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    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, which is a federal law created by a U.S. Congress and a U.S. president, states--"...Whenever the President finds that entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate....".  On Friday, January 27, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump, based on federal law, issued an order to temporarily--temporarily--blocked persons from seven countries of the world, one of which was Iran, a country the funds violent terrorism, from entering the the United States of America, and the period of time was set at four months.  A good person understands that the order issued by U.S. President Donald Trump was legal and right.  On Friday, February 3, 2017, U.S. District Judge James Robart (of a U.S. District Court) issued an order that U.S. President Donald Trump's order could not be followed, such as by immigration officers.  What the judge did was making a ruling that he had no legal right to do, given the wording existing in the "Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952.  Then, even though what the judge had done was wrong and has no basis in real law, the Donald Trump administration went to the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (related to the U.S. District Court in which Judge James Robart exits) to get the judge's ruling shut down, and on Thursday, February 9, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals--particularly a three-judge panel for the court--ruled that it would not strike down or throw out U.S. District Judge James Robert's ruling, letting the ruling stand.  In essence, the three-judge panel noted that, for instance, aliens or non-citizens have the same rights as real citizens of the United States of America.  That is nonsense and idiocy.  By the way, the U.S. Court of Appeals also noted that the Executive Order made by U.S. President Donald Trump was racist (in a way) against Muslims, even though the Executive Order made no mention of "Muslims" and did not block Muslims from dozens of countries from all over the world from coming to the United States of America.  The entire event shows off only a little of the rottenness of the court system in the United States of America and people tied to the Democratic Party in the United States of America (a communistic-type political party), and it shows that the country is ending up with a precedence in which the courts will be able to make law about immigration (and other matters) and not a U.S. Congress and a U.S. president, and that is bad--very bad for good people in the United States of America.  Do you see how--now--a U.S. president, especially U.S. President Donald Trump, has been stopped from taking action to block bad people--non-citizens of the United States of America--from entering the United States of America?  Only a shit country has such idiocy, in which anyone can enter the country freely!  Then, on March 6, 2017, Donald Trump issued another legal Executive Order (having the legal right to do so) related in travel into the United States of America--it was another temporary ban on allowing people from only a few countries of the world in to the United States of America.  On March 15, 2017, a U.S. District Court Judge named Derek Watson issued an order designed to block the recent "Executive Order" from going into effect, and a big reason for blocking the Executive Order was that Derek Watson felt the Executive Order was a discriminatory based on what Donald Trump had supposedly meant in words spoken during the election campaign of 2016 and not on what the Executive Order said in words, and I report that Derek Watson showed off his rottenness as a person through the order given, and a few hours later, yet another judge U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang) showed off his rottenness by issuing another order designed to help block the "Executive Order" from taking place.  The two judges are shit-head people and are enemies of good people--non-communists and non-socialists and non-Shariaists.

Hate the courts and teach hate of the courts to children--the courts are the enemy of good people!

