My Attack on Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes,
Pushers of "Socialism"--Two Liars, Two Society-Killers,
Two Enslavists of Detroit, Michigan


Victor Edward Swanson,

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April 13, 2019
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    On the morning of Saturday, April 13, 2019, I drove a few miles to buy the edition of the Detroit Free Press for the day, and I mostly I got the newspaper to provide a friend with crossword puzzles to do and to see what press people who are enemies of the United States of America are pushing out (and the people at the Detroit Free Press are enemies of the United States of America,  being communists and socialists and such).  On the front page of the newspaper for that day, one of the articles was entitled "Detroiters spread the message of socialism" (Reindl, JC.  "Detroiters spread the message of socialism."  Detroit Free Press, 13 April 2019, pp. 1A and 7A.).  I read the story, and because the theme of the story had to do with one of my main topics of study for the last 45 years--television--I had to make this document, and the document is an attack--yes, clearly an "attack"--on two Detroiters, Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes, pushers of "socialism," which was lied about big time in the story, and it was lied about by Naomi Burton, Nick Hayes, the writer of the story (JC Reindl), and the operators of the Detroit Free Press.  By the way, since 1972, I have been collecting information about television on four-inch-by-six-inch index cards, and I now have over 160,000 index cards with information, about 13,000 of which focus on Detroit television history, and, certainly, I am the best Detroit television historian in the country [Note: No one can come close in stature.], and every month, I publish a document about television on the Internet, and all the document that have been made so far can be found by using this T.H.A.T. link.  The first two paragraphs of the story in the Detroit Free Press about Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes were--"A young Detroit couple who helped controversial New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win election last year as a democratic socialist are now launching a pro-socialism media company from their house on the city's east side.  Their company, Means TV, is an Internet-only web streaming service that, for a monthly $10 subscription, would offer entertainment programming with 'pro-worker' and 'anti-capitalist' viewpoints, including original TV shows, talk shows, comedy sketches, reality TV and on-the-ground reporting.".  Think about the quoted material and the name of the company.  For years, one of the communists' and socialists' main themes has been to lie regularly, because communists and such believe "The ends justify and means.", and the goal of a communist and socialist is to make a country in which the rulers have full authority over the people and not the other way around.  Notice the name of the streaming entity--"Means TV".  The entire story is a lie about what "socialism" is.  "Socialism" like "communism" is a government form, in which the rulers get to set the rules about how the citizens can lead their lives, and it can ultimately involve everything about life.  I state that the only difference between "socialism" and "communism" is "communism" involves more force and violence on the people, such as "the workers" by the rulers (politicians), than "socialism" does, and "socialism" easily evolves into "communism" when the control held by the leaders is challenged by the people (it is always bad people who control socialistic-type and communistic-type countries because it is only socialists and communists who would like to be in charge of such countries, having the ability to be bad and hurt people, which the socialists and communists like, if not love, to do).  "Socialism" and "communism" are "enslavism" forms of government in which the rulers--ultimately--have complete control of the lives of the citizens, and both forms of government are not based on the "individual" or based on protecting the "individual" but are based the government and based on protecting the government (the rulers).  Government control of a society always fails the "people" because the people are pawns to the rulers and the rulers have the power--such as through law and guns and soldiers--to inflict pain and suffering on the people to protect themselves, and proof of that can be seen in how Venezuela has gone to crap in the last twenty years or so because of socialists/communists--Venezuela is a dead country, in which people are trying to escape the sick minds of the rulers; in addition, when a country is in complete control of all aspects of life for the people, a decision that is rotten from a stupid or evil politician affects all the citizens--centralized mistakes end up hurting everyone.  Well into the newspaper story, the story presented a section about what "socialism" means, and the story had this paragraph--"'What is socialism?  It's worker control over the economy, basically,' Hayes said.  'Instead of all of our factories and offices and means of production basically being owned by two or three dudes, everyone who works there owns that facility and operates it and manages it, and decides how much people get paid.'".  That quoted material shows that Nick Hayes lied about what "socialism" is and what "capitalism" is!  Let me show the idiocy of Nick Hayes's crap.  "Capitalism" is an economic system and not a political system--the United States of America is not based on "capitalism" and is based on The United States Constitution (which notes a form of Democratic Republic)--and "capitalism" is an economic system in which the government does not tell people what to make and how much to make and who gets to earn what, and it is a system in which, every day, people all over the country make countless decisions about what to buy and not buy, often discarding bad things and products and services and stuff [Note: It is the buyer in a capitalist system that sort of controls whether or not a company survives, and when a company provides crap, it can go out of business).  "Capitalism" is about people making things and people buying things--based on their needs and their ideas of what is good or not good.  "Capitalism" can involve a company in which the workers own a business, though, since a company may decide that the management structure should be set up to have the workers own the company.  Today, average citizens in the country can be owners of big corporations, which Nick Hayes tries to hint does not happen; citizens can be owners of corporations by being, for instance, stockholders in big corporations, which can give them voting rights on company policies and issues and provide income (based on their investments).  There are not many corporations and companies that exist in the United States of America that are operated like a commune, an entity in which the workers have a say-so in everything, since that type of management for a corporation or a business does not work, and one reason is it does not work can be liked to the old cliché that states that "Too many cooks spoil the broth.".  In a company or corporation or any entity, there are all types of people with all types of skills, and most of the people have limited skills and thinking abilities, and people often have only a few specialities in their nature, and when they become involved in making decisions about things beyond their abilities, they often make wrong and stupid decision, and that is why few people end up running big corporations and businesses.  