A Report that Shows the International Election Fraud
Operation that was run during the Election in the
United States of America on November 3, 2020




Victor Edward Swanson,

December 15, 2023
(Version Eighty-Two)

    I have, here, a special "for-the-record" document.  The theme is the international voter fraud scheme that was run during the election the United States of America on November 3, 2020, which involved the Democratic Party in the United States of America, especially a few governors, some secretaries of state (or the like), and local politicians, and business people who support socialism or communism (a.k.a. "enslavism"), some of whom are based in other countries, such as Venezuela, Canada, Spain, and Germany.  This document clearly shows how corrupt and evil all the Democrats in the United States of America are and shows how Democrats are in collusion with communists in other countries of the world to make the United States of America a slave state, and it even hints at how corrupt some Republicans, like in statue to Mitt Romney and Colin Powell, are.
    I begin with information presented nationally by radio to me and other people.  On Monday, November 16, 2020, I listened to The Rush Limbaugh Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, and on the day, Mark Steyn was doing substitute duty for Rush Limbaugh.  In the 1:00 p.m. hour (Detroit time), Mark Steyn interviewed Ms. Sidney Powell, who passed along important facts about what is being found about the corruption of the U.S. presidential election of November 2020, such as in Michigan, by the Democratic Party (a communistic party) in the United States of America.  Ms. Sidney Powell told how she has proof how votes were changed from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in relation to vote-counting machines tied to "Dominion" (a Canadian company of the past that is the ultimate seller of machines) and how old articles (newspaper or magazine-like articles) about "Dominion" have been deleted from the Internet.  It was reported that, basically, the vote-counting machines, which have, for one, software programs or systems (with algorithm features) that can be corrupted during the counting process can be considered "Venezuelan" machines, and a smart person is well aware Venezuela is a communistic country, which has fallen apart because of communistic corruption, but other companies are involved.  During the interview, Ms. Sidney Powell reported that the vote-counting machines are easily hacked and that some "kickbacks" took place to get machines in states.  It was reported that individuals who want to report evidence of corruption in the election could go to defendingtherepublic.org.  Defending the Republic is an entity gathering information, such as for class-action lawsuits, that can prove the corruption.  Later in the day, I tuned into the nationally syndicated radio show called The Mark Levin Show, which began, essentially, with Mark R. Levin playing the audio of a video report (about seven minutes long) that had been on PBS NewsHour on October 26, 2020, and the audio reported big problems with the "Dominion" system (of Dominion Voting Systems).  At about 6:30 p.m., Mark Levin began to interview Ms. Sidney Powell, and in relation to why the media is avoiding the story about the election corruption, Ms. Sidney Powell said that it is going to "Blow up the whole election.".  Ms. Sidney Powell reported how the vote-counting machine came out of Venezuelan work to cheat for the president of Venezuela in a recent election, and she noted that one reason vote counting was stopped in some states in the U.S. on election night is Donald Trump was winning even more than anticipated by the cheaters and software programming (that of "Smarkmatic") had to be adjusted in machines so that Joseph Biden could be made out to be the winner.  During this interview, Ms. Sidney Powell reported that she now has an "insider" involved in the original making of the voting system (which can be corrupted), and she noted that, in essence, the "DNA" of the Dominion system is really in every electronic voting system in the country.  What really caught Mark Levin by surprise was Ms. Sidney Powell's statement that Democrats and even some people around U.S. President Donald J. Trump are working to stop her work to show up the corruption.
    Now I have information that I gathered by watching a video press conference held during the middle of the day on Thursday, November 19, 2020, which was run by the U.S. President Donald Trump Campaign Team, which included, for instance, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, and it was an event that lasted for about one hour and a half*.  Rudy Giuliani began the press conference, which was later called an "overview" by Jenna Ellis of the massive corruption that took place in the election of November 3, 2020.  The corruption involved triple counting votes, intimidation of people, not allowing Republicans to see well voter envelopes being opened at vote-counting places, and the over-packing of votes, such as to as much as somewhere around 300 percent, and a big theme involved corrupted vote-counting machines.  Some of the biggest places where corruption took places were Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin, and some cities mentioned were Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Detroit, where it was found that, for example, a supervisor over ballot counters pushed the ideas of pre-dating ballots and not having staffers ask for proper photographic identification of voters.  By the way, it was reported that, currently, the legal team had some 270 legal affidavits from people in Michigan who witnessed corruption, such as in Wayne County.  Sidney Powell was the second person to talk.  Sidney Powell reported how the vote-counting machines had software tied to Hugo Chavez (the dead former president of Venezuela, who was a hard-line communist) and the current president of Venezuela, and the machines could be easily programmed to "flip" votes (from one person to another), could add votes, and could subtract votes, and the system had a "drop-and-drag" feature, which could be used to trash votes in large groups, such as by the thousands, and machines could be set up to weigh votes--that is, certain votes could be rated with a high value and other votes could be rated with low value (as when a vote is only counted a ".25" percent).  Sidney Powell noted during the press conference that vote counting in some cases, such as in Michigan, was actually being done outside the United States of America, such as in Spain and Germany (as with Michigan), and Sidney Powell reported that vote-counting machines were tied to a company owned by friends of the current president of Venezuela (Nicolas Maduro, a communist), and Sidney Powell said that the chairman of the company is tied closely with the famous communist and super-rich man named George Soros.  It was hinted that it seems some politicians in the United States of American paid money ("election insurance") to the machine sellers to guarantee wins.  Once again, Sidney Powell reported to the American public and the world that the "DNA" of the software exists it seems in vote-counting machines all over the country, even those machines not ultimately attributed to Dominion.  By the way, the software (that of Smartmatic) is really tied to Hugo Chavez, who pushed to have it created so that, in the future, he could have election results for laws or whatever meet his hopes, after having lost a constitutional-proposal vote some years ago.  After Jenna Ellis spoke, Sidney Powell returned to the podium, and Sidney Powell reported that she has received emails from people in other countries who have noticed the same types of irregularities in elections in their countries.  Rudy Giuliani was the final main speaker, and during this time, reporters asked a few questions, and Rudy Giuliani said that he does not take, for example, the secretary of state in Michigan (Jocelyn Benson) seriously, given, for one, the secretary of state in Michigan seemed not to know votes in Michigan were being counted in Germany, and Rudy Giuliani said that, if he were yet in government, some people would already be arrested, given there is "plenty of probable cause".  Incidentally, one reporter--a female--would not shut up when Rudy Giuliani was trying to answer and trying move on to another questioner.  And during the press conference, it was made clear that people associated with the defense team, such as family members of an attorney, have been threatened with being killed.
    [* = Note: I watched almost the entire event.  I started by watching the feed offered on the Internet through a publication called The Hill.  The feed died at about 12:39 p.m. for some reason, and when I tried to restart the feed (on my end), text showed up on the screen that noted that "This video is private.".  I  had to jump to another feed source.  It was odd that the feed on The Hill disappeared.]

    By the way, my mind remembers how Jocelyn Benson (a "Democrat"), the Secretary of State of Michigan), got to be seen regularly in television commercials in Michigan a little before the election where she got to sell the idea that the election in Michigan, such as with all the mail-in ballots, was going to be uncorrupted.

    A person has to keep in mind how the Democrats in the United States of America ran the Donald Trump-Russian conclusion fraud story and the Donald Trump-Ukrainian fraud story and how the Democrats worked to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump based on lies and made-up events, and that was at least three years of time.

    On the morning of Friday, November 20, 2020, I went looking for videos (such as on YouTube) and articles on the Internet so see how the press conference of November 19, 2020, was covered by media entities, especially main media entities, and I not was surprised to find, for example, many videos put down the conference and worked to say that the press conference was nothing more than lies.  The first thing I really did was see whether or not on November 20, 2020, the edition of the Detroit Free Press covered the conference, which--I say--is an international story about election fraud involving people in several countries (and I am thinking that maybe stories from good press people will soon show up about elections in other countries, which involved product tied to Smartmatic and Dominion).  On page 2A of the Detroit Free Press was the only story about the press conference in the edition, and the story was entitled "Director reacts of Giuliani's 'My Cousin Vinny' shout-out" [Trepany, Charles.  "Director reacts to Giuliani's 'My Cousin Vinny' shout-out."  Detroit Free Press, 20 November 2020, p. 2A.], and the story was nothing more than information tied to Jonathan Lynn, who had directed a movie years ago called My Cousin Vinny, and the story had some quoted material from Jonathan Lynn, such as--"...'Vinny may have been argumentative and belligerent but he was good-hearted and honest....'" and "'...I regard Giuliani's praise of "My Cousin Vinny" as generous from the man who is currently giving the comedy performance of the year....'".  The story in the Detroit Free Press was nothihng more than fake new and propaganda.  I must report, here, that, during the press conference, Rudy Giuliani degraded the media as a whole, which I found correct, based on my nearly 50 years of being involved in media, and I remind you that during the press conference one female reporter acted like a shit-head, being belligerent and by not shutting up when asked to.  The press conference was available in full on, for example, YouTube, on November 20, 2020, when, in the morning of that day, I found The Washington Post had a video on YouTube called "Giuliani's falsehood-filled news conference, in less than 4 minutes" (which had been posted on November 19, 2020).  I found on the morning of November 20, 2020, a video from the Fox News Channel called "Giuliani claims viable path to victory despite lack of evidence" (which had been posted on November 19, 2020).  Here is an aside.  Remember--The press conference with Rudy Giuliani was only a press conference where information was presented in relation to, generally speaking, what they knew about corruption in the election, and the event was not an official court proceeding, where all facts, which could take days to present, get presented, and, in a way, the press conference was an event used to get other people to come forth with information about corruption in the election.  In the Fox News Channel video, a reported named Kristin Fisher showed her rottenness as a reporter.  For example, Kristin Fisher said that the event was "colorful" and "light on facts" and "...so much of what he [Rudy Giuliani] said was not true or already has been thrown out in court....".  The longer piece of text presented within quotations in the previous sentence is high-end bullshit!  The reporter has no evidence to say that the material presented was "not true", and, certainly, the material that was presented was not thrown out of court since the material had not been presented in court yet--the legal team was yet gathering material, which could be presented in courts.  Kristin Fisher put down the idea that Rudy Giuliani could not offer up information about all the affidavits.  Also on the morning of November 20, 2020, I looked at a video featuring Brian Williams---the man who had had to resign as an anchor of NBC Nightly News years ago for corrupt news reporting.  The video was entitled "Trump Lawyer Giuliani: Lies and Sweats Through Chaotic Presser | The 11th Hour | MSNBC" (which ran about six minutes).  Like other videos available on the Internet that morning, the video with Brian Williams made out that Rudy Giuliani's sweating was an important point.  Brian Williams said--"...Trump's effort to subvert the election results has taken on a new and more dangerous and ominous turn, as The Washington Post puts it tonight--I quote--'The president is now trying to remain in power with a wholesale assault on the integrity of the vote...'....".  In addition, Brian Williams said through the video (which was a segment from a television show on MSNBC called The 11th Hour)--"...during a press conference that will only be remembered for conspiracy theories and dark liquid...." and "...It was rambling, repugnant, reprehensible, hysterical....".  The majority of the text pieces that I found on the Internet were pieces that can be defined as fake news, and, basically, none reported real stuff presented in the press conference, as I have in the third paragraph of this document.  The pieces has a whole were fluff and could be called "hit pieces" on Rudy Giuliani.  A person who went looking for text pieces about what actually happened and was said at the press conference would not find much or would have a hard time finding a useful text piece.  Some of the rotten stories that I found were "'Did you watch My Cousin Vinny?'  Sweating Rudy Giuliani presents 'evidence' for 'massive voting fraud' as hair dye runs down his face--alongside 'elite legal strike force' who claim Joe Biden's win is a Venezuelan plot they uncovered on the Internet" [Earle, George.  "'Did you watch My Cousin Vinny?'  Sweating Rudy Giuliani presents 'evidence' for 'massive voting fraud' as hair dye runs down his face--alongside 'elite legal strike force' who claim Joe Biden's win is a Venezuelan plot they uncovered on the Internet".  dailymail.com, 20 November 2020, 04:05 EST (updated version).] and "Rudy Giuliani Raises Eyebrows with Press Conference Attacking Election After First Court Appearance in Decades" [Carlson, Adam.  "Rudy Giuliani Raises Eyebrows with Press Conference Attacking Election After First Court Appearance in Decades". People.com, 19 November 2020, 07:21 p.m..], the latter of which was defective, for one, in that it pushed out the idea that Rudy Giuliani had not been before a court or a judge in a decades, which is useless information and which does not prove Rudy Giuliani was defective in the recent court appearance.  A story called "Rudy Giuliani falsely accuses Joe Bide of horrible crimes during bizarre press conference" [Summerfelt, Chris (The New York Daily News).  "Rudy Giuliani falsely accuses Joe Biden of horrible crimes during bizarre press conference."  bangordailynews.com, 19 November 2020.] was high-level journalistic malpractice, and, one proof of journalistic malpractice was the use of "falsely" in the title of the article, the first sentence of which was "Rudy Giuliani is having a meltdown.", since the writer of the story did not know whether or not the press conference had offered up "false" information.  I report that the coverage and non-coverage of the press conference of November 19, 2020, by many in the media showed off the rottenness of the media, espeically when considered with what had happened with the Trump-Russian story, the Trump-Ukrainian story, and the Trump-impeachment event.

    Let me back up in time and present some information of the past.  On November 12, 2002, a statement was released by members of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (or the CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security, and the statement reported that, for one, the election of November 12, 2020, was the "most secure" ever ["Presidential election 'most secure' in history, top security experts at DHS say." HuffPost, 13 November 2020, 4:40 a.m..].  During the day of November 19, 2020, a state house committee for Pennsylvania had a meeting scheduled with members of Dominion Voting Systems for November 20, 2020, but on the evening of November 19, 2020, the members of Dominion Voting Systems who were sort of scheduled to show up for the meeting cancelled their appearance, and on November 20, 2020, no meeting was held between members of the State House of Pennsylvania and members of Dominion Voting Systems [Heine, Debra.  "Dominion Voting Systems 'Lawyers Up' Abruptly Backs Out of PA State House Hearing."

    On Friday, November 20, 2020, I learned some information related to Tucker Carlson (an anchor at the Fox News Channel) and Ms. Sidney Powell that I note here, and you should keep the information in mind while thinking about when Ms. Sidney Powell and her associates should or must present their gathered facts about corruption in the election to the American public and especially the court system--a reporter has no authority to demand information be presented to the reporter.  On the evening of November 19, 2020, hours after the press conference had taken place, Tucker Carlson said on television--"...What Powell was describing would amount to the single-greatest crime in American history.  Millions of votes stolen in a day!  Democracy destroyed!  The end of our century's-old system of self-goverment!  Not a small thing!  We invited Sidney Powell on this show.  We would've given her the whole hour.  We would've given her the entire week actually and listened quietly the whole time at wrapped attention...." and "...But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of requests--polite requests--not a page.  And when we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.  So we checked with others around the Trump campaign--people in positions of authority--they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either nor did she provide any today....".  On the morning of November 20, 2020, during an interview with Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business Network, Sidney Powell stated--"...No, I didn't get angry with the request to provide evidence.  In fact, I sent an affidavit to Tucker, ah, that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation, and I offered him another witness who could explain the mathematics and statistical evidence far better than I can.  I'm not really a numbers person.  But he was very insulting, demanding, and rude, and I told him not to contact me again in those terms....".  A person has to keep in mind Sidney Powell is required to only give information to whom Donald Trump wants information to go to,  since he is the client, and people around Donald Trump--so-called "people in positions of authority" (whatever that means)--may not be on the list, given it looks as if the election fraud could be the biggest fraud in American history.  [Note: History shows that some people around U.S. President Donald Trump who have called themselves "Republicans" have not worked for the benefit of U.S. President Donald Trump and the good people in the United States of America, so a person has to keep in mind some people close to U.S. President Donald Trump could be working against U.S. President Donald Trump and the United States of America, which is a theme that can be applied to Colin Powell (who supports Barack Hussein Obama) and U.S. Senator John McCain (who is dead), the latter of whom showed support for communists and socialists, as his wife yet does today.]

    To better understand the corruption theme of this document, a person has to keep in mind the evidence of the Joseph Biden family/Ukraine corruption scandal.  A little before the election between Hillary Clinton (a "Democrat," a.k.a. a communist) and Donald Trump (a "Republican") of 2016, some news entities and news-type persons were showing that there seemed to be a big corruption story surrounding the Joseph Biden family, in which, for instance, Hunter Biden (one of Joseph Biden's sons) was getting paid big money (millions) from some Ukrainians in business related to oil, and Hunter Biden was so-called working for the Ukrainians, such as an advisor, though Hunter Biden had had no experience in the oil business.  After the election of 2016 had taken place, U.S. President Donald Trump had a telephone call (on July 25, 2019) with the then-somewhat-new president of Ukraine, and during the phone call, the subject of Joseph Biden's corruption theme came up, and, by the way, around the time, it was known that Joseph Biden had publicly talked about how he had pushed Ukrainian government people to fire a high-level Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden or not receive billions of dollars.  The Democratic Party turned the telephone call of July 25, 2019, into a reason to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump, and the whole event, which had the backing of the main media, was a lie [Note: See my document entitled A Review of What Television Controlled by Socialists and Communists Worked to Sell as Truth In Relation to the U.S. President Donald Trump Impeachment, which can be reached through this Impeachment link.].  A little before the election of 2020 would take place, more information came out about the Joseph Biden family/Ukraine story, and, for example, The New York Post published a story entitled "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden Introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad" [Morris, Emma-Jo, and Gabrielle Fonrouge and Ebony Bowden.  "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden Introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad." nypost.com, 14 October 2020, 5:00 a.m..], and the overall story that would get exposed, which had gotten started with the article in The New York Post, is that a computer, which Hunter Biden had left at a repair shop for repair and had left at the shop for months (passing, in essence, an expiration date of the pick-up contract), had text information that showed there was indeed corrupt activity between the Joseph Biden family and some Ukrainians.  The story--which had gotten started by information on a computer and then got expanded through research by good news people (such as Sean Hannity of The Sean Hannity Show, a national syndicated radio show)--went nearly unreported in the American media after October 14, 2020.

    More that a person has to keep in mind while thinking about the election of November 2020 is what I present in this paragraph, as sort of a short aside that shows corruption related to at least the FBI while controlled by the Barack Hussein Obama administration.  Around the time of the election of 2016, people in the federal government, such as at the FBI, lied to the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (informally called the FISA Court) so that they would get warrant-like documents that would allow them to spy on members of the Donald Trump campaign organization (and the lie would lead to corrupt court cases on people tied to U.S. President Donald Trump, such as General Michael Flynn, who would get represented by, for example, Ms. Sidney Powell).  To help push the lies to the FISA Court, the corrupt federal government people, such as James Comey (the head of the FBI), used a document--a fantasy story and a piece of fiction--that had direct ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign organization, and the document is referred to as, for example, the Trump Dossier.

    On Friday, November 21, 2020, Ms. Sidney Powell appeared as a telephone guest on a radio show based in Boston, Massachusetts, called The Howie Carr Show, which is broadcast between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., on weekdays on WRKO-AM.  During the conversation, Howie Carr asked Sidney Powell if it will be possible to gather up evidence and present it before courts before the meeting of the Electoral College.  Sidney Powell had this response--"...Well, at the rate information is pouring in and with the dedicated little team that we have, I, I think we're gonna get it done--certainly enough to, to blow it absolutely all up, and it should surely embarrass the Department of Justice and the National Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI that they have ignored all this for all this time.  Either that or they were complicit in operating it and running it and using it for their own operations.  The CIA--I'm sure--had a hand in it....".  [Note: I found the quoted material for this section in a video on YouTube called "11/20/2020 - Sidney Powell dropped bombs on Howie Carr Show - Alpha Agencies will in for" (which had a posted date of November 21, 2020.]

    By the way, on Sunday, November 22, 2020, I tuned into Meet the Press (of NBC-TV) and This Week (of ABC-TV)--at least partially, nothing being able to see both at once--and the press conference of Friday, November 20, 2020, did not get good or in-depth coverage, which would really explain what had been presented or alleged at the press conference.  The portions of the two television shows that I caught presented fluff and worked to put down U.S. President Donald Trump, and helping out were even those who call themselves Republicans, such as the Chris Christie (a mush-head man).  Chuck Todd of Meet the Press had Cedric Richmond (a person who is tied to the Democrat Party in Lousiana and will soon be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives) was a guest at one point, and Cedric Richmond pushed out the nonsense that U.S. President Donald Trump did corrupt actions with respect to the Ukraine-Joseph Biden story, and Cedric Richmond pushed out the crap about U.S. President Donald Trump's action related to COVID-19, saying that U.S. President Donald Trump failed.  Really, the two programs, which had basically only supporters of socialism and communism for the round-table discussions, pushed out corrupt news and information--again.  [Note: Overall, the two round-tables were made up of Ed Glaude Jr. (of Princeton University), who is a black socialist, John Podhoretz (of Commentary), Hallie Jackson (of NBC News), Anna Parker (of Politico), Chris Christie, Rahm Emanuel (a close friend of Barack Obama's and whose brother is a horrid man, being a pusher of government-controlled health care in the complete form), Karen Finney (a Democrat strategist), and Sarah Isgur, and--on the surface--John Podhoretz and Sarah Isgur were the only persons who might be called "conservatives" (at least by themselves), and they came off as mush, mostly supporting the other panelists' themes.]

    I have to present this information.  On Sunday, November 22, 2020, Yahoo! pushed out on to my computer screen a story that showed an example of work by the media to get people not to believe anything that the team of, for example, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, was putting forth to the American people.  The article was "How to talk about conspiracy theories" [Ward, Jon.  "How to talk about conspiracy theories." Yahoo!, 21 November 2020, 4:21 p.m. CST.], and the article was written by Jon Ward, whose work I have been exposed to in the past and whose work shows off his support for the hard-line themes of the Democratic Party.  The article pushed out a bunch of things that a person should keep in mind about conspiracy theories or pushed out a bunch of things that can make a person see signs of a conspiracy theory, such as "...Negative evidence.  The absence of evidence is a clear sign.  Often someone who asks for evidence is then painted as closed-minded and potentially even part of the plot to suppress the truth....".  Hold it!  That takes me to the U.S. President Donald Trump impeachment case, in which--day upon day upon day--the Democrats and many media people pushed out no evidence of rottenness done by U.S. President Trump.  The article by Jon Ward was another propaganda piece from the media, published at a time to teach garbage and put down Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and others.

    On the evening of Sunday, November 22, 2020, and the morning of Monday, November 23, 2020, I could find reports and articles on the Internet that noted that the Trump defense team has distanced itself from or as part ways with Sidney Powell, and, for example, radio people, such as the hosts of Red Eye Radio (Gary McNamara and Eric Harley) picked up the themes of the news stories for their talk show, and one reason given for the distancing between the legal team and Sidney Powell seemed to be her interview on Newsmax TV with Rob Schmitt and Mark Halperin on the evening of Saturday, November 21, 2020, and reports hinted that her conspiracy theory was too much for the legal team to swallow.  For this report, I present some of the statements that Sidney Powell offered in the Newsmax TV interview, which I got from a video on YouTube entitled "Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL" (which runs twenty minutes and forty seconds), and it is a video that was made available on YouTube on November 22, 2020.  At the open of the interview, Sidney Powell noted--"...We haven't even begun to present the big fraud case yet that I'm still working on, and it's going to be a blockbuster....".   Sidney Powell later reported--"...Georgia is probably going to be the first state I'm gonna blow up, and, and Mr. Kemp and the secretary of state need to go with it, because they're in on this Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase or award of a contract to Dominion of a hundred-million dollars.  The state bureau of investigation for Georgia ought to be looking into the financial benefit received by Mr. Kemp and, and, ah, the secretary of state's family about that time.  And another benefit Dominion...was created to award is what I would call 'election insurance'--that's why Hugo Chavez had it created in the first place.  But I also wonder where he got the technology--where it actually came from--because I think it's 'Hammer' and 'Scorecard' from the CIA".  In relation to payoffs in Georgia, Sidney Powell said--"...We certainly have been told that there is evidence of that, and, and would warrant an investigation, if anybody were actually going to do an honest investigation.".  Sidney Powell reported in the interview about election corruption--"...So people have been complaining about it, and the government's done absolutely nothing, except whatever it wants to do.  So who is really pulling the strings here and choosing the American officials pursuant to this system, because it's not the people of United States of America and that's supposed to be who it is?".

    Incidentally, at 10:45 a.m. (Detroit time), on November 23, 2020, Sidney Powell's website known as "defendingtherepublic.org" was yet still an active website on the Internet.

    On Monday, November 23, 2020, Rudy Giuliani appeared as a guest on the Fox Business Network program called Lou Dobbs Tonight.  At one point, Rudy Giuliani reported this information in relation to Sidney Powell--"...Well, I think it's because we're pursuing two different theories.  Our, our theory of the case to get to the Supreme Court now in four places...is, ah, basically, ah, misconduct of the election by state officials in at least five or six different states in which the misconduct of the election involved depravation of constitution rights for the President....".  Meanwhile, research seems to indicate that Sidney Powell was taking on the theme of corruption related to vote-counting machines, such as those using software tied to Smartmatic, and it was reported through NTD Daytime News (of November 23, 2020) that Sidney Powell was hoping to start up court action later in the week (the week on Monday, November 23, 2020).

    In the United States of America, there is a news network called One America News, which was launched on July 4, 2013.  I first became exposed to it on YouTube on November 23, 2020, when I stumbled across a video from the network called "Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking | Pearson Sharp Reports" (which runs four minutes and four seconds).  Wikipedia, which is a somewhat unreliable news entity (based on my seeing it over the years), reports that the One America News is known for pushing for conspiracy theories.  Given that, I do note that the video has comments made by Thomas McInerney, who is a retired U.S. general, and in the video, and Thomas McInerney reports that there are software programs called "Hammer" and "Scorecard" that can affect voting machines adversely and voting results adversely, and dishonorable versions of these software programs do have ties to, for example, Barack Obama (a communist) and the CIA (which has had corrupt upper-level staffers (at least), such as when it was under the control of Barack Obama as the U.S. president).

    In the United States of America, a person or a company can sue another person or company for false statements, such as libelous statements, and if a person or company makes statements--really big-deal statements--that put down another person or company and the other person or company does not work to refute the statements, then there must be a reason, such as the person or company being put down cannot deny the statements.  On November 24, 2020, I looked at a video on Youtube--a video that had only hours before been posted--entitled "Lawsuits are not over by Lin Wood" (which run eight minutes and seven seconds), and the video was a segment of a television show of Newsmax TV called The Chris Salcedo Show, which is hosted by Chris Salcedo.  Early the video segment, I heard Lin Wood (a nationally famous lawyer) say in relation to the election in Georgia--"...The whole election was a fraud.  You're gonna find--I believe--in litigation that will be filed by the President that this infection--this election--was infected by a scam--a fraud--perpetrated through the voting machines where software was installed to manipulate the vote--vote flipping.  The second part of their fraud when they tried to steal our presidency was in paper mail-in ballots.  Now, my lawsuit deals with the absentee mail-in ballots.  I can tell you that, when they did the recount recently, every county in this state [Georgia] was full of fraud and misdoings and irregularities.  They didn't allow people to watch.  They, in fact, ah, did not match signatures.  They just recounted the same false votes that they counted the first night....".  During the video, Lin Wood stated in relation to the governor of Georgia (a Republican)--"...Be careful who you think are true Republicans and conservatives now.  The label doesn't mean much.  The governor of Georgia and the secretary of state of Georgia have made deals with this voting machine and with COVID, ah, medical equipment that bought...[from] China--there's a lot China money involved in this country right now, and a lot of it found its way to the governor and the secretary of state of Georgia...."  And Lin Wood did add--"...They [the governor and the secretary of state] don't want this election to go against, ah, Donald Trump because Donald Trump's Department of Justice may very well be looking at those people in the near future....".

