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Special Important Announcement

    I now have a document at the website for The Hologlobe Press entitled A COVID-19 Document that Shows the Rottenness of the CDC, Many in the Medical Community, Many in the Media, and All the Democrats, such as Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, and Joseph Biden, and the document can be reached by using this COVID-19 link.

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 221 - - -

    So the Inflation Reduction Act was put into law by Joseph Biden through signature on August 16, 2022, and one main purpose of the act was to increase the size of the federal government's ability to spy on and harass and intimidate the non-communists and non-socialists and non-progessives and non-liberals in the citizenry of the United States of America by setting up the structure to begin to increase the size of the Internal Revenue Service, making it an entity that will soon be 87,000 employees bigger.  By the way, the billionaires in the country, who make up a very small percentage of the country, are always said by the Democrats to be the persons that have to be made to pay more, but given the Internal Revenue Service already has some 70,000 employees, a smart and good person understands well that those so-called billionaires are well covered by the Internal Revenue Service already, so the Internal Revenue Service is actually being increased in size to go after all others, which your favorite television newscaster, such as Devin "Cuba Lover" Scillian probably has not hinted to you.  It must be pointed out that the Internal Revenue Service is an armed service today, not unlike the FBI, which is highly corrupt now and like all the corrupt police entities that you may have seen in movies over the years in relation to other countries, like Nazi Germany and Mao's China.  Oh, about five years after World War II ended (in 1945) and Germany was divided up into two parts, the "Stasi" (or the Ministry of State Security) was set up in East Germany, an entity tied to the Soviet Union, and the Stasi was another rotten thing, which can be likened to what the Joseph Biden administration has with the corrupt FBI and Homeland Security and Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service and associated corrupt entities, such as some courts, and--in a way--district-attorney units at Albany, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia.  But do not worry (I say in jest)--The Inflation Reduction Act will lower inflation in the country (as many of the members of the main media are working to sell you on), as will Joseph Biden's roughly $300-billion forgiveness of student debt.

