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"Shared Responsibility Payment"--this is a reason
to hate all Democrats (especially the politicians), many
upper-level politicians of Republican Party, and two-thirds of
U.S. Supreme Court.  The payment is what the federal
government thinks people who do not buy government-
approved health insurance should pay as a tax or a fine.
It has come about through the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act of 2010.  It is rottenness of the
highest degree.  The only way for a good person
to destroy a bad person is to hate the bad person.
It is a rule of life!  I promote hate of rotten people,
especially Barack Hussein Obama, a promoter of
Sharia and communism and a killer.  I will not share
in paying for jackass sex-change-appearance people,
like that "Jenner" defect of nature, or foreigners, especially
illegal aliens, who are criminals, despite what shit-head
Barack Obama wants you to believe.  Hate the enemy!
I state again--I promote hate against rotten people!

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 142 - - -

    During the weekend of January 23-24, 2016, a big snow storm hit the eastern region of the United States of America, and the television press went wild covering it, and the television press noted the the storm resulted in deaths (around three dozen), and the press noted that at least one death was the result shoveling snow.  Over the last several months and over the last several winter seasons, I have been to stores that sell snow shovels, and I have seen no good snow shovels.  There is crap out there, and it was probably developed by idiots who think that ergonomic snow shovels are good or by Chinese who have never shoveled snow or by women who do no shoveling of snow.  When it snows at a place that I can be at in northern Lower Michigan, I can end up shoveling what amounts to 600-feet of lane or more, which takes me--with about a three-inch snowfall--about two hours.  I use tools--shovels or shovel styles--that are useful and not crap.  To do a big job, a shovel for an idiot is a shovel with a steel scoop, and a shovel for an idiot is a shovel that has a curved handle, and a shovel for an idiot is a shovel that has a square flat scoopy thing (which does not block snow for sliding off the back end), and a shovel for an idiot is a shovel that has hand grip (a D-grip) at the end, and a shovel for an idiot is a shovel that has a scoopy thing that is wider than about two feet, and an idiot shovel is a shovel that does not have a handle that is straight and is about four-feet long, and a idiot shovel is a shovel with a flimsy plastic scoop (a plastic scoop is good if it is rigid and strong, like the type that I have), and an idiot shovel is a shovel that has a improper angle at the scoop edge.  I could talk more about good shovels, but I would maybe not explain myself as well as I could if I were to present photographs of a good shovel, which I am not going to do here.  If the television press wanted to present useful stories about the snow shoveling, it should present stories about all the crappy snow shovels on the market.  But--I believe--the television press would probably screw the stories up, based on all the idiot thought I hear from television people today, and, for instance, the television press would get some "professors" (who are actually idiots) and other useless thinkers who would give their advice on good shovels.  Once again, the television press screwed up covering the storm of January 23-24, 2016, and this edition of Television History and Trivia shows up more idiocy from people on television and gives at least a little bit of good stuff.

    On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, a big television event took place, and it was so big that a lot of broadcast networks aired the spectacular, and it all started at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), and some say that the program was the "State of the Union Address," but I saw it as another thing.  During the roughly the one-hour presentation, in which Barack Obama pushed out his idea of the "state of the nation," I saw that the ugliness of the U.S. Congress of the United States of America was on display, and it was clearly visible to those with good enough minds to see it.  I watched the entire presentation so that I could pass along statements made by Barack Obama in my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama (Part Two), which can be reached through this Quotes2 link, and I saw the faces of the people in the audience (in the Chamber for the U.S. House of Representatives), most often Democrats (as shown by ABC-TV, the network that I used to see the speech by Barack Obama).  Most of the people shown looked freaky (such as one black woman with oddly dyed hair) or weird or angry.  I have said that, over time, what a person is shows up on the person's face.  I saw ugliness on the screen in high level.  There was no real pleasantness.  While giving the so-called big-deal speech, Barack Obama worked to show a smile and seem nice; however, in the end, when Barack Obama gave his last words, he looked angry and not pleasant--it was not inspiring with likableness and niceness and joy.  It is very likely--if you saw the presentation--you missed seeing the ugliness, and that is because Americans as a rule lack the skill to detect rotten people, as I have learned over the decades, and that is why, for instance, hundreds of rotten people have been elected to the U.S. Congress and are there--the proof that there are many rotten people is the big terrible laws that have been created by the federal government over the last seven years or so.  To me, there was much ugliness in the faces of the people in the U.S. House of Representatives during the "State of the Union Address."