    Lou Dobbs Tonight is a regular program aired by Fox Business Network on weekdays, and it is hosted by Lou Dobbs.  On November 24, 2020, Sidney Powell appeared on the television program, and a little after the program aired, I saw the video clip related to the interview, which was available on YouTube as "BREAKING NEWS: Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs Her Lawsuit in Georgia May Be Filed As Soon As Tomorrow" (which runs seven minutes and three seconds).  Sidney Powell reported that what needs to be done to find the root of the corruption is follow the money back to when a special government committee set down rules allowing Dominion to be involved in electronic-election stuff in the country.  Sidney Powell said--"...The best I can tell is both parties have any number of people who were at fault...." and "...We have no idea who all has benefited from it....".  One thought from Sidney Powell was that some entity needs to do a massive money-following investigation to see "...who paid what to whom.".  Sidney Powell reported that her lawsuit for Georgia should be filed no later than tomorrow, and she noted--"...It's a massive document, and it's gonna have a lot of exhibits." and "...The defendants are going to be folks in Georgia who were responsible for, ah, supposedly making sure the elections in Georgia are done properly, and there are just countless incidents of voter fraud and election fraud at large in Georgia.".  In addition, the lawyer reported in relation to other lawsuits--"Yes, we are.  We'll be rolling them out as fast as we possibly can, because it affected the entire country, actually.  We even have an affidavit now from a, ah, a distant state that's done by the, by one of the election officials in the state, telling us all the things that the person witnessed as being wrong there.  So it was nation-wide.".  Sidney Powell made a point in saying--"...But it's also clear that there was foreign intrusion into our voting systems, and that's going to be real, where the rubber meets the road.".  Here was a point that Sidney Powell made near the end of the interview--"...We've got one witness that says that in Arizona at least there were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate just to start their voting off.  It's like gettin' your five-hundred dollars of Monopoly money to begin with when you haven't done anything.  And it was only for Democrats.".

    Here is an aside of sorts.  On the morning of November 25, 2020, I went looking for information about the election in relation to Rudy Giuliani's team and to Sidney Powell, and I got exposed to several articles.  First, I saw an article pushed out by Yahoo! [Hill, Crystal.  "Trump campaign sued for attempting to disenfranchise Black voters."  Yahoo!, 25 November 2020, 4:00 CST.], which I immediately understood was an article related to black racists, given people by law can challenge elections, and there is no evidence that U.S. President Donald Trump is challenging the election in relation to "disenfranchising" blacks, and the article noted how the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund filed a lawsuit the previous Friday, citing that U.S. President Donald Trump was getting in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 [Note: Today, the NAACP is a black communist organization.].  By the way, the article reported that the lawsuit involved three residents of Detroit and an entity called Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, which I have talked about in the past in editions of Television History and Trivia documents, such as in talking about a television show--which two racists black women (Maureen Taylor and Marian Kramer) hosted--on WHPR-TV, Channel 33, in Detroit (which is now WHPS-TV, Channel 15) [Note: See T.H.A.T. #135 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #135 link, T.H.A.T. #143 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #143 link), and T.H.A.T. #196 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #196 link).].  The next thing that I found on the Internet on November 25, 2020, was a video clip from a news entity called "OAN", and the video clip was on YouTube and was entitled "Dominion Executive: Trump is not going to win.  I made f***ing sure of that." (which runs three minutes a 19 seconds and had a posted date of November 24, 2020), and the video showed a reporter named Chanel Rion (the chief White House correspondent for the news entity) and a man named Joe Oltmann (the founder of Faith Education Commerce United or FEC United), and one theme offered up thoughts about how Joe Oltmann had come to learn through a telephone call information tying Antifa (a terrorist entity) to Eric Coomer (a high-ranking executive at "Dominion"), and the report noted that Eric Coomer had a facebook page that offered highly angry comments against U.S. President Donald Trump and that even had the manifesto of Antifa on it at one point in time.  Next, on the morning of November 25, 2020, I stumbled upon a report by "indiarightnownews.com" ["Denver Business Owner; Dominion's Eric Coomer Is an Unhinged Sociopath--His Internet Profile Is Being Deleted and Erased (AUDIO)."  indiarightnownews.com, 16 November 2020, 23:30:31.] that passed along a bit more information about Eric Coomer, such as how he had obtained a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the University of California--Berkeley and had joined Dominion in 2013 as an executive.

    A little after the start of the noon hour (Detroit time) on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, the Senate Majority Policy Committee of the State Legislature of Pennsylvania began a hearing related to the election of November 3, 2020, and it was an event that I watched through the "Right Side Broadcasting Network" feed on YouTube, and, by the way, it was watched on OAN by U.S. President Donald Trump, who called into the hearing after witnesses had made presentations.  The event came about through the request for a hearing by State Senator Doug Mastriano.  The event started with, basically, Rudy Giuliani presenting witnesses to the panel of senators, and, for example, some of the witnesses were poll watchers or voters and one was an expert in what can be called vote-counting-machine fraud.  One witness noted that some ballots ended up being re-marked, having hard-to-see marks, where he was, and a woman noted that the closest she was able get to observing was about 20 feet, and another woman noted that no observers were allowed in a back room, where ballots were.  A man (a former U.S. Marine) who called himself an expert in security fraud provided information related to people (voters) getting regular ballots when they should have gotten provisional ballots at a voting place, and he said that the "chain of custody" related to mail-in ballots was defective, specifically in Delaware County of Pennsylvania, and he noted that some 100,000 ballots are in question since they cannot be verified as valid.  The former U.S. Marine noted that some 126,000 mail-in ballots were sent out to people but some 200,000 were actually counted.  The next group of witnesses began with a talk by a man versed in "information warfare" (as he noted).  The information-warfare expert said that the vote-counting machines used in the election were indeed connected to the Internet and that the vote-counting machines were built to be manipulated, such as through hacking, and he noted that related machines affected elections in other countries, such as Italy and Singapore.  There was a point when Rudy Giuliani and the information-warfare expert did sort of an question-and-answer segment (Rudy Giuliani asking questions), and information was presented about "spikes" in the tallying of results (as noted on graphs), and it was reported that, in relation to Pennsylvania, about 1,823,000 mail-in ballots were sent out and about 2,589,000 mail-in ballots got recorded.  The information-warfare expert noted that more than one-million of the ballots could be defected, and it was pointed out one "spike" in the count involved 57,000 votes for Biden and 3,200 votes of Trump, and it was noted that another spike related to counting was made up of 337,000 votes for Joseph Biden, and those spikes seemed illogical.  And the information-warfare expert said that such vote-counting-machine technology does have ties to Hugo Chavez.  Then, one person--a male--testified that he had a "watcher certificate" (on behalf of U.S. President Donald Trump), which was "gold" in color, which was a different color than one that might be held by a Democrat (for Joseph Biden) was, and the witness noted how a person at a voting place said that it was no "good" here and would not help him gain access to a watching area.  The next witness, who had come to Pennsylvania on October 24, 2020, to recruit volunteers to work on behalf of U.S. President Donald Trump, reported how local boards were regularly changing rules about the mail-in ballots, which made his work impossible, and he noted that, while he was in an observation area, ballots were coming in already sliced open.  What bothered that witness greatly was that Pennsylvania Supreme Court's recent ruling that watchers did not have to be allowed to be up close to watch.  The next witness (a woman who testified through Zoom) noted that there was no "meaningful" viewing where she had been in Montgomery County, and she noted that she could not get direct viewing of the handling of ballots in relation to Montgomery County and could not determine if a person voted more than once, and she reported how the voting number for a particular city was way out of line when compared with past elections, which was considered an anomaly.  An elderly woman, who was accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law in a Zoom call, reported how, once she had her voted ballot in hand, the ballot did not have Trump marked, though she had voted for U.S. President Donald Trump, and the daughter added that there were clear marks for the other people whom she had voted for.  A woman (who was partially called Gloria) noted how old voter rolls were reactivated for the election, and she noted how about 1,500 mail-in ballots were received that had dates that were before ballots had been officially sent out, and, at a voting place, she noted how at least two persons wore garb that promoted a particular candidate, which is not allowed.  A question-and-answer segment was held between the senators and the witnesses.  A big point put forth from the witness team came from Jenna Ellis, who noted that it is The United States Constitution that sets down the rules [in Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and 3] about what person or entity has the final say on election rules of a particular state, and it is the state legislature of a particular state that sets down the rules for a particular state, and the The United States Constitution pushes away any rulings that might be made by a governor, a state court, a local court, or anybody, such as the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, whose recent rulings on election stuff were defective and should have been considered invalid, and what Jenna Ellis noted was that what they had at this moment was "election-official fraud" (at least).  Rudy Giuliani pointed out that a particular vote-counting machine--when examined--could get a general idea of what happened during the election with all the machines.  It was noted by the witness team during the broadcast of the meeting that a "package," which was made up of text, affidavits, photographs, and graphs, was presented to the committee of senators--proof of the assertions of fraud.  Incidentally, a few senators noted information about how voter registering in their areas went on for this election, such as how more people registered as Republicans, and one senator noted how things did not make sense to him when a local Republican candidate got big votes for an office and yet Donald Trump did not see a similar boost.  The meeting ended at about the top of the 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

    On November 25, 2020, an "information-warfare expert" (as I defined him in the previous paragraph) reported that the vote-counting machines in the United States of America are defective and have ties in history to Hugo Chavez.  Based on information from Brian Mudd (of The Brian Mudd Show of WJNO-AM in West Palm Beach, Florida) of November 25, 2020, while he was substitute hosting for Mark R. Levin on The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show) and based on information in an article about Smartmatic of Wikipedia, I have this rough information.  In 2004, Smartmatic software and Sequoia (a machine maker) had vote-counting machines used for the recall election of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and then the overall vote-counting system was made to help Hugo Chavez.  In 2006, by the way, the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investigation reported, for instance, that the voting system was able to corrupt votes, such as flip votes.  In December 2006, Smartmatic, then owner of Sequoia, sold Sequoia, and later, in or around 2010, Dominion Voting Systems (which was based in Canada and would later move to Denver, Colorado) acquired ownership of Smartmatic and acquired ownership of some Diebold Electric Systems products.  In 2010, the defective nature of Smartmatic software was already well established within the product, but as owner of the Smartmatic product line, Dominion it seems continued offer up defective vote-counting systems up to the election of November 3, 2020, in the United States of America.  [Note: The paragraph is not designed to be a complete ownership trail of "Smartmatic", but it is designed to show the Dominion system does have roots to Hugo Chavez and corruption, and based on information from at least the "information-warfare expert" taking about the election at the Pennsylvania Senate committee meeting of November 25, 2020, Dominion seems to have not cleaned up its products from corruptible capabilities, which makes Dominion suspect, though it seems very likely that many people at Dominion, such as many lower-level and middle-level employees (such as those making hardware units and having no ties to software knowledge), are unaware of the corruptible capabilities.]  [Note: During the radio broadcast by Brian Mudd, Brian Mudd hinted that the "Sequoia" systems are trouble and the "Dominion" are not, but it is known that, before the election would take place, Georgia bought Dominion product, and Georgia had problems with corruption during the election, though maybe the new machines were not used in the areas where corruption is alleged, but remember what the information-warfare expert reported in the hearing.]

    Between March 2020 and September 2020, I wrote several documents (from relatively short to really long) using a personal computer system, and that computer system involved a writing software program called WordPerfect, which I have used in some form (version) since the middle of the 1980s; I have used Microsoft Word and WordPerfect over the years, the former of which was used at work, and I say that WordPerfect is better than Word is.  The longest document that I wrote is 159-pages long (in single-space form), and it was a document designed to see if I could track down the first Fresnel lens used at Forty Mile Point Lighthouse (of the Rogers City area of Michigan), and I may have found the lens or one like it.  On Wednesday, November 25, 2020, Sidney Powell filed two lawsuits related to the election of November 3, 2020, and one was filed in Michigan (where I was) and one was filed in Georgia.  On Thursday, November 26, 2020, during the noon hour, when I was about to watch a professional football game, hoping the Detroit Lions would screw up, I learned Sidney Powell had filed the two lawsuits.  The first thing that I learned about the filings is that they were filled will typographical errors, learning the information through articles by The Hill [Williams, Jordan.  "Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell files lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia." The Hill, 26 November 2020, 09:12 EST.] and "Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Files Election Suits in 'DISTRCOICT' Court" [Aarons, Tony.  "Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Files Election Suits in 'DISTRCOICT' Court." Bloomberg, 26 November 2020, 6:04 a.m. EST.], and the focus of the stories were the "typographic errors", and little was said in the articles about the content of the two documents, which in total covered 179 pages (mostly presented in double-space form).  Also I got exposed to another story on the Internet, while being involved with the two articles that have already been mentioned, and the article was entitled "Twitter Labels Sidney Powell's Website 'Unsafe' After Trump's Ex-Election Attorney Files Typo-Riddled Lawsuits" [Hutzler, Alexandra.  "Twitter Labels Sidney Powell's Website 'Unsafe' After Trump's Ex-Election Attorney Files Typo-Riddled Lawsuits." Newsweek, 26 November 2020, 10:09 p.m. EST.].  The article noted that Twitter (a communistic-type entity) had this label for the website where the copies of the two "complaints" by the Sidney Powell team were posted (www.defendingtherepublic.org)--"...malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices, spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience, violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm and certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules.".  I went to the website known as defendingtherepublic.org, and I found copies of the "complaints," and the versions did have formatting errors, such as missing spaces between words (which reminded me of hidden "codes" (in the electronic files made in WordPerfect) that did not belong in the "complaints" that are unseen by the writer of the "complaints" unless the writer goes to a mode that allows a person to see the hidden codes).  I downloaded the two documents, knowing the two documents were PDF-type documents.  The version of WordPerfect that I use has a feature that allows me to make a document that I have written in WordPerfect and "publish" it (or reformat it) electronically into a PDF-type document (an electronic file tied to the PDF format).  A document that is a PDF-type document is, as far as I know, a harmless document electronically as a rule--given formatting troubles with letters and such are no indication of viruses and such--and the typos in Sidney Powell's document have no ties to such nonsense as, for example, "...violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm....".  I know not how the "complaints" were made (with what software programs for typing them out).  For example, they may have been made with "Word" or "Adobe".  It is possible that the versions of the "complaints" were changed from a writing program of some type to a PDF-type document (or PDF-type file), and the conversion process got screwed up.  I know not if the Sidney Powell team filed paper versions of the "complaints" with the court in Michigan and the court in Georgia.  Maybe, the versions of the "complaints" filed in court were not troubled by formatting problems.  It must be remembered the complaint documents totalling 179 pages were made in only a few weeks.   I do know, once the "complaints" were filed, some news organizations were unconcerned with what was contained in the "complaints" and were only working to put down the documents based on the versions of the "complaints" in electronic that the press people probably got from the Sidney Powell's website.  I skimmed through the two complaints and did not read them fully on Sunday, November 26, 2020, since I was going to be involved in other matters on the day.
    [Note: I still have the first personal computer that I bought, which was acquired around 1985, and I am writing this when I am 270 miles away from the unit, which I bought with the first version of WordPerfect that I ever used, and I think the computer model name was a Zenith Data Systems ZF-128-42.]

    Here is a little story.  During the election of November 3, 2020, Christopher Krebs was the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and soon after the election took place, Christopher Krebs reported that the election of the "most secure" election ever.  On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump fired Christopher Krebs.  On Sunday, November 29, 2020, CBS-TV was scheduled to air an episode of 60 Minutes, and based on a CBS-TV promo for the appearance that I caught on November 26, 2020, it looked to me as if 60 Minutes was going to work to sell the idea that things were secure before, during, and after the election.

    On the afternoon of November 26, 2020, after the Detroit Lions had lost another football game, I went to the Internet to see how the filings by the Sidney Powell team were being covered by media entities.  MSN and The Washington Examiner were more big-name entities that pushed the idea about "typos" and had no real information about what was in the filings (the "complaints").  I did see a story entitled "Attorney Sidney Powell files lawsuit seeking Georgia election results be decertified, awarded to Trump" [Garber, Jennifer.  "Attorney Sidney Powell files lawsuit seeking Georgia election results be decertified, awarded to Trump." foxnews.com, 26 November 2020.], which had been posted about two hours previously to my seeing it, and the story was about what was alleged by the Sidney Powell team and what was being shown by the Sidney Powell team and not about "typos."

    On Thursday, November 26, 2020, Dominion Voting Systems released a document entitled STATEMENT FROM DOMINION ON SIDNEY POWELL'S CHARGES, and it was designed to set the record straight as seen by Dominion Voting Systems.

While Dominion Voting Systems is not named as a defendant, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, Sidney Powell released what appears to be a very rough draft of a lawsuit against the Republican governor and secretary of state of Georgia alleging a bizarre election fraud conspiracy that--were it possible--would necessarily require the collaboration of thousands of participants, including state officeholders, bipartisan local elections officials, thousands of volunteer Election Day poll watchers in thousands of locations across the state of Georgia, federal and state government technology testing agencies, private elections service companies, and independent third-party auditors.  This quite simply did not occur.

Dominion Voting Systems is the gold standard for transparent and accountable voting equipment.  The allegations included in the draft complaint are baseless, senseless, physically impossible, and unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.  We stand with the state and local elected officials and bipartisan election volunteers that this suit maliciously maligns.

In Powell's error-filled document, she repeats a number of baseless allegations about Dominion Voting Systems, which she has made in public since Election Day.

The allegations about DVS most relevant to the election outcome in Georgia are that votes tallied on Dominion vote tabulator[s] were somehow manipulated on a statewide basis to elevate the count in favor of the Democratic presidential candidate.  It is important to understand that this is not possible--not on a machine-by-machine basis, not by alleged hacking, not by manipulating software, and not by imagined ways of "sending" votes to overseas locations.  But even if it were possible, it would have been discovered in the statewide handout votes.

Dominion's systems are secure as certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).  In fact, all voting systems must provide assurance that they work accurately and reliably as intended under federal U.S. EAC and state certification and testing requirements.  Further, Dominion source code is verified and secure.  Third-party test labs chosen by the bipartisan U.S. EAC and accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) perform complete source code reviews on every tabulation system that is federal certified in the U.S.

Every vote from a Dominion device in George is documented on an auditable paper trail and creates a verifiable paper ballot available for hand-counting.  In fact, the Georgia handcounts, independent audits, and machine tests have all repeatedly affirmed that the machine counts were accurate.

In addition, Powell makes a number of allegations that go beyond Dominion's role in Georgia's elections--which is only to provide the ballot tabulation systems.  For the record, again, Dominion does not develop voter-registration systems, poll-books, signature verification software, or proved vote-by-mail printing.  These parts of the voting process are instead supported by other companies and controlled by the state and local officials who run elections in hundreds of thousands of voting places across the country.

The assertions in the Powell filing are non-sensical and unsupported by any presentation of evidence.  However, to respond to some of her specific assertions about Dominion:

* Dominion was not "founded by oligarchs and dictators."  It was founded in Toronto, Canada, and it is now a proud nonpartisan American company.  Dominion has attested to its ownership--under penalty of perjury--to local, state, and federal agencies, including the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which includes all U.S. national security agencies.

* Dominion is not, and never has been, owned by Smartmatic.  Neither has Smartmatic ever been a subsidiary of Dominion, as the complaint asserts.  Dominion is an entirely separate company--they do not collaborate in any way and have no affiliate relationships or financial ties.  Dominion does not use Smartmatic.  These are all facts verifiable in the public record as well as in regulatory and legal filings.

* Dominion has no ties to the Venezuelan government, not any other foreign government, including China and Iran.  Dominion has never participated in any elections in Venezuela and has no connection or relationship with the now deceased former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.  Other companies have serviced elections in Venezuela, but Dominion is not one of them.

* Dominion does not have operations in Germany including an "Office of the General Counsel."

* Dominion Voting Systems are in fact auditable--and are audited and tested regularly by multiple government agencies and independent third parties.  All electronic devices used in the U.S. must be designed to be audited.

* Dominion's system does in fact include a paper ballot backup to verify results.  In fact, thousands of elections officials in Georgia just completed the largest vote recount in American history using the paper ballots produced by Dominion devices.

* Dominion's system cannot be manipulated by a technician in the way Powell alleges.  This has been confirmed by the government agencies that have certified Dominion equipment.

* Despite repeated counts and audits, there is no evidence of any kind that any voting system deleted, lost, or changed votes in Georgia, or any of the other 28 states that use Dominion devices.  Certifications and audits have instead shown the accuracy, transparency, and reliability of Dominion's systems.

* The federal government agency that oversees U.S. election security verified that there is no evidence that this election was in any way compromised.  In fact, they have called it the most secure election in American history.

* Servers that run Dominion software are located in local election offices, and data never leaves the control of local election officials.

* There were no "glitches" with Dominion's voting systems, and no unauthorized or last-minute software updates occurred.

* There were no "data breaches" of Dominion software by anyone, let alone rogue foreign actors.

* Human errors did occur in some counties but were resolved quickly by county officials before the canvass process.

* Votes are not processed outside the United States.  Votes are counted and reported by county and state election officials--not by Dominion, or any other election technology company.

* Election safeguards--from testing and certification of voting systems to canvassing and auditing--prevent malicious actors from tampering with results.

Sidney Powell's wild and reckless allegations are not only demonstrably false, they have led to stalking, harassment, and death threats to Dominion employees.  This criminal activity has been duly reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and we intend to hold Ms. Powell, and those aiding and abetting her fraudulent actions, accountable for any harm that may occur as a result.

    That ends the document from Dominion Voting Systems, and I have some thoughts.  It has not been alleged that the current Dominion Voting Systems did work with Hugh Chavez.  It has been shown that the election was compromised, such as through the idea that some places got more mail-in ballots than the number of ballots sent out by the places, and it is known that election rules were corrupted and did not follow the ultimate federal law (The United States Consitution).  And I wonder about the idea of paper printouts (results pages), which simply record what machines give them, which can be corrupt information, and I have to wonder about the quality of the federal-checking-systems, given proof shows how, for example, the FBI--a federal-goverment body--did corrupt things in relation to the so-called Donald Trump-related investigations (such as specifically in relation to FISA courts).  [Note: That is all the commenting that I will do about the document from Dominion Voting Systems for now.]

    On Friday, November 27, 2020, the American public learned that a three-judge panel of a U.S. Court of Appeals made a ruling against the U.S. President Donald J. Trump team related to the election, and, in essence, it let stay a ruling of a lower court (a court in Pennsylvania), which had been started in the lower court by the team, and for example, it was reported by news entities that the judge who had done the writing of the ruling pushed forth the idea that no proof was shown for the court to act, saying, for instance--"...Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy.  Charges of unfairness are serious, but calling an election unfair does not make it so...." [Hals, Tom.  "In fresh blow to Trump, U.S. Court rejects Pennsylvania election case."  Yahoo! 27 November 2020, 11: 56 a.m. CST.].  Later in the day--in the evening--I did research about the election and the ruling, and I found a YouTube video that was a segment of Greg Kelly Reports of Newsmax TV, in which Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by Greg Kelly, and the video was called "This was a MAJOR FRAUD | Rudy Giuliani" (and the video runs 9 minutes and 19 seconds).  The interview was actually conducted in the four o'clock hour in the afternoon on November 27, 2020, and, for one, Rudy Giuliani reported that his team wanted a hearing, and, in essence, the judge of the appellate court refused, as had the judge in the previous court (the lower court), and now the team could go on to the U.S. Supreme Court.  By the way, Rudy Giuliani made it clear that both judges had refused the team's ability to go through what is called "discovery," pushing forth facts and gathering facts.  Yet, Rudy Giuliani seemed unconcerned, saying that what they wanted was a hearing and they did not get a hearing before the court system so far, but his team did have a hearing before a state-senate committee in Pennsylvania, and his team was working to get hearings in the legislatures of other states, such as Michigan and Arizona.  Much of the interview between Rudy Giuliani and Greg Kelly reported on themes of the hearing before the Senate Majority Policy Committee of the State Legislature of Pennsylvania, and Rudy Giuliani passed along the ideas that he had evidence that at least one place had more ballots (by thousands and thousands and thousands) than had been sent out, had information of the taking of information out of vote-counting machines, and had evidence that some ballots (related to votes for Joseph Biden) were put through vote-counting machines more than once.

    Here is an aside.  The meeting of the Senate Majority Policy Committee of the State Legislature of Pennsylvania (on November 25, 2020) was headed by State Senator Doug Mastriano.  On the evening of November 27, 2020, I learned through an article entitled "Trump erupts at Twitter for suspending Pennsylvania Republican after baseless votes fraud hearing" [The Independent.  "Trump erupts at Twitter for suspending Pennsylvania Republican after baseless votes fraud hearing," Yahoo!, 27 November 2020, 2020, 8:12 a.m. CST.] that Doug Mastriano's account with Twitter was suspended.  I had to wonder why an account would be suspended, given government bodies hold hearings on all types of issues all the time--which can involve good stuff and bad stuff and ediotic stuff and whatever--it that is no reason to suspend a politician's account with Twitter, unless Twitter is working to stiffle voices.

    On Sunday, November 29, 2020, I got exposed to a story posted on the Internet entitled "Meet Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor turned conspiracy theorist who's fueling baseless claims about election fraud" [Choi, Inyoung (Business Insider).  "Meet Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor turned conspiracy theorist who's fueling baseless claims about election fraud."  Yahoo!, 28 November 2020, 10:37 p.m. CST.].  A person who sees the headline might expect to see evidence of Sidney Powell's co-called "baseless claims" through the article.  Maybe, Sidney Powell's claims are baseless, but the article provided nothing to back up the use of "baseless claims" in the article.  In addition, you might think the article passes along a good study of the background of Sidney Powell, but that really was not done through the article either.  Basically, the article was fluff, pushing fake news through the title, which people will see--and most of the people will probably not see the full story.

    "The will of the people is clear--and facts will carry the day"--this was the title of an article published in the Detroit Free Press on Sunday, November 29, 2020 [Benson, Jocelyn.  "The will of the people is clear--and facts will carry the day."  Detroit Free Press, 29 November 2020, pp. 29A and 30A.], and the author--doing commentary--was Jocelyn Benson, the secretary of state for Michigan.  The end of the article is this--"It's also important to be clear that post-election audits are designed to identify issues and opportunities for improvement in future elections.  They are not conducted or performed in response to false or mythical allegations of 'irregularities' that have no basis in fact.  Where evidence exists of actual fraud, it should be submitted in writing to the Bureau of Elections, which refers all credible allegations to the Attorney General's office for further investigation.  It's crucial to understand no evidence of widespread wrongdoing has been presented to date, and judges appointed by both Republicans and Democrats have denied numerous lawsuits on grounds that their allegations lack any merit all all.  Unfortunately, voters continue to be inundated with misinformation claiming the contrary.  Through social media posts, subpoenas, frivolous lawsuits and unsubstantiated claims against basic election procedures, our elections are under siege from a massive amount of false information aimed solely at eroding confidence in our elections and damaging the very foundation of our democracy.  But here's the truth: Michigan's election was carried out by more than 1,600 public servant clerks and tens of thousands of volunteer election workers.  They can and have attested to the fact that our election was conducted fairly, securely and transparently, and that the results are indeed an accurate reflection of the will of the voters.  The will of the people in Michigan is clear and unequivocal.  Citizens across the country and here in Michigan can have faith that these facts will carry the day.".  Hold it!  I now show only a few problems with Jocelyn Benson's presentation.  The election may have involved "1,600 public servant clerks and tens of thousands of volunteer election workers", but I report that most are out of the loop--that is, most are unneeded in corrupting an election, such as if the problem exists with software in vote-counting machines, of which the people have no knowledge.  How can Jocelyn Benson say that the people all over the state "can and have attested to the fact that our election was conducted fairly, securely and transparently"?  Jocelyn Benson has not surveyed all the people?  If Jocelyn Benson were to conduct a survey, the information would probably support her, since almost all the people involved in the election have no knowledge of corruption--being out of the loop--and some would lie.  Jocelyn Benson cannot get away with saying that there is a lot of misinformation, since she probably has not looked at all the information that is being pointed out by the teams of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, such as through committee hearings of legislatures.  Jocelyn Benson pushed forth--"...It's crucial to understand no evidence of widespread wrongdoing has been presented to date, and judges appointed by both Republicans and Democrats have denied numerous lawsuits on grounds that their allegations lack any merit all all....".  Keep in mind--No real court cases have gone through "discovery" and really presented facts, as Rudy Giuliani reported recently (which has been noted in this document).