    It is time to rate your favorite newscast of the Detroit area, and I am going to help you determine whether or not your favorite newscaster is rotten or not.
    First, I have to report that, for two weeks (covering late July 2022 and early August 2022), I happened to be in the Detroit area, and I was able to see a promo related to the news department of WDIV-TV, which was hosted by Devin "Cuba Lover" Scillian, on the Channel 4.3 subchannel feed (which is where MeTV exists for Detroit-area viewers), and I saw the promo several times.  The promo, for one, was working to sell the idea that Detroit has had bad times and good times, and Detroit has fought back from bad times [Note: And the promo pushed out the theme called "Expect More" from WDIV-TV news, and everytime I see the "Expect More" pushed, I think--but you'll not get it.].  Devin Scillian pushed out the idea that people should set aside their differences ("...letting go of our differences....").   That theme really caught my attention.  Bullshit--I say.  I am not going to back off on fighting against the communists and socialists and progressives--types of people whom Devin Scillian seems to support.
    On Monday, August 8, 2022, big news was created with the raid by the FBI on the Mar-a-Lago home of U.S. President Donald Trump (formerly a U.S. president), and it was an event that started early in the morning and lasted some nine hours.  Smart and honorable people knew something was rotten about the raid, and it was a raid, given how the event went on and given it should not have happened, and, in fact, good and honorable people could see similarities in how the event was conducted and how the Gestapo and like people acted in the 1930s and 1940s in Nazi-operated Germany when headed by the socialist known as Adolph Hitler (whose political party was a socialistic party and who would start World War II, which left millions and millions dead).  Yes, the people involved in conducting the raid at Mar-a-Lago had a "warrant," which had been obtained from a federal "master" (a court-related person) or sort of like a federal magistrate judge, and that made the raid legal (on the surface).  It seems that the raiders had been given the goal of getting documents that might be tied to the Presidential Records Act (which has no criminal prosecution feature, like a law that makes the act of murder a crime) and might supposed to be with the National Archives, and in such a raid, the raiders did have the in-plain-view rule in their pocket, which, if something looked like it might be related to a possible crime (unrelated to what was being sought in association with the National Archives-wish-for materials), then the raiders could take that material, and, of course, the raiders at the time of the raid could say that such-and-such looked like something that might be suspect so they are taking it (later to be determined whether or not the material was really possibly tied to some crime).  During the search, raiders broke in to a safe (using a safe cracker) and looked in the safe (which, it would be discovered, had nothing in it), and raiders searched Melania Trump's closet in a bedroom [Note: I guess the raiders believed Melania Trump was a type of person who hides national secrets in her dresses and bras and such.].
    Hold it!  Let me back up in time.  In the past, I have written about such events as the two impeachment events focusing on U.S. President Donald Trump (one while he was in ofice and one while he was no longer in office) [Note: This document gives links to some documents that you should see in relation to this section and a later section.] and the impeachment events showed no wrong-doing, and smart and honorable persons deduced the events were sham events and corrupt events.  In addition, while Donald J. Trump was the U.S. president, there was the "Mueller" investigation, which took place over many months, and it was designed to try to sell the idea that Donald J. Trump was a corrupt man, but nothing was found by the enemies of Donald J. Trump's (such as all the Democrats and some Republicans) to prove Donald J. Trump was corrupt.  Also, persons associated with Donald J. Trump were treated, such as by the FBI, as hardened criminals or even killers during raids that were designed to arrest the persons. Also, it must be remembered that the FBI lied to a "FISA" court a number of times so that the FBI could get authority to spy on associates of Donald J. Trump's.  Then between abou July 2021 and July 2022, the country was seeing the work of the "Select Committee" of the U.S. House of Representitives, and the committee was investigating--it was said--the insurrection spurred on by U.S. President Donald J. Trump on January 6, 2021, or I should say that people sort of heard about the so-called work of the committee, since much of what the committee did was done behind closed doors, but, for example, in June 2022, the committee did hold a series of out-in-the-open hearings (presented in television presentations) that were designed to try to sell the idea that U.S. Donald J. Trump is an enemy to democracy and had worked to over-throw the 2021 election and the country, but, as I show in a document about the spectacular [a link to which is provided later in this document], nothing provided by the committee proved Donald J. Trump had done something against the country, and the television events even showed some people defined as witnesses presenting lies.
    And so I come to some general thoughts, many of which were probably not passed along to you by your favorite newscaster, which shows the newscaster is rotten.  The U.S. Constitution outlaws unwarranted and broad searches and seizures against any person, even a U.S. President or a former U.S. president.  A U.S. president cannot be charged with violiating the Espionage Act in relation to documents [Note: Many times, Mark R. Levin, a big-name lawyer, noted on his nationally syndicated radio show (The Mark Levin Show) that the law has never been applied to a U.S. president and cannot be applied to a U.S. president.].  A U.S. president is the only person who can make documents and such classified or no longer classified, and there is really no real formal procedure to doing either, such as through the U.S. president's formally writing up a document, and, for instance, while in a meeting with aides, the U.S. president only has to say such-and-such is classified or unclassified or classified no longer (and the aides finish the process of following the order from the U.S. president).  A U.S. president can classify materials only while being the U.S. president.
    Oh, it is commonplace for U.S. president upon leaving office to take materials home (and some U.S. presdents have even taken, for example, furniture).
    Now, let me get to the raid.  It was clear to good people upon hearing about the raid, that the raiders (closely related to U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI) were probably indirectly supported by the White House and the people in control of the "Select Committee," or people tied to the White House, such as Joseph Biden, and members of the "Select Committee" were well aware the raid was going to be conducted (especially since the head of the U.S. Department of Justice was involved and is beholden to, for example, Joseph Biden).  Good and smart people soon learned the raid took place without lawyers representing Donald J. Trump being able to observe what was taking place within the residence.  Good and smart people wondered why the search was so broad, like a search tied to the "general-warrant" idea (an illegal concept in the country), and it looked as if the raiders could take anything from anywhere; for example, Dan Bongino (a former FBI agent and a former Secret Service agent) noted on his nationally syndicated radio show (The Dan Bongino Show) several times over the days to come, that, when he was with the FBI, it had to be shown by the FBI to a court exactly where documents searched for would be and what the documents seemed to be.  Good and smart people learned the head of the U.S. Department of Justice Department--Merrick Garland--authorized that a search be done, but people learned Merrick Garland had hemmed and hawed over making a decision for about two weeks, though, as it was told in the media reports (trying to put down Donald J. Trump), Donald J. Trump was destroying documents at Mar-a-Lago at about the time, though he had had about a year and half in which to destroy documents (having left office on January 20, 2021).  Good and smart people learned negotitions related to some-type of documents had been going on between Donald J. Trump (or his associates) and the National Archives since Donald J. Trump had left office, and the good and smart people learned, for one, the FBI was at Mar-a-Lago on June 3, 2022, and yet then decided to take nothing from Mar-a-Lago, though it was being said Donald J. Trump was getting rid of documents (and that seemed to hint there was a spy at Mar-a-Lago).  In th end, good and smart persons understood the raid was designed to be a spectacular and give the raiders a chance to take anything--if not everything--from Mar-a-Lago, and the search was not limited to only getting documents that it seems the National Archives was saying that it was supposed to have (even if the documents were not really supposed to be at the National Archives).  [Note: I could list more, much of which would get told in a filing with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on August 22, 2022, and it is a filing (a motion) that shows the Donald J. Trump side of the story.]
    By the way, the raid took place on the day that the U.S. Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which had already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and which was then sent on to be signed into law by Joseph Biden as the U.S. president, and the bill had $737-billion in more taxes to be taken in by the federal government (which is like $737-billion in more spending that has to be done by the American people to the federal government) and some $432-billion in spending by the federal government (over and above the regular budget for the country and more).
    Here is talk about two documents.  On August 22, 2022, Donald J. Trump filed a motion with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida--"9:22-cv-81294"--and it noted that it was "In the Matter of the Search of Mar-a-Lago....".  The document was 27-pages long, and it was designed, for example, to get a "special master" appointed, who would then look at what had been taken from Mar-a-Lago, and it was designed to stop the U.S. Department of Justice from looking at any documents further till a ruling was made.  Mark R. Levin read many portions of the document on his nationally syndicated radio show, and good and smart persons then realized more the raid seemed rotten, because the document seemed to be truthful, unlike many news reports that were being pushed out on the airwaves [Note: News reports kept pushing the idea that Donald J. Trump had classified documents, though it seemed unlikely that they were classified officially, since they were taken by Donald J. Trump when he was yet the U.S. president and can be deemed unclassified (despite having the classified name on them), and the documents could not have been taken after January 20, 2021, or the documents could not have been tied to the Joseph Biden administration, to which Donald J. Trump would have no access.].  Finally--on August 26, 2022--an "affidavit" tied to the federal government and related to the search at Mar-a-Lago was released in redacted form, and it was 38-pages long, and when I looked at it, it looks as if way more than half of the document was blocked out (with black magic marker).  Dan Bongino reported on his radio show that, based on his background with the FBI, the warrant was used as a general warrant and was crappy.  By the way, when a warrant is acted upon, the holder of the warrant is supposed to present it with identification up front (before anything is done).
    Now, I come to your favorite newscast or newscasters.  Your favor newscaster should have presented the idea that it looked as if the affidavit showed--though redacted--that the raid involved a bad warrant, in what should be considered an illegal warrant (and it was something that Dan Bongino said should have be thrown out of court by a good court system).  The event was and is so serious that your favorite newscaster or news shows should have spent much of at least one newscast passing along what both documents offered; weather and sports should have been cut down in time, and such useless news as yet another murder or fire or car crash should have been set aside.
    The story about the raid had a big day on August 31, 2022, for me.  In the evening, I went to YouTube, and when I got on, I was exposed to a bunch of possible video clips to see.  I was given two by MSNBC--"'The FBI Found The Goods' Says Neal Katyal" (posted two hours ago) and "New DOJ Filing Pokes Holes In Team Trump's Lies | The Mehd..." (posted 47 minutes ago).  They were related to the Mar-A-Lago raid, and now a filing by the U.S. Department of Justice on Augsut 30, 2022, with the U.S. District Court of Southern Florida, which was a 36-page document that, for one, wanted to block having a "special master" appointed in relation to the raid at Mar-a-Lago on August 8, 2022, and it presented the idea that Donald J. Trump was involved in "obstruction of justice" by having had three so-called classified documents in his main desk at Mar-a-Lago (and those three documents were lying with Donald J. Trump-related passsports, which the FBI took--for no good reason, as far as I can see).  [What is being obstructed--negotations between Donald J. Trump and the National Archives--which had nothing to do with something criminal?  What criminal case is going on?  Where is it?]  The two video clips from MSNBC, to which I have referred, had a stagnant photograph of documents on the floor at Mar-a-Lago on August 8, 2022, and the documents were, for one, considered classified documents.  That means I was exposed to seeing classified documents, though not the insides of the documents, and that means to me that MSNBC was violating the Espionage Act.  [Note: If a document is classificed, then everything about it is classified, even the cover.]  Of course, if the documents are declassifed documents, having been declassifed by Donald J. Trump (which Donald J. Trump had the ability to do at will and in any manner (even if not by writing down something) while he was the U.S. president), then MSNBC has nothing to worry about.
    [Note: On August 11, 2022, some news entities, such as The Washington Post, pushed out the idea that the FBI conducted the raid at Mar-a-Lago, because the FBI had so-called information that classified nuclear-weapons documents were at Mar-a-Lago, and I guess that is why the FBI searched Melania Trump's bras and such.  [Borger, Julian.  "FBI searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents--report." msn.com, 11 August 2022.].  I even heard Donald J. Trump had the codes to blast off nuclear weapons, and that is idiocy, given codes are changed regularly and the U.S. president does not officially have the codes (until they might be used).]
    [Note: On August 11, 2022, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted in a press conference that he signed off on the warrant, which means to me, he was instrumental in trying to see what was in Melania Trump's bras.]
    [Note: Hey, I could make a television detective show out of the event.  Th FBI did not allow lawyers for Donald J. Trump to be in the residence while the search was going on.  The FBI pushed to have security cameras turned off turning the search--the raid--but the Trump people refused to turn off the cameras.  That means over nine hours of searching, someone tied to the FBI raid could have worked to place three documents in Donald J. Trump's desk.  Now, my story would be to determine moved the documents and how was it done.]
    Based on what I have given in this document so far, which I could have added to, is your favorite newscasters rotten or not?