    Let me catch up on some business that I had put off talking about in the previous edition of Television History and Trivia.  A television first took place on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.  It was the first time that two broadcast networks had cross-over events involving television series on the same day; a cross-over event has character of one series showing up on another series.  On January 5, 2016, on CBS-TV, viewers got a cross-over event that was started with NCIS and was finished with NCIS: New Orleans.  On January 5, 2016, on  NBC-TV, viewers ended up with a cross-over event that began on Chicago Fire and then continued with Chicago Med, and then the cross-over event was concluded on Chicago P.D. on Wednesday, January 6, 2016.  Cross-over events have been around for decades, and always in the past, only one network would have one going at a particular time.

    Hey, if you run a business in Cuba and you want free advertising on television in Detroit, go to WDIV-HD, Channel 4.1.  At least that seems to be a worthwhile idea.  On September 18, 2015, WDIV-HD, aired a special called Pope Francis: Calling on America, and in the program for a segment was a man named Julio Alvarez Torrez, who runs "NostalgiCar" in Cuba.  On December 16, 2015, Channel 4.1 aired a program called Havana 313-, and in the program, one segment focused on Julio Alvaraz Torrez and his NostalgiCar entity.  By the way, the two programs were hosted by Devin Scillian (one of the main news anchors for the station), and both programs have been talked about recently in T.H.A.T., such as in the previous edition.  On March 14, 1995, Channel 4 aired the first episode of what would become an intermittent series called Dateline Detroit (the name was and is a take off of Dateline NBC of the NBC-TV network, and, by the way, WDIV-TV was and is an affiliate of NBC-TV), and on January 13, 2016, another edition of Dateline Detroit was broadcast, and the subtitle for the episode was "All About Cars," and once again, viewers got to see Julio Alvaraz Torres, and the segment was hosted by Devin Scillian, who had gone to Cuba to get video material for air play (I would have thought for one program and maybe two but not three).  Basically, the station had Julio Alvaraz Torres's business promoted in three programs.  I say in jest--Maybe, that is the only business existing in Cuba, that rotten communistic country.  In the end, I get to say that I guess Devin Scillian was just so proud he got to promote Cuba as good, based on visiting Julio Alvaraz Torres.  [Note: There is a term known as "repurposing" in the television dictionary or industry.]  I add that the Dateline Detroit program about cars was aired two days before the Charity Preview event for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit was to be held, and I would have thought the Dateline Detroit program would have had all to do with the upcoming auto show and nothing to do with Cuba.  [Note: I do not watch the newscasts broadcast by Detroit-area television stations regularly or fully, since they provide almost  nothing that is really useful, and I wonder if WDIV-HD showed Julio Alvaraz Torres in at least one news segment soon after Devin Scillian had returned from Cuba with his footage or video material.]

    In 1995, I regularly listened to WCHB-AM (the Detroit area) in the afternoons of weekdays, and I tuned in to learned the nature of Detroit during the "O.J. Simpson Trial," and what I learned was how racist and ignorant many Detroiters were--the station pushed out support for O.J. Simpson, who has over the years shown himself to be a highly rotten black man, and things have not changed in Detroit since 1995.

    For some time, JoAnn Watson has hosted a radio show called Wake up Detroit on WHPR-FM (the Detroit area), and on Thursday, January 28, 2016, I caught much of her weekly television show called Wake Up Detroit on WHPR-TV, Channel 33.1 which went through a format change and an image change in late 2015, based on the how some new shows showed up and some shows have disappeared.  On January 28, 2016, JoAnn Watson's guest on her television show (which was on in the eight o'clock hour in the morning) was some woman called Alice Jennings.  Both women are black, and both women showed themselves to be pushers of ignorance and to be black racists, and they even talked like black communists.  Most of the talking was done by Alice Jennings, who rambled and rambled, going from topic to topic, often passing along unfounded information and never finishing a thought, and often JoAnn Watson acted as if she were in a revival meeting in a church where a preacher talks and talks and the people to whom the preacher talks regularly say "amen" (though, in this case, JoAnn Watson would say "That's right" or "Excellent" or "Yes" or "My, my, my"....).  The two women mostly focused the show on "water," such as the idea that people had to pay to get water in Detroit, which they thought was wrong, and such as on the idea that Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder is responsible for poisoning "an entire city" [Flint] through water (what some people call the "Flint water crisis"), which is bullshit [Note: To learn more about the Flint water crisis, see my document entitled Michigan Travel Tips #142, which can be reached through this Travel #142 link].  Alice Jennings passed along the crap that Governor Rick Snyder caused the budget problems in the Detroit school system, saying that--till he took over the school system--the Detroit school system had a $92-million surplus, which is nonsense, and Alice Jennings said that "voting rights are under attack."  Both women put down the use of "emergency managers" for cities and such.  JoAnn Watson pushed out the idea that they [whites] are coming for Detroit--to take it away from blacks--and JoAnn Watson pushed out the idea that the rights of people [a.k.a. "blacks"] are being supressed.  The two women wanted "environmental justice"--a cliché used by communists--for Detroiters and people in other cities (a.k.a. "blacks" in Detroit and Flint and such).  Alice Jennings and JoAnn Watson taught--especially blacks--ignorance!

