More Evilness, Corruption, and Thuggery
from the Democratic Party Exposed:
Mark R. Levin Interviews
Betsy McCaughey about
"Obamacare" and Immigration
(on June 20, 2013)


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June 21, 2013
(Version 1)
(Draft version)

    On the morning of Thursday, June 20, 2013, I was well aware the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was a rotten--a highly rotten--piece of law; actually, I had been aware the law was highly rotten before it became a law in 2010.  One reason that the law is a rotten law is it pushes--by imposing a penalty fee--on a person who wishes to buy the best health-insurance plan available in the marketplace, and that means such a person gets punished by the for taking care of the self, particularly the person's health, as best the person can, and when a government of a country has such a law, it shows the government is corrupt and thuggish and evil, meaning it is an enslavism form of government (such as a government based on, for example, Sharia (a form of Islamic law) or communism).  On June 21, 2013, in the evening, I heard an interview done by Mr. Mark R. Levin of Betsy McCaughey (which is pronounced as "McCoy"), who is, for one, an expert about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the horribleness of the law, on The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show), and what Betsy McCaughey passed along to me and anyone who happened to hear the interview is even more of the rotteness that is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, and she passed along information about only a little bit of the rottenness of a what was being proposed for a new immigration law for the country.  Here is a text version of much of the interview (presented in two parts (for example, I did not present some material that was said between the two parts that I present)):

Part one:

    Betsy McCaughey: "...There are a lot of headlines about what is happening to these health-insurances exchanges, Mark, but the fact is most of the politicians are ignoring the monkey business that's going on.  They're simply complaining that the health-insurance exchanges aren't up and running yet.  The real problem is...."
    Mark Levin: "By the way, I'm glad!  But you go ahead...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "...I'm, I'm delighted.  They're eighty-five percent unprepared for October 1. But the real problem is the cynical--and I say this underscoring it--'cynical' exploitation of a worthy goal--helping the uninsured--the cynical exploitation of the worthy goal to build the Democratic Party enrollment and literally destroy a fair two-party system."
    Mark Levin: "Explain what's goin' on."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Okay.  The Obama administration granted nine-hundred-and-ten-million dollars to California to build a state insurance exchange.  What did California do?  First, they passed a law that the insurance exchange had to include voter registration.  Then they passed a law saying that however they spent the nine-hundred-and-ten-million dollars could be kept secret.  Right?  Then, they...."
    Mark Levin: "Wait a minute?  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!  Who is spending the money secretly?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "The California state insurance exchange."
    Mark Levin: "What type of government is that?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "Oh, yes.  Yes.  In fact, ah, Congress has just called for an investigation because it's so shocking that the lawmakers in California were gonna shield their misappropriations under secrecy.  Then they re-granted, ah, much of the money to forty-seven organizations--forty-eight, excuse me--forty-eight organizations, only a handful of which are even related to health care.  The AF of L-CIO got a grant.  The NAACP got a grant...."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, my...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "SEIU got a grant.  All of these groups got grants to do what was called ...."
    Mark Levin: "So let.  Yeah..."
    Betsy McCaughey: "...'out reach.'   What...."
    Mark Levin: "So, so, hold on now!   Let me just slow down.  So, we have these typical Democrat organizations or Democrat-related organizations...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yeah."
    Mark Levin: "...This is now slush-fund money.  So, they take money from medical services, turn it into political slush-fund money."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes.  They are being paid for what they claim is going door to door, canvassing, doing robo calls, and phone banking to tell people about the opening of these health-insurance exchanges next October...."
    Mark Levin: "And registering people to vote, I guess, at the same time...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "...Yes, of course.  That's exactly it.  Now, this template is being repeated in every state.  It's actually embedded in the Obama health law.  They're not breaking the law.  They're following the law.  But here's what's most disturbing about this, Mark, is that the same methodology is repeated in the immigration bill.  Section 2106 of the immigration bill out sources to these same community organizations and unions the important job of walking newcomers through the amnesty process, the provisional-status process, then the naturalization process.  It's the same community activists you will have to go to.  It's....  Remember the old days of Boss Tweed or James Curley, Tammany Hall.  If you were poor or you were a newcomer, you went to the local ward boss.  That's where you got what you needed in exchange for a vote."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, yes, of course."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Okay.  Well, this, the Obama administration is bringing back that kind of boss politics.  Only instead of it being local, they're institutionalizing this corrupt style of politics on a national scale."
    Mark Levin: "So, I want to slow you down just to underscore this.  So massive amounts of money, which are being pulled out of things like Medicare, being pulled out of the private sector for health-care services...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes."
    Mark Levin: "...and so forth, you've got a percentage of this money that is going into these, these, these Democrat-front groups, ah, at the same time registering people to vote, and also it's now in the immigration bill--same thing--how can any Republican vote for this crap?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "...That's exactly it.   You are so smart to say that.  How can any Republican member of the United States Senate fall for this?  Section 2016 out sources the very important job of walking immigrants though these steps toward naturalization and gives to these political activists in exchange for these same kind of grants I just described.  It's gonna be the same groups.  It is permanent funding for left-wing activist groups who will become the fifth branch of government!"
    Mark Levin: "That's unbelievable.  By the way, Mr. Producer, I'm having an echo in my ears from my own voice--just letting you know.  Yes, we do this on the air, while I'm doing it...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "You know...."
    Mark Levin: "...Can I, can I tell you something first of all in praise of you.  You are a national treasure.  Nobody knows this Obama backwards and forwards like you, and now you've dug into this immigration bill.  Betsy McCaughey, why are we passing thousand-page bills and twenty-seven-hundred-page bills and then fifteen-thousand-page of regulations?  How do people even know how to get health care when they're swamped like this?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "You are so right.  And the fact is that when you hear Chuck Schumer say it has to be comprehensive.  Comprehensive is a synonym for unread!  That's what a comprehensive bill means--unread.  We ought to have twenty-page bills in plain honest English that members of Congress will read before voting on them.  And I say 'twenty pages' because that should be enough.  The Framers of our constitution established the entire federal government in eighteen pages."

