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- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 177 - - -

    So, how do you change a country from a country for the citizens ("We the people") to a country for the politicians, especially a few politicians--or a communistic country?  There are a number of ways.  Communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists, such as reporters and politicians in the United States of America, can go on television regularly has pass along lies about people and situations and events, and communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists can create impressions that persons that they oppose are liars, traitors, mentally unstable, in collusion with enemies of the country, et cetera.  Communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists--the people of the Democratic Party in the United States of America and even some people of the Republican Party in the United States of America--are currently involved in tactical work to give the impression that U.S. President Donald Trump is bad, though, for example, it is all based on lies, such as the "Trump document," which was, in essence, created by Hillary Clinton as a way in which to "influence" the election of November 2016.  The latest ploy has been in use since the election of November 2018, which allowed Democrats to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the ploy is highly evil.  By the way, to recap, I note that, since U.S. Donald Trump became the U.S. president through the election of November 2016 and even before that, enemies of the country--communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists within the country--have been pushing the lie that Donald Trump was in league with the Russians to corrupt the election of November 2016, giving the impression that the Russians had changed votes and giving the impression that Donald Trump "colluded" with the Russians to "influence" the election or to do something wrong (an idea that has never been made clear), and it has been two years of daily rottenness from the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists within the country, and the country has had the "Mueller Investigation" going on, which has resulted in people getting charged with, for example, lying to the investigation team, though the so-called lies have not really been made clear to the American people and have not been tied to any election wrong-doing or to Donald Trump.  Now based on no real information, the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists are pushing out the idea that they are going to "indict" Donald Trump when Donald Trump is no longer the U.S. president.  For example, on December 5, 2018, the incoming head of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives--Jerrold Nadler--pushed out the idea on MSNBC that he might be involved in "indicting" Donald Trump in about two years, and Jerrold Nadler worked to push out the idea about putting on hold any "statute of limitations" on Donald Trump that might be applying now, and, certainly, on that day the new ploy to which I refer was well underway [Note: On this day, U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (a Democrat related to New York) pushed out the lie after lie, such as that "This president lies incessantly!".].  On later days, even more communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists in the country were on television pushing out the idea about "indicting" Donald Trump, and, for example, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (a Democrat related to California) pushed out the idea that Donald Trump's paying money related to "non-disclosure agreements" (or NDAs) was an illegal campaign scheme, even though a good person knows the payments were legal and a private issue, and Adam Schiff's propaganda work was done on Face the Nation (a CBS-TV program) on Sunday, December 9, 2018.  In addition, on Sunday, December 9, 2018, Carl Bernstein (a communistic writer) appeared on Reliable Sources (of CNN, a communistic-based news entity), and he pushed out loads of bullshit, such as--"...Donald Trump for the first time in is life is cornered...." and Donald Trump is a "threat to the national security of this country..." and Donald Trump has been involved in "mass obstruction of justice...." and Donald Trump has "no regard to the rule of law....", and Carl Bernstein passed along the idea that payments to the women related to "non-disclosure" can be tied to meaning he was elected fraudulently (hinting the payments were illegal in nature).  On the morning of Monday, December 10, 2018, a man named Neal Kumar Katyal, who had been born in Chicago [a communistic city] of Illinois, and is a big supporter of Barack Hussein Obama, was on CNN, and Neal Kumar Katyal said a number of things, and, for example, one thing that Neal Kumar Katyal said was designed to "project" an idea of what Donald Trump is thinking, though based on no facts, and to give viewers a false image on Donald Trump in their minds--"...I think the more important point here is Trump knows that he's facing some pretty strong criminal liability when he leaves office one way or another.  And, you know, even if a sitting president can't be indicted, he's got to know his future looks like it's behind bars unless he cuts some sort of deal with the prosecutors...." [Note: By the way, if Donald Trump has done nothing criminal, Neal Katyal's theme is defective and evil.].  The latest ploy--if you have not been able to deduce--is to present to the public, especially on television, almost every day for the next two years, that people like U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler have evidence of wrong-doing by U.S. President Donald Trump that is worth setting down an indictment Donald Trump in the future, and it is work, though it is based on nothing substantial and real, that will give people a wrong impression about U.S. President Donald Trump and paint lies on U.S. President Donald Trump, and the ploy is designed to raise illogical-based feelings in citizens and even some politicians about what U.S. President Donald Trump is so that people will not support U.S. Donald Trump and will disassociate with the Republican Party, leading to the rise of more communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists in government jobs, and over the next two years, the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists need not present real facts to show that "indictment" should be done, saying that the so-called facts and information about the investigation cannot be released till the investigation is done, which can be made to go on and on at least till the election for 2020.  Never before have the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists within the country used such a devious ploy.  While writing this paragraph, I kept in mind I knew Hillary Clinton (a Democrat) while a government employee did commit real treasonous acts against the United States of America and, for example, James Comey (once the head of the FBI) was involved in freeing Hillary Clinton from prosecution, and Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama have ties to the "Benghazi Killings Scandal," in which Americans were killed and in which Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama did nothing to prevent the killings, and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's administration was involved in a gun-running scheme ("Fast and Furious") designed to lead to hard-line gun-control laws in the country, and "Fast and Furious" led to the death of a U.S. federal border agent, and Barack Hussein Obama is a real perpetual liar (as I show in documents of his quotations and statements that I put together over eight years, which can be reached through two links--Quotes and Quotes2, and Barack Hussein Obama while he was the U.S. president showed praise for the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela, and Barack Hussein Obama created laws (unconstitutionally) out of thin air while he was the U.S. president.  Over the next two years, the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists within the country--and you should remember they are all "enslavists" pushing for "enslavism" for the good people of the United States of America--will be continually using the "ploy" that U.S. President Donald Trump is worth indicting, all based on impressions, unfounded allegations (things with no facts attachment to them), and stuff that would not stand up in court case [Note: By the way, all the persons who have been given prison time and the like in relation to the "Mueller investigation" pleaded guilty to something or other (stuff not made really clear to the American public), and there were no court cases involved, meaning there were no court decisions attached to law.].  For the next two years, it will be quite easy to see enemies of good people in the United States of America on television or see enemies of people who support The U.S. Constitution on television, but for now I have another edition of Television History and Trivia for you.