    Mark R. Levin hosts the nationally syndicated weekday radio show called The Mark Levin Show, and on Monday, November 30, 2020, I listened to the show and was exposed to information that I then knew had to be passed along in this document, and it must be thought about while keeping in mind Jocelyn Benson's article (which is talked about in the previous paragraph of this document).  For one, Mark Levin read material from an article entitled "Reason's why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling" [Basham, Patrick.  "Reason's why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling." The Spectator, 27 November 2020, 3:44 p.m..], and that article is something that I recommend people see, and it is an article that I do not here present parts of, but I could, and my showing off parts would convince you that there were big problems with the election of November 3, 2020.  For this document, I present information from another article that Mark Levin talked about on his radio show for November 30, 2020, and the article was published earlier in the day of November 30, 2020.  The article was written by Daniel Horowitz, and the article was entitled "Horowitz: New analysis shows Biden winning nearly impossible margins on mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania" [Horowitz, Daniel.  "Horowitz: New analysis shows Biden winning nearly impossible margins on mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania."   theblaze.com, 30 November 2020.].  Consider the opening section of the article--"There has been a lot of focus on the number of mail-in ballots counted in Pennsylvania and the illegal state Supreme Court decisions that enabled them.  But what is even more important to examine is the impossible margins Joe Biden would have achieved just among those mail-in ballots and just in Pennsylvania in oder to obtain the unofficial lead he currently has.  Here are the facts.  We know that 2.6 million mail-in ballots have been counted in the Pennsylvania election returns, in addition to nearly 4.2 milliion Election Day votes.  We also know from the secretary of state that Trump won Election Day votes, 2.7 million to 1.4 million.  But we are to believe that Biden won 76% of mail-in ballots.  Yes, mail-ins overwhelmingly skewed Democrat, like Election Day vote skewed Rpublican, but they were not all from Democrats.  We know that 64.7% of those votes were from registered Democrats, 23.7% from Republicans, and 11.6% from nonpartisan or other party voters.  What does this mean in simple arithmetic?  My friend (who goes by screen name Gummi Bear on Twitter) crunched the numbers and showed that had Biden won 95% of returned Democrat mail-in votes, he would still have come up short of his margin of victory reported in the official tally.  We know those numbers are absuird.  There is no way Biden won 21% of mail-in ballots from registered Republicans in this state.  Exit polls showed Biden getting just 8% of the GOP vote over.  While the 95% number for Democrat mail-in is more believable (exits showed him getting 92%), the notion that 80% of mail-in from independents went to Biden is nearly impossible.  Exit polls showed Biden winning 52% of the vote of independents overall.  It would defy logic to think that there was such a qualitative gap between the type of independents who came out on Election Day and those who voted by mail.  Assuming the mail-ins broke down in accordance with the exit polls, Biden would be down by 213K votes, even if every one of the 2.6 mail-ins were truly valid and had proper matching signatures....".  Here is another section of the article--"..While Trump supposedly lost at the top of the ticket, Republican Stacy Garrity best incumbent Democrat Joseph Torsella in the race for state treasurer, even though she garnered 91,000 fewer votes than Trump.  That in itself is not surprising, because many people don't bother to complete the down-ballot votes, so it stands to reason that the total votes cast would be lower.  What is interesting, however, is that while Trump got 170,000 more Election Day votes than Garrity, the obscure Republican running for the little-known state treasurer office got 41,000 more votes than Trump via mail-ins...".  The article shows more logical thoughts, but I leave you to see more of the article.  On November 30, 2020, by, the way, Mark Levin also passed along information in another article that I urge you to see, and that article is "Democrats Are Currently Stealing a House Seat in New York" [Bonchie.  "Democrats Are Currently Stealing a House Seat in New York."  redstate.com, 28 November 2020, 1:45 p.m. ET.].

    Between November 3, 2020, and December 2, 2020 (at least), Democrats and many main media persons pushed the idea that there was no evidence of fraud in the election of November 3, 2020, and the people pushed the idea of no corruption hard and often, and they pushed out the idea that many judges were rejecting the idea of any fraud, though no cases had even been taken up in earnest.  During the week of Monday, November 30, 2020, the Rudy Giuliani team was getting to show evidence in committee meeting of state legislatures, such as in Arizona and Michigan, and they presented packages of their proof, such as documents with affidavits.  For example, on Monday, November 30, 2020, there was a hearing in Arizona, and it was broadcast live by at least one entity, and, today, video of the event can be found on YouTube by typing out "LIVE: Trump lawyers and members of Arizona State Legislature hold hearing on election integrity" (which has a posted date of November 30, 2020, and which runs about ten hours and 40 minutes).  On December 2, 2020, for example, Right Side Broadcasting Network was one entity that broadcast a hearing of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, which had Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and other persons as witnesses, such as the "information-warfare expert" who had appeared at a hearing in Pennsylvania on November 25, 2020.  The hearings--which were headed by Republican lawmakers--allowed Rudy Giuliani and his team to present what they deemed to be facts that showed big-time fraud during the election; Rudy Giuliani and his associates had not been able to get facts out in court events, being blocked by judges from even starting to really present their side to the American public, as Rudy Giuliani reported publicly during the hearing of December 2, 2020.  You are urged to go on the Internet and call up the videos to which I have referred in this paragraph so that you can see what is being talked about by Rudy Giuliani and his team in relation to the election, and when you go to see the videos, you should very likely come across related videos, such as video of the hearing by the State Senate of Michigan on December 1, 2020.
    [Note: I have to make a few comments about the hearing of the Michigan House Oversight Committee of December 2, 2020, and it was a hearing headed by Matt Hall (a Republican).  During the hearing, State Representative Cynthia Johnson (a black gal and a Democrat) did nothing more than waste time and act rude, acting like a gutter slug, and she did such things as push out the idea that all the witnesses are liars, such as by saying--"...And I know they're lying....".  However, a smart and good person can understand State Representative Cynthia Johnson then had no proof that all the people were liars, having gathered no proof*.  By the way, it must be kept in mind that State Representative Cynthia Johnson could get the witnesses to do prison time, if she could prove the witnesses were liars, because the people had signed affidavits that could lead to jail time if they were shown to be liars.  A Democratic Party talking point (as I see it) was pushed out by one Democrat of the committee, and he tried to sell the idea that 39 judges--supposedly an important big number of judges that should convince people of something--had found no evidence of fraud in Rudy Giuliani's filings with court systems, so why should the people of the committee even consider Rudy Giuliani's proposals as useful, but Rudy Giuliani had to point out that his team has only been involved in three filings.  Rudy Giuliani's team pointed out that six precincts had voting totals above 100 percent in Michigan, that a voting machine can only tally about 2,000 ballots an hour, how a truck driver (who was on file through an affidavit) had been involved in moving pre-printed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania and had dropped them off at a drop-off point (where no bill of lading got signed), and how ballots seemed to come in through the back door at times in Michigan.  Of course, spectators to the event did not have the opportunity to see all the evidence on paper that the Rudy Giuliani team presented to the committee.]
    [* =  Come to understand the nature of Cynthia Johnson.  I state--Cynthia Johnson is a piece of  shit black and a black communist piece of shit!  Read this statement that Cynthia Johnson made in an angry and rough tone on "Facebook" on Tuesday, December 8, 2020--"...First I want to say 'thank you' to everybody who, uhm, is supporting our efforts.  When I say 'our efforts', I'm talkin' about doin' things right and in order.  There's a good way to do it and a fucked-up way to do it.  Always provide proof.  Nobody cares what you mouth is sayin'!  Provide proof!  Don't get upset with folks and start cussing 'em out and all that.  Don't....  It never works.  I wish I could be tell, talkin' to ya all in a private room, because, ah, I just wish I did, I could.  But we're public so.  Be smart.  You don't have to yell.  You don't have to curse anybody out.  You don't have to call people names.  Hit their asses in the pocketbook.  Hit 'em in the pocketbook!  For instance, one of our bright citizens of our country in Illinois who had been to, ah--voice-mail me unknown.  But guess what?  FBI, state police--they found her.  So this is just a warning to you Trumpers!  Be careful.  Walk lightly.  We ain't playin' with you.  Enough of the shenanigans.  Enough is enough.  And for those who are soldiers, you know how to do it.  Do it right!  Be in order!  And make them pay.  I love ya all....".  And that is the nature of a black thug, a black racist, a black communist, a society killer, a killer!]
    [Note: I have to make an extra entry related to Cynthia Johnson, because of her using "soldiers" in the statement.  For more than 45 years, I have been a national television historian, and I have been a Detroit television historian (the best in the world).  Over the last fifteen years, I have talked about WHPR-TV, Channel 33, Detroit, a number of times through Television History and Trivia documents, which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. Catalog link.  That station became WHPS-TV in August 2018, and later it switched from Channel 33 to Channel 15.  The station has had programs in which black hosts are flanked by black soldier-like guys (dressed in uniforms)--standing at attention often--and they are like members of the New Black Panthers and the New Nation of Islam or the Nation of Islam, which are black racist groups and thugs.  To me, it looks as if Cynthia Johnson was calling out to those types of people to act in violence, though smartly so as not to get caught.]

    Here is an aside.  If you wanted to see to it that your candidate was going to win and does win, you might want to monitor voting tallies ahead of what gets reported publicly, such as through the media, especially if the stakes are really high, which could be something like, if the opposition wins, massive corruption in government might be exposed.  If you have vote-counting machines that are tied to the Internet and to some place where you can monitor counts, you can determine if you are in trouble and need more votes for your side, such as through adjusting vote counts.  If you discover that your candidate is losing by more than you expected because the opposition is doing better--much, much better--than expected, you might have to shut down counting in some places and adjust the way in which more votes go to your candidate and less to the opposition.  There has to be, in essence, centralized control, and things cannot be left to individual operatives--crooked people--at a lot precinct places where counting is done, since the people would not have good information about how many more votes are needed to help your candidate.  By the way, the more crooks that are involved, the more there is a chance for a breakdown or a leak about the corruption, so central control of only some major counting centers would be the way to go.  Of course, there could be rotten people out of your control who take up--on behalf of your candidate--doing dirty tricks, such as not puttig some ballots (those of the opposition's) in to vote-counting machines.

    Each morning, the Detroit Free Press issues another newspaper for the day, and on December 3, 2020, the newspaper had a story entitled "Giuliani, others offer no evidence at hearing" [Boucher, Dave.  "Giuliani, others offer no evidence at hearing."  Detroit Free Press, 3 December 2020, pp. 1A and 7A.].  The article, which is about the hearing before the Michigan House Oversight Committee, began with--"Relying on conspiracies, innuendo and misinformation, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani implored Michigan lawmakers on Wednesday to take steps that would deliver the state's 16 electoral votes to President Donald Trump.  During an unorthodox hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Chairman Matt Hall, R-Emmett Township, essentially ceded control to Giuliani.  Embodying his former role as prosecutor, Giuliani spent more than two hours asking questions of witnesses who accompanied him to the hearing as a means to present what the Trump campaign deems to be evidence of fraud.  The hearing started shortly after 6 p.m.,  As of 8 p.m., the testimony did not show any evidence of widespread fraud....". [Note: There was nothing wrong with Chairman Matt Hall's letting Rudy Giuliani speak and ask questions in relation to offering up the team's presentation and letting Rudy Giuiliani control his presentation, though the writer of the article seemed to wish to show something wrong had been done.]  The article passed along a few thoughts from witnesses, such as Jessy Jacob (who had signed an affidavit under penalty of prosecution should any of her statements in the affidavit be shown to be a lie in court), and Jessy Jacob reported, for instance, that she was instructed to backdate ballots.  I report that her statements--till proven false--are evidence.  The article noted that Melissa Carone [which is the correct spelling of the name] was a contract worker for Dominion Voting Systems, and the article reported--"...She testified that at least 30,000 ballots were counted multiple times.".  Following the quoted material of the previous sentence, the article had--"...There's no evidence this is accurate, and this level of misconduct would be noted in poll books or through the routine canvass required after every election.".  The writer of the article--Dave Boucher--had no proof of his statement, which is presented in the previous sentence of this paragraph.  Next, the article had--"Both Jacob and Karone filed affidavits in a lawsuit that was ultimately dismissed by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Kenny.  Kenny called the lawsuit's interpretation of events at the TCF Center 'incorrect and not credible.'".  [Note: Dave Boucher used "Carone" and "Karone" in the article.]  The theme related to Timothy Kenny is defective.  Did Judge Timothy Kenny believe Jessy or Melissa were lying?  If so, why did he not report that they should be prosecuted for lying or start proceedings against them for lying to the court?  How does Judge Timothy Kenny know the "interpretation of events at the TCF Center" have no credibility or are not correct?  Remember--Judge Timothy Kenny only held a hearing, which did not have another team, which had the job of trying to dispute the Rudy Giuliani team, such as before a jury, in attendance.  Basically, for instance, the article did not present logic to backup the statements made in the first sentence of the article--"Relying on conspiracies, innuendo and misinformation, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani implored Michigan lawmakers on Wednesday to take steps that would deliver the state's 16 electoral votes to President Donald Trump.".  Where in the article are worthwhile examples of "...conspiracies, innuendo and misinformation...."?   However, the article did make this point--"...Just hours before the hearing, Trump released a 46-minute video on his Facebook page where he repeated numerous false statement about Michigan's elections process.  That included wrongly saying Michigan instituted universal mail-in voting 'right in the middle of an election year,' among many other misleading or inaccurate comments.  Republican and Democratic voters overwhelmingly approved a change to the state constitution that expanded absentee voting in 2018....".  The article had a bunch of fluff material, which could have been replaced with more proof of false things--big-false things (if they existed)--related to the hearing.  I have to report that, based on what I have already written about in this document, the article had one portion that served no purpose related to proof--"On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said his department had not found any evidence of fraud or misconduct that would have changed the outcome of the election.".  William Barr's having not found stuff has no bearing, since William Barr was not involved in a big investigating program related to the election--for example, he had not had hearings-like things.  And near the end of the article, it was reported--"...Giuliani and other Trump attorneys have met with lawmakers in other swing states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania.  During these meetings, at times held at hotels and not in legislative committee rooms, Giuliani and other Trump associates have relied on misleading and inaccurate information in an effort to get lawmakers to take action...".  It does not matter where meetings are held, though the writer of  the article did seem to want you to believe meetings in hotels are defective.
    [Note: In the edition of the Detroit Free Press for December 3, 2020, there was also an article entitled "Trump, Giuliani theories baseless" [Hendrickson, Clara.  "Trump, Giuliani theories baseless."  Detroit Free Press, 3 December 2020, p. 7A.].  This article was used to discount what the article deemed were false claims by the Rudy Giuliani team, and I will not cover well the article since the points are shallow.  One portion of the article noted--"...Jacob claims that she saw Detroit election workers telling voters to vote for Biden and Democratic candidates and was instructed not to ask voters for an ID....".  Jessy Jacob's thought about "telling voters to vote for Biden and other Democratic candidates" does not get disputed in the article as not being fact.  The article talked about ID stuff.  In essence, over the years, I have either had to show a voting card, which had been obtained by showing correct ID, or by showing ID to get an absentee ballot, the latter format of which I have had to do over the last fifteen years or so.  The article had--"...Michigan voters are not required to show ID in order to vote but the Michigan election officials' manual does instruct election workers to ask voters to sign an affidavit if they don't have one.".  The article had also--"...Finally, Jacob said she was told to pre-date absentee ballots that were received after 8 p.m. Election Day dead line.  Chris Thomas, who served as a special adviser to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey for November's election, discredited this claim in an affidavit he submitted in the same lawsuit....".  One more part of the article was--"..Giuliani falsely claimed that Dominion Voting Systems, which makes software and hardware used by election officials in 28 states, is a foreign company that processed America' votes overseas.  Dominion is an American company based in Denver.".  The article pointed out a few other things that the Rudy Giuliani team seemed to have erred on, but the article, which is fairly long, really only hinted at shallow things, and, for example, the article presented nothing about information presented by the "information-warfare expert."  See the article for more.]

    This paragraph could be called "Something Shady is Going On"--maybe.  On Thursday, December 3, 2020, I was listening to The Rush Limbaugh Program (a nationally syndicated weekday radio show), and the program had a substitute host--Todd Herman.  In the two o'clock hour in the afternoon (Detroit time), Todd Herman reported that a video was recently released that showed people in a counting place in Georgia taking suitcases of ballots out from under a draped table.  I immediately went looking for the video or video of the event, and I found one on YouTube.  The video is entitled "Video from GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll workers left" (and it was a video related to One America News Network (or the OAN Network or, simply, OAN)), and the video runs one minute and 36 seconds.  The video was shot on the evening of November 3, 2020, in the eleven o'clock hour (Georgia time), and it is said by a female voice on the video that the table was set in place at about 8:22 a.m. in the morning of November 3, 2020.  The video is really a screen of four shots from four cameras, and the video images have such identifications as "604 Suite Level" and "event space 360".  In the video, several people are moving around and taking suitcases out from under a table.  It is reported through audio that the counting machines could count about 3,000 ballots and hour and that the event lasted about two hours.  At the time, there is no supervising of the people shown in the video images.  I can only make an estimate--it looks as if at least three vote-counting machines are being run, and that means somewhere around 18,000 ballots may have been put through the machines in two hours, and it may have been more than 18,000 ballots because it almost looks as if five vote-counting machines are set up in the vote-counting area.  On December 4, 2020, I discovered a story--a video was a part of it--entitled "Georgia elections chief refutes claims about secret 'suitcase' of ballots seen in surveillance video" [Brest, Mike.  "Georgia elections chief refutes claims about secret 'suitcase' of ballots seen in surveillance video."  washingtonexaminer.com, 4 December 2020, 12:14 p.m.], and a man named Gabriel Sterling, an elections chief, reported to Newsmax TV (from which the video had been derived) that the carrying cases like suitcases are a part of standard procedure, and, officially, Gabriel Sterling said--"...Those aren't suitcases.  Those are regular absentee carriers used in dozens of counties across this state.  That's how they bring those in....".  I have problems with what went on in the video.  If the "carriers" were proper, then why did they get stored under a draped table?  If the "carriers" were proper, why were they not grouped together with others things, such as other ballot carriers, out in the open?  If the carriers were proper, why were they not counted earlier in the day and not after "watchers" were gone?  If the ballots in the "carriers" were real ballots, could not the ballots have been counted improperly?  For instance, a person working with a vote-counting machine could see each ballot (and how it was marked), and the person could put a ballot for Biden through a machine more than once and the person could not put a ballot tied to Trump through the machine, given no one was watching the person.  The "carriers" could be phoney and like those used normally--bought for the purpose of sneaking in rotten ballots into the collection of real ballots.  I think--if a person wanted to cheat in an election, could not the person get "carriers" that look like the official ones and get people to put ballots through vote-counting machines improperly?

    Newsmax TV had Sidney Powell as a guest in the nine o'clock hour of the evening of December 4, 2020.  The interview can be seen through a video called "Sidney Powell: I Have Huge Bag of Shredded Ballots - Raffensperger & Sterling Should Be Investigated" (which runs about seven minutes), and the video is available through YouTube.  In the interview, Sidney Powell reported that her team is working to get vote-counting machines across Georgia secure so that no one can, for example, erase material that is in them, and her work to get machines secure is being done through court action, which has not been successful yet.  In addition, Sidney Powell reported that she has in her possession a bag of shredded ballots, and Sidney Powell told the interviewer that she is getting materials (evidence of fraud) from citizens.

    On December 5, 2020, a video clip called "Analyst finds thousands of illegal Ga Ballots - files suit" (which runs three minutes and twenty-one seconds) showed up on YouTube.  In the video, which is from OAN, the reporter is Chanel Rion, who is in Atlanta, Georgia, and a man named Matt Braynard is interviewed.  The theme of the video is an analysis of voter materials in Georgia, and it is about roughly a 500-page document of research that shows, for example, the names and addresses of people related to illegal votes in Georgia, such as people who did not actually vote but ballots supposedly from them ended up at places to be counted, and it is reported that, for example, to get information, researchers, such as those tied to the "Voter Integrity Project" (which had been founded by Matt Braynard), actually telephoned people in Georgia to find out whether or not they actually voted.  It is estimated in the video that some 22,000 ballots were illegally cast.

    On Sunday, December 6, 2020, news entities were reporting that a judge in Michigan (Judge Kevin Elsenheimer) issued a ruling that allows the Donald Trump legal team (which is headed by Rudy Giuliani) to do forensic examinations of 22 vote-counting machines related to Antrim County, Michigan, and, officially, the research is tied to a court case filed in relation to a vote on marijuana  the county, but the research does affect the presidential election, and on this day, I came across a story in the Detroit Free Press [Essmaker, Anthony.  "Misinformation is undermine confidence in Michigan's elections."  Detroit Free Press, 6 December 2020, pp. 29A and 31A.] that I should comment about.  The article was an opinion piece by Anthony Essmaker, who was a state-accredited election official in Canton Township (of Wayne County, Michigan) for the election.  Anthony Essmaker noted early in the piece--"...I've spent weeks listening to erroneous claims about Michigan's election process, so I'd like to share some information about the work I and my colleagues do, and address some of the concerns I've heard skeptical voters raise....".  Anthony Essmaker first pushed forth the idea that Michigan election officials did not scan more ballots than the number of voters--and his theme was a bit defected, since the question was about "Michigan" but he seemed to be focusing on Wayne County [Note: The question was in the article--"Did some Michigan election officials scan more ballots than there were voters?".].  Anthony Essmaker has no information about the entire state of Michigan.  Anthony Essmaker began his answer with--"In a word, no. We know this is false, evidentially, because all cities and townships are required to match the names and number of actual, registered voters with the scanned numbers of ballots....".  Hold it!  I have learned over the decades that, generally speaking, voter turnout in an election is way below the full number of voters registered, so I think it is possible to double scan ballots and still stay way below the number that is tied to total voters registered.  Anyway, the process of double-scanning ballots can involve a person seeing ballots for Trump and not putting them in a machine and making up the difference in the total number of ballots received by putting through ballots for Biden enough times to make up the difference.  It is possible.  Anthony Essmaker talked about the Dominion Voting Systems machines--"The State of Michigan spent a great deal of time certifying Dominion machines and approved them for the use of election clerks across the state.  Dominion's voting equipment is also certified by the Federal Election Assistance Commission..." and "...But none of this matters, because election officials throughout Michigan are required to check every machine's programming and accuracy ahead of every election, and they are required to do it publicly, where representatives from both parties can observe the process....".  Anthony Essmaker did not report that the machines are checked after voting takes place or at times during official counting use, when they might get corrupted.  It seems to take court orders to get machines checked after they are used, and it seems machines can easily be adjusted through software programs added to them around the time that they are used.  By the way, they can easily be deprogrammed after an election, a process that can take away corrupt programming.  The article had five main topics, but I will only cover one more here.  Anthony Essmaker had this thought about "spikes" (at least in Michigan)--"...Laws adopted by state legislators prohibit election workers from reporting absentee voting results results during Election Day.  At 8:00 p.m., when polls close, we reported the in-person precinct results.  At 6:00 a.m. the following morning, when we were done scanning and counting the mail ballot results after being awake for about 24 hours, we uploaded tens of thousands of ballots as one file.  There you have it, a "giant spike' in ballots being counted appeared to the public.  Yes, they usually come in one giant dump of files...."  In the talk about "spikes" since the election, the Rudy Giuliani team (the Donald Trump defense team) has talked about "spikes" in which votes are for Biden show up in big clumps with no votes  or few votes for Trump, and that is the oddity.  [Note: Incidentally, I would not be surprised if the examination of the 22 vote-counting machine shows up no problems, given there have been weeks in which the machines could have been made proper and uncorrupted--if the machines were corrupted, a smart crook would have been sure things were set back in proper place quickly.]

    The Detroit Free Press published an article entitled "Lawsuit makes wild claims about voter turnout" on Sunday, December 6, 2020 [Hendrickson, Clara.  "Lawsuit makes wild claims about voter turnout."  Detroit Free Press, 6 December 2020, p. 25A.], and the article takes up about two-thirds of a page.  Here, I present much of it.  It seems to show up defects in information from the Rudy Giuliani defense team, but how it affects the entire election research about fraud has yet to be determined:

    A lawsuit is asking a federal court in Michigan to force state leaders to disregard Michigan's certified election results and award its 16 Electoral College votes to President Donald Trump.  It includes an affidavit that makes wildly inaccurate claims about voter turnout in Michigan cities and townships.
    The affidavit comes from Russell James Ramsland Jr., a cybersecurity analyst and former Republican congressional candidate.  Ramsland is the one who mistook voting jurisdictions in Minnesota for Michigan towns in a separate flawed analysis of voter turnout.  His latest analysis correctly names Michigan voting jurisdictions, but similarly arrives at inaccurate voter turnout rates.
    For instance, Ramsland claims that Detroit saw a turnout of 139.29%.  The city's official results show that turnout in the city was actually 50.88% of registered voters.
    When asked about the error in Ramsland's affidavit, Gregory Rohl, the attorney representing the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit in Michigan, said he and his team would investigate the data.  "I'm always willing to learn and surely want the facts set forth to be accurate in any filing bearing my name," Rohl wrote in an email to the Free Press.
    Ramsland's analysis gained public attention when a witness shared its inaccurate findings during a state House Oversight Committee hearing in Lansing Wednesday.  During the hearing, Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, brought a number of witnesses to share allegations of election fraud and misconduct already discredited by election officials and in court.  The witnesses included Col. Phil Waldron, who said he's part of a team that looked into "election manipulation."  He claimed that "publicly available information" from Michigan analyzed in an affidavit shows excessive voter turnout that includes election fraud.  But the numbers do no square with the statement of votes cast from Michigan counties.
    A chart included in Ramsland's affidavit lists 21 Michigan cities and townships, five of which are alleged to have recorded a turnout above 90% in November's election, while 10 purportedly saw turnout of exactly 100% and six surpassed 100%.
    It is difficult to imagine that a turnout rate above 100% -- let alone 782.% in the City of North Muskegon of 461% in Zeeland Charter Township -- would have escaped election officials compiling the statement of votes cast.  But beyond the implausible turnout rates Ramsland alleges, there are other glaring problems with the list.  Shelby Township is named twice.  So is Zeeland Charter Township, with two vastly different turnout rates: 90.59% and 460.51%.  Ramsland lists "Fenton" without specifying Fenton City or Fenton Township.  But the turnout Ramsland lists for Fenton does not match the turnout in either jurisdiction.
    The actual turnout statistics reveal the inaccuracy of Ramsland's numbers.  His figure for North Muskegon is off by a factor of 10: The actual number is 78.11%, not 781.91%.  For Zeeland Charter Township, he inflated the turnout nearly sixfold.  For Grout Township and the City of Muskegon, his number is more than triple the correct number.
    There is one location where the actual turnout matches the turnout Ramsland lists; Grand Island Township, a tiny municipality split between an island in Lake Superior and a stretch of the Upper Peninsula's mainland.  Turnout there was 96.77%, according to the official record, as 30 out of the township's 31 registered voters cast a ballot in November's election.
    The 215.21% turnout rate Ramsland listed for Grout Township initially matched the data in the county's statement of votes cast, but that's because there was an error in the report.  Gladwin County Clerk Laura Brandon-Maveal explained that the election results certified by the county are accurate, but that the number of registered voters used to compute the turnout rate was incorrect.

    And that ends my presentation of material from the article entitled "Lawsuit makes wild claims about voter turnout".

    Mark R. Levin hosts a weekly television show on the Fox News Channel on Sunday evenings, and the show is entitled Life, Liberty & Levin, and on December 6, 2020, Mark R. Levin interviewed Patrick Basham, who is a founding director of the Democracy Institute.  On the show, Patrick Basham explained why the election of Joseph Biden to the office of the U.S. president is truly odd.  Patrick Basham talked about "non-polling metrics," which, in the past, have been accurate in predicting who would be elected.  For example, the "metrics" to which Patrick Basham referred noted that the metrics predicted the win for Donald Trump for 2016.  It was reported that it is commonplace that a Democrat running for the U.S. president has to get more than 90 percent of the black vote to win, but for November 2020, Joseph Biden did not achieve that amount, and U.S. President Donald J. Trump increased his tally from blacks by double for 2020, and, in fact, Patrick Basham said in relation to blacks and U.S. President Donald Trump--"...He had the best minority performance for a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960, doing so well with African-Americans and importantly with Hispanics....".  There were thoughts about how in some states--the "key" states--rejection rates of ballots were close to one percent or less, and that is odd.  Patrick Basham reported on the program--"...If you look at the results, you see how Donald Trump improved his national performance over 2016 by almost 20 percent.  No incumbent president has ever lost a reelection bid if he's increased his votes.  Obama went down by three and a half million votes between 2008 and 2012, but still won comfortably....". Life, Liberty & Levin is a one-hour-long show each week, and from the show of December 6, 2020, YouTube has excerpts of the show featuring Patrick Basham, and, for example, two of the excerpts (videos) from the show are "Patrick Basham explains why Biden victory 'no statistically impossible, but...statistically implaus" and "The Numbers Just Don't Add Up" -- Patrick Basham Breaks Down Implausible Election Data W/Mark Levin".  A person is urged to see excerpts of the show if the entire show cannot be found and seen.  [Hains, Tim.  "Pollster Patrick Basham: Biden Victory Not Statistically Impossible, But Statistically Unlikely."  realclearpolitics.com, 7 December 2020.]

    Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell appeared on more television programs on Monday, December 7, 2020.  For instance, Rudy Giuliani appeared on In Focus with Stephanie Hamill (of One America News), and parts of the interview exist on YouTube ("Rudy Giuliani STRONG evidence of Voter Fraud (Part 1)" and "Rudy Giuliani STRONG evidence of Voter Fraud (Part 2)" (both of which have a posted date of December 7, 2020)).  Rudy Giuliani passed along to Stephanie Hamill that he has some 700 affidavits (related to five states) that are from eyewitnesses having seen fraud being done and that he has another 300 affidavits that raise suspicions that fraud was committed.  Given that the tape of the election room of Georgia for November 3, 2020, exists, Rudy Giuliani wondered why the FBI had yet to take up investigations.  Sidney Powell appeared on Greg Kelly Reports (of Newsmax TV), and she talked a bit about a court case being shut down by a judge, who seemed to have made up his mind before seeing a real presentation (oral arguments) from the Sidney Powell team, so the team is off and on to an "emergency appeal."  Sidney Powell reported that they are yet focusing on the Dominion-based vote-counting machines, and the discussion got to the idea that maybe servers in other countries that were tied to the election in the United States of America have been confiscated by some authorities, and Sidney Powell hoped that they are now in the possession of the U.S. Department of Defense since the issue of changing votes from places in Europe is a national-security issue for the United States of America.

    [Note: A good and smart person can deduce the Democrats were really put out when U.S. President Donald J. Trump was able to fill one more seat on the U.S. Supreme Court a little before the election of November 3, 2020, because the Democrats had already put together plans to corrupt the election greatly and they had already expected lawsuits would end up at the U.S. Supreme Court, and if the Democrats had clear control of the U.S. Supreme Court around the time of the election and some weeks after the election, having control of at least five seats made up of socialists and communists, they would have then gotten control of the U.S. presidency with no trouble, even if their corruption were to be exposed and proven.]

    This document is not intended to provide information about all the lawsuits filed around the country in relation to the election of November 3, 2020, which would touch on such states as Arizona, New Mexico, and Michigan, and, for example, I could talk about how the changed voter-ID system in Pennsylvania (related to, for instance, a law about ID stuff from the legislature of Pennsylvania of 2012 and a court decision by Judge Bernard McGinley of the Commonwealth Court in Pennsylvania of 2014) adversely affected what good persons would think of as good voting rules, requiring good IDs, such as with photographs, but I will note some information that can lead a reader of this document to other important court cases.  For example, one lawsuit related to Pennsylvania--directly involving U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly, Sean Parnell, and State Representative Wanda Logan--should be seen in future as one of the most important cases, since the case was dealing with the constitutionally of a decision that had been made by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania about election results and voiding votes (such as many mail-in votes), and it was reported on December 7, 2020, that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz wanted to be involved in presenting the case--oral arguments--to the U.S. Supreme Court, should the case be taken up by U.S. Supreme Court, in what would be the highest-level phase of the case.  On December 8, 2020, the State of Texas started up a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court, citing, for instance, that some states in the country, such as Pennsylvania, changed election rules in violation of federal law about what entity within a state is allowed to set up rules about elections, and the lawsuit noted that the changes in the election rules in the states being cited (Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania)--"...through executive fiat or friendly lawsuits..."--weakened voting integrity and lowered the value of the votes cast in Texas (given false votes or illegal votes were cast in the other states and were being counted).  What is really important to keep in mind about a main theme of the cases is this--If you have a main national law, such as a provision in The United States Constitution about who sets the rules for national elections in a state, and if an entity or person who is subservient to The United States Constitution (such by being only a county judge or a state judge) can get away with making a ruling that obviously goes against the main law, then in the future any entity or person with rule-making ability in the country, such as a county judge or a state judge, can get away with changing voting rules on a whim, having them be one thing one day and be another thing the next day, and then you have a society of no stable laws or a society of lawlessness or a society of crap and corruption, and you have a constitution that has no force or meaning for all persons and the country as a whole.  [Bowden, John.  "Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania election case before Supreme Court."  The Hill, 7 December 2020, 07:42 EST.; Platoff, Emma.  "In new lawsuit, Texas contests election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania." The Texas Tribune, 8 December 2020, 9:03 a.m.]

    Incidentally, on December 8, 2020, it was clear to a good and smart person that--at best--three persons on the U.S. Supreme Court (Stephen Bryer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan), being supporters of communism and socialism and of La Raza and Sharia (Islam law), were highly rotten persons, that the chief justice (John Roberts) could be expected to be defective and was willing to corrupt The United States Constitution, that two associate justices (Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch) were wishy-washy and maybe unreliable in relation to logical law, that the newest justice (Amy Coney Barrett) was untested, and that only two justices (Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito) were seemingly worthwhile persons and thinkers.

    In the afternoon of December 8, 2020, I learned that the U.S. Supreme Court had rejected taking up the case related to Pennsylvania, and I then knew I had to listen to The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show) in the evening (starting at 6:00 p.m. Detroit time) to hear what Mark R. Levin would say about the ruling, given, unlike me, he had personally dealt with and written about the U.S. Supreme Court and was a big-time lawyer.  Mark Levin noted that the ruling about the Pennsylvania Case, which really focused on the rules of Article II of The United States Consitution and was highly important and serious, was issued in something like 45 minutes after the filing had been made, showing him that the decision about the case it seemed had been made before the real filing was made.  While listening to Mark Levin, I did research to see articles about the decision, and one reported that the U.S. Supreme Court issued this statement--"The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied." [The Independent staff and Reuters.  "U.S. Supreme Court rejects Trump's last-ditch effort to overturn Pennsylvania certification that Joe Biden won battleground state."  Yahoo! News, 8 December 2020, 4:57 CST.].  Mark R. Levin did say that there was no justification that could be made by the U.S. Supreme Court for not taking up the case, saying that is probably why only a one-sentence statement was made by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Mark R. Levin did say that there could be an appeal to have the case reviewed by the entire U.S. Supreme Court, and, for instance, the filers could go for a full "writ of certiorari," which, it seems could result in the U.S. Supreme Court forcing the lower court (the Pennsylvania Supreme Court) to provide the record of the case presented in it to the U.S. Supreme Court (which is the higher court and the highest court in the land), which would do a review of the materials.  At the time of the ruling that I heard about the ruling, it was clear to me that, in the future, any lower court could do what it wished in relation to elections, and such actions could be done all over the country and at any time, and Mark R. Levin had the same theme in his program, and, in fact, a big theme from Mark R. Levin was that the U.S. Supreme Court (having all the justices supporting the ruling) affectively told lower courts and state legislatures that they are free to do whatever they want in relation to elections--heck with The United States Constitution.  And Mark R. Levin made it clear that more chaos would result with elections in the future and that the U.S. Supreme Court was not going to get involved no matter what was done.

    [Note: And now you have yet another reason why government has to be limited in what it can be allowed to do, or now you have another reason to have a country set up so that politicians and judges are limited in what they can do.]

    On the evening of Tuesday, December 8, 2020, some people in the country learned that the U.S. Supreme Court was going to do something in relation to the case filed by the State of Texas, and on the following day, more people learned, but it was still not really clear what was going to be done.  At least the U.S. Supreme Court was asking the four states being challenged in the lawsuit by the State of Texas--Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin--to respond to the filing by the State of Texas, saying, for example, through an Internet post--"Response to the motion for leave to file a bill of complaint and to the motion for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order or, alternatively, for stay and administrative stay requested, due Thursday, December 10, by 3 pm." [CBSDFW.com staff.  "Supreme Court Orders Reply To Texas AG Ken Paxton's Election Lawsuit By 3PM Thursday."  dfw.cbslocal.com, 9 December 2020, 6:01 p.m..].  And that was all that was going to be done by the U.S. Supreme Court till 3:00 p.m. Friday, December 10, 2020.

    I have to report that I live in Michigan and I have written this document in Michigan.  In Michigan, the attorney general of state is Dana Nessel (a Democrat, who has shown herself to be a hard-line socialist at least).  On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Dana Nessel said that the lawsuit by Texas was "a publicity stunt", and Dana Nessel also said--"...The Michigan issues raised in this complaint have already been thoroughly litigated and roundly rejected in both state and federal courts--by judges appointed from both political parties...." [Brown, Ebony.  "Seventeen states, Trump join Texas SCOTUS suit to toss Biden electors." nypost.com, 9, December 2020, 5:21 p.m..].  I state that Dana Nessel lied, given the issues of the suit have not been address in any court, and the issues are not about vote-counting machines and putting ballots through machines more than once and not counting votes.  The next day--December 9, 2020--seventeen states joined in with Texas in the lawsuit proposed for the U.S. Supreme Court, and the states were Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

    I have some information that I have delayed in saying till deep in this document.  It seems counting votes on the night of November 3, 2020/November 4, 2020, ended for a while at about the same time in some of the battleground states, and that is based on, for example, "conservative"-type radio information programs.  I yet have not found articles or stories that note what times the counting was put on haitus, which might prove the counting went on haitus at about the same time in several states, indicating collusion and control from a central point.  I have found communistic and socialistic news entities that say no counting was ever stopped.  However, there is the video from Georgia from the evening of November 3, 2020, which is related to supervising people (Republican-types) being told counting was being stopped and being told they could go home, and that is proof that, in one state, regular and proper counting was stopped at least at one counting place.

    It is clear to a good and smart person that, for instance, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania made rulings about election procedures for Pennsylvania that it had no authority to make, and the rulings went against The United States Constitution, given it is only a legislature of a state than can set rules about elections--period [Note: But, in the end, the crap from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania may never get knocked down.].  Why did not a group called Lawyers Defending American Democracy make a stink about what the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania did?  The group seems to be made of some 1,000 lawyers and former lawyers and law professors and regular citizens.  One of them is a professor at Harvard University (a communistic entity), and that person is Laurence Tribe.  On December 9, 2020, I discovered a news story from Yahoo! called "Lawyers group calls for disciplining Trump legal team over dangerous' fraud allegations."  [Hill, Crystal.  "Lawyers group calls for disciplining Trump legal team over 'dangerous' fraud allegations." Yahoo.com, 9 December 2020, 4:25 p.m. EST.].  Because the Rudy Giuliani team is making allegations, which the lawyers group has not discredited officially with proof and which have not be really knocked down in court through full court cases (such as because judges have shut down cases before they really have gotten going), the team members should be--I guess--disbarred or disciplined in some way.  Laurence Tribe had this material quoted in the story from Yahoo!--"...I would like my right to practice law to mean something...." and "...If you can just use your law license to fling bullshit around, if you can use your law license to take up the time of the court, consume their resources, and undermine the credibility of the legal profession on which the rule of law largely depends in this country--then that's a terrible thing....".  Can you see the nature of the group called Lawyers Defending American Democracy and what is really stands for?  [Note: Can you see what the legal professional has become and is in the United States of America today?]

    This document has been a running presentation--if you go through the document, you will see it is a timeline document.  In the six o'clock hour of Friday, December 11, 2020, I arrived at home (a second home), having been out at a grocery store, and I turned on the radio to The Mark Levin Show, and late in the hour, Mark R. Levin reported that the U.S. Supreme Court shut down the "Texas" case, and the U.S. Supreme Court, in essence, ended the suit before anything really was presented well to the good American people through a court case.  One point noted by Mark R. Levin was that the U.S. Supreme Court said that the State of Texas had "no standing."  Think about this thought.  An election for any U.S. president is a national election, and what happens affects every person in the country, so if one state corrupts the voting process, every person is affected and every person has "standing," and, of course, a state--which represents a portion of the population of the country--has standing for a case related another state's corrupting the voting process and violating the national law known as The United States Constitution.  Mark R. Levin reported that the vote to reject taking up the case was seven persons to two persons (Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito).  While Mark R. Levin was talking, I went to the Internet to see what stories about the rejection were posted by news entities, and few existed yet.  One story, which had been updated only five minutes previously, was entitled "Supreme Court rejects Texas' bid to overturn Joe Biden's election, handing decisive blow to Trump" [Gillman, Todd J.  "Supreme Court rejects Texas' bid to overturn Joe Biden's election, handing decisive blow to Trump."  dallasnews.com, 11 December 2020, 11:27 a.m.), and I thought it should be entitled "Supreme Court rejects Texas' bid to overturn Joe Biden's election, handing a decisive blow to the good people of the United States".  I heard Mark R. Levin talk about--again--the idea that the Democrats said--if Joe Biden he were to become the U.S. Supreme Court---they would "pack" the court, and that means that he would work to expand the number of members of the U.S. Supreme Court and make sure the new people were communists and socialists (who are people who are anti-United States Constitution), and Mark R. Levin said something like--"...the U.S. Supreme Court may have just slit its down throat....".  At the time, a good and smart person already knew that, as the court stands now, the court as a thing is a corrupt thing and a useless thing.  In essence, the U.S. Supreme Court backs the idea that courts and state legislatures may violate the supreme document and law of the land--The United States Constitution--and that means, in relation to elections, that anything goes for elections.  As a thing, the U.S. Supreme Court is not to be respected.  [Note: This paragraph began to exist in this document when the document was reposted at about 7:15 p.m. on December 11, 2020.]
    [Note: I am not surprised the U.S. Supreme Court came up with idiocy.  First, the U.S. Supreme Court is made up of specialists--high-level specialists--in one field of study.  I have a rule about specialists.  They are so specialized in one field that they are ignorant, or they are ignorant of the world and general matters, and if they have not developed common sense and logic and an understanding of all else that is in the world (having come to be only filled with stuff gained through memorization), they are highly stupid and defective thinkers, and then add in the idea that they have a tendency to be highly arrogant (especially if they are given the opportunity--a rare opportunity for people--who wear court robes of stature) and think others, who have not been continually given great accolades for being smart and for having so-called wonderful degrees from universities and such, are stupid.  Then add in also that the people can adopt the ways of socialism and communism, which are political systems based on violence and coercion and hate and killing and which are often adopted by elites (so that they can protect themselves from others and be able to hurt others at will using law as justification and even protect something that they have created for themselves--a corrupt way of life).  Second, the U.S. Supreme Court (as it was made up of people in 2007) led to carbon dioxide being consider a "pollutant" and considered something bad for the planet, even though, for instance, the world needs a lot of carbon dioxide for plants to grow and survive, and that was a part of the court case known as Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.  By the way, carbon monoxide is a pollutant, but it is not carbon dioxide.  The decision was idiocy!  In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court (as it was made up with people then) made a decision about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, and, for example, to justify the act as being constitutional, though a good and smart person knew that it was not, the U.S. Supreme Court (especially Chief Justice John Roberts) corrupted the English language and made law from the bench.  And that is how a society--headed by so-called elites--turns into a communist society, a dead society, and that is why I have said for years that we have "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance."]
    [Note: I have to report that Mark R. Levin also hinted--through deduction and not a good set of facts (yet)--that, if the case would have been taken up, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito would have taken up with the other seven justices in a decision that would have ruled against the filers.]

    On December 11, 2020, it was clear that the Democrats had worked to push numerous lies about U.S. President Donald J. Trump between 2016 and December 11, 2020, so that they might be able to remove Donald J. Trump from the office of the U.S. presidency, given, with Donald J. Trump in the office of the U.S. presidency, he was blocking the way to turn the country into a hard-line communist country, which had been really pushed for through by the efforts of Barack Hussein Obama and which could become governed by the United Nations, which is controlled by communists and socialists and evil people from all over the world.  What the Democrats did between at least 2016 and December 11, 2020, was something that could be thought of as treasonous--it was work to overthrow the government (based on numerous lies and trumped up situations).  On December 11, 2020, U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell (a Democrat related to New Jersey) pushed forth the idea in public that the 126 U.S. Representatives (all of whom were of the Republican Party) who supported the "Texas" lawsuit (such as by filing amicus briefs) should be kept out of the Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (a Democrat related California) for having worked to overthrow the country and an election, related to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of The United States Constitution.  It was reported that U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell said that the supreme law of the land notes that persons who work to overthrow the government are not allowed to hold state office or federal office.  Yes, the Democrats pushed to overthrow the government in real terms, and yet they push the idea that, because 126 U.S. Representatives had done proper and legal court action, like what Democrats had done in the past (such as for the election involving Al Gore), it is the 126 U.S. Representatives who should be thrown out.  [Papenfuss, Mary (of HuffPost).  "Lawmakers Who Backed Texas Lawsuit Should Be Barred From House: NJ Congressman."  Yahoo.com, 11 December 2020, 8:30 p.m. CST.]

    College football games were on television on Saturday, December 12, 2020, being background noise, when I wrote this paragraph for the document in the afternoon.  Since about 2009, I have written numerous documents that showed up the rottenness of the Democratic Party in the United States of America and some of the rottenness of the Republican Party.  When Barack Hussein Obama was the U.S. president, the Democrats in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere supported, in essence, every rotten thing that Barack Hussein Obama was involved with, such as the gun-running scheme (which ended up with the death of a U.S. border agent), and many Republicans--especially in the hierarchy--supported what Barack Hussein did or they did nothing to stop or block the rottenness of Barack Hussein Obama.  Then while Donald J. Trump was becoming the U.S. president, the Democrats and many Republicans showed their disdain for Donald J. Trump, and some of those Republicans were the communists known as Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, and John McCain.  In the years of U.S. President Donald J. Trump presidency, all the Democrats attacked U.S. Donald J. Trump, such as with fake stories about pissing on a bed where Barack Hussein Obama had been and about colluding with Russia and Ukraine, and many of the Republicans did nothing to fight back against the Democrats, even when it was clearly evident that all that was being said about U.S. President Donald Trump was crap.  Today, all the people of the Democratic Party are enemies of good people--non-communists, non-socialists, non-progressives, non-Shariaists, et cetera--and the Democrats would kill good people if they could get away with it, being like Hitler and Mao (socialists and communists), and many Republicans would do the same, given many Republicans have allowed the corruption of The United States Constitution to stand in relation to the election of November 3, 2020, and other matters.  Today, the United States of America is corrupt and a communistic country, despite having The United States Constitution because many of the people are (politicians and citizens).  While the football games were playing on television, I found more evidence of the rottenness of many of the Republicans.  For instance, I found on the Internet a story called "'An Indelible Stain': How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy" [Rutenberg, Jim, and Nick Corasanti (The New York Times.  "'An Indelible Stain': How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy."  Yahoo.com, 12 December 2020, 10:59 a.m. CST.].  One person pointed out to be rotten to me in the article, though the writers of the piece (who are associated with The New York Times, a communistic newspaper) did not see it that way it seems, was Michael Steele (yet another black who supports rottenness for the country), and he was once the head of the Republican National Committee.  Some material said by Michael Steele for the article was--"...The act itself by the 126 members of the United States House of Representatives, is an affront to the country....." and "...It's an offense to the Constitution and it leaves an indelible stain that will be hard for those 126 members to wipe off their political skin for a long time to come....".  Michael Steele is another enemy of good people in the United States of America and another society killer, supporting a corrupt election and corrupt people.

    It seems very likely, over time, more of the election fraud will come to light, but now it looks as if people are working hard to stall the ability of good people to really understand what rottenness took place.  On December 4, 2020, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer (in Michigan) allowed a forensic audit of 22 vote-counting machines related to Antrim County, Michigan, and at the time, a protective order was issued by the judge on the information related to the audit, which was to be conducted by Allied Security Operations Group of the Dallas area of Texas.  On December 12, 2020, I saw this story through the Internet about the audit topic--"Judge to conduct hearing on whether to lift protective order, release Antrim County results" [Egan, Paul.  "Judge to conduct hearing on whether to lift protective order, release Antrim County results." Detroit Free Press, 12 December 2020, 4:40 p.m. ET (updated time).]. The hearing was scheduled to take place on Monday, December 14, 2020.  A portion of the article was--"...Portage [Michigan] attorney Matthew DePerno filed an emergency motion Friday with 13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, claiming he has 'received initial preliminary results which are important for the public, the U.S. government and the Michigan Legislature to review and understand,' and are 'an issue of national security.'...".
    [Note: On the evening of December 12, 2020, I saw a video on YouTube entitled "Forensic Audit Of At Least 22 Dominion Machines Complete, But Judge Rules To Seal The Results" (by The Werff Report), which runs about six minutes and was posted on December 11, 2020, and it has a portion of video from Lou Dobbs Tonight from December 11, 2020, in which Lou Dobbs interviews Patrick Colbeck.]

    To understand the rottenness of the Democrats, you to have to listen to them a bit, and then you discard them as defective and expendable, based on their minds.  On Sunday, December 13, 2020, the Detroit Free Press published an interview piece featuring as the interviewee Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle (a Democrat and a hard-line socialist and feminist) [Boater, Dave.  "Nestle assails lawsuits, Trump."  Detroit Free Press, 13 December 2020, p. 4A and 9A.].  Dana Nestle in talking about the "Texas" suit and if the "Texas" suit had resulted in relief to Texas, Dana Nestle hinted it would have been the end of democracy, and she said--"'Yeah, I think it's quite simple.  When you have one state that decides that they don't approve of who another state voted for, for either the presidency or any other office, and thus can undermine the votes of four states that represent 39 million people, then you have not only the popular vote doesn't matter (which we know that it never matters) but in addition, now the Electoral College doesn't matter.  And that's for the highest office in our land.  If that were to occur, I mean, that is the very foundation of our democracy, of course.  Our ability to vote for people we want to see in office, and for the person who has the most votes, or in the case of the presidency wins the Electoral College, wins the election.  So when you take that away--winning the Electoral College means nothing, and winning the popular vote means nothing--then what's left of our democracy?  Why have elections?  Our democracy is based on our system of elections.  It's not just ruining people's faith and confidence in the elections, but you've decided that the winner of the election has to be set aside and doesn't matter.  That's the end of democracy, as far as I'm concerned....".  Hold it!  It is fact--undissputed fact--that the Democrats do not like the Electoral College, and they want it abolished, and they want, instead, simple popular vote or majority vote to determine the election of a U.S. president, and a good and smart person understands that that means, if the Electoral College system were gone, states with smaller populations would have no say-so in the matter of U.S. presidential elections ever because a few big states, such as New York and California, would always determine who gets to be the U.S. president.  The growth of the inner states of the United States of America has been slow over the years, lacking waterway systems in which to move goods and lacking water for industry and factories to develop, and it has evolved that the big states have ended up with the Democrat Party controlling the big cities (such as because of labor unions and the continual increase in workers beholden (supposedly) to the labor unions).  Around the time the country was founded and set up, the Founders understood, even then, the cities with big populations (with industry) would always win over the other states, which had little industry and which were farm areas and deserted, if there were no Electoral College system.  The purpose of the Electoral College is still important and necessary today, which the Democrats push is not true.  Hold it!  Dana Nestle does not like the Electoral College, though she talked about how "the Electoral College doesn't matter", given Dana Nestle pushed out the idea that the popular vote "never matters", and so Dana Nestle talked out of both sides of her mouth at once.  What is the "very foundation of our democracy"?  Hold it!  We have a "representative republic" and not a "democracy."  The "foundation of our democracy" is The United States Constitution.  Yet, the entities that changed voting rules unlawfully in relation to who gets to change election rules within a state based on The United States Constitution have shown that they do not care about The United States Constitution, and now, The United States Constitution does not matter in relation to voting in the United States of America since, for instance, any piss-ass little judge can change voting rules--and push aside a state legislature.

    This document has already passed along the idea that, on November 12, 2002, a statement was released by members of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (or the CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States of America that, for one, the election of November 12, 2020, was the "most secure" ever, and, later, the head of the entity--Christopher Krebs--was fired by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and, not long thereafter, Christopher Krebs was a guest on 60 Minutes (on November 26, 2020), and the staff of 60 Minutes and Christopher Krebs worked to sell the idea that everything was indeed secure.  Then, on the evening of December 13, 2020, news entities began to report that there has been an international security breach of computer systems and computer networks all over the world, and it was reported by news entities that the breach included government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Treasury, and included almost all the Fortune 500 companies.  It was hinted by some news entities that the attack may have begun in the spring of 2020.  More stories about the cyber attack appeared on Monday, December 14, 2020, and it was on that day that 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer allowed the release of the report related to the Dominion vote-counting machines of Antrim County, Michigan.  Remember--People defending U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the election results cases were saying that Dominion vote-counting machines had been tied to the Internet and had been hacked at the time of the election.  Around the time that the report about the 22 vote-counting machines was release, Erik Grill (an assistant attorney general related to Attorney General Jocelyn Benson of Michigan) pushed out the idea that the report was "inaccurate, incomplete and misleading" [Mauger, Craig.  "Michigan judge allows release of report on Antrim County."  The Detroit News, 14 December 2020, 9:53 a.m. (updated).].  With the release of the report, Michigan Elections Director Jonathan Brater issued this material for the public--The report "makes a series of unsupported conclusions, ascribes motives of fraud and obfuscation to process that are easily explained as routine election procedures or error corrections, and suggests without explanation that elements of the election software not used in Michigan are somehow responsible for tabulation or reporting errors that are either nonexistent or easily explained." [Egan, Paul.  "State, company officials dispute report claiming Antrim County tabulators bungled results."  Detroit Free Press, 14 December 2020, 4:08 p.m. ET (updated).].  Some of the thoughts presented early in the 23-page report were--"...We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.  The system intentionally generates an enormous high number of ballot errors.  The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication.  The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail.   This leads to voter or election fraud.  Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan.  We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified...." and "...The Antrim County Clerk and Secretary of States Jocelyn Benson have stated that the election night error (detailed above by the vote 'flip' from Trump to Biden, was the result of human error caused by the failure to update the Mancelona Township tabulator prior to the election night for a down ballot race.  We disagree and conclude that the vote flip occurred because of machine error built into the voting software designed to create error...." and "...The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is 1 of 250,000 (.0008%).  We observed an error rate. of 68.05%.  This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity....." and "...Michigan resident Gustavo Delfino, a former professor of mathematics in Venezuela and alumni of University of Michigan, offered a compelling affidavit [Exhibit 2] recognizing the inherent vulnerabilities in the SmartMatic electronic voting machines (software which was since incorporated into Dominion Voting Systems) during the 2004 national referendum in Venezuela (see attached declaration).  After 4 years of research and 3 years of undergoing intensive peer review, Professor Delfino's paper was published in the highly respected 'Statistical Science' journal, November 2011 issue (Volume 26, Number 4) with title 'Analysis of the 2004 Venezuela Referendum: The Official Results Versus the Petition Signatures.'  The intensive study used multiple mathematical approaches to ascertain the voting results found in the 2004 Venezuela referendum.  Delfino and his research partners discovered not only the algorithm used to manipulate the results, but also the precise location in the election processing sequence where vulnerability in machine processing would provide such an opportunity.  According to Prof Delfino, the magnitude of the difference between the official and the true result in Venezuela estimated at 1,370,000 votes.  Our investigation into the error rates and results of the Antrim County voting tally reflect the same tactics, which have also been reported in other Michigan counties as well.  This demonstrates a national security issue....".  [Stacey, Kiran, and Richard Waters, Hannah Murphy, and Helen Warrell.  "US orders emergency action after hugh cyber security breach."  Financial Times, 14 December 2020.; Volz, Dustin, and Robert McMillan.  "U.S. Agencies Hacked in Foreign Cyber Espionage Campaign Linked to Russia." The Wall Street Journal, 13 December 2020, 11:38 p.m. ET.]
    [Note: You are urged to see "Allied Security Operations Group -- Antrim Michigan Forsenics Report", and I report that I saw the document dated December 13, 2020, and considered "Revised Prelimnary Summary, v2".]

    On December 16, 2020, some people watched a hearing broadcast on C-SPAN3 of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate.  Christopher Krebs, who had been up till recently the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, was interviewed.  Once again, Christopher Krebs reported that he thinks that the election was secure, but Christopher Krebs did have to admit that some vote-counting machines ("tabulators") used during the election of November 3, 2020, were indeed connected to the Internet.

