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    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.

Special Important Announcement

    Now I have a document at the website for The Hologlobe Press entitled A COVID-19 Document that Shows the Rottenness of the CDC, Many in the Medical Community, Many in the Media, and All the Democrats, such as Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, and Joseph Biden, and the document can be reached by using this COVID-19 link.

- - - Travel Thoughts for Everyone - - -

     While traveling in Michigan, I often listen on the radio to Mark R. Levin's The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated weekday radio show) on a vehicle radio, and in much of Michigan, the show begins to air at 6:00 p.m..  Recently, Mark R. Levin has used shows to talk about "unrealized capital gains," which all the Democrats in government want to impose on all the people in the country--ultimately.  However, such Democrats as Joseph Biden--a communist, really--pushes out the lie that only people with incomes of $400,000 are in the sights of him and his associates through a proposed new tax thing.  Mark R. Levin has pointed out, such as on October  26, 2021, the new tax idea is a "wealth tax," and, although the tax is so-called aimed at the rich, it would in the near future be expanded to all persons [Note: Once the beginning structure is set up, it is easily expanded.].  While driving in Michigan, you will see houses all over the place, and they are in the rural areas and in the cities.  A house has a value, though from moment to moment, it is hard to determine what a house really has for a value, which can only truly be known when it is sold.  During a year, a house that you might seen in Clio or Marquette or Hell might sort of rise in value (at least on paper), and that value can be considered a capital gains, though it is not a real capital gains since no money has been given to the owner, such as through sale.  People really consider such gains on paper as "unrealized capital gains."  So, given that information, you can see that Democrats want to tax "unrealized capital gains," or they want to tax something that a person really has not received and only exists as a guess on paper, but if an "unrealized capital gains" is taxed, the person who has the "unrealized capital gains" must come up real money to pay the tax or must come up with money to pay the federal government--and it is paying a tax on something that does not exist--and if the tax is enacted, it will have to be paid on the so-called "unrealized capital gains" every year, an amount that can go up each year.  Keep in mind--What money has been spent to buy a house is already taxed money, and some Democrats it seems to me would also like to tax the value--some mysterious amount--that a house has that goes beyond the "unrealized capital gains."   I have to say that, in addition, a tax on "unrealized capital gains" would probably not be restricted to only houses, and it could be associated with other things, such as pension plans and 401K plans and stocks.  While you travel in Michigan, be aware that every Democrat that you see in government, such as Governor Gretchen Whitmer (a high ranking Democrat, who is a hard-line socialist), is a type of person who would support a tax related to "unrealized capital gains," and there are Democrats--such as hard-line socialistic citizens not in government--who would help such a tax exist, because, like the Democrats in public office, they are evil.

    And scattered around Michigan are thousands of stores, and they can sell all types of things.  Vacationers like to see antique-type stories.  I like resale stores, since I might find a useful old tool.  What is in each store is determined by the owners, and how things are set up in a store is determined by the owners (or managers).  That is capitalism.  Fascism is not like capitalism (which is not a set of political rules or a set of government rules and is related to economics); fascism is a system of economics in which people of a country own stores, but the government actually runs the stores through laws and rules and such.  California is a state that has recently adopted some ways of fascism (which is tied to oppression).  On October 9, 2021, the governor of California--Gavin Christopher Newsome (a Democratic and at least a fascist in relation to government ways)--signed a bill into law for California in which, starting on January 1, 2024, a business that sells toys and has more than 500 employees within the state must have a "gender neutral" area for toys (if they sell toys).  The government of California is telling business operators how to run their businesses, and that is fascism!  That is rottenness!  A community in which the government tells businesses operators how they must conduct business is a rotten community!  Today, Gretchen Whitmer is the governor of Michigan, and she is a Democrat (like Gavin Newsom), and she has shown to the public that she endorses communism and socialism and fascism and the other forms of rotten government, and I say that she is the type of person who would push for the government's being able to tell a business owner what can and cannot be sold and where it can be sold.  If you are a business owner in Michigan, understand that there are people in government who want to impose fascism on you if they could.  Remember that about Gretchen Whitmer and her associates while you travel in Michigan.

