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    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, which is a federal law created by a U.S. Congress and a U.S. president, states--"...Whenever the President finds that entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate....".  On Friday, January 27, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump, based on federal law, issued an order to temporarily--temporarily--blocked persons from seven countries of the world, one of which was Iran, a country the funds violent terrorism, from entering the the United States of America, and the period of time was set at four months.  A good person understands that the order issued by U.S. President Donald Trump was legal and right.  On Friday, February 3, 2017, U.S. District Judge James Robart (of a U.S. District Court) issued an order that U.S. President Donald Trump's order could not be followed, such as by immigration officers.  What the judge did was making a ruling that he had no legal right to do, given the wording existing in the "Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952.  Then, even though what the judge had done was wrong and has no basis in real law, the Donald Trump administration went to the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (related to the U.S. District Court in which Judge James Robart exits) to get the judge's ruling shut down, and on Thursday, February 9, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals--particularly a three-judge panel for the court--ruled that it would not strike down or throw out U.S. District Judge James Robert's ruling, letting the ruling stand.  In essence, the three-judge panel noted that, for instance, aliens or non-citizens have the same rights as real citizens of the United States of America.  That is nonsense and idiocy.  By the way, the U.S. Court of Appeals also noted that the Executive Order made by U.S. President Donald Trump was racist (in a way) against Muslims, even though the Executive Order made no mention of "Muslims" and did not block Muslims from dozens of countries from all over the world from coming to the United States of America.  The entire event shows off only a little of the rottenness of the court system in the United States of America and people tied to the Democratic Party in the United States of America (a communistic-type political party), and it shows that the country is ending up with a precedence in which the courts will be able to make law about immigration (and other matters) and not a U.S. Congress and a U.S. president, and that is bad--very bad for good people in the United States of America.  Do you see how--now--a U.S. president, especially U.S. President Donald Trump, has been stopped from taking action to block bad people--non-citizens of the United States of America--from entering the United States of America?  Only a shit country has such idiocy, in which anyone can enter the country freely!  Then, on March 6, 2017, Donald Trump issued another legal Executive Order (having the legal right to do so) related in travel into the United States of America--it was another temporary ban on allowing people from only a few countries of the world in to the United States of America.  On March 15, 2017, a U.S. District Court Judge named Derek Watson issued an order designed to block the recent "Executive Order" from going into effect, and a big reason for blocking the Executive Order was that Derek Watson felt the Executive Order was a discriminatory based on what Donald Trump had supposedly meant in words spoken during the election campaign of 2016 and not on what the Executive Order said in words, and I report that Derek Watson showed off his rottenness as a person through the order given, and a few hours later, yet another judge U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang) showed off his rottenness by issuing another order designed to help block the "Executive Order" from taking place.  The two judges are shit-head people and are enemies of good people--non-communists and non-socialists and non-Shariaists.  More idiocy related to the court system of the country showed up on May 25, 2017.  On that day, Americans learned of a ruling related to the so-called "ban" by the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the ruling upheld two lower court rulings--it was ten judges (all of whom had been appointed by Democratic Party related presidential administrations) against three (all of whom had been appointed by Republican Party related presidential administrations).  Here is only a bit on the nonsense from the court--especially the group of ten judges--"...The evidence in the record, viewed from the standpoint of a reasonable observer, creates a compelling case that (the executive order's) primary purpose is religious...." and "...Then-candidate Trump's campaign statements reveal that on numerous occasions, he expressed anti-muslim sentiment, as well as his intent, if elected, to ban muslims from the United States....".  The rottenness of the ten persons is out of this world.  The court is made up events and is made up of liars--Donald Trump never said he was banning all Muslims, and that is public knowledge, and Donald Trump did not show "anti-muslim sentiment".  The court made its decision based statements not related to the "Executive Order"; the court made a decision based on its feelings.  There is nothing good about the ten judges!  Each of the ten is hardly a person who could be defined as a "reasonable observer"--there was no "reasoning" based on fact in any mind of the ten.  On June 1, 2017, the Donald Trump administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a stay (as soon as possible) on the recent lower-court action related to his travel-restriction Executive Order, and the administration asked for a full hearing on the matter.  More rottenness showed up on June 12, 2017, from a court when it was made public the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (which is based in San Francisco, California, and which has been known for being a rotten unit of the federal court system) added more idiotic weight against the Executive Order about the temporary ban, and one statement of idiocy and rottenness from the court was--"...In short, the order does not provide a rationale explaining why permitting entry of nationals from the six designated countries under current protocols would be detrimental to the interests of the United States....".  On June 26, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court sort of reinstated Donald Trump's idea of a temporary ban (through Executive Order)--there were conditions noted by the U.S. Supreme Court, such as noting a person (from one of the six countries related to the temporary-ban order) could be blocked from entering the U.S. only if the person did not have "credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States....".  It was reported by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 2017, that a full hearing on the Executive Order would begin in October 2017.  Yet more nonsense showed up on October 7, 2017, through a ruling made by Judge Derrick Watson, a U.S. District judge based in Hawaii, and, of course, Judge Derrick Watson put forth statements--that to a good and smart person--show the idiocy of his ruling; for example, he reported--"...Although national security interests are legitimate objectives of the highest order, they cannot justify the public's harms when the president has welded his authority unlawfully...." and it "...discriminates against people based on their nation of origin or religion....".  Notice the rottenness of Derrick Watson's mind.  The U.S. president has "authority," as I have shown in the first sentence of this piece of writing.  A good person knows through logic and thinking that any time an Executive Order is given to bar people entry to the country, those barred will always be from another country and will be tied to a "nation of origin," as happened during World War II, when Germans and Japanese (even those in support of the United States of America) got blocked from entering the country, and I say that barring types of people based on religion is allowed--for example, Sharia (Islamic law) is a political system that is, for one, anti-United States Constitution, and those who follow Sharia are working against The United States Constitution, and that is fact.  And history shows that pushers of Sharia, such as the leaders of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, are making war with the United States of America, such as by carrying out terrorists attacks against Americans.  I point out that Derrick Watson's rotten ruling helps perpetuate bad law and rulings of the past, making it so that no one can be barred from entering the country by a U.S. president based on where they come from and the religion of the country from which they come--that is, anyone can enter the country, and there is no quick way then in which to block bad people from entering the country, and that is rottenness to the highest degree [Note: It is like your not being allowed to say who may and may not enter your house.].  A U.S. president can act more quickly to bar potential enemies than the U.S. Congress can (through creating a real bill, which could become law), especially in this day and age, when many members of the U.S. Congress are socialists and communists, who are anti-United States Constitution, and, anyway, it is not as if barred people--non-citizens of the United States of America--have "rights" related to citizenship and The United States of America, and, also, they are already based in other countries and have homelands [Note: Remember--The discussion, here, is not about "political-asylum" matters.]. The U.S. president by definition is the "Commander-in-Chief," heading in the immediate the U.S. military, and when the U.S. president gets blocked by barring people from the country, his work to protect the country is highly diminished, and if the U.S. president is a bad person (such as by being a communist, like Barack Obama) and blocks people from entering the country, the people who could be hurt are those who want to enter the country, and that is no matter and that is too bad (in the future, with another person as the U.S. president, they may be allowed in), and when a U.S. Congress, like that of today, is corrupted by confused decision making and defective decision making and bureaucratic nonsense and laziness and elitists' self-protectionism and hatred for the country, being mostly filled with rotten people (some of whom call themselves "Republicans," though they are communists, like John McCain), the ability to have the current U.S. president make barring decisions quickly is the way in which to better protect the country from enemies outside of the country, especially when the U.S. president is not anti-United States of America under the ways of The United States Constitution, as Barack Obama was.  Keep in mnd--Forever, all persons barred from entering the country can claim that they were "discriminated against," and it results in endless numbers of court cases.  Once again, a U.S. federal judge--Derrick Watson--helped the cause of the "enslavists" and stuck a knife in the good people of the United States of America--he is an enemy of the United States of America in truth.

