The Enslavists Attack Hard the United States of America
and The United States Constitution, and
They Push More Enslavism on the Country by
Indicting Donald J. Trump on
March 30, 2023


Victor Edward Swanson,

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The United States of America

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April 5, 2023
(Version 2)
(Draft version)

    When the communists took power in Russia in the early 1900s, which resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union, the communists killed people.  When the Nazis--guided by Adolph Hitler--wanted to take over Germany and make it a socialistic nation with a dictator in the 1930s, people were killed [Note: One event was the "Night of the Long Knives."].  When the communists took power in China and Cuba the 1950s and 1960s, the communists, such as Mao of China killed people--millions of people.  Killing is the way of communists and socialists, and it is the way of people with the same mind sets as communists and socialists but use other names to identify themselves, such as progressives and liberals.  That is the way of life for enslavists!
    Today, it is hard for communists and socialists and progressives and liberals to simply go out and kill people in the United States of America, especially high-profile people, so that they can get power, but killing can take place.  Since outright killing is not possible in an easy way because the citizens hold countless numbers of guns, the communists and socialists and progressives and liberals must use other tactics to win, and one of those tactics--or the main tactic--involves using the laws of the country, some of which are corrupt and they had purposely put into place to use in future times.  In addition, they have to lie and lie and lie and lie about what is taking place when they are going things, and they have to push lies about what their enemies--non-communists and the like--are so that the American public can be sold on the idea that the so-called enemies should be seen as enemies by the American public.
    Over the last several years--at least six years--all the Democrats (who are communists and socialists and the like) have used extraordinary measures and tactics to destroyed their enemies, such as one of their biggest--Donald J. Trump.  During the period, I have written several documents and put them on the Internet that show the corrupt events that all the Democrats have used to destroy Donald J. Trump, and my documents show up the lies from the Democrats about Donald J. Trump and the baseless attacks against Donald J. Trump.  Four of the prominent documents that I have on the Internet are The Impeachment of U.S. President Donald J. Trump by the Democrats in the United States of America -- Why? (which can be reached through this impeach.htm.. link), The Defective National Television Spectacular of June 2022 from the Select Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to Investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol (which can be reached through this tvspect.htm link), A Review of What Television Controlled by Socialists and Communists Worked to Sell as Truth in Relation to the U.S. Donald J. Trump Impeachment (which can be reached through this impeach.htm link), and The Final Report from the Select Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol (Another Defective Television Spectacular) (which can be reached through this specttv2 link).  The documents show Donald J. Trump did nothing criminal or illegal while he was or was not the U.S. president, and the documents show the Democrats pushed out lies and nothing to show wrongdoing by Donald J. Trump, but some of the American people bought the lies and the images presented by the Democrats, being stupid and rotten.  My documents prove the Democrats proved nothing!
    By the way, the Democrats--officially the F.B.I. controlled by the Democrats--conducted a raid on the Mar-a-Lago home of Donald J. Trump in Florida to get so-called illegally held documents, and it was nothing but a show to discredit Donald J. Trump and work to tarnish the image of Donald J. Trump, and, once again, smart and honorable people understood the event was baseless [and, later, the people learned how Joseph Biden had much more in the way of such documents in his possession].
    On March 30, 2023, the people of the Democrat Party took another action that was like what the communists and such did in Russia and China and Germany in the last century--without doing any outright killing--and I say that they would have done outright killing if the country were controlled militarily by them or was their police state.  On that day, a grand jury--not a federal entity--in Manhattan, New York, indicted Donald J. Trump on charges of some type (some 34 counts [leaked information from the sealed indictment]), and the charges seemed on the surface to be related to Donald J. Trump's having paid so-called hush money to Stormy Daniels (a.k.a. Stephanie Daniels) in 2016.  The event had nothing to do with anything that was truly criminal; for example, the money that was paid, which was done by a person called Michael Cohen (an associate of Donald J. Trump's), was related to a "non-disclosure agreement," a type of thing that many people use, even Democrats.
    In essence, over the past several years, the Democrats have been using the federal government and the state governments and local governments to attack those who are not in support of their ways of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism, and, for example, they have conducted raids on associates of Donald J. Trump's and have made the events media-wide events, such as the over-the-top event covered early in the morning at the home of Roger Stone on Friday, January 25, 2019, by CNN (which had to have been informed by the raiders ahead of time to be present so that they could take video images and such that could be used to try to sell the idea to the American public that the person was a high-ranking criminal, which, it would be proven, he was not).
    It must be kept in mind, when the so-called money was paid out to "Stormy," Donald J. Trump was not the U.S. president, so it was not as if Donald J. Trump had done something wrong while he was the U.S. president.
    Good and smart and honorable persons knew--through the indictment-event news reports--that clearly the Democrats would use such tactics as used on Donald J. Trump on anyone in the country, like those who had been enemies of the communists and socialists and like people in Russia and China and Cuba in the 1900s.
    In the meantime, Joseph Biden as the U.S. president and all the other Democrats in political office were keeping the border between Mexico and the United States of America open, were working to increase inflation by proposing even more spending by government, were lying about the start of COVID-19 (the start of which had been helped along by entities of the federal government), were pushing the destruction of the energy industry in the country through corrupt laws and insane laws, and were doing more that was rotten, and the main media--mostly made up of communists and socialists and the like--were keeping quiet about all the corrupt activities of the Joseph Biden family that were evident (in at least some news reports) and the rottenness of the laws and rules being enacted by the Democrats for the country.
    Now, it looks as if any small-time district attorney or small-time grand jury entity can feel emboldened to charge a U.S. president or former U.S. president for any reason (even highly baseless and fake) and at will, especially if the U.S. president is not a communist or socialist or progressive or liberal--not being an enslavist--and that has never been something that people in the past were ever really willing to set in place, since it could affect both political parties and cripple any U.S. president in office, who could be besieged with endless piss-ass lawsuits and such while in office.
    Hold it!  It must be remembered the Democrats acquired tax returns of Donald J;. Trump, and the information was made publicly available, and that was never been done before.  Although the Democrats had suggested loudly and often that Donald J. Trump was a tax cheat, nothing rotten was found in the documents that the Democrats could use to indict Donald J. Trump in any way.
    It was on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in the afternoon that the arraignment event tied to the indictment document for Donald J. Trump officially took place, and television networks covered the event, mostly showing the area outside of the courtroom that was used to arraign Donald J. Trump, which was on the 15th floor of the courthouse building in New York City, New York.  The broadcast event lasted at little over two hours.  Some hours later, smart and honorable people in the media, which was a small group, reported that the indictment document was 16-pages long, and it was reported that nowhere in the document was it stated what the crime was and what Donald J. Trump was charged with having done bad [Note: Good and smart persons are aware that an indictment document must state what the charge is or the charges are so that the accused can answer the charge or charges.].  After the arraignment took place, the Alvin Bragg (a Democrat)--the New York County District Attorney--held a press conference, and he was asked what the crime or crimes officially were, since the indictment document gave people no idea what the crime was or the crimes were, and Alvin Bragg could not provide a clear answer.
    The members who make up the Democratic Party or support the Democratic Party are clearly enemies of the United States of America under the ways of The United States Constitution, and they should be called what they are--enslavists.

