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    While traveling on the roads in Michigan, I hope you watch out for deer and bear and elk and squirrels and toads.  Yes, I did mention "toads."  The reason that I mention "toads" is I want you to watch out for my kids--little, little "toads."  This summer, I became a toad farmer, and the story about how I became a toad farmer and what I did as a toad farmer is the main focus of this edition of Michigan Travel Tips, which, as you should expect, will give you information about some places to see in Michigan, which may or may not have toads for you to see.

    One day late in May 2011, I walked along a portion of Lake Huron in the Huron Beach area, and I saw places out on the land where there was standing water, which is commonplace in the spring of each year.  I walked about a mile, and over the stretch of distance, I saw only one place where there were polliwogs, and to me, that was unusual, since over the previous three springs, I had seen several spots where there were polliwogs in water on the beach area.  The polliwogs were located in a pool of water that was very close to the edge of Lake Huron and the waves or about twenty feet away from the lake proper.  Several days later--around very end of May 2011--I noticed that the pool of water was getting smaller, and, in fact, it was in the evening of the day, and I wondered whether or not there would be enough water in the pool by morning.  I got a five-gallon pail and scooped up what amounted to about forty gallons of lake water, which I put the water in the pool.  Now, the polliwogs had more water, and they already had plant material for food, so they were set with what they needed.  In the morning, I noticed that the water was well down, and so I brought up from the lake about fifty gallons of water for the polliwogs.  Around one o'clock in the afternoon, I noticed the water was down a lot again.  Of course, the reason the water was disappearing quickly was the pool was located on a sandy beach with some rocks and was really close to the lake, and water was leaving the pool through an underground route and heading to most likely the lake.  I thought my adding one-hundred gallons of water to the pool every day to keep the polliwogs alive would not work.  Around this time, there had not been much rain, and I did not know when rain would come again.  So, I became a "toad farmer."  Okay, at this point, I was not sure that the polliwogs were going to become toads, but over the last few years, I had only seen grown-up toads in the area, so I was guessing that the polliwogs were toads, and although I was guessing the polliwogs were toads, I began to call the polliwogs--polli-toads.  I got a big syringe, which might be used to suck up brake fluid from a master cylinder of a car, and began to suck up the polli-toads, which I squirted into the five-gallon pail with water.  I was determined to suck up all the polli-toads.  I got hundreds and hundreds.  Now that I had a pail of hundreds and hundreds of polli-toads,  I had to get them a home.  The new home became a four-foot diameter plastic children's pool that was bought at K-Mart in Cheboygan (of Presque Isle County of the Lower Peninsula), one of those places that Barack Obama is working to hurt, since it is a business that makes money.  I dug a hole in the sand some one-hundred feet up the beach--the way the beach is is from Lake Huron, the land slopes upward a bit as an average, but there are lower areas, where water can collect, the main one of which is called the "inner lake," and higher areas, and then there is the woods.  The pool was placed about four feet from the start of the woods. I  filled the pool with some sand, with rocks, and with pieces of drift wood from the big lake, which could float and which could be used by the polli-toads to rest on.  From the birth home, the pool of water near Lake Huron, I got some of the plant material, which they had been feeding on and which had stuff like plankton on it.  That was that!  Over the next several days, the weather was dry, and the pool of water near the lake nearly disappeared, and I was thinking that I did a good thing.  Then, one day, the waves picked up, and waves were able to come up on shore, and the pool of water near the lake was restored.  Maybe, I did not have to worry about rain not coming and maybe I did not have to suck up the polli-toads and give them a home with a stable bottom, through which water could not pass through.  Each day, I added plant material, which I surmised the polli-toads would like, and, in fact, I was feeding them up to three times a day, knowing I had hundreds and hundreds of little babies to feed.  In mid-June, heavy rains hit the Huron Beach area, and the storms really kicked up the waves of Lake Huron, and the land around where I was staying--a house that I had been working on--became flooded with several inches of water, and it was the most water that I had seen around the house before, and the crawl space ended up with about six inches of water, which I had not seen before, and, really, it was several days of heavy rains.  Well, one of the big storms caused the waves from Lake Huron to really push up on shore, and the waves wiped out the pool of water near the lake, sweeping all the sticks and plant material out and leaving a bare pool.  If I had not gotten the polli-toads out of the pool of water, they would have been swept out in to the lake and died.  Well, that was that.  The inner lake got filled with water, and I thought sometime in the near future I could transplant the polli-toads to the inner lake, when it looked as if the inner lake would have water long enough for the polli-toads to finish growing, but what would happen is the next few weeks would be really hot and the inner lake would dry out to almost nothing, and the inner lake would be drier than I had seen the past three summers.  Each day, I cared for the "kids."  By the way, after the big storms, I did have to take some water out of the kids' home--the plastic  pool--since the level was too high, and polli-toads could get out and on to the sand.  