The "Save Americans From Enslavism" Campaign--
Defining Enslavism
(Communism, Sharia, Socialism, et cetera)
For All Time in the Minds of Americans


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
Postal Box 5263
Cheboygan, Michigan  48721
The United States of America

copyright c. 2012

January 19, 2020
(Version 1)
[based on a document of December 11, 2012]
(Draft version)

* * * The Introduction and the Essence of the Campaign * * *

    On November 6, 2012, Barack Obama was chosen by Americans to be the next U.S. President or serve a second term as the U.S. President, and many reasons why such as man--a known communist, a known perpetual liar, et cetera--was chosen to be the U.S. President are many, and some of the reasons are the American public as a whole is ignorant about what communism and socialism and such really mean and a number of voters are evil enough that they want to live in a society that is communistic or socialistic or whatever; most certainly, many persons in the education community and many persons in media have worked to purposely to keep Americans ignorant about what, for example, communism and socialism (which is nothing more than somewhat restrained communism) and such mean.  Since the 1800s, the persons who are anti-communism or anti-socialism or against political systems related to communism and socialism have not clearly define what communism and socialism and such are, allowing the communists and socialists and like people to keep clouded from Americans what communism and socialism and such are and really entail, and even during the time between January 20, 2009, and November 6, 2012, while Barack Obama was the U.S. President for the first time, "conservatives" and similar persons failed to really define the nature of the man known as Barack Obama and his associates and their main political philosophy, which was called such things as "big government" or "statism" or "liberalism," all of which lack a clear definition of what they mean in the minds of most people and all of which lack the ability to elicit fear in the minds of people.  "Liberalism"--this word probably is the word most conservatives and similar persons use as an umbrella title for "communism" and "socialism" and "Marxism" and "Leninism" and whatever, and I say that "liberalism" is nebulous and has a somewhat feel-good tone, which can be shown by how young persons seem to think "liberalism" means being free to be what they want to be and be free from government (especially a government run by "Republicans" and big-business people, who only look out for big business).  "Liberalism" and "statism" are two words that are most likely to be used as an umbrella titles for the types of government that are like "communism" and "Sharia" and "socialism," and I have determined "liberalism" and "statism" make a poor umbrella-title word to group together political systems that result in highly government-controlled societies; for example, in the case of "statism," people who see or hear the word "statism" might think it comes from "statistics" or might not tie it to being enslaved by government or bad politicians, and "statism" calls up no real horrid thoughts pertaining to slavery in a mind.  It is time for the word "enslavism" to become commonly used in the United States of America and even in the world as an umbrella-title word for all the political systems like communism and socialism and Sharia and whatever.  This document explains the campaign to make "enslavism" a commonplace word in the English language, especially in the United States of America, and it is a campaign that must include as many persons involved in the media as possible, such as radio talk-show hosts (who focus on politics, even if only a little), television talk-shows hosts (who focus on politics), and writers for the Internet, magazines, and newspapers, and also while "enslavism" is being made a commonplace word, everyone involved in the campaign should also make "enslavist" or "enslaver"--derivates of "enslavism"--commonplace words in the English language.

    The purpose for making "enslavism" and "enslavist" or "enslaver" commonplace words in the English language and for making the three words regularly used on a daily basis have many advantages for "conservatives" and other good people and for the United States of America.  "Enslavism" is a word that has ties to "slavery," not only in sound but also in meaning, and, in essence, "enslavism" involves enslaving minds and bodies of persons, a subject to be explained in more detail later in this document.  When "enslavism" becomes identified as the umbrella title for "communism" and "socialism" and such, the idea of slavery or pushing slavery on people will be attached to those persons who practice "enslavism," an idea that the Democratic Party has been able to avoid since the 1800s for the most part, though the Democratic Party has been instrumental in keeping some persons in slavery in the country (working to halt the work to end slavery in the 1800s and working for segregation, such as through the Ku Klux Klan in the 1900s).  When "enslavism" becomes identified as the umbrella title for "liberalism," blacks in America--at least some blacks--should begin to question the values of the persons who call themselves "liberals," who will actually come to become known more regularlyl as "enslavists" or "enslavers" and will have ties to a political systems that push "slavery" upon people, though not as it was like in the 1800s, in which slaves were working the cotton fields in southern states of the United States of America (however, it can be said that, in Detroit, with the push to create farm collectives as a way to help the people of Detroit, blacks are working to enslave other blacks in the fields again).  When "enslavism" becomes a commonplace word in the country, people who have a weak definition of who they are and call themselves "liberals" will have to come to reevaluate who they are and what they believe when they now could be seen as being "enslavers" or "enslavists," who are persons who push for enslaving minds and bodies (and I can argue well that it will be easier to rattle the political-belief foundations, which are probably shallow to begin with, of young women than of young men, because young women are more likely to be nurturing and wish not be involved in something that is socially unacceptable--slavery).