    On January 28, 2016, after Wake Up Detroit was done and after a long commercial-type break was done, a man named Bediako came on with a program on WHPR-TV (33.1), which covered most of the nine o'clock hour of the morning, and Bediako, who is tied to Healthwise Enterprise, did his regular job of working to get people to buy bottled water (from his company) and avoid city water, and he read examples of problems with water (supposedly) from something-or-other articles or whatever, and he struggled to read, reading words improperly, and the material presented by Bediako came of as nonsense as a whole.

    On January 28, 2016, in the ten o'clock hour in the morning, WHPR-TV (Channel 33.1)broadcast a program that had been originally aired the previous day--CRISIS in Flint, Michigan--which was designed to focus on the water crisis in Flint; the program was really an episode of a special series that had been airing for several weeks.  The host was Richard Hairton, who often spoke quickly, probably trying to sound smart.  Richard Hairton had a guest, and the guest was Reverend David Alexander Bullock (of the Detroit area), who sounded like another "activist" or "street organizer" who in the long run gets nothing useful done.  The two men did pass along a lot nonsense.  And like JoAnn Watson and Alice Jennings, Richard Hairton and Reverend David Alexander Bullock put no blame for the water crisis in Flint on the people of Flint (of the last few decades), who had put idiot people into local government positions (through elections), wanting to have, for example, "Democrats" (especially blacks who were Democrats) in office jobs, who had ties to socialism and communism.  During the roughly one-hour program, Richard Hairton and Reverend David Alexander, basically, put all the blame for the water crisis in Flint and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and, for example, Reverend David Alexander Bullock was calling for the recall of Governor Rick Snyder and was not calling for any recalling of people in Flint government, such as the communistic mayor (a black woman).  The two men put forth the idea that the water crisis seemed to be part of a plot to get black people out of homes so that the University of Michigan and another school could get the property from the black people being pushed out.  During the hour, a black man called "Ordinary Joe" called in (twice), and the caller was stupid, in that he did not have enough sense to during down immediately the volume on the television set that he was watching (on each call), and "Ordinary Joe" rambled about a bunch of things and used up time, taking the program sort of way from the topic--Flint.

    WHPR-TV (known overall as Channel 33) has a subchannel listed as "33.2".  On Friday, January 29, 2016, I finally saw an actual show on the channel--in the eight o'clock hour in the evening--and that may have been the first actual show broadcast on the channel; before that show showed up, I had only noticed that the channel played music and showed every-changing graphs, such as those promoting a person can buy time on the channel to have a television show and a person can get the WHPR app.  The show that I saw had two persons--a young black man (whose age was said to be in the lower thirties), who was blind, and a young black woman (whose age was said to be in the upper thirties).  The roughly one-hour-long program had a theme--"Empowering your destiny."  I watched as the man and the woman spouted nothing concrete.  All they had was a collection of fluff and clichés.  It was another idiot hour on Detroit-area television.  In the end, I concluded, for one, it was a blind man who was blind to ignorance and ignorant thought.

    In Detroit, it is easy to find crap on the big television stations and the small television stations in this day and age.

    ["For the record," I have this note.  My father--William Arthur Swanson--drew up as a draftsman the water-pipe routing in the main building for the Allen Park Water Treatment Plant (of the Detroit area) in the 1950s, and he later went on to work for General Motors Corporation as a draftsman, where, for instance, he was involved in drawing up water-piping systems, such as to direct rain water off the roofs of GM factories to wherever, and he did that while in the department known as Argonaut and later Plant Engineering).  And I learned some stuff about water piping from him, and that is one reason why I have no trouble installing water piping (copper or steel) and natural gas piping and working on toilet and sinks).  And, by the way, in the 1950s, he drew up some cartoons about big pipes used to move natural gas or oil over land that got published under the heading Pipeliners (he had been involved in doing surveying for natural gas lines that were to be used to move natural gas in to Wisconsin and Michigan).]