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 156 - - -

    Since I published the previous edition of Television History and Trivia, I have heard a lot of rotten people or stupid people push out bad statements or words.  For one, a truly rotten woman named Nancy Kaffer (a communistic female, a feminist) pushed out crap in a newspaper article (Kaffer, Nancy.  "GOP HEALTH CARE PROPOSAL IS DOOMED." Detroit Free Press, 12 March 2017, pp. 17A and 18A.) that had this set of words--"...The 2010 Affordable Care Act had two aims: Insure more Americans, and control and rationalize the health care market and its costs.  The first, unquestionably, has happened.  The second?  It's complicated--premiums have increased, but maybe not so much as without the ACA's reforms....".  That is idiot thought!  That is bullshit!   For one, I can state that the "ACA" (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) was created in 2010, and it put taxes or more taxes on medical devices.  Only a rotten person would try to make things more affordable by taxing medical devices, such as wheel chairs and medical parts (such as heart valves).  On March 10, 2017, the Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "Spring forward, fall back--stay put?" (Laitner, Bill.  "Spring forward, fall back--stay put?"  Detroit Free Press, 10 March 2017, pp. 1A and 11A.), and the article was designed to show how a State Representative named Pete Lucido wants to stop the switching back and forth between regular time and Daylight Savings Time.  One portion of the article had--"...By 'all the trouble,' he means everything from more traffic accidents, more on-the-job injuries, more seizures, heart attacks and strokes, as well as drowsy school kids, upset dairy cows and now--according to a new study at Boston University Medical Center--higher miscarriage rates among women undergoing in vitro fertilization...."..  Actually, I state that it is all bullshit, but I have not time so prove it here, except for one piece of idiocy (which--I have to admit--I am not sure whether it came from Pete Lucido or Bill Laitner).  Cows care nothing about watches and Daylight Savings Time.  A good farmer milks the cows at the regular time in relation to the sun--period.  Cows do not get "upset" because of switch in time!  Farmers may or may not like Daylight Savings Time, but cows do not give a "cowpie."  The biggest stupid thing that I heard since I published the previous edition of Television History and Trivia took place on television, which is the focus of editions of Television History and Trivia.  On Sunday, March 12, 2017, I caught a repeat episode of a new series entitled The Wellness Report with Helen on WHPR-TV, Channel 33 (the episode had originally run on the station the previous Monday, and it looks as if the series had started up on the station in January 2017).  The episode was a highly boring affair, and often the host--Helen Pendleton--pushed out the idea that a guest was late in showing up.  To fill time, Helen Pendleton had her brother on the program, and they talked flap doodle (they had had nothing planned in case their guest, a comedian, did not show up).  There was a lot of stupid talk.  Helen's brother said one of the dumbest things that people probably could have heard on television since I published the previous edition of Television History and Trivia.  Helen's brother said [and I quote him roughly, having not had a recorder running]--"...Sometimes you can fall asleep while you're praying 'cause you are so in tune with the universe....".  That statement could only be made by a really stupid man.  Hold it!  Let me have fun.  If Helen's brother is right, a lot of ministers and the like can feel good on Sunday mornings when they look over the faces and see so many people falling asleep in church or whatever--the ministers and the like can chalk up everything to the people praying so hard that they are in tune with the universe and are falling asleep (it could not be because the people are not bored with what is being said).

    Yes, television is showing off well the idea that the country is in The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance, and you should keep that in mind while you read this edition of Television History and Trivia.

    On Monday, March 20, 2017, I happened to tune into Channel 33.1, WHPR-TV, in the 11 o'clock hour in the evening.  At that time, a weekly program called Black in the Day in the 313, which was hosted by Kefentse Chike, who is a black man, was in progress.  I have to make an aside here.  Kefentse Chike called himself an "adjunct professor" at Wayne State University, where he is involved in teaching, for instance, "black studies."  In the first half of the 1970s, I was a student at Wayne State University, taking up "communications" (radio-television-film), and at the time, the rise of the black racial was taking place on campus [Note: I still have an image of a black woman related to the university who was working to make "black English" seem legitimate and useful, and her ideas were bullshit], and I had to deal with the rotten blacks at WAYN-AM (the student-run radio station), and I still know the names of the rotten people, names of which exist on my document about WAYN-AM, which is available at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  Since the 1970s, the university has really gone to crap.  On March 20, 1927, I heard a number of idiotic ideas from Kefentse Chike.  He came off as a black racist!  One thing that Kefentse Chike pushed out is there is a "white war" going on against "blacks" in the United States of America, and he quickly stressed as an addition--"the world.".  Kefentse Chike, who struggled to speak at times without goof-ups, pushed out this highly rotten idea--The United States Constitution, through the 13th Amendment, allows for the mass incarnation of blacks in America.  Kefentse Chike stressed it is a "loop-hole" in the amendment, and he implied the loop-hole was put in The Constitution to keep slavery against blacks going on in the country.  The section to the 13th Amendment that Kefentse Chike was bastardizing is--"...except as a punishment from crime where of the party shall have been duty convicted....".  That section was installed in The U.S. Constitution to make it clear that perpetrators of crimes could be put in prison, though they were deemed free men now.  At the moment--through research--I have determined that Black in the Day in the 313 ("313" is an area code tied to Detroit) got started as a weekly program in July 2016.  It seems since July 2016 at least, Kefentse Chike has been pushing crap through his television program.  On the program for July 18, 2017, Kefentse Chike had a guest on his show--Negus Vu (another black racist male), and he could barely speak, often saying, for instance, "witch" for "with".  Based on seeing two episodes of Black in the Day in the 313, I state that Kefentse Chike teaches shit through his television show, most of which goes to blacks (though some whites too).

