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    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.

- - - Travel Thoughts for Everyone - - -

    There are big differences between the United States of America and many countries in the Middle East, where Sharia-based (or Islamic-law-based) societies are the rule, and Sharia-based societies are enslavism-type political societies, in which there are rulers who rule based on the Quran and there are all the followers or subjects, and a good example of such a society is Iran, which has clerics as the leaders and all the subjects (maybe citizens).  A big difference between the United States of America and many countries in the Middle East focuses on what people get to have and get to do.  I am in the United States of America.  Recently, I have been working building four models of the former icebreaker for the U.S. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes last known as The Mackinaw WAGB-83 (it was originally known as The Mackinaw WAG-83), and the each of the four small models (made of wood and sheet aluminum and paint, for instance) will show the icebreaker at a different period in time between 1944 nad 2006, and, by the way, I am making a display case for the four models, which is being constructed with, in essence, scrap materials, such as steel that had been up till about a month ago used for handrail for the next-door neighbor's front porch steps.  I am able to make the models because people in the United States of America can have tools, or, over the years and decades, the society has evolved so that Americans can, if they wish, buy tools and have tools in their homes, and the tools are not only hammers and scewdrivers and other small tools but also can be bench lathes for steel, bench lathes for wood, small drill presses, scroll saws, band saws, welding torches, and more.  When you drive through a town or a city, especialy the neighborhood part, you could be driving by houses in which the owners have big tools on hand, such as on hand to repair the houses, and, incidentally, such people who might have such big tools can be whites, blacks, Asian-types, et cetera, and, for instance, a black man can have a wood lathe in the basement, which he uses to make household items for his wife or to sell at a flee market.  Go to Iran, if you can, and check out the houses--you will very unlikely find residents with bandsaws and such in their homes.  The reason is, generally speaking, the people of such a society are so busy following the rotten rules of the leaders, hiding their wealth from the leaders (local and national, who are considered elites and deserve that of others), not doing things because what they make might be taken away those condered higher in stature in society than they are, praying, and working to force other societies to be based on Sharia that nothing gets done as a rule.  By the way, communistic-based societies result in the same nonsense in a way--you would very likely not find much in the homes of the average people in North  Korea because of how the society has not developed for all over the years.  Oh, only recently did I--using old newspaper articles and photographs of The Mackinaw over the years--finally get to the point where I know all the years when all the main structural changes were made to the ship so that I can finish making my models, which I had started at the end of 2013.  When people are free to try things and experiment with things and do things, the society is better off, and that is why I depise and hate Barack Hussein Obama--a lover of Sharia and a pusher of Sharia--who is working to develop the United States of America in to a society in which it would be harder for the average person to have big tools in the home and build things and create things.  Remember--When you take more money from citizens and block citizens from getting money and wealth, you block them from doing things and creating things.  While I am making my models, I regularly think how rotten shit-head Barack Obama is (a man who has built nothing, even a toy) and how rotten his associates are, and the reasons they are rotten are covered in many of my documents that I have available for free on the Internet at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  When you travel in the United States of America, such as in Michigan, remember some people are probably busy and even having fun building something in their homes with big tools, not commonplace things in Sharia-based countries and communstic-based countries like Cuba and North Korea, which are dead societies.

    Warning announcement!  Because of incidents at schools for children and incidents at other places for people in general tied to "Sharia" or "Islamic Law" or even the religion/political system known as "Islam," I now regularly have this paragraph as a part of each edition of Michigan Travel Tips.  The governmental system of the United States of America based on The U.S. Constitution and "Sharia" or, informally, Islam law, are not compatible and cannot co-exist, and one reason is "Sharia" (et cetera) is a political system, in which there is one-party rule, and that one party is basically made up or controlled by religious leaders who base all the ways of their culture or society on "Sharia" or "Islamic Law."  Those who uphold and practice "Sharia" have no tolerance for the existence of Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism or non-religion, and that is a fact, and "Sharia" is a political system in which women are second-rate human bodies and in which clergy can be involved in determining  business transactions, and there is no "freedom of speech" tied to politics in a society related to "Sharia."  When you travel around Michigan and in other states of the country, watch for signs that rotten people are trying to teach you or family members, especially children, that "Sharia" is good and "Allah" is good and teach you or family members that the United States of America is bad and that, for instance, Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism are bad, which I have evidence is happening and which is being brought about by people who are clearly working to make "Sharia" and "Islamic Law" a dominant political system in the world (it is a political system as rotten as socialism and fascism and communism are, since it promotes violence and thuggery and coercion and killing under the face of religion).  By the way, a society based of "Sharia" really creates nothing in the long run and does not advance the human society as a whole since it is too busy suppressing the ideas of people and keeping that ideas of the society based of ways of only a few minds up front (the political leaders, whose main purpose is too keep themselves enriched through  the work of others, the many--it is a gang-run society really.  Yes, if you run across people pushing the idea that Muslim-stuff is better than U.S. is, especially to little children, go public and make it known to other good people and fight back against it!