    On Sunday, December 9, 2018, good people--non-communists and non-socialists and such--in the United States of America had an opportunity to see James Comey, the man who was instrumental in giving Hillary Clinton, a communist, a free pass from prosecution for violating the Espionage Act, talking with Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC (a communistic-based information entity) and passing along crap.  For instance, James Comey, while sitting informally in a simple chair, said--"...I can tell you that all of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2020....".  In the past, I have heard James Comey pass along nonsense thought and rambling idiocy, and while on MSNBC on December 9, 2018, James Comey showed off is defective mind again by saying---"...I hope Donald Trump is not removed from office by impeachment, because it would let the country off the hook and it would drive into the fabric of our nation a third of the people believing there was a coup.  And we need a moment of inflection, where we all get off the couch and say--That is not who we are--and, in a landslide, rid ourselves of this attack on our values.  And if we in a way short circuited that with an important legitimate process of The Constitution, and I worry that we wouldn't--we would let ourselves off the hook in a way and we wouldn't have the moment of clarity that we need in this country.  That said, if the facts are there and the Legislative, ah, Bran, house of Congress thinks is appropriate, that's fine....".  The collection of quoted words from James Comey in the previous sentence is illogical and makes no sense, and it is flap doodle, and, in fact, it comes off as girly thought.  What "values" was James Comey talking about?  Was James Comey talking about his "values," which supported lying and corruption related to, for instance, Hillary Clinton?   Also in the interview, James Comey brought up the idea that Donald Trump is close to being like an unindicted co-conspirator [Note: "Unindicted co-conspirator"--this set of words was used in the early 1970s in relation to the "Watergate" investigation and U.S. President Richard Nixon.].  And I say in jest--There was another example of a "great" mind--Comey's mind--that was seen on television.

    Hey, I was thinking about writing a story or a little script for a television show.  I have in mind a theme in which a current U.S. president is being attacked and smeared by communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and Shariaists in the country to get him removed from office, because the U.S. president could expose how federal moneys or the money of the American taxpayes--billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars--are being siphoned off and being used to pass along countless corrupt entities, such as other countries.  In the story, the longer the U.S. president goes on, the better chance the U.S. president might really uncover what the Democrats and some Republicans are hiding--the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.  I think I could call the story--What the People Didn't Know.

