An Ultimate Act of Sabotage Against the
Good People of the World--The Enslavists
(Killers, Thieves, and Barack Obama) Make
the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2015

September, 11, 2015
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    To open this discussion of the sabotage against the good people of the world--"good people" will be defined later--I have to talk about  the status of the United States of America, since every good person, whether the person is in the United States of America or not who reads this document has to be aware of what the United States of America is today.  It is not much good as a whole.  The federal government of the country is made up of three main branches--the Legislative Branch (the U.S. Congress), the Judicial Branch (or the U.S. Supreme Court), and the Executive Branch (which is headed by the U.S. President).  I report that more than three-quarters of the members of the U.S. Congress are rotten people, that two-thirds of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court are rotten people (being supporters of communism and socialism, one of whom is also a racist against "whites" and Americans, supporting Hispanic-type people, especially Mexicans), and the U.S. president is highly rotten.  The country is broke--having debt that is somewhere above 200-trillion dollars (or 200,000-billion dollars); the federal government debt is more than what all the citizens in the country have as money and assets, and, remember, it is the citizenry of a country that is beholden to paid off the debt ultimately of a country, if it can be paid off.  The "Executive Branch" is the biggest of the three branches of the federal government--made up of countless departments and agencies--and the people in the "Executive Branch" are nearly unhindered in writing rotten rules and regulations everyday, and some of the most rotten parts are the Environmental Protection Agency, HUD, and the Department of Education, and, generally speaking, rotten federal employees do not get fired or can be nearly impossible to remove from jobs, especially if the persons are "black"; in the case of the Environmental Protection Agency (or the EPA), those in charge of it are daily increasing the rules and regulations to shut down industries based on, for example, the idiocy and lie that "carbon-dioxide" is killing the planet (I say that the people in charge know what they are pushing is based on a lie, but they want to destroy the industrial sector of the country so that enemy countries can win in war over the United States of America).  In essence, the federal government of the United States of America is not defending the borders of the country, and those involved in that rottenness are Republicans and Democrats; in other words, the country really has no policy to stop infiltrators from entering the country and being deported, and the country is being flooded with illegal aliens, such as the dregs from countries in South America and Central America and the Middle East (especially those up support and are pushers on the world of Sharia, the rotten political system).  The "Democratic Party" is made up of highly corrupt people, from communists to black racists and from socialists to supporters of Sharia (or hard-line Islamic law, which is a political system and not, as the followers of Sharia would hope you falsely believe, a religion, especially a "religion of peace").  In addition, many of the members of the "Republican Party" are corrupt and defective, since the entity has become populated by "Democrats" who for the sake of getting elected call themselves "Republicans" but are actually socialists and communists and the like.  The majority of Americans--more than half--are stupid or rotten; for example, in "black" communities, such as Detroit, more than 60-percent of the persons are functionally illiterate, and more than half of the persons who voted in the presidential election of 2008 and the presidential election of 2012 voted "yes" for Barack Hussein Obama, a highly rotten man and a known perpetual liar and worse, and also.  Basically, sixty percent of the young women who voted in the federal elections of 2008 and 2014 (those in which Barack Obama was one of the candidates) voted for Barack Obama, which shows the defectiveness of the young American woman.  [Note: I state that women are easily made to accept living in a socialistic and communist society since they are nurturing by nature, which is one reason women are less qualified to guide a country and especially an army than men are.]  The majority of males in the country are defective and useless, having been bred and trained and educated to be feminized and really non-confrontational against bad people, and what has really been the guiding force that has brought about the change is the "feminist revolution," pushed along by communistic females and idiot female followers who are male haters and dislike their having been born females [Note: The so-called "feminist revolution" went into high gear in the 1960s].  Also, this country, like others, is into "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," one portion of which can be seen in how people are getting into the habits of writing "twitter" stuff, made up of non-sentences and short-cut things for words, and that is making people less likely to have the stamina to take on complex thought and writing logically.  The educational system, which is out of the hands the people really and in the hands of federal government politicians and state politicians and teacher unions, such as the highly communistic NEA, is defective; for example, for several decades, "blacks" have been given special treatment and have been given easy passage through classes, given passage from one grade to another though they have not met the knowledge-gained requirements (which "whites" usually have to meet), and that is one part of "affirmative-action" practices (preferential treatment for "blacks") in the country.  For the most part, the main media members are corrupt and side with the communists and socialists of the country and have been misinforming or lying to the American public for decades about the rottenness of the politicians in the government--federal, state, and local, especially those politicians who are members of the "Democratic Party" in the country (which is one of the two main political parties in the country).
    That is enough of that, though I could go on.
    Now I give a few examples of what "good people" are.  "Good people" are people who do not kill others, unless they have to in self-defense.  "Good people" are people who do not steal from other people.  "Good people" are people who do not lie to other people, especially perpetually, as Barack Obama does.
    There are other traits that define what good people are, and those traits have been developed over the age of man--centuries and centuries, and those other traits will go unmentioned here.
    Of course, the oppose of "good people" are "bad people," and when people do bad against others, especially "good people," they are bad people, even rotten people when the bad deeds are highly bad in nature.
    For a number of years, I have used the word "enslavist" to define many bad people of the world, especially those who are rotten politicians, being supporters and pushers communism, socialism, and Sharia, all of which are rotten political systems in which a few persons do well and have ultimate power and even limitless and unchallenged power over majority.  In short, I say that "enslavists" are bad people since they enslave and do harm to others--often millions of persons--and the world over the centuries has had countless "enslavists," and some of the more recent higher-level enslavists have been the Nazis and the communists, particular examples of whom are Hitler (of Germany), Mao (of China), Fidel Castro (of Cuba), and the leaders of Iran of over the last six decades and more.  Really, the term "enslavist" covers a large group of entities or groups, and I say that "enslavists" are nothing more than elitists who are willing to do great violence to have their lives be easy, to be catered to by all the others, to be seen the highest in society (though gained through violence and trickery, et cetera), to gain as much out of life, such as riches, before they die, even if others have to be killed to achieve their goals, and more, and the "enslavist" really has little care for others and does little to make others better or make the lives of others better.  [Note: To learn more about "enslavism" and the "enslavist," you should see my document entitled Enslavism -- The Definition and Explanation, which can be reached by using this Enslavism Defined link, and see other related documents at the website for The Hologlobe Press.]
    I report that a "Shariaist"--a person who supports Sharia (hard-line Islamic law)--is a bad person and rotten person.
    Iran is a country led by "Shariaists."  Iran is an enemy of the United States of America, as it has been at least since the late 1970s, when U.S. President Jimmy Carter was sort of dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis.  Iran has sponsored terrorism against the United States of America and other Western countries.  And Iran is a pusher of Sharia and is working to establish Sharia all around the world, and the Iran has shown itself to be a country that kills non-followers of Sharia.
    I report that, since January 2009 at least, Barack Hussein Obama has shown himself to be a supporter of Sharia [Note: Evidence can be found in other documents that exist at the website for The Hologlobe Press].
    On July 14, 2015, the American public learned that a historic "agreement" now existed in relation to Iran and nuclear weapons--the agreement was called a six-nation agreement, but I consider it really an agreement between the United States of America (the Barack Obama administration) and Iran--and on that day, Barack Obama gave a little speech to announce that the "agreement" now existed; the "agreement" had been negotiated over a long period of time, but the real and true length of time was unknown to the American public.  Soon after the "agreement" became public knowledge--though it had yet to be made final or to be ratified or made officially sealed--good people began to see the rottenness of the agreement, since, for instance, the U.S. gained nothing out of the agreement (such as the release of four Americans being held hostage) and Iran ultimately would get nuclear weapons and access to billions of dollars that had been in limbo for years and had few restrictions imposed on it.  A good person well understood, in essence, Barack Obama was acting against the United States of America and working to help enemies of the United States of America--Iran.  The number of rotten provisions in the "agreement" was astounding, and one highly rotten provision of the agreement actually made the United States of America beholden to help protect Iran from people who might do harm to the Iranian nuclear industry, even the part involved in making nuclear weapons, and that provision was--