    Here is how the "SAFE" campaign should be conducted in relation to the radio business, the television business, and more.  Everyone who covers politics, even if only a little, should be involved, and, for instance, the range in relation to radio must cover persons from Rush Limbaugh and Mark R. Levin to guys on small-market radio stations.  The "SAFE" campaign should begin in earnest now--the enslavists all over the country must be hit with something to defend.  On this first day of use, a person must explain what "enslavism" is and how it pertains to the Democratic Party of today and the Democrats of today.  After the first use, a person can concentrate on the idea heavily for a while (such as all the remainder of the week) or not, but the host should take up using the campaign regularly in each show--at least a little, focusing on working to make "enslaver" and "enslavist" and "enslavism" commonplace words (if a listener should use such words as "liberal" or "liberalism" or "socialism," and a host should make sure to bring "enslavism" or "enslavist" or "enslaver" into the conversation (at least as a side comment) and maybe as a pleasantly done interruption).  A goal is to make the current commonplace words known as "liberalism" and "statism" and related words take on an evil nature by tying them to slavery and enslavism.

    Now, what follows in this document are two main sections of thought--"A Discussion about 'Enslavists' or 'Enslavers'" and "The Tactics and Strategies of "SAFE".  I hope you will go right to the next section--"A Discussion about 'Enslavists' and 'Enslavers'"--since you will become more accustomed to seeing the words "enslavist" and "enslaver" and "enslavism" in writing, and when you see them more and more, you will be more comfortable using them or saying them; however, you may wish to skip for now the next section--"A Discussion about 'Enslavists' or 'Enslavers'"--and move right to the third section (of course, you can read the third section first and then read the second section).  Certainly, people new or fairly new to doing political talk shows should read the second section next and not completely avoid it.

* * * A Discussion about "Enslavists" or "Enslavers" * * *

    [Author note: This section has been removed to save paper, an, in essence, this section is my document entitled Conservatives and The United States Constitution Versus Enslavers and Enslavism (or Communism, Sharia, Socialism, et cetera), which exists at the website for The Hologlobe Press and which has existed on the Internet since November 20, 2010.]

* * * The Tactics and Strategies of "SAFE" * * *

    Since 2008, I have often heard radio talk-show hosts mention that Barack Obama is "nice" but he is "over is head" (trying to do work that is beyond his ability), and anyone who has pushed the idea that Barack Obama is "nice" has made a great a tactical failure, and it is something that must stopped, since people who hear he is "nice" but "over his head" gain a misconception of what Barack Obama is or people layer on thoughts on to the basic premise that Barack Obama is a "nice" guy and come up with defective conclusions about what Barack Obama is doing and does do, such as sign bills into law that are leading to the bankruptcy or economic crash of the United States of America.  "Enslavists" or "enslavers" are not nice persons, since they promote and practice "enslavism" (whatever the form is called, from communism to Sharia, the latter of which, in essence, is nothing more than one man's laws (of long ago) to justify doing harm to other men).  It is important that evilness and thugism and coercion and slavery get tied to "enslavism" and tied to all the persons who practice and promote "enslavism," which gets passed on to "liberalism" and "liberals" and "communism" and "communists" et cetera, and those persons can be defined as "enslavists" or persons who promote and support "enslavism" must not be called "friends" or "nice" or "good" or the like--either point out that such persons are bad or say nothing about their persona.