    Hate the courts and teach hate of the courts to children--the courts are the enemy of good people!

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 163 - - -

    Let me try a quite different introduction paragraph to an edition of Television History of Trivia.  The day is Friday, November 3, 2017, and, in essence, the federal government issues another climate-change report--Climate Science Special Report.  In the early evening, I was watching television, and I caught a portion of a repeat broadcast of PBS NewsHour on the World Channel, and I just happened to come to the show when an interview was going on with some man, and the subject of the interview was the climate report.  I heard it said in some way that the report was basically saying all the global warming can be attributed to just man.  I thought--That is illogical.  I turned away from the channel, my focus being more centered on a severe pain I was having, and the pain resulted in my going to a Detroit area hospital, where it was determined I had a kidney stone that was causing the pain, and so I spent the Saturday and a portion on Sunday in the hospital, wasting time, and it was not till Monday (November 6, 2017) that I was able to see better the interview (by tracking down video for the episode of PBS NewsHour of November 3, 2017).  Before tracking down the video with the interview, I tracked down some articles that pushed the similar nonsense and illogic that had been shown through the episode of PBS NewsHour, such as one from the Detroit Free Press (Rice, Doyle.  "Climate report blames humans for warming."  Detroit Free Press, 4 November 2017, p. 2A), The News York Times (Friedman, Lisa, and Glenn Thrush.  "U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials."  NYTimes.com, 3 November 2017), and The Washington Post (Mooney, Chris, and Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis.  "Trump administration releases report finding 'no convincing alternative explanation' for climate change."  The Washington Post, 3 November 2017), the examples of which I show are from communistic/socialistic newspapers (in essence, news entities that cannot be trusted).  In the interview on PBS NewsHour, the interviewer was Hari Sreenivasan, and the guest was Radley Horton, who teaches at Columbia University (New York), which is a highly communistic university [Note: Barack Obama--a highly rotten man--has ties to the university].  In the interview, Radley Horton pushed out such ideas as there are "improved models" today to predict climate change problems of the future and "Extreme heat waves will become much more common, more heavy rain events, more coastal flooding....".  Radley Horton pushed out the idea that the report came from the federal government, and there were "several rounds of review by government agencies," but Radley Horton did note that federal government agencies have been involved in pushing false climate data, as was shown through the "Climategate" scandal.  By the way, the report from the federal government said--"...It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century...." and "...For the warming over the last century, there is no convincing alternative explanation supported by the extent of the observational evidence....".  Keep the quoted text of the previous sentence in mind.  Radley Horton said in the interview--"...We're basically locked into a lot of additional warming and sea level rise.  Um, fortunately, though, if we rapidly reduce our emissions, we're still gonna get some more warming, but we can avoid those worst-case trajectories, and we can minimize the risk of what we call surprises, which are a big focus of this report....".  To me, it is all illogical.  A bunch of people whom I have over the last ten years become clearly aware are tied to communism and socialism and lies are trying to sell the idea that, in essence, only man is the reason for climate change that they say is leading to a horrible planet or dying planet.  I note--The people are discounting the ever-changing core of the planet, which is moving and molten, and the sun and putting man first and only.  It does not seem logical.  And they say--If we stop doing things with carbon right now, the world will be saved.  It does not make sense.  To me, the interview on PBS NewsHour showed off more sickness in the news media, such as the television news medium--more lies, more "fake news."  And then on November 8, 2017, I learn of more nonsense related to climate change, coming for the so-called genius Stephen Hawking, who--I say--in truth is a really stupid man and a bad man.  I talked about Stephen Hawking in relation to climate change in T.H.A.T. #152, which was published in December 2016, and I showed how Stephen Hawking was predicting the planet will be useless in 1,000 years.  Well, now, Stephen Hawking says that the planet has no more than 600 years.  Why did not the so-called genius have "600" or so in mind in December 2016?  It just happens that a new climate report (from untrustworthy people) comes out, and Stephen Hawking makes a new prediction.  Such crap is all is, and your favorite television newscast probably helped push the crap along.

    Welcome to another edition of Television History and Trivia.

    Special commentary: Based on the events of the last nine years, such as the Republican management's refusal to oppose U.S. President Barack Obama--a communist and rotten man--and based on what appears to be work by many Republicans and all Democrats and many members of the media to make it seem U.S. President Donald Trump is unfit for office and should be removed from office--all based on lies--a smart good person can deduce the corruption in the federal government or Washington, D.C., is so bad, the people working to put down Donald Trump have to do whatever they can continue to hide the corruption, which must run incredibly deep and is worse than what has been hidden and kept quiet for many years in relation mogul Harvey Weinstein (who had been, by the way, a big fund-raiser for Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton, a communist).  Yes, it looks as if Democrats and many Republicans are willing to kill the country as founded to protect their corrupt ways, which includes the Republicans and Democrats combined effort to create and keep in force the Iranian nuclear arms agreement.  In addition, when Republicans and Democrats work together to ever increase the debt of the country (by trillions and trillions and trillions) and to not enforce immigration laws and allow the borders of the country to be wide open as a rule, it shows big, big trouble, aiming toward changing the country to, for instance, a police state, and when Republicans of the U.S. Congress do not show up the rotten ways of the Democrats (communists, socialists, and black racists) by going to the American public and teaching the truth, it shows big, big trouble with, for instance, the U.S. Congress.  At stake in relation to the rotten men and women in Washington, D.C., is preserving their corrupt elitist society, and one way in which to protect such corruption is to change the federal government structure to that which will keep them protected from "We, the people," and, ultimately that includes having laws that allow the use of more violence and force on "We, the people," such as through police and military action, especially once the people take up revolt against the rotten people, and blocking "We, the People" from fighting back.  Hey, wait!  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton--as super-high-ranking members of the U.S. government, colluded with The Muslim Brotherhood (an entity guided by Sharia or Islamic law, which is enslavism), a world-wide terrorist organization; for instance, numerous times, Barack Obama had people associated with the entity visit the White House, and Barack Obama worked to get a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt.  Only an insane man or woman would support the Muslim Brotherhood and work with the Muslim Brotherhood, like friends.  The main Republicans were silent about Barack Obama's dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, and now the Republicans and their surrogates seem to be working to make it seem Donald Trump is unstable or insane.  It really does seem all the Democrats and many of the Republicans are actually working to make the United States of America a communistic police state, in order to continue on their corruption.  They are enemies of the United States of America as founded under The United States Constitution, and that you will not learn about through the main media, such as on almost all the television news-type shows that exist.