    10.2.  Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.
    On Thursday, July 23, 2015, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (a Republican related to Florida) was interviewing three men about the recently made Iran nuclear deal, and two of the men were U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (a Democrat, who, in early 1970s, showed himself to be a big liar during a U.S. Congress hearing in front of the American people by saying that U.S. soldiers had done atrocities in Vietnam) and Ernest Moniz, who was the Secretary of Energy, the U.S. Department of Energy.  In the eleven o'clock hour in the morning on Thursday, July 23, 2015, there was an exchange of dialogue among Marco Rubio, John Kerry, and Ernest Moniz, which must not be forgotten by good Americans.  It went like this (as people saw live on C-SPAN3):
    Marco Rubio: "There's a section titled 'Nuclear Security.'  And the document states that--'Those who negotiated the deal are prepared to cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices.'  There's a provision '10.2' that reads--'Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.'  Here's my question.  If Israel decides it doesn't like this deal and it wants to sabotage an Iranian nuclear program or facility, does this deal, does this deal that we have just signed obligate us to help Iran defend itself against Israeli sabotage or for that matter the sabotage of any other country in the world?'"
    Ernest Moniz: "The, ah, I, I believe that, that refers to things like physical security and safeguards.  I think all of our options and those of our allies and friends, ah, would remain in place."
    Marco Rubio: "Well.  I guess that's my point.  If, if Israel conducts an air strike against a physical facility, does this deal--the way I read it--does it require us to help Iran protect and respond to that threat?"
    Ernest Moniz: "Ah, no."
    Marco Rubio: "It does not?"
    Ernest Moniz: "No."
    John Kerry: "The, the, the purpose of that is to be able to have longer-term guarantees as we enter the world in which cyber warfare is increasingly, ah, a concern for everybody.  That if you are going to have a nuclear capacities, you clearly want to be able make sure that those are adequately protected.  But I can assure you we will coordinate in every possible way with Israel with respect to Israel's concern...."
    Marco Rubio: "So, if Israel conducts a cyber attack against the Iranian nuclear program...."
    John Kerry: "...Well...."
    Marco Rubio: "...are we obligated to help them defend themselves against the Israeli...."
    John Kerry: "No!
    Marco Rubio: "...cyber attack?"
    John Kerry: "I assure you.  No.  I assure you that we will be coordinating very, very closely with Israel, as we do with every aspect of Isreal's security.  And...."
    Marco Rubio: "That's not how I read this...."
    John Kerry: "Well, I don't...."
    Marco Rubio: "I don't see...."
    John Kerry: "...I don't see any way possible that we will be in conflict with Israel with respect to what we might want to do there.  And I think we just have to wait until we get to that point...."