    While doing research about Detroit television history on December 18, 2020--and I am the best television historian related to Detroit television in the world--I was listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show (a nationally syndicated radio show), and I got exposed to audio related to the "Texas" case tied to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I immediately stopped my television tracking work, and I went looking for video of the statements that I heard.  I found a YouTube video entitled "Justice John Roberts 'screamed through the walls' to not take up the Texas lawsuit!" (which runs about two minutes and which had a posted day of December 17, 2020).  The video showed Arizona State Senator Eddie Farnsworth speaking (in a big room somewhere), and he was talking about information he had come across from a current staffer of a justice in the U.S. Supreme Court, and, for instance, Eddie Farnsworth reported--"...He [the staffer] said that the justices, as they always do, went in to a closed room to discuss, you know, cases they're taking or to debate.  There's no phones, no computers, no nothing.  No one else is in the room, except for the nine justices.  It's typically very civil.  Uhm, they usually don't hear any sound.  They just debate what they're doing.  But, when the Texas case was brought up, he said he heard screaming through the walls as Justice Roberts and other liberal justices were insisting that this case not be taken up.  Uhm, and the reason the words that were heard through the walls, uhm, when Justice Thomas and Justice Alito were citing, ah, Bush vs Gore, from John Roberts, were, 'I don't give a **** about that case.  I don't want to hear about it.  At that time, we didn't have riots.'  So, what he [John Roberts] was saying was he was afraid of what would happen if they did the right thing.  I'm sorry but that is moral cowardice!  And, and we in the SREC--I'm an SREC member--we put those words in very specifically, because the charge of the Supreme Court is to ultimately be our final arbitrator, our final line of defense for right and wrong, and they did not do their duty.  So, I think we should leave these words in, because I want to send a strong message to them.  Thank you.".  A person who reads the words or hears the words from Eddie Farnsworth can come to a number of conclusions.  It looks as if John Roberts, who has shown himself to be a rotten person, used violence (yelling) to put down the justices that were against him.  Violence--is it not what the rioters (who were and are supporters of the Democratic Party) used this year in a number of cities?  Did not John Roberts know the rioters make up only a small percentage of the country?  Maybe John Roberts supported and supports the cause of the rioters.  Then I have this thought.  If John Roberts were threatened with violence and such, could he not get protection from police and such?  If John Roberts' family was threatened, could he not get them protection?  When you take up the job as a justice in the U.S. Supreme Court, do you not expect to get deaths threats and other threats of violence?  People in the U.S. Supreme Court in the past have been protected well.  If the U.S. Supreme Court would have taken up the "Texas" case and ruled in favor of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, the justices in the U.S. Supreme Court would not be affected directly--being protected by police and such.  If rioting takes place in the country because of a decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, police are out there, and if mayors and such in a few cities decide to uphold the ways of the rioters, as happened in the past summer, the people of the country would see the nature of the mayors and the natures of the cities, and the people would push back in some way and protect themselves, such as by getting away or by orally and verbally putting them down, and, in the long run, the bad mayors could be kicked out of office (maybe).  The U.S. Supreme Court is headed by a rotten man, who is gutless or pretends to be gutless (to push along socialism and communism for the country).
    [Note: I report that the material from Eddie Farnsworth is quoted correctly.  I found one webpage--that of newswars.com ("Reports Claim 'Anti-Trump' SCOTUS Justice Roberts Afraid To Hear Election Fraud Cases Due To Liberal 'Riots'")--had defects.  For example, the document had "...what he was saying is he was afraid of what would happen if they didn't do the right thing....".]

    Here is a matter related to the election, which I learned about by listening to The Mark Levin Show on the evening of December 18, 2020.  Mark R. Levin read a portion of a news story entitled "Report Alleges Zuckerberg's $419 Million 'Improperly Influenced Election'" [Leahy, Michael Patrick.  "Report Alleges Zuckerberg's $419 Million 'Improperly Influenced Election'."  Breitbart.com, 18 December 2020.].  In short, the story provides information from a report by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society (released on December 16, 2020) about Mark Zuckerberg's giving $350 million to the "Safe Elections" Project of the Center for Technology and Civic Life (or CTCL) and $69.5 million to the Center for Election Innovation and Research.  By the way, Mark Zuckerberg founded "Facebook", which today censors news on the "Facebook" platform, knocking down anti-socialistic and anti-communistic materials and blocking information that shows up the rottenness of the Democratic Party.  Here are the three main "key actions" identified by the report (which was written by Phill Kline)--(1) "Private monies dictated city and county election management contrary to both federal law and state election plans endorsed and developed by state legislatures with authority granted by the United States Constitution." and (2) "Executive officials in swing states facilitated, through unique and novel contracts, the sharing of private and sensitive information about citizens within those states with private interests, some whom actively promote leftist candidates and agendas." and (3) "Swing state governors also started issuing emergency executive orders shutting down in-person voting while pouring new state resources into encouraging persons to vote in advance.  Polling data revealed this coordinated assault on in-person voting generally favored Democrat Party voters who preferred to vote in advance, while placing Republicans, who preferred to vote in person, at a disadvantage.  These actions represent the beginning of the formation of a two-tier election system favoring one demographic while disadvantaging another demographic.".  Another section of the article had material issued by Phill Kline in association with the report--"...In addition to Zuckerberg, the main foundations funding the effort to subvert the electoral system were The Democracy Fund, New Venture Fund, Skoll Foundation, and Knight Foundation...." and "...Key nonprofits involved in distributing the money include CTCL, the Center for [Election] Innovation Research, the Center for Civic Design, the National Vote at Home Institute, the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, and Rock the Vote....".  The news story presented this material--"...The report alleged that the privatization of the administration of the election in key battleground states, and its effective removal from the control of properly authorized local and state governments[,] was strengthened by improper 'claw back provisions' attached to grants given to counties and cities by CTCL.  Under those provisions, local governments would be required to return the CTCL donations if they failed to implement the more controversial and legally dubious elements of the plan, including the use of drop boxes to collect absentee ballots and the requirement that counting centers be consolidated in a way that made observation of the counting process by GOP observers more difficult....".  The news story talked about things related to the election in Wisconsin, and the news story showed parts of the report related to Pennsylvania, such as--"...In Democrat Delaware County, Pennsylvania, one drop box was placed every four square miles and for every 4,000 voters.  In the 59 counties carried by Trump in 2016, there was one drop box for every 1,000 square miles and every 72,000 voters.  Government encouraging a targeted demographic to turn out the vote is the opposite side of the same coin as government targeting a demographic to suppress the vote.  This two-tiered election system allowed voters in Democrat strongholds to stroll down the street to vote while voters in Republican strongholds had to go on the equivalent of a 'where's Waldo' hunt....".  The article from Breitbart had more information.
    [Note: You are urged to get "Report Alleges Zuckerberg's $419 Million 'Improperly Influenced Election'" from the Internet, since main-media people, like those as CNN and MSNBC (communists and socialists), will not lead you to the information.]
    [Note: Facebook and Twitter blocked or deterred people's seeing information from The New York Post about Hunter Biden's computer that had information that showed the rottenness of the Joseph Biden family, such as through emails, and the start of Facebook's and Twitter's work was related to the news story from The New York Post called "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad" [Morris, Emma-Jo, and Gabrielle Fonrouge.  "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad."  nypost.com, 14 October 2020, 5:00 a.m..]

    I have an aside to present here.  On Saturday, December 19, 2020, in the evening, I happened to stumble across a video entitled "Transition Suspended by DOD Chief Justice's Private Calls Revealed, Supreme Court in Swamp" on YouTube, and the video was posted on December 19, 2020, a few hours previous to my stumbling upon it.  On the video, a woman named Serene Lee [whom I had never come across before] spoke about a number of subjects, and, to me, the woman was Asian and had come from another country, and, later, I found this text tied to signing up to her YouTube channel related to "Clear Perspective" presentations--"My name is Serene Lee.  I was born and raised in Communist China, and I escaped from China to avoid religious persecution.".  One part of the video presentation with Serene Lee showed text messages that L. Lin Wood (a.k.a. Lin Wood)--a well-known attorney--had put on his Twitter site.  Here are the parts (quoted by Serene Lee in the video) from Lin Wood--"In discussion @realDonaldTrump in phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure 'the mother f#*ker would never by re-elected.'" and "Roberts engaged in conversation with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump vote out" and "A 'John Roberts' flew on Jeffrey Epstein private jet on at least 2 occasions - 3/22/10 & 2/10/11.  Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn into office 9/25/05.  How many times did Chief Justice Roberts join liberals as the swing vote PRIOR to 2/10/11?  How many times SINCE 2/10/11?" and "The documentation of my claims about Justices Roberts & Breyer has been placed in hands of several third parties." and "When one cannot attack message, all too often messenger is attacked.  But TRUTH cannot be destroyed.  I have made sure of that TRUTH.".  By the way, the "Epstein"-related text was from June 30, 2020, and the other Tweets were related to December 18, 2020.  I have simply made you aware of Serene Lee, "Clear Perspective", and Lin Wood's material.

    When Sunday, December 20, 2020, began, no court in the country had yet really taken up any court case from the Rudy Giuliani team in which the election of November 3, 2020, was being challenged, and, for example, courts had simply shut down the start of any real proceedures of hearing all the facts being offered by the team to show up the fraud that took place by people supporting Joe Biden, which is the idea of the "evidentiary hearing," and on December 20, 2020, the Rudy Giuliani team filed another petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to get rid of three rulings made by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and the team was wishing for rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court before Christmas.

    U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (a Republican related to Texas) was the substitute host of The Sean Hannity Show (a nationally syndicated radio show for weekdays) on December 22, 2020.  In the four o'clock hour (Detroit time), Louie Gohmert had Matthew DePerno, an attorney involved with the Antrim County case (of Michigan), as a guest.  Matthew DePerno reported that the case is in the discovery phase, which allows evidence to be gathered and shown and for testimony to be given, and he noted that the case is the only one in the country in which Dominion vote-counting machines have been put to inspection, and a report about the machines exists for everyone to see, though Attorney General of Michigan Dana Nessel had worked to block the report from going public.  Also, Matthew DePerno said that Dana Nessel has worked to have Matthew DePerno's license to practice law in Michigan revoked because he is challenging the election results.  In the five o'clock hour (Detroit time), Louie Gohmert spoke with Sidney Powell, who noted, for example, that a electronic machine involved in counting votes was in touch with the Internet if there was a glitch with the machine, and she also noted that files related to adjudication were made to disappear in batches of files.  And Sidney Powell said that she feels U.S. President Donald J. Trump is getting some bad advice from close associates, and Sidney Powell noted that U.S. President Donald J. Trump does have the legal authority to sieze the vote-counting machines around the country and to appoint a "special council" to investigate the fraud allegations, and Sidney Powell reported that, indeed, U.S. Donald J. Trump should sieze machines and appoint a special council.

    I have to put in another aside in this document, which really does have ties to the election and elections, and this section was written on the evening of December 22, 2020.  On December 21, 2020, the U.S. Congress passed what was informally called the "COVID-19 Relief Bill."  The votes for passing the bill were 359 (yes) and 53 (no) in the U.S. House of Representatives and were 92 (yes) and six (no) in the U.S. Senate.  The bill (which was really two bills combined into one) was 1,400-billion dollars (a regular appropriations-bill part) and 900-billion dollars (the COVID-19 part) [Note: The process of combining two bills into one is used so that all the rotten stuff of one bill gets passed with what is good about another bill; the bill with all the bad stuff would otherwise not get passed if not connected to something that politicians have to vote yes for.].  The bill had a provision in which an American would get $600.00 (by check), and the bill had a provision in which "illegal aliens" (foreigners who are in the country illegally) get money--for example, the family member of "illegal alien" gets not only $600.00 (the amount given an American) but also $1,200.00 (which was a retroactive amount related to the $1,200.00 that had been doled out to an American some months previous in relation to the COVID-19 issue).  The bill was 5,593-pages long, being longer than was, for example, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which, at the time it was passed, was considered a big bill or an enormous bill.  To read over 5,000 pages, the politicians in the U.S. Congress had a only few hours or so.  The overall bill had provisions that gave a lot of money to places all over the world, and a good and smart person understood the bill was more of having the American people support other countries--the people of the world (such as in failed countries, those based on, for instance, socialism (a.k.a. "enslavism").  Yes, the American people have to toil and pay taxes to support many of the rest of the people of the world, and the American people are put in more debt because the federal government was spending money that it really did not have--the federal government was magically creating paper money, funny money, unbacked money, et cetera, which would result in inflation in the long run and more super-deep debt for the country, which the American citizen is beholden to pay off somehow and some day.  On December 22, 2020, U.S. President Donald J. Trump, who had been attacked for years and had almost been removed from office by the Democrats and some Republicans, stated in public that he was not going to sign the bill, saying, for one, that the bill was full of crap and that the American was only getting $600.00 (while some illegal aliens were going to get $1,800.00) [Note: In essence, the total amount for COVID-19 relief checks to Americans was about 198-billion dollars.].  I state that the bill showed off the rottenness of all the Democrats in the U.S. Congress and many of the Republicans in the U.S. Congress, and it must be noted all the Democrats and many Republicans were then pushing the idea that there was no corruption in the election and people should move on and accept Joe Biden as the next U.S. president, and I state that, if the Democrats were to get power, a good and smart person could see by understanding the nature of the bill the rottenness that would show up in greater forms in the years to come.  And you can see the nature of killers, who are all the Democrats and some Republicans!

    Todd Herman substituted for Rush Limbaugh on The Rush Limbaugh Program on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, and in the third hour--at about 2:30 p.m. (Detroit time)--Todd Herman talked with a telephone called who called himself "Mark" (though my spelling my be incorrect).  Mark reported that he hated "conservativism," and, one reason for that is it is associated with "crony capitalism" or "capitalism" (but I have to report that "crony capitalism is practiced by enslavists, such as Democrats, who want to be able to choose what business people get to do well and what business people do not get to well through laws [and it is like Russian were people who support communists and the communist government get to be rich]).  Todd Herman asked Mark to name things that he hated about "conservativisme," but Mark could not really express what he hates about it, but Mark was able to say we [the communists and the like] control the courts and so much more in the country, and Mark noted that you do not know what is going to hit you, hinting at violence [which is the only thing that really drives such people like Mark], and Mark said that they are going to get rid of The United States Constitution.  Mark had anger in his voice, and the tone of his persona hinted that what was coming was going to be great violence and such.  I remind people that enslavism forms of government (like communism and socialism) are about violence and lies and coercion that will allow a few people, such as politicians (like all the Democrats in this country), to be "free" to hurt others in life so that they can live their lives in any manner that they wish, and I report that most politicians get into politics because they are bad people and because they have no real skills in life and they want to be free to hurt others to get all they can out of life, and I add that the election of November 3, 2020, shows the lengths to which Democrats will go to achieve their goals.  In the first hour of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Todd Herman interviewed Sidney Powell, who in the last week or so, had done more to get cases heard in court, such as the U.S. Supreme Court, as Rudy Giuliani had.  Sidney Powell reported that, so far, no judge had yet really looked at evidence, such as affidavits, related to any case that she has been associated with--judges have, in essence, simply killed cases before they got started, and that already hints at the rottenness that exists in the court system in the country.  By the way, Mark would hint two hours later (after Sidney Powell's time on the show) that "conservatives" do not have the stomach to take on his kind, hinting that they would not take up, for instance, violence to put them done, and he hinted that conservatives are gutless.  At one point in the interview between Todd Herman and Sidney Powell, Todd Herman urged Sidney Powell to give a talk as if she were stuck in an elevator with five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and had ninety seconds to make her case about the corruption in the election of November 3, 2020.  Sidney Powell said--"Well, the very night of the election, many people saw something they have never seen before in the history our elections.  They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from President Trump to Mr. Biden.  On top of that, the morning after the election--well, even that night--the voting stopped.  They stopped counting in multiple districts at the same time, before the votes got to 270 electors for President Trump.  That's never happened before.  The only time votes have ever been stopped being counted in this country on election night was when the Broward County problem developed over the hanging chads in one county  in Florida.  So for five states to stop counting on election night is absolutely unprecedented, and they did it because the vote count for the Electoral College was about to hit and go over 270 for President Trump because of the massive outpouring of votes for him that night.  On the next morning, multiple mathematicians had contacted me and told me they knew the algorithm that had been run to change the votes.  It was that obvious to people with mathematical expertise.  It is a mathematical impossibility for hundreds of thousands of votes to have shown up in the middle of the night for President Biden alone--I mean for Vice President Biden alone--and to have been injected into the system the way that they were.  We have eyewitness testimony of countless people who saw votes coming in in un, unsecured containers and improper means and looking different the night of the election.  These people have come forward at great personal risk to themselves and their families to provide thousands of affidavits of voting abnormalities and, and actual crimes that they witnessed happen on election night.  The very fact that the other side is working so hard to hide all this--federal law requires transparency in our electoral process and our elections.  There's a federal statue that requires all the documents pertaining to elections to be maintained for 22 months following an election for the very reason that it has to be completely auditable.  A federal judge in October in, ah, Atlanta found all kinds of problems with the Dominion system that is, that Georgia bought and crammed down for everybody across the state to use.  That's where the most problems have been is in Georgia.  Witnesses have come forward.  There was supposedly a water leak they, ah, shut down voting for.  That was an abject lie!  We have video of witnesses pulling sus, suspect ballots out from under a table after they ran off all the observers.  Somebody told that one of the people that did that has told government officials how it happened and, and what happened.  But has that information been provided to the public?  No!  There is rampant voter fraud of all kinds--federal violations of five years and more across the country by virtue of all the misconduct on election night.  The flipping of votes by Dominion is even advertised in their, their ability to do that to run a fraction to make a Biden vote count 1.26 percent, then a Trump vote only count .74.  They've done it before.  They've done it in Venezuela.  They've done it in other foreign countries.  They've done it this country.  We have evidence even it was done in 2016 in California to benefit Hillary over Bernie.  And, and it's been done in other local elections and smaller elections--different places.  This is the only time it's been this widespread.  And the reason it didn't work this time--they've been able to shave these votes for a long time--but the reason it didn't work completely this time and they had to shut down in so many places was because so many Trump supporters poured out on the day of the election to vote for President Trump in...what was a landslide victory, an historic victory.  It's because it broke the algorithm!  That's why they had to stop counting that night.  That's why they had to bring in ballots and try to back-fill.  And it still doesn't work because there's still hundreds of thousands more votes than there were actual voters to vote them.  The math simply doesn't add up.  And if they had nothing to hide, why aren't they providing transparency into the voting system of the United States of America, the country that is founded on the rule of law and is supposed to be above all of this?  It's absolutely the most appalling criminal operation in the history of our country!".  Hold it!  I have a problem.  About one hour after I had heard "Mark," I heard a person called "Dave" as a caller on The Sean Hannity Show (a nationally syndicated radio show), and the caller talked with the substitute host on the program--Rose Tennent.  The caller said almost exactly the same things as Mark had said, and, for instance, the subject of "crony capitalism" was mentioned.  Rose Tennent asked the guy--"Dave" (it seems)--if she heard him only a short while previously on The Rush Limbaugh Program under a different name.  "Dave" said he was not the guy on The Rush Limbaugh Program.  To me, something smells.  "Dave" and "Mark" sounded the same, and they did use the same words and theme, which hinted at violence, which is the communist's way, though "Dave" called himself a "socialist."  I do report that a communist and a socialist are basically the same type of person, but the communist will do more violence directly than the socialist will (at first), till resistance to the socialist and the socialist's ways show up more and more and have to be beaten down.  Let me get back to Sidney Powell's themes.  Sidney Powell did report that she had a witness with information about cyber-related matters showing foreign interference, and the witness had diagrams of cyber attacks, and information from U.S. vote-counting machines did reach such places as Serbia, Spain, and Hong Kong.
    [Note: Later in the day on December 29, 2020, I discovered the interview with Sidney Powell was available on YouTube as an audio file, and it was entitled "Interview With Sidney Powell By Todd Herman On Her 'Elevator Pitch' To The Supreme Court" (which runs six minutes and twenty-two seconds).]

    On December 30, 2020, a man named Jovan Pulitzer (of Stanford University) testified about voting-machine issues in Georgia as part of a hearing for the Subcommittee on Elections of the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Georgia Senate, and here is some information from that hearing that I got from a video on YouTube entitled "Jovan Pulitzer announces 'Real-Time Hack' Voting Systems in Georgia", and the video was recorded at about 1:22 p.m. on the day, and what I present is some of the audio from the video in text form.  Jovan Pulitzer said (in relation to voting-machine devices connected to the Internet)--"At this very moment, at the polling location in the county, uhm, not only do we now have access to the device, to the poll pad, the system that we are in, and it's not supposed to have WiFi, and it's not supposed to be able to happen.  It should never happen.  Shouldn't be WiFi.  We now have documented it in real-time....". and "...That's going on right there where everybody's voting.  And I just wanted to get that into the record."  Jovan Pulitzer was asked if it was a mobile precinct, and Jovan Pulitzer said that it was not and that it was a "standing building", and Jovan Pulitzer did not want to report the location yet.  The talk in the video noted that there were three types of machines under study--a scanner, a ballot-marking device, and a polling pad.  It was mentioned that, in previous testimony, it was reported how a thermostat was involved in talking with voting equipment in Georgia.  Jovan Pulitzer while answering a question about what unit was involved in communicating at the moment said--"Right now--uhm, what you heard in the past was coming through the thermostat and stuff--this is now more direct access way.  This is coming through the polling-pad device where they're checking everything.  But now, you know, it only takes one device where chain them together and do it.  The most important thing is that shouldn't be two-waying and even shouldn't be accessible online.  And it's there.".  Jovan Pulitzer answered a question--which was about what could happen in an illegal or corrupt way--with this material--"Uhm, statistically what can be going on when you have an operation like this is, as that data is being exchanged and somebody's in it, can actually siphon off that data, modify the data, and feed it right back into the system or kind of do a pump and dump in real-time....".
    [Note: More of the testimony from Jovan Pulitzer can be seen and heard through a video on YouTube entitled "Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Testimony @ GA Senate Judiciary Committee" (which runs about forty-eight minutes).   There could be other videos, too.  You should also look for videos that report about at least one thermostat that could communicate in two-way style with vote counting equipment in Georgia.  By the way, a thermostat would have a transmitter and a receiver in it.  It would be easy to do, given how small circuits can be made today.  What company installed the thermostat in question and who really made the thermostat?  It seems very likely to me that, if one such thermostat was made, others were made, since it seems very unlikely the maker would take up only making one such thermostat.  I bet such a system was set up elsewhere in the country.]
    [Note: "For the record," I report that an entity called "Freedom Flash Point" put a video on the Internet--Youtube--on December 30, 2020, entitled "BREAKING: GA Senate passes motion to give Pulitzer access to Fulton County absentee ballots" (which runs about five minutes), and I urge you to see it for extra information.]

    Now I can present the information within this paragraph, which relates to the previous paragraph section of three paragraphs in this document.  On December 28, 2020, an entity called "The Werff Report" published a video on YouTube, which I looked at and which I determined I should delay reporting on.  On December 31, 2020, I finally typed of material from the video here, and the video was called "Microsoft Engineer Discovers 'Smart Thermostat' In Georgia Tabulation Room Reporting Votes To China".  The report had a narrator, whose identity was not disclosed.  A good portion of the video showed Russell Ramsland speaking, such as about a "smart thermostat" that had been found in a vote-tabulation room in Savannah, Georgia, on December 23, 2020, by a Microsoft engineer.  Russell Ramsland said--"...There was a report yesterday, and we're looking into it, but it looks like it's gonna prove out to be correct that, ah, in Savannah, Georgia, there is a remote--excuse me--a 'smart thermostat' in one of the tabulation rooms that is talking to a tabulation server and reporting the votes back to China.  And that was traced by a Microsoft engineer.  And he brought it to our attention yesterday.  So, uhm, that's being monitored.  We already knew that there was a huge overseas problem, and it's not just social media.  Ah, your votes in, in 29 different states, your votes were going to Frankfort, Germany.  They were ending up on a server owned by Clarity Elections in, Frankfort, Germany.". That gives you more about the "smart thermostat" that was talked about in the previous section of this document.

    I now have a section that is for reference, and it is about vote totals--popular-vote totals--of recent elections.
        George W. Bush (Republican)--50,.456,002
        Al Gore (Democrat)--50,999,897
        George W. Bush (Republican)--62,040,610
        John Kerry (Democrat)--59,028,444
        Barack Hussein (Democrat)--69,498,516
        John McCain (Republican)--59,948,323
        Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat)--65,915,795
        Mitt Romney (Republican)--60,933,504
        Donald J. Trump (Republican)--62,984,929
        Hillary Clinton (Democrat)--65,853,514
        Donald J. Trump (Republican)--74,223,251
        Joseph Biden (Democrat)--81,281,888
    Most of the figures I got from Wikipedia, not needing perfect results, and I have no idea if some figures are defective because of cheating, especially in relation to the results for 2020, which I got in very late December 2020.  The totals help tell the story of why many have thought the election results for 2020 are defective.  Before the election took place on November 3, 2020, U.S. President Donald J. Trump showed up for many campaign events, at which thousands appeared, and there was standing room only outside places, and U.S. President Donald J. Trump was even having up to five events a days (flying between one and the next) and, meanwhile, Joseph Biden and his running mate (Kamala Harris) did not do a lot of personal appearances, such as before thousands and thousands, and, in fact, Joseph Biden was most often in sort of private quarters, saying he was keeping out of areas (with crowds) where there might be COVID-19 and COVID-19 could be spread, but Joseph Biden did a number of television interviews, such as on late-night talk shows from his private quarters.  After the election had taken place, it seemed odd to people that Joseph Biden, who is not as popular as Barack Hussein Obama is or was, got some 15-million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama ever had, and I report that the story about Joseph Biden's family having been involved in corrupt dealings was reported by some (giving--a good person would think--a drop in Joseph Biden's popularity rating) and that the story was barely reported on by the main media, and yet Joseph Biden got some 15-million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama ever had.
    On to this section I have an addendum of sorts.  On December 28, 2020, State Representative Frank Ryan (related to the 101st Legislative District of Pennsylvania and in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives) put his name to a document called "PA Lawmakers: Numbers Don't Add Up, Certification of Presidential Results Premature and In Error" (which I found on December 31, 2020).  The document (which prints out on two pages of paper) began with this text--"HARRISBURG - A group of state lawmakers performing extensive analysis of election data today revealed troubling discrepancies between the numbers of total votes counted and total number of voters who voted in the 2020 General Election, and as a result are questioning how the results of the presidential election could possibly have been certified by Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and Governor Tom Wolf.  These findings are in addition to prior concerns regarding actions by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Secretary, and others impacting the conduct of the election.  A comparison of official county election results to the total number of voters who voted on November 3, 2020 as recorded by the Department of State shows that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicated that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted.  Among the 6,962,607 total ballots cast, 6,931,060 total votes were counted in the presidential race including all three candidates on the ballot and write-in candidates.  The difference of 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting, together with the 31,547 over- and under-votes in the presidential race, adds up to an alarming discrepancy of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between the two major candidates for President of the United States.  On November 24, 2020, Boockvar certified election results, and Wolf issued a certificate of ascertainment of presidential electors, stating that Vice President Joe Biden received 80,555 more votes than President Donald Trump....".  The document presents a bit more, such as the names of state legislators who were involved in the analysis and were involved with the document.

    An interesting video showed up on YouTube on January 1, 2020, when most people were probably avoiding doing anything serious, such as about the election.  The video was from Prime Time Patriots, and it was entitled "HERE IS YOUR PROOF!" (which runs two minutes and six seconds).  For one, the video was reported to have been taken in a vote-counting area in Fulton County, Georgia, and the video shows voting counting going.  A person who sees the video can see ballots being put in to a machine more than once.