Addendum #1:
    On the evening of March 30, 2023, I went on the Internet, immediately being exposed to the main page of Yahoo!, and I was given an option to see a video tied to Democrats responding to the indictment, particularly U.S. Representative Adam Schiff responding to the indictment, and the video offered up more crap and lies, and the video was called "'It's a sober moment for the country': Rep. Adam Schiff on Trump indictment", and the material was a part of ABC News Live Prime, and the segment was hosted by Linsey Davis.  Incidentally, upon seeing Adam Schiff, I had to see the video presentation because I was aware Adam Schiff was a perpetual liar and had been involved in pushing out lies in, for example, the impeachments of Donald J. Trump.  Right away, the video presented a statement from the press secretary of the Democratic National Committee--Ammar Moussa--and the text was--"No matter what happens in Trump's upcoming legal proceedings, it's obvious the Republican Party remains firmly in the hold of Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans.  We will continue to hold Trump and all Republican candidates accountable for the extreme MAGA agenda that includes banning abortion, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and undermining free and fair elections."  That was a load of lies and crap!  Smart and honorable persons are well aware the Republicans are not working to cut Medicare and Social Security, especially since, for example, relatives of such persons receive Medicare and Social Security, and smart and honorable persons are aware that Republicans are not working to undermine "free and fair elections," but Republicans are working to, for example, keep voter ID (with image) in use so that a person proves to election official who the person is and are working to get rid of the status in which a person is registered to vote to two voting districts or states at the same time.  Adam Schiff pushed out crap in the interview, such as by pushing out the idea that the indictment is an "affirmation of the rule of law," though it was not, especially given the charges were a bastardization of law and given other entities, such as federal entities, did not take up any prosecution efforts, aware there was nothing to sell in a case in court.  A good and smart person had to wonder how some 34 counts could have been found (just now, in essence), since up to the point, covering a number of years, no one else had been able to come up with any substantial on Donald J. Trump that could prove Donald J. Trump was a criminal.

Addendum #2:
    Given how stupid the majority of the people in the United States of America are, I have to pass along this section.  The attack on Donald J. Trump in relation to the indictment has to do with Donald J. Trump's paying out money to Stormy Daniels, but that action--paying something tied to a non-disclosure agreement (which Democrats have labeled as "hush money," since the term hints at something illegal) is not illegal, so right there a person can see the basis for the indictment is junk.  But the attack on Donald J. Trump--and it is an attack or more officially a harassment action--does accomplish something.  Using taxpayer money, which gets wasted, Democrats are working to tarnish the image of Donald J. Trump--make people believe he is guilty of something.  The Democrats might lose the case in court, but they have yet tarnished the image no matter the outcome, because, for instance, if Donald J. Trump does not get jail time or prison time, they can push the idea that Donald J. Trump got off or got free from jail because of some flunk.  In addition, using taxpayer money, which gets wasted, Democrats in government are forcing Donald J. Trump to waste part of his lifetime on frivolous things--to be present for hearings and court dates and to be present at meetings with his lawyers.  It is wasted time!  And Donald J. Trump must waste money on payments tied to court filings and payments to lawyers.  If Donald J. Trump were not so-called rich, the action by the government could be truly detrimental.  But governments tied to the Democratic Party in control have in the past worked to, in essence, bankrupt people by taking them to court and forcing them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on making a defense against bogus or corrupt charges [Note: It has happened recently to associates tied to Donald J. Trump.].  And that is what evil can come out of the minds of Democrats when they control governments--any governments.


    Note: This document was originally posted on the Internet on March 31, 2023.
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