    Many Americans, especially young Americans, seem to lack the knowledge or understanding of the bad that is entailed in "enslavism" (such as communism and Sharia), not knowing the bad that citizens, especially women, have to endure in places like China and Saudi Arabia.  Since the goal of "SAFE" is to show up the bad of "liberalism" and "communism" and the like by pushing the themes of "enslavism," it is important to give examples of the restrictions on freedoms that people have in such places as China and Saudi Arabia, and, of course, the pieces of information must be facts and not lies or guesses (nothing must be said that can be challenged and disputed by the "enslavists").  Consider only a few of the examples of nonsense tied to "enslavism" in other countries:

    In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive.

    In Saudi Arabia, a woman may not marry a non-Muslim unless the woman gets official permission.

    In Saudi Arabia, before a woman may go outside or leave home, the woman must notify, for example, her husband.

    In Saudi Arabia, buildings have entrances for only men and entrances for only women,

    In Saudi Arabia, segregation is the rule, which keeps men and women apart, such as in restaurants.

    In Saudi Arabia, women must be nearly totally covered up with outside.

    In Saudi Arabia, if you do not support Sharia or Islamic law, you will not have a good life, and, in fact, you will have a hard time practicing what religion you uphold or practicing no religion.

    In Cuba, people cannot freely move about the country, as people can in the United States of America (such as on a whim, which can take a person from Kansas to Alaska).

    In Cuba, books and such are censored by the government.

    In Cuba, a person cannot speak out--publically--against socialism and the political leaders and the "revolution."

    In Cuba, there is no free "association," in which groups of people can get together in public in numbers.

    In North Korea, which is an economically depressed and nearly dead country, there is no "Bill of Rights" section in the constitution, which would allow people to "bare arms" and speak out against the political leaders.

    In North Korea, the only "press" is the government press.

    In North Korea, only the elites--government people especially--have cars.

    In North Korea, people are not free to travel around.

    In North Korea, girls can be forced into prostitution.

    In China, the government works to block written material from entering the country from other countries.

    The restrictions on the people or citizens in countries that are run by enslavists are many, and, of course, the restrictions of a country with "communism" are similar with the restrictions of a country with "Sharia" because that is the nature of man--the wish and work to coerce and control people lead to the same rules and the same results.

    Let me put out a fact about finance and Sharia (or Islamic law).  In countries that have Sharia, Islamic clerics must be involved in deciding whether or not a contact for whatever gets finalized.  If Sharia were installed nd used in the United States of America, no matter what religion you might happen to be, Islamic clerics could determine whether or not a contract between you and someone else or some entity, such as to buy a car, could be finalized.  In addition, a tribute would have to be paid to the Islamic clerics.  Sharia is enslavism to a radical political system hiding under the idea of religion.

    When people hear the term "liberalism," they can think about being "free" to do such and such or to be such and such, which is all a lie and why "liberalism" as a commonly used word must be phased out or made mute, and when people hear the word "progressive," they might think of a process to make things better, though in actuality the process when related to government is more likely to be "regressive," by putting more restrictions through laws or rules on people, and when people hear the idea or impression of "utopia" or "utopianism" from a politician, such as from Barack Obama when he promotes the idea that he can make the world "fair" for everyone, as it might be in a utopia, where nothing is bad, the people, using feelings and emotions, dream up a fantasy about life and forget about logic and reality.  Enslavists usually do not say that they will create a "utopia" for people; they usually make statements that hint that there is a utopia that can be achieved through their actions.  To discredit the ability of the enslavists and enslavers to create a utopia, conservatives have to discredit the enslavers and enslavists because bad politicians generally speaking do not created good laws, a big example of which is the creation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