    On the morning of Thursday, January 7, 2021, when I turned on the computer for the day, I discovered that, on the previous day, one person had been shot and killed (by police), three persons had died of medical issues, and some 52 persons had been arrested in relation to a Trump rally and off-shoot rioting in Washington, D.C. [Yancey-Bragg, N'dea, John Bacon, Ryan W. Miller, Jorge L. Ortiz, Trevor Hughes, Grace Hauck, Will Carless, and Jordan Culver.  "DC updates: 4 dead, 52 arrested, 14 police officers injured after pro-Trump rioters breach US Capitol; FBI opens investigation."  USA Today, 7 January 2021, 7:32 a.m. CST.], and then I thought back to the previous day, which included thinking how I had already expected something rotten would happen, based on years of events, such as the fake "Trump dossier," the impeachment of U.S. President Donald J. Trump (based on rottenness and lies), and the rioting in cities by Antifa and Antifa-like people in some cities, such as Seattle, Washington, over the summer or so.  On Wednesday, January 6, 2020, I made a long-distance drive in Michigan, which started with going to a grocery store, office-supply stores, and a hardware store.  The trip was from the south to the north, starting out in the Detroit area, and on the day, I decided to pay little attention to the radio, knowing it was a day that would be rotten for the country.  The U.S. Congress was going to count the Electoral College votes, and U.S. Donald J. Trump was going to hold a rally, which would attract thousands and thousands, some of whom would be there to do harm to the country and the good people of the United States of America.  By the way, I was thinking communistic-like people and socialistic-like people not clearly tied to Antifa (a terroristic entity) and such groups would probably show up to make trouble, since, up to that point, it could not be proven the rallies by conservative-type people had been rowdy or violent, and what the rotten people need--forever--is a stigma of violence on the rallies by conservative-type people, which the press could report on.  Well, some protesters did take up what could be called rioting, and, for example, some people stormed the Capitol, and, in the end, the main-media people, such as those at CBS-TV and NBC-TV, had what they needed to attack U.S. President Donald Trump and all non-socialists and non-communists.  In the evening--at least--of Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the main broadcast networks pushed out special reports about the day, and Norah O'Donnell opened up a program on CBS-TV (a special presentation of The CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell) at 9:00 p.m. with--"Welcome to CBS News coverage at nine o'clock in the East and six in the West.  And for those of you just going us, this is a special report of The CBS Evening News.  We have witnessed what can only be described as a national disgrace, scenes we never thought we would here in the nation's capital.  An angry violent mob--numbering in the thousands--stormed the U.S. Capitol building after being egged on by the outgoing president of the United States, who still today refuses to admit defeat, and encouraged them to march on the Capitol as the U.S. Congress began to read the Electoral College vote.  Some of them fought their way in to the building, battling with Capitol police, not only outside but inside.  They briefly took over offices and briefly even the Senate chamber.  There were gunshots, and at least one person was shot in killed.  At least seven others taken to hospitals.  The House and Senate in a remarkable unprecedented move were evacuated.  Debate on objections to the vote were halted.  The Electoral votes themselves, however, were secured--an aide gathering them quickly, bringing them to the same place that senators and lawmakers were being kept safe by law-enforcement officials.  Tonight, we can report that the Capitol is secure.  The House and the Senate are resuming their work of counting the Electoral votes following the presidential election.  But still here in our nation's capital--under a state of emergency, under a city-wide lock down since 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, law enforcement throughout the streets, eleven-hundred national guard enacted to help police, as well as other local-area police.  President Trump at one point called on the mob to go home, but his Tweets were also sympathetic....".  I turned off the television set, not wishing to hear more from Norah O'Donnell, who I had already well understood to be a highly rotten woman, especially since her first day as the anchor of The CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell, which I had talked about in Television History and Trivia #184 (which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #184 link.  I went to the computer to see if any interesting reports about the election fraud had shown up on YouTube.  I found a video called "Antifa JUST CAUGHT Posing As Trump Supporters in D.C." (which runs two minutes and thirty-seven seconds and which had been posted a short time earlier), and it was a portion of America Stands of the Victory Channel, and it had information about a Tweet from L. Lin Wood, "...Indisputable photographic evidence that antifa violently broke into Congress today to inflict harm & do damage.  NOT @realDonaldTrump supporters.  Do not be fooled.  Trump supporters are peaceful.  It was antifa that crated the violence in our cities over the past several months.", and two photographs were shown--one from a website sort of related to Antifa Philadelphia (showing two guys, one of whom had a beard and mustache) and one from the Capitol (showing at least two guys, one of whom had a beard and mustache), and it was said that the guy with the beard in the each photograph was the same guy, but something bothered me--it did not look right, such as because of the hairline--and I went to "phillyantifa.org" and found another photograph, and it helped me consider that the video report was defective, and I knew that was going to help the enemy of the country.   I did see a video entitled "Lance Wallnau: Rudy Drops Bombshell!  We Got Them!  JUST IN" (which runs one minute and eighteen seconds), and the video clip was from America Stands, and it was noted in this video that Rudy Giuliani reported that, on election night January 5, 2021, people were able to get forensic analysis of Dominion software's doing defective things related to a file of voters who did not vote, and what it seems happens is the Dominion system can dip in to a "capture file" (of people registered to vote but did not vote) and allocate votes related to those who actually did not vote, but I was unclear if the talk about what the election of November 3, 2020, or the election (for two U.S. Senate seats of Georgia) of January 5, 2021.  On the morning of Thursday, January 7, 2021, I discovered that the Electoral votes had been counted and Joseph Biden--a truly crooked man and a supporter of enslavism forms of government (such as hard-line communism)--had been chosen to be the next U.S. president, and I thought about how, under Barack Husseoin Obama (a Democrat),.the upper levels of the FBI had been corrupt, about how any FBI investigation under the presidency of Joseph Biden (a Democrat) would probably be corrupt, about how the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania had done corrupt rule making in relation to the election of November 3, 2020, and how the U.S. Supreme Court had refused to take up a legitimate case related to the election of November 3, 2020, saying that, in essence, the people of the 49 states in the country had no standing in national election matters related toa court case involving one particular state.
    And now something stinks.  What does U.S. President Donald J. Trump gain by having a riot in Washington, D.C., in which someone gets kills?  It does not get him to be loved or be seen as someone to vote for in 2024!  It does not keep him in the office of the U.S. president!  Who gains then?  In the afternoon of Thursday, January 7, 2021, while I was making a picture-frame holder (which was spring-loaded) for a wall, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh (the host of The Rush Limbaugh Program), and Rush Limbaugh reported that U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi (a Democrat related to California and the head of the U.S. House of Representatives) was pushing for the 25th Amendment to be used immediately on U.S. President Donald J. Trump to get in out of office, or the U.S. Congress was going to impeach U.S. President Donald J. Trump immediately, which would ultimately make it so that Donald J. Trump could not run to be a U.S. president ever again.  That is where the gain is--with the communists and the socialists (the killers).  In addition, I am well aware "conservatives" would never work to damage any building of the U.S. government, such as windows of the Capitol, but others would, like those who took up rioting in the summer, which got little reporting on from the main-media people.  And in the middle of the afternoon of Thursday, January 7, 2021, I was hearing news reports that noted that Trump associates were resigning early and Republicans had abandoned supporting Donald J. Trump, even though there had been no information to show who the rioters really had been, and that shows the rottenness with the Republican Party.  By the way, it was known that thousands and thousands and thousands would probably show up for the Trump rally in Washington, D.C., and yet there was--it seems--not extra security set up.
    Here I make this clear--Nowhere in the speech that U.S. President Donald J. Trump gave during the day of Wednesday, January 6, 2021, is there any statement that pushes or urges people to do harm and violence at the Capitol, and, yet, the main-media people pushed out the idea that he had..

    It was not till the evening of January 7, 2020, when I got exposed to a video on YouTube called "Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania Election: Data Scientists" (which runs fifty minutes and forty-four seconds).  The video had Jan Jekielek (a guy who is the senior editor at The Epoch Times) talking with Lynda McLaughlin, who is the communications director for the Data Integrity Group.  There was talk about research and study done about the election of November 3, 2020, and, for example, Lynda McLaughlin talked about how research shows that votes got switched from Donald Trump to Joseph Biden and how there were odd corrections.  In addition, she noted how some 30,000 votes disappeared in Georgia.  The segment was a portion of the American Thought Leaders series, and it is something that I urge you to see, since it helps tell the story of the corruption in the election of November 3, 2020, which is not getting covered in the main media.  Also speaking with Jan Jekielek were Justin Mealey, Dave Lobue, and John Basham.

    And now I come to a problem--the next section--but take it for now.

    On the evening of January 7, 2020, I went on YouTube to see if there might be something useful to put within this document.  One thing that I got exposed to was a video entitled "Maria Zack Italy did it -- Arturo D'Elia admits to stealing @lect%on" (which runs thirty-one minutes and thirty-six seconds).  In the video, Ms. Debbie Georgatos of America Can We Talk (of americacanwetalkorg) spoke with Ms. Maria Zack, the founder of Nations In Action.  It was reported by Maria Zack that, for example, an affidavit--testimony of Arturo D'Elia--tied to a court system in Italy reports general information on how votes were switched from Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden in the election of November 3, 2020, and the switching involved facilities of a company called Leonardo SpA, such as satellite systems, and it was reported that people at the U.S. Embassy in Rome Italy were involved in the plot.  During the interview, Maria Zack reported that the entity known as Nations In Action has a press release about the topic on its web and that the entity known as Institute for Good Governance has the affidavit available for all persons to see at its website (under "ITALIAN INTRIGUE (AND AFFIDAVIT) IN THE STOLEN ELECTION OF 2020 (UPDATED)")
    I now present the two pieces of information, first the press release and then the affidavit:

- - -

    Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race - Institute for Good Governance

Marjorie Meyers

Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court: He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race

Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) -- An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election.  Corroborating the DNI Radcliff's report of international intrusion, Arturo D'elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy.  Recent reports of a hack at Leonardo now appear to have been an orchestrated cover to mitigate blowback on the corporation which is partially owned by the Italian government.

Nations In Action, a government transparency organization, partnered with the Institute for Good Governance to thoroughly investigate and research the election irregularities which yielded the long awaited proof that a flawless plot to take down America was executed with extraordinary resources and global involvement.  Americans and elected officials now have proof that the election was indeed stolen.

This provides the mechanism for each state to recall their slate of electors immediately or face lawsuits and request all federal government agencies to lock down all internal communications, equipment and documentation from the Rome Embassy.  "Make no mistake, this is a coup d'etat that we will stop in the name of justice and free and fair elections," stated Maria Strollo Zack, Chairman of Nations in Action.

The Institute for Good Governance issued the following statement:

Our mission is to provide the full truth, expose the perpetrators of this horrific crime, and ensure that every person involved, regardless of position, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Nations In Action and the Institute for Good Governance are making the following demands of elected officials:

* Depose State Department officials starting with Rome staff including Stefana Serafini
* Immediately strip Leonardo SpA of all contracts and seize assets
* All congressional members must speak out against this foreign and domestic interference or face recalls and suspicion of involvement
* Implement the most severe penalties for participants who had knowledge or participated and refuse to assist in the investigation

Maria Strollo Zack, founder of Nations In Actions added, "States must prosecute all illegal voting activities and provide immediate legislative remedies.  There can only be zero tolerance for criminal interference in American elections.  This international conspiracy must be met with swift action by the President and be fully supported by elected officials for the protection of voting integrity and the prosperity of our great nation."

- - -

    The letter had this information at the end--"646-246-8606 or Marjorie.Meyers@NationsInAction.org".

    Now is present the affidavit tied to Arturo D'Elia--

- - -


Region of Lazio
Country of Italy

I, Prof Alfio D'Urso, Advocate/Lawyer, of Via Vittorio Emanuele, Catania, 95131 Italy, do hereby provide the following affidavit of facts as conveyed in several meetings with a high level army security services official:

    Arturo D'Elia, former head of the IT Department of Leonardo SpA, has been charged by the public prosecutor of Naples for technology/data manipulation and implantation of viruses in the main computers of Leonardo SpA in December 2020.  D'Elia has been deposed by the presiding judge in Naples and in sworn testimony states on 4 November 2020, under instruction and direction of US persons working from the US Embassy in Rome, undertook the operation to switch data from the US elections of 3 November 2020 from significant margin of victory for Donald Trump to Joe Biden in a number of states where Joe Biden was losing the vote totals.  Defendant stated he was working in the Pescara facility of Leonardo SpA and utilized military grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit switched votes via military satellite of Fucino Tower to Frankfort Germany. The defendant swears that the data in some cases may have been switched to represent more than total voters registered.  The defendant has stated he is willing to testify to all individuals and entities involved in the switching of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden when he shall be in total protection for himself and his family.  Defendant states he has secured in an undisclosed location the backup of the original data and data switched upon instruction to provide evidence at court in this matter.

    I hereby declare and swear the above stated facts have been stated in my presence.

DATED this 6th day of January 2021 at Rome Italy.

-  - -

    That is the letter, at the bottom of which was a signature (of Prof Alfio D'Urso), which was underlined, and at the bottom of the letter was also "General Affidavit" (which were the final words).
    The interview between Maria Zack and Debbie Georgatos reported other information.  Maria Zack suggested that it looked as if MI-6 (of England) may have been involved in the vote-switching scheme.  Also Maria Zack reported that at about 1:12 p.m. (Eastern Time) on January 6, 2021, information, such as the affidavit, was presented to some members of the U.S. Congress, some of whom were U.S. Representative Barry Loudermilk (a Republican related to Georgia) and U.S. Representative Devin Nunes (a Republican related to California). And Maria Zack reported that all of what is presented is leading to a far bigger story.  [Note: Maria Zack reported that her sixth great grandfather did some type of work related to The Declaration of Independence.]

    The previous section with information from two documents is a problem for me.  A number of entities on the Internet over the next day or so, put down the material as a hoax or fake, and, for example, it was hinted that the affidavit had no special markers from a count, such as a water mark (though I am unaware of what Italian courts do with documents like affidavits from lawyers and though I am unaware if the document was a copy of what was presented to the Italian court and so it does not have the markings from a court and though the document could have been a translation from the original document, which is an Italian-language document for people in Italy and not in the United States of America, where people speak English).  I thought about the entities that were putting down the material while remembering testimony about the smart thermostat talking with vote-counting equipment in Georgia.  Why would a smart thermostat exist to talk--in two-way-style--with vote-counting equipment?  One article, which was entitled "Obama Plotted to Make Trump Lose Election?  Votes Switched Using Italian Satellites, Says Conspiracy Theory" [Sandhu, Parwinder.  "Obama Plotted to Make Trump Lose Election?  Votes Switched Using Italian Satellites, Says Conspiracy Theory."  International Business Times, 8 January 2021, 18:52 +08.], did not really talk about Arturo D'Elia, and one section of the article was--..."'Almost all votes in the 2020 election were on paper ballots or cast on machines that produce a paper audit trail, making it illogical that software could switch vote tallies without detection.  When tested through audit in Michigan and hand recounts in Georgia, the accuracy of vote-counting machines was confirmed.  Election officials and two independent experts have repeatedly knocked down the idea that votes were flipped,' the fact-checking outlet stated.".  I have reported in a recent section information about votes disappearing in Georgia.  What went on with 430,000 votes in Pennsylvania?  Sidney Powell did report that servers in Germany had been taken in custody by someone.  So, I have presented the two documents after the Electoral College vote count took place so that the documents would have no affect on the count.  The documents had to be reported on, having value in some way, such as to--in the future--possibly knock down the real conspiracy people.
    [Note: I came across a story from Reuters of December 11, 2020 (at 12:47 p.m.) that talked about some hacking related to Leonardo SpA, and the story was entitled "Leonardo hack targeted commercial, military component unit - police officer", and the story, which was attributed to staffers at Reuters (such as Francesca Landini), mentioned Arturo D'Elia, who was involved in cyber security at Leonardo SpA, and it is a story that you might want to see, which seems to hint at a test case of hacking some 94 computers.]
    [Note: Consider the times of events.  The rally at Washington, D.C., took place on January 6, 2021, having people out on the streets in the morning.  It was not till 1:12 p.m. that the affidavit (related to Arturo D'Elia) was given to some people in the U.S. Congress.  If that is true, what would be the goal of people submitting the affidavit to the few congressmen, given that, by 1:12 p.m., the people out on the streets knew nothing about the document and would not even think to hunt it down, and the document could not be used by politicians in such as way as to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes, since it would take hours or even days to get the document seen by enough people in the U.S. Congress.  To push the hoax at 1:12 p.m. on January 6, 2021, would be no gain.  Hold it!  If the affidavit were true, how would it inspire Trump supporters to riot, since they would be in a good mood, seeing a bright future ahead and not the face of communism and corruption (Biden and Harris)?  And if the affidavit is part of a hoax, it is nothing that affects anyone--being too little and too late--and the hoaxers did nothing but waste their own time on the planet.]

    I have to present an aside here.  By Friday, January 8, 2020, the communists and socialists of the country were on a push to put down conservatives and U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  For example, a number of main newspapers in the country were pushing headlines that urged that Donald J. Trump be removed from office for inciting a riot and violence and even killing in Washington, D.C., though anyone who listened to the speech by U.S. President Donald J. Trump of Wednesday, January 6, 2020, could find no hint of a push to incite violence and the like.  By the way, in June 2020, rioting with violence involved was taking place in a number of big cities in the country, and Antifa people and Antifa-type people were involved, and some politicians, such as mayor (tied to the Democratic Party) allowed the rioters to continue doing their thing, and in June 2020, Kalama Harris (who would be the vice-president elect by January 7, 2020) knew what type of rioting was going on, and yet on an edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she said--"...But they're not gonna to stop.  They're not gonna to stop.  And that's.  They're not.  This is a movement.  I'm telling you.  They're not gonna stop.  And, and everyone beware, because they're not gonna stop...." and "...They're not gonna stop before election day in November, and they're not gonna stop after election day....".  [Note: Over the summer of 2020, a restaurant was burned down (as one of the highlights in the news) and one federal courthouse was stormed by rioters and some people were hurt, which a person can learn about in old news stories searched for today, and given Kalama Harris knew what type of rioting was going on and given Kalama Harris did not put down the rioting in any way, she condoned it.]  On the morning of Friday, January 8, 2020, the Detroit Free Press had this headline for readers--"Time for Trump to Go?"  A person had to wonder why it would be time for Donald J. Trump to go, given there was no evidence of anything done wrong by U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  Incidentally, on the previous morning (January 7, 2021), the Detroit Free Press pushed out this front-page headline--"INSURRECTION".  The edition of USA Today for January 8-10, 2021, had this headline--"Betrayal of His Office".  It was another attempt by the communists and socialists in the media to take over the country, and helping lead the way were propaganda stories from news entities.  In the evening of Friday, January 8, 2020, I learned the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives were circulating a draft of another impeachment attempt on U.S. President Trump, and it was being pushed by the Democrats that U.S. President Donald J. Trump had been "wilfully inciting violence against the government of the United States...", and the heading of the draft was--"RESOLUTION   Impeaching Donald John Trump President of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors", reasons of which a good person could not derive from any speech that U.S. President Donald J. Trump had ever made in public.  Meanwhile, on Friday, January 8, 2021, other matters related to U.S. President Donald J. Trump and his supporters were going on.  During The Mark Levin Show for the day, which was broadcast around the country in the evening, Dan Bongino reported to Mark Levin that Google had taken "Parler" app (a social-media platform that was competition to Facebook) out of the "Play Store".  Also on Friday, January 8, 2021, Twitter permanently suspended U.S. President Donald J. Trump's Twitter account, saying, for example--"...We have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence...." and he was baselessly pushing "claim election was rigged....".  By the way, the previous day, Facebook had cut off U.S. President Donald J. Trump from Facebook.  What was going on was a form of censorship by social-media platforms based on the lie focusing on inciting violence by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and a good and smart person understood it could lead to social-media entities really working to cut off speech that was anti-socialistic and anti-communistic on the social-media platforms known was Twitter and Facebook.  [Isaac, Mike, and Kate Conger.  "Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term." The New York Times, 8 January 2021, 1:46 p.m. ET.; Osborne, Mark, and Zohreen Smith, Matthew Fuhrman, and Evan Murray.  "Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump's account."  ABC News, 8 January 2021, 7:26 p.m.; Siegel, Benjamin, and Mariam Khan and Katherine Faulders.  "Draft article of impeachment charges Trump with 'incitement of insurrection' in Capitol mob attack."  ABC News, 8 January 2021, 6:51 p.m..]

    So up to this point--January 9, 2021--the vote-switching theme related to Italy is either a big-time corruption story yet to be told well or a big-time lie, and I note that little has been done by big-media entities in the United Stastes of America to show that one or the other is the truth.  A news entity could dispell or prove which idea is right by, for one proving a court case with Arturo D'Alia took place, and a proving theme would give the exact time and date of the case, where it took place, and who was involved (and video information would help).  For now, I report that one entity called "TheBL" (some type of news entity) has done some stories about the Italian theme, and, by the way, "TheBL" is more than a one-person blog thing, but I did not find the names of the operators of it at the website for the entity.  If the stories from TheBL are fake, then it looks as if TheBL is helping to drive the fake story and to maybe, for example, discredit such persons as Sidney Powell, who would be pushing a conspiracy theory (maybe unknown to the pusher, who has been dupped purposely).

    I report this information on January 9, 2020.  Dominion Voting Machines is suing Sidney Powell "for defamation and demanded $1.3 billion compensation." [Hermosa, Jose.  "Dominion sues Sidney Powell for defamation, demands $1.3 million compensation."  TheBL, 8 January 2021.]   The story had "billion" and the headline had "million", and numerous other entities that do some type of reporting work had "billion" as the number.  The suit was filed on January 8, 2021, in the U.S. District Court for the First District of Columbia [Brown, Emma.  "Dominion sues pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, seeking more than $1.3 billion." The Washington Post, 8 January 2021, 9:08 a.m. EST.].  This information shown in the story from TheBL--"'Dominion's suit against me & DefendingTheRepublic.org is baseless & filed to harass, intimidate, & to drain our resources as we seek the truth of Dominion's role in this fraudulent election,' Powell said.".

    I report, here, stories that may been involved in pushing a hoax or may not have been, because they have to be reported as existing in the scheme of things:
    Sacchetti, Cesare.  "Italygate: is the Italian government directly involved in the US election fraud against Trump?" La Cruna dell'ago, 29 December 2020.
    Hermosa, Jose.  "Italy's involvement in US election fraud exposed by former CIA agent."  TheBL, 6 January 2021, 11:20 a.m..
    Hermosa, Jose. "Italy used 'military-grade cyberwarfare' to divert votes from President Trump to Biden."  TheBL, 8 January 2020.
    Notice the second and third stories were issued after information had been put forth by Maria Zack on America Can We Talk, Nations in Action, and the Institute for Good Governance, and, in the future, I may have more to say about what was or is in the stories, and what is said will be determined by what else shows up as a part of the scheme of things.

    "For the record," I have this section.  On Saturday, January 9, 2020, I went to the website for Nations in Action again.  I could find no people listed as being a part of management or whatever for the entity.  I could find only one press release available for a person to read ("Press Release: Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race - Institute for Good Governance".  In addition, I tried to call up the "Institute for Good Governance" on the Internet, a name that was listed in the press release at Nations In Action, and I could not find any entity exactly listed under that name.  Also, I wrote Ms. Debbie Georgatos of America Can We Talk to see if she knew anything about the two entities, given she should have known something about them before interviewing Ms. Maria Zack, who supposedly is tied to Nations In Action.

    I have an aside about the election.  If you wished to hide work to cheat big-time in an election, because you would have to, you could set up some clues that might hint that some other type of cheating system was going on when you were actually doing something else.  People might go after the deception and ignore the real cheating system.

    Late in the afternoon of January 9, 2021, I went looking to see what I could find on the Internet in relation to the election issue, which someday in the future might be interested to look back on.  On January 9, 2021, an entity called "The Werff Report" presented on YouTube a video featuring Mike Lindell (the "My Pillow Guy"), and the presentation was entitled "Mike Lindell Posts Video To 'Give Everybody Confidence' That Trump Will Be President Four More Years" (which runs two minutes and fifty-six seconds), and Mike Lindell said that soon evidence of the corruption will be put forth.  Also on the day, another video from "The Werff Report" showed up on YouTube, and it was entitled "Lt. General Thomas McInerney; Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says She's Frantic" (which runs four minutes and fourteen seconds), and in the video, there is a segment showing Lt. General Thomas McInerney speaking to a person (who is not seen) about why Nancy Pelosi is working hard to get Donald Trump out of office (either in relation to the 25 Amendment or impeachment)--"...Well, because on Wednesday, they took Pelosi's laptop. She's frantic!  There was some people in there that were Special Forces mixed with Antifa, and they took her laptop and they have that data....".

    Lt. General Tom McInerney is the focus of this section.  Lt. General Tom McInerney (as he is called today, though retired) was in the military of the United States of America from 1959 to 1995.  On January 9, 2021, a man named Allen Cogswell posted a video that runs twelve minutes and eight seconds that shows Lt. General Tom McInerney talking to a group of people at what seems to be a party-like event, and this video contains the segment that "The Werff Report" had in the video entitled "Lt. General Thomas McInerney; Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says She's Frantic" (which is reported on in the previous section), and there is more.  Lt. General Tom McInerney reported, in the video, which had been posted on YouTube by Allen Cogswell, that he has seen the laptop that was taken from U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi on January 6, 2021.  Also, Lt. General Tom McInerney reported that felt "...The vice president has committed treason.".  The group of people sort of speculated that U.S. President Donald J. Trump may fire up the Emergency Broadcast System [Emergency Alert System] to pass along what went on with the election and more.

    It must be remembered that, in late 2020, a number of news entities published stories that put down the idea that U.S. military people of any type seized servers at a server farm in Frankfort, Germany.  For example, USA Today had a story entitled "Fact Check: No soldiers died in non-existent raid to seize election servers in Germany" [Caldera, Camilla.   "Fact Check: No soldiers died in non-existent raid to seize election servers in Germany."  USA Today, 5 December 2020, 8:47 p.m. ET (updated: 7 December 2020, 4:12 p.m. ET.], which noted that Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney pushed out the idea of a raid originally on November 28, 2020, on Worldview Radio and WVW-TV.  It was reported that the Army and Army Special Operations Command confirmed there had been no such raid, doing that to The Associated Press in December 2020 [Joffe-Block, Jude.  "U.S. Special Forces did not raid a CIA facility in Germany and seize server."  APNews.com, 1 December 2020.].