I found food from Lake Huron, which was plant material that I sucked up from the bottom of the lake with the syringe, and I got plant material from the inner lake, which was mushy and decaying plant material, and I got frothy-like brown plant material from ditches and such, which was sort of like light-brown cotton candy, and what I found was when I added food to the pool, the polli-toads would gravitate to it within minutes--by the dozens or the hundreds, showing me it was something they really did like.  I had to go away for a few days--back to the Detroit area--and on the day that I left, I put in extra food and plant material in to the pool.  When I got back, the polli-toads seemed fine, and I went back to feeding them and caring for them, though really there was not much that I had to do, since they--as my father might have said--will do their own thing.  Through June and the first half of July, I watched the polli-toads grow and change form.  They started out as black polli-toads that were maybe about an eighth of an inch in diameter, and each had a tail.  Some started to get back legs, and the ones with back legs soon got front legs (or arms), and polli-toads were soon like black toads with tails, and I noticed how once polli-toads had arms and legs, the tails would shrink away.  In the previous edition of Michigan Travel Tips, I noted how I was up in the Keweenaw Peninsula around July 23, 2011, and during that time, of course, I had to leave the polli-toads alone, and when I got back on July 24, 2011, I first discovered black toads--with skin yet like that of polli-toads--walking around on the sand around the pool.  I felt these almost-toads were not ready to leave home, and I put them back in the pool.  The pool had no cover of any type.  On the week of Monday, July 25, 2011, I ended up having to deal with three frogs--Northern Green Frogs.  The weather was hot and dry, and on three different nights, a frog, one of which was about three-inches long, found the pool and became a squatter.  Well, my having a Northern Green Frog amongst my kids was--to me--not a good idea, since there was not enough room in the pool for a big frog.  On three days, I had to catch a frog and transport the frog to a good inland body of water that was perfect for a big frog.  To stop big frogs from getting in to the pool, I got some wire mesh (screen), which had about three-eight inches square openings, and put it over the pool, and I held it down with scrap pieces of limestone and scrap pieces of concrete block.  The screen, which was rectangular, did not cover the pool completely, so I had to use pieces of concrete block and several about four-foot long pieces of drift wood (which were like planks) to cover up the spots not covered by the screen.  The screen was no barrier for the nearly developed toads or the true toads--they were able to crawl through the openings and get to the land around the pool.  Remember: What I was not doing was conducting an experiment, in which I was noting events in a log; what I was doing was simply caring for polli-toads and little toads.  At one point, around early August 2011, I counted about one-hundred-thirty little toads or almost toads sitting on the pieces of driftwood in the pool, and yet there were hundreds of polli-toads, some without any legs yet, in the water of the pool.  Around August 9, 2011, a big rain storm came--or, really, a series of storms passed through the area--and after each storm, I discovered toads were on the run or on the move or were making a charge for the woods.  The little toads would hop, hop, hop, and then they would rest, and then they would go again.  Incidentally, I had become aware the polli-toads were not going to be frogs because they would stand up on their four legs (or back legs and front arms) and walk, and they had eyes that were not bulging like those on frogs.  Oh, I had to catch another Northern Green Frog from the pool one day, which had been in the pool a few days.  On August 13, 2011, it was another rain day, where the rain fell for a number of hours, and the next morning, I discovered many dozens of toads or nearly toads had disappeared.  At this point, I have to note that, in August, some polli-toads would die only feet from the pool--some still had tails or partial tails, and they were not ready to leave, but they did leave, and they became dehydrated and died, and around the pool, ants patrolled regularly, and, in one case, I saw that ants had gotten to a toad and cut the legs and arms off.  I was able to rescue some nearly toads from ants and put the nearly toads back in the pool, and I was able to revive some nearly toads who were on the sand and were dying from the heat by putting them in water and then putting them back in the pool.  I noticed when polli-toads were changing into what can be called nearly toads, they seemed to stop eating, but I kept adding food to the pool, since, even at this time, some polli-toads in the pool still did not have any legs and some polli-toads still only had back legs.  I have to note--I never caught a nearly toad or a true little toad, which was no longer black, was sort of brown, and had toad-like markings on the back, eat anything.  On August 15, 2011, I added a bunch of plant material to the pool and set off on a trip that would keep me away from the kids that remained for about ten days.  On Thursday, August 25, 2011, I returned to the toads and nearly toads in the evening, and there were not many, seemingly only dozens, left in the pool, and then on Thursday, September 1, 2011, I discovered a little toad--with all its proper coloring--hopping along on the main path to the beach, which is in the woods area and covered with pine needles, around one-hundred feet from the plastic pool, and the toad seemed to be strong and in good health, which is not too surprising to me since the ground was damp and should be ideal for a little toad's health and well being, and, of course, that means the little toad was finding enough to eat.  I lifted the little toad off the path and placed him on the ground near the path so that I would not very likely step on him in the near future, its having chosen to burrow in to the pine needles somewhere on the path.  Over the next week or so, I caught one more small Northern Green Frog in the pool, and I found the pool had few polli-toads or nearly toads now, and, in fact, it seemed as if there were only a dozen or so kids left, on that day that I posted this document on the Internet--on Saturday, September 10, 2011--it was very hard to find any kids left, and that is where this toad farmer has to leave the story.