    Television can expose to good people the rotten nature of persons on television, and on December 18, 2018, a lot of rotten persons were shown off on television, and many were reporters, but one of the persons was Emmet Sullivan, a judge for the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C..  On that day, a man named Michael Flynn was having his plea bargain related to the Mueller investigation--of everything in the world it seems--made official; Michael Flynn had not been part of any court action and had not be found guilty of anything by a jury or a judge, but he had decided to plea guilty to something or other, which had no ties to Donald Trump while Donald Trump was the U.S. president.  It was reported that Michael Flynn had sort of been a representative, such as in dealings with business matters, of Turkey.  During Michael Flynn's appearance before Judge Emmet Sullivan, Judge Emmet Sullivan ran off the mouth with idiocy and rottenness, and, for instance, Judge Emmet Sullivan said---"You [Michael Flynn] were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the National Security Advisor to the president of the United States.  That undermines everything this flag over here stands for.  Arguably, you sold your country out....".  Soon after Judge Emmet Sullivan spoke the material given with quotation marks in the previous sentence and some other words, media people reported the material from Judge Emmet Sullivan, and it was all a big story.  And then the truth came out.  It looks as if Judge Emmet Sullivan was unaware of the facts of the plea-bargain case, and he sort of had to apologize for his words later during the court event.  One of the problems is Michael Flynn was not the National Security Advisor, and Michael Flynn's acting as sort of an agent or liaison in relation to Turkey had ended about two months before Donald Trump became the U.S. president.  In essence--in public--Judge Emmet Sullivan worked to give the impression that Michael Flynn was a traitor to the United States of America, and Emmet Sullivan's behavior was most rotten and something no judge should do.  The judge is a piece of shit of a man, and any reporter who reported the quoted material from the judge while trying to get the impression that Michael Flynn is a bad reporter is a piece of shit, given the reporter should have been aware of the facts in the plea-bargain event and probably was aware.

   Announcement for the novice again (reworked in May 2017): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama-type people (communists and Shariaists), as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned).  I note that Fox News Channel is evolving into a rotten channel, becoming like those that I have put down in this paragraph.  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and even now much of what is on the Fox News Channel and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: Everyone in the Democratic Party in the country is rotten, and the Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    Here is something special.  On December 12, 2018, an on-air staffer of Channel 2.1, WJBK-TV, in Detroit committed suicide, and the person was Jessica Starr, who, for one, did weathercasting at the station.  On the morning of December 13, 2018, staffers of the channel reported the event.  During the morning of December 13, 2018, and during the early afternoon of December 13, 2018, WJR-AM, Detroit, announced the death several times in newscasts.  In those newscasts, the newscaster passed along the idea that grief counselors were on duty to take calls from people who were having trouble dealing with the death.  Having a bunch of newscasts with information about the grief counselors being on duty was nonsense.  [Note: I have very close ties to a person who committed suicide when I was young, so do not push out the idea or push back with the idea of my not being sympathetic to the idea of grief counselors.]

    Announcement: Recently, I have added some new documents to the collection of my documents at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  One of the documents is entitled A Document that Dispels Myths and Nonsense of Science-Fiction Books, Movies, and Television Shows (A Logic Puzzle), which can be reached through this Myths link.  Another document is And So You Think You're Going to the Moon, Mars, or the Stars..., which can be reached by using this Moon link.  And yet another of the documents is entitled And the Stupid Women Shall Lead--and Lead Every Good Individual into Shit, Driven on by Communism, Feminism, and Defective Female Beliefs and Little-Girl Thinking, which can be reached through this Stupid Women link.

    Hey, did you see U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (a Democrat related to California) on CNN on Tuesday, December 11, 2018?  Here is a portion of what the communist had to say on that day--"...I would love to be able regulate the content of speech!  The First Amendment prevents me from doing so.  And that's simply a function of the First Amendment.  But I think over a long run, it's better that government does not regulate the content of speech.  I would urge these private-sector companies to regulate it better themselves.  But it's really nothing that I believe government can do.  And so that's been my position all along.....".  You have in Ted Lieu's head a rotten mind.  Ted Lieu seemed to be lamenting the idea that he cannot regulate what people say, which communists like to do and do do in such countries as Russia and China [Note: Even in Canada, people are not really free to speak out against the government.].  It looks as if Ted Lieu might be pushing the idea about regulation to get companies to regulate what employees say on off-company time, and if employees do not comply, then people can be fired.  I think a good person can see that, while on television, Ted Lieu was working to coerce companies into doing more censoring of their employees, and if companies will not do more, he might be involved in pressuring companies to do more.  I report--On non-company time, an employee of a given company is allowed to speak out against the government, as allowed by the First Amendment of The United States Constitution.