    By the way, on Sunday, March 19, 2017, a man named J.D. Hill (James Dan Hill). who for many years had had a television show on WHPR-TV, died.  Over the next few days after J.D. Hill had died, WHPR-TV aired a number of hours of programming saluting J.D. Hill, and the hours were repeated a number of times, such as on Saturday, March 25, 2017.  Some of the people who were on the saluting programs were Henry Tyler, D. Etta Wilcoxon, and Brenda Perryman.  Over the next seven or eight days after J.D. Hill had died, I kept waiting for an obituary to show up, such as in the Detroit Free Press, and nothing showed up, and so goes the newspaper business in this day and age.

    It seems very few Americans have the ability to recognize bad people, and that is one reason shit-head Barack Obama became the U.S. President in 2008.  One very bad person that many Americans are unable to determine is a bad person is Tim Allen (who currently is one of the performers in Last Man Standing, a television series that has been carried for several years by ABC-TV).  On Thursday, March 16, 2017, Tim Allen was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (a weeknight series on ABC-TV).  During the program, Tim Allen noted, in relation to the U.S. President Donald Trump's administration, that--"This is like 30s Germany....".  I note that, In the 1930s, Germany was in the control of the "socialists" and "fascists", such as Adoph Hitler (by the way, Adolph Hitler was friends with Shariaists, who push for the rotten political system known as Sharia (Islamic law)).  In essences, "socialists" are like "communists," who are highly rotten people, and Barack Obama was and is a pusher of communism and Sharia (and not a supporter of "democracy").  Also during the television program, Tim Allen worked to persuade the viewer or viewers that he does not take sides politically in his job (as an entertainer).  That is bullshit!  And I state that Tim Allen is bullshit!  In T.H.A.T. #92, I showed how Tim Allen's series (Last Man Standing) was used to push--as a good--the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") on October 13, 2011.  Tim Allen supported as good--having the government have the final and complete control of when you get health care, how you get health care, and where you get health care, and when you get to live or die.  [By the way, when a politician or government thinks it has the power and right to determine when a person lives or dies, that politician or government is rotten, and a person may act in self defense against that politician or government, and that is one of "The Rules of Man").  Really, the days of Barack Obama as the U.S. president were the days like those of the 1930s in Germany, given, for example, Barack Obama did not uphold his oath to protect, for example, The U.S. Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic and Barack Obama actually violated the rules of The U.S. Constitution many times, really acting like a dictator.  Remember--When you see or hear Tim Allen (a man from Michigan) on television, you are seeing a shit-head man.
    [Note: Since old episodes of Last Man Standing are running on CMT (the network) and in syndication (such as in Detroit), that rotten episode of October 13, 2011, will be seen over and over again around the country.]

    In the past, I have talked about a book entitled From Soupy to Nuts!  A History of Detroit Television, which was written by Tim Kiska and was published in 2005.  I have a number of times shown the errors in the book.  The book is loaded with history errors.  It is a bad book.  It seems I have another error to pass along to you.  On page 57 of the book, there is this text that talks about a man called Johnny Slagle, and some of the text is--"...Slagle appeared on Channel 7 during the early 1950s, first in Johnny In the Afternoon, and later with the Pat 'n' Johnny Show--which starred Slagle and hostess Pat Tobin--a forerunner of the modern-day Regis Philbin morning talk program....".  First, I have to note that Johnny Slagle worked on television in the late 1940s and in the 1950s regularly in the Detroit area.   In fact, the show featuring Johnny Slagle and Pat Tobin began to run on WXYZ-TV, Channel 7, in late 1949.  By the way, before Johnny Slagle began to work on television in the Detroit area, he had worked on radio in the Detroit area; for example, a simple search--my simple search--for the history of Johnny Slagle shows that he worked on radio in Detroit for much of the 1940s.  Second, I come to the big problem.  I cannot find Johnny In the Afternoon as a show on television in Detroit in 1948 or 1949.  By the way, Channel 7 did not start to broadcast till late 1948.  I have found that Johnny Slagle worked on Wax Wackies on television (for Channel 7) before working on Pat 'n' Johnny (for Channel 7).  Wax Wackies was on the air from at least February 1949 to December 1949, when Pat 'n' Johnny came on the air.  Maybe Johnny in the Afternoon was the name for a radio program, but I have yet to find the name, or maybe the name comes from a television show done in some other city (even though I doubt it); in 1949, Johnny Slagle was working on WXYZ-AM on weekday afternoons (such as around 4:30 p.m.), but so far I have only found the program called Johnny Slagle in two newspapers with radio listings for 1949.  At the moment, I have to say that Johnny in the Afternoon (related to television) seems to be more crap from Tim Kiska (who is mentioned in the previous edition of T.H.A.T., which I urge you to see).
    [Note: In the next edition of Television History and Trivia, I will have more that shows up the rottenness (as a history piece) of From Soupy to Nuts!  A History of Detroit Television, and the topic is the section will be about Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor, who, as stated wrongly in the book, is identified as the first traffic reporter in a helicopter over Detroit for radio--she was not even the second and she was not the first female traffic reporter in a helicopter in the country.]

