The Kennedy Family, the Bush Family,
the Clinton Family, and Other Prominent Political Families--
The Interests of the Family Dynasty come before
the Interests of the Country do as a Rule


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January 14, 2015
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    I begin this document by looking at a family, any family.  Each member of each family is different, and, for example, and each member has different abilities and different skills and different wants in life and different hopes for life, and each member has different physical abilities and structures, and each brain is different, and, certainly, it must be noted that the general operating characteristics of a female brain are different than the general operating characteristics of the male brain are (generally speaking, the male brain is more logic based and is better for problem solving than is the female brain, and the female brain is more nurturing in nature and less likely to have the ability to think logically).  Given what I have said, if a person, such as a woman who is a mother, is good at sewing, a child of that person may not be, but the child may be a great machinist, and if a person, such a man who is a father, starts up a hardware store and then is able to run it well, it does not mean the son of that person will be able to run a hardware store well, and if a person is a good professional actor or professional athlete (such as an NFL star), it does not mean that the person's child will be a good actor or a good professional athlete, et cetera.  There is enough historical proof to back up my statement--look around you at your family or your neighbors or your whatever.  In addition, children within the same family will very likely not end up in the same professions or be successful in the same professions, and that is because the children have different assets and failings; for example, Venus Williams and Serena Williams are sisters, and both will go down in history as great professional tennis players, but one will always be seen in history as being better than the other was, and siblings who are actors or actresses end up with different degrees of success, often determined by physical characteristics [Note: I have a lot of proof of that by having studied television well since 1972 and having gather some 150,000 index cards with information about television].  Are you aware so-called geniuses (who are usually geniuses in only one subject) who have children rarely end up with so-called genius-type children (the children may be considered smart)?  The general theme of this paragraph holds true for the political profession, if not more than any other profession--if a person is a politician and has children, the person's son or daughter is very likely not to be as good at being a politician as the person is.
    This document focuses on the political profession, and I note here that the political profession is a a profession that does not attract smart people as a rule, who, by the way, might--might--then have smart children.  People become politicians because they are likable to people or they are pretty or they are able to buy support, which helps them get elected, and people become politicians because they wish to avoid doing anything else, which might take real work, and people become politicians because they wish to do harm to others (when a person is a politician, the person can use the laws to hurt others, such as by putting them in jail or by killing them).  Really, people win political office by not showing smarts but by being popular in some way, which often encompasses useless characteristics, which can include wearing a well-taylored suit all the time.
    In politics, there are good laws and bad laws, and history shows that bad laws are more common than good laws, since, over the history of man, bad people have been more likely to be leaders (or politicians) than good people have been, and what I am really saying is, over the history of man, bad political systems are more commonplace than good political systems are, and even today, a great majority of the existing political systems are rotten political systems, which can be described as "enslavism" forms of political systems or governments, and some of the more prominent rotten political systems are communistic political systems, socialistic political systems (which are nothing more than temporarily restrained communistic political systems), and Sharia-based systems (the system involving of Islamic Laws).  The bad political systems are types of tyrannies, in which a few--who might be called elites--rule over the remainder of the people, and with such systems, the politicians or leaders often rule without limits and rule for years and years and years.  Usually, such political systems are driven by and sustained though violence on and coercion of the citizens (who are considered "subjects"), which is designed to keep the leaders or politicians in power, even though the people who are the leaders or politicians are usually rotten people, such as liars and people who are morally defective.
    In the United States of America, there are people called "conservatives" or "Tea Party" people, and such people are people who want to live with a government in which the politicians work for the citizens or are employees of the citizens and who want to live with a government in which politicians are limited in what they can do to the citizens, and that means the "conservatives" and "Tea Party" people uphold the values of the founding document of the United States of America, which is The United States Constitution, which was designed to limit the ability of a person to become a dictator over the country or block a person from becoming a dictator over the country, a way of life that is commonplace for communistic or socialistic or Sharia-based countries, and "conservatives" and "Tea Party" people know a bad country is a country in which politicians are not limited in what they can do to the citizens, given bad people are more likely to be politicians than good people are.
