To Have Fun and Win at Life, the "Democrat"
Regularly Chooses to Hurt and even Kill Other People
(A Lesson about the "Democrat")


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
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The United States of America

copyright c. 2020

February 17, 2020
(Version 2)
(Draft version)

    In the world, there are people who call themselves--though often not publicly so that they can hide their true natures--communists, Democratic Socialists, Leninists, liberals, Marxists, Maoists, progressives, Shariaists, socialists, Stalinists, and Trotskyites.  Although the definitions of the people noted in the opening sentence can vary slightly, they are the same general type of person, and they are people who like--if not love--to be in government, especially in high positions, so that they can hurt or kill others on a regular basis, and they like to hurt and kill others so that, for instance, they can get more out of life than others can, be seen higher in stature than others in society are, avoid regular work, gain the riches of others, et cetera (before they die, which is when the game of life ends and when the rules of anything goes ends).  In short, it can be said that the people are "enslavists," and those who like to hurt or kill other people in the United States of America as enslavists are always "Democrats" (a political-party-related term) and sometimes "Republicans" (a political-party-related term), as this document proves.
    A person who runs across this document and reads this document will certainly wonder where proof of my saying that "enslavists" (Democrats and sometimes Republicans) like to hurt or kill other people comes from.  For one, it comes from history as results caused by enslavists; for example, Adolph Hitler (a socialist and leader of Germany in roughly the 1930s and 1940s), Mao Zedong (a communist and leader of China in roughly the middle of the 1900s), and Hugo Chavez (a communist and leader of Venezuela of recent history) hurt or killed countless persons [Note: Around 2020, by the way, the results of Hugo Chavez's work as the leader till his death and his followers' work were evident in how Venezuela was destroyed economically and more, and at the time, children were dying of starvation, as had not happened in such as way before Hugh Chavez had gained control, and, in the eyes of good people, the devastation had come clearly through several decades of steady decline under the ways of communism and corrupt minds, but communists and such around the world, even in the United States of America, tried to down play the cause, pointing to other things as causes.].  Also proof comes from looking at and analysing what political philosophies and ways of life that enslavists wish others to live by--through their work as rulers over the people or the "masses."
    In 2019 and 2020, "Democrats" were fighting it out (figuratively) to be the nominee for the Democratic Party in the run to be the next U.S. President, and the candidates were regularly put in front of the American people.  During the period, candidates, such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden (a former U.S. vice president), took part in a number of televised debates, in which they passed along to the American people their proposals for the country or their wishes for new laws and such, and, in essence, all had the same general themes, such as tax the so-called rich more and more and more, and all the enslavists had visions of spending trillions and trillions to dollars to reach their goals (though the money was not theirs).  In addition, they made numerous appearances on political talk shows and entertainment shows of television, such as late-night entertainment shows like The Tonight Show (of NBC-TV) and The Late Show (of CBS-TV), to push out their ideas, and, in some cases, they were almost like regulars on some shows, especially in the case of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.
    Consider what the "enslavists" stand for, and see how what they stand for actually is designed to hurt people and even kill people:

    1. The "enslavists" in the United States of America want "open borders."   "Open borders" is the idea in which people from other countries (like other houses) get to freely enter the United States of America (or your house).  All the other countries in the world do not allow such nonsense to exist, because, for one, the people entering at will can end up taking up resources and housing space and more.  By the way, in some communistic countries, the citizens are not even allowed to leave, being blocked by guards and soldiers and guns.  In a way, the "enslavists" are working to have "open boarders," people who get free things, such as health care, from the government, which ultimately gets paid for by the citizens.  "Open borders" does not make anyone better, and what is does is put a burden on the citizens, who then have to work harder to pay for the people who enter at will and do nothing, like a jackass relative who does not have a job or get a job.   "Open borders" will hurt the citizens of the United States of America.

    2. Enslavists want to get rid of the federal agency known informally as "ICE" (or Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  The purpose of ICE personnel is to catch people who are illegally in the country (like your house) and send them back to the countries where they are citizens.  Each country of the world has laws to determine when people get to enter the country.  And if there is no thing called ICE, there should be something like it, given all countries have such entities.  Without an ICE or something like it, the citizens of the United States of American can find themselves walking with or surrounded with bad people, such as drug smugglers and killers.  Enslavists' getting rid of ICE shows, enslavists care not about protecting the health and lives of the citizens in the United States of America.