    Now I have this section, which is used to rate a television-news-related personality, and that person is Nolan Finley, and this section shows more evidence of how rotten the man is.  The man works at The Detroit News, and he is known for commentaries and editorials, Sunday versions of which actually show up in the combined Detroit Free Press/The Detroit News, as they have for years.  In addition, he has been a regular personality on television programs made at and shown on WTVS-TV, which is associated with the Public Broadcasting Service, and, today, he is seen regularly on One Detroit (which is the replacement for MiWeek, which he was on, which was a replacement for AM I Right?, which he had been on), and Nolan Finley pushes the idea that he is a Republican and a conservative (for at least the television programs and the The Detroit News).  Before I pass along the information about Nolan Finley that is the focus on this section, I have to report that, for example, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain are only some of the people who have been or were upper-managers of the Republican Party, and they are or were pushers of socialism and communism and progressivism and liberalisn by means of the Republican Party, and they are or were rotten people.  There are a bunch of rotten people in the Republican Party who have to be made passe!  In addition, the Democratic Party, which is highly socialistic and communistic and the like, has done such things against the country as run the fake "Russian collusion" theme related to U.S. President Donald Trump, run two impeachment events against U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and run the Capitol Riot theme against U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and nothing bad against U.S. President Donald J. Trump has been shown and proven to the American public, as I written about in several documents that I have on the Internet, some of which can be reached through these links--Impeachment 2 and Television Spectacular.  By the way, many Republicans have stood by and have done nothing to defend U.S. President Donald J. Trump since the day he became the U.S. president, such as in relation to the Russian-collusion theme, though what was presented by the Democrats was idiocy.  In contrast, Joseph Biden as the U.S. president has done a lot of rotten things to the country, such as leave the border with Mexico open and set up the college-tuition-forgiveness racket (an evil idea), and I could pass along more of the rottenness of Joseph Biden here, but you can see some more by seeing the document attached to this link--Done By.  Given what you now know, you must see what Nolan Finley wrote for The Detroit News section of the combined newspaper of Detroit for Sunday, August 14, 2022, and the article is called Trump is the biggest RINO of all" [Finley, Nolan.  "Trump is biggest RINO of all." The Detroit News, 14 August 2022, p. 30A.].