    I say that the United States of America is in "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," and that has to be explained here, before going on to the real main theme of this document.  It is known that the public-school system in the country--though not completely controlled by the federal government--is worse than it was in the 1950s (for instance, since the 1950s, the average total vocabulary for the teenager has gone down significantly, and the push to pass minorities--through what is known as "affirmative action"--through high schools, colleges, and universities has resulted in the lowering of educational standards in the country [I believe Barack Obama got passed through high-level schools in the country because he was black, which is one reason Barack Obama has blocked the disclosure of his grades related to his attendance at university]), and now socialists and communists are commonplace as teachers or instructors in schools, and what is being taught--especially in relation to politics and the history of the country--is often lies and misinformation.  In addition, all the school systems, such as from high school to university, rely much on getting children to memorize just enough of what has to be learned to pass tests or exams, and school systems are not involved in teaching critical thinking or logical thinking (and now the federal government is pushing for the adoption around the country of "Common Core," a defective standard of knowledge for young children).  Even if a person goes to one of the elite schools (such as one of the big-name universities), the person will very likely end up being a weak thinker, having a history that involves following without objection the rotten teachings of socialistic/communistic professors and teachers and just memorizing for tests.  It must be kept in mind--The big-name universities or what are informally called "Ivy League" universities, such as Harvard University, are where the children in political family dynasties often go to school, and the schools are pushers of socialism and communism (political systems of "elitism with violence" toward most people) and not the ways of The United States Constitution.  Since the early 1970s, the general public has been getting less exposed to real facts and knowledge through newspapers, which print much less text per page than newspapers did in, for example, the 1960s, 1950s, and 1940s.  Broadcasters at radio stations are dumber than broadcasters were in, for instance, the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, since, for one, broadcasters of today are not exposed to working with news service reports much, especially when they are beginners, who work on weekends (years ago, for instance, such as in the 1960s, most radio stations had local newscasts, and staffers who worked during the weekends were required to read news copy and peg copy for others at the station, forcing them to sort of learn things).  Given that information, a person can see that a politician who can show report cards of  good grades is very likely to have achieved good grades in schools by learning nonsense from nonsense instructors and teachers and by being able to pass tests that were designed to see whether or not the person learned the nonsense, and, daily, the politician is very likely to be getting current news and information from entities that do a bad job of passing along real facts and knowledge, often purposely, leaving the politicians as ignorant of the world as the general public is.
    There is a big problem in the United States of America, and it has been around a while, and the problem is political family dynasties, and the problem is, when a family has a line of politicians, the family is very likely to push for the health of the dynasty first and then maybe the health of the country, and the later members of the families overall will be dumber people than the predecessors were and less suited to being good politicians, who would be very likely not uphold the values of The United States Constitution well, and the problem is compounded if the patriarch or matriarch of the political family was a bad politician to begin with, being a promoter of, for example, communism or socialism.