    3. "Universal health care" or "single-payer health care" or "Medicare For All" or whatever name is used is purposely designed to hurt people and even kill people.  The type of health care is set up so that the federal government has complete control of the health care of every person, and with such a system, there is no "private health care" or no "private-health-care system," which might be used to bypass the government system, which is very likely to be defective, lacking real compassion and lacking money and lacking health-care facilities and lacking doctors and nurses and lacking medications.  Yes, a person who wants the country to have  "universal health care" or "single-payer health care" or "Medicare For All" or whatever name is used wants it so that citizens can be killed or hurt if they do not follow the rules of the rulers.
    [Note: Many people in the United States of America have the mistaken belief today that "Medicare For All" is simply an expansion of the currently existing "Medicare" program for seniors, but it is not.  "Medicare For All" is designed to be the only medical-care system available i nthe country, forcing the elimination of the private-care system, which will be discontinued and outlawed, and when a person thinks only nationally run health care should exist in the country, even though the country already has good health care for almost everyone through the private sector and private-sector insurance, a good and smart person can only conclude that the nationally run health-care system is being set up so that the politicians can hurt people when necessary.  There is no reason to completely change the current health-care industry to something else in the United States of America, and when politicians work to get rid of the private-sector health-care industry, they could only be doing it for underhanded reasons and nefarious reasons and evil reasons, and that would be the way of killers.]

    Here is an aside.  On October 30, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama (a "Democrat") was running to be the next U.S. president, and on that day, Barack Hussein Obama made a campaign stop at Columbia, Missouri, and Barack Hussein Obama said--"...We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!....".  On February 11, 2020, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (a "Democrat") was running to be the next U.S. president, and on that day, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was at Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire, and during a victory speech, (related to the Democratic Party primary vote in New Hampshire), U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said--"...Now our campaign is not just about defeating Trump, it is about transforming this country!....".  Both men showed that they had no like or love for what the United States of America was at their times of speaking, and they wanted to make, in essence, something new, but good and smart persons knew to make the big change, the only thing that the country could be changed into is a country in which the politicians had complete control (which The United States Constitution, had been made to block).
    [Note: During the time of Barack Hussein Obama as the U.S. president, Barack Hussein Obama  signed into law a bill called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, and when signed, the law was a giant piece of nonsense that led to rising costs for everyone and to defective policies, such as taxes on medical devices and rules that blocked doctors from expanding facilities (offices and such), and so Barack Hussein Obama ended up hurting millions of persons and is still hurting millions since the law still exists and affects everyone (except high-level federal-government people, such as the members of the U.S. Congress, who were excluded from the ways of the law.]

    4.  The enslavist wants to impose a "wealth tax" on the people of the United States of America.  A "wealth tax" is a tax that is imposed on assets (such as money and things) that a person owns, and, by the way, the money and things that a person already owns has been acquired using money that had already been taxed (or had been left over after taxes had been taken away).  In addition, a "wealth tax" is an every-year tax; for instance, if you have a car this year, it gets taxed, and the car will get taxed next year if you have the car, and it will be taxed every year you have the car.  The purpose of a "wealth tax" is to knock down people with money--especially the rich or people who are far from poor--and slowly make them poor (or make them less well off than the enslavists are).  If you have money or assets, the enslavist wants to hurt you and take it from you

    5.  The enslavist wants to get rid of nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants, and they want solar power and wind power to be the main sources of electricity for the country.  They say that the planet will be saved by having mostly solar power and wind power, though it will take a lot of energy to make the new solar-power systems and wind-powered systems beyond what already exists and is providing what is needed for people to live and grow, and they want the change-over to be done in on a few years, such as sooner than about 15 years.  The amount of money that the enslavists want, which would have to come from taxes on the citizens, would be in the trillions of dollars (a.k.a. thousands of billions of dollars).  Yes, get rid of everything and start all new to save the planet, which would further put the citizens beholden to pay off more debt in the future, if the economy does not crash first, leaving everyone poor.

