The Nature of Communism
and the Nature of Evil --
An Example: Bobbie Walton,
President of NOW Michigan


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May 4, 2011
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    Communism is one of the terms that really identify "enslavism," and communism is the idea of having an all-powerful central government set policy on everything in the country, and enslavism is pushed by those who wish to be all-powerful, which allows them to use violence and coercion on other people, and, in fact, such people actually like to hurt other people, even millions of people, which is event by what such "enslavists" as Hitler (of German) and Mao (of China) did when they were alive.  Communists believe they have no limits on what they can do to other people, and one thing that they believe is they can lie--continually--as long as it gets their goals accomplished, and Barack Obama is a high-level example of a perpetual liar (as I show in my document Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, which can be reached by using the link at the end of this document), and, really, communists teach ignorance about what they are and about other things so that other people made ignorant and kept ignorant.  Communists wish to have only what they believe in--such as their lies--pushed in the media, and on Friday, May 4, 2012, a communist know as Bobbie Walton (a woman), who is the president of the Michigan Chapter of the National Organization of Women (or NOW) showed as a guest on The Frank Beckmann Show (a weekday radio show aired on WJR-AM, 760, Detroit) how much communists lie, and she was on the radio show as a guest to push the idea that people should work to have Rush Limbaugh (the nationally syndicated radio show) pushed off the air.  During the interview, Bobbie Walton not only lied but also showed illogical thinking, and, in total, what she said was nonsense, and you can see that by looking at some of what was said in the interview, which, in essence, really got going when Bobbie Walton started to talk about how the Michigan Chapter of NOW had started an attack campaign against Rush Limbaugh by attacking a radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that was carrying Rush Limbaugh's radio program around the time when Rush Limbaugh made what Bobbie Walton thought was "this most-recent outrageous reptilian brain remark" ever (which was a remark wondering if a certain woman (Sandra Fluke) could be called something like a slut):

    Frank Beckmann: "...For a 'reptilian brain remark' for which he apologized."
    Bobbie Walton (laughing at first): "Well, um, I, I used to teach children, and I would say that apologies do not count.  I think that the most important thing you can say is--I wish I hadn't done that and I promise I will never do that again.  I didn't hear that."
    Frank Beckmann: "Ah, ah, apologies don't count?
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, it's easy to say---I'm sorry.  It has absolutely no, ah, credibility, especially when a bully says it.  If you look at Rush's behavior, he is getting a lot of, ah, money and a lot of press and a lot of attention by being a bully, and I think it's appropriate for women to stand up to him, as people need to stand up to all bullies."
    Frank Beckmann: "How is he a bully?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Because he doesn't really have any credibility when it comes to a basis in fact.  He doesn't make his arguments, ah, against or for something based on anything that has any rationality.  I can't even listen to him.  It makes me nauseous."
    Frank Beckmann: "...So, so, you have listened to him?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Oh, yes, I try to listen to all points of view.  I don't believe in being so focused on my own mind that I think I'm perfect....."
    Frank Beckmann: "Yeah.  Ah, very few of us are, ah, so, but, but you say he bases nothing on fact.  Can you give me one example of a stance he's taken that wasn't based on some kind of fact?  I mean, we all have opinions, but, dah, where do you find the facts, where have you found an issue where he didn't have a factual basis?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, um, just the fact he, he, he called Ms. Fluke a 'slut' and a 'prostitute.'  I don't think there's any factual basis on that."
    Frank Beckmann: "He apologized for that.  Now, so, I mean, let's move on from that one.  Where, you said he, he makes you 'nauseous.'  I mean, obviously, there was something else that makes you nauseous.  You didn't just happen to tune in that day, right?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, no.  I, in fact, I didn't, I haven't tuned in in a long time, because, um, I, I try to spend my time listening to things that I can't possibly get a handle on, when there's no truth.  Um....
    Frank Beckmann: "But where is there no truth?  That's what I trying to get at."
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, my, my, when I listened to him, he would play, um, sometimes, scattering on the edge of obscene songs about elected officials, ah, President Clinton at that time.  I'm sure he's still doing the same thing about President Obama.  He, ah, he calls people--well, 'femine-Nazi,' of course, is one of his favorites...."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, and the 'New-castraty' and 'NAGs.'  I mean, he, he, he would call you a 'NAG' and a 'New-castr,' a member of the 'New-castraty.'"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, um,...he can call me whatever he wants to call me.  But, ah, there is no, there's nothing based on fact...."