    Hold it!  Let me back up in history with an aside.  The United States Constitution has a provision that allows the U.S. Senate to uphold or disapprove "treaties" negotiated by the U.S. president with another country or countries; that is, a "treaty" does not stand if it is not approved by a vote in the U.S. Senate (two-thirds of the members present at the time of the vote).  A "good person" understands that a "treaty" is anything agreed upon--it may be called a "treaty" or an "agreement" or a "contact" or whatever.  Around May 7, 2015, while the nuclear agreement related to Iran and nuclear weapons was being made, a lot of rotten members of the U.S. Congress felt that they had to make a "bill"--informally thought of as the "Corker-Cardin bill" (a name derived from Bob Corker (the Republican from Tennessee) and Ben Cardin (a Democrat from Maryland)) or the Iran-review bill--to give them authority to approve or disapprove of whatever was soon to show up, and so the U.S. Congress did indeed make a bill and did indeed send it off to Barack Obama to be signed into law or not--Barack Obama would later sign the bill; on May 7, 2015, the U.S. Senate--which had 100 senators--passed the bill, and the bill was passed with 98 persons voting for it, and one senator (U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican) voting against it, and one member did not vote.  The bill benefited Barack Obama since now it would be harder for the U.S. Senate block the Barack Obama from getting a bad agreement made law, or it would be easier for Barack Obama to impose rotten law--an international agreement--on the United States of America.  The U.S. Congress already had had law--The United States Constitution--on its side to review "treaties," but the U.S. Congress threw that out for the forthcoming agreement or whatever it was called.  It was idiocy and rottenness!  Later, the leaders of the Republican Party put forth more reasons why the bill had to be made law, and it showed up more of the idiocy and rottenness of the leaders of the Republican Party, especially U.S. Senator John McCain (who had already shown his support for communism), who put forth around July 15, 2015, the idea that the U.S. Senate had to have the review bill made law since the U.S. Senate could only take up deciding on things called a "treaty" and not an "agreement" or something else [Note: You are urged to see my document entitled Idiot Thought: A Collection of Nonsense Comments and Ideas from Democrats (such as Communists and Supporters of Sharia) and Others (such as Republicans Who Are "Rhinos" (Fake Republicans) or Are Not "Conservatives"), which can be reached by using this Idiot link, to see John McCain's reasoning as presented to the American public].
    [Note: Many persons in the "press" or "media" worked to make Tom Corker look like a bad guy for having voted "no" on the Corker-Cardin bill.]