    Let's talk about the big RINO in the room.
    Donald Trump and his legions have shunned, exiled and silenced loyal Republicans who've refused to pledge their unquestioning allegiance to the former president.  They've labeled them RINOs, for Republicans in Name Only.
    The epithet has been applied to some most unlikely targets.  South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham has been called a RINO, as has Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, former Michigan Gov. John Engler as well as a long list of state and local officials who refused to intervene in the 2020 election count on Trump's behalf.
    It's not just name-calling.  Trump engages in what he calls RINO hunts, seeking to destroy the political careers of those Republicans who've dared defy him.  Witness Rep. Peter Meijer of Grand Rapids, who was hit with a successful primary challenge because of his vote to impeach Trump.  Most who wear the RINO badge have been stalwart supporters of the GOP, and have worked to advance Republican and conservative causes.
    They stand in contrast to Trump, who has done nothing for the Republican Party other than to tear it down piece by piece.  He's not a Republican; the GOP is just the infrastructure on which he's hoisted his enormous ego.  He's a narcissist whose only principle is self-indulgence.  Trump would rather see a Democrat elected than a Republican who doesn't kiss his ring.
    Look at the damage Trump has done to the party and conservativism.
    The $1 trillion spending bill passed last week to massively expand the size and scope of the federal government would not have been possible had Trump not thrown a temper tantrum after his 2020 election loss and handed control of the Senate to Democrats.  A half-million GOP votes in Georgia stayed home for the run-off elections at the urging of Trump allies, leading to the defeat of two incumbent Republicans.  Had just one of them survived, the Democratic assaults on personal freedoms and responsible governing wouldn't have been possible.
    Trump is also behind the dimming hopes of the GOP to retake the Senate this year.  He intervened in the Pennsylvania and Ohio primaries, tipping the nominations of two out-of-the-mainstream candidates who are trailing significantly in the polls.  If they lose in November, that's two more Republican seats gone.
    Republicans were once looking to claim 50-60 new House seats this fall and control of the chamber.  But following the Supreme Court's abortion ruling and the nomination of a slate of Trumpsters, that expectation has plunged.
    The party's Trump wing placed pleasing him ahead of winning Congress.  Why else would they sacrifice a sure thing in Michigan's Meijer?
    Trump is is now dropping broad hits that he's ready to announce his 2024 presidential bid.
    No less a loyalist than former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is urging him to wait until after the election, warning it would be a distraction for Republicans (he meant disaster).
     A distraction is what Trump wants to be.  He wants all of the attention, to be the sole influencer on the party and its undisputed master.
    If the price is turning over the nation to progressive Democrats, the biggest RINO of all could care less.