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    So, can the Internet solve all problems?  The answer is no.  I did use the Internet in a search to find out what type of toads I was raising or watching over.  I came up with two possibilities, and they are the American Toad or Fowler's Toad . So, by using the Internet, did I come up with a good answer about what type of toads I had as kids.  The answer is no.

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    It seems I have to do more research on toads, and to do that, I might consider going to some of the "zoo"-like places or so parks or nature-trail areas that exist in Michigan sometime in the future.  The Detroit Zoological Park, which is in Royal Oak (of Oakland County in the Lower Peninsula), which is a suburb of Detroit, has the "National Amphibian Conservation Center" or "Amphibiville," so that might be a place to do research and come up with an answer.  The John Ball Zoo is located at Grand Rapids (of Kent County in the Lower Peninsula), and it has, for one, the "Treasures of the Tropics Building," and I found through research that the zoo has about fifteen different types of frogs and toads for people to learn about, though none of the toads could be like my toads.  At Saginaw (of Saginaw County of the Lower Peninsula), there is the Saginaw Children's Zoo.  In the Upper Peninsula, at Naubinway is the Garlyn Farm Zoological Park (of Mackinac County), and it has animals, but it is not a place the actually has toads on display, but there could be toads on the grounds, and since Naubinway is near Lake Michigan and beach areas and some toads like beach areas, some toads could be around for me to see, and if I see one, someone might be standing nearby who knows what the toad is, but the problem is the toad could be a grown-up toad, and so I would not know if my toads will grow up to look like it.  I could go to the Kalamazoo Nature Center, which is at Kalamazoo (of Kalamazoo County in the Lower Peninsula), since the place has fourteen nature trails, and if I find a tiny toad like my toads, I could photograph it and show the photograph to a staffer there, and I might get an answer.

    Of course, I could gather up from the woods--or hunt down--my five-hundred plus kids and go to a toad expert to get an answer.

    We're on the move!

    And enjoy your safe traveling in Michigan!

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tips of Michigan in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips are:

    The Detroit Zoological Park, Royal Oak, Oakland County, the Lower Peninsula.

    Garlyn Farm Zoological Park, Naubinway, Mackinac County, the Upper Peninsula.

    John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, Kent County, the Lower Peninsula.

    Kalamazoo Nature Center, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, the Lower Peninsula.

    Saginaw Children's Zoo, Saginaw, Saginaw County, the Lower Peninsula.

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