    In the morning on Sunday, January 10, 2021, I drove ten miles (five miles each way) to pick up editions of newspapers that were being held for me and a friend at a store, and the newspapers were editions of the Detroit Free Pree, which I see to see what the enemy is doing and my friend sees to do the puzzles (especially) and see stories.  On the front page of the edition for Saturday, January 9, 2021, there was a story entitled "Pelosi, Dems lay plans to impeach" [Mascaro, Lisa, and Mary Clare Jalonick, and Zeke Miller.  "Pelosi, Dems lay plans to impeach."  Detroit Free Press, 9 January 2021, pp. 1A and 5A.].  Examine the beginning of the article--"WASHINGTON -- Warnings flashing, Democrats in Congress laid plans Friday for swift impeachment of President Donald Trump, demanding decisive, immediate action to ensure an 'unhinged' commander in chief can't add to the damage they say he's inflicted or even ignite nuclear war in his final days in office.  As the country comes to terms with the violent siege of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters that left five dead, the crisis that appears to be among the final acts of his presidency is deepening like few other periods in the nation's history.  With less than two weeks until he's gone, Democrats want him out -- now -- and he has few defenders speaking up for him in his own Republican party.  'We must take action,' House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared on a private conference call with Democrats.  And one prominent Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, told the Anchorage Daily News that Trump simply 'needs to get out.'  The final days of Trump's presidency are spinning toward a chaotic end as he holes up at the White House, abandoned by many aides, top Republicans and Cabinet members.  After refusing to concede defeat in the November election, he has now promised a smooth transfer of power when Democratic President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in Jan. 20.  But even so, he says he will not attend the inauguration -- the first such presidential snub since just after the Civil War.   In Congress, where many have watched and reeled as the president spent four years breaking norms and testing the nation's guardrails of democracy, Democrats are unwilling to take future chances with only a few days left in his term.  The mayhem that erupted Wednesday at the Capitol stunned the world and threatened the traditional peaceful transfer of power.  Pelosi said she had spoken to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley 'to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes' for nuclear war.  She said Milley assured her longstanding safeguards are in place.  The president has sole authority to order the launch of a nuclear weapon, but a military commander could refuse the order if it were determined to be illegal.  Trump has not publicly made such threats, but officials warn of grave danger if the president is left unchecked.  'This unhinged president cold not be more dangerous,' Pelosi said of the current situation....".  A good and smart person has to wonder whom U.S. President Donald J. Trump would set off a nuclear weapon against?  The theme about nuclear weapons shows how nutty Democrats are and to what ends of rottenness they would stoop.  In addition, in the past four years, no one has been able to prove U.S. President Donald J. Trump has done anything bad against the country (a constitutional republic).  And U.S. President Donald J. Trump's challenging election results in courts is lawful, as it had been for, for example, Al Gore in relation to the presidential election of November 2000.  Then I saw the edition of the Detroit Free Press for Sunday, January 10, 2021, especially the "OPINION" section.  On the front page of that section were three photographs, covering U.S. Reps. Jack Bergman (R-Watersmeet), Lisa McClain (R-Bruce Twp.) and Tim Walberg (R-Tipton), who "voted to reject presidential electors certified by Republican-majority state legislatures in Arizona and Pennsylvania", which were under the headline "PEOPLE OF THE LIE  Meet 28 Michigan Republicans who tried to overturn the election"  [Editorial staff.  ""PEOPLE OF THE LIE  Meet 28 Michigan Republicans who tried to overturn the election."  Detroit Free Press, 10 January 2021, pp. 27A and 28A.].  The article began with--"It began with an outrageous lie: Donald Trump's baseless assertion that election officials in Michigan and other battleground states had conspired to conceal his 'landslide' reelection victory.  *  Over the next two months, 28 of  Michigan's most prominent Republicans -- federal and state lawmakers, appointed officials and party leaders -- waged an unprecedented campaign to overturn the election results.  They worked tirelessly to amplify and embroiled Trump's false claims, persisting even as judges, state legislatures, election officials and law enforcement authorities debunked those allegations again and again.  *  As recently as last Thursday, hours after armed rioters incited by the president had been routed from the U.S. Capitol, some Michigan lawmakers were persevering in their efforts to delegitimize Joe Biden's victory.  U.S. Reps Lisa McClain (R-Bruce Twn.), Jack Bergman (R-Watersmeet) and Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) all voted to disallow presidential electors certified by Republican-majority state legislatures in Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Neither that congressional trio nor the other Michigan Republicans whose supporting roles are highlighted in today''s Free Press are criminally liable for Wednesday's mayhem, which resulted in at least two deaths, injuries to more than a dozen law enforcement officers, extensive vandalism and incalculable damage to America's global reputation.  But each bears responsibility for perpetuating the lies and fueling the outrage that led inexorably to the Capitol rampage.  Had they prevailed in effort to overturn the election results, those who attempted to derail certification would have effectively disenfranchised more than 81 million Americans, including the 2.8 million Michiganders who cast their ballots for Biden.  The campaign to sabotage Biden's election failed, but that was not a forgone conclusion.  We have detailed the actions of those who played a role in it so that Michiganders may consider the degree to which each player has forfeited the public's trust....".  That covers the material of the first page of two pages for the article.  The second page gave information about 28 Republicans.  The article was like a high-level criminal indictment--for what were like crimes against humanity--though the persons' challenging the election had done what was legal, as when Democrats had challenged the presidential election of November 2000.  I, having a BA related to radio-television-film from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and 45 years or so of work related to the media, report that the articles reached the heights of journalistic malpractice.
    [Note: While I was spell-checking this section, U.S. Senator Chris Coons (a Democrat related to Delaware) was a guest on the weekly television show on CBS-TV called Face the Nation, which was hosted by Margaret Brennan, and U.S. Senator Chris Coons, who passed along a bunch of crap, such as people have to tell the truth that the election of fair, said that he would vote to impeach U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  CBS-TV pushed out an advertisement for 60 Minutes for the day, noting that the program was going to talk about the "constitution crisis" that was the storming of the Capitol.  I state that one real "constitutional crisis" was when the U.S. Supreme Court failed to take up real court cases of voting fraud in relation to Article II of The United States Constitution.  And Face the Nation had Chris Krebs, a discredited cyber-security man, as a guest, and he passed along such crap as Trump's legacy is a "heap of ashes" and Trump has to tell his supporters that it--the lie about a corrupted election--was "all a big con", and Margaret Brennan noted that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to speak to the nation tomorrow (Monday, January 11, 2021), but she noted that the speech is going to be about things related to Twitter's banning him from Twitter and not about--as she seemed to want--resigning from the office of the U.S. president.]
    [Note: I could talk about the commentary piece given on Face the Nation from Bob Schieffer on January 10, 2021, but I was highly disgusted by it--seeing Bob Shieffer's highly evil nature--and turned it off before it was over.]

    On Monday, January 11, 2021, the U.S. Congress was in session.  A big event took place in the U.S. House of Representatives, when "an article" of impeachment against U.S. President Donald J. Trump was put forth, hinting, for one, that U.S. President Donald J. Trump worked to incite a riot against the government of the United States of America.  It was reported that a vote on the issue would take place on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, and if the vote resulted in the passing the issue, it would be the first time ever that a U.S. President was impeached twice, and it would be clear who in the U.S. House of Representatives--covering the Democratic Party and the Republican Party--are the enemies of the country.  On that day, I found a transcript for the speech--"Donald Trump Speech 'Save America' Rally Transcript January 6, 2021" (from Rev.com).  The transcript was sometimes slightly in error, such as at the end of the speech.  Here is what U.S. President Donald J. Trump said (as I found in a video presentation) at the end of the speech, where Democrats say that U.S. Donald J. Trump was inciting violence and which is slightly misquoted in the transcript--"...So we're going to, we're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.  I love Pennsylvania Avenue.  And we're going to the Capitol, and we're going to try and give--the, the Democrats are hopeless.  They're never voting for anything, not even one vote--but we're going to try and give our Republicans--the weak ones, because the strong ones don't need any of our help--we're gong to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.  So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.  I want to thank you all.  God bless you, and God bless America!  Thank you all for being here.  This is incredible.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.".  That is not material that inspires rioting and violence and can inspire rioting and violence, as a good and smart person can understand.  By the way, much of the speech was about so-called results in the election and related matters.  Once again, the Democrats by pushing out the impeachment idea were working to sell lies and crap.  [Note: By the way, people showed up in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, with their so-called weapons and goals before U.S. President Donald J. Trump would ever give his public speech, so people already had planned to do harm--and that is premeditation.  And on January 11, 2021, I had yet to have a clear idea of what type of people had done the wrong things, given only five days had passed, and I knew it would take along time to get good information about why people had done what they did on January 6, 2021, and who the people are.]

    I have to put an aside, here, to show the nature of the communist, the killer.  John O. Brennen, who was once the CIA director, is a communist and supporter of communists, such as Barack Hussein Obama.  On January 9, 2021, John O. Brennan pushed out this Tweet, showing off his evil nature--"Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda.  Total denunciation of a despot's legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.".  No one can prove that U.S. President Donald Trump was a "despot," given he followed the rules of the country and violated no laws, such as The United States Constitution.  The material and the wording from John O. Brennen reminds me of what communists, such as in China and North Korea, force citizens to do in public after they make so-called transgressions against "the state" (reminding me of a famous model who had to do such a thing somewhat recently), and, incidentally, communistic societies are places where walls are built at the borders to keep citizens in--in and not out.  What John O. Brennan pushed out is a collection of lies.  [Note: How many corrupt people did John O. Brennan get into management positions at the CIA when he was the director of the CIA (from March 2013 to January 2017)?  Do not tell me the CIA is not currupt!  A man who would make such a statement is not a good man in any way.]

    Besides U.S. President Donald J. Trump, others spoke at the rally in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.  Now, I present a bit of the short speech made by Rudy Giuliani--"...Over the next ten days, we get to see the machines that are crooked, the ballots that are fraudulent, and if we're wrong, we will be made fools of.  But if we're right, a lot of them will go to jail.  Let's have trial by combat.  I'm willing to stake my reputation--the President is willing to stake his reputation--on the fact that we're going to find criminality there....".  I note that some rotten people say that the part about "trial by combat" incites violence, but a good and smart man knows the idea was presented figuratively and not literally.  During the short speech, Rudy Giuliani did express some themes about corrupt happenings during the election, but those themes will not be covered here, since, here, I wanted only to show Rudy Giuliani was still standing by what he had been standing up for for weeks.

    I have never heard anything from U.S. Presidential Donald J. Trump that hinted he was inciting violence, but I have heard things from Democrats, such as Democrats in the U.S. Congress between January 2018 and January 12, 2021, such as U.S. Representative Maxine Waters.  On January 12, 2021, U.S. President Donald J. Trump did report that what is being done by at least the Democrats in the U.S. Congress with another impeachment event is fueling "tremendous anger".  More fully I report that, in the morning of January 12, 2021, when U.S. President Donald J. Trump was about to board a helicopter, he said before a group of press people--"...This [the impeachment event] is really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.  It's ridiculous.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  This impeachment is causing tremendous anger.  And you're doing it.  And it's really a terrible thing that they're doing.  For Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to continue on this path, I think it's causing tremendous danger to our country and it's causing tremendous anger.  I want no violence!....".   By the way, the line "And you're doing it." seemed to refer to most of the main media people.  [The Associated Press.  "Video: Trump says impeachment causing 'tremendous anger in nation', wants 'no violence.'" Fox8.com (Cleveland, Ohio), 12 January 2021, 11;23 a.m. EST.]

    The events that have gone on in relation to the election of November 3, 2021, are causing bad people who show themselves clearly.  For example, when people legally challenge the election results, some people or entities say that those who work to legally challenge the election results are working to subvert democracy, and that is bullshit.  On Friday, January 8, 2021, the national entity known as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, which is made up of 36 entities, one of which is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, reported that it was changing its policy about what persons to donate money to in relation to elections and politics [Note: The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is based in Chicago, Illlinois, a communistic city or a communistic stronghold in the country.].  Kim Keck, the CEO of the national entity, noted that--"...At Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, we continuously evaluate our political contributions to ensure that those we support share our values and goals....".  A good and smart person has to wonder what the "values and goals" of the entity are?  If an entity supports communists and socialists, then the entity does not support the people who are anti-communists and anti-socialists and who support The United States Constitution.  [Coleman, Justine.  "Blue Cross Blue Shield Association suspends donations to lawmakers who opposed Electoral College count."  The Hill, 10 January 2021, 03:49 p.m. EST.].
    [Note: If you are a person who supports The United States Constitution and non-communists and non-socialists and if the person is insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield and if the entity finds the person does not support the communists and socialists of this day and age, such as Joe Biden,  will Blue Cross and Blue Shield find a way to not give the person health care, especially given the Democrats support "universal health care" or "one-payer health care" in which the government solely gets to decide who and who does not get health care, especially in relation to those who are considered too old and past the ability to really contribute to the society and "the state" as "workers," as communists and socialists wish it to be?]

    At about 4:00 p.m. (Detroit time) on Tuesday, Janaury 12, 2020, I went to "defendingtherepublic.org" on the Internet, which was associated with Sidney Powell, and I found a simple message on the screen of my computer after I clicked in--

Dear Patriots,

We THANK YOU for your support.

Please know we will continue to fight for #WeThePeople who make this country work, who love God, family, freedom, and all who believe in the good that makes America exceptional.

We are getting DefendingTheRepublic.org organized so please sign up for our updates now.  We're also applying for 501c3 status and most importantly, STILL working on your behalf.

Thank you for trusting us.

We must simply work harder now.

-Sidney Powell, Founder

    And that was it.  The material was not dated, so I know not when it was posted on the website.  All that I can say is the material had shown up a little before I went to the website.

    Between January 6, 2021, and January 13, 2021, all the Democats and some of the Republicans--in the press and the federal government at least--worked hard to sell the lie that U.S. President Donald J. Trump pushed for the violence and killing in Washington, D.C., of January 6, 2021, and it was a propaganda campaign continuing on with the four-year run of propaganda and lies.  By the end of the day of January 8, 2021, the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives had already drafted a document of impeachment against U.S. President Donald J. Trump and were circulating it within the U.S. House of Representatives and with the press.  The "article of impeachment" was acted up in earnest on Monday, January 11, 2021, and other processes to get the document passed were run through over the next two days, and on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass or not pass the document.  By the way, between January 8, 2021, and January 13, 2021, no proper trial of sorts was conducted in the U.S. House of Representatives, which would show proof of U.S. Donald J. Trump's having done or not having done something wrong, and any debate presented can be called a collage of emotions and feelings; it was all a push for quick action like that of a communistic show trial or a trumped-up trial, involving mob-like thinking.  The vote showed up even more what persons in the federal government are the enemies of the good people of the country (who are non-liars, non-crooks, non-communists, non-progressives, non-socialists, non-black racists, et cetera).  The vote was 232 votes to pass (in essence, convict) and 197 votes to not pass (in essence, acquit).  Of course, all the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to convict, though their work was based on a big lie and nothing concrete presented.  It must be remembered that all the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first impeachment event voted to impeach.  During the voting process e of January 13, 2021, 10 Republicans voted to convict (as I will called it), and they were Jaime Herrera Beutler (of Washington), Liz Cheney (of Wyoming), Anthony Gonzalez (of Ohio), John Katko (of New York), Adam Kinzinger (of Illlinios), Peter Meijer (of Michigan), Dan Newhouse (of Washington), Tom Rice (Of South Carolina), Fred Upton (of Michigan), and David Valadao (of California).  In addition, other Republicans felt U.S. Donald J. Trump should share some of the blame for the riot of January 6, 2021, and that is rottenness of the highly degree.  And now the standards for impeaching of a U.S. president, especially a Republican by the Democrats, are so low that an impeachment can be done for no reason at all or be done for as little as not using the right pronoun for some person who considers the self a "non-binary" (an idiotic idea).
    It big problem has to be passed along, showing the ugliness of the impeachment event and the ugliness of many members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, The New York Times, which is a communistic newspaper and which is highly anti-Trump, pushed out a story entitled "How a Presidential Rally Turned Into a Capitol Rampage" [Leatherby, Lauren, and Adielle Ray, Anjali Singhvi, Christian Triebert, Derek Watkins, and Haley Willis.  "How a Presidential Rally Turned Into a Capitol Rampage."  12 January 2021, p. NA.].  Based on video evidence, the article reported that the breach of the Capitol took place about twenty minutes before U.S. President Donald J. Trump finished his speech, which was finished at about 1:00 p.m. (Washington, D.C., time).  On January 12, 2021, the impeachment report was available, and it was called MATERIALS IN SUPPORT OF H. RES. 24, IMPEACHING DONALD JOHN TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, FOR HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, and it was noted that it was a "Report by the Majority Staff of the House Committee on the Judiciary," and it was a report for Chairman Jerrold Nadler of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.  The report ran 74 pages (as I saw it on my computer on January 13, 2021), and the pages from 51 to 74 were simply appendix material, having, for example, newspaper-story references.  On page nine of the report, there is this material--"...At approximately 11: 57 AM, the President addressed the crowds for over an hour, concluding at roughly 1:11 p.m.....".  Page eleven of the document had this material--"...By around 2:00 p.m., the supporters attending the rally had surged toward the Capitol and were attempting to breach its security barrier....".  Hold it!  It was reported in the story by The New York Times that the breach occurred around 12:50 p.m..  It was on January 13, 2021, that I learned of this information, getting inspired to find it well by Mark R. Levin, who reported the information on his nationally syndicated radio show (The Mark Levin Show), and Mark R. Levin made me aware of a story by John Solomon (of Just the News) entitled "Rush to judgement?  Three crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siege" (of January 13, 2021, and at 11:34 a.m.).  Here is a portion of the story (which is not presented to infringe on copyright but to make John Solomon's story known through this document)--"...Since the weekend, major bombshell revelations already have substantially revised the initial story of a spontaneous mob overrunning an unsuspecting Capitol police force.  The FBI admitted Tuesday [January 12, 2021] it received information ahead of the Jan. 6 tragedy suggesting some participants were planning a 'war' on the Capitol, including killing officers and distributing maps of the complex.  It alerted Washington D.C. law enforcement through the joint terrorism task force alert system.  It also 'disrupted' the travel plans of some of the suspected trouble-makers.  'We developed some intelligence that a number of individuals were planning to travel to the D.C. area with intentions to cause violence,' Assistant Director Steven M. D'Antuono said.  'We immediately shared that information, and action was taken.'  The New York Police Department is reported to have given the Capitol Police similar intelligence warnings of impending violence.  The chief federal prosecutor in Washington declared Tuesday he is pursuing conspiracy charges, signaling the attacks on the Capitol involved multiple acts and multiple conspirators working in concert with each other.  The prosecutor talked about the planting of carefully constructed IEDs as one such act.  In other words, there was pre-planning for some element of last Wednesday's chaos.  And the official timeline of events constructed by the New York Times through videos shows protesters began breaching the perimeter of the capitol a full 20 minutes before Trump finished his speech.  This new evidence raises the first compelling question that remains unanswered. How could Trump incite an attack that had already been pre-planned and was in motion before his speech ended?  A senior intelligence official told Just the News he has found no evidence that the president, the White House or the National Security Council was alerted in formal intelligence briefings to the pre-warnings of suspicions of violence the FBI and NYPD have admitted they had...." and "...The second major question that remains unanswered is: What did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other leaders in Congress know -- and when did they know it -- about the possibility for violence and the Pentagon's pre-attack offer to send National Guardsmen to reinforce the Capitol Police?  The U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sun, who resigned after the attack, told The Washington Post ["Outgoing Capitol Police Chief: House, Senate security officials hamstrung efforts to call in National Guard."  The Washington Post, 10 January 2021.] that security officials at the House and Senate rebuffed his early request to call in the National Guard ahead of a protest...." and "...Finally, there is this troubling third question: Were there facilitators inside the Capitol and outside it who instigated or enabled the attack to be carried out?  Rep. James Clyburn (D.-S.C.) one of the House's longest serving and most respected members, first raised this question a few days ago.  He aptly noted that protesters were able to locate and penetrate his unlisted, unmarked office within minutes, raising the possibility they had inside help....".  By the way, U.S. Representative James Clyburn voted to impeach U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  I had to hear a later airing of The Mark Levin Show (a delayed broadcast) to get the name of another story that Mark R. Levin had passed along to listeners, and the story was "'Incitement' Timeline Debunked as Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell's Sergeants-at-Arms Refused Security Measures - The National Pulse" [Kassam, Raheem.  "'Incitement' Timeline Debunked as Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell's Sergeants-at-Arms Refused Security Measures - The National Pulse."  The National Pulse, 11 January 2021.].  Here are important pieces of the additional article--"...And while the Washington Post clumsily attempts to blame President Trump for the violence -- despite the President calling for 'peaceful' protests and the 'cheering on' of Congressman -- their own article admits the 'first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol about 12:40pm.'  President Trump's speech didn't conclude until 1:11pm, and with at least a 45-minute walk between the two locations with crowd-related delays, that would put the first people from Trump's speech at Capitol Hill no earlier than 1:56pm -- a full hour and sixteen minutes after troublemakers arrived.  In fact, rioters who breached the perimeter would have had to leave before Trump's speech even began (at 12pm precisely) to make it in time for the events as they are detailed by authorities.  The Washington Post also states: 'Sund's outer perimeter on the Capitol's west side was breached within 15 minutes,' meaning the Capitol was breached over an hour before Trump speech attendees could have even begun to arrive.  This correlates with Sund's interview, where he admits: 'I realized at 1pm, things aren't going well... I'm watching my people getting slammed.'  Again, 1pm would have been a full 56-minutes before any Trump speech-attendees could have begun arriving, let alone breaching the perimeter and clashing with police.  Downtown Washington, D.C. roads were closed.  There was no way of arriving faster, let alone before the President had finished speaking.  At 1:09pm, still before the President had finished speaking, Sund called the Sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate.  He told them it was time to call in the National Guard.  He even said he wanted an emergency declaration.  Both, however, said they would 'run it up the chain' and get back to him.  At 1:50pm the Capitol itself was breached.  Still before most Trump speech attendees could have arrived.  What happened after this point was a back and forth over hours between D.C. officials, Army officials, and Capitol police.  Eventually -- at past 5pm --the national Guard arrived....".  And what was the real hold up in getting the National Guard to one of the most important buildings in the United States of America?
    Yes, many people in the U.S. House of Representatives, some of whom were blacks, rushed to do a mob lynching of an innocent white man--Donald J. Trump.
    [Note: U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (a Democrat related to California incited violence on June 23, 2018, against people associated with the U.S. President Donald J. Trump administration during a little outdoor rally in Los Angeles, California, by say, for instance--"...If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restarant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them!...."]

    Hey, do you wonder what happened with Maria Zack and her cause?  On January 13, 2021, in the evening, I was able to stumble across a video from Maria Zack, which was called "Nations in Action Founder Maria Zack, Updated Video" (which had a posted date of 02:24 UTC and January 13, 2021).  It was a low-budget presentation, taken with a cellphone it seems.  In the video, Maria Zack pushed out the idea that she wanted followers to continue to support the cause and do prayers, and she noted that God has a great plan, and she urged people to contact Marjorie Meyers at Nations In Action.  In addition, Maria Zack pushed out the idea that their cause was being held up by "Flynn" [who might be a "Joseph Flynn", who is mentioned later in this document].  The video sounded like a stall, and but she was still pushing the idea that "Italy" did it.  Incidentally, the video entitled "Lt. General Thomas McInerney; Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says She's Frantic" (which runs four minutes and fourteen seconds), which shows Lt. General Thomas McInerney speaking to some people, was yet on YouTube, which hints to me the YouTube people do not find it worth taking out in this day and age of wiping things off the Internet, such as from Facebook and Twitter in super-big way, hinting the video helps spread what YouTube does not mind hitting people's minds.  And I add that, around the same time, I was exposed to "BREAKING: Michael Flynn Address The Nation: 'Do NOT Give Up!' Big Changes Coming!" (which runs seven minutes and 30 seconds and is tied to someone named Dylan Himmerich), and the host could only pass along audio of someone called Michael Flynn, and the voice clip of Michael Flynn (supposedly Michael Flynn) did not sound like that of Michael Flynn.  Oh, do you wonder about Debbie Georgatos of America Can We Talk (of americacanwetalk.org)?  On January 13, 2021, Debbie Georgatos's website had no additional information about the Italy connection or anything that showed the theme was found to be valid or invalid.  And on the day, I had yet to see stories on the Internet about the so-called Italy connection on the Internet from, for example, Italian news sources, such as newspapers, but they might be blocked from the United States of America.  [Note: It looks as if a number low-level thinkers unwittingly helped defeat the real work to uncover the election fraud that took place on November 3, 2020, and that helped the communists and socialists.]

    By the end of the week of Monday, January 11, 2021, it was clear that the push in to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, when the Electoral College votes had been scheduled to be counted, was pre-planned by some types of people, and then communists and socialists (the Democrats) were pushing out the idea that, because of how some rioters knew where to go within the Capitol, the riot must have been an inside job involving the Republican Party, going beyond incitement by U.S. President Donald J. Trump's (which is a lie).  Communistic and socialistic media entities, of course, worked to push the narrative, such as the Detroit Free Press.  On Friday, January 15, 2021, the Detroit Free Press published a story entitled "Dems suggest GOP colleagues helped rioters" [Murphy, Brett, and Nicholas Wu, Katie Wedell, Joey Garrison, and William Westhoven.  "Dems suggest GOP colleagues helped rioters." Detroit Free Press, 15 January 2021, pp. 1A and 11A.].   The story in that Detroit Free Press started out with--"Democratic lawmakers leveled a series of stunning allegations that their GOP colleagues --- none of whom they named -- may have conspired with rioters before they attacked the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn the election that President Donald Trump lost....".  Hold it!  Notice the article pushed out the idea that the riot was pre-planned (an idea found in "...may have conspired with rioters before they attacked....").  The article continued with--"Though they offered few specifics and little evidence, their claims represent the culmination of months of warnings and frustrations over the relationship between some prominent Republicans and members of violent fringe groups, including white nationalists, animated by lies about voter fraud and a stolen election.  Democrats did not directly name GOP lawmakers they suspected of being involved, citing ongoing investigations.  Some suggested rioters seemed too good at navigating the building's hallways and noted that there were unusually large groups of visitors the day before..."  Hold it!  If some persons navigated the hallways well, they must have gotten at least somewhat recent information about the layout of the building ahead of time--before they had showed up at the Capitol, and that hints at premeditation.  In essence, the newspaper story pushed out the idea that it was a racist event.   The newspaper story did note--"...Some lawmakers questioned how insurgents knew where to go when they breached the building, although maps of the layout of each floor inside the Capitol are easily located on the internet, and some mark the House speaker's and other leaders' offices.".

    Five days before the inauguration in Washington, D.C.--January 15, 2021--I once again went looking for information about "Maria Zack" (a.k.a. "Maria Strolla Zack") to see if any concrete information was being offered anywhere about her claims of Italy being involved in the election fraud, and I found none.  However, I did come across a video on YouTube called "XOF Breaking News: Exclusive. Maria Zack allegations on video | Trumps News 01.13.21" (which was posted on January 13, 2021), and taking part in the video were a guy named John Stubbins (who was attached to "XOF News Channel"), John Schneider (a well-known American actor, who, for instance, appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard in the 1970s), and Maria Strolla Zack.  In the video, there was again no proof that what she was pushing was true, such as more documents that could be seen well on the screen, especially documents presented in Italian (maybe from a court).  Maria Zack pushed out such information as four people are missing, people are being hunted, and two affidavits have been passed on to people in the U.S. Congress.  John Stubbins talked about his investigation, and he even put out the idea that $25-trillion has been stolen from the American taxpayer (related to some matter that I was not interested in at the moment, given the video ran 19 minutes and 13 seconds).  I then went to the website for Nations In Actions (nationsinaction.org), and I found nothing useful, but I found that people were being urged to go to "ITALY-DID-IT.ORG" to learn more about what is happening because the nationsinaction.org website was having some type of problems.  Incidentally, if Maria Zack's theme about corruption was worrisome enough to bad people, especially supporters of Joseph Biden, why was the video available to me at all on YouTube and not gone?  And the website known as italy-did-it.org (which seemed to belong to Nations In Action) came off as something put together by heavily religious people hoping their prayers would be answered and wishing hard what little they had in their minds was true and as something only promoting feelings and pieces of circumstantial evidence, which stuff from Maria Zack seemed to be.  If Maria Zack's words are true, the presentation is offered defectively--only talk--and will lead to nothing, and that leads to hurting others working to show up the true corruption of the election (and the Maria Zack's work, like that of Lt. General Thomas McInerney's statements, may have corrupted and downgraded Sidney Powell's work, though she did seem to have true incidents of corruption).  [And that how it stands with the Maria Zack theme.  Maybe history will show something else in the future.  My worry is a bunch of elderly people are being scammed into donating money for a phony cause.]
    [Note: "Back channels" or informal channels or something similar--these are communications avenues that are unannounced publicly and connect people of importance together, and I am not necessary talking about government channels or channels between governments, and the channels can be like communications ways of friends or personal networking things.  Do you not think by January 15, 2021, there would be contacts between good people of stature in Italy and good people in the United States of America to prove to the good people of the United States of America that people in Italy have real evidence of something crappy in relation to the election involving Italy?  Yes, for example, some or many Italian government people can be bad, and press people can be bad, and people in the CIA can be bad (as history shows), but it seems very likely that, once two months pass, truth would have reached more people than Maria Zack and would have reached good military people in the United States government, given soldiers do have a tendency to support Republican presidents, and especially if a trial was held in Italy involving Arturo D'Elia.  Michael Flynn was pardoned by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, would he not help U.S. President Donald J. Trump instead of--as Maria Zack has pushed out--stalling things?  To me, Maria Zack put defective ideas into the mix of finding the real corruption, causing Americans to be skeptical about what fraud had taken place, though there had been fraud.  Something is not right with Maria Zack, who fits in well with a part of the title of this document referring to international election fraud, since her focus was Italy, or she is in a way part of an international election fraud scheme.]

    I have to report that, between November 3, 2020, and January 15, 2021, I got exposed to on YouTube a number of what seemed like one-man operations that were trying to make people keep up hope that the corruption, such as that talked about by Maria Zack, would get reported and exposed big time, and it was commonplace for the people to regularly urge people to donate to, for instance, their YouTube channels (making it sound like a money-making thing and not a country-saving thing), and a number pushed the idea that God had a great plan and pushed the idea that God was going to save the day, and although a few videos directed people to real statements in video clips, such as from Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell, a lot of the information was simple opinion that was not really backed up with anything useful, and that helped perpetuated ignorance.

