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- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 194 - - -

    Over the last few months, I have been doing heavy research into a number of topics, such as Detroit television history, and I have added a lot of information and facts to my files about television in Detroit since October 1946.  By the way, some of my research has led me to discovering where the first fourth-order Fresnel lens for 40 Mile Point Lighthouse (of the Rogers City area of Michigan) and for Sand Hills Lighthouse (of the Ahmeek area of Michigan) is, but I cannot report on it yet till I make formal presentations to at least two museums in Michigan about the lens, and I cannot do that till museums open up and I can travel to where the lens is currently sitting (unidentified) and take new photographs of it.  I must have some 15,000 index cards with information about Detroit television now, and information covers movie shows, game shows, religious shows, news shows, talk shows, weather shows, sports shows, specials, et cetera.  Ask me when a certain series or show was on the air, and I could probably tell you.  However, I am not done with the searching for information on shows, and, for example, I know some shows existed, but I have yet to do "tracking" on them to see when they were on, such as from the first date to the last.  Over the last few months, there has been a lot of crap on television, and while doing the researching, I was thinking I would have rather seen what was on television in Detroit in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s than what is on regularly now.  Years ago, viewers would not have put up with being exposed to crap, and they would have tuned out and complained anyway.  I think, today, there are more dumb viewers or rotten people in the television audience (as a percentage of the total audience) than there were years ago.  That is why crap keeps showing up on television regularly, as this edition of Television History and Trivia shows.

    On May 7, 2020, Fox TV began to run a weekly series entitled Celebrity Watch Party, in which a bunch of B-grade (if that) celebrities watch television shows at their homes, and viewers watch the so-called celebrities watching television.  The show has featured such persons as Raven Symone and Tyra Banks.  I happened to catch a small portion of the third episode or four episode, and one person on the show was a young black guy named Romeo, who was called an "actor" and who was with another black guy, Master P (just another person who got famous, it seems, by putting out rap music, which is crap, and stuff that would not have gotten airplay on the famous CKLW-AM in the 1960s and 1970s, being wiped out by good R&B).  On the episode of Celebrity Watch Party, Master P and Romeo got to see a portion of Ultimate Tag (a weekly series hosted by the Watt brothers of profession football), and at one point, Romeo noted--"...Don't get caught.  I think that's the rule for a lot of things in life....".  The statement by Romeo showed off the rottenness of the young black man and "his" rotten way of life and "his" rotten "black culture."  The statement shows off his support for criminal stuff and immoral stuff.  Yes, his mind is geared to doing crap, as long as you do not get caught.  Between the date that the episode of Celebrity Watch Party aired and the evening of June 4, 2020, a bunch of crap showed  up on television that ties in with the Romeo statement.  On May 25, 2020, a few police officers were involved in the death of a black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and that led to rioting in the city, like that of Detroit, Michigan, in the summer of 1967, and the rioting led to riots in other cities of the country [Note: An isolated incident between George Floyd and seemingly a few rotten other men was made to represent the entire country, and that is shit.].  A smart person has to keep in mind that the event of the death of George Floyd was and is a rare occurrence, but "Democrats" (such black racists, socialists, communists, and Democratic Socialists) pushed the lie that the killing of a black man by white police is a regular occurrence around the country.  The riots led to damage to historic buildings in the country and to businesses, such as those operated by blacks.  A few persons were killed, and I heard how a group of people were instrumental in killing a dog, which was captured on video [Note: Mark R. Levin reported seeing video of the dog-killing event on his nationally syndicated radio show (The Mark Levin Show), and I choose not to see the video.].  The riots led to police officers being hurt and others being hurt.  By the way, it is not as if people--police officers--had already gotten away through court action from being held accountable in the event related directly to the death of George Floyd.  Government officials (at least those related to the Democratic Party) sort of left the protesters--who were acting criminally--alone and let the protesters damage things and hurt people and burn things, based on a small incident.  Remember--The death of George Floyd happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a city with a "Democrat" as mayor (Jacob Frey, who is a hard-line socialist), and the city is promoted as having been closely associated with Bob Dylan (a socialist-supporting musician) and Prince (a black musician who killed himself with drugs), and Minneapolis is in Minnesota, which had elected Al Franken (a man who had been nothing more than a comedian, such as on television) as a U.S. Senator, and Al Franken had had to resign as a U.S. Senator for being caught doing crap.  On June 4, 2020, ABC-TV aired a special program entitled Remembering George Floyd, and it was a hideous program--a communistic-socialistic political piece and an anti-American piece.  The program was hosted by George Stephanopoulos, and the program had such ABC News reporters taking part as Lindsey Davis, Byron Pitts, Alex Perez, Pierre Thomas, Cecilia Vega, Rachel Scott, and Terry Moran.  The program was really about putting down U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the country, and the program worked to suggest U.S. President Donald J. Trump was responsible for the killing of George Floyd, and the program worked to sell the idea that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is "dividing the nation", and the program worked to sell the idea that the police officers at the scene of the death of George Floyd will get off free, and the program pushed forth that "race relations are worse under this president".  In the opening forty-five minutes of the show, I learned nothing about George Floyd, but I got exposed to shit from the reporters and host.  Of course, all the black freaks and black racists, such as Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson, got to be one camera during the program, even if only for a few moments in some cases.   The program was several hours of crap, and the program even worked to sell the idea that General James Mattis (who is a supporter of the Democratic Party (which is a communistic-socialistic-based political party)) is a great guy for having said some things to put down U.S. President Donald J. Trump recently.  By the way, the program reported on how a statue of General Robert E. Lee of the 1880s (who had been supported by and celebrated for years by the Democratic Party (such as the Ku Klux Klan people of the party)) was being taken down in Virginia.  And that brings me back to the thought from Romeo and what he showed on television--You can do whatever you want, such as steal and burn, but do not get caught, and that is the way of life for people like him.
    [Note: Good people associate with good people and not bad people, and bad people associate with bad people and not good people, and a city with bad people ("Democrats") as operators get people, such as police officers, who support bad people, and that shows that people get what you pay for or vote for--crap.]
    [Note: On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, former U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis pushed out such bullshit statements as--"...Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people--does not even pretend to try.  Instead he tries to divide us...." and "...Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens--much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside...." and "...We know that we are better than the abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette park...." and "....We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution....".  I report that it is all lying from James Mattis.  Where the hell was James Mattis during the time of Barack Hussein Obama as the U.S. president, when parts of the Executive Branch of the federal government were involved in corrupt practices, violating rights of Americans.  James Mattis is the enemy of good people!]
    [Note: "For the record, " I report that some television networks, such as NBC-TV and CBS-TV, aired several hours of the funeral of George Floyd on June 9, 2020, using afternoon time, and the event was another event used to pass along crap by bad people.  I report that Reverend Al Sharpton is a black racist, and yet Reverend Al Sharpton got to be the main speaker.  Another piece of crap at the event who got to speak was U.S. Representative Al Green (who is related to Texas), and he passed along the crap that George Floyd is changing the world.]