    I report that the piece is filled with bullshit!  For one the "$1 million spending bill" has nothing to do with Donald J. Trump, given, at the time of the election to which Nolan Finley referred, there was no proof that Donald J. Trump was rotten and committed anything illegal or wrong, and there would not be anything shown after; the time period had Democratic crap in the air and the media, which most Republicans did little to counter (standing on the sidelines), and people believed the crap, and if people stayed away from the poles it was tied to idiocy and not to Donald J. Trump, who had not urged people indirectly or directly not to vote [Note: There are idiots as voters tied to the Republican Party, as there are to the Democatic Party.].  Nolan Finley mentions some names, such as Graham and Engler, trying to promote them as good, but, though I cannot remember exact incidents of RINO behavior right here, I have had in mind all of them as mush people for years, but Nolan Finley does bring up Meijer ("...Rep. Peter Meijer of Grand Rapids, who was hit with a successful primary challenge because of his vote to impeach Trump..."), and I state that Rep. Peter Meijer is highly rotten for having voted for impeachment based on nothing and based on crap, as I am well aware, having paid very close attention to the crap that each of the impeachment event was.  I report that Rep. Peter Meijer was a not a sure "good" thing--he was a sure screw-up, whose mind was geared to defective thinking.  Nolan Finley pushes out the unfounded crap about Donald Trump's not caring and about Donald Trump's being a "narcissist," and now we have a "god" in Joseph Biden, who has violated The U.S.Constitution through dictatorial proclaimations and rule making, not caring about, for example, what the open-border policy is doing to citizens of the United States of America and what much more of his rulings are doing to citizens.  Nolan Finley puts in a lot of useless prediction stuff and guessing stuff, which at this moment has no value and has no bearing on anything, except noting some RINOs were challenged by non-RINOs in this day and age when the communists and socialists and progressives are winning, getting little push back from many in the Republican Party, such as the mumbly mouthed Mitch McConnell [Note: I can predict, too.  If the two out-of-the-mainstream candidates would have lost, in relation to Pennsylvania and Ohio, it could have still resulted in the winners (Republicans) being down in the polls.  Polls are often crap information, used to influence results, usually against Republicans.  In addition, Donald J. Trump is not the first U.S. president to work to influence primaries, and it was and is not illegal for him to get involved; for instance, Barack Obama always seemed to be on the road, and often he promoted Democrats running in state and local elections, and his influence pushed a lot of crap into political offices.  Nolan Finley's theme is fluff].  Nolan Finley talks about this--"...Most who wear the RINO badge have been stalwart supporters of the GOP, and have worked to advance Republican and conservative causes...."  Given what a smart and good person can deduce about what such persons as Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney seem to have for ideas about what the Republican Party should be, a good and smart person has to wonder what "Republican and conservative causes" Nolan Finley really has in mind.  What does the upper management of the Republican Party believe in and think should be "Republican" causes and values?  And in relation to the abortion issue, the abortion issue cannot be tied to Donald J. Trump in any way, since it was the U.S. Supreme Court alone that came up with the decision on abortion (putting down, for example, Roe v. Wade), and all that the U.S. Supreme Court decision did was put the issue of abortion out of the hands of the federal government and back into the hands of each state.
   Clearly, Nolan Finley puts down those who actually stand for The U.S. Constitution and want to get back to the values of a constitutional republic--the Make America Great Again theme (the MAGA theme)--and Nolan Finley actually puts down people working to get the country back to constitutional-republic values by calling the people "his legions" [Note: The Joseph Biden administration raid on Mara-Lago was and is a rotten thing, and a smart and good person is well aware it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment of The U.S. Constitution.], and, then on August 25, 2022, a statement by Joseph Biden as the U.S. president at Bethesda, Maryland, while at the Democratic National Committee gathering, made me think about what Nolan Finley wrote, and Joseph Biden said--"...What we're seeing now is the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy.  It's not just Trump.  It's the entire philosophy that underpins the--I'm going to say something--it's like semi-fascism....".
    Nolan Finley's article shows support for rotten Republicans, such as Mitt Romney, and teaches crap, and I say that Nolan Finley is an enemy of good people--non-socialists, non-communists, non-liberals, and non-progressives--and when you see Nolan Finley on television, see him as an enemy.