    Since I published the previous edition of Michigan Travel Tips, I stopped in at the Mackinaw City Welcome Center (the Straits of Mackinac area), where I expected to find nothing that told about some new tourist attraction in Michigan.  I did indeed not find anything new.  However, I discovered a brochure for Dinosaur Gardens Prehistorical Zoo, which is located at Ossineke (of Alpena County of the Lower Peninsula), and the brochure noes that the place has "new owners," though the names of the new owners are not stated (and the brochure does not note when the new owners took control of the tourist attraction, which probably was within the last year).  The brochure shows off photographs of nearly a dozen dinosure statues on display, one of which people can go inside, and the images hint that restoration work was done recently on the dinosaur statues to make them nice.  It seems to me, given what is shown in the brochure, people might like the place--as something different.  It is not open at this time of the year.  Generally speaking, Dinosaur Gardens Prehistorical Zoo is open between mid May and the end of September, and, actually, in Septembe, it is only open on weekends.  Besides having dinosaur statues for people--especially children--to see, the place has a miniature golf course (which was originally set up to Frank McCourt, the former operator of the place), and the place, which was originally a swampy area of Michigan, takes up twenty acres of land, which is like a woods, where a person can hike around and look for flowers.   By the way, Dinosaur Gardens Prehistorical Zoo is a type of place that you will not find in Middle East-type countries where Sharia or Islamic Law (an enslavism form of political system) is the guiding force, and the reason is life is centered around the rotten themes of Allah and the whims of religious clerics, and the societies are so busy being war-like and advancing enslavism to Allah that nothing gets done or made (the societies have to steal from others, and they are societies that have offered nothing new to the world since the creation of the idea of "zero" many centures ago).

    Oh, a lot of people talk about "diversity."  I note that Islam--practiced by Muslims--sets up basically a non-diverse culture or society.  Islamic Law or Sharia cannot co-exist with The United States Constitution, since all the features of Islamic Law are anti-individual and pro-hard-line government control.  Islam is not diversity!

    In essence, Islam is like a cultural structure from the dinosaur age.

    Here is a side note.  Since 2008, I have been gathering information about The Mackinaw WAGB-83 (or The Mackinaw WAG-83), and during that time, I have seen more than 2,600 newspaper articles related to the ship (I have become well informed about early U.S. Coast Guard helicopter history), and during my research, I have come across stories about the Lake Carriers' Association, which, for instance, between 1944 and 2006 (while The Mackinaw was in service) worked closely with the U.S. Coast Guard to determine when shipping seasons on the Great Lakes would start and end.  One January 7, 2015, the Cheboygan Daily Tribune had a story that caught my eye ("Group calls for new icebreaker."  Cheboygan Daily Tribune, 7 January 2015, p. A3.), and it talked about how the Lake Carriers' Association is pushing for the building of another big icebreaker for the Great Lakes, and one reason is the previous shipping season saw a decreasd in shipping of materials because of the amount of ice on the Great Lakes and because of a loss of 3,800 jobs.  Currently, the U.S. Coast Guard operates one big icebreaker (which is called The Mackinaw WLBB-30, which replaced The Mackinaw WAGB-83, and which is smaller than The Mackinaw WAGB-83 was) and a number of much smaller vessels, such as icebreaking tugs and buoy tenders.  By the way, the Canadian Coast Guard works with the U.S. Coast Guard to keep commercial shipping moving on the Great Lakes, and one of  the Canadian Coast Guard vessels is The Samuel Risley.  In years past, while The Mackinaw WAGB-83 was in operation, people like members of the Lake Carriers' Association were calling for the building of another big icebreaker (like The Mackinaw WAGB-83), such as one that could be stationed at Buffalo, but it never happened, and, by the way, in essence, U.S. Coast Guard vessels have been made smaller over the years.

    Stay well!


    P.S. #1: Remember: While you travel in Michigan, remind your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician or sing the praises of Barack Obama, and to help you remember other matters that you should teach children about bad politicians, such as Barack Obama (who can be described as an "enslaver"), see such other documents of mine as Conservatism for Children and What Conservatism Means (which can be reached through this link: Conservatism) and Lessons for Children about Politics and Dangerous People (which can be reached through this link: Children).  (Note: I first passed along the subject of not being a "servant to Obama" and the like in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.)

    Your travel tip in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips is:

    Dinosaur Gardens Prehistorical Zoo, Ossineke, Alpena County, the Lower Peninsula.


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