    Let me look at some families.  Theodore Roosevelt became the U.S. president, and he was a "progressive" (in essence, a communist or socialist), and Franklin D. Roosevelt became the U.S. president, and he was another "progressive," and Franklin D. Roosevelt hurt the country through his enacted political policies [and what blocked him from doing more hurt to the country was the arrival of World War II]--he prolonged the Great Depression, such as by what can be called endless spending by the federal government on useless programs to boost the economy or prop up the economy.  The Joseph Kennedy family was headed by Joseph Kennedy, who was a smuggler and a crook, and he even supported Adolph Hitler (which resulted in Joseph Kennedy being removed from an ambassadorship), and Joseph Kennedy had such children as John Kennedy (who became the U.S. president), Robert Kennedy, and Edward "Ted" Kennedy, who got away with killing a woman in a car accident in the 1960s and who was a hard-line communist, who, while being a U.S. Senator, was willing to work with the Soviets against U.S. President Ronald Reagan (a "conservative"), and the Kennedy family has many younger members involved in some way with politics, such as a lawyer known as Robert Kennedy Jr. (a communistic environmental activist who pushes as fact the lie that is manmade-global warming).  George Romney was a big-name politician (such as a governor for the State of Michigan), who labeled himself a "Republican," though he was a wishy-washy "Republican" and more like a "Democratic," and Mitt Romney, who has been a governor of Massachusetts, is George Romney's son, and Mitt Romney helped install an communistic-based health-care system in Massachusetts, and Mitt Romney has shown no willingness to get the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (which is a terrible federal law) repealed or killed.  The Bill Clinton family is made up of Bill Clinton (a former U.S. president who was impeached and who lost his law license because of his rotten actions while being the U.S. president and who is at least at socialist, if not a communist) and Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton's wife, who is a hard-line communist, who has supported the ways of Saul Alinsky (a communistic writer), and tired to get a hard-line communistic health-care system established in the country in the early 1990s, which would have allowed the federal government to put people in jail or fine them for not taking part in the proposal government-completely-controlled health-care system), and the family also includes a Chelsea Clinton (the daughter of Bill and Hillary), who is "Democrat" who is being groomed for politics.  George H.W. Bush (labeled a "Republican") became the U.S. president after Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush abandoned "conservative" political policies of Ronald Reagan, and, later, one of his sons--George W. Bush--became the U.S. president, and George W. Bush acted like a socialist politician, based on the laws that the helped get instituted, and George W. Bush even got the country involved in "TARP" and even said that he had to abandon "capitalism" to save "capitalism," which showed off his idiocy, and the George H.W. Bush family has a man named Jeb Bush (George W. Bush's younger brother), who shows off his idiot thinking by supporting, for example, amnesty for illegal aliens and by showing no willingness to get the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 killed, and the Bush family also has a George Prescott Bush (who is a grandson of George H.W. Bush), who became the Texas land commissioner through an election in 2014.  [Note: I could report on many other families, but I end here.]
    Now I can get to words in the title of this document--"...The Interests of the Family Dynasty come before the Interests of the Country do....".  It is commonplace for people in the country who run businesses to get their children to become employees in the businesses or to take over the businesses at some time (when the elders die or want to retire), and it happens in all types of businesses (a good example of which is Ford Motor Company).  I note--And so goes nepotism, which is not necessarily bad in the world of business (at least involving small businesses) but it can be bad.  The idea of nepotism is designed to keep the family line going, providing jobs for the younger people or more guaranteed employment (also it can result in younger people helping to support the elders till the elders die).  It is can happen that a business can be transferred from father to son (or something like that), and when the transfer takes place, the business may not do as well or may fail later, because the person who takes over lacks the skills or the drive to do as well the the former owner had.  The goal of a family is to keep the family going or keep the family line going--and the drive to keep the family going can be strong.
     By the way, in the world of business, if a family-run business fails or goes bankrupt because the operator (the matriarch or the patriarch) or the operators are stupid or unqualified, it does not mean the downfall for the country or most of the other families of the country, but when an unqualified federal politician does rotten work, such as by acting as a dictator and causing massive spending by the federal government, millions of lives can be ruined or affected adversely, and that is why I state that businesses can be dictatorships and can even work well as dictatorships but a federal government or the federal government should never have a dictatorship-type form and should be limited in the power that it has.
    I report that, generally speaking, politics is easy work, given that a person does not have to chop down trees, dig ditches, put down concrete, fight crooks, wait on tables, operate a broaching machine, repair a heart valve, dig out coal or calcite out of the ground, install a transmission, et cetera.  Consider--Once a person reaches higher office, where a bad person can do more damage to the country through rotten actions and rotten decisions, the person can delegate the writing of laws to others, such as staffers and lobbying groups, and that takes away actual work that the person might have to do.  Consider--Once a person reaches higher office, the person gets perks, which can be travel at the expense of the government, dinners and luncheons and, generally speaking, clout within the community, which can lead to acquiring money.