    Frank Beckmann: " understand there are different forms of humor."
    Bobbie Walton: "Oh, yes.  And I don't really think that, um, that this is humorous.  It's like, ah, poking somebody and saying--Oh, you know, I don't understand why you took that personally."
    Frank Beckmann: "All right.  So, so you don't find him funny, and that's, that's a reason to take him off the air?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, I don't, I'm not picking to take him off the air.  I think that all of the people who support him financially--and he's making quit a big, ah, amount of money in order to support his lifestyle--ah, I think all of those people, ah, need to look at how they're supporting him.  But I personally--Take him off the air?  I think that the, ah, the channels, Clear Channel, and the other stations that have him, if his sponsors realize that they are sponsoring somebody who is, ah, going to attract a lot of attention from the people who may be, um, buying their products...."
    Frank Beckmann: "...but, so, wait a minute.  Bobbie, let, now really.  This is, it's an indirect effort to get him off the air.  The effort here is to silence him.  Ah, there's, there's no other, nothing else involved.  You want Rush off the air?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Yeah!  I, I would like to see him off the air, because I think he, ah, stirs up trouble, he gets mob bullying going, and he is, ah, somebody who does benefit our society, he..."
    Frank Beckmann: "...what does Rachel Maddow do?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Rachel Maddow at least presents facts...."
    Frank Beckmann: "What does Keith Olbermann do?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, Keith I don't listen to anymore."
    Frank Beckmann: "Yeah, yeah, Rachel gets her facts wrong.  She presents them, but their wrong, sa very often.  So, ah...."
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, they may be, but they can your own research."
    Frank Beckmann: "So, so does Rush then.  You can make the same argument for Rush--if his facts are wrong, then he stimulates you to do your own research.  Why not, why not ask for Rachel Maddow to be taken off the air?"
    Bobbie Walton: "...people can ask for Rachel Maddow to be taken off the air.  It's their perfect right to do so."
    Frank Beckmann: "Why don't you do it?  You're, ah, the..."
    Bobbie Walton: "Because, because I don't find her, um, bullying.  I find her kind to even the most radical people that she has on her show.  They're not, they're not people who are, are, ah, fermenting--she does not ferment rebellion.  She, she ferments thinking."
    Frank Beckmann: "Really?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Yeah!"
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, ah, okay, so does Rush.  I mean, the same argument can be made.  It's just thinking that doesn't agree with yours."
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, I don't think he--if you talk about the functioning of the 'reptilian brain,' and I do think he appeals to that in people, ah, there's not a lot of thinking that goes into that, it's motionally, it's mostly emotional, it's mostly reactive, it's mostly, um, me against you.  It leads to polarization."
    Frank Beckmann: "Haw.  And so, so, the, the job of a radio is, is not to stir thought or, or create conversation, it is, ah, is what?'   "
    Bobbie Walton: "No.  The job of a radio host is to do whatever they can to get paid.  That's exactly what he's doing, but it's the right of everybody or anybody or me to, to challenge that and to say--Hey, we don't think that what you're producing is worthwhile in our community and we would like to see you not be supported."
    Frank Beckmann: "...You know, what's interesting here is--well, a couple things.  Number one, ah, you can understand, Bobbie, that, that somebody are gonna hear, ah, you continually refer to Rush as being 'reptilian brained' and say--What's the difference between what you're doing and what he did with Sandra Fluke?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Ah, I don't really think that there's great deal of difference, other than the fact that I'm referring to the people that he appeals to as opposed to calling him a name.  I'm not calling him a name"
    Frank Beckmann: "You just said that he's 'reptilian brained' twice."
    Bobbie Walton: 'Well, we all have reptilian brains.  That's a part of our whole brain.  It functions at some level to stimulate fight, flight, and fear, and anger."
    Frank Beckmann: "Okay.  So that's how you meant it?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Yeah."
    Frank Beckmann: "It functions the same way?...."
    Bobbie Walton: "...Right...."
    Frank Beckmann: "...Do didn't mean, do didn't mean that as an insult?  That's a compliment, then?"