    Here is a "for the record" paragraph, and it focuses on news about a man named Michael Cohen, who at one time had been a personal attorney for Donald Trump.  On December 12, 2018, Andrew Napolitano, who has been a judge and is a judicial analyst for Fox News, appeared on Fox Business Network and was interviewed by Elizabeth McDonald.  One thing that Andrew Napolitano said was--"...I don't think this is good for the president, and I don't think many people in the legal community take him [Donald Trump] seriously if he says--I'm exonerated.  I realize there are arguments on both sides or people who don't think this is a crime, and the president has argued that it's not a crime, but a federal judge found that it was.  What's the crime?  The crime is taking corporate funds to confer a benefit on a campaign and not reporting it....".  I report--The theme is about Michael Cohen's taking a plea deal, and his being put before a judge to pronounce sentence in relation to the plea deal.  There was no court case, such as with a jury, and there was no court decision about Michael Cohen by a judge.  Later, on December 12, 2018, Andrew McCarthy, a nationally known lawyer, appeared on Lou Dobbs's program on the Fox Business Channel, and Andrew McCarthy made comments related to Michael Cohen story, and, for instance, Andrew McCarthy said--"...I was quite surprised just a few minutes ago watching Judge Napolitano on the program right before yours say a federal judge had ruled this was a campaign finance violation.  That's not what happened at all.  What happened was the Third District charged what is very dubiously alleged to be an in-kind campaign finance donation, and Cohen elected--I think for strategic reasons--to plea guilty to that charge without challenging the underlying question, which is a profound legal question about whether it actually is an in-kind campaign contribution or not.  The judge didn't rule on that!  Cohen's concession on this point is not binding on the president in any way....".  A good smart person is well aware prosecutors involved with plea deals can get people to plead to anything (even if it never happened) to have other charges dropped or forgotten, and a smart good person knows charges can be put upon a person willing to plead guilty to something or other that would never stand up in a real court case--the Michael Cohen plea has no ties to real court action.  Pressure--this from rotten prosecutors can be great.  The judge simply accepted Michael Cohen's plea and acted on legal matters related to Michael Cohen's serving sentence.  Andrew Napolitano's comments were defective and misleading to viewers!

    On Thursday, December 20, 2018, at about 9:20 a.m., I turned a television set to Channel 2.1, WJBK-HD, and a program called The Nine was on, and the hosts for the day, such as Deena Centofanti, were talking with a young man who had been an intern at the station, and it looks as if the young man was going on to other things, such as a job in media, maybe as a news reader on television.  I have no idea who the young man was.  I report that the young man came off as yet another girly young man, prominently shown in how he talked.  Since the 1970s, there has been a rise in girly sounding men on television news shows (and on radio programs), another example of which is Evrod Cassimy (on WDIV-HD, Channel 4.1).  The young man on Channel 2 came off as a gutless boy, who had never done anything in his life to beat down crap, such as communists and socialists.  And so it seems another useless guy is going to invade the media.

    On December 17, 2018, I happened to be watching Channel 4.1, WDIV-HD, and I was half listening.  There was a commercial for WCCCD (the Wayne County Community College District) on the air at one point (around 12:14 p.m.); the commercial was placed within in a newscast hosted by Rhonda Walker.  The commercial about the college entity gave the impression that diversity leads to success.  When I heard that theme, which seemed to be presented by Curtis L. Ivery (the chancellor of the WCCCD), I perked up.  I thought--Such crap that is.

    Hey, did your favorite newscaster pass along this crap, although it was taking place in England?  In Brighton-Hove, the members of the city council pushed through the idea that eight-year-old pupils are going to be taught in sex-education classes that boys can have "periods".  And that shows the rottenness of the people running Brighton-Hove and others at that place.  [Manning, Sanchez.  "Eight year-old pupils to be told 'boys can have periods too' under new sex education lessons guidelines."  TheDailyMail.com, 15 December 2018, 19:47 EST (updated: 16 December 2018, 06:15 EST.]

    While on the subject of government, I have to pass along information about a new law in New York City, New York, which your favorite newscaster probably did not pass along to you, even though the information has national implications, showing the rise of idiocy in the country.  On January 1, 2019, parents can now have a new child listed as "x" instead of "male" or "female" (and it is something like that which can be done in California, Oregon, and Washington, which are states controlled by Democrats (socialists, communists, and progressives, for instance)).  Meanwhile, on January 1, 2019, the office of the governor of Michigan, the office of the lieutenant governor of Michigan, and the office of the attorney general for the state of Michigan came under the control of Democrats (socialists and communists and progressives).  It seems very likely that newscasters will be talking about, for instance, the governor of Michigan (Gretchen Whitmer) pushing for a designation of "x" in Michigan.

    Did you catch this crap on television?  In December 2018, another Miss Universe pageant was held.  For the first time, one of the contestants was a transgender.  That person was Angela Ponce (Miss Spain).  And there is another beauty pageant that has gone to shit.  I shall never watch that thing again, not that I watched such a pageant much [Note: If I watched at all, I watched when the parade of contestants were introduced to see the general look of the gals.].

