superman was played by Tyler Hoechlin.  It was another good casting job.  Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman came off as pleasant when necessary, and when Superman and Supergirl were interacting in scenes, there was "good chemistry" and likeableness.  If anything, in twenty years or thirty years or sixty years, people will remember Supergirl for having nice a Superman and nice Supergirl.

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Christ Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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