    Special note: I care not if other countries are calling for "change" in the United States of America in relation to the so-called racism by white police against blacks, given the other countries do not know shit about the United States of America and what is going on (based on how crappy the news media is) and almost all of the other countries are rotten places, being dictatorships, communistic, socialistic, king-and-queen nonsense, et cetera, and the news entities in the United States of America who reported and report that other countries are calling for change are shit entities!

    Hold it!  Let me jump in with a thought from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (a hard-line socialist).  On June 2, 2020, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (a "Democrat") showed off, such as on television, the little-girl mind that she has during a COVID-19 press event by saying--"...And so if you're one of those people going to Ohio, I hope and pray you are doing your part not to bring COVID-19 home, and that, uhm, if you haven't been one, if you haven't resorted to that, Google how you do a haircut or throw you hair into a ponytail or curl it and get through the next couple of weeks so we can resume some of these things....".  That is a woman with the thinking process of a little girl, and it is no wonder she supports the idiocy of socialism and communism (the "Democratic Party").

    Did your favorite television newscast report the shit-ass thinking of a number of "Democratic Party" politicians who are in government offices around the country, such as as mayors, who are thinking of having less police [Hawkins, Derek, and Meryl Kornfield, Adam Taylor, Kareem Copeland, Meagan Flynn, Kate Shepherd, Allyson Chiu, Tim Elfink, and Timothy Bella (The Washington Post).  "9 Minneapolis City Council members announce plans to disband police department.  MSN.com, 7 June 2020.; Johnson, Marty, and J. Edward Moreno.  "Minneapolis, other cities consider cuts to police budgets."  The Hill, 5 June 2020, 02:27 EDT.; Jones, Hannah.  "Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police."  citypages.com, 4 June 2020.]?  To even think about getting rid of police entities is idiocy.  That is the crap you get from "Democrats" (society killers and freaks), who cause the problems and then compound them, and it can be seen on television today.