    On March 14, 2017, I tuned into the NBC-TV network to see what Trial & Error, a new sitcom, was like; actually, two episodes of the series were going to be shown on the day.  I expected the series to be like so many others series on NBC-TV--designed to push political crap and not designed to entertain.  I watched the first 15 minutes or so of the first episode, and in that amount of time, I learned the series was indeed a political piece.  It was a series of freaks and geeks and little funny stuff.  I tuned away for about ten minutes so that I could take a shower, knowing when I was done with the shower, there would be more on the screen yet (given the network was going to run two episodes).  When I came back to the presentation, I learned a character played by John Lithgow was gay.  So it was another show pushing the gay agenda.  One character, who was played by Sherri Shepherd, was a gal with a whole bunch of syndromes, such as her inability to remember faces.  How long can the producers make fun of have having Sherri Shepherd's character not remember faces?  Oh, the character also blanked out and fell to the floor.  I say in jest--The producers can milk that for ages.  One character in the presentation had to masturbate when under stress.  This unfunny series was created by Jeff Astrof and Matt Miller, and the production came from Other Side Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and Good Session..  Trial & Error was and is bad television!

    Almost every day, I do research to track down the history of Detroit television, and on March 22, 2017--in the morning--I was doing work to track down movies that were aired on Channel 9 Theatre (Channel 9 Theatre was used by CKLW-TV, Channel 9, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to air movies on Sundays in 1955, and a lot of the movies featured the comedy team of Lauren and Hardy).  While I was doing the research, I was listening The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-AM, 760, and once again, M.L. Elrick (mostly a reporter for Channel 2, WJBK-TV) was guest hosting.  In the past, I have heard idiotic ideas come out of the mind of M.L. Elrick, and on March 22, 2017, he offered more.  By the way, M.L. Elrick has been a writer for the Detroit Free Press, the communistic-type newspaper.  "I have faith in the media."--this statement was one of the rotten things said by M.L. Elrick on the radio program.  M.L. Elrick showed his rottenness by making the statement, being either stupid or like a communist.  Given I have over 40 years or being in the media and given I spent more than eight years studying and writing about Barack Obama and showing what the main media was not covering, I say that the media is crap as a rule and shit as a rule.  I do not trust the media!  By the way, I have shown up the rottenness of Tim Kiska (related to Detroit television history) and Mike Fornes (related to The Mackinaw WAGB-83), two media people who put together rotten books related to history in 2005.  Several times during The Frank Beckmann Show, M.L. Elrick passed along bad rules about life, such as when he had an author on the air with a new book about the state of discourse in the country, such as between members of families.  In essence, M.L. Elrick passed along the crap that a person should respect the ideas and opinions of others.  I state--A good person does not respect crap ideas or give in to the crap ideas, even if the ideas come from family members.  Communists and socialists are commonplace in the federal, state, and local governments, and their ideas can hurt and are hurting millions and millions of persons, and their ways will hurt people for many, many years to come, so a good person does not take up being nice to rotten people and accept the rotten ideas from bad people as things to be respected, and a good person beats up mentally on such rotten people, even if it means loosing touch with a family member (family members are expendable when their ways make others, especially millions of others, expendable).  So, for example, I have no respect for Kefentse Chike, Nancy Kaffer, Tim Allen, and many more.  They have shown themselves to be rotten, and they deserve no respect.  And M.L. Elrick is another person that deserves no respect--he teaches crap!