    I have to just back to WHPR-TV, Channel 33.1.  On Sunday, January 31, 2016, I caught a repeat showing of an episode of The Think Tank Show in the ten o'clock hour in the evening, and the program was hosted by Arno Sutton-Bey [Note: The weekly show is usually shown on the station for a first run on Fridays at 5:00 p.m. for one hour.].  The co-host was Sister Terian Morrow, who just sat around, doing nothing.  There was a guest--a male--who had spent some 41 years in prison.  By the way, Arno Sutton-Bey has spent about 24 years in prison.  The two guys often passed along nonsense.  For example, they pushed out the idea that people are often falsely arrested, and they pushed out the idea that it is commonplace for people to never get to trial with a jury or get to court, such as because they get "shot up in the back of the cruiser" first.  And the guys got into some nonsense about the United Nations setting up "universal declaration of human rights" in the 1800s, and the guys put forth something to do with the Moorish community (with Islam) and being a sovereign nation with the United States of America, and the guys pushed forth the idea that the justice system is in the country is bad (though they never put forth the idea that they had in mind the federal justice system (the U.S. Department of Justice), which--I say--is indeed corrupt and rotten at the top, based on what Barack Obama has done).  Early in the show, Arno Sutton-Bey put forth--WHPR is the "only station giving you the information that you need.".  And the guys spent much of the time putting forth the idea that the show was going to give out important information, but, really, the guys used up much of hour not giving out information but only giving out the idea that they were going to give out a lot of information.  It was more ignorance on WHPR-TV.

  Announcement for the novice again (reworked in August 2015): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel (which has to be treated as wishy-washy and suspect, showing signs of mostly supporting the Republican Party establishment, which is rotten), WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: The Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    On Saturday, January 16, 2015, I discovered a new subchannel was getting exposure on television sets in the northern region of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, being carried on 4.3 or 8.3 (both of which are the same station).  The network was and is "Comet", and it is carrying science-fiction movies and a few science-fiction television series, one of which is Stargate SG-1.  Comet is a product of MGM TV and the Sinclair Television Group, and the official launch date was October 31, 2015.  On the day that I discovered the network was around, I went to the website for the network and saw the program schedule for January 2016.  It looks as if Comet is going to suffer from the same problem that Grit has (a network focusing on Western movies and television shows)--it airs too much repeat stuff or too much same stuff in a short period of time.  By the way, Channel 4.3 or 8.3 had been the location for Grit till Comet began to be carried.  Comet is carrying a television series about a robot from the 1960s that was for children, and the series is a Japanese series called Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, and it features a little boy and his "giant" robot, who fight evil and bad guys.  Also the network is carrying Men into Space, which I talked about in T.H.A.T. #135, which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #135 link.

    In the Detroit area, some changes took place with the subchannel universe on Monday, February 1, 2016.  At 12:00 a.m. on February 1, 2016, Antenna TV showed up in Detroit again, showing up on 20.2, and Antenna TV replaced Cozi TV (which is one of my favorite subchannel networks).  Over the first half hour, things did not go well with Antenna TV--really the broadcast by 20.2 of Antenna TV--the picture image was out of sync--that is, a portion of what should be the upper part of the image was at the bottom of the screen.  Around twenty minutes in to the change, the pictured got straightened out, but the sound disappeared.  Soon, though, the picture and the sound came out proper.  What was happening to Cozi TV?  It disappeared from the Detroit area for a short while.  It came back on the Detroit airwaves at some time between 2:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., and now Cozi TV can be seen on 38.4.  I think the Channel 38 station group got the better of the deal, because Antenna TV has too much "Norman Lear"-type product or tone, and I shall probably tune to the Channel 38 group more than the Channel 20 group.

    I add a little bit more to the story about Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot here.  The series came to North American television through the syndication process, and it was in 1969 that the 1967-1968 Japanese series showed up in North America, and I believe it aired on either Channel 9 (CKLW-TV, Windsor, Ontario, Canada) or Channel 50 (WKBD-TV, Detroit, Michigan, USA) originally.  Mitsundbu Keneko played Johnny Sokko, a boy.  Later, a "derived TV-movie" was put together using several episodes of the series, and the movie was called Voyage into Space.  The movie was designed to run in a 90-minute block of time on a television station, and I do not know if it was aired in the Detroit area, but I found it had aired on some New York television stations in the middle of the 1970s, such as in 1975.