    I have to address a theme that came to my attention on Sunday, January 17, 2021, through my listening to The Billy Cunningham Show (which is national syndicated radio show hosted by Billy Cunningham).  Billy Cunningham reported that, during the rioting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, people at the White House, such as senators, called the White House and got no response, and Billy Cunningham wondered why U.S. President Donald J. Trump did not call in, for example, the U.S. Army and have the U.S. Army show up at the Capitol.  I say that that would have been a bad idea.  It is known that at least the FBI had warnings that bad people were going to show up at the White House on January 6, 2021, to do harm.  It is known that U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sun asked for National Guard people to show up before the event of January 6, 2021, and it is known that U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sun on the day of the rioting sent out a call to get backup help and things were delayed.  Who delayed the arrival of National Guard at the Capitol?  The two sergeants-of-arms related to the U.S. Capitol have a duty to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (the majority head), who are in the chain of command for security in relation to protecting the U.S. Capitol.  There is a hierarchy to go through, involving, for example, the National Guard for the U.S. Capitol.  What would people say of U.S. President Donald J. Trump if he would have sent the U.S. Army in?  Would, for example, the Democrats say that he was working to take over the country, using the U.S. Army?  What a mess there would have been with various police and military entities.  If people called the White House, did people block information about the calls getting to U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  If people called the White House, did U.S. President Donald J. Trump see problems with sending in, for instance, the U.S. Army.  Yes, I see problems with U.S. President's sending in the U.S. Army before National Guard had been involved.  On The Billy Cunningham Show, I seemed to hear that U.S. President Donald J. Trump watched some of the coverage of the rioting on television, and he may have, but that is that, and it looks as if U.S. President Donald J. Trump sort of had his hands tied, not being able to call in the U.S. Army till the right time--if that right time were to come.

    In this document, there is information related to Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and his saying that a laptop was stolen from U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi's office at the Capitol on January 6, 2020, and I show that Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said that the laptop was in the hands of "Special Forces," and Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said that he has seen the laptop and U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi is frantic.  Between about January 9, 2021, and January 20, 2021, nothing showed up to show that "Special Forces" had the laptop; for example, the laptop was not presented as evidence of something bad in relation to the election of November 3, 2021.  Around January 20, 2021, news entities did report that a woman named Riley June Williams was under arrest for having taken the laptop [Bostock, Bill.  "The 22-year-old accused of stealing Pelosi''s laptop and planning to sell it to Russia has been given new charges that could see her jailed for 20 years."  yahoo.com, 20 January 2021, 5:22 a.m..].

    On January 22, 2021, I went looking on the Internet for information about Maria Zack of Nations In Action and Italy-Did-It.org., and I wanted to see what new was being sold my Maria Zack   I found that Debbie Georgatos of AmericaCanWeTalk.org had another interview with Maria Zack available at her website, and the video had been done and posted on January 21, 2021.  In the video, Maria Zack said such things about the what she was pushing in relation to the Italian connection in the election of November 3, 2021, as--"...Italian newspapers are writing about this...." and "...Italy knows that this happened to America in Italy.....".  Maria Zack once again pushed out the idea that the Institute for Good Governance (some type of international entity) was yet working with her and her organization, and she noted that her group of people has had to give security to some people (it seems).  It was mentioned that yet another affidavit was now available, such as at italy-did-it.org, in relation to the election story, and I went to see it.  What I found was a portion of page one of three.  On January 24, 2021, I went back to the website and discovered I had missed how to see the full document.  Here is the full document:

- - -


My name is Neal David Sutz.  I am an American Citizen, born on September 16, 1970, in Westchester County, New York, and acquired Swiss Citizenship through my late mother who was born in Switzerland on May 5, 1932.

I have been living in Switzerland since June of 2017.  My son and stepson were unlawfully seized by the SPMI (Child Protective Services) of Geneva, Switzerland, after my ex wife and I moved ourselves and our two sons, then 3 and 7, to Geneva, from Arizona, to protect our own children and escape her step father, her mother and her brother, who were proven to be involved in pedophilia and child pornography.

On November 13, 2020, following the media-announced results of the 2020 US Elections indicating that Joe Biden had won as President, I began to do some basic research as to how it would have been numerically possible for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to have received more popular votes than our incumbent President, Donald J. Trump, based on the fact that the pre-election gatherings, parades, PR, etc. had clearly shown, despite Any media narrative, that there were clearly many more American Citizens prepared to vote for Trump/Pence than for Biden/Harris on November 3rd.

Because there had been significant talk in the media, and especially by President Trump, of mail-in-voting over the previous 9 months, as well as the inherent security risks therein, and I had read, being here in Switzerland, that Switzerland had used e-voting in the past, I started to do some basic research.

I began to use various keyword combinations in my searches on Google, such as "Switzerland e-voting" - "Switzerland elections" etc.  In a very short time, I found the first documentation that spoke of Scytl and Switzerland, which led me to begin an exhaustive search to understand the subject of e-voting in Switzerland.

Doing my research from a computer located in Switzerland, i.e. a Swiss IP address, which, as one knows, will offer different Google results than had I been from an American IP address, I started seeing many documents and articles from Swiss media and the Swiss Postal Service, in English called, Swiss Post, and began to see various irregularities.  It was at that point that I began to change my keyword combinations in my Google searches to include, for example, "Switzerland e-voting USA" - "Switzerland US elections" etc.  I then came upon my first documentation which clearly explained, in the Lucerne, Switzerland newspaper among other Swiss media outlets, that Switzerland had used e-voting in the past and had had major issues regarding a "back door" that Swiss-government-solicited," professional hackers had found when they were challenged to do a "security check" on the version of the e-voting software.

Through extensive research, I very rapidly discovered that Switzerland's experience with e-voting had so many irregularities that it was beyond a simple anomaly.  I kept coming across the names, "Scytl" and "La Poste" (La Poste is the French language version of Swiss Post).  I soon found the documentation which indicated that Swiss Post, the deregulated Federal Postal Service, which had been a part of PTT in the past, and was still owned by the Swiss Government, but which was allowed to function, "independently," had not only acquired the Sole Rights to the Scytl software source code from Scytl during their bankruptcy, but more interestingly that Swiss Post had, in fact, co-developed the original e-voting software, in partnership with Scytl, and had decided to put their e-voting program, Federally and Cantonally, "On Hold" due to such a high security risk, with the Government-solicited hackers having irrefutably proven to Swiss Post management, hence the Swiss Government, that the Scytl e-voting software was not only able to "flip votes without being noticed," but more concerningly, that the Scytl software and whomever maintained the Sole Rights to the software and its source code, could monitor, study and even manipulate remotely, from Any location in the world, any piece of hardware which would process any votes in which was contained version of Scytl's software.

As the initial allegations of potential voter fraud being published in The United States of America alluded to things such as remote access, sudden influxes of vote batches irregular to the typical pattern intake of votes, USB drives having been attached to the voting hardware that were processing American citizen's ballots for the November 3rd election, etc, I new something was awry.

I repadily put together all the evidence legally accessible regarding the Scytl-Swizerland-US Elections connections, using every keyword combination I could come up with, read through all the articles, websites, documents, studies, etc, printed all of them out, laid them out in a room and began to tie those pieces of information together.  When I had gathered all the relevant evidence to show that Switzerland" Swiss Post had co-developed the Scytl software over the years past, purchased the Scytl source code when the company, Scytl, went tbankrupt due to Scytl's market failure, unsuccessfully used a version of that software in their own country's elections, knew and had admitted publicly that there was a, "back door that allowed votes to be switched without being noticed," stopped allowing that software to be used in their own country's elections, "until further investigation and correction," BUT THEN, against all, common, international fiduciary responsibility sold to and allowed The United States of America to unwittingly use the Scytl software in the 2020 US Elections, without having warned the USA of the blatant security flaws in that software, I first published my blog during the 14th and 15th of November.

On November 21st, I was asked to do an interview with ByoBlu, Italy's largest independent TV, an interview which not only garnered a missive viewing audience, but more interestingly an interview to which the Swiss Post and the Swiss Government did Not respond in any manner whatsoever - no denial, no admission and most interestingly, no accusations of defamation against me, which would have been the standard Swiss practice of shutting down, a "fake news story."

Over the next 36 hours, having received more incoming contacts than I could possibly respond to, still at that moment with not a single attempt to discredit me, the evidence I had published, not a single word I had said in my interview, I decided to dig deeper into the possibility of other, "Switzerland-US-Election" connections.  What I found was shocking, to say the very least.

I have, however, been threatened and had suspended all telephone communication between myself and my two sons who are both still being held by Geneva, Switzerland's Child Protective Services, now for nearly 3.5 years.

The cover up of Switzerland and their involvement in the US 2020 Election is massive and ongoing.

I conducted over 22 hours of non-stop research on this aspect and found massive amounts of such connections, including political, financial, social and international links between the Scytl software, Scytl the company, as well as Smartmatic, CITCO and Dominion - In short, I rapidly discovered that Switzerland, from as early as 1965, had been involved - from investment, to politicly, to socially, to pharmaceutically in then present day to the Covid-19 pharma industry and massive lockdown - in the "voting industry" in countries outside of Switzerland, most particularly in Venezuela.

In resume, I offer this Affidavit as a certified statement that the evidence which I have published and more importantly the complete evidence file which I have provided to Joseph Flynn, originally in early December of 2020, then again on January 15, 2020 to Sidney Powell via my contact in Italy, was all obtained legally, from public access, cross-referenced and verified information, none created by me, none being theoretical and all Never questioned or denied by any Swiss, American or other Authorities and I have not once, since the original date of my initial evidence release on November 15th, been in any manner challenged, discredited or directly challenged as the to the authenticity and credibility of any single, of whole, part of the financial, software, political or pharmaceutical aspects of said evidence which I have published, interviewed about or transferred to Joseph Flynn, the media or any other parties.

Hence, all such evidence and alleged allegations are, unquestionably, with total and complete merit, and, if used immediately, can irrefutably prove numerous aspects of the total and complete fraud and cover up of the 2020 US Elections, who was involved, how they made the fraud and how they covered it up, from Arizona all the Way to Switzerland and back.

Signed, under oath of Truth, on this day, January 16, 2021, in Ticino, Switzerland.


Neal David Sutz

- - -

    That is the so-called "affidavit," which was signed by Neal David Sutz.  A person has to wonder why the second paragraph was presented.  It adds nothing to the story about election fraud related to Italy, and it is as if the writer is looking for some sympathy or something--it is side-track stuff.  Notice the "affidavit" has nothing to do with a court case, in which, maybe, a person is supplying information under penalty of perjury.  The "affidavit" is from nothing more than a person doing research of some type.  How good was the research?  And the "affidavit" really does not do much to put the so-called Italian connection into focus, such in relation to what did or did not go on on election night.  I person has to wonder why the real evidence in Neal David Sutz's hands has not been put out for the public--somewhere.  Public knowledge of events could have helped pressure more good stuff to happen.  And it was all delayed, or there is nothing.  [Note: I write this on January 24, 2021.  People have posted stuff on servers around the world to expose rottenness, and they have done it to in a way to keep themselves safe and their location safe.  Why has not stuff been posted, if what exists really can show up rottenness?  It should have been posted for everyone to see in late December 2020 or early January 2021 to help people who were going to court.]
   [Note: If you go to "newspapers.com" (at least) and use "neal david sutz" in a search, you will find stories of about 2004 that show Neal David Sutz (then of Meza, Arizona) was involved (in a way) with the Dr. Phil show (with Dr. Phil McGraw), and Neal David Sutz was trying to get help and get on the show, and Neal David Sutz had manicdepression (or a bipolar disorder), and, in 2004, Neal David Sutz filed a lawsuit against the show in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona, and if you want to learn more of the event, you can track it down.]  [Note: One story that was about Neal David Sutz got published in dozens of newspapers in the country, such as The Visalia Times-Delta, The St. Joseph News Press, and The Battle Creek Enquirer.]
    [Note: The idea of "over 22 hours of non-stop research" means nothing to me, given I have done research on one topic in amounts that swamp twenty-two hours.  Twenty-two hours make up kiddy stuff.  Do not be impressed by the push that big-deal research was done by Neal David Sutz, since it adds nothing in relation to stories about the election and Italy and, maybe, Switzerland, and, in fact, the talk about the amount of research is only filler, unnecessary filler in the document.]

    Here is an aside.  U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, who calls himself a "Republican," has been a pusher of socialism and communism for the United States of America for decades.  On Sunday, January 24, 2021, U.S. Senator Mitt Romney showed off more of his rotten mind while being a guest on Fox News Sunday.  [Note: A number of my documents on the Internet show the rottenness of Mitt Romney, and one such document can be reached through this Romney link, and another such document can be reached through this Romney2 link.]  On the television program, U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (who was associated with Utah) said--"...If we are going to have unity in our country, I think it's important to recognize the need for accountability, for truth, and justice...." and "...It is pretty clear that, over the last year, there has been an effort to corrupt the election in the United States, and it was not President Biden.  It was President Trump!....".  Mitt Romney would stab you in the face with a knife, and I say that knowing, for example, he purposely ignored the proven corruption by the Democrat Party with respect to the election, such as the lying to the FISA court system.  [To learn more about Mitt Romney and people like him, see my document entitled (the informal title) A "Democrat Party" and the "Democrats" Stand for Death, which can be reached through this Democrats and Death link.]  [Miller, Hayley (The Huffington Post).  "Mitt Romney: Trump Impeachment Trial Important For 'Unity,' and 'Accountability.'" Yahoo.com, 24 January 2021, 11:01 a.m..]

        Smartmatic started up a lawsuit against the Fox News Channel on Thursday, February 4, 2021.  It was a 2.7-billion-dollar lawsuit, which also was taking on some of the hosts on the Fox News Channel, who had, for instance, had Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani on their programs.  It was pushed forth in the 285-page filing by Smartmatic in the State of New York that what the Fox News Channel had done "damaged democracy worldwide."  [Shamsian, Jacob (Business Insider).  "Election-technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News over election conspiracy theories." Yahoo.com, 4 February 2021, 2:09 p.m..]

    An entity called "Pod Save America" interviewed Joseph Biden while he was running to be the next U.S. president on October 24, 2020, and one statement that Joseph Biden made was--"...Secondly, we're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did, did it for our administration--President Obama's administration before this--we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics....".  I do not here report what the true context of the statement from Joseph Biden may have been, but some people took the statement literally.  On February 5, 2021, I was listening to The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show), and at one point during the show, Mark Levin talked with a guest named Rasheem Kassam, who had recently written an article related to an article in Time (the magazine), and Rasheem Kassam's article was "Time Mag: 'Trump Was Right: There Was A Conspiracy--Well-Funded Cabal, Powerful People Changing Laws, Steering Media and Controlling Information'" [Kassam, Rasheem.  "Time Mag: 'Trump Was Right: There Was A Conspiracy--Well-Funded Cabal, Powerful People Changing Laws, Steering Media and Controlling Information'." thenationalpulse.com, 5 February 2021.].  They talked about the article of TIME and about some of what both men had reported on on radio or in news stories for a number of months.  The Internet-version article of TIME was entitled "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" [Ball, Holly.  "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election."  TIME, 4 February 2021, 5:40 p.m..].  The title of the article in TIME does not really show what the article was really about.  The article was about how various groups (such as foundations) used a lot of money (millions and millions) and influence to get state governments and such to change election laws--illegally--prior to the election of November 3, 2020, and the article was really like a piece that showed people--tied to the Democratic Party--boasting that they had been involved in the rottenness and that showed they were now working to take credit or get credit for what they had done.  Instead of providing a full rundown of the rottenness showed off in the article in TIME, I urge people to see the article.

    On Friday, February 5, 2021, Mike Lindell (the head of a company informally called "MyPillow") released a film focusing on the election of November 3, 2020, and the film was called Absolute Truth.  The film was designed to show the election fraud that took place in the United States of America on November 3, 2020, and make the case that the underlying bad guy was China.  On that Friday, the film was aired several times on the One America News Network (or OAN), and it seems several times, Mike Lindell worked to put and keep the film on YouTube, but the managers of YouTube kept striking it down.  On Friday, February 5, 2021--very late in the day--I tried to see if I could see the film on the Internet, but I could not find it.  While looking for the film on the Internet, I was thinking that Mike Lindell was pushing the idea that China "did it" and Maria Zack was pushing the idea that Italy did it, and I was thinking that Mike Lindell's film had at least one problem--it seems Mike Lindell's film had Lt. General Thomas McInerney in it, but I already knew Lt. General Thomas McInerney--who had pushed out the idea that he saw the computer from Nancy Pelosi [which I had filed under defective information]--was a discredited witness and source of information.  But, here, I note that Absolute Truth exists.

    The U.S. Supreme Court finally shut down the final two lawsuits related to the election and Sidney Powell and Arizona and Wisconsin on March 1, 2021 [Shamsian, Jacob.  "The Supreme Court finally rejected Sidney Powell's election-conspiracy-theory lawsuits."  Business Insider, 1 March 2021.].

    What is left after all that has happened after the election of November 3, 2021, only a small portion of which I have documented in this document, such as the rioting in Washington, D.C., of the day January 6, 2021, and who gained and gained greatly by what has happened and who lost?  Certainly, Donald J. Trump lost, a man who had been under attack for years for not supporting the communists and socialists and progressives and the like in the federal government and in the world, and in the United States of America, the enemies were all the Democrats and many of the Republicans, especially those in the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.  The rioting in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, was nothing more than an extension of the many riots that had been going on in the country--in big cities control by Democrats--since early 2020, which involved anarchists and supporters of the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party supported the rioting and did little to stop the rioting.  To have a riot in Washington, D.C., was certainly only beneficial for supporters of the Democratic Party or those who simply like to hurt all government (which they feel good about), wanting to be "free" from any government at all and wishing for no government, which is idiocy.  There is no way in hell Donald J. Trump promoted or would have wanted to promote rioting and violence and killing in Washington, D.C., since it would not make him look good, and the bad events would in no way change the government of the country or keep him in the office of the U.S. presidency, since there was still a "government" (made up of the U.S. Congress, The United States Constitution (though it had been and has been breached), state governments, local governments, et cetera), and bad events would do nothing more than make his enemies (such as communists) look good, since, for years, they could now say that they--the Democrats--saved the country from a so-called dictator or "despot," which had been the way of the propaganda campaign against Donald J. Trump for over four years, which included the Democrats' corrupting the laws of the country to meet their ends and achieve their goals of making a communistic country out of the United States of America, a plot that had gotten well underway under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama as the U.S. president.  It must be pointed out that Donald J. Trump did not have U.S. military people arrest, for example, the people in the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court and drag people from their homes and put them in jail, which would be something of a real "insurrection" and a real act of working to take over the government, and it would be the type of act that has happened in recent history in a number of rotten countries of the world that put communistic dictators in power (at least till they got killed or died of something or other).  The rioting in Washington, D.C., now leaves a stigma on the person called a "conservative" (a non-Democrat, a non-communist, a non-socialist, a non-progressive, and non-Shariaist, et cetera), because forever, "conservatives" could be shown to be tied to the violence of a big public gathering, though it would be a lie; history shows "non-conservatives" or supporters of the Democrat do have ties to rioting and violence.  In addition, because the rioting in Washington, D.C., could always be sold to people, especially people new to the country, who already are predisposed to voting for "Democrats" because the "Democratic Party" name makes people think the Democrat Party has ties to "democracy," which is a lie, the Democratic Party would always have a tool to help reduce the number of votes for Republican Party in all future elections, all of which would now be corrupt and in favor of the Democrats, such as because of highly sophisticated technology that could affect voting results and because voting rules could be easily corrupted from the real rules of The United States Constitution, which had happened for the election of November 3, 2020, and which the Democrats had succeeded in corrupting [Note: It seems very likely voting equipment will become even more designed to make it impossible for good people to prove the voting equipment is defective.].  Of course, good people in the United States of America make up way less than half the population, and good people in the United States were and are losers because they must now live in a highly corrupt society and live in a county that can be likened to a place that is a world of lies.  The communists and socialists and progressives and the like who make up the federal government of the United States of America, such as all the Democrats and many of the Republicans are now "free" to hurt whomever they want and will create all sorts of defective and hideous laws, which they like to do to protect themselves from the "masses" and to be able to acquire as much out of life, such as riches, as they can in a rush to be king of the hill at the expense of others, even if the others number in the millions.  Now that the United States of America is controlled by communists and socialists and progressives and the like, the country is no longer a country that will block rotten people around the world from enslaving more people and running wars to take over other countries; for example, the United States of America was ultimately instrumental is stopping the socialistic Adolph Hitler's Germany from enslaving millions of people of the world for decades, and the stopping him became known as World War II, and that will not happen again, since the people in control of the United States of America are the same type of people as Adolph Hitler was--socialists and the like.  Really, it was the good people of the world who lost through the bad events tied to the election in the United States of America of November 3, 2020, and the bad events are associated with more days than only November 3, 2020, and I am talking about days before November 3, 2020, and days after November 3, 2020.  And now a "king of the world" can soon be crowned for the first time through events in the United Nations, such as international treaties that will destroy the rules of the United States of America, especially The United States Constitution (which will be superceded), and to be "king of the world" is something that is wanted by people like in mind to Adolph Hitler and Julius Caesar, and such persons exist in the United States of America, especially in the Democratic Party (a communistic political party, which is made up of liars and racists and crooks and defectives).

    On January 31, 2022, I was exposed to an article, which I knew I had to pass along to everyone through this document.  The article is "Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 Election" [Doyle, William.  "Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 Election," The Federalist, 28 January 2022.].  William Doyle passes along information about screwed-up things related to the election of November 2020, and it is worth seeing.

    Mark R. Levin is a nationally known attorney and is the host of, for example, The Mark Levin Show on radio stations around the country.  On April 7, 2022, Mark Levin talked with David Bossie on his nationally syndicated radio show (of weekdays).  The main topic was a recently released short movie, which runs about forty-two minutes, called Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump.  The movie was written by David Bossie and Jason Meath.  Mark Levin and David Bossie, especially David Bossie, talked about how Mark Zuckerberg used some forty-million dollars for the 2020 presidential election to get, for one, a lot of mail-in votes gathered up oddly in Democratic Party-stronghold voting districts.  I present the information about the movie so that you might think about seeing it, and it looks as if the movie is not propaganda, which it was called by communists and progressives and socialists around the time the movie was released.

    Sometimes it can take months and even years to prove such-and-such happened, such as corrupt practices during an election (especially if judges of courts block the showing of evidence).  In the spring of 2022, people were beginning to learn of the corrupt practices that took place during the election of November 3, 2020, in relation to "drop boxes" (especially those set up in Democratic Party-controlled areas of the country), and what was being learned was coming from a film called 2000 Mules.  By the way, the "mules" referred to here are people who are paid to deliver things to certain places, like drop boxes, in at least suspicious ways or secretive ways.  Information about some of what the film contained was first being learned through interviews on radio with the man who was instrumental in making the film--Dinesh D'Souza--and through newspaper articles.  It can be said that, officially, the film became available to be seen in early May 2022, such as through the scheduled limited theatrical distribution of May 2, 2022, and May 4, 2022.  The goal of the film was not to prove Donald Trump got more votes than Joseph Biden did in relation to the U.S. president.  The main goal something that was no right, such as to show there were batches of ballots put into drop boxes by the same mules a number of times, and, for instance, Dinesh D'Souza came up with evidence that one mule showed up 53 times at 20 boxes, and, at the very least, a good and smart person should expect a single person should only have to make one trip to a drop box to drop of, for example, the ballot related to the self or a ballot related to a family member (or maybe ballots related to more than one family member).  The filmed called 2000 Mules shows corruption in the election of November 3, 2020, and I urge everyone to see it.  [Bond, Paul.  "Film Claims It Has Video of 'Mules' Stuffing Ballot Boxes in 2020 Election."  Newsweek, 2 March 2022, 5:00 a.m. EST.; Rumble.  "Dinesh D'Souze Launches '2000 Mules" Through Locals."  prnewswire.com, 26 April 2022, 09:00 ET.]

    Between the spring of 2022 and December 15, 2023, the election of 2020 was in the news--at least indirectly--often.  Over the period, some associates of Donald J. Trump's were taken to court, such as Ms. Sidney Powell, citing, for instance, they were part of a campaign to corrupt the election and misrepresent what other people or entities were or had done.  Plus, Donald J. Trump was indicted in several states on criminal charges, such as for maybe having documents in Florida that he should not have had, and all the cases--as I saw them--were corrupting laws.  Meanwhile, Joseph Biden, who had been elected to the office of the U.S. president in 2020, clearly violated the oath of office and The United States Constitution, such as by not enforcing immigration laws and by not following court orders related to student-loans forgiveness, and there were many other things that Joseph Biden did that were rotten, and it was clear the American people had put in office of the U.S. president a corrupt person, who had been and was committing impeachable offenses.  The topics noted already in this section are not going to be developed more fully, since this section is designed to make a person aware of a story from The Blaze of December 12, 2023, called "New poll finds rampant mail-in voting fraud in the 2020 election" [Talgo, Chris, and Jack McPherrin.  "New poll finds rampant mail-in voting fraud in the 2020 election."  theblaze.com, 12 December 2023.].  Here is the beginning structure of the article--"One in five voters who cast mail-in ballots during the 2020 presidential election admit to participating in at least one kind of voter fraud, according to a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute.  Specifically, 21% of mail-in voters admitted they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member; 19% of mail-in voters admitted that a friend or family member filled out a ballot on their behalf; 17% of mail-in voters admitted they voted in a state where they were no longer a permanent resident; and 17% of mail-in voters said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member with or without his or her permission.  Each of these instances constitutes voter fraud.  Taking only the first instance, this means that 21% of all mail-in ballots were fraudulent in 2020.  It is important to note this number was likely much higher because the survey questions were not mutually exclusive.  Though there is certainly some crossover between categories, some voters committed fraud by filling out a ballot for a friend or family member, while an entirely different subset of voters committed fraud by casting mail-in ballots in a state in which they were no longer permanent residents. The national poll of 1,085 likely voters was conducted between November 30 and December 6, with a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points and a 95% level of confidence.  Using only the most conservative estimate (21%), the number of fraudulent ballots is still astronomical.  According to election data, 43% of 2020 voters cast ballots by mail -- by far the largest percentage in U.S. history.  Twenty-one percent of that 43% mail-in figure yields approximately 9%.  According to the Cook Political Report, 158,397,726 votes were cast for Joe Biden, Donald Trump or another candidate in 2020.  Taking 9% of this total, that means more than 14 million ballots cast in 2020 were fraudulent.  Again, this is just the most conservative estimate -- the total number of fraudulent ballots was likely much higher....".  When the story about the mail-in-voting-fraud poll was released, nothing about it was reported in the main media, which was not surprising to smart and honorable people.  More to the article exists, and you are urged to see it.  In addition, the Heartland Institute released an article about the poll around the same time called "Heartland/Rasmussen Poll: One-in-Five Mail-In Voters Admit to Committing at Least One Kind of Voter Fraud During 2020 Election" [Haskins, Justin, and Christopher Talgo, Donald Kendal, Jack McPherrin, James Taylor, and Jim Lakely.  "Heartland/Rasmussen Poll: One-in-Five Mail-In Voters Admit to Committing at Least One Kind of Voter Fraud During 2020 Election."  heartland.org, 13 December 2023.], and the story released by the Heartland Institute presents actual results of the poll.  The story issued by the Heartland Institute, which did not get picked up or expanded upon by any national media entity that can be called a part of the "main media" (like NBC News, ABC News, and the like), is another story that a person should see--you should see.

    I state that I think there was high-level election fraud all over the country, and it was on a basis that can be defined as the biggest corruption scandal--more specifically an international scandal--in the history of the United States of America, and it included media people (of this country and others), who were and are supporters socialism and communism, the Democrats (who are communists, socialists, progressives, black racists, and Shariaists), some high-level Republicans (who are willing to look away or take part or are actually Democrats), judges in the court systems, especially in the U.S. Supreme Court, and others, such as the many ignorant Americans who exist and support idiocy and the defective ways of life for the citizens of the country that are promoted by rotten and evil politicians.

    P.S.: On June 9, 2021, The Federalist published, such as on the Internet, a story that noted that it was then known that some 10,300 persons voted illegally in Georgia for the 2020 presidential election.  The story passed along information about how a person can only vote in one county for an election, and if a person moves, the person has to file to vote in the county of the new residence thirty days before a vote takes place in order to vote in the county, and some people did do that, but they voted in the county of their previous residence and in the county of their current residence--voting twice.  It was reported that is looked as if the number of illegal votes would probably go higher, given investigating was still being done.  [Cleveland, Morgot.  "New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In George To Tip 2020 Results." The Federalist, 9 July 2021.]


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