    What is too early?  How do you know what it is too early?  How can you calculate too early?  Mitch Albom is a writer at the Detroit Free Press, who often gets to present things on Detroit-area television, such as on WDIV-TV, Channel 4.1, Detroit, and over the years, he has written a number books, and to me, it looks as if the main theme in the mind of Mitch Albom for books is always death--he always seems to be writing about death and dead people.  It is depressing!  But that seems to be the nature of Mitch Albom, a person who likes to support people who like to hurt others--Democrats, like Barack Hussein Obama, a communist (at least) and perpetual liar.  On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Mitch Albom pushed out more about death in an article published in the Detroit Free Press, starting on page one.  The article had this headline--"100,000 LOST" [Albom, Mitch.  "100,000 LOST." Detroit Free Press, 27 May 2020, pp. 1A and 6A.].  There was this secondary headline--"Casualties of war?  How many deaths are we willing to accept?".  The article showed off the rottenness of Mitch Albom's mind; that is, it did to the smart and honorable person.  It must be remembered Mitch Albom wrote nothing over the last three years that showed up the rottenness the Trump Impeachment event or the Michael Flynn case, which involved countless corrupt government practices by people associated with the Democratic Party, and, in recent months, Mitch Albom has written nothing that showed up the rotten way in which the Government of Michigan and the Government of New York sent people infected with COVID-19 in to nursing homes.  Now look at some material from the article by Mitch Albom--"Ask yourself this question: If America could return to normal life tomorrow, but one of your family members had to die, would you say OK?  I'm assuming the answer is no.  Now, a second question: if America could return to normal life tomorrow, but a family member of your next-door neighbor had to die, would you then say yes?  How about someone on your block?  Or someone in your town?  At a certain point, as we pull the lens out, the honest answer for many Americans (although few will say it out loud) is, 'I'll take that deal.'  And that, sadly, is where we find ourselves this Memorial Day week, a holiday to mourn Americans who died in wars, which this year will mark 100,000 Americans dead from a new war--against a monster that attacks through the air, but is animated by unlikely foot soldiers: Ourselves.....".  Hold it!  The "100,000" figure is defective, given about a quarter (at least) of the deaths did not necessary need to happen since people infected with COVID-19 were purposely put in nursing homes where there were people with weak health defense systems to begin with.  In addition, government people have inflated the facts about deaths--putting people on the list who actually were more put into death by other diseases and health problems.  Next, nature kills, and a person has to understand that you cannot avoid life--sooner or later, you have to go on with life, and you cannot wait to take on life till you are assured that there will be no deaths, such as from COVID-19.  No person can predict when there will be no deaths from COVID-19, and no person can completely stop COVID-19 from killing someone over the next number of weeks or months or years.  At some point, a person must get on with life.  But people like Mitch Albom--socialists and communists--seem to be working to have it so that nothing opens up until no deaths from COVID-19 can happen [Note: Some good people have deduced that some governors are holding out on opening to hurt the economy and make U.S. President Donald J. Trump look like he is instrumental in sinking the economy and to get more money from the federal government to wipe out debt that they created through defective management.].  Later in the article of the Detroit Free Press of May 27, 2020, Mitch Albom had--"...A war of the Everyman.  We are all potential victims.  And all potential killers.  We forget the later faster than the former, but it's the truth, no matter how brightly the sun is shining, no mater how desperately we want to get to an open restaurant.  We pass this disease to one another.  No one dies if no one spreads.  But siren calls are luring us from our safe zones.  Money to be made.  Work to be accomplished.  Beaches to be visited.  Nails and hair to be cut and beautified.  And our limited attention span, that already feels spent, is saying, 'Enough.  We've sacrificed.  We've flattened the curve.  We can't go on this way.'  Throw in a president who seems to have pushed this pandemic aside to focus on more pressing matters--like getting himself reelected--and you have a Pied Piper leading us to the promise of happier days.  But remember, in the original story, all the critters who followed the Pied Piper died.  Acceptable loses.  It's a military phrase that is suddenly civilian.  In fact, I would argue, it's the biggest issue facing the U.S. today.  How many can be sacrificed?  What's the 'dead' number we can live with?  Some thought 100,000 Americans--more casualties than every U.S. war from Vietnam forward combined! -- would be a breaking point.  Apparently not...."'.  A smart and honorable person should ask the self--How long can you avoid not dealing with life, and you have got to go on?.  For example, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has no magic ball to say when there will be no deaths and when it will be safe to open up the state (such as economically).  It becomes--a rock-and-a-hard-place issue.  Few people actually die from COVID-19, as real facts show, so a person takes precautions to avoid getting COVID-19, but you cannot stop life, and you have to get back to doing things.  