    And now I go way back in time--to the 1958-1959 television season.  In that season, some people in the country watched a television series called Flight.  I never saw it, and I only saw an episode of it for the first time on January 17, 2016, when I learned of the series while hunting down documentary film on YouTube that might show The Mackinaw WAGB-83, a former icebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes from 1944 to 2016.  The episode that I caught of the series was about the use of the Sikorsky R-5 helicopter in the Philippines in 1945.  The episode and the entire series were hosted by General George C. Kenney, and when I saw the credits for the series I got a surprise.  The executive producer was Al Simon, who, for one, went on to be instrumental in the production of The Beverly Hillbillies for CBS-TV.  Other names in credits that I knew well were Kerwin Coughlin (a casting director), Arch R. Dalzell (a director of photography), Archie Bacon (a production designer), Jean Yarbrough (a television director), and Jack Laird (who wrote the teleplay for the episode).  Generally speaking, the series was like a docudrama series, telling real military stories of the past, and it was produced by Airborne Productions Inc., and it was filmed by McCadden Productions, and it was filmed with the cooperation of the Department of Air Force and the Department of Defense, and the show was called "A California National Presentation".  One reason that I was not aware of the series till January 17, 2016, is I have never run across it in old program listings for television shows aired on television stations in the Detroit area.  I do not believe the series was ever shown in the Detroit area.  Some episodes of the series exist on YouTube.

    Oh, for a lot of years, I have not watch the Academy Awards broadcasts, having not seen any of the new films in theaters.  Almost all the advertisements for movies that I see on television hint to me that almost all the movies are crap, being political pieces or nothing more that blow-up-things movies--there is almost nothing nice.  In January 2016, people learned the nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards presentation, and a bunch of blacks--"liberals" or even black racists--got all pissed off that blacks were not represented well or in greater number, and some of those rotten blacks--who have shown themselves to be rotten people over the years--were Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith and Spike Lee (the truly communistic black).  By the way, I never want to see any film that glorifies black rap crap, which focuses on violence and putting down women.  I guess that blacks want racial quotes, making sure blacks--whether they deserve it or not--get in the running for Academy Awards.  On January 23, 2016, I learned that a woman named Stacey Dash (who has been an actress for about two decades) put down the complainers on Fox and Friends of the Fox News Channel on January 20, 2016, and that made me look for a video clip of what she had said, and, for one, she noted that maybe the "BET Awards" should be gotten rid of, since the "BET Awards" are only about blacks, and she had other good points.  She could have noted about how there are or have been other awards shows that are mostly one-race based or only one-gender based, such as the 365 Black Awards, Black Girls Rock, Glamour Women of the Year, Women in Hollywood Awards, the GQ Men of the Year Awards, the Essence Awards, The Martin Luther King Awards, The NAACP Image Awards, The NAACP Act-So Awards, The Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Awards, and The Black Gold Awards.  I wonder if blacks have been the primary focus of The Rhythm and Blues Awards and The Soul Train Music Awards and The Urban Music Awards and The Stellar Awards and The Gospel Music Awards and The Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and The Hip-Hop Music Awards and the Hollywood Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Awards and The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards and The Kwanzaa Awards.  I could talk about The Latin Grammy Awards and The Latin Music Awards.  I will avoid watching the Academy Awards this year, and, instead, I will watch something on maybe MeTV or GetTV or Movies! or Buzzr or this or TCT Kids or Retro or....

    I have an extra note about Stacey Dash.  The woman calls herself a "Republican," and she promotes the "Republican Party."  I do hope--given she has been married three times--she does not lack the skill (the thinking power) to see all the rotten men in the upper-level of the Republican Party and there are many in this day and age, such as Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie, who are men who are actually working against her and good people and who are really "Democrats" (such as socialists and communists).  I note that, in the clip about the Academy Awards nonsense, Stacey Dash seemed a little unsteady in her position and did not seem to really beat down the crap confidently [Note: I am interested to see exactly how smart she is].  By the way, since 2014, Stacey Dash has been a contributor to the Fox News Channel.

    On Sunday, January 31, 2015, at about 6:50 p.m. (Detroit time), I tuned a television set to WJBK-HD, Channel 2.1, because at 7:00 p.m., the station, which is an affiliate of Fox TV, was going to show the Fox TV special called Grease: Live!.  In the ten minutes before Grease: Live! would air, WJBK-HD was finishing a local newscast with a segment called "Let It Rip Weekend", which was hosted by Charlie Langton and Maurielle Lue and which had students of the Detroit Public School system taking about things related "DPS," such as the current teachers' strike.  Not much thought of any use was presented by the students (who were black).  One of the bigger guys, who was wearing a white shirt, came off as a young socialist (at the very least), spouting clichés and rhetoric.  A big problem with the group of students was that the students spoke sloppily as a rule, and it was hard to understand their names.  Really, the segment was more idiot thought and crap on television.