    For the political-office-for-careers-based family, there is much to gain for the family by keeping the family line involved in politics and getting younger people into political jobs or political office, and the drive to keep the family line involved in politics can cause the family to put the concerns of the family above the concerns of the country, and almost always it leads to the compromising or watering down of good political principles in the family, if there were any in the family to begin with, the answer to which is "no" for "Democrats" (who are always bad people, being promoters of "enslavism" forms of government) and often "no" for "Republicans" in this day and age.
    Every person must understand why political families are bad for the United States of America and must be blocked from existing or succeeding at their quests for political jobs or political offices, and here are a few of the reasons or rules about why political families are bad for the health of a country, in particular, in relation to this document, the United States of America.  What can happen--in this day and age--is many politicians can sort of know only the law field, a convoluted knowledge field that is clogged with rules and laws or a countless number of rules and laws (many of which are idiotic and useless), such as by being trained or schooled in law (in often anti-United States Constitution courses), and that is especially true for the younger members of political families, where the patriarchs and matriarchs push the children to avoid other fields of study, such as how to fix their own cars, and the politicians, especially the younger members, can very likely not know the difference between science and the pseudo-science (as indicated by the belief by many that manmade-globe-climate change endangering the planet), not know the construction fields or energy fields, and not know other fields unrelated to law, and that means the politicians are general-knowledge limited, and once elected, the politicians can end up making rules and laws about all sorts of subjects, and the decisions can often be defective--a mind that is too specialized usually ends up making defective decisions on most subjects.  What is very likely to happen is that a family whose history is heavily tied to politics over more than one generation can have younger members who are out of touch with what other people do to live and get by, since the younger members while growing up have so much of their lives exposed to political society or focused on political society, and that results their growing up with little exposure to the true nature of the society and the ways of others (and what adds to the problem is if the younger members are raised by nannies and not so much by the parents, getting a false idea of what family is and how family works for most people).  What can happen is the off-shoots of the patriarch or the matriarch of a political family
can take up believing they--coming from a line of politicians (especially a line of so-called successful politicians), who just happened to get elected--are more qualified to be members of the political class or are smarter than others are, though they are usually not, leading to their over estimating their intelligence and abilities, which can lead to the creating of defective political decisions, and what can happen is the off-shoots of the patriarch or the matriarch of a political family can take up believing they are destined to become leaders because of some divine reason, which is nonsense [Note: The latter idea hints at the idea of insanity in a person].  What can happen is elitism can set in within a political family, especially in the younger members, based on a false sense of value and worth to the others, and elitism can easily set in because political society is elitism in nature (the biggest particular example of which is the Washington D.C., society), developed over years and years and perpetuated by the members, and the political family can then become unwilling to listen to the suggestions of others, believing their ways or the ways of the political society are the best or should automatically be accepted as the best, and the politicians will fight vigorously to have their proposed rules and laws adopted, though the proposed rules and laws will be rotten and though the majority of the public--deemed inferior by the politicians--clearly and loudly point out the rottenness of the proposed rules and laws.  What can happen is the younger members--being in a career that is not really befitting their skills and their minds and brains--can be more lazy than the elders were, deciding to ride out on the accomplishments or perceived images and accomplishments of the elders and seeing no reason to work as hard, and that means they can end up being involved in producing sloppy laws, such as by not tending to read bills before voting on them, and laziness can lead to a politician's easily compromising the good principles of life of others--the good citizens of the society--through making deals with truly bad politicians--just to get something done or get something passed (and being seen as having done something).  What can happen is a young member of a political family can be beholden at all costs or almost all costs to the political beliefs of a patriarch or matriarch, even those the political beliefs of the patriarch or matriarch are rotten ideas, wanting to curry favor with elders (children want to please elders, even if what is done is actually rotten in the eyes of others, good people) or not wanting to be disinherited or not wanting to be unsupported by the patriarch or matriarch.  What can happen is a person can get elected, such as by deceiving the public or by the media's deceiving the public about the nature of the person, and then a later member in the family, such as a son, can run on name recognition, though the later member is dumb or even worse than the elder member was or is, and get elected, and the other family can can get elected since, unfortunately for a society, people (voters) do often have the mistaken notion that a son or daughter of a politician is suited to political office based on name, not really coming to understand the nature of the person running for office attached to the name or the ways of life promoted by the person running for office.  What can happen is, since the younger members of political families of this day and age have grown up in a time in which children are often not rated for their failures or not shown up for failing or are given the impression that they can do no wrong or make no errors, they can easily help ruin a good country by not accepting "no" as a reason given to not do something by the public, and since younger members of political families of recent history have grown up in a time in which children have not been told "no" to, and the younger members can end up being "brats" or selfish brats, wanting their way first.  What can happen is a political family can end up controlling a big portion of the political-money pool for elections (such as for years) by gaining clout and influence with those with a lot of money that might be used for advertising to promote candidates, and that can block better people from getting enough money to challenge the political family, which over time is very likely to be filled with poor candidates for political office [as I have shown].