Anyway, going on with life means maybe getting cancer, maybe getting a heart attack, maybe being hit by a car, maybe getting a stroke, maybe falling and dying from having the head hit something, maybe getting flu (which can kill), maybe getting a blocked colon, maybe getting shingles, maybe getting stabbed by a neighbor or a thief, maybe getting electrocuted, maybe getting....  Hold it again!  Notice Mitch Albom talked about the idea that there is "Money to be made.".  Before money was around, man had to hunt and gather to live, and the man who did not hunt and gather starved and died, and, today, it takes money to get things, such as food, but Mitch Albom pushed out the idea that making money is bad or that people are being selfish in wanting to get back to making money [Note: The idea of rich people is probably in Mitch Albom's mind regularly, since he does not support rich people (non-communistic and non-socialistic rich people), being a supporter of true communists and socialists, who knock down rich people so that they do not have more than the communists and socialists have, and that is how it comes out that it is commonplace for the leaders of communistic and socialistic countries to be rich while the regular people are not as a rule.].  But also, man does things, and when man cannot do things, man suffers emotionally--you simply cannot sit around in life and do nothing.  Much of the second-half of article, which was long, was filler crap, such as--"...'Whoever saves one life, it's as if he has saved the whole world.'  That's a well-known quote from the Talmud, made famous by the film 'Schindler's List.'  But that same Talmudic text offers an adjunct quote, one you don't hear as much: 'Whoever destroys one life, it's as if he destroys the world....".  The material from Mitch Albom presented in the last sentence does not apply to what we have, since we have come to the point where the individual must get on with life, and that person is not working to kill others by getting on with life, and a person can be harmed by not getting back to life.  Mitch Albom also pushed forth in the article--"...And yet we are impatient to get back to normal, as fast as possible--as long as it's not someone in our circle who pays a deadly price....". What person is thinking about how to get back to life while thinking about who cares "who pays a deadly price"?  Mitch Albom is actually thinking people are purposely thinking about not caring about who gets hurt by getting back to life.  I state that people are not thinking--I have to get back to life, and I care not if someone gets hurt.  People are not thinking--Let people die, as long as I don't.  And Mitch Albom pushed forth---"...I asked Dr. Daniel Kaul, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Michigan, a simple question: if tomorrow we get back to life as we knew it in February, when this first started, wouldn't numbers of new infections and new deaths mirror what happened in those early weeks?  'Absolutely,' he said.  Acceptable losses....".  Hold it!  No one is saying that people who are getting back to life are going to go back to acting exactly like they were in, for example, December 2019, when the Chinese were sort of hiding the real problem of COVID-19 from the world.  [Remember: China is a communistic country, and the University of Michigan is a communistic/socialistic entity.]  Mitch Albom's question to Dr. Daniel Kaul was defective, given, for one, people are not going to get right back to doing what they have done daily for years.  Plus, Dr. Daniel Kaul has no crystal ball that allows him to report that the "new deaths" would mirror "what happens in those early weeks".  Mitch Albom wrote---"...And so, as we crack into the next mass wave of coronavirus deaths--we've been averaging around 1,200 per day recently--old and vulnerable citizens will have to hunker down, perhaps for a year, and others will have to decide what risks they are willing to take....".  It seems a person would have to hunker down against life forever, based on what Mitch Albom pushed forth, and that would be another type of death. Hold it!  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (a Democrat like Mitch Albom) did not protect "vulnerable citizens" (those in nursing homes) in March 2020 and April 2020!  The final paragraph of the article was--"...In either case, heaven help you.  'Acceptable loss' is not something man was meant to broker, not when human lives are the currency.  On this Memorial Day week, we mourn those we have lost in war, but we should think hard about the war we are waging on ourselves and our most vulnerable.  We have seen the enemy.  We are carrying it.".   I state--Every day, a person makes a decision to do something, and that can lead to death, such as by breaking a neck while skateboarding or snow skiing or crashing while riding motorcycle.  That is brokering!  A man and a woman make brokering decisions every day, and that is life!  But Mitch Albom thinks people want to get back to their lives while thinking who cares if other people die.  What type of person lives with that thought in mind about people.  Mitch Albom--a supporter of communists and socialists, like Barack Hussein Obama--does!  Mitch Albom seems to think most people are really shallow, and yet his mind supports communists and socialists--killers.
    Mitch Albom is your enemy, and you must hate him, and you must teach hate for him!
    [Note: I urge you to learn more about the nature of the "Democrat," such as Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer, by seeing my document entitled More Enslavism and More Death from the Democrats (a.k.a. the Socialists and the Communists), like Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer, But That is Their Way of Life--And You Think They Would Not Stab You in the Face with a Knife, which can be reached through this Stab You in the Face link.]
    [Note: On June 2, 2020, the Detroit Free Press ended up publishing an article entitled "Michigan 5th in nursing home virus deaths" [Hall, Christine, and Kristi Tanner.  "Michigan 5th in nursing home virus deaths."  Detroit Free Press, 2 June 2020, pp. 4A and 10A.].