    I now present information that I stumbled across on September 4, 2022, while I was doing research on videotape stuff for Television History and Trivia #223 [Note: I went on Yahoo! to access something, and I got exposed to the information.].  I was exposed to an article on Yahoo! called "Gen Z, millennials speak out on reluctance to become parents" [Italie, Leanne.  "Gen Z millennials speak out on reluctance to become parents."  yahoo.com, 30 August 2022, 7:37 a.m..].  I call it a propaganda piece, and it shows off garbage people.  I note that a person can decide to be involved with not having children, but the reasons presented in the article show the freaky minds of some young gals.  Here is the opening of the article--"At 24, El Johnson has made up her mind that she won't bear children, though she and her girlfriend haven't ruled out adoption.  The graduate student who works in legal services in Austin, Texas, has a list of reasons for not wanting to give birth: the climate change crisis and a genetic health condition among them.  'I don't think it's responsible to bring children into this world,' Johnson said.  'There are already kids who need homes.  I don't know what kind of world it's going to be in 20, 30, 40 years.'  She's so sure, in fact, that she'll soon have her tubes removed.  It's a precautionary decision sealed by the fall of Roe v. Wade and by right restrictions on abortion services in her state and around the country.  Other women interviewed also cited climate change, along with overwhelming student debt coupled with inflation, as reasons they'll never be parents.  Some younger men, too, are opting out and more are seeking vasectomies....".  Basically, you are seeing evidence of the crap that people--young people who probably vote for Democrats have in their minds--Democrats who have led to the inflation problem and over-priced schooling and who have created jackass knowledge that gets used in schools.  I state that the so-called graduate student is stupid--at the very least.  Years ago, I liked a gal a lot--a lot--who was a carrier of hemophilia, and she never had children, and she died in December 2021.  That--hemophilia--is a reason to not have children.  But to make a decision based on climate change--that unproven garbage--and not knowing what will be around in 20 or 30 or 40 years shows the mind of an idiot girl, and her idiot mind ends up voting, and the gal would probably accept the crap that Nolan Finley puts out about Donald J. Trump.  And she is thinking about getting her tubes removed.  Her head is full of shit, and Nolan Finley would only add to it if she were to see his article that is talked about in this document!  That is why I keep saying we are in "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance."  And Yahoo! was working to sell the crap by publishing the story!

  Announcement for the novice again (reworked in March 2019): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, try Breitbart News Network (the history of which goes back to 2007), WorldNetDaily.com, Newsmax TV (which was started up in 2014), CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), and One America News Network (a.k.a. OAN), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama-type people (communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, and Shariaists), as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned).  I note that the Fox News Channel is evolving into a rotten channel, becoming like those that I have put down in this paragraph.  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and even now much of what is on the Fox News Channel and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  In 2019, "The Drudge Report" was sold, and it should be treated as suspect for now.   [Note: Everyone in the Democratic Party in the country is rotten, and the Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people tied to the Republican Party are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]
    [Note: Here is an example of Chris Christie's rottenness.  On Sunday, February 6, 2022, Chris Christie was a guest on This Week with George Stephanopoulos (of ABC-TV), which had Martha Raddatz as the host, and Christ Christie pushed out crap.  For example, Chris Christie said--"...And let's face it.  Let's call it what it is.  January 6 was a riot that was incited by Donald Trump...an effort to intimidate Mike Pence and the Congress into doing exactly what he said in his own words last week--overturn the election.  And he's trying to do a cleanup on asile one here...." and "...He actually told the truth by accident.  He wanted the election to be overturned....".  That is bullshit!]