    Hey, did your favorite television newscast cover this story pushed out in December 2018 and make it seem like great stuff?  Huntington Woods is a city in southeastern Lower Michigan and near Detroit, Michigan, and, recently, the Huntington Wood Library has been having "Drag Queen Story Time" events, in which drag performers read stories to little children, such as those of three years of age and five years of age, and, for instance, taking part in the readings have been Miss Raven Devine Cassadine and Mr. Red Ribbon Dylan [Dolan, Matthew.  "Drag Queen Story Time under fire."  Detroit Free Press, 17 December 2018, pp. 4A and 10A.].

    On Saturday, December 22, 2018, I turned on a television set in the evening and started to quickly run through channels, and then I stopped on the channel featuring ABC-TV, and on the screen was the weekly series called The Alec Baldwin Show, in which Alec Baldwin interviews people (most of whom are socialists).  It was about 10: 35 p.m., and Alec Baldwin was talking with RuPaul (RuPaul Andre Charles), a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, a communist.  Right away, I heard crap from RuPaul, who happens to be a gay black man.  By the way, RuPaul pushes the crap about having people use an endless list of pronouns related people, and that shows his head is full of crap.  One thing that RuPaul pushed out to Alec Baldwin and the audience was that your children belong to the world or your children do not belong to you [which is a big communistic theme].  I state--A particuar child belongs to the parents first, since the parents made the conscious decision to use their time in life to have a child and raise a child, and, by the way, the parents do not belong to the government, which communists would try to sell to the naive as fact.  And RuPaul pushed out this shit--Children are actually your teachers.  No!  Children, in essence, know nothing, and they have to be taught.  I state--Children are not the teachers.  During the interview, Alec Baldwin worked to suggest through his listening efforts that he was hearing something profound from RuPaul.  I state--Such garbage The Alec Baldwin Show is, and such garbage is in the freaky mind of RuPaul.

    Here was crap from shit-head Chuck Todd of Meet the Press (of NBC-TV) seen recently.  On Sunday, December 16, 2018, at about 10:32 a.m. (Detroit time), Chuck Todd--an enemy of good people--was flapping his gums, and one thing that he pushed out was--"...Almost everything he's [Donald Trump's] touched in his adult life is under investigation.....".  At about 10:44 a.m., Chuck Todd pushed out more lie, noting that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to commit felonies [Note: Good people who hear this idea, wonder why Michael Cohen would have followed such an order, if Michael Cohen would have seen the order as something related to possible felonies.].  Chuck Todd pushed shit or was teaching shit once again on television.  By the way, the idea that so much about Donald Trump is under investigation has nothing to do with the idea that there is a hint of any crime anywhere--simply a bunch of people are looking everywhere to hopefully produce crap about Donald Trump, and that is the way of rotten people, such as communists.

    I have to report this information, given it came to me when I was about to do some television research on the Internet on December 18, 2018.  I was exposed to a headline related to MSN.com, and it was--"50 ways America is projected to change by 2050" (which was something attributed to Rachel Cavanaugh).  One part of the article-like thing noted--"A Vox analysis of a recent report by the National Climate Assessment (NCA) showed that almost every U.S. city will experience a temperature increase for both summer and winter averages by 2050, noting that in some places it will be so hot it's 'dangerous to go outside.'  According to Climate Center, future temperatures in some regions can best be compared to the Middle East.  Las Vegas, for instance, will have summer highs projected at 111 degrees, comparable to temperatures in Riyadh, Saido Arabia, and Phoenix will be like Kuwait City at a scorching 114 degrees.".  I have not provided the information to make an analysis of it now, such as the pushers of it; I have provided the information as a "for-the-record" piece, which can be seen by someone in the future, and that person can determine clearly whether or not the prediction is more crap.

    At about 9:43 a.m., on Saturday, December 22, 2018, I happened to tune into--for a few minutes--a newscast on Channel 7.1, WXYZ-HD, and a news report (or something or other) with Ameera David as the reporter was running, and the segment (which I joined in progress) was talking about a store called Target and how the store works to get people to buy things, such as by the way in which items are set up on shelves or whatever.  Based on what little I saw, the report came off as a piece that sort of put down the selling tactics of Target, and during the report, the audience was given sort of an expert of some type--a young man, who looked like a socialist and sounded like a girly young man.  I have to report that, for decades, stores have been using various tactics to get people to buy things, and so it goes in business, and even supporters of socialism and communism who have businesses use the same various tactics to get people to buy things.  To me, the report almost came off something that sort of was done to hurt Target.  When the report was over, the newscast returned to Anu  Prakash (the anchor) and Halle Vogel (the weather girl), and Anu Prakash sort of helped put down Target, saying that, recently, she went in such a store to buy something, and, in the end, she spent about $75.00 and did not buy what she had gone to the store to get.  I say that the Target story was crap!