    6. The enslavist regularly reports that what is being done by the enslavist is to help or benefit the "middle class."  Yet, the enslavist wants to raise taxes greatly, which will bring hardship to the middle class.  Consider--the poor, in essence, have no money or have little money that can be taken away by the government in taxes, and raising taxes, such as on food, even a little, hurts the  poor more than the people who are not poor.  In truth, there are very few really rich people in the country.  Even today, if all the money were taken from the so-called very rich--which could only be done once--the amount would barely cover debt that is run up by the government in a year.  When taxes go up, it is the people in the so-called middle class--who do things and make things in jobs--who are most affected.  In a way, enslavists as politicians (like the Democrats) are often rich people, and enslavists' raising taxes is done to keep other people from getting rich or getting as much as the enslavists have, which might allow the other people to challenge the enslavists.

    7. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wants the American citizen to fund political campaigns--that is, through taxes and more taxes.  That is highly bad.  For example, a person running for office would not have to raise money from sources so that money could be spent on advertising and such, and even a person, who is already in political office in the federal government, would get money to run from the federal government (tax money acquired from the citizens).  So, in a way, any rotten person would be able to get money from the government to run for political office, and that means the citizen will have to be taxed more to acquire the money to give to people running for political office.  If a system were set up in which an equal amount of money goes to each candidate for a particular job, such as a U.S. Senator position, the person already in the particular job would still have an advantage over a challenger, since the person in the job gets indirect promotion through actions taken while in office and through appearances on political talk shows of television and such, where current issues are talked about, et cetera.  Hey, the politicians in office will also determine how much of your money it will take from you to run election campaigns, and the politicians in office would determine when a person was able to start getting money (which would benefit the politicians in office, who could block opponents from getting money at least a bit).  It would be the enslavists--the society killers--who would set the limits on who gets to run!

    8. A big push has been going on recently by the enslavists to get the country--the government--to offer "free tuition" or "free education" at college or university.  Of course, there is that old rule--If the government gives you something, it can tell you what to do with it.  For instance, if you get free education in college or university, it can end up in the long run that the government can tell you what you get to study or not study, or the government will tell you what you will be in life.

    Here is an aside.  It is commonplace for the "Democrat" to lie, as Barack Hussein Obama did on a daily basis when he was the U.S. President, as I have prove of in two documents of his statements and speeches, which can be reached through these Quotes and Quotes2 links.  The "Democrat" has to lie because what the "Democrat" stands for and wants for others hurts others--you cannot tell others that what you propose is designed to hurt them purposely (such as for fun)..

    9. When politicians of a country over-spend or when politicians are unrestricted in what they can spend, the country can go in debt, and when a country goes in debt, it is the citizens of the country who are responsible for paying off the debt and not the politicians really, and the citizens have to pay off the debt--if possible--through taxes and taxes and taxes.  When a country is in debt and when politicians then have to raise taxes to try to to pay off the debt, the action is a burden on the citizens, and the action hurts citizens, and the action leads to the citizens' having to do with fewer things (such as fewer vacations or fewer appliances or things) or having to work more (if possible).  Around 2020, the national regular debt--or the general-operating debt--for the United States of America was somewhere around 25-trillion dollars or 25,000-billion dollars (twenty-five thousand billion dollars), and many politicians in the U.S. Congress had no intention of reducing spending or making the debt amount smaller, and their inactions were leading to hurting the citizens on the United States of America or their offspring of the future.  In addition, around 2020, the unfunded-liabilities debt (which, for one, includes Social Security payments) was way over 100-trilliion dollars or 100,000-billon dollars.  A person's taking no real action to reduce that debt is morally defective and thinks nothing about hurting others, which can be millions and millions of persons.

    10. Enslavists want more and more to control the economy and the money that exists in the United States of America, and when they get enough control, they can decide who gets to get money from the government to make things and do things, which makes the government the determiner about what businesses get to survive or not, and when a business does not support the ways of the government, the government does not give it contracts to do things, and then the business goes out of business--or, really, the employees get hurt and end up without jobs.  Government people should never be in control of businesses, because they it can use force and coercion on business, making businesses' future survival dependant on following the dictates of the government or go out of businesses, which hurts people.  By the way, the government standards for the quality of products and services can be bad, so if the government controls businesses, there is no competition that might result in better things than what is available.