    Also on June 23, 2015, U.S. Senator Jim Risch (a Republican related to Idaho) posed a number of questions to John Kerry.  I have a portion of the banter between the two men.  Notice the idiocy presented by John Kerry (in what little I present of the total available):
    Jim Risch: "...So she's seen it.  Have you seen it?"
    John Kerry: "I, I don't believe that, ah, Sue Rice, National Security Adviser, has, has seen it.  I think...."
    Jim Risch: "She said she did six days ago.  She said six days ago she had seen it...."
    John Kerry: "...Well, I don't...."
    Jim Risch: "...and that Congress will get to set it in a classified section.  My question is--Have you seen it?...."
    John Kerry: "No, I haven't seen it.  I've been briefed on it.  And...."
    Jim Risch: "But you haven't read it.  You haven't seen it.  Ah, let me ask this...."
    John Kerry: "...It's in the possession of the IAEA."
    Jim Risch: "Are you gonna read it?"
    John Kerry: "I, we don't have access to the actual agreement...."
    Jim Risch: "But Secretary Rice has access to it, but you don't have access...."
    John Kerry: "I don't know about that...."
    Jim Risch: "That's just what she said.  I'm just goin' on what she said...."
    I note that John Kerry was involved in the negotiations, and yet John Kerry put forth the idea that he had not seen the agreement officially yet.  How does he know what is in it then?  How can Barack Obama know what is in the agreement?  It is no matter whether or not Susan Rice read the official agreement or not.  What matters is that John Kerry has not seen the official agreement.  Yet, maybe John Kerry has seen the official agreement, and he is keeping quiet about what is in the agreement.

    Up to this point, I have only talked about "the agreement," such as by presenting rotten ideas from a rotten man known as John Kerry, but there is more to the story, some of which would not be made public for months.  First, it was learned by the America public and people of the world in the middle of the summer of 2015 that there were at least two "side" agreements to the main "agreement" that--at least at first--the U.S. Congress was not privy to.  Second, it was learned by the American public around September 9, 2015, that intelligence reports about, for example, ISIS (a enemy military force pushing for Sharia in the world and working to take over the Middle East territory) were being watered down or had been watered down by senior officials in the Barack Obama administration--in essence, the Barack Obama administration was lying to the American public and the world about the strength of ISIS (sometimes called "ISIL" and other names)--and while this information was reaching the American public, the U.S. Senate was getting ready to vote on upholding or not upholding the "agreement" that had been arranged by the Barack Obama administration [Note: A good person could deduce the Barack Obama administration would probably lie about, for example, inspections and the quality of the inspections in Iran related to the nuclear agreement in the future].
    September 10, 2015--this day will go down in history as a rotten day for the United States of America and the world or really the "good people" of the world.  On this day, the U.S. Senate had a procedural vote related to the "agreement," and the vote came out as a vote in which the Republicans voted one way and the Democrats and the one Independent voted another way (all 100 members of the U.S. Senate took part in the vote).  The Democrats and the one Independent were able to block a filibuster and, in essence, make it so that the "agreement" was upheld by the U.S. Senate.  It can be said that, on this day, the United States of America officially voted to let enemies of the United States of America and good people of the world--the leaders of Iran, who are highly rotten persons--have nuclear weapons (by the way, the "Security Council" of the United Nations (which is an entity controlled by communists and socialists and the like) had already taken a vote that gave its approval to the "agreement").
    The federal government of the United States of America sabotaged the good people of the world, and another move toward more real fighting of World War III was taken, and the action was a crime against humanity, which should be remembered for centuries.

    P.S. #1: Around September 2015, some European nations were being--in essence--flooded with refugees from North Africa, such as from Syria, and Barack Obama was proposing that the United States of America take in many, many thousands of refugees from the region, and I say that Barack Obama was probably thinking about Muslim refugees (especially Shariaists) and not refugees of other religions and such, hoping to invade the country more with Shariasts.

    P.S. #2: I state once against for readers at the website for The Hologlobe Press--Sharia is shit, which includes "Allah," and Barack Obama supports Sharia, so Barack Obama is shit.


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