    Incidentally, some people have been saying that COVID-19 will never go away and people are going to have to be exposed to it or are going to be exposed to it anyway at some time in the near future, and I say that you cannot hide in a hole forever.

    Hold it, again!  On Sunday, May 31, 2020, the Detroit Free Press published more crap from Mitch Albom (a friend of Devin Scillian's), and it was a story called "George Floyd's words should haunt us all" [Albom, Mitch.  "George Floyd's words should haunt us all." Detroit Free Press, 31 May 2020, pp. 21A and 22A.].  Look at how the article begins--"We were already heading into a long, hot summer of death....".  See what a shit-head Mitch Albom is?  That is not all.  On page 21A, the article by Mitch Albom only began, because under it was the start of an article by Rev. Wendell Anthony, another piece of crap of a man, who happens to be black, tied to Detroit, which is a city that is 85-percent black.  He had a story in the newspaper entitled--"When will America commit to eradicating white supremacy?" {Anthony, Rev. Wendell.  "When will America commit to eradicating white supremacy?" Detroit Free Press, 31 May 2020, pp. 21A and 23A.].  And the crap just keeps on coming!

    I have a section that is not really television related (maybe), such as because the writer talked about in the section may not get to be on television regularly, but I have this section in this document since it shows more of the rottenness of the Detroit Free Press and the media, which allows me to beat up on Devin Scillian and Mitch Albom.  On Thursday, June 4, 2020, Mike Rafferty had a guest column entitled "Racism is embedded in American society, so let's get serious about fixing it" in the Detroit Free Press [Rafferty, Mike.  "Racism is embedded in American society, so let's get serious about fixing it."  Detroit Free Press, 4 June 2020, p. 13A.].  In the article, Mike Rafferty, who is the president and CEO for New Detroit, a Detroit-based entity involved in so-called racial justice, had this in his article--"...These incidences [killing blacks by police] happen so often everywhere that they impact community health, loss of life and the economy.  This is a public health crisis, and these incidents should be treated as such.  As a public health crisis, we must being to speak of police killing black people in those terms....".  Liar!   Bullshit!  Such killings do not happen often.  They are very, very, very rare!  Mike Rafferty had in the article--"...Police violence towards black people is a horrifying reflection of racism in America.  Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.  Death by police is the seventh leading cause of fatality among black men in their twenties....".  Liar!  Bullshit!  His idea does not make sense.  I found a document called "Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race" from statista.com, and it noted that, in 2019, 370 whites died and 235 blacks died.  Are you are going to tell me that "235" is tied to the seventh leading cause of death of blacks?  In addition, police are more likely to have to deal with bad situations in black communities, such as inner-city areas, so there are more chances that police can end up shooting blacks.  I report that you should look up how often blacks are killed by blacks--black crime.  And we do know that how many are shot by police has nothing to do with racism, and we know that the press reports very few stories that can show the possibility of racism, and the press is geared to reporting every incident that it can (often publishing events that get shown not to be tied to racism later).  Mike Rafferty tried to sell as truth this material in the article---"...Beyond law enforcement, health care and many other industries are responsible for black lives being cut short....".  I report that Mike Rafferty was suggesting doctors and nurses are working to kill blacks in their care.  Where is the proof of that, especially in the Detroit area, where hospitals are loaded with black doctors and nurses?  Mike Rafferty had in the article---"...Racism is embedded in every facet of our society, from the judicial system to banking institutions to education and the medical community....".  Hey, he repeated the idea about medical stuff, adding filler.  Where is the educational racism?  For example, in Detroit, the schooling system is basically controlled by blacks--it is a black city.  Where is whitey screwing up the education of children in Detroit?  Where is the racism in education in Detroit?  In Detroit, it is jack-ass blacks as teachers teaching crap to black children!  Mike Rafferty pushed out in the article---"...Members of the dominant American culture are infected by racism...".  Bullshit!  And the article was ended with--"...We must all agree that racism is the biggest problem facing our nation.  And we must all work toward dismantling it head-on as a moral imperative.".  Wrong!  I do not agree, and I do not have to agree.  The biggest problem is black communists and socialists in the cities and white communists and socialists, like Mike Rafferty.  I report that Mike Rafferty is a rotten man, a society killer!  If you happen to see Mike Rafferty, such as on a Detroit-area television show, understand you are seeing your enemy, no matter what your race is.