    In the previous edition of T.H.A.T., I talked a bit about "fake news," such as in relation to Rochelle Riley, one of the rotten people who works for the Detroit Free Press, which is a communistic-based newspapers and even has a few black racists as writers, such as Rochelle Riley and Stephen Henderson.  Other communistic-based newspapers in the United States of America are The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.  Here is something from The Washington Post that I found on the Internet on October 16, 2017, after having seen a clip from the Today show (of NBC-TV) that had been aired earlier in the day.  The piece was not dated, but the piece--"World Suicide Rates by Country"--showed suicide rates related to 100,000 persons.  The United States of America was listed at "10.1" percent, and Sweden (a highly socialistic nation) was listed at "11.1" percent, and Denmark (another highly socialistic nation) was listed at "11.3" percent.  I could have used figures from a non-liberal news entity, but I felt I would use "liberals" (socialists and communists) to beat up on other "liberals" (socialists and communists) to make a point.  NBC-TV is a highly "liberal" entity, and on October 1, 2017, Cynthia McFadden hosted a report for Today of NBC-TV) about happiness in Copenhagen, Denmark, which--as I have shown--has a high suicide rate.  Denmark is also a place with high taxes, a bad health-care system (a socialistic system), and more that is bad.  The report on Today was a propaganda piece, filled with lies, and was used to teach people to accept the ways of life of socialism, in which a few get to be elites and all the others are treated as sheep or robots or even robot sheep, who are ruled over, through idiocy or violence as a rule.  The report was shit of the highest caliber.  Here, in this section of T.H.A.T., I examine the video piece in segments, and I cover most of the report.  By the way, on the television screen while the report ran on NBC-TV, these words were shown-"The Secrets to Happiness.  Inside One of the World's Happiest Cities".
    Here is the first segment.  Cynthia McFadden said--"Do you know that about forty percent of your happiness is dictated by your genes, about fifteen percent by our environment?  But that leaves forty-five percent up to you, and few have that extra happiness figured out like the Danes."  So, I ask--Where do the statistics come from and who determined the statistics?   Why, for example, is it "forty percent" and not "thirty percent" or "fifty percent" in relation to genes?  Who determined "genes" have something great to do with happiness?  It is hinted at that the Danes have happiness figured out or maybe calculated out (like calculating statistics), but, as I have noted, they have a high suicide rate.  It all sounds like crap to me!
    The report made a point that riding bicycles is a key to happiness, noting half the people in Copenhagen get around by bicycle.  Dan Buettner (who is a "National Geographic Fellow" and was sort of co-reporting with Cynthia McFadden in the report) said--"This city bicycles more than any other city on earth."  A good person should say to the self upon hearing the information about bicycle--What does that have to do with anything?  And Dan Buettner added--"The City of Copenhagen estimates it saves fifteen-billion dollars a year because people are biking to work instead by driving."  In China, people use a lot of bicycles because they cannot afford cars and trucks, and that hinders where and when people can move about in that communistic country known as China, which is good for the communistic leaders of China, who can control the people better.  When I heard the bicycle data about Copenhagen, it made me think immediately how Copenhagen is much like China.  If you have a bicycle and no vehicle, it makes it harder to move materials, such a food, and it takes longer to get to places, and you are restricted about how easily it is to get to faraway places, such as a nearby city and someplace in that city (once you get off a bus or train).  Time is wasted just getting around.  Or you do not get around.
    Cynthia McFadden said--"For forty years, Denmark has ranked as one of the happiest places on earth...."  What is that information based on?  Who determined that idea?  Was that idea based on talks with people in Denmark, who have probably have had no experience of living in another country for a long period of time, which might give them comparison data with which to make statements?  Cynthia McFadden's statement is foolishness and idiocy!  Right after Cynthia McFadden's statement was presented to the audience, the show gave viewers another set of words from Dan Buettner--"It's not a coincidence that people are happy here.   The happiest people in the world are interacting face-to-face like we are right now, six to seven hours a day.  You can't do that when you're in your car...."   By the way, in the background--as background noise--the producers of the piece had what sounded like happy children doing something in the background.  There is something sneaky and rotten, using children to push crap.  What face-to-face things are the people doing in Copenhagen for six or seven hours, while they are not in cars.  Most people in the United States of America do not spend six or seven hours in cars each day.  Truckers can, of course.  Some people purposely like long drives, and some people like to live far from where they work, such as in the country side--it is their choices.  Also, a comparison of Denmark and the United States of American cannot be made in relation to travel, since the United States of America has more land than Denmark has--more happens in the United States of America.  And you may not look at a couple big cities in the United States of America, such as Los Angeles and New York City, and push the idea that people are spending a lot of time driving and not liking it.
    Dan Buettner said--"When I think of happiness, I think of three different qualities--How much pleasure you have in your life, how much pride you have with you life, and living with a sense of purpose."  What does that set of words have to do with anything?  That can be said of any person and anywhere.  However, the material was used to suggest that the three qualities can only be found in Denmark, particularly Copenhagen.  Consider--A person can have a sense of purpose anywhere, and, for example, the sense of purpose can be to make skyscrapers, build bridges, make money to operate a grocery-store chain, make enough money to travel around the world, make money to run a shop that repairs broaching machine, et cetera.  I can argue well that most people like to work and do something--it is a part of life.  A person's sitting around doing nothing can be boring and lead to a nothing life.
    Cynthia McFadden pushed out--"...Here, no job is less than any other...." and "...Alan Christensen* [a garbage man] works just five hours a day, but earns the same as a school teacher....". Do you see the idiocy of the two sets of words?  In life, it takes work and time to do things, or, to get something done or learned; learning complex stuff uses up a person's lifetime and hours of life, and it can involve struggle and fatigue.  The statement from Cynthia McFadden tries to push he idea that a teacher should be paid as much as a garbage man, even though the teacher has to spend more time learning things to become a teacher than garbage man does to become a collector of garbage.  A garbage man is not necessary a bad job or job to look down on, given work taken up by an honorable man is honorable work.  [Note: How many hours does a teacher work in Copenhagen?]  The report had Mr. Christensen saying in relation to how happy he was--"...maybe eight...." (on a scale of one to ten).  Why is not Mr. Christensen at "ten" right now, if Copenhagen is such as a happy place?  Given Cynthia McFadden is passing on crap, I say that I have more value that Cynthia McFadden does.  Liars and propagandists are rotten people and are not equal with non-liars and good people.  I state--People are not the same, and it is impossible to make everyone equal.  In addition, a person with more experience at a particular job, resulting in good skill, is not equal with a person just starting out in the same particular job--the skilled person is better and more valuable.  Also, two persons in the same job can have different value, since one person could be lax or sloppy or more.  [* = Alan Christensen may be an incorrect spelling, but I used "Alan Christensen" since the report gave no correct spelling, as it did not with the upcoming "Lona Dange" that I use.]