    I am not done with M.L. Elrick.  I have over forty years of experience tied to the broadcast media, starting out with my years at Wayne State University in the early 1970s, where I was tied to a student radio station called WAYN-AM, and, today, I am well aware the main media is rotten as a rule in the United States of America, and the main media includes such entities as NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, and CBS News.  On Sunday, March 26, 2017, CBS-TV aired a portion of an interview of Sean Hannity (who calls himself a "conservative," which is an anti-communist and an anti-socialist), and the interviewer was Ted Koppel (who, for many years, had worked for ABC-TV), and the interview was featured of a program called CBS Sunday Morning.  Ted Koppel made the point during the interviewer that Sean Hannity was bad for the people of the United States of America, and Ted Koppel implied that all persons like Sean Hannity were bad for the United States of America, and I can say that the other persons would be persons like Rush Limbaugh and Mark R. Levin, all of whom have proven over years that they are not liars.  One statement made by Ted Koppel--which should never be forgotten by at least good people (such as non-liars)--was: "...You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts....".  That is a bullshit statement, which shows the rottenness of the mind of Ted Koppel!  For more than eight years, I have proven to myself Sean Hannity does not lie about the news and does not pass along fake information or "fake news," and I have proven the main media has covered up the endless lies of the Democratic Party and especially Barack Hussein Obama, who is yet pushing crap, though he is no longer the president of the United States of America.  M.L. Elrick has "faith" in the media, meaning he supports such rottenness as Ted Koppel.
    [Note: In the early 1970s, I was already seeing Wayne State University going to crap.  For example, I had to deal with crap black students at WAYN-AM, such as Reuben Yabuku (a man whom I shall never forget along with others).  On April 1, 2017, the Detroit Free Press showed more of how Wayne State University has gone to crap since the early 1970s by publishing a tiny article entitled "WSU to offer food pantry for students in need" ("WSU to offer food pantry for students in need."  Detroit Free Press, 1 April 2017, p. 6A.).  The article noted--"Wayne State University is the latest U.S. educational institution to offer a food pantry for students.  School officials say The W, which opens Sunday on campus, will provide perishable and nonperishable food, toiletries, women's hygiene products and other supplies.  Students are eligible to visit twice monthly for up to two grocery bags of products, and a third visit will be granted based on need.".]

    While I am on the subject of "fake news," I have to make a note about Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay.  On April 5, 2017, I learned Pierre Omidyar was pledging about $100-million to combat "fake news."  Pierre Omidyar wants to fight the "global trust deficit"--which is tied to misinformation and hate speech.  What the hell does it all mean?  I state that it is all nonsense from Pierre Omidyar.  For one, there is great distrust in the federal government of the United States of America and the main media in the United States of America because, for the last eight years or so, the number of lies from the federal government (especially during the Barack Obama administration years) and the main media is beyond count.  So is Pierre Omidyar going to show up the rottenness in the U.S. government and the main media of the U.S.?

    Hey, I now get to something that I have been forgetting to mention.  Over the last several months at least, I have seen a promotional announcement on Channel 4.3 (a channel related to WDIV-HD, Detroit) that comes from, for one, the National Association of Broadcasters.  The promotional announcement is a piece of crap.  It pushes out the idea that you should respect local television news simply because it is local and can cover what national networks cannot, and the promotional announcement pushes out the idea that you can trust the local television news people.  By the way, WDIV-HD is an affiliate of NBC-TV, the communistic-based television network, which has been shown in the last eight years to avoid reporting on the rottenness of Barack Obama and which has been shown to be involved in doctoring the news.  The promotional announcement is a true propaganda piece, not based on facts.  Yes, Channel 4, WDIV-HD, has been using break time on Channel 4.3 (which airs BUZZR, the game-show based subchannel network) to teach crap!

   Announcement for the novice again (reworked in August 2015): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel (which has to be treated as wishy-washy and suspect, showing signs of mostly supporting the Republican Party establishment, which is rotten), WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: The Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    Hey, This Old House (a weekly program tied to PBS) is showing a series of new episodes in which a house in Detroit, Michigan, is being restored.  I saw the first program in the new set, and a man named Stephen Henderson was interviewed.  Stephen Henderson is a man that works for the Detroit Free Press and for WTVS-TV (the PBS affiliate in Detroit), and Stephen Henderson is a person whom I have talked about a number of times in editions of T.H.A.T., showing he is a black racist and showing how he lies.  On April 5, 2017, I saw an article in the Detroit Free Press called "Free Press' Henderson wins national award" ("Free Press' Henderson wins national award." Detroit Free Press, 5 April 2017, p. 4A.), and the article noted that Stephen Henderson won an award related to commentary from the American Society of News Editors.  Yes, a crappy can win awards in the United States of America (and that shows the nature of the American Society of News Editors).