    In Television Trivia and History #192 (also know as T.H.A.T. #192), which can be reached through this T.H.A.T. #192 link, I talked about Devin "Cuba Lover" Scillian, who is one of the main news anchors at WDIV-TV, Channel 4.1, Detroit, Michigan [Note: The station is an affiliate of NBC-TV, which is a socialistic-based and communistic-based media entity.].  I noted in T.H.A.T. #192 how, on March 26, 2020, Devin Scillian showed off his crappy mind in an editorial moment that was anti-U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and it was designed to shore up the image of the news media, which I have shown for years is actually rotten as a rule.  By the way, Chuck Todd (of NBC-TV and Meet the Press of NBC-TV) had to sort of appoligize--on March 12, 2020--for having aired video of U.S. Attorney General William Barr that was deceptive, and I note that NBC-TV has been caught in the past for airing other deception videos (creating lie pieces).  On May 12, 2020, U.S. President Donald J. Trump held a press event, having press people (wearing masks), such as from CNN and CBS News, asking questions, and the event was turned in to crap by, for one, Weijia Jiang (a female reporter) for CBS News, given Weijia Jiang acted like a socialistic activist and not a reporter.  The event showed more of what Devin Scillian defends, showing off his nature, which not good.
    Look at the part of the news event that was guided by crap from Weijia Jiang, and, remember, U.S. President Donald J. Trump is not responsible for causing deaths to any Americans in relation to COVID-19 (or coronavirus-19), unlike New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (a Democrat), whose order of March 25, 2020, sent COVID-19-infected people in to nursing homes in New York (where there are often frail people, who are easily susceptible to illnesses).
    Weijia Jiang: "You have said many times the U.S. is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing."
    U.S. President Donald J. Trump: "Yes."
    Weijia Jiang: "Why does that matter?  Why it is this global competition to you if every-day Americans are still losing their lives, and we're still seeing more cases every day?"
    U.S. President Donald J. Trump: "Well, they're losing their lives everywhere in the world, and maybe that's a question you should ask China.  Don't ask me.  Ask China that question.  Okay?  When you ask them that question, you might get a very unusual answer.  [Note: He attempted to go to another reporter.]  Yes!  Behind you, please."
    Weijia Jiang, who had removed her masked to that U.S. President Donald J. Trump could see her face and see she is Asian of some type: "Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?...."
    U.S. President Donald J. Trump: "I'm telling your.  I'm not saying it specifically to anybody.  I'm saying it to anybody that would ask a nasty question like that."
    Now let me show off more of the rottenness of the media industry and show off more of what Devin "Cuba Lover" Scillian stands for.  On May 12, 2020, CNN Business pushed out a story by Oliver Darcy on the Internet [Darcy, Oliver.  "Trump abruptly ends press conference after contentious exchange with reporters."  CNN.com, 12 May 2020, 7:33 a.m. ET.]  Look above at what I presented in quotations, which is exactly what was said to lead in to the "contentious exchange."  In the story by Oliver Darcy, there was no material presented before the line "Maybe that's a question you should ask China....".  That means Oliver Darcy practiced rotten journalism, leaving out the nonsense that had been presented by Weijia Jiang, who had worked to make the event a fake racism event.  I state that Weijia Jiang worked to make "fake news"!  And Oliver Darcy slanted his story to be a story working to push the idea that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is a racist!  That shows what a piece of crap Oliver Darcy is.  In addition, Oliver Darcy worked to push the idea that U.S. Donald J. Trump was being sexist, too.  Also, I saw other stories on the Internet that presented incorrect quotations or incomplete quotations of the event, such as the story by Sarah Ellison and Elahe Izadi entitled "Trump's 'ask China' response to CBS's Weijia Jiang shocked the room--and was part of a pattern" [Ellison, Sarah, and Elahe Izadi.  "Trump's 'ask China' response to CBS's Weijia Jiang shocked the room--and was part of a pattern." The Washington Post, 12 May 2020, 6:16 p.m. EDT."].
    And that is the shit that Devin Scillian stands for!