    11 Around 2019 and 2020, Democrats (enslavists) who were running to be the next U.S. president were saying that they were going to start this social program or that social program.  The amounts of money were estimated--only estimated--to involve trillions and trillions (or thousand of billions and thousands of billions) of dollars.  Yes, the Democrats were urging voters to vote for them so that they could take more money from the voters in the form of taxes (and in unrestricted ways really) and use the money as the politicians wished and not as the voters might wish.  In essence, the Democrats were saying that they were going to do all these great things for their voters but the voters have to give up control of their money, and the voters can expect that a lot of the money to be taken in more tax was to be used for idiotic things, such as saving the planet (and such as tax might be put on things to get the voters to stop using cars fueled with gas, which means voters would be forced to get new cars (such so-called electric cars) or not have cars, which would keep the people more confined to where they live (which might be in poor neighborhoods, where electric cars in used forms would be highly expensive unlike used gas-powered cars, given the drive-train-related batteries are very expensive in electric cars).
    [Note: The push for electric cars and only electric cars will kill the used-car industry, since the general-operating batteries are expensive to replace, and families will find it hard to have second cars and third cars.  Today, a not-so-rich person can get a used gas-powered car, such as for a son or a daughter, for little money, such as several hundred dollars or some hundreds of dollars [Note: Of course, the car may have rust and not be in perfect condition, but it will get the job done.], and the cost is for the entire vehicle.  When the general-operating batteries for an electric car go bad, the cost to get the vehicle going will be over one-thousand dollars and usually higher than that, and then there is the cost for the remainder of the car.  And when the battery system fails, there is the repair cost (such as to the mechanics at a repair garage or a dealership.  And where is all the material for the batteries for all the millions of electric cars going to come from?  I say in jest--So the electric car will save the planet!]

    Here is another aside.  The theme about the nature of the "Democrat" does not only apply to someone high in stature in the society, such as a person who is currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a member of the U.S. Senate.  The nature applies to all persons who are "Democrats."  In the cases of people not high in stature in the society, those people only have a little power with which to do harm to others, such as by being only a voter (wishing to uphold the ways of communism for a community) or by being a mayor of a city (who does not have so much power through laws to hurt people as does a person high in stature in society, such as a U.S. Senator).  A person not high in stature in society is limited in what harm can be imposed on others, but the person can, for instance, hurt people, such as by working to always increase taxes to the government so that the person as politician can play around with other people's money (which might be used on idiotic goals as seen by good and smart people).

    12. The biggest proof that Democrats ("enslavists") like to hurt and even kill people, especially, for instance, people who will not submit to be slaves to the ways of communism, is the "Mueller Investigation" and the Trump Impeachment events of between at least 2016 and the present.  In wide scope, the Democrats used coercion and lies, such as the "Trump Dossier" (originally funded by Hillary Clinton), staged F.B.I. raids (with CNN involved in on the spot reporting) on people who had been sort of associated with Donald J. Trump, held an illegal impeachment investigation (an investigation that had not been sanctioned through a vote in the U.S,. House of Representatives), corrupted the witness phase of the impeachment inquiry, and pushed out misinformation during impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate (which, incidentally, even had the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts siding with the Democrats, such as by refusing to allow the name of Eric Ciaramella to be said during the trial).  When the trial was over, the Democrats pushed the idea that the verdict in the impeachment trial was tainted and defective and corrupt since no new witnesses had been allowed (witnesses whom the Democrats had refused to interview during the impeachment-inquiry phase in the U.S. House of Representatives).  The first three years of having Donald J. Trump as the U.S. president clearly showed the Democrats would easily take up hurting (such as through Internal Revenue Service investigations and bogus court cases) average citizens and even take up killing average citizens (probably considered "peons" by the Democrats) if not restrained, such as by The United States Constitution, which Democrats regularly put down, citing it was created by racist-against-minorities whites in the 1700s [Note: A lot of money--from taxpayers in the form of taxes--was wasted by the Democrats in the U.S. government on the impeachment investigations and such.].  Yes, the Democrats worked to greatly hurt U.S. President Donald J. Trump, who has power to fight back, so the Democrats would find it nothing to beat up on those that they probably consider peons, and the Democrats would kill you if not restrained
    [Note: Do not let the Democrats with the smiling and happy faces, such as those of Debbie Dingell (of a U.S. Representative related to Michigan) and Pete Buttigieg (who likes to kiss his husband, Chasten Buttigieg (a male), in public and on stages), persuade you that what they stand for is good "for the people" and the country, since a happy-and-smiling faces on the Democrats always hide evil minds.]