    Here is a really rotten piece of thought.  Dan Buettner said--"Ambition is not celebrated.  No matter what you do, you're no better than anybody else...."  Bullshit!  That way of life for a society leads to a dead society.  "Ambition"--it is something to celebrate in a person.  A society that does not celebrate ambition is a society that collapses into muck--nothing gets done and nothing new gets created.
    Dan Buettner pushed out--"Here, on average, they work 37 hours and they have clear punctuation between their work life and their social life...."   Let me attack one piece of the nonsense in that set of words.  How does working 37 hours result in a "clear punctuation between their work life and their social life" and 40 hours or 45 hours would not?  A person simply does work time and social time and separates the two, and the person sets up in the mind a "clear punctuation".
    Cynthia McFadden said--"Lona Dange's happiness comes from with cooking dinner just once a month, but on that one night, she has to cook for a hundred people, but the rest of the time she can relax with her family in one of Denmark's co-housing communities...."  Boy, this made me think of the failed idea of "communes" of the "hippies" of the 1960s in the United States of America.  And the report showed "co-housing communities" on the screen, and the places looked like cheaply made row houses or subsidized housing (for welfare people) in the United States of America, where the places are simple and small and look the same.
    Here are more highly rotten sets of words.   Dan Buettner said--"Your trust is even more important than wealth when it comes to happiness, and there's a feeling here in Denmark that nothing too bad will ever happen to you.".  And Cynthia McFadden added--"The Danes trust their government." and "They pay enormously high taxes.".  And Dan Buettner added--"Every Dane is born with the right to free health care, free education through college, comfortable retirement.  They're free to pursue a job that meets their passions and their interests.".  The combined sets of words in a collage of crap.  A good person never trusts a "government," because, as history shows, it is commonplace for bad people to work and strive to be politicians and nothing else, given they often have no skills, wish not to gain skills to be anything else, and wish not to take up what they feel is menial work, such as be a trash man, a machinist, a cook, et cetera.  Let me remind you of Barack Obama.  Barack Obama is a rotten man, and I spent at least eight years showing that fact through numerous documents that I have available for free on the Internet, and I have shown how rotten "Democrats" are, being high-quality liars and idiotic thinkers, and I have shown that two-thirds of the people on the U.S. Supreme Court are very bad people, one of whom is a racist, supporting "La Raza."  And the preface to this document shows the rottenness that can be found in lower federal courts in the United States of America.  Only shitty people trust government.  Notice how Dan Buettner puts down having wealth in the first sentence.  I guess Barack Obama does not subscribe to Dan Buettner's thought.  Barack Obama was not and is not trustworthy, and while Barack Obama was being a liar as the president of the United States of America, his family ended up with big money and wealth, such as through book publishing deals.  "Wealth"--Dan Buettner did indeed push wealth as bad, though it is commonplace for politicians to work for riches and wealth, as history shows, even in recent history, and all that is especially true in dictatorships, communistic nations, and socialists, where the politicians always have more than the people, who are considered the "masses."  Also Dan Buettner pushed out the idea that the government of Denmark will always take care of the people and will do nothing bad to the people.  Bullshit!  I advise you to well understand the nature of the health-care system of Denmark--when a government has complete control of a health-care system of the country, you have a government that has the citizens enslaved and has the ability to determine the life and death of each citizen.  It is rotten, given so many politicians are rotten people.  Why would a good person want a politician or a political employee to have the final say about life and death of the good person.  "Free"--what is really "free" in life?  Someone has to pay for salaries of health-care workers in a country? And there are other employees that make doctor's officers and hospitals operate.  The Danes pay for it in heavy taxes.  Do they really get the best that they can get, given there is no competition?  Some people are, in essence, born free-loaders, unless forced to do something or get nothing.  So Danes are paying for free-loaders and probably illegal aliens, and how many there are is unknown.
    Cynthia McFadden talked about a man keeping up a palace-like place by being housekeeper, butler, and handyman, and Cynthia McFadden said--"His happiness comes from seeing this part of Danish history preserved for everyone."  The man said in relation to how happy he feels--"I think I would probably put myself at a seven or something like that."   Why does he only rate himself at "seven"?  Is not Denmark a happy place, worth a "ten" all the time?  In the United States of America, there are many people working to preserve historic places and buildings, running, for example, little museums.  Are they not happy?  Is preserving something of the past only confined to Denmark?
    And Dan Buettner said in relation to the garbage man wishing to pass by a truck on the street, which was sort of blocking the street--"....So, Danish road rage is he [the garbage man] got out and asked if he [the other guy] could get out of the way....".  By the way, Cynthia McFadden pushed out the idea that that would not happen in New York [City], though I bet it does.  And Dan Buettner said--"When everybody has that attitude, you have just a lower base line of stress.".  Hey, Denmark does not have a lot of cars, so the chances of road-rage incidents are lower than they would be in the United States of America.  Where I have been in the United States of America over the last fifty years or more, I have not seen any real road rage.  Exactly how many road-rage incidents are there in comparison to how many courteous events there are?
     I wonder why Denmark is such a wonderful place, given I have seen information on the Internet that notes the place has high cancer rates and alcohol-abuse rates?  [Note: I shall let you look it up]
    What is it that the Danes accomplish each day?
    And here is a collage of thoughts.  When a person whose specialty as a career takes a lot of study, that person expects reward to be better than that achieved by someone whose specialty requires little study, and when both person get paid the same, it can result in hate and disdain--not happiness--for the political system sustaining the rotten system, and it can result in better people escaping the society for a better society, and that can lead to an ever falling off in people offering higher-skilled service, resulting in, for example, worse doctors in the society.  I have to go back to the "genes" theme.  I guess some people are unhappy with their noses or cheeks or bone structures, but I get the feeling Cynthia McFadden's report was hinting at skin color, working to push the idea that people with brown skin should not be happy in the United States of America--that tactic is a form of race bating.  Self-satisfaction and happiness can come from succeeding at something and doing something; self-satisfaction does not come about from sitting around doing nothing or talking in face-to-face interaction for hours and hours, creating nothing, and self-satisfaction does not come from someone receiving stuff for so-called "free" from others--that breeds unhappiness in the long run.  Of course, if a person has a lot of free time, the person might sit around and sit around, and the person might sit around drinking liquor or beer, maybe becoming happy for a while and turning into an alcoholic, which is not necessarily fun and something to be happy about.  Cynthia McFadden's report was not only illogical and idiotic but also evil, promoting really enslavism and disharmony and hatred.