    At 7:00 p.m. (Detroit time), Fox TV began to run Grease: Live!.  The production was good.  For instance, the program had no big casting problems, as The Wiz Live! had had, which had been shown by NBC-TV on December 5, 2015 (Shanice Williams as Dorothy in the production was a bad choice)).  Certainly, the music was not bad in Grease: Live!, and the staging seemed to be fine, and the timing seemed to be fine.  I say that the production should get a lot of Emmy nominations and maybe Emmys, unlike--as I believe--The Wiz Live!.  [Note: Of course, if The Wiz Live! does not get a lot of Emmy nominations, a lot of "black" actors will probably want to protest and not show up for the Emmy program, which will not come for a bunch of months yet.]

    Hey, let me get back to the "Flint water crisis" and not yet talk about WHPR-TV.  On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, I was running through the broadcast channels in the Detroit area at about 9:15 p.m., and I stumbled upon a special.  WADL-TV, Channel 38.1, was airing a special called Flint Water Crisis Town Hall, which was a town-hall meeting of citizens (such as from Flint), government people, and others, and the program was held in North Bank Center Grand Ballroom of the University of Michigan (Flint campus); the program had begun at 8:00 p.m., and it was a live presentation, which was moderated or hosted by Attorney Byron Pitts.  The program had two different panels, and some of the people who were panelists were Reverend Jesse Jackson, Attorney Robert Ficano, Reverend David Alexander Bullock, Ralph Godbee (a former police chief for Detroit), Attorney Krystal Crittendon, Attorney Tatansha Reed, Arthur Woodson (called an "activist"), and Councilwoman Monica Galloway (of the City of Flint).  My question is--What was the purpose of the show?  The portion of the program that I caught--45 minutes of it--was mostly used to put down the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, and it also put down the idea of "emergency managers" (who have been, for one, assigned to a few cities in Michigan to get the finances of the cities straighten out, and all the cities can be called "black" cities run by Democrats).  Nothing was said that noted that the people of Flint (the voters over the last several decades) and the Flint government people (of the last several decades) are really the main people to blame for the mess; they had let the city get run down and they had created a culture of ignorance and welfare.  Nothing useful came out as a conclusion.  There was a lot of nonsense said.  At one point, Ralph Godbee got to speak, and one thing that he did was imply that former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick (who is in a federal prison) was put in prison for "allegedly" doing wrong things, so that showed up Ralph Godbee's uselessness and his rottenness.  One woman--who looked like one of the radical blacks (socialists) of the 1960s, wearing African garb--looked as if she was leading a black socialist rally, spouting many times--"Power to the people" (which is a slogan that has become a cliché for rotten people and black "community organizers," such as members of The Black Panthers or The New Black Panthers, which are racist groups of thugs).  Reverend David Alexander Bullock pushed out the idea that what he and others around him were doing was not something that was "about black and white," but I note that the program came off as a "black" program (almost everyone on the portion of the program that I saw was "black").  Councilwoman Monica Galloway (of the City of Flint) wondered who was going to make money out of the whole mess, and Attorney Tatansha Reed was all concerned about the physical and emotional damage that has been put on the people.  Byron Pitts at the end of the program noted how the people on the panels were "esteemed people of the community," and he pushed out that a force was working to "steal democracy" (from the people).  By the way, "socialism" and "communism" have nothing to do with "democracy"--they are forms of enslavism for the people.  The program--which came off as nothing more than an "activitist" showcase, designed to rally the people against Governor Rick Snyder and remove him from office--was not only shown on WADL-TV, Channel 38.1, but also shown on The Word Network, and the audio was aired on radio station WFDF-AM ("910 Superstation"), all of which are owned by Adell Broadcasting.  [Note: If I would have seen the entire program, I might have been able to show up more nonsense that the program had.]

    By the way, one of the sponsors of WHPR-TV is a company called the "Water Station" (located at 18710 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan), fronted by soft-spoken [in the advertisements] Dr. Keefa Weaherspoon, and everyone at that company must be happy about the "Flint water crisis" since more people are probably being scared into buying bottled water, such as from the company [Note: I say that a lot of Americans--black and white and whatever--have been scared out of drinking from public water systems, based on idiocy, and it shows the ignorance of the American public, and companies that sell bottled water are having a ball, raking in the bucks.].