    By the way, I have to make something clear.  Some people seem to have the belief that "American communism" will be better than "Chinese communism" and "American socialism" will be better than" Swedish socialism."  Communism is communism no matter where it shows up, even in outer space, and socialism is socialism, even in outer space.  Communism and socialism are basically the same, except the rulers in communism are even more viscous against the people than the rulers in socialism, but the rulers in socialism can be pressed to adopt more viscous tactics when their power in threatened (it becomes a matter of self-preservation and self-survival).  Communism and socialism are government forms in which the government has complete say-so in the daily lives of the citizens, and, in essence, a communistic society and a socialistic society is like an ant society, in which there is a ruler and all the others, and all the others are expendable.

    You see it is the mind of the communist and such that leads to death for others.  The mind is filled with jealousy of others.  The mind is filled with hate for those who have more.  The mind is filled with angry for not being born as the leader.  The mind is filled with only thoughts of the self.  The mind has no real altruistic tendencies.

    For a person to want any or all the ways of life noted in the numbered paragraphs this document, none of which is designed to make people better and can make people better, the person cannot have real compassion for others, and so it is easy for a good and smart person to understand then that a Democrat likes to hurt others and even kill others as something to do in life or as a part of life to get ahead.

    P.S. #1: This information should show you that "Democrats" have the minds of killers, and they will kill to save money, which seems to be more important than people are (especially peons).  On June 24, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama (a "Democrat") as the U.S. President held a town-hall event, and Barack Hussein Obama answered questions from people, and, by the way, the event was televised by ABC-TV as a special.  At one point, Barack Hussein Obama got a question from Jane Sturm who talked about health care related to her mother of 105 years of age, and Barack Hussein Obama said--"...Maybe, you're better off, ah, not having surgery but taking the pain pill....".  In 2011, Michael Bloomberg (a "Democrat"), who was then a very rich man, had a meeting with a family called the Segal family when he was the mayor of New York City, New York, and Michael Bloomberg was concerned about reducing the cost of health care, and at one point, Michael Bloomberg coldly said--"...You show up with prostate cancer, and you're 95 years old, we should say--'Go and enjoy.  Have a nice day.  Lead a long life.  There's no cure.  And, and we can't do anything.'  A young person, we should do something.  Society's not willing to do that yet....".  You can see that Michael Bloomberg, a man with billions of dollars, reported that "society" was yet not willing to say that you do not get care, and only about nine years later--in 2020--Michael Bloomberg was spending millions and millions of dollars in advertising during his run to be the next U.S. president.  And it must be kept in mind that Democrats feel nothing is wrong about over-spending in relation to the U.S. federal budget (such as to give free health care to illegal aliens, who are people who are in the country illegally and are citizens of other countries), as Barack Hussein Obama had in setting new federal-debt records, but the Democrats are eager to cut back in health-care dollars and stop health care to citizens.
    [Note: To learn more about what Barack Hussein Obama said on June 24, 2009, see my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, which can be reached through this Quotes link, and look for the entry for June 24, 2009.]

    P.S. #2: In February 2020, the U.S. household debt was about $14.5-trillion (or $14,500-billion) and the national-general-operating debt was about $22-trillion (or $22,000-billion), and all the Democrats running to be the next U.S. President were proposing that the federal government (which does not include state and local governments) spend trillions and trillions more over the next ten years, such as $95.5-trillion (or $95,500-billion, as proposed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders).  Given that, a good person has to ask the self--If the U.S. household debt is at about $14.5-tillion (or $14,500-billion) and if the national-general-operating debt is at $22-trillion (or $22,000-billion, where is the money going to come from for all the spending that the Democrats want to do?  In addition, a lot of the new spending proposed by the Democrats who were running to be the next U.S. president was idiocy, such as to save the planet from climate change and to give free health care to "illegal aliens" (citizens of other countries who enter in to and stay in the United States of America illegally, the number of whom could be unending).  Incidentally, meanwhile, state and local governments want to spend more, since state and local government are populated with enslavists.  And so you can see the sick minds that the enslavists (or even enslavers) can have--and those are the minds of killers.  Hold it!  And the killers say that what they are going to give you will be "free" (like "free tuition"), but you have to pay more taxes to pay for the "free" stuff, and it is stuff that they decide whether or not you get, and it is they who get to determine what money that you work for in income gets to go toward and to whom it gets to go to.  See the killers, understand the killers, hate the killers, and teach hate!


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