    Here is an aside.  On Monday, October 30, 2017, the Detroit Free Press now had a new layout format (related to headline font, text font, et cetera).  I saw it, and it looked as if the newspaper was cutting back on the amount of text presented per page--it is more down sizing really and more "white space" per edition.  On November 2, 2017, the newspaper had a "TO OUR READERS" blurb on page 7A, and it noted--"You have no doubt noticed a new look for the Free Press this week.  Our headlines are different as is the text of stories.  The latter was custom-designed to improve the readability of the Free Press and other newspapers owned by our parent company, Gannet.  The headline change is part of an effort to provide a more consistent look for the company's newspapers and as part of our engagement in the USA TODAY network....".  It comes off as flap doodle to me.  It all looks like another cutback in the newspaper industry, and people will get less information each day, and so goes "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance."

    In the previous edition, I reported that I would take up the topic of blackish (the television series that is airing on ABC-TV on a weekly basis) in relation to an old television series, which can be found called The Amos 'n Andy Show on YouTube today.  On October 3, 2017, the first episode of the new season of blackish was shown to the American public; it had been on June 28, 1951, when the first episode of what I will call The Amos 'n Andy Show in this segment showed up on CBS-TV.  Let me make an aside here, providing television history.  Commercial television began in 1940, and then World War II came has greatly slowed down the development of the television industry.  After the war, network television began to take hold in earnest, and it was in June 1947, that commercial television showed up in the Detroit area (by way of WWJ-TV, Channel 4, which is now known as WDIV-TV).  Late in 1948, two more television stations showed up in the Detroit area--WJBK-TV (Channel 2) and WXYZ-TV (Channel 7).  In 1949, Detroit-based television stations were finally tied up to the East Coast television networks (such as DuMont, CBS, and NBC) so that live shows from the East could be shown live in the Detroit area; before the connection had existed, Detroit-based television stations aired network programs when the programs were available on film, such as in the Kinescope format.  Generally speaking, I can say that the entire continental United States of America was opened up for live programs in 1951, when AT&T finally had coaxial-cable lines available between the East Coast and the West Coast for television signals.  On August 11, 1948, the first black-cast television series showed up on network television--the DuMont TV network--and that show was called The Laytons.  That fictional series aired through October 13, 1948, on a weekly basis, and one of the performers on the show was Amanda Randolph.  In essence, it was days after The Laytons had been shut down that Amanda Randolph began to appear on her own show entitled Amanda, which was airing at 9:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. weekdays on nd from the flagship station for the DuMont TV network.  Amanda Randolph is the first "negro" as she was called in 1948 or "black" as she would be called today to have a regular series on a television network.  On June 28, 1951, Amanda Randolph began to be seen as a regular performer on The Amos 'n Andy Show, which would run for two seasons on CBS-TV and be seen in syndication from 1953 to 1966, when some blacks, such as those tied to the NAACP (which is clearly a communistic black entity today), were able to get it removed from syndication, citing it was a racist show and showed "blacks" in a bad light.  By the way, it was in the 1960s, that the rise of the black Marxists really took off in earnest, and that would lead to a lot of bad stuff, such as bad "blacks" (those with no real experience of doing things or building things) being put in government jobs, which led to declines in cities, a good example of which is Detroit (Michigan).  In the 1960s and 1970s, more shows with mostly blacks as performers showed up, such as Bird of an Iron Feather (a police based drama that aired on PBS-based stations from October 1971 to December 1971), Our Street (which aired on PBS-based stations from January 1972 to March 1972), Sanford & Son, and Good Times.  Today, network television has such television shows featuring blacks as The Mayor and blackish.  The episode of blackish (featuring black performers) for October 3, 2017, was a wholehearted political piece, pushing propaganda and hatred.  The show was designed to put down Christopher Columbus, who helped get North America on the path of modernization.  What stands out in the episode is the lack of niceness in the main characters, especially the character played by Anthony Anderson.  I have to note that lack of "niceness" and pleasantness is commonplace on even shows with mostly "white" performers or mostly "Asian" performers today--snarkiness and arrogance and bitchiness are the rule.  I am not going to point out what true fact that blackish had or what lies blackish had.  The point that I am showing up is the program was so much political stuff (such as Democratic Party clichés) that the entertainment got pushed aside, and it seems to me viewers--at least good people--were put off by the theme of the episode and did not feel good at the end of the program.  When the show was done, I went on YouTube to see episodes of The Amos 'n Andy Show so that I could show a contrast between The Amos 'n Andy Show and blackish.  I could say that "black television" has really declined since the 1940s.  I saw several episodes of The Amos 'n Andy Show, and as I expected, I could see sort of a low-budget quality to the episodes--in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, big money (from advertisers) was limited for television production; for example, in the early 1950s, Red Skelton was already a "star," having been radio and in movies, but in the early days of his network television show, the budget basically only had him and guests in front of a curtain, as if on stage in a theater (like vaudeville).  One of the episodes of The Amos 'n Andy Show that I watched was "Seeing is Believing", which first aired for the American public on March 3, 1953.  In the story, the character called Kingfish (played by Tim Moore) gets a job but keeps it quiet from his wife, called Sapphire (played by Ernestine Wade), who will later think he is seeing another woman so she works to make Kingfish jealous, urged on by her Mama (played by Amanda Randolph).  When I saw the end credits, I saw the writers were Bob Ross, Bob Mosher, and Joe Connelly.  I knew at that moment that Bob Mosher and Joe Connelly would years later--in 1960s--be instrumental in putting The Munsters (comedy series) on the air and making the series a fun piece that would be shown for decades (it currently airs, for instance, on weekdays on the subchannel network known as Cozi TV, which is on 38.4 in the Detroit area).  Another episode that I watched was "The Gun", which was first shown to the American public on August 3, 1951.  This episode I will use to really show how The Amos 'n Andy Show is a better shown than blackish is.  For one, you can see pleasantness in performers, such as Alvin Childress, who plays Amos and, at one point, talks directly to the audience.  There is pleasantness there in that talking to the audience--it shows on Alvin Childress's face and in his persona.  In the story, Kingfish goes to buy a gift Sapphire and ends up with a purse that has a gun in it (the gun had been left in it by crooks).  Kingfish will find the gun and try to pawn it, and when he ties to pawn it, clerk at the pawn shop believes he wants to rob the place, and that leads to Kingfish being put on trial.  There are several super-big laughs in this episode.  I will not give them all away, but notice the segment in which Andy (played by Spencer Williams Jr.) acts as a character witness for Kingfish.  It is all fun for fun sake, and when a person gets done watching the episode, the person can feel good.  In essence, the show could have been made with a cast of all white performers or all Asian performers or whatever, because the situations are those that apply to all peoples, given there are dopey people, happy people, light-style con artists, et cetera in all peoples.  Between 1951 and today, themes in episodes of The Amos 'n Andy Show have been used over and over, in essence.  "The Gun" was written by Bob Ross and Dave Schwartz.  I can argue well that, basically, people who act in television shows, such as in "sitcoms" (a.k.a. "situation comedies"), play themselves, and their real personalities can show through to a television viewer, if the television viewer is really willing and able to see.  I see pleasantness and likableness in The Amos 'n Andy Show, and I do not see pleasantness and likableness in blackish, which shows the general nature of the people involved in putting the series together, which includes those in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  The two most unpleasant performers in the episode of blackish were Anthony Anderson and Wanda Sykes, the latter of whom I have talked about in the past.  Every time that I see Wanda Sykes on television, she comes off as a really unlikable person--she is crass and slutty.  Wanda Sykes is an ugly woman (and she is in real life a big supporter of rotten politicians, such as Barack Obama).  In the episode, there was a meeting with employees, and there were two "white" guys at the meeting, and it really came off to me that they were in the cast to be "whites" that could be made to look bad and show up "whites" as dopey--and not to provide real funniness [Note: It was as if the two white guys were supposed to be the "token whites" in the political display].  By the way, in "The Gun," the man who played the judge would go on to play a judge at least few times on Perry Mason (the famous series featuring Raymond Burr as Perry Mason), and that actor was Morris Ankrum.  There is no kinescope or film of The Laytons or Amanda in existence, both of which never aired in Detroit, since WJBK-TV came on the air after the television series The Laytons had been canceled and WJBK-TV had no morning broadcasting when Amanda existed, but, fortunately for every one, The Amos 'n Andy Show does exist, such as on YouTube.  For fun, skip the crap known as blackish and watch The Amos 'n Andy Show.  And I note for guys who like to see gals in dresses, you will see it is commonplace for Sapphire and other female characters in The Amos 'n And Show to wear dresses and not look like guys.

    Announcement: I have put several new documents on the Internet--at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  One document is entitled "Indigenous Peoples Day"--It is Not Deserved and Should Not Exist.  It can be reached by using this Indigenous link.  Another document is entitled Black-Racist U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson (a Democrat related to Florida) Shits on a Killed U.S. Soldier--Army Sergeant La David Johnson (a Black Man), which can be reached through this Frederica Wilson.  In relation to Frederica Wilson, you should see the video on YouTube entitled "John Kelly's EMOTIONAL White House Press Briefing 10/22/2017", which was posted on October 19, 2017, and it runs 21 minutes.  Yet another document is entitled The United States of America is Not "Healthy" Anymore and Never Will Be Again--Stupid Americans by the Millions and Rotten Politicians Like Having the Federal Government in Charge of Health Care, When It Should Never Be, which can be reached through this Not Healthy link.  Also I put a document that is under construction (at the time this document was published on the Internet) at the website for The Hologlobe Press so that I could show the documents listed in the bibliography (and it has a tie-in with this document), and that document is informally called A Collage of Corrupt, which can be reached through this Collage link.

    I am not done with The Amos 'n Andy Show.  I have to note that the actress who plays
Sapphire--Ernestine Wade--is no super-beauty like Vanessa Williams (the one tied to the Miss America contest and the one who has been an actress on television and movies and has been a singer).  [Note: In recent years, there has been another black actress named Vanessa Williams, such as on television, so be careful about which Vanessa Williams you have in mind.]  Ernestine Wade, though, is not ugly--that is, her persona shown on the television show is not ugly.  In contrast, the characters on Will & Grace are ugly--it is the personas of the characters.   The characters on Will & Grace in the long run are not people who are likable and nice, and I would not want them to show up where I live on a weekly basis.  I have found that, generally speaking, people play themselves on television, and the ugliness of the characters very likely exists in the performers (I have seen it in the performers in interviews that the performers have done on television).  And, once again, I bring up Alvin Childress playing Amos on The Amos 'n Andy Show.  The character may not be "Mr. Universe," but the character does not come off as a person with an ugly in mind, like the characters on Will & GraceWill & Grace is an ugly show!