    On Friday, February 5, 2015, I was exposed to rottenness on WHPR-TV, Channel 33.1, in the five o'clock hour in the afternoon, and it was on The Think Tank Show, which I have talked about before.  Basically, the people on the show promoted as good the Nation of Islam.  And on this particular show, for instance, one woman read--not easily--rules or whatever from a small publication, and the theme was designed to get viewers--such as the blacks of Detroit--to take up obeying Allah and serving Allah.  The host of the program was and is Arno Sutton-Bey, and in this episode, he worked to promote as good Louis Farrakhan, who is the leader of the Nation of Islam, and Arno Sutton-Bey sold the idea of having viewers serve Allah and people who represent Allah, particularly Louis Farrakhan, and what was said was said at a time when it was known that Louis Farrakhan was soon to visit Detroit and give a speech, and Arno Sutton-Bey passed along the idea that when Louis Farrakhan speaks on television, Arno Sutton-Bey is always "expecting to get instructions" from Louis Farrakhan.  By the way, for those who are unaware, the Nation of Islam is like a military entity, in which Louis Farrakhan is the leader, and Louis Farrakhan has close people who are like generals, and the followers of Louis Farrakhan are like soldiers, who are expected to follow his orders, and they can even wear clothes that are like uniforms.  Arno Sutton-Bey noted that, when a person supposedly says something bad about Louis Farrakhan, that person should say two things good about Louis Farrakhan.  I know Louis Farrakhan is a racist--I have heard it--and I know what Louis Farrakhan teaches is enslavism.  The episode was indoctrination, and it was designed to get viewers to be sheep to Allah and Islam and obey blindly, and that is what is being taught to people who tune in, especially Detroiters.  And if you are paying attention, you should see that is what "Islam" is really about, and it is not good.  [Note: To see something different, I urge you to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule about Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.]

    Hey, I caught one really fun thing on television since I published the previous edition of T.H.A.T..  I was watching the Get TV network (broadcasat Channel 38.3 of the Detroit area), and the network began to run an episode of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, which was the first episode of the series for the 1972-1973 season.  Some of the guests on the show were Larry Storch and Governor (of California) Ronald Reagan.  The Jackson 5 (featuring Michael Jackson) appeared, and the group sang a fun tune that was released about the time I started to collect information about television, and it was a tune that I sort of forgot about, and it was Looking Through the Window.  I enjoyed hearing that again.  The tune--the performance--is available on YouTube.  The tune was released when the music industry was yet producing fun tunes for the sake of producing fun tune and when the television industry was still producing fun television programs.  [Note: By the way, Steve Martin--the now highly famous comedian--was a writer on the episode, and Bob Einstein--who became famous for being a character on television called "Super Dave"--was a writer on the episode.]