Part two:

    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes, and it's, there's something so cynical about what's happening in both parties.  I've very disappointed when I see Senator Marco Rubio urging Americans to support this bill.  I found that most of the provisions in this bill were labeled 'emergency,' Mark.  Do you know why?  Because in 2010, the Congress passed something called the 'Pay As You Go Act.'  After all, our nation is seventeen-trillion dollars [seventeen-thousand-billion dollars] in debt, the Pay As You Go Act says Congress can't create any more mandatory spending unless it takes the money from other types of spending or raises taxes.  Now, of course, the members of the United States Senate, they don't want to do any of those things, so they're cooking the books, they're weaseling out of their own Pay As You Go Act by labeling each provision of the immigration bill an 'emergency.'  There are no Hurricane Sandys in this bill."
    Mark Levin: "That's amazing.  So in order to get around their own requirements, their own rules, just call it an 'emergency' and fund it with more deficit spending."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes.  How, how, how, how can they--have they no shame?"
    Mark Levin: "Well, let me say this then--How can Mitch McConnell not speak out against this, and how can Marco Rubio not speak out against this, and Paul Ryan, and Boehner, and everybody?  How is it that they do this?  And then they pretend that they're 'fiscal conservatives.'"
    Betsy McCaughey: "And I so agree.  And you know, Marco Rubio was on advertisements on Fox [Fox News Channel] all the time..."
    Mark Levin: "And my show to.  I can't control it.  It's him and, ah...Paul Ryan."
    Betsy McCaughey: "That's right, assuring us that this bill says someone who has entered the country illegally can only stay and become legal if they're working, if they're employed, if they're self-sufficient.  Well, I've read the bill, and I can tell you it says that, but it also says here are the exceptions--if you're in high school, you're college, you're getting a GED, you're in job training, you're taking care of a child, or you're taking care of an older person, or you're unemployed through no fault of our own.  Well, who ever thinks it's their own fault?...."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, good lord."
    Betsy McCaughey: "What this law, bill really says is you have to be employed, except if you're not."
    Mark Levin: "You see, you see, this, this, this is why you're so important, because the fact of the matter is people aren't really going through this bill.  We're dealing with platitudes and mythology and stereotypes.  And, you know, and also, they have no intention of securing the border.  Do you know how I know, Betsy?  Because they won't do it."
    Betsy McCaughey: "No."
    Mark Levin: "All they have to do is secure the border first, and then we can have these discussions, but they won't do it."
    Betsy McCaughey: "You know, I'm a pro-immigration person, as I'm sure you are.  We're a nation of immigrants, and we're better for it.  My whole family came from other parts of the world.  But the fact is we the people also have to pay the bills.  And so the members of Congress should deal honestly with us instead of cooking the books."
    Mark Levin: "What do you think about this effort by some in Congress to, ah, to expand Obamacare to apply to people who aren't citizens?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "Well, as you know, under the current Obama-health law, legal immigrants are immediately entitled to a full subsidy...."
    Mark Levin: "Right."
    Betsy McCaughey: "...from the health-insurance exchanges, so I think you're asking me about illegals, and...."
    Mark Levin: "No, about the probationary period.  You know, they have this probationary period."
    Betsy McCaughey: "...I don't think the people who entered the country illegally and are then on provisional status should be entitled to all these benefits..."
    Mark Levin: "But there are people pushing for it...."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Oh, of course, they are!  And, by the way, there's another provision in the immigration bill that sets up a task force, ah, to propose legislation to offer many more benefits to immigrants.  Ah, and so, the question that I would ask--What are the plans to change the laws after this is passed and, and offer immigrants many, many more benefits than they currently are entitled to?  Because that's what the bill says."
    Mark Levin: "And you, and you and I know these are always quote unquote--first steps.  I mean I, I hear people come on my program, like my friend Paul Ryan and he says this will create economic growth--and I think to myself we're teaching people who come here to be part of the welfare state, not part of the capitalist system, and so how do you expect people to assimilate into a market notion of how our country should work when the, the law provides and all the pressure is for people to get on public assistance?"
    Betsy McCaughey: "That's right.  And that's why the most dangerous part of the immigration bill and the most insidious part of the health-care law are these portions that out source critical functions of government to these community activists, because it's, it's a recreation of the system that was in place for so long where--go to the boss, get all the benefits, in exchange for voting for that person or for that party.  We, our, our two-party system is at risk of permanent destruction because of these provisions."
    Mark Levin: "Well, you know, this is just more appalling, and the idea that the Republicans are goin' along with this is absolutely disgusting to me."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes, and in the Obama-health law, these community activists are permanently funded, because, after the first year, they don't depend on a grant from Washington anymore.  The funding for those community activists come right out of the exchange revenues.  A piece of every premium that is paid by somebody on that exchange goes to the AF of L-CIO, the NAACP...."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, my goodness!  Well, let me ask you this.  Then how do you explain some of these Republicans governors who've signed on to this?"
    Betsy McCaughey [answering after a long pause and very softly]: "They were very foolish."
    Mark Levin: "Uh hum.  And they run around talking about themselves as fiscal conservatives."
    Betsy McCaughey: "Yes, and then, and then talking about their bipartisianship as if it were something of merit.  Really, what I see, Mark, is that the Republican Party is lacking in moral self-confidence."
    Mark Levin: "That's a good way to put it.  The Republican Party, Betsy, needs a, a conservative free-market constitutionalist leader."
    Betsy McCaughey: "And I'm so glad you included the word 'constitutionalist'--somebody who understands The Constitution, somebody who knows it inside and out, and is committed to protecting it."