    By the way, on April 4, 2017, the Detroit Free Press published a propaganda piece called "Is Great Lakes' low ice coverage new normal?" (Briscoe, Tony.  "Is Great Lakes' low ice coverage new normal?"  Detroit Free Press, 4 April 2017, pp. 3A and 7A.).  The story was pushing the manmade-global-warming crap or the manmade-climate-change crap!  On page 7A, there was a photograph of a ship moving in ice.  The caption was--"The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw, the largest icebreaker on the Great Lakes, moves thick ice around in the shipping channel of the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie in 2014.  There have been calls to fund another icebreaker.".  The current icebreaker called The Mackinaw is "WLBB-30"  The Mackinaw was not shown in the photograph.  The photograph actually showed The Katmai Bay WTGB-101.  The writer of the article and his associates were so busy pushing propaganda that they goofed up and mislabeled what vessel that was shown in the photograph.  I have to wonder if the photograph was really taken in 2014.

    In 2015, the Retro TV network (which is a subchannel network operated by Luken) began to carry a series that the Retro TV called Cooking with Dione Lucas in a press release (around February 2017, the series was being shown at 8:00 a.m. (Detroit time) on weekdays).  The series is a filmed series, and each episode runs 30 minutes, and each episode has Dione Lucas showing how to cook things.  Dione Lucas is a woman, and her first name is pronounced as "Dee-oh-nee".  She came to the United States of America from England in the 1930s, and she was a woman who had graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school of France, and in the late 1940s, for instance, she operated a restaurant in London (England) and a restaurant in New York City (New York), and she was known for giving cooking classes tied to Le Cordon Bleu way of cooking.  The Retro Television network reported in the 2015 press release that the show was from about 1948, and the Retro Television network reported that the show was originally called To the Queen's Taste.  That show was her first television series to air on television, and it was aired by the CBS-TV network.  People in Detroit got to see the series, though only after it had been on the air for several months (at least in the East of the country).  The CBS-TV network affiliate for Detroit came on the air on October 24, 1948, and that affiliate was WJBK-TV, Channel 2, and since the station came on the air after the series had started, it could only start to carry the series once it was on the air, and the first episode was shown on Thursday, October 28, 1948.  The show was a weekly series.  CBS-TV offered the series to WJBK-TV on a "sustaining" basis; that is, the series could not be given local commercials, since the network was working to sell a national advertiser or national advertisers on sponsoring the series (which would happen in February 1949).  By the way, Storer Communications owned the station at the time, and it also owned WSPD-TV, Toledo, Ohio, and the series was also being offered to WSPD-TV at the same time.  The series could not be aired live in Detroit or Toledo, since there were yet no telephone lines that could carry television signals between the East Coast with the Midwest.  The program was aired live in New York (made at WCBS-TV, a television station) and was recorded in a kinescope process, and WJBK-TV aired kinescope versions of the series (kinescope was like film).  The program carried by Retro TV is not To the Queen's Taste.  One proof of that is the quality of the image, which is not a kinescope image.  Then, what is the program and when was it made?  After making To the Queen's Taste, Dione Lucas would make other television programs.  For one, she did live programs for WJZ-TV in the early 1950s, and it had various air days, such as only on Monday around February 1951, and only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around February 1952.  Later, in the middle of the 1950s, Dione Lucas would be tied to making programs that were designed to get people to buy gas stoves for their kitchens.  By the way, around the early 1950s, my father was involved in doing survey work to run nature gas lines in to Wisconsin and Michigan from southern areas of the country.  A big push to go from oil to natural gas was taking place in the 1950s.  At least two sets of series  featuring Dione Lucas--around 1955 and 1956--had the production cost covered by Robershaw-Fulton Controls Co., and the shows were distributed free to gas companies around the country, which could get the shows aired on television stations (but the gas companies did have to paid "time charges" to television stations to get the series seen by viewers).  I found a January 2, 1956, newspaper article that noted that the second set of programs was produced by Arthur H. Modell Television Co. (the first set had probably been made by the Arthur H. Modell Television Co.).  If you look at what Retro TV calls Cooking with Dione Lucas, you will see "Arthur B. Modell Film Production" on the end credits.  I have yet to see a copyright date on an episode.  It seems Cooking with Dione Lucas (the name used by Retro TV) was made around 1955 and 1956, and the series was a filmed series (and not a series involving kinescope production).  Of course, I have yet to tell you the true title of the series.  The episodes aired by Retro TV have Dione Lucas as the title, and that is the title that I use for my records--not Cooking with Dione Lucas.  On the end credits of one program, I saw that Arthur Florman was called the "director of photography".  I know Arthur Florman was a cameraman working with Allen Funt on Candid Camera around 1950; Candid Camera was a long-running program on national television in the U.S., running for decades in various versions.  For at least some Dione Lucas programs, the editor was Jack Davis, and the associate producer was Morgan Zimmerman.  Oh, Arthur B. Modell later owned the Cleveland Browns football teams for many years.  When I watched an episode of Dione Lucas recently I sort of got a shock.  I noticed the kitchen cabinets.  They were familiar to me.  They were the type that I have in a house that I live in in part of the year.  By the way, about three years ago, I fixed one of the cabinet doors--I went to a company called Rockler (which used to be along Woodward Avenue in the Detroit area), and I got some laminae (a very thin sheet of wood) and wood stain, and I redid the face of one door (and it is all better).  I am not done.  In the same episode, I saw a pot with lid, and the pot with lid was and is exactly like a pot that I regularly use when I am living in a house in the Detroit area.  If you watch what the Retro TV network calls Cooking with Dione Lucas (which the Retro TV network says is from 1948 or so), you are actually seeing Dione Lucas, which is from about 1955 and 1956.  I have to report that, for the moment, the last series that I know about that featured Dione Lucas was produced around 1958 and 1959, and it was called Dione Lucas's Gourmet Club (or simply Gourmet Club), and, for example, it started to run on WPIX-TV (New York) on a weekly basis on Tuesday, January 7, 1958, and in early 1959, efforts were made to syndicate tapes--tapes and not films--of the series to stations in other parts of the country, and the Brooklyn Gas Company was involved in producing the series.