    In the last few months, I have reported on bad television information that can be found on the Internet, such as through Wikipedia pages, and this edition of Television History and Trivia once more shows up the bad television history information that can be found on the Internet, and I focus on a piece about Morgus the Magnificent on a page tied to Wikipedia.  Generally speaking, Morgus the Magnificent or Dr. Alexander Morgus or Morgus, for example, was a fictional character who hosted weather shows and movie shows on television starting in the 1950s.  He began doing his thing in the New Orleans area of Lousiana and ended doing his thing in the New Orleans area, but for a while he was in the Detroit area (for example).  I will not give the full history of Morgus, since I do not know it, but Wikipedia does give a rough story of his history, and I know the errors in the material that is related to the Detroit area, and, anyway, I do not have the time to track down everything about Morgus that exists on the page tied to Wikipedia to see what is and what is not correct.  I note that Sid Noel (fully known as Sidney Noel Rideau) played Morgus for some sixty years or so, and here is the material about Morgus on the page tied to Wikipedia (which was under the part called "Move to Detroit")--"In 1963, Rideau moved to Detroit, Michigan, joining WJBK-TV.  Starting in November, Morgus was seen six times a week, showing horror movies on Morgus Presents Sunday nights, as well as hosting a five-minute-long weathercast at 5:55pm each weekday.  (The actual report, shown on the screen that resembled a slot machine, took up only 30 seconds of Morgus' show, with a one-minute commercial and the rest of the program featuring the host's mad scientist antics.)  The show was initially popular enough to also be seen in Atlanta (with other cities like Milwaukee, Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio also mentioned as possible outlets), but declining ratings caused WJBK to let Morgus go by the end of 1964.  Rideau moved across the street to WXYZ-TV in January 1965, hosting 'Shock Theatre' on Sunday and Friday nights, but by April he was on his way back down south.".  There is a bunch of wrong stuff in material offered up by Wikipedia.  Sid Noel joined WJBK-TV in September 1963, and I can say that he began to host weather shows on weekdays on Monday, September 2, 1963, at 5:55 p.m..  The weather shows were called Morgus and the Weather.  Each episode, which was like a story or skit, ran for about five minutes, a part of which was used to broadcast a commercial.  Morgus had a weather-reporting machine, which was a big thing, a portion of which was like a big round tank and a portion of which was like a slot machine and a portion of which was a television screen.  When it was time to show the current forecast, Morgus pulled the lever of the weather-reporting machine, and a camera soon focused on the television screen of the machine, where text was presented about the current weather [Note: The technical people of the station supered a text block on the television screen of the weather machine.].  The program could be syndicated to other stations (on tape), and, by the way, the programs were not set to any particular air date, having no dated material on the screen, given the weather information was added at the time of broadcast through the superimposition process).  Today, five episodes exist of Morgus and the Weather on YouTube, one of which has the storyline about Morgus being kicked out of his apartment (which he does not pay rent on), and the next episode has Morgus doing his stuff on the roof top of the apartment building, and another episode has Morgus coming into a bunch of money--he thinks--and that episode has a guest appearance, and the guest is the famous Detroit-area performer known as Rube Weiss (who, over his career, worked on stage, did commercial voice-over work for radio commercials, appeared in special Jewish-themed programs on television tied to the Jewish Community Council, and did more).  I saw the five episodes recently again.  The biggest thing that hits me when I see the episodes is Morgus is very, very likeable!  It was very good work by Sid Noel.  Today, you will have a super-hard time finding a likeable character matching Morgus on television.  I will note that Svengoolie (who is seen on Saturday evenings on MeTV) does well as a rule.  The weather programs with Morgus lasted on WJBK-TV, Channel 2, till December 1964.  Now, I have to talk about the movie series that Morgus hosted in the Detroit area.  For WJBK-TV, a weekly movie series--called Morgus Presents--began to be seen on Friday nights at 11:25 p.m. on Friday, January 3, 1964 (and, in late February 1964, the show ended up 11:30 p.m. on Fridays on a regular basis), and the first movie shown was Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.  Over the run on WJBK-TV, Morgus was involved in showing one movie or two movies on an episode.  The last day of movies for Morgus on Channel 2 was on Friday, January 1, 1965, and the movie that was shown was Alias Nick Beal.  On a few occasions, Morgus did host movies on Saturday afternoons for WJBK-TV, such as on Saturday, July 24, 1964, starting at 5:00 p.m..  I can find no showings on Sundays, especially Sunday nights.  It is clear that, on Saturday, January 16, 1965, at 1:00 a.m.--sort of like late-night Friday, January 15, 1965--Morgus was now hosting a weekly movie show early in the morning on Saturdays on WXYZ-TV, Channel 7.  The show was called Morgus Presents.  The movie for January 16, 1965, The Head (from 1961).  On the morning of Saturday, April 24, 1965, Morgus finished his hosting duties on television in Detroit, and the movie that was shown on that date for WXYZ-TV was Black Friday (from 1940).  I have found no Sunday showings on WXYZ-TV.  Oh, shows done by Morgus in the New Orleans area do exist on YouTube.  In 1962, a movie featuring Morgus was released to some movie theaters in the country, and the movie was called The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus, and it is certainly a B-picture (a low-budget movie), and that movie is available on YouTube today.  I have discovered that The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus never aired in a movie theater in the Detroit area between 1962 and 1990 (at least), and the movie never showed up on a Detroit area television station between 1962 and 1990 (at least).  Oh, when Morgus Presents ended on WXYZ-TV, Shock Theater was the name of the movie series that took over the time slot that had been the home for Morgus Presents.  Now, let me go out of the Detroit area.  In 1964 (or so), a company called Storer Broadcasting owned WJBK-TV, and the company owned a few other television stations in the country, such as WAGA-TV, Atlanta, Georgia.  I found that WAGA-TV carried Morgus and the Weather for a while in 1964.  Storer Broadcasting owned stations in Cleveland, Ohio, and Toledo, Ohio, and it seems possible that Morgus and the Weather was shown in Cleveland in 1964, but I cannot prove that at the moment.  I have found no evidence that shows that Morgus and the Weather aired on the Storer Broadcasting-owned station in Toledo, Ohio, which was Channel 13, and it seems very unlikely that the television station carried the program since people in the Toledo area could pick up Channel 2 on their television sets in 1964.  That covers the history of Morgus in the Detroit area.  I urge you at the very least to see Morgus's Detroit-made weather shows that are on YouTube, and you look for, for example, "Dr. Morgus and his Detroit Experiments", and I found you can find the five episodes as stand-alone presentations and find the five episodes combined in one video.  Look at them and see the pleasantness of the presentation by Sid Noel, and see how Sid Noel made the weather shows fun for the sake of fun.  You can look up The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus, too, but I report the movie does play a little flat and really does look low-budget.  Incidentally, the article tied to Wikipedia says that "...Rideau moved across the street to WXYZ-TV in January 1965....", but I report that WXYZ-TV was not officially across the street from WJBK-TV in 1965.