    The material in quotation marks made up the bulk of the interview.  You should see that the title of the article may not be fully correct, based on what Betsy McCaughey said at times--she hinted that Republicans are taking up and supporting some of the nonsense that is being imposed purposely on the country of the Democratic Party.  A person must remember--Bad people exist in the Republican Party, since the bad people, for example, disguise who they really are so that they could be elected, being elected by people who knew not what they were really voting for, maybe only voting for "Republican" because the name "Republican" is supposed to mean non-Democratic Party candidate.

    P.S. #1: On June 20, 2013, Sean Hannity interviewed U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (a Republican related to Kentucky, the head Republican in the U.S. Senate) on The Sean Hannity Show (a nationally syndicated radio show).  Through the interview, U.S. Senator showed himself to be a rotten leader of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate.  Look at one piece of thought that U.S. Senator passed along in the interview: "...We've got a lot of members [in the U.S. Senate], including myself, that would love to see a good immigration bill.  The current system is a disaster.  I think it's correctly labeled de facto amnesty now.  We've love to be able ta improve the situation...ah, but we aren't there yet.  And so I don't know how I'm gonna vote in the end.  I, I, I'm gonna continue to vote for amendments that strengthen the border.  We'll have to see what it looks like when we get to the finish...."  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is rotten, and what was being proposed for a new immigration law for the county was sounding as if it was going to be a rotten piece law, and yet U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell said the words that have been presented in this paragraph.

    P.S. #2: The governor of Michigan--Rick Snyder--is one of the Republican Party-associated governors of the nation who has put up no resistance to thwarting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 in the country or has done nothing help crash the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which, for example, because of the Medicaid feature of the big law will lead to destroyed budgets of the states.  On Thursday, June 20, 2013, Rick Snyder was publicly angry that Republicans in the state legislature were not rushing to take a vote on expanding the Medicaid program in the state.  In essence, Rick Snyder has been siding and is siding with the Democratic Party, which is, without a doubt, a political party based on, for instance, communism, socialism (which is temporary soft-line communism), and fascism.



    Erb, Robin.  "Inaction on Medicaid expansion angers Snyder."  Detroit Free Press, 21 June 2013, pp. 1A and 7A.

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