    Here I pass along notes about other television series offered for the 2017-2018 season.  On October 3, 2017, the new season of Fresh off the Boat began on ABC-TV, and one theme in the story  line had Eddie (played Hudson Yang) getting a crush on a girl, who turns out to like girls more than boys (it was a lesbian story line).  It is another gay thing tied to children.  Another gay themed show featuring a child is Young Sheldon.  Hollywood is well into pushing gay and lesbians themes through children.  That is scummy!  [Remember--The last two seasons had The Real O'Neals.]  Also back this season on ABC-TV is Scandal, the first episode of which aired on October 5, 2017.  One rottenness pushed in that episode was done quickly--pushing the idea of a "bill" for free college education [Note: Free education at the college level is a rotten idea for the country in the long run, but I shall not explain that within this document].  Incidentally, Fresh Off the Boat also is into crass or snarky characters, especially the mother of the family (played by Constance Wu).  And show having a group of snarky and arrogant so-called good guys on CBS-TV is Scorpion--it is like a group of spoiled little kids.

    Generally speaking, the college football season runs to early January 2018, and the professional football season runs to early February 2018, and so there are yet many television broadcasts of college football and professional football to come.  The first college football game that was broadcast fully was shown on W2XBS (New York City, New York), which was an experimental station, on September 30, 1939, and the game was a fight between Fordham University (the Rams) and Waynesburg College from Randall's Island.  The first professional football game that was broadcast on television took place on October 22, 1939, and the broadcast station was once again W2XBS, and the teams were the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the game was played at Ebbets Field (the home base for the Brooklyn Dodgers).  The first time a college football game was broadcast in color, which happened to be done on coast-to-coast basis, was a game between Maryland and North Carolina, and CBS-TV broadcast the game, and the event took place on Saturday, October 20, 1951.  For people in the Detroit area, television sets that could receive the color broadcast signal, which was being sent out in the air by WJBK-TV (Channel 2, a CBS-TV affiliate), were set up a about a half-dozen places in the Detroit area, most of which were stores, such as People's Outfitting Co (in Dearborn) and Coomb's TV (in Royal Oak).  It must be pointed out that a color standard for television was yet not in existence in 1951, and CBS-TV did the broadcast in the form that it was pushing for the color standard, which was not compatible with the existing black-and-white standard (all-electronic standard) in the country, so, for instance, WJBK-TV, had to shut down broadcasting the regular black-and-white signal to present the color broadcast.  In essence, Du Mont Television Co. and the National Broadcasting Company were pushing for a color standard that was compatible with the black-and-white standard at the time, which means people with sets designed for black-and-white signals could still see a broadcast that was sent out in color but in black and white and not color.  The color standard for the country was adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 1953, but the push for color programming would not really get going till the early 1960s.  For the fall of 1953, about $4,000,000 was being spent by advertisers to have college football games and professional football games broadcast on network television.  Du Mont was one of the television broadcast networks, and it originally scheduled a package of 48 college football games for viewers, and that was about $1,250,000 of the $4,000,000 amount.  By the way, a Du Mont-built transmitter was used for the first television broadcasting ever done in the Detroit area, which happened in October 1946.  Du Mont was mostly known for making electronic equipment, especially television sets (Note: The company was not really good on the showmanship aspect of television, which is one reason the network would disappear in the middle of the 1950s).  In October 1953, if a person lived in the Detroit area and did not have a television set and if the person wanted to see football on television, the person might go out and buy a Du Mont-built television set.  Around the time, Du Mont had a set called the Du Mont de Luxe Lynwood, which had a 21-inch (diagonal) television tube and which cost about $379.95.  The Du Mont Sutton had a 17-inch picture tube, and the Du Mont Custom Hanover II had a 21-inch picture tube.  For $199.95, a person could buy a Du Mont television set with seven-inch picture tube.  These sets were black-and-white television sets, which Du Mont called "telesets" in advertising.  Incidentally, on January 1, 1954, WWJ-TV was the first station to broadcast a color television show in Detroit in relation to the compatible color standard that had been set in 1953, and that program was the Tournament of Roses Parade, which was associated with the Rose Bowl Game (of college football), and the program was actually an NBC-TV program, and NBC-TV broadcast the football game in black and white (it would not be till October 9, 1955, that the first local television show in color was broadcast in the Detroit area, which was done by WWJ-TV).  In October 1953, Du Mont was pushing the idea that its sets has "selfocus" picture tubes.  In the early 1953, professional football on television was on the rise, and now professional football presented on television seems to be on the decline, and the events tied to the taking-the-knee stuff, which is in support of communists and black racists, is part of the reason.