    On Saturday, December 22, 2018, WBJK-HD, Channel 2.1, starting at 7:00 p.m., aired another one-hour Happy Holidays Detroit!, which is an annual show that has on-air staffers of the station pass along thoughts of past Christmas holidays, such as when they were children.  The program was hosted by Huel Perkins and Monica Gayle, the main news anchors for the station.  Near the end of the program, Huel Perkins passed along some of his thoughts, and the thoughts showed off his defective thinking about life and the world.  Huel Perkins lamented about all the rancor going on today (related to politics), and Huel Perkins pushed out his hopes for a time in the future when divisions are resolved and people can come together at one table as one big family.  It was all stupid dream stuff from Huel Perkins.  Never will there be a time when everyone can get along, and one reason for that is many persons push communism and socialism on people, and communism and socialism are rotten political systems, and the pushers of such systems of government are enemies of good people, and good people do not sit down and be nice with enemies, and good persons must beat down the enemies.  Huel Perkins has not sided with those who put down communism and socialism, and he has not shown himself to be against such rotten persons as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.  In essence, Huel Perkins is a mush-head thinker, and he passed along nonsense on Happy Holidays Detroit!.
    [Note: On Tuesday, December 25, 2018, the Detroit Free Press published a tiny article entitled "Queen Elizabeth encourages 'respect' and 'greater understanding'" (and the article was on page 2C).  Some of the quoted material from Queen Elizabeth in the article was--"...Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding....".  The quoted material is bullshit, but it must be remembered that Queen Elizabeth is only a queen of a country, a useless occupation.  I state--A good person does not give respect to a communist or a socialist, and, for example, a communist, who is a person willing to use violence and kill and lie, as history shows, does not treat others with respect and does not care about the feelings of others.]

    I have reported in the past that I can turn on a television set at almost anytime and find crap being pushed out by the people on the screen.  At about 9:20 a.m., on Monday, December 24, 2018, I turned on the television set, and it was set to Channel 4.1, WDIV-HD, having been left there the previous night because of a professional football broadcast.  Right then, I saw Maria Shriver was talking with a young woman named Amandla Stenberg; they were on the Today show.  I heard a bunch of pseudo-intellectual nonsense and flap doodle and little-girl thought from Amanda Stenberg, such as about her inner self.  Amanda Stenberg is only an actress, and, in fact, she is only a young actress, who was born on October 23, 1998.  Yet, Maria Shriver pushed out the idea that Amandla Stenberg is so wise and such.  It was crap!  I went down to a computer and looked up background for Amandla Stenberg.  I discovered Amandla Stenberg considers herself an "intersectional feminist."  To me, that means her head is filled with a lot of crap!  Amanda Stenberg is just another stupid girl, and she got to be on television.  By the way, Amandla Stenberg's mother has been a "spiritual counselor," which is pseudo-knowledge stuff.

    While on the subject of stupid, I have to talk a bit about a subchannel network called "TBD-TV", which was launched on February 13, 2017, in parts of the country.  On December 19, 2018, the channel showed up on Channel 50.4 (broadcast), which is associated with WKBD-TV, of the Detroit area.  TBD-TV or, simply, TBD is aimed at millennials--young people.  Since the network showed up in Detroit, I have tuned in from time to time.  To me, TBD-TV comes off as a network for young socialists, who are often crude, and TBD-TV has a lot of stupid stuff.  Some programs on TBD-TV have been or are Drag Becomes Him (about a drag queen), Big Red Lazon, and FailArmy.  TBD-TV is the worst subchannel network to ever air in the Detroit area.

    On Monday, December 24, 2018, a little after 1:30 p.m., I went to the room in which I have an Underwood Touch Master Five typewriter set up so that I could type up some information on cards.  I turned on a television set, and I was exposed to a repeat episode of Open Mind, being shown on the World Channel (related to WTVS-TV, Channel 56), and the program had Alexander Haffner (the host) interviewing Oren Harman (an author of some type), and the theme seemed to be science.  Stop!  I have to make an aside here.  In the 1980s, I studied Modern American Usuage (attributed mostly to Wilson Follett) so that I could be a better writer, and one thought in the book noted that some people read a piece of writing by an author, such as a sentence or paragraph, more than one because the piece of writing is profound or good or the like, and another thought in the book was, if a person has to read a piece of writing twice since the writing seems confused or unclear, then the writer has failed.  I was typing and half listening to Alexander Haffner and Oren Harman, and the two persons ended up presenting a boring miss-mash of flap doodle and foolishness.  I could not explain to you what the gain was supposed to be.  The episode of Open Mind came off as another pseudo-intellectual show for the PBS-type crowd (liberals--communists and progressives--and such), and I say that Open Mind is yet another show that a person who wishes not to be taught confusion should avoid.