Generally speaking, corporations and businesses that survive and do well are run by people with years of experience--often decades of experience--doing things that make them viable business operators, and even experienced business operators can sometimes make bad business decisions because running a business, even a small store, can be complicated [Note: An operator of a business might have to know about how products are made, what customers like or need, what competitors make, accounting systems, cash flow, federal laws, state laws, international politics, economic conditions of the country in which the business exists, building structures, et cetera.].  I have to make an aside here.  In 1950, a film was released in England called Chance of a Lifetime, and the film was later distributed in the United States of America, and a person in the United States of America can see the film today, such as through the streaming service entitled "dailymotion" (though the movie exists in two parts).  In the movie, the workers of a factory are given control of the factory, and so a whole bunch of people who had no experience in running a business and did not have the mind skills to run the business found out that they could not make the business survive since they did not know what they were doing.  The 1950 film is a truthful lesson about life and doing things, which a communist and socialist, who are highly self-centered people and who probably hope you do not see the movie.  I add that the film was released shortly after England had become a country with a national-health-care system (a "single-payer system" really), and that has led to people in England having to come to the United States of America to get some treatments, since the health-care system in their country is a bomb and defective.  The next paragraph in the newspaper story--the one after the paragraph that I last presented of the article--had these words--"...He [Nick Hayes] continued, 'So that completely changes the economic power landscape in a way  that racially transforms our social relationships, and radically transforms our politics.'".  The material is flap doodle and nonsense.  The article, as I have shown, showed up the idea that Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton were and are supporters of U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a "Democratic Socialist" (communist, really) [Note: Alexandria Oscaio-Cortez is a highly rotten woman, and some clear evidence of that exists in my document entitled And the Stupid Women Shall Lead--and Lead Every Good Individual Into Shit, Driven on by Communism, Feminism, and Defective Female Beliefs and Little-Girl Thinking, which can be reached through this Women link.], and the article passed along the idea that Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes grew up with "Democratic Party" households, and the article noted that they have become disappointed in the Democratic Party, and the article had this paragraph--"'I grew up with the idea that Democrats were morally right.  And after 2016, I realized that they're all full of (expletive)--it's not true.  After eight years of Obama, nothing happened, except things got worse,' Burton said.".  I report that it is no wonder why things got worse in the United States of America while Barack Hussein Obama was the U.S. president--at least as I determine by being a non-communist and non-socialist--since Barack Hussein Obama was helping to enact socialistic and communistic rules and laws and political policies, and yet Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton are now supporters of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her associates who are like Barack Hussein Obama, and that shows the crap minds that exist in the heads of Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton, and, also, Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is a hard-line communist (enslavist) and an evil man.  The article noted that, basically, Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes have no experience at doing things; Naomi Burton has a BA in communications from the Michigan State University, a university that pushes for socialism and communism, and Nick Hayes has high-school education and a bit of schooling at the Motion Picture Institute (of Troy, Michigan).  I state that Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are low-level thinkers really, and now Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes will be involved in teaching crap ways of life to people, especially young people, through a television-like entity, or, in other words I say, Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes--with limited thinking abilities--are two people who are going to pass along their idiocy of life on to others or teach the ways promoted by Barack Hussein Obama (though they say that Barack Hussein Obama had failed them [Note: Of course, maybe Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton feel Barack Hussein Obama failed them because he had not push hard to make the United States of America like Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or China or North Korea--communistic.]).  An example of what Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes feel their lives are now showed up in one paragraph in the article, and it had Nick Hayes noting--"'Our future is almost guaranteed to be worse than the future of our parents (at our age), which is essentially the case now.'".  In essence, the minds of Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are filled with garbage.  Hey, wait!  Based on the article, it looks as if Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are going to have all the employees of the Means TV run the company, given Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton want all the workers of a company to run the company [Note: Neither Nick Hayes nor Naomi Burton have business degrees or are experienced are running a business that has survived for any given length of time.].  All the people involved in the article presented crap and taught idiocy, and they are enemies of good people, and this document is an attack on all involved in the article, but I especially note that this article is an attack on Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton, two little evil children, whom good people must hate.

    P.S.: In socialistic and communistic countries, there are rich people, since there is economic activity, which is highly controlled by the government (the rulers).  The rich people are usually the rulers and the close associates of the rulers.  The rulers allow only those who might help keep the rulers stay in power who get rich.  In socialistic and communistic countries, a regular person can find it hard to get rich because the rulers purposely tax the regular person hard so that the person cannot become as high in stature in the country in the leaders are and challenge the authority of the rulers.  It is all corruption in socialistic and communistic countries.

    P.S.: Detroit is a city mostly made up of "blacks."  Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes are "whites."  This is certainly a case in which rotten "whites" are teaching crap to "blacks."  These "whites" should be seen a big-time enemies to "blacks."


    Note: This document was originally posted on the Internet on April 13, 2019.

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