    About two years ago, Barack Obama set up the Iranian nuclear deal between, for instance, Iran and the United States of America, and a smart good person knows the arrangement--or deal--was rotten, not only for the United States of America but also for the world.  Then, when the deal became public, the U.S. Senate played games and did shenanigans, and it upheld the agreement, which should have been properly treated as a "treaty."  Yes, the U.S. Senate at the time did rotten things in relation to the deal, and now a smart good person is well aware the so-called agreement will lead to the Iranians getting nuclear weapons.  In relation to the deal, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (a so-called "Republican") was involved in making it possible for the agreement to take hold easily [Raju, Manu, and Burgess Everett.  "How Cardin and Corker clinched the Iran deal." Politico, 4 April 2015, 07:17 EDT.].  In early October 2017 or so, feuding was going on between Bob Corker--yet a U.S. Senator--and U.S. President Donald Trump, and the bad guy in the feud was indeed only Bob Corker, just another of the rotten U.S. Senators in the U.S. Senate today (all the Democrats and Independents and many of  the Republicans are bad people) [Note: The U.S. Senate in recent months has shown its true nature, such as by stalling on getting Donald Trump's wishes enacted; for example, a good person can see the U.S. Senate is willing to keep the highly rotten "Obamacare" in existence) and to not create a border wall between Mexico and the United States of America and to not control spending.  On October 10, 2017, a Fox News Channel anchor--Neil Cavuto--presented a commentary, which I learned about some hours after I had heard the Boy Scouts had decided to let girls, basically, be complete Boy Scouts, which was on October 11, 2117 [Note: The Boy Scouts is now completely rotten, given it seems the management has become feminized and socialistic in thinking].  On October 11, 2017, I became exposed to the commentary from Neil Cavuto through a Yahoo news presentation [Shaprio, Rebecca (HuffPost).  "Fox News' Neil Cavuto Dresses Down Trump: 'You are Running Out Of Friends.'." Yahoo, 10 October 2017.].  I listened and watched the video of Neil Cavuto presented through the news item.  It was crap.  Of course, the quoted material in the news item headline already had me noting the stuff from Neil Cavuto would probably be crap, given I am already aware very, very few members of the U.S. Senate are really "friends" of Donald Trump's (their showing that through their work to do nothing for the most part to push through what Donald Trump had promised voters during Donald Trump's run for the U.S. presidency).  One thing that Neil Cavuto said was--"...It's not that some of your ideas aren't sound--they are--it's that increasingly this erratic behavior makes me wonder whether you are.  Now I know you say that Senator Corker started all this badmouthing you.  But the last time I checked you are the President of the United States so tweeting out these tacky insults, well, just seems beneath you.  And it's going to cost you.  You're running out of friends faster than you are running out of time.  You might not like Bob Corker, but a lot of senators do, and you need those senators....".  I have to stop here.  Look that the idiocy of the material.  For one, the material starts out giving the impression that Donald Trump is crazy, though the statement is not backed up with facts, and a good person can deduce Donald Trump's behavior is not erratic.  Next, Bob Corker has already been shown to be an enemy of the country, based all the nonsense that went on to create and keep the Iranian nuclear deal in place, which, for instance, gave Iran billions of dollars.  Also, whether or not the U.S. Senators are fighting with Donald Trump is no matter.  The U.S. Senate should be passing stuff that is "good" for the country and the citizens of the country, even if they are not friends with Donald Trump.  Notice--Neil Cavuto even said that Donald Trump has good ideas.  Does that mean U.S. Senators will purposely not pass good stuff just to get back at Donald Trump?  That hints at rottenness in the U.S. Senate.  Neil Cavuto put forth the idea that Donald Trump's demeaning a U.S. Senator is bad, and Neil Cavuto said that Donald Trump's putting down Bob Corker demeans Donald Trump.  Then, Neil Cavuto rambled on with nonsense.  There was crap about "loyalty" in the commentary, though a good person can see U.S. Senators are not being "loyal" to the American public--at least the ones who voted for the Republicans to be U.S. Senators, after having been told the Republicans would do, in essence, what Donald Trump has been pushing for.   Neil Cavuto said at one point--"...You can't drain that swamp, if all you're doing is throwing mud.  You clearly don't like it when it's done to you.  Who would?  What makes you think that people you target hate it any less when it's done to them?  By all means rip 'em in private.  But do they deserve--think about it--does anyone deserve being treated like this in public?....".  A smart good person is well aware--Since Donald Trump became the U.S. president, almost no Republicans in the government have really come out and defended Donald Trump against the main media pushing lies about Donald Trump, the idiocy of the so-called Trump-Russian election nonsense, and more.  The crap that is being slung at Donald Trump is an everyday thing, and, for instance, the head Republicans have not had Donald Trump's back really, and I have not seen that type of support for a U.S. president by members of his own party before.  Donald Trump is, in essence, doing what the members of his own party should be doing--putting down communists and socialists and the like and putting down the Democrats and the bad media people.  The end of the commentary from Neil Cavuto was--"...And for you, it can't be just the thunderous applause of the base that really isn't growing.  It's time to reach beyond that base.  You're not president of just those voters, you are president of all voters--those who love you and, yeah, those who don't love ya.  I know what you're thinking and what you're supporters will no doubt soon be bashing, emailing, texting that I'm clueless, that I'm a globalist, that I'm a loser--sad.  I've heard everything from 'fat doofus'--which really hurts my feelings--to knucklehead-never Trumper.  Whatever.  Just hear me out on this.  You're not getting this, and you keep this up, you are losing this.  I am not talking about just these tax cuts.  I'm talking about just being--a human being....".  "Human being"--that part really sickened me when I heard it (and I am unable to pass along the tone with which it was presented, which was enough to make a good person gag).  The material sounded like stuff from a feminized girly man.  What "man" talks like that--and on television?  And I had to hear that crap on the day when the management of the Boy Scouts finally killed the Boys Scouts for good.  [Note: I state that, if the thing is set up for "boys," like the Boys Scouts, it should be for "boys" only.  There is no discrimination there.  Women set up entities just for women.  And if men are not allowed into the women's entities, that is the way it is.]  Actually, the entire tone of the commentary from Neil Cavuto was rotten, and I could hear the hinting by Neil Cavuto to get Donald Trump to stop fighting back against the socialists and communists in the U.S. Congress and let such rotten people have their way (though Barack Obama--the communist and black racist--did not compromise while he was the U.S. president, pushing through tons of communistic crap through laws and orders, such as "Obamacare").  There is big trouble in the United States of America; for instance, most of the people in the U.S. Congress are rotten, at least six of the judges on the U.S. Supreme Court are highly rotten people, and main media is rotten.  And Neil Cavuto is part of the problem.  It can be seen that Neil Cavuto is a supporter of the corrupt elite in Washington, D.C.,--Democrats and many Republicans--and Neil Cavuto is just another enemy of good people in the United States of America and The United States Constitution.
    [Note: And, basically, the NFL players are rotten, and that covers some 1,800 or so persons, who probably are happy with the Boy Scout's announcement.]

   Announcement for the novice again (reworked in May 2017): To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama-type people (communists and Shariaists), as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (Note: To learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the better places mentioned).  I note that Fox News Channel is evolving into a rotten channel, becoming like those that I have put down in this paragraph.  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and even now much of what is on the Fox News Channel and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.  [Note: Everyone in the Democratic Party in the country is rotten, and the Republican Party establishment has shown itself to be socialistic and communistic within the last few years, and only a few of the rotten people are U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie.]

    Hey, on Monday, October 23, 2017, CNN pushed out a new advertising campaign (at least on Facebook), in which it was saying that it was interested in and involved with "Facts First".  I say in jest--I'm sold.  I guess I will have to change the above paragraph, putting CNN back in the good list.  Ha!

    Since the 1950s, it has been commonplace for children's programming to be shown on television stations on Saturday mornings, especially by broadcast networks.  For about three years, Fox TV-affiliated stations have been airing a block of programming called Xploration Station, which has a set of programs, which has been altered a bit since the debut of the block of programming.  In September 2016, three new programs were added to the block of programming, and I am finally getting around to talking about them.  I make this review based on episodes of programs shown on October 7, 2017.  One program was Nature Knows Best, which was an adequate program focusing on science, and it had a pleasant hostess--Danni Washington.  Another program was hosted by Steve Spangler, and that program was DIY Sci, and on the program, the host does things with science, such as make toys and blow up things.  The other program that I saw was Weird But True!, and it came off a socialistic-propaganda thing, focusing on saving the planet--in this case trees and forests.  It pushed that rotten idea that man is killing the planet by using trees, and it pushed the idea that we have to save the trees, so you have to recycle, recycle, recycle to save the trees.  I note--Over a number of decades, forests can get old and trees in it can get rotted, and such forests can be a fire hazard, and there is nothing wrong with harvesting trees, which man has done for centuries (and trees have not disappeared from the planet).  I would not let a child watch Weird But True! based on the one episode that I saw, especially since the hosts--Charlie and Kirby--have the socialistic personas.

    Hey, has your favorite television newscast provided stories that to you that hint the Donald Trump administration's work to help Puerto Rico has been defective, based on statements from women who were born in Puerto Rico, particularly the socialistic mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico--Carmen Yulin Cruz--and U.S. Representative Nydia Velazquez (a "Democrat" related to New York)?  I say providing such stories is being done to pass along fake news and lies.  Let me make an aside here.  In the middle of the 1970s, when I was attending Wayne State University, I was a member of the student-run radio station called WAYN-AM, and at one point, I rewired Studio A, which took days to complete, and I redid the "rack" (the distribution rack), which took days to complete and which I did, for example, when the university had a heating rule (to save energy, during the energy crisis of the country) that resulted in the building (at 672 Putnam) having heat set up to no more than 45 degrees (which was around Christmas time) and I spent at least one day working till about three in the morning in the cold conditions, sleeping for a couple hours there, and then doing more work early in the morning.  Over the years, while living in the Detroit area, storms have taken down power lines, and I have watched line crews reconnect lines, and the work done by the workers can take hours and hours (and power can be off for days or more).  Within the last few weeks, I have designed and put together a 555-timing-chip circuit for a lighthouse model, and the work took a number of hours (done over several days); the work included making a schematic, traveling to get parts, soldiering parts on a board, making a battery holder, making a holder for the circuit board, and more.  It can take a lot of time to make things.  And that is that!  After the last terrible summer storm went through Puerto Rico--on September 20, 2017--the island basically had a destroyed power grid (involving miles and miles and miles of lines and associated equipment)--not just a few lines were down, as can happen in a storm in the Detroit area by comparison.  It can take months and months to set up electrical grids for an area covering over a million persons.  Puerto Rico is far from the mainland of the United States of America, and it is not easy to get materials and workers to the island to help repair damage quickly.  On October 20, 2017, two women--Carmen Yulin Cruz and Nydia Velazquez--noted to the press that, because much of the island (80 percent of it) did not have electricity after a month and because 30 percent of the island did not have reliable fresh water, U.S. President Donald Trump was treating Puerto Ricans in a racist way--they suggested he would do better for other U.S. citizens [Walker, Hunter.  "San Juan mayor rips Trump for giving himself a perfect '10' on hurricane response."  Yahoo!, 20 October 2017; Walker, Hunter.  "Trump gave himself a '10' for Puerto Rico recovery.  This congresswoman says it's a '4'."  Yahoo!, 21 October 2017.].  Both Carmen Yulin Cruz and Nydia Velazquez pushed out the "race card."  Both made it a racial issue.  Both pushed out a big lie about what had been done and was being done on the island.  Both pushed out crap and are crap!  Of course, people in the press helped push out the crap.  Notice the name of the writer of the two stories that I cite in this paragraph.  It is the same writer.  If you read both stories, you will see that, in essence, both stories are the same product [Note: It is as if the stories were manufactured].  If your favorite newscast passed along the racist theme presented by Carmen Yulin Cruz and Nydia Velazquez and did not pass along information about what has been done on the island so far, you have a television newscast that is rotten!
    [Note: By the way, have you seen the recent stories and reports about Radio Shack stores getting closed.  In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, when I was younger, it easy to find Radio Shack stores and other stores like it in the Detroit area, where electrical parts could be found easily, such as resistors, variable resistors, capacitors, wire, et cetera.  I remember there used to be RSE and Norwest Electronics.  Such stores have disappeared or are disappearing because, for one, most young guys do not do anything.  And so it goes in life. There are a lot dumb young guys who have no idea how long it takes to make something tied to electronics and electrical grids.  They are stupid and useless people, so rotten communistic women like Carmen Yulin Cruz and Nydia Velazquez can easily teach them crap.]