    On Saturday, December 20, 2018, NBC-TV aired new edition of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and on that day, Miley Cyrus appeared as a musical guest.  By the way, since 2013 or so (when Miley Cyrus was done performing on the television series entitled Hannah Montana), Miley Cyrus has evolved into a raunchy, crude, and slutty young woman (who is now about 26 years of age) or a gutter girl, and, for example, she has often worn highly sexually suggestive clothing in public, such as those allowing her breasts to show, and she has appeared partially nude on stage during concert shows (and during one concert, she focused on showing off her pussy shape through her costume and through pointing it out).  On December 20, 2018, Miley Cyrus--seemingly a role model to young women of what young women should be like--put down a song entitled Santa Baby, which has been around as a popular Christmas song for decades (since 1953, when I was born).  Some of the song lyrics sung by Miley Cyrus were not original to the song, such as those that focused on her wanting to get equal pay and her not wanting to have her ass grabbed at work.  Miley Cyrus--a scummy young woman with a husky voice--took innocence and changed it into shit!  [Note: When a person does a video search of Miley Cyrus on the Internet, the person can find, for example, a concert clip of Miley Cyrus in which Miley Cyrus pretends to have sexual intercourse with a blow-up male doll with a long erect penis.]

    On Christmas Day--December 25, 2018--I happened to drop in on The Today Show (of NBC-TV) while it was in progress, and I was exposed to socialistic crap.  The program was presenting a report of sorts about minimalists, such as those who had chased on money all their lives--two young men--and whose lives had been empty.  Then the men took up being minimalists, and one rule passed along was to get rid of anything not used in the last ninety days and get rid of anything that will not be used in the next ninety day.  The segment was presented--as a good person could see--to push out the idea that capitalism is bad an that having things is bad and that striving for things is bad and that, if you do not have much, you will be happy.  It was crap presented on Christmas Day.

