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Victor Edward Swanson,



    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.

- - - Travel Thoughts for Everyone - - -

    I open with an unusual travel note.  While you travel in Michigan, you might have the radio on.  On Friday, March 16, 2012, I had the radio on--tuned to WJR-AM, 760--at about 1:07 p.m., and I again heard a public service announcement from the federal government that made me laugh, and it also made me think how stupid the Barack Obama adminstration is and, especially, how stupid Barack Obama is.  The public service announcement, which seemed to be narrated by Tom Selleck, focused on being a "dad today," and it came from "www.fatherhood.gov" or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Ad Council, and,  the PSA had a man talking with his son (who was helping his dad fix a car) and asking the son for a screwdriver, and the son kept using "Why?" in response several times.  The man said that he needs the screwdriver to change the oil filter. Since the 1960s, I have worked on cars, and I have never used a screwdriver in the process to change an oil filter.  The public service announcement was more crap from the Barack Obama administration.

    Advertisement: The commercial in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips urges you to get a copy of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, which is a book written by Mark R. Levin.  This book will help you understand better what Barack Obama is--a man who is purposely hurting the country, even though he is the president of the country--but the book is really about enslavers--politicians--who do not believe in the values of The U.S. Constitution and how The U.S. Constitution is designed to limit the power of the government, especially a dictatorship, over the individual (the citizen).  Remember: In the United States of America, it is the individuals who own the government and not the government that owns the citizens, the latter of which is what Barack Obama wants and is pushing for.

    So a bunch of people are rallying behind the "Pure Michigan" advertising campaign, which you may have come across by watching a cable channel recently, and "Pure Michigan" is designed to urge people to go to Michigan as a vacation designation.  Well, I have no ties to "Pure Michigan," and, unlike "Pure Michigan" television spots it seems, I do not promote the same places all the time--such as Traverse City, Frankenmuth, and Detroit (the dead city, which has a lot of racists running, as can be seen by seeing my document entitled Detroit and Death: A Future View of the United States of America, which can be reached by using this Detroit link).  Now, when I go on the Internet and I look up some tourist-type places in Michigan, I find some of these pages with snippets of information and with "Pure Michigan" in the upper left-hand corner, and when I see them, it makes me think "Pure Michigan" is more into promoting "Pure Michigan" than the places, and maybe you will get the same feelling when you see such pages, which often provide little useful information.  Oh well,  Let me show you what I found for this edition of Michigan Travel Tips.

    For some time, I have known that a lighthouse called "Jacobsville Lighthouse" exists at Jacobsville in Houghton County of the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan--it is on land overlooking Keweenaw Bay--but I only recently learned the lighthouse is the "Jacobsville Lighthouse Inn," which is a bed-and-breakfast inn.  The operators are Mike and Cheri Ditty, and I do not know Mike and Cheri Ditty, and I have never communciated with Mike and Cheri Ditty. When I talk about bed-and-breakfast places in Michigan, I always have to note that you have to do research to see whether or not you would want to go there and spend money.  I do report that the "Jacobsville Lighthouse Inn" has two rooms that are rented out to guests, and the location of the lighthouse is a scenic place, where, on a good day, a person can sit and relax and watch boats out on the water.  In the Keweenaw Peninsula area, there are a number of lakes where a person can fish.  In addition, the area has a number of museums--though not all are open through the year--from the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum, which is at Michigan Technological University, to the Quincy Mine Hoist.  The Jacobsville Lighthouse Inn is open throughout the year.

    Basically, during the summer tourist season, people can visit and enjoy the Ogemaw Nature Park, which is located at West Branch (in Ogemaw County of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan), and I am going to focus of what the place has as a benefit for people traveling between the Detroit area and the Mackinaw City area in one day.  West Branch is sort of a halfway point between the Detroit area and the Mackinaw City area, and the Ogemaw Nature Park would be a good place to make a rest stop for lunch, especially when children are making the trip.  The place has picnic tables, like so many rest-stop places do, but the place also has some white-tail deer that children can see.  To enter the Ogemaw Nature Park, a person does not have to pay a specific entry fee; however, a person might think about making a donation to the place to keep it running.  By the way, on the grounds of the Ogemaw Nature Park, there is a hall that people can rent, such as for a wedding reception or a family reunion.  The Ogemaw Nature Park is locted at 5620 West Rose City, at West Branch, and it is open every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day and is open on weekends between Labor Day and about the end of "color season."

    Promotional announcement: The Landmark Legal Foundation is made up of lawyers, such as Mark R. Levin (of The Mark Levin Show, a nationally syndicated radio show), who fight in court cases against those who do not uphold The U.S. Constitution and the rule of law for the country, and the Landmark Legal Foundation fights for the rights of the individual and against Marxists, communists, and the like.  In this day and age when Barack Obama, who, I am convinced, has a truly highly ill mind, is going against the rules of the country while pursuing a goal--I believe--to hurt the country and remake it or destroy it, I believe the Landmark Legal Foundation needs your help desperately; for example, retired lawyers who want to protect the country should consider donating time to helping the Landmark Legal Foundation.  I urge you to avoid making any donations to entities that promote manmade global warming or climate change and make a donation to the Landmark Legal Foundation instead (by the way, you should look into supporting the Heritage Foundation).

    I close this edition of Michigan Travel Tips with a note about a "tourist attraction"--and I use "tourist attraction" very, very, very loosely--in Ferndale, Michigan.  Last summer, a record for Guiness was set at a place called "AJ's Cafe," which was located on Nine Mile Road near Woodward Avenue, and the place got, in essence, national publicity at least a little and especially got much regional publicity (covering Michigan) for setting the Guiness record, in which a bunch of bands and musicians played around the clock for days and days.  Well, despite having that publicity, "AJ's Cafe" closed down in late March 2012.  "AJ's Cafe" was a place for "progressive" political thinkers to gather (and, of course, you should think of "progressive" political thinkers as"communist" thinkers), and it can be said that in this day and age of (1) Barack Obama--who is a communist (an "enslavist") and worse than a communist--and (2) a bad economy, which is mostly the result of Democratic Party policies that have been put in place as federal government rules since at least the 1960s, even a "communist" trying to run a business can fail (though a small part of the reason the place closed down was--as I have heard from one person--the owner was not good with customers).  Yes, one year after a super-big publicity event, "AJ's Cafe" is a dead issue!

    Enjoy your safe traveling in Michigan!

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tips in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips are:

    Jacobsville Lighthouse Inn, Jacobsville, Houghton County, the Keweenaw Peninsula, the Lower Peninsula.

    Ogemaw Nature Park, West Branch, Ogemaw County, the Lower Peninsula.

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