    Oh, on November 2, 2017, CBS-TV pushed out the first episode of S.W.A.T., which is a police-drama series and which is loosely based on an old series called S.W.A.T..  The episode opened with a chase--the so-called good guys chasing bad guys, and the two groups were running through the streets and shooting.  It was an action sequence.  The sequence made me recall something that I had seen in TV Guide for October 30-November 12, 2017 (on page 24)--"...This new S.W.A.T. won't be all explosions and car chases.  The update will dig deep into the racial tensions between Hondo's diverse team, the police force and the people of Los Angeles....".  Well, the episode opened with, in essence, a chase and explosions.  By the way, instead of "between" in the second sentence, it should have been "among".  I say--So, the show is going to push more "racial" junk and racial bullshit, and that means I shall skip this show.

    Every day, I can find idiot thought from idiot people on television--it is the way of this current day and age, which I call "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance."  On November 2, 2017, I caught a bunch of crap, and I have highlights here.  At about 1:15 p.m., I happened to tune into the World network (which is on broadcast 56.4 in Detroit and related to WTVS-HD, Channel 56), and an episode of Tavis Smiley was airing.  In the past, I have shown Tavis Smiley is a rotten man, and I have shown up the rottenness of guests on the show.  On this day, the guest was Eve Ensler, and I knew little of the woman [Note: Later, I found she was the author of the stage thing called The Vagina Monologues].  Eve Ensler came off as a really stupid woman.  She pushed such idiotic ideas as--How are we going to live on this planet that we have destroyed?  She pushed out the idea that nearly ever woman in the country has been sexually abused or sexually harassed.  She bemoaned how we are not connecting with the Earth.  She wondered what this country was.  To me, it all came off a idiot-woman stuff.  Eve Ensler did not come off as a thinker or a logical thinker.  I thought while I watched--I am glad I do not have to listen to her idiocy every day, and I hope she has no children for they would surely be stupid, having been taught such crap for years.  Eve Ensler pushed out at one point the idea that "capitalism fragments people."  I ask--What the hell does that mean?  "Capitalism" is not a political system--it is an off-shoot political systems.  For centuries and centuries, people have practiced "capitalism," and that is the idea of people making things or whatever and selling the things to get money or something they want; for example, for centuries, some people have collected salt (in pits of sorts and in the form of cakes) in Africa and sold the salt (people needed the salt to live), and people have gathered spices and sold (or traded) the material for other things.  In essence, "communism" is a political system in which a few rule over great numbers of people, such as through violence, and yet communists work to make "profit" by selling things (communism is a political system in which the leaders have complete control of business, and that is bad).  The United States of America has a political system (based on The U.S. Constitution) in which the government is not in complete control of business (though each day, it is becoming more controlled by the government, which is bad).  Eve Ensler's thought that "capitalism fragments people" is lunacy.  Think out it--"Capitalism"--the buying and selling of things--has brought peoples and societies together over the centuries.  Also on November 2, 2017, I happened to tune into Channel 2.1 (WJBK-HD) in Detroit, while it was airing a "Let It Rip" segment (of a newscast); it was about 10:40 p.m., and Huel Perkins and Charlie Langton were hosting a group of guests, and for 20 minutes or so, I watched mostly idiot guys talk about the Trump-Russia crap, such as the two recent indictments (such as that related to Paul Manafort), which were tied to time periods unrelated to the election period of 2015 and 2016, and the time of "Let It Rip" was mostly used to pass along lies and attack Donald Trump.  One guy pushed out the crap that Donald Trump lies every day (which I knew was bullshit and which reminded me of my eight years of writing documents that showed the daily real lying done by Barack Obama), and Huel Perkins pushed out the bullshit that one man has already pleaded guilty, though to what was not said [Huel Perkins did not mention the man who pleaded guilty pleaded guilty to giving some type of false statement to authorities, and the press has not made clear what the false statement was about].  Some of the jackasses on the guest panel were Mario Murrow, Andy Arena, and Jeffrey Collins.  At one point, Huel Perkins tried to sell the idea that people should be wary of stuff sort of like news tied "facebook" and Google, given the entities are not like newspapers [Note: In the past, I have shown, for instance, how the Detroit Free Press publishes a lot of crap].  And Mario Murrow wanted people to "come together" (that is cliché crap, mostly designed get people to take up the communistic or socialistic cause and not fight against the socialists and communists)   The people pushing out the crap on the show sounded as if they did not even know, for instance, the information in the stories listed in the bibliography of my document entitled A Collage of Corruption (which can be reached through this Collage link and which happens to have some articles from "liberal" publications) [Note: A person who reads all the articles listed in the bibliography can see what nonsense the Trump-Russian-collusion thing is and what fake news it is].  Yes, most of the guests passed along fluff and unfounded statements.  And on November 2, 2017, I caught a repeat showing of An Evening with Valerie Jarrett on the World network (it was at about 10:00 a.m.), and the program tried to sell the idea that Valerie Jarrett (a close associate of the Barack Obama family and a communist) was a great woman, and the program, for one, presented comments of praise from people whom I knew were rotten, based on my eight years of having written a lot of material for the Internet about Barack Obama and his rotten associates and their defectiveness.

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S.: You are urged to see my document entitled One of "The Rules of Man"--A Rule About Health Care that No Politician May Supersede with Law, which can be reached through this Rule1 link.  I have deduced that all the Democrats and most Republicans support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and have no intention of killing it, though it should be killed for violating, for one, "The Rules of Man."  For example, Republicans Jeb Bush and Christ Christie support the rotten law, and that is one reason that I define them as stupid men and not men who are good enough--in this day and age--to be the U.S. President.  I note that the "mandate"--which forces everyone to buy government-approved health-care insurance--violates one of "The Rules of Man," and it is a rule that is attacked in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.  Anyone who supports the "mandate" is not a good enough person or a smart enough person to be the U.S. president--the mandate is "enslavism," and the "mandate" allows government people--who are often and usually bad people, as history shows--decide what health care a person can get, and that is bad.

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