    Announcement: Recently, I have added some new documents to the collection of my documents at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  One of the documents is entitled A Document that Dispels Myths and Nonsense of Science-Fiction Books, Movies, and Television Shows (A Logic Puzzle), which can be reached through this Myths link.  Another document is And So You Think You're Going to the Moon, Mars, or the Stars..., which can be reached by using this Moon link.  And yet another of the documents is entitled And the Stupid Women Shall Lead--and Lead Every Good Individual into Shit, Driven on by Communism, Feminism, and Defective Female Beliefs and Little-Girl Thinking, which can be reached through this Stupid Women link.  And here are other documents--A Review of What Television Controlled by Socialists and Communists Worked to Sell as Truth in Relation to the U.S. President Donald J. Trump Impeachment (at Impeachment) and T.H.A.T. Special Edition--The First Helicopter-based Traffic Reporters on Radio for the Detroit area of Michigan (at Helicopter Traffic).

    In late July 2022 and early August 2022, while I was in the Detroit area, I got exposed to the new newscast called Detroit Now News for WKBD-TV, which airs at 10:00 p.m. and which is mostly produced by KTVT-TV, Fort Worth, Texas.  The newscast runs seven days a week, and some of the segments are called "Health Now" and "Money Now."  The name of a segment that really bothered me--since it comes off as girly and socialistic--was "Hope Now."  What crap is that?  At one time in history, such as in the 1950s, newscasts did news.  "Hope Now" comes off as feelings stuff and useless stuff and emotional bullshit! Detroit Now News debuted on Monday, July 23, 2022.

    Now, let me jump away from the crap.  For about twenty years, Detroit had a television station called WGRP-TV, Channel 62, and it was a low-budget station, but, over the period--about 1975 to 1995--the television station had some fun stuff.  For example, in the late 1980s, the station aired a bunch of movies each weekday afternoon under Movies All Day, and a heyday period was late 1986 and early 1987, when the station often aired three movies as a block starting at noon.  I can argue well that almost all the movies were watchable and are watchable today, though they were not high-grade theatrical movies, like Gone with the Wind (featuring Clark Gable).  In the 1986-1987 season, the station aired a bunch of the Carry On movies, which were made in England in the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s, and, in fact, there were 31 movies made, and, incidentally, although the movies often had sexual leanings, only one had nudity, and that was the movie called Carry On England, which showed off some pretty breasts, and it was a movie that was not well received by audiences in England.  In the 1986-1987, season, a bunch of the Carry On movies were aired by WGPR-TV, such as Carry On Sergeant, Carry On Regardless, Carry On Screaming, Carry On Cowboy, and Carry On Nurse.  For this edition of Television History and Trivia, I wanted to present a special edition of Looking at the Movies by offering up one of the Carry On movies, but when I went to YouTube, I found that almost none were offered.  Rats!  I did find that Carry On Constable was and is offered up; however, it is offered up in eighteen parts.  Oh, Carry On England is offered on YouTube, but that movie was not shown by WGPR-TV on Movies All Day.  Oh, well.  Even though Carry On Constable is offered up in eighteen parts, that is the movie offered up as the offering of Looking at the Movies for this month.  Oh, some of the other movies that Movies All Day had in the 1986-1987 season were My Favorite Brunette, Little Tough Guys, Angel on My Shoulder, Algiers, The Beast of Morocco, Basin Street Revue, Fire Over England, My Man Godfrey, Killer Bats, The Joe Louis Story, and The Shadow Strikes.  And, for the record, one of the showings for Carry On Constable took place on WGPR-TV on the afternoon of Monday, December 8, 1986, and, incidentally, the police in the story were not corrupt like those involved in the real-life event known as the raid on Mar-a-Lago, who were members of the FBI, which has a recent history filled with stuff like that of the Gestapo of Nazi Germany (in the 1930s and 1940s).

    All good people know is all the corruption in the FBI and such stems from Joseph Biden, who, if he were not highly corrupt, would put an end to the mess!

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Chris Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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