    Ultimately, what is very likely to happen is, while the thinking done by the political family members--especially in Democratic Party-based political family, which supports communism and socialism and maybe even Sharia (all of which are rotten political systems)--becomes more defective or self-centered or flawed or illogical or rotten through the generations, if it even started out as something good, and the laws with which they are associated and enact usually end up screwing up the country and the lives of most of the citizens in the country or millions of  persons in the country.
     Based on the logic presented in this document, I state that Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush are some of the people in political family dynasties who should never be elected to any political office, especially the office of the United States president, since I have shown that political family dynasties are bad or are very likely to be bad, and I have shown that political family dynasties can have people who will very likely to not be good enough, such as honorable enough, to hold political office and who will very likely create bad laws, and I state that their family members should be blocked from being put into elected office, or the spread of nonsense and ignorance will continue on and grow in the country, and I say that for the sake of the United States of America and the millions of good persons who yet exist in the country.

    P.S. #1: I have heard it said that such-and-such a person is well read by having, for example, read many fiction books or classics, but I say that such works are useless pieces of knowledge really, and a person's having read many such books proves nothing about the person's intelligence and about the person's ability to think logically--a person's reading fiction books does not prove the intelligence of the person.

    P.S. 2: Okay, I will list a few of the other rotten political families of the country--(1) the John Dingell Sr. family, made up of John Dingell Sr. (who was a U.S. Representative for Michigan from 1935 to 1995), John Dingell Jr. (a hard-line communist in the Democratic Party who was a U.S. Representative for Michigan from 1955 to 2015 and worked to get the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 passed, though it is a highly rotten law), and Deborah Dingell (who is the wife of John Dingell Jr., who is a hard-line communist, and who is a U.S. Representative for Michigan); (2) the Edmund "Pat" Brown family, made up of Edmund "Pat" Brown (who was the governor of California from 1959 to 1967) and Edmund "Jerry" Brown (who is Edmund "Pat" Brown's son and who is the current governor California and who is a communistic pusher of the manmade-global-warming idea and has pushed through rotten laws in California); (3) the Frank Murkowski family, made up of Frank Murkowski (who called himself a "Republican" and who was a U.S. Senator for Alaska from 1981 to 2002) and Lisa Ann Murkowski (who is Frank Murkowski's daughter and calls herself a "Republican," though she supports socialistic and communistic political policies); and (4) the John Conyers family, made up of John Conyers (a U.S. Representative for Michigan since 1965 who is a hard-line black communist in the Democratic Party) and Monica Conyers (who is John Conyers' wife, who was on the Detroit (Michigan) City Council from 2005 to 2009, and who went to prison for conspiring to commit bribery while in office).  [Note: That is enough, given so many of the families that I can think of are rotten Democratic Party-based families, since this document was not designed to show up the rottenness of only the people who are tied to the Democratic Party--everything about the Democrats is rotten.]


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