    One problem in defeating "enslavists" and people who support "enslavism" that "conservatives" seem to not notice or talk about or wonder about or whatever is the set of words that is "Democratic Party."  In "Democratic Party," there is the word "Democratic," which has ties to the word "democracy."  To the ignorant, such as many illegal aliens, "democracy" is something good to them, and, in turn, they are very likely to believe the "Democratic Party" is better than the "Republican Party" is because "Democratic" makes them think of "democracy" and something good.  "Democratic Party"--this set of words must be tied to "enslavism," or "conservatives" will continue to lose overall the fight for the ignorant, such as illegal immigrants who get rushed into citizenship and into the ability to vote.  Yes, the members of the Democratic Party of today--the communists, and socialists and black radicals and such--inherited from their predecessors a good name for their party and a good label for themselves.  People may say that people vote for the Democratic Party because it gives them things from the government, but people do not seem to note that, to many people, the "Democratic Party" is tied to "democracy" and not "enslavism."  On a regular basis, the word "enslavism" or the word "enslavist" (or "enslaver") must be used in conjunction with the term "Democratic Party," and each time, an example of a feature of "enslavism" that is supported or practiced by the people of the "Democratic Party" must be presented.  The "Democratic Party" is seen as "liberalism," which is not seen as bad, and that means "enslavism" has to be tied to "liberalism" and, in turn, "Democratic Party."

    Another portion of the "SAFE" campaign is to make people question themselves about whether or not they are good persons.  During the first term of Barack Obama as the U.S. President, one of the problems that hindered "conservatives" from showing up what Barack Obama is was identifing people who believe in "enslavism" and call into radio shows as "Great Americans."  In fact, that was a great tactical error, which gives people--listeners--the impression and teaches them that "Great Americans" cannot be people who support something that is bad, such as Barack Obama and "enslavism."  A person who supports--even unknowingly--an enslavist like Barack Obama is not a person who should be praised as a "Great American"; a person who supports Barack Obama and like persons should not be praised as good or great--no praise should be given but no outright attack that suggests the person is bad should be made.  During a telephone interview with a telephone caller who is a listener, the tactic is to say nothing about the goodness or badness of the telephone caller if the caller supports enslavism, because the overall tactic of "SAFE" is to prove "enslavism" is bad and what an "enslavist" practices, which is "enslavism," is bad, and then, indirectly, (1) listeners will come to adopt the idea that people who support "enslavists" and "enslavism" are bad people and (2) listeners who support "enslavism" and are not hard-line enslavists" and call in will come to reevalute who they are and what they stand for.  Remember, for example, a tactic for a radio talk-show host involves using the word "enslavism" in connection with "liberalism" (as I have already shown in my speaking examples, particularly the one that shows how to deal with telephone callers).  Telephone callers who support "enslavists" and "enslavism" must be stigmatized indirectly through implication and never praised.

    In public, during discussions or debates, enslavists and enslavers must be called out for who they are, such as by saying that they are "enslavists" or "enslavers" and support "enslavism," which gets the words hear.

    In essence, some people like Barack Obama because he is like a good father to them, and that is bad.  Barack Obama has to be discredited as being a "good" father to people (except for his children).  Barack Obama must be tied to the concept of "enslavism" at all costs, showing why no good father would support "enslavism," in which, for example, the government can act like a thug, taking more and more taxes from people.  Barack Obama must be tied to the the idea of "enslavist," who asks like a thug, lies continually, promotes hate through his words and speeches.  If Barack Obama does not get tied to "enslavism" and is shown to be a hard-line "enslavist," too many people will continue to see him as good, like a good father.