    And now I come to the Looking at the Movies segment of the document--or the show (maybe).  This segment is the segment in which you get to pretend you are watching a movie on a television station in Detroit between about February 1948 and 1953 (it was a time when there were no more than three television stations in the Detroit area).  WXYZ-TV went on the air in the Detroit area in late 1948, and it was an affiliate of ABC-TV, and to fill time, it began to run movies almost from the outset.  Let us look at Friday, October 29, 1948, and what was scheduled to be shown starting at 9:00 p.m..  I have a problem.  While looking to see what was aired on Friday, October 29, 1953, I came across conflicting information.  One television listing noted that a movie called Swamp Woman was going to be shown, and an advertisement noted that a movie called House of Errors was going to be shown. House of Errors was a 1942 movie featuring a comedian named Harry Langdon, and Swamp Movie was a 1941 movie featuring Ann Corio.  I have to focus on Ann Corio.  I have a book written by her--This was Burlesque.  Around the 1930s, Ann Corio was a famous burlesque dancer, and that was when burlesque was not complete stripping stuff, in which almost all is shown.  In the 1940s, she ended up performing in several movies.  I saw a video on YouTube recently in which she noted that she got about $10,000 week from the movie studio in the 1940s.  For this edition of T.H.A.T., I could use either House of Errors or Swamp Woman for my Looking at the Movies segment.  You should already have the idea which I am choosing, but you have yet to really find out why.  I watched Swamp Woman before writing this section of T.H.A.T..  The movie is a little slow at times, and that is not surprising given it was not a high-budget movie.  I was impressed by one thing--unexpectedly.  I enjoyed Ann Corio's voice.  It was pleasant and nice.  I will say that I have a very delicate ear--off-notes and the like can bother me and make me cringe.  I liked Ann Corio's voice.  The voice was not like that often pushed forth in comedy segments on television by Barbara Nichols in the 1950s, who often played stripper-like characters (clichés).  So, turn down the lights, and go to YouTube, and fire up Swamp Woman with Ann Corio as the feature presentation this time for Looking at the Movies.

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Christ Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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