     Now I have a place for you to see.  This summer, I burned some fallen tree parts, such as limbs, so it can be said that I fed the still standing trees around me and fed other plants, since I released carbon dioxide into the air, and plants like carbon dioxide.  If fallen tree parts are not burned, they could end up being fuel for big forest fires.  Man has to burn things to help nature.  Hold it!  Parts of western Lower Michigan have already had heavy snowfall this snow season, such as Gaylord, which has had somewhere around ten inches of snow already.  I wonder if anyone went cross-country skiing on any of that snow, which would take the person through woods or forests.  Michigan has "state forests," such as the Lake Super State Forest (which is in the Upper Peninsula), and "national forests," such as Huron-Manitsee National Forests (of the Lower Peninsula).  The Pere Marquette State Forest is located in the northwestern region of the Lower Peninsula, and a place for biking and hiking and doing cross-country skiing.  There are a couple trail systems that are actually in that state forest.  One of  the trail systems is the Muncie Lakes Pathway, which is sort of southeast of Traverse City and is also near a little place called Mayfield.  The Muncie Lakes Pathway has a number of parts or loops, and a cross-country run can cover a few miles or up to about nine miles, depending on what a skier wants to do.  In essence, the starting point and the stopping point exist along Ranch Rodolf Road between Rennie Lake Road and Brown Bridge Road, which is a location that is southeast of Rennie Lake.  You could look for Muncie Lakes Road, too.  Another trail system in the same general area is the North Country Trail, and the Pere Marquette State Forest is home to about 65 miles of that trail, which covers about 1,500 miles in Michigan, and, officially, that is trail system that exists in several states of the nation, some of which are North Dakota and New York.  What you will see along the trails I cannot report, of course.  I hope you do not meet U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell of Michigan, a hard-line socialist and a Democrat, who is pushing to make Puerto Rico another state of the nation, and you might see Debbie Dingell, since the Traverse City area is an area of Michigan that socialists and communists, such as those of the Ann Arbor area, like to visit regularly.  This coming winter, if you visit a trail system in the Pete Marquette State Forest, you should see a lot of trees--more beyond only pines and cedars, which are the types that I mostly have near me--but, of course, you will see a lot of bald trees.  Oh, bald trees related to disease and old age can be a problem, since they can be fuel for big fires, which is why good men and good women cut down some trees and old forests to protect all sorts of things, such as forest animals, from fire.  If you use the trails of the Pere Marquette State Forest, see if you can determine how many trees should come down to save, for one, animals of the planet.

    Warning announcement!  Because of incidents at schools for children and incidents at other places for people in general tied to "Sharia" or "Islamic Law" or even the religion/political system known as "Islam," I now regularly have this paragraph as a part of each edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  The governmental system of the United States of America based on The U.S. Constitution and "Sharia" or, informally, Islamic law, are not compatible and cannot co-exist, and one reason is "Sharia" (et cetera) is a political system, in which there is one-party rule, and that one party is basically made up or controlled by religious leaders who base all the ways of their culture or society on "Sharia" or "Islamic Law."  Those who uphold and practice "Sharia" have no tolerance for the existence of Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism or non-religion, and that is a fact, and "Sharia" is a political system in which women are second-rate human bodies and in which clergy can be involved in determining  business transactions, and there is no "freedom of speech" tied to politics in a society related to "Sharia."  When you travel around Michigan and in other states of the country, watch for signs that rotten people are trying to teach you or family members, especially children, that "Sharia" is good and "Allah" is good and teach you or family members that the United States of America is bad and that, for instance, Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism are bad, which I have evidence is happening and which is being brought about by people who are clearly working to make "Sharia" a dominant political system in the world (it is a political system as rotten as socialism and fascism and communism are, since it promotes violence and thuggery and coercion, and it promotes killing of non-followers behind the face of religion and a god, Allah).  By the way, a society based on "Sharia" really creates nothing in the long run and does not advance the human society as a whole since it is too busy suppressing the ideas of people and keeping the ideas of the society based on ways of only a few minds up front (the political leaders), whose main purpose is too keep themselves enriched through the work of others, the many--it is a gang-run society really.  Yes, if you run across people pushing the idea that Muslim stuff--particularly the true The Quran and not the translations of The Quran that are faked to hide the true nature of Islam--is better than the U.S. is, especially to little children, go public and make it known to other good people and fight back against it.

    I have to report that it is easy to come across rotten people in Michigan while traveling in Michigan, and some of the people are in the form of "freaks," an example of whom is Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, as a good person can understand by looking at her background and life, and at the very least, Dana Nessel is rotten by supporting the ways of the Democratic Party.  On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the communistic newspaper called the Detroit Free Press published a story called "AG Nessel calls for an end to Michigan power outages" ["AG Nessel calls for an end to Michigan power outages." Detroit Free Press, 27 October 2021, p. 8A.], and the theme was about power going on during, for example, big storms.  The theme gave the impression that power companies are evil for allowing power to go out.  That shows the rottenness in the thinking of Dana Nessel.  The story noted that Dana Nessel pushed out a video on Tuesday, October 27, 2021, that made such statements from her as--"'We all know this scary story.'" and "'Bad weather knocks out the power.  It takes  days before it comes back on.  The food in the fridge goes bad.  The phone and internet goes out and there's no hot water for a shower.  Your basic nightmare.'".  Power going out--that is life.  But, I guess, Dana Nessel thinks the power companies run the world and can save a person from the world.  It is commonplace for power to go out because of fallen parts of trees, such as rotten limbs.  I guess we have to cut down all the trees in Michigan.  I guess we have to stop the wind.  I guess we have to stop hail.  I guess we have to stop mother nature.  I guess we can bury every power wire underground--at a cost of trillions of dollars probably.  And once all the lines are underground, animals or other things could damage lines, and the power could go out for someone.  Yes, Dana Nessel is going to save you from life and the world, and, in the process, she will beat up on power companies.  The end of the article had, in relation to people's having repeat power outages and writing the state government--"'I'll use the information you provide to help advocate for consumers and hold utility companies accountable.'".  You should see the defective mind and thinking process of Dana Nessel.