    Really, this document, as you should be aware, is designed for everyone who can read or gets to this document since everyone talks to other people, such as at home or in a restaurant, but since the document focuses on announcers and radio talk-shows hosts and like persons, this section provides examples of ways in which radio talk-show hosts and like persons can use "enslavism" and "enslavist" and "enslaver" in sentences.  When "enslavism" or "enslaver" or "enslavist" are used, they should be regularly used at the time when words such as "liberal" or "communism" or "statism" are used, tying the two different sets together.  Often, the using of "enslavism" or "enslaver" or "enslavist" will be done in asides or during side comments, at least till "enslavism" and "enslavist" and "enslaver" become regularly used in society and replace what words have been more regularly used and are being put into disuse.  When "enslavism" or "enslaver" or "enslavist" are used, they should always be linked with a fact or truth that relates to the philosophies to which they define, such as an "enslavist" pushes for a society in which free speech--speaking out against politicians--is highly restricted, as is the way in China.  Most surely, people who use the words "enslavism" or "enslaver" or "enslaver" have to push the themes of totalitarianism and tyranny in a direct manner or indirect manner at the same time, and the people must work to tie totalitarianism and tyranny and slavery of minds and bodies together.  Now here are a number of examples of how "enslavism" and "enslavist" and "enslaver" can be slipped into the conversation:

    "...You must remember Barack Obama is a 'liberal' or, in truth, someone who pushes for enslavism--which means an oppressive federal government or an all-powerful federal government...."

    "...'Liberals' are nothing more than 'enslavists'--people who push for stricter free-speech laws.  That is why they dislike the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling of 2010, which blocked the federal government from banning some books and DVDs...."

    "...Communism, socialism, Sharia, and liberalism are all forms of 'enslavism'...."

    "...Barack Obama is an enslavist, since he corrupted the bankruptcy laws and took ownership of two auto companies--at least partially.  Remember: Barack Obama passed on some ownership in two auto companies to foreigners.  Now, there is a precedent that Barack Obama can have the government take over other types of companies.  That is enslavism...."

    "...An enslavist is a politician who believes the federal government actually owns everything in the country, and Barack Obama has shown that he is an enslavist, an example of which is when he says that the federal government cannot afford to tax cuts or tax breaks...."

    "...The 'liberal' view on this topic--or the 'enslavist's' view on this--is that we should raise taxes on the rich even more...."

    "...So the Democrats in Congress are proposing more taxes again, and that is not surprising since they promote big government and enslavism...."

    "...Unlike those who practice "enslavism," such as the hierarchy of the Democratic Party, people who are known as 'conservatives' support "The Bill of Rights" of The United States Constitution, and that means, for one, they support being able to own guns.  In communist countries, like Cuba, the citizens cannot fight back against the the dictators who run the country since they have no way to fight back.  Good evidence that Barack Obama is an enslavist is he has ties to the gun-running scheme known as 'Fast and Furious,' which smart people know was an attempt to get American to push for stricter gun laws in the country.  It was a sham that got dozens of people killed...."

    "...Remember: 'Liberalism' has nothing to do with allowing you to live your life the way you want without government intervention.  'Liberalism' is government control, like that in China.  'Liberalism' is 'enslavism'...":

    "...Here's a good example of 'enslavism.'  The mayor of New York City ruled that restaurants could not serve drinks that are bigger than 16 ounces.  Where does a mayor get the authority to set such a limit?  That is the mark of an enslavist!  That's an enslavist!...."

    "...An enslavist is a person who purposely works to make people hate business people and doctors, which Barack Obama has done and does, so that the federal government will make more laws and regulations and enslave more people to government rules...."

    "...Yesterday, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan--who is a Democrat and, in turn, an enslavist--was interviewed and was speaking out again about the 'Fairness Doctrine.'  In the past, Senator Stabenow has shown here disdain for 'free speech' in this country...."

    "...'Conservatism' is anti-'enslavism.'...."

    "...Enslavism is where a government controls the student-loan program, and that's we have because of the Democrats.  In the future, the government could determine who gets to take what classes and who gets want loans by examining if a field of study is already flooded or not...."

    "...What people who are new to this country don't understand is--a politician who is a 'progressive' is nothing more than a 'liberal" or an 'enslavist,' who supports 'enslavism,' as 'communists' do...."

    "...'Liberalism' is just another name for 'enslavism.'  People who support 'enslavism' use the word 'liberalism' to disguise what they really believe in.  'Liberalism' sounds nice, but 'liberalism' is not nice--it is, in truth, 'enslavism.'...."