    For the record, I report that, on YouTube, will can find a video entitled "Michael Flynn's lawyer Sidney Powell on Obamagate" (which was posted on May 29, 2020), and the video is a portion of The Chris Salcedo Show (of Newsmax TV).

   Announcement for the novice again (reworked in March 2019): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, try Breitbart News Network (the history of which goes back to 2007), WorldNetDaily.com, Newsmax TV (which was started up in 2014), and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama-type people (communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, and Shariaists), as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned).  I note that Fox News Channel is evolving into a rotten channel, becoming like those that I have put down in this paragraph.  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and even now much of what is on the Fox News Channel and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  In 2019, "The Drudge Report" was sold, and it should be treated as suspect for now.   [Note: Everyone in the Democratic Party in the country is rotten, and the Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    On Monday, May 24, 2020, I was exposed to the broadcast by PBS called the National Memorial Day Concert, because someone else with me wanted to have it tuned in on a television set.  Once again, I had to put up with seeing socialists and such present a program about the United States of America, and some songs were pieces that had been made famous by socialists, such as Paul Simon and James Taylor.  The biggest piece of crap that I had to see was U.S. General Colin Powell (retired), who had voted for Barack Hussein Obama to be the U.S. president, though it had been public knowledge at the time of the votes that Barack Hussein Obama was a hideous man.  Since last year, when I talked about the 2019 version of the National Memorial Day Concert, which had had General Colin Powell (retired) as a participant, more of the story of the rottenness of Barack Hussein Obama has showed up, such as his involvement in the Michael Flynn case--filled with federal government corruption--and work to use government agencies to remove U.S. President Donald J. Trump from the office of the U.S. president.  Even more when I see U.S. General Colin Powell on television, I see an enemy of the United States of America, and he regularly gets to be on television and make people think that he is a great guy.  U.S. General Colin Powell is yet another pusher of socialism and communism and corrupt government.  By the way, a segment with the rotten Laurence Fishburne was presented during the 2020 version of the National Memorial Day Concert.  Remember--PBS has a number shows that present socialism and communism as good, such as PBS NewsHour and Amanpour & Company.

    On Sunday, June 7, 2020, when I learned from a friend that Colin Powell was going to vote for Joe Biden to be the next U.S. president, NBC-TV pushed out the first episode of a new season of Hollywood Game Night, which is hosted by Jane Lynch (a hard-line feminist and socialist).  The show is really aimed at socialistic and communistic voters, having socialists and communists as panelists, and on this show, the ending set of names to guess by the winning team had socialists and communists, such as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Lebron James.  Hollywood Game Night is yet more of the crap on television on a weekly basis.

   Announcement: Recently, I have added some new documents to the collection of my documents at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  One of the documents is entitled A Document that Dispels Myths and Nonsense of Science-Fiction Books, Movies, and Television Shows (A Logic Puzzle), which can be reached through this Myths link.  Another document is And So You Think You're Going to the Moon, Mars, or the Stars..., which can be reached by using this Moon link.  And yet another of the documents is entitled And the Stupid Women Shall Lead--and Lead Ever Good Individual into Shit, Driven on by Communism, Feminism, and Defective Female Beliefs and Little-Girl Thinking, which can be reached through this Stupid Women link.  And here are other documents--A Review of What Television Controlled by Socialists and Communists Worked to Sell as Truth in Relation to the U.S. President Donald J. Trump Impeachment (at Impeachment) and T.H.A.T. Special Edition--The First Helicopter-based Traffic Reporters on Radio for the Detroit area of Michigan (at Helicopter Traffic).