    I did watch Super Bowl 50 on CBS-TV on Sunday, February 7, 2016, and while I watched, I was exposed to a number of shit-head or shitty people (I will only talk about the broadcast proper from about 6:00 p.m. to 10:49 p.m.).  The program opened with a segment directed by Ron Howard, who as a boy played "Opie Taylor" on the television series called The Andy Griffith Show, which had Andy Griffith (a "liberal") as the main performer, and who grew up to be a supporter of the Democratic Party (which is a socialist/communnist party today).  The filmed segment had a lot of "liberal" celebrities, and, for all I know, all are "liberals"  or supporters of of the Democratic Party.  For example, Ashton Kutcher took part; Ashton Kutcher is the man who worked with Demi Moore to make the "President's Pledge" video in 2009, which was designed to get people to pledge to be "servants" to Barack Obama [Note: Does not that sound like the way of the New Nation of Islam?].  Jon Bon Jovi appeared, and Jon Bon Jovi is a hard-line "leftist" and supporter of the Democratic Party, and in public service announcements, such as on radio stations, Jon Bon Jovi promotes the idea of volunteering and getting involved (which has ties to Barack Obama's wishes).  Others who are well known supporters of the Democratic Party, such as Barack Obama, and who appeared in the video were Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Larry King, Larry Davis, John Travoltz, and Jamie Foxx.  The production looked like a parade of "leftists" ("enslavist" soldiers).  There is an old rule--"Like minds get together.".  [See my document entitled THE CRUD AROUND BARACK OBAMA: My Rule--"Like Minds Get Together", which can be reached by using this Crud link.]  Given that rule exists, a good person has to wonder about the goodness of the people behind Big Bird and Bugs Bunny, and, for example, a good person has to wonder how good Betty White really is.  Big Bird, Bugs Bunny, and Betty White were in the production [Note: I have always found something not so nice in Betty White, based on decades of seeing her.]  There were other performers, one of whom was Garth Brooks (a country-music performer).  Years ago, country-music performers were not supporters of socialism and communism.  Things can change and go rotten, though.  The biggest piece of shit to show up on the television broadcast showed up during the half-time program.  Beyonce performed a song called Formation.  During the performance, Beyonce was flanked by dozens of female dancers (all of whom were young black gals it seems), who were dressed in dark clothing and were wearing black berets.  For one, the performance was a salute to "The Black Panthers."  That group was put together by rotten black men in the 1960s, and it was, in essence, a American-born terrorist group made of black men and black women.  The group disbanded some years later, and some years later beyond that, it was sort of reborn as "The New Black Panthers," a group that exists today.  The New Black Panthers is like a black civilian military group.  It is rotten!  The performance also gave a salute to Malcolm X, another rotten black man of the past.  While you remember "Like minds get together," think about Lada Gaga, who who appeared in Ron Howard's production and who sang the National Anthem for the United States of American during Super Bowl 50.  I state--A person can sing well and really sing the National Anthem well on a broadcast for the Super Bowl game and yet still be rotten.  I ask--What is it that Lady Gaga really stands for?  By the way, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were interviewed during The Super Bowl Today, which was the show that preceded Super Bowl 50, and, fortunately for me, I did not have to waste any time typing up any of what he had said in to my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama (Part Two), since the interviewer--Gayle King--made the presentation nothing more than a fluff piece.  ["Beyonce references Black Panther Party at Super Bowl halftime show."  Fox News, 8 February 2016.; Howard, Adam.  "Beyonce's Politically Charged Super Bowl Halftime Performance."  NBC News, 8 February 2016, 11:19 a.m. ET. ; Oswald, Anjelica.  "Here's how Beyonce's Super Bowl dancers honored the Black Panthers."  Business Insider, 8 February 2016.]  Oh, and during the game, a good person (viewer) could detect the true nature of Cam Newton, based on his actions while under pressure--a selfish and self-centered and immature little boy was on display.

    "Communism" (which is a political system often involving coercion and violence against the citizens) and "socialism" (which is temporarily restrained "communism") are not good things!

    When you are looking through the windows--Beyonce's eyes--what do you see?

    NBC-TV is a television network that supports communism and socialism, and it is a network that highly supports Barack Obama, and on weekday mornings, NBC-TV airs Today (that is the general name of the block of programming), and two of the hosts are Willie Geist and Tamron Hall.  On February 9, 2016, I just happened to tune into the program, and Willie Geist and Tamron Hall were doing their segments of the program from Manchester, New Hampshire (New Hampshire was having a presidential primary election on this day).  It was about 9:10 a.m. while I was watching Today.  At one point, Willie Geist said that they were in a "great place to witness democracy.".  And soon thereafter, Tamron Hall said that it is a "big time for democracy."  Both set of words from the hosts came at a time when they were really focusing on the election race between the two main Democratic Party candidates--Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are communists, and communism is not democracy in any way.  Keep in mind--You can have voting in a communistic country, but it is not democracy, especially given a communist country has a one-party system.  Willie Geist and Tamron Hall showed off their idiocy, especially since New Hampshire is a state in which the majority of people vote for Democratic Party candidates--it is a state that is going more communistic every day it seems because the people are getting dumber every day.  The set of words from Willie Geist and the set of words from Tamron Hall were illogical and taught nonsense--given they root for communists ("enslavists").

    "For the record," I pass along information about the good plastic shovel that I use.  I use a "Bigfoot" type model, which was made a bunch of years ago, maybe ten years ago.  A company called Emsco Group still has the type of shovel for sale in the marketplace, which I recently found out by doing an Internet search.  However, the new version of the "Bigfoot" (which is listed as a "1219 Poly Pusher") is not as good as the version that I use.  For one, the new version lacks sort of curved sides, which helps a user keep snow on the shovel when the user is throwing snow with the shovel (the curve sides make it harder for snow to slide off the side).  Also, curved sides on my older shovel give my older shovel more structural strength than the new version has.  At the moment, the "1219 Poly Pusher" is about the best plastic-scoop shovel that I can find, but it could be better, more like my older version.  In a way, the cheapening of the "Bigfoot" style shows more of the breakdown of the United States of America.

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


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