    "...Obama is a good example of a hard-line enslavist--through what he says, he works to stir hatred in people and make people hate the so-called rich and get government to punish the so-called rich by raising taxes.  An enslavist promotes jealousy and hatred of other Americans...."

    "...'Enslavism' is where a government is not restricted in how much it can spend.  In December 2012, Barack Obama proposed that the debt-limit rule be thrown away, which would get away an upper limit on how much the government can spend.  Remember: You are behold to pay off what Barack Obama spends.  That is enslavism...."

    "...Let me mention some about 'federalism.'  By the way, the 'Democratic Party' does not mean 'democracy'; it means 'enslavism,' since the 'Democratic Party' believes in 'liberalism,' which is nothing more than a form of 'enslavism,' as 'communism' is, in which the federal government controls the daily lives of citizens.  Yes, the federal government was established by the states--the people--and not the other way around...."

    "...Here, I'll take a moment to remind people who are new to the country that, in this country, the 'Democratic Party' is actually a political party that pushes for 'enslavism.'  In essence, it is like a 'communist party' that you can find in communist countries, like China.   And 'communism' is not good, except for rulers...."

    "...Communism and socialism are nothing more than forms of enslavism, and, in fact, socialism is nothing more than somewhat hindered communism, and communism is bad because, as it is in China, determines where and when people can travel...."

    "...Today, some forty-seven-million persons in the U.S. are getting Food Stamps, and that is a sign of enslavism.  Forty-seven-million are beholden to the federal government and are slaves to the federal government.  The number has gone up steadily since Barack Obama became the U.S. President in 2009, and Barack Obama's not doing anything to reduce that number shows that Barack Obama is an enslavist...."

    "...Remember: It was the Democrats that pushed through 'Obamacare,' which will soon make the federal government the sole determiner of health care in the country, and that is bad since a good country should never be set up with the federal government as the sole determiner of heath care.  It is enslavism--people are enslaved to the government and must do what the government wants or not get care...."

    "...Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is 'Democrat,' which makes him a man who practices 'enslavism,' has yet to allow a true budget bill to be put to a vote in the U.S. Senate for this year, and, in fact, no real budget for the federal government has been enacted in over three years by the U.S. Senate because of him, and when there is no actual budget, how money is being spent is kept secret from the public, and that is bad...."

    "...An international treaty, if it gets ratify by the federal government, can make U.S. law subordinate--even The U.S. Constitution subordinate--to the treaty, and that's why the Barack Obama administration has been on board for an international treaty about small arms being put together at the United Nations.  Remember: Enslavists have to get guns out of the hands of the citizens so that they cannot be challenged...."

    That should be enough examples.

    I do note that, when a talk-show host gets a person who calls the self a "liberal," the talk-show host can push forth a comment similar with--"You do know 'liberalism' is 'enslavism,' don't you?"

    And I note that, when a talk-show host gets a person on the telephone who calles the self a 'liberal.' the talk-show host can say something like--"So, we have, Greg, a 'liberal' on the phone, listening on WABC-AM.  That means the caller supports the ways of 'enslavism.'  So, what is your comment today?...."  [Telephone callers who consider themselves "liberal" must be made to defend themselves and their beliefs (political ideologies) and must be challenged and put on edge and into flustered state.]

    Radio talk-show hosts usually use audio clips in their presentations, and often audio clips--when they feature enslavists, such as Barack Obama--should be tied to the idea of "enslavism."  Some radio talk-show hosts hold the belief that conservatives are doing too much "Obama bashing" and the bashing is getting tiring to the audience, but I do not subscribe to that view, since it is evident the American people as a whole really do not understand the nature of the man--which is bad--having not been taught properly about what the man is, even by some conservative talk-show hosts (such as those who dared not hint that he was a bad man and not a nice man).  I recommend radio talk-show hosts each day provide at least one audio cut of Barack Obama that shows up his defective nature and analyze the cut and explain what is wrong with the statement or statements made by Barack Obama, and in conjunction with the "SAFE" campaign, the explaining of who Barack Obama should be more effective.  No longer should Barack Obama be promoted in the slightest as "nice guy" or a likable guy!  In addition, radio talk-show hosts should not hint that any Democrats--especially big-name Democrats--are nice people (it is better to say nothing about what their nature might be than to set up false background information on which listeners can layer on other information).