    It is time for fun.  So far, I can name 59 persons who were movie hosts on Detroit-area television stations between June 1947 and at least June 10, 2020, and I am talking about on a regular basis.  Many of the hosts are still in memories of people alive today, such as Rita Bell, Bill Kennedy, Mary Morgan, Bob Hynes, Joelle Lukasiewicz, Conrad Patrick, and Sonny Eliot.  Many of the hosts have become forgotten people.  Some of the forgotten movie hosts are probably Al Avalon, Larry Adderley, Harry Elton, A. Loree Marx, Don Kloke, Vern J. Witkowski, and Dorothy Reed.  Over the years, some of the movie hosts played characters, and some of the characters that viewers in the Detroit area had over the decades were Wolfman Mac, Sir Graves Ghastly, Sagebrush Shorty, The Ghoul, The Hawk, The Black Spider, Cactus Dan, Jonathan Dark, Justice Colt, Count Scary, and The Huntress.  In essence, I am a movie host, though not on television.  By the way, on August 15, 1983, I did appear on Auction Movie, which was hosted by Fred Merle, on Channel 62, WGPR-TV, and I gave the standings of current bids on items for about a minute or so.  I am a movie host by presenting Looking at the Movies through editions of Television Trivia and History documents.  By  the way, I think it would be fun hosting a movie show on the television subchannel network in Detroit known as Television Drive-In (Channel 3.6).  In September 1968, Channel 62--WXON-TV--went on the air, and the channel was known as Channel 62 till late 1972, when it became Channel 20, and, later, the station went through changes in name, and it is now WMYD-TV.  Between September 1968 and late 1972, the station aired movies, such as under the the umbrella titled called Cinema 62.  This station was not a station with movie hosts between 1968 and 1972.  On November 11, 1970, the station presented "Invasion of the Saucer Men" to viewers, beginning at 10:30 p.m., and it was a presentation of Tonight at the Movies.  The black-and-white film was a 1957 movie featuring Steve Terrell and Gloria Castillo.  The third person listed in the cast at the opening of the movie was Frank Gorshin, who later became well known as an impressionist, doing voices of other people, and he later became the first actor to play The Riddler in Batman (the television series of the 1960s), and, in fact, he was in the first episode of the series as The Riddler.  Not many in the cast of the movie are known today, and, for instance, even Steve Terrell is little known today (it seems).  In the movie was also Ed Nelson, who later did a lot of acting on television shows and television movies.  For this edition of Television History and Trivia, I am presenting "Invasion of the Saucer Men" as a presentation of Looking at the Movies.  I believe "Invasion of the Saucer Men" is the first movie that I have offered up in relation to Channel 62, WXON-TV.  So go to YouTube and fire up "Invasion of the Saucer Men", such as at midnight or one o'clock in the morning.

    "This is the city, Los Angeles, California...."--This set of words was a regular feature of a television series called Dragnet (the second main version of the series, which featured Jack Webb and Harry Morgan and got started in 1967).  On July 8, 2020, I heard how the mayor of Los Angeles, California, was diverting millions of dollars from the police budget to other matters, such as social-work matters, and that was all because of the George Floyd event of Minneapolis, California.  Through Dragnet, Jack Webb worked to promote police, such as in Los Angeles, California, and show what crap police officers have to put up with, and Jack Webb regularly put down illegal drugs, such as marijuana, and Jack Webb even worked to show up bad police officers.  The ways of Dragnet were left behind, and since the 1970s, Los Angeles has gone to crap, because the people--the bulk of the citizens and the bulk of the politicians--went to crap.

    And Minneapolis, Minnesota, has gone to crap--it is a city run by "Democrats" and freaks, and that fits that rule that crappy people in government jobs like mayor attract crappy people in other jobs of government, like police officers, and the people of Minneapolis got what they paid for and what they voted for, and they got, for instance, a really stupid girl with a little-girl mind that is guided by the ways communism and socialism, Lisa Bender (whom you can learn about by seeing the CNN-associated video entitled "Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender on the intent to defund and dismantle the city's police department: '[We] have looked up ways we can shift the response away from our armed police officers...the groundwork is laid already....," which was put on the Internet on June 8, 2020, at 8:15 a.m..

    And for the record, I report and remind that Colin Kaepernick's taking the knee a couple years ago was tied to his support for communism and killers in the form of politicians and not the United States of America, so, for instance, Nancy Armour's article entitled "After another death, still think taking a knee is the problem?" [Armour, Nancy.  "After another death, still think taking a  knee is the problem?" Detroit Free Press, 28 May 2020, p. 13A.] shows off the rottenness of Nancy Amour (a white woman), who pushed out in the article this lie--"...In protesting, Kaeparenick was trying to hold up a mirror to white America.  But we had no interest in seeing our most obvious flaws, flaws that have only become more pronounced since then.  So long as white America refuses to recognize our privilege, we will continue being a danger to people of color.  And I don't mean privilege in the economic sense.  I mean privilege in the ability to go about daily life without being judged at first sight, or having the innate fear that your mere existence will bring you harm.....".

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Chris Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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