    WTVS-TV, Channel 56, in Detroit, is really a collection of four channels, one of which is the main channel for WTVS-TV (Channel 56.1) and another of which is Channel 56.4, which carries what is called the World channel.  On Thursday, January 3, 2019, I watched the World channel from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (Detroit time), and what I saw--for the first time--was a documentary entitled Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class, which is a 2016 documentary.  The documentary is hosted by Bob Herbert (who was also one of the executive producers of the piece), a black man.  Bob Herbert reported at the beginning of the show that he is going to show why the black middle class is weak and has less assets as the white middle class has.  I report that the program was and is shit!  Much of the documentary had nothing to do with why--really--the black middle class (if you wish to use "middle class," which communists like to us) is not as well off as it should be it seems.  Much of the documentary simply rehashed the story how blacks have been discriminated against since, in essence, the country was founded.  Look at the crap that the documentary passed along.  The documentary did not note that the Democratic Party--not the Republican Party--has history tied to discrimination, being well tied to, for example, the Ku Klux Klan (a white supremacist group).  The documentary pushed out the idea that U.S. President Lyndon Johnson (a Democrat) signed voting-rights and civil-rights laws (in the 1960s), but the documentary did not report that it was the Republican Party that pushed to get the laws on the books--many Democrats in the U.S. Congress opposed the laws while the laws had been in the process of being proposed.  The documentary pushed out the idea that Ronald Reagan had talked about the federal government being a big problem, and the documentary pushed out the idea that, when Ronald Reagan talked about "states rights," Ronald Reagan was pushing out the idea for more discrimination against blacks and going back to white supremacy  [Note: "States rights" is tied to the idea that it was the "states" (the thirteen original states) that created the federal government and is tied to the idea that "states" have rights and are more important than the federal government is, and Ronald Reagan was working to teach that an all-powerful central government is bad.].  That stuff about Ronald Reagan was the highest piece of bullshit from Bob Herbert in the documentary.  By the way, Bob Herbert pushed out the lie that Ronald Reagan's "states rights" idea was nothing more than "dog-whistle" stuff tied to bigotry and pushing more bigotry.  The documentary did not note that, for example, in the 1960s and 1970s, blacks in Detroit schools did not want to learn "white" things [Note: It is information that I have known about for many years, which I had learned about from a person tied to the educational field in the Detroit area for about 47 years, and, around the same time, I bet other cities controlled by blacks in the country also had the theme related to having blacks not to learn white things, such as proper English.], and, for instance, the documentary did not note how, in the late 1900s, blacks controlled the government in Detroit, and educational values went down in the city, and the city ended up with a functionally illiteracy rate of about 60 percent for adults.  The documentary pushed out the idea that black parents have not been able to pass along their wealth to children well, but the documentary did not note, for example, it has been Democrats in state governments and the federal government that have oppose the wiping out of "estate taxes" [Note: In essence, "estate taxes" tax money being passed on from parent to child, and that money being taxed was already taxed when earned, so "estate tax"--loved by communistic politicians--is a double tax, and, yet, blacks usually vote for Democrats.].  The document pushed out the idea that the economic crash of 2008 hurt blacks (their savings, for instance) greatly, but the documentary did not note that the crash had come about through federal laws, which had been pushed along by Democrats (some of whom were black), in which companies (such as banks) are forced to make bad home loans--loans issued to people who are very unlikely to pay them back--and then the loans end up in, for example, mortgage-backed securities in the investment market, and when people stop paying on their mortgage loans, investments lose value or bomb [Note: Such crashed loans of about 2008 had been made to not only blacks but also whites.].  The document pushed out the idea that blacks have not had a fair shot at the "American Dream."  I state that, before the 1960s, blacks were hindered; however, I note that, since the 1960s, much of the hindrance has been tied to failure of what can be called the "black culture"--poor educational and speaking standards, living the ways of socialism and communism, having an incredible number of single-family households headed by young women, and more.  At one point near the end of the documentary, I heard Bob Herbert push out the idea that black's getting into government jobs is important toward having a better life, and Bob Herbert made it seem black's going into government is more important than getting into businesses and companies and creating businesses and companies (where a person, even a black, is able to get rich).  It looks as if Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class is going to be one of those propaganda pieces that gets played for years and years, teaching idiocy to people, especially blacks.

        Incidentally, you should see this document has shown more of the enemies of good people in the United States of America who get to appear on television or who have appeared on television--Carl Bernstein, James Comey, Neal Kumar Katyal, Jerrold Nadler, and Nicolle Wallace--and these are people who in the long run hurt millions, like is commonplace for communists, and these people are to be hated, and good people must teach their children to hate these persons to save their lives.

    Now I present some fun.  In 1940, the Federal Communications Commission (or the FCC) authorized commercial television in the United States of America, though on a "limited" basis, and in 1941, the FCC set down the standards for television broadcasting (in black and white), saying that, for instance, there would be 525-lines to make up the screen image.  In October 1946, the first television broadcasting took place in Detroit, and it was an experimental event, and the television station involved was WWDT, and in June 1947, commercial television began in Detroit when WWJ-TV (which had been known as WWDT in the experimental days) went on the air.  The first full-length television movies showed up on Detroit television sets in 1948, and the first was shown by WWJ-TV in February 1948; before February 1948, some movies had been shown to television viewers in the Detroit area, such as serials or shorts.  In 1940, a company called Producers Releasing Corporation put out a film in movie theaters called Hold That Woman!.  The story was about a man named Jimmy, who was a "skip tracer."  A "skip tracer" was person who worked to retrieve items that people had bought on installments, such as piece of furniture, and had yet to fully pay off or who worked to get persons to pay off bills.  In this story, Jimmy was given the job of retrieving a radio from a woman [Note: "Radio" was a big deal in 1940.], and an actress had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen, and Jimmy was hoping to marry a woman name Mary (so there was some romance in the film).  Some of the performers in the movie were James Dunn, Frances Gifford, and George Douglas.  This movie showed up in the early days of showing movies by television stations in the Detroit area, and, in fact, the movie was shown on Channel 7, WXYZ-TV, and Wednesday, April 20, 1949, which was only a few months after Channel 7 has been put on the air.  The movie Hold That Woman!, the title of which was about a woman and not a transgender thing, is the film feature for this edition of Looking at the Movies, which is a regular segment in editions of Television History and Trivia and which shows off some of the movies that got shown on television in the early days of television history for Detroit.  And, of course, the Looking at the Movies is designed to get you to watch a movie and pretend it is some date in the past.  In this case, the date in April 20, 1949, and your movie is Hold That Woman.  Get some popcorn or ice cream, and have fun!

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Chris Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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