    It must be shown that enslavists or enslavers are people who promote lies and regularly lie, creating a world and society of lies and misinformation, and audio clips should be played to show off lies, and, in fact, anytime a clip, such as of Barack Obama (who is a perpetual liar), is played that shows off a lie or misinformation, it must be stressed that lying is the way of the enslaver or the enslavist (not just say that that is the way of the "liberal").

    If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, the enslavists will continue to be defined in incorrect and vague terms, because the terms tied to the types of government promoted by enslavists, especially "liberal" and "liberalism," will never stir up bad feelings in the minds of people, and enslavists will not be seen as promoting bad forms of government--they will be seen as continually working for "progressive" ideas or better policies and working to let people live their lives as they want, which is free from the restrictions that big-business types would impose on them by being the runners of government--"unfairness" and poverty or whatever is dreamed up in their minds.  If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, the enslavists will be able to continue to promote the idea that their push for "social justice" and pay equality is righteous and good, since they will be seen a good and righteous and "compassionate."  If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, the enslavists will never be seen as people who enslave minds and bodies.  If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, the enslavists will continue to slide along barely affected by things that the "conservatives" say about them, which will sound like the same old rhetoric and accusations, maybe considered unfounded and unsubstantiated in the minds of listeners, some of whom are those who would, with the right persuasion, come to see what enslavists really are.  If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, Barack Obama--who is a hard-line enslavist--will continue to be seen as a "good man" or, what is worse, as a good father, especially to people who have grown up in homes with no fathers or bad fathers.  If the "Save Americans from Enslavism" campaign is not adopted, Barack Obama could become more defined as a "messiah" in the minds of people around the world and act more like the King of the World, if not become King of the World, anointed as such by all the ignorant and evil people leading corrupt and defective societies around the world.

    A false image of what the "Democrats" in the United States of America are has to be destroyed to save Americans from enslavism, and the goal is to make as many Americans as possible "SAFE" from tyranny and, ultimately, make as many people as possible in the world "SAFE" from tyranny!


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    Note: This document was first posted on the Internet on January 19, 2020 (though the document had been created in December 11, 2012, when it was not created to be put on the Internet), and this document is only slightly adjusted from the 2012 version..
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    and Quotations of Barack Obama, which
    can be reached by using this link: Quotes.
For further reading, you should see the
    document entitled Madness in a President
    and Other Matters of a Defective Mind,
    which can be reached by using this link:
For further reading, you should see my
    document entitled Nonsense Statements
    and Quotations of Barack Obama, which
    can  be reached by using this link: Quotes.
For further reading, you should see my
    document entitled The "Benghazi Killings
    Scandal": A Short Information-and-Status
    Report, which can be reached by using
    this link: Benghazi.
For further reading, you should see the
    document entitled Never Forget These
    Media "Darlings" ?: A Guide for the
    Individual in the United States of
    America, which can be reached by
    using this link: Media.
For further reading, you should see the
    document entitled Lessons for Children
    about Politics and Dangerous People,
    which can be reached by using this
    link: Children.
For further reading, you should see the
    document entitled Conservatism for
    Children and What Conservatism Means,
    which can be reached by using this link:
For further reading, you should see the
    document entitled World Tyranny:
    Warnings about  the Insane Who are
    Trying to Create a Communist World
    Country, which can be reached by
    using this link: World.

Note: Many other documents exist at the
Web site for The Hologlobe Press that will
give you information about the bad that Barack
Obama and his associates are doing to the
United States of America, such as the Michigan
Travel Tips documents and the T.H.A.T.
documents that have been published since
the fall of 2008.

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