    Bobbie Walton: "No!  It's just an acknowledgment that that is exactly what he's appealing to.  And he's very smart."
    Frank Beckmann: "All right.  And what, and what was Sandra appealing to when she was advocating, ah, ah, se, ah, ah, ah, sexual activity by single people?"
    Bobbie Walton: "I didn't hear her advocating for sexual activity...."
    Frank Beckmann: "...what do you use condoms for?  She wanted free condoms.  What do you want them for?  It's not blow up balloons and pass them around at football games."
    Bobbie Walton: "It might be."
    Frank Beckmann: "Well, okay, if, if you, that's what you buy condoms for.  I suppose you could, dah, use them for that too.  Yeah."
    Bobbie Walton: "Yeah, you could.  Condoms...."
    Frank Beckmann: "So, so government should pay for, ah, for that little activity at football games then too?"
    Bobbie Walton: "Well, not necessarily, but if you're talking about the use of condoms not the availability...."
    Frank Beckmann: "Yeah, yeah.  Well, but the availability is for their use is what I'm getting at...."
    That is enough of the interview that I wish to transcribe.
    Look at all the problems with what Bobbie Walton is and what she said.  First, when Rush Limbaugh talked about Sandra Fluke (around March 2012), he never made a direct statement that said that the woman was something like a "slut"; he presented a possibility through an indirection question (Note: I was listening to The Rush Limbaugh Program at the time that Rush Limbaugh was talking about Sandra Fluke, and there was no direct statement made by Rush Limbaugh that called Sandra Fluke a "slut" or a "prostitute").  Bobbie Walton lied about the Sandra Fluke incident, as many people have.  Second, Bobbie Walton said that "...he doesn't really have an credibility....," but Bobbie Walton showed--when you look at the entire text and analyze the entire text--that she does not even listen to Rush Limbaugh's program, so what does she know about what Rush Limbaugh does?  Third, the underlying effort by Bobbie Walton was to lie about Rush Limbaugh and promote the idea that Rush Limbaugh should be taken off the air based on her lies.  Fourth, Rush Limbaugh does not tell lies, as I can attest to tha since I listen to his program almost every day and by doing research about topics that are covered by him and then putting information together into documents at the Web site for The Hologlobe Press.  Fifth, what Bobbie Walton was working to do was promote the idea that you do not want to have a person stirring up people against communists, such as Barack Obama, and she was working to promote the idea of harmony, and she pushed the idea that such a person--a person who shows up communists--is not a "benefit" to "our society," which is what you can expect to hear from a communist, who pushes such thoughts as benefiting "the common good."  Sixth, Bobbie Walton pushed the idea that, although Rachel Maddow does not pass along correct facts, it is all right, given (as a person like you can infer) Rachel Maddow is a communist supporter and has the right to lie.  Seventh, Bobbie Walton pushed the nonsense idea that, although Rachel Maddow lies, Bobbie Walton will listen to Rachel Maddow because Rachel Maddow is not bully (of course, Bobbie Walton presented no facts that show Rush Limbaugh is a bully, as Barack Obama is, which, for one, is shown in my document entitled Madness in a President and Other Matters of a Defective Mind, which shows how Barack Obama used coercion during the Chrysler bankruptcy time of 2009 or so, and that document can be reached by using the link at the end of this document).  Eighth, Bobbie Walton talked about emotions and thinking, but her entire argument was based on no facts.  And ninth, Bobbie Walton's comment of "It might be" in relation to condoms was ludicrousness.
    When you really analyze what Bobbie Walton said, you can see she is a defective thinker, a person those thoughts do not come together logically and whose thoughts contradict other thoughts of hers, and you end up with a mess of words that do no come together, and that is the nature of communism, and that is the nature of evil, and that is the nature of bad people.

    P.S.: I have to report one more thing that Bobbie Walton said during the interview: "Well, there've been an awful lot of sponsors that have dropped his [Rush Limbaugh's] show, too."  This statement was and is a lie!  Bobbie Walton has no facts to back up that statement, having, for one, no ability to be aware of how many sponsors are involved in the program all over the country, and if you listen to The Rush Limbaugh Program on WJR-AM, it is easy to tell the program is not lacking sponsors.


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