  I have a "for-the-record" section.  On October 2, 2021, I wrote and sent an email to Peter Jakey, the head editor at the Presque Isle County Advance (of Rogers City, Michigan).  The reason for my sending an email is Peter Jakey recently had an article about a radar unit--a somewhat modern unit--having been put in the pilothouse of The Calcite (a former freighter on the Great Lakes), which is on display at 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park of Presque Isle County and is near Rogers City, Michigan.  One line in the article [Jakey, Peter.  "Calcite pilothouse is now tracking ships on radar." Presque Isle County Advance, 30 September 2021, p. 3A.] was--"...'When the "Calcite" pilothouse was originally brought to the park it had the original radar on it that was installed shortly before it was decommissioned,' said Williams.  It was scrapped in 1961 in Conneaut, Ohio.....".  The "Williams" is "Pat Williams" (a guy) who actually knows little of the history of The Calcite and 40 Mile Point Lighthouse and 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park; in fact, he is one of the regulars of the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society who passes along crap information to visitors at the park.  First, I note that the quoted section has some minor defects.  The "It" in the second sentence is not the radar but the ship (The Calcite), which was on the Great Lakes from 1912 to late 1960.  Really, when the pilothouse was first set up at Rogers City--in 1961--it had a radar unit with it, and the pilothouse was set up near the calcite mine at Rogers City; for example, there was a radar antenna mounted on top of the pilothouse, which is not where it had been when the ship was in operation--originally, the antenna had been on the top of the A-frame structure for the boom (that was related to the self-unloading system).  The radar stayed with the pilothouse from 1961 to about 2004, when some guys of the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society removed it so that another radar unit--a more modern unit that had been recently taken off a freighter of the Great Lakes--could be set up with the pilothouse and made to work, but the guys never finished getting the other radar to work, which I say is the way of little boys, and then the guys threw the radar that had been on the pilothouse since at least 1961 away.  That was idiocy!  Several years ago, I did research, working to track down what radar The Calcite had had on it.  In late 1947 or early 1948, The Calcite, which most often carried limestone, was given a radar unit, and I was able to determine the radar unit was a Raytheon Mariners Pathfinder radar unit, and it was probably a "1128" model.  The radar was one of the first used by commercial ships on the Great Lakes; The Mackinaw (a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker) was the first ship to have radar on the Great Lakes, and the first radar unit was an SL-1, the antenna for which was mounted on the top of the mast (and then the icebreaker was known as The Mackinaw WAG-83).  I have collected photographs of The Calcite, and photograph evidence shows that The Calcite only had one radar unit (at least only one radar antenna type) over a span of about 13 years--roughly from 1947 to 1960.  By the way, The Mackinaw (either as The Mackinaw WAG-83 or The Mackinaw WAGB-83 (the designation that began to be used in 1950)) had a bunch of radar types over the years, since the icebreaker was a high-end vessel for the U.S. Coast Guard, and the vessel was, in essence, always given the latest great thing, and the last main radars for The Mackinaw WAGB-83 were two SPS-73 units.  So, The Calcite (pilothouse) had the original radar unit with it from about 1947 to about 2004, when it was taken off, and a bunch of guys threw it away.  Al Byrnes, who has been president of the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society and who was one of the "guys," told me the radar was thrown out because the operator unit was missing parts and because the antenna was deteriorated.  I guess Al Byrnes never heard of saving history and things related to history even if damaged.  I say--With a big thing, you find a place to store it or display it where it will be safe, and you think about restoring it.  Of course, the "guys" probably had no idea what they were throwing away, being only a bunch of little know-nothing guys in relation to history collecting.  Oh, Peter Jakey never did reply to my email.  And that is the story of radar tied to The Calcite, the pilothouse of which is on display at 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park, which is open year around, but the museum at the park--having, for example, a lighthouse with a real Fresnel lens--is closed for the season.

    Enjoy your traveling in Michigan!

    And keep aware of the rotten people in Michigan.

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslave"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    P.S. #2: While you travel in Michigan, it is easy to come across evidence of rotten people or to meet rotten people. One really rotten man is Richard Bernstein, who is a new member to the Supreme Court for the State of Michigan.  Evidence of his rottenness can be found in my document entitled Richard Bernstein--A Man Who Hopes You Are Blind to His Rottenness, which can be reached through this Bernstein link.  Yet, on Monday, January 12, 2015, the Detroit Free Press did a story about Richard Bernstein to sell Richard Bernstein as something good, though he is not (Ahern, Louise Knott.  "State's 1st blind justice aims to be inspiration."  Detroit Free Press, 12 January 2014, p. 4A.).  I report--I urge anyone who runs a business and loses a court case in which Richard Bernstein was one of the presiding judges to have the decision thrown out or killed through another case, since Richard Bernstein, while running to be elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, made it clear that he was going to be biased against businesses if he were to be elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, and that is a fact.  Richard Bernstein is a rotten man!

    Your travel tips in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips are:

    Cross-country ski trails of Pere Marquette State Forest, the northwestern region of the Lower Peninsula.


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