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- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 98 - - -

    To "enslavists," such as Dolores Huerta (a "Marxist"), who on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, received a "Medal of Freedom" award from Barack Obama, "democracy" is equated with everybody having the same monetary value or the same amount of money, or it means that democracy is achieved when everyone has the same amount of money, such as equal pay or the same pay, no matter what they do and what experience that they have or what skill level they have (for example, a doctor has a higher skill level than a janitor has).  So did your favorite television newscast report on Dolores Huerta--who is anti-The United States Constitution and who does not promote "freedom" for the individual and does promote a highly centralized federal government (such as a dictatorial government)?  I bet your favorite television newscast did not cover what I just did.

    Now, I get into the meat of this edition of T.H.A.T..

    I begin by talking about "The Facts of Life" in this day and age--"The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," which is being pushed  on the Americans by communists and "communist ants," such as many teachers in the country ("communist ants" are people who are not the big leaders (the "enslavists") but are the followers and pushers of "enslavism" and the supporters of the "enslavists," who believe a few persons should control, in essence, everything in the country so that it can all come together and work properly as they see it in their minds).  Barack Obama is an "enslavist," a person whose self-preservation level is so distorted and whose view of the world is so distorted that, to keep himself from being, for example, a plumber or auto worker or whatever, will hurt others--even millions of others.  Yes, it is clear that Barack Obama is an "enslavist," given what Barack Obama has done over his life and has done as the U.S. President.  Barack Obama is a bad man and a man who should be blocked from having his way of life, as an active "enslavist" in the form of a politician.  That is a "fact of life."  So, while on the subject of "The Facts of Life," I also have to mention The Facts of Life, which was a sitcom that ran on NBC-TV (which today is clearly a supporter of Barack Obama and the ways of enslavism) from the 1979-1980 season through the 1987-1988 season.  When the series was on the air, George Clooney got one of his earliest acting rolls on the series.  Little did a person watching George Clooney in the days of The Facts of Life know that George Clooney would develop into a man who supports enslavism in a big way.  For example, on Thursday, May 10, 2012, George Clooney--who gets millions and millions of dollars for every movie that he makes as an actor today and who is one of those "millionaires" of the country--hosted a fund-raiser event with Barack Obama for Barack Obama.  In essence, George Clooney supports a man who likes to hurt people, and that means George Clooney is a man who likes to have a government that can hurt people and push people around and control them, or George Clooney is a man who supports having the United States of America turned into an "ant society," in which a few ants (people who see themselves as "elites," as Barack Obama does) can control the others, and, really, those few may say that they are working to create some type of "utopia," but they are really only working to keep themselves safe from the "masses" (a word that communists regularly use).  "The Facts of Life" is George Clooney gets to have and earn millions of dollars while working to hurt you by putting you under the power--as a slave--of Barack Obama.  I do believe you should avoid and not spend any money on any film and television show that George Clooney has ties to, or you are actually paying to have your on life destroyed.

    Special commentary: I have to jump in here with a special commentary segment, which is really a teaching segment.  On Sunday, May 27, 2012, I sort of watched the program called National Memorial Day Concert on PBS, not eager to watch it because of at least one person who was going to be on the program is a bad man; I watched the program on, in essence, WCMU-TV, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  The program started at 8:00 p.m., and in the opening credits, I saw that some supporters of a communist--Barack Obama--were going to be taking part, such as Ellen Burstyn and Natalie Cole.  I half listened to the program (and I heard Selma Blair over do a segment).  Then at one point, one of the hosts of the show--Gary Sinese--said these words: "I have the honor and privilege to introduce to you a soldier who served two tours in Vietnam, where he was wounded and received a Purple Heart.  He rose to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, and is a true American statesman.  Ladies and gentlemen, General Colin Powell."  Yes, General Colin Powell--a supporter of "enslavism" and "enslavists" (such as Barack Obama)--was on the edition of National Memorial Day Concert for 2012.  I say that Colin Powell used the program to promote himself as some "great American" so that he can use what clout he gets by being on the program to continue to promote communism for the country and promote Barack Obama, a man who, for example, would sell out the country and your freedom through international treaties (as you can see by looking at my document entitled Mark R. Levin Interviews Dick Morris: The Topic is International Treaties and the Evil Work of Barack Obama, which can be reached by using this link: Treaties), or Colin Powell used the program to continue to prop up a false image of what he is before the American people. Colin Powell is a bad man and is no "American statesman," which I show in several documents of mine on the Internet that note what Colin Powell really is, and children must understand what he is, and I teach what he is here.  It is too bad dead men and women who served this country as soldiers get tied to Colin Powell.  It bothers me that supporters of communists and communism get to showcase themselves on National Memorial Day Concert-type shows and make it seem they are good people and supporters of the country.

    In the opening section of my document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama, the first version of which was put on the Internet in 2009, I mention David Letterman.  David Letterman is the host of The Late Show with David Letterman, which is shown on weekdays in the late evening by CBS-TV.  Since 2009, David Letterman has remained an idiot, as I show here, by presenting some thoughts that David Letterman passed along to the viewing audience, the studio audience, and Brian Williams on the show for Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Here is one portion of the interview between David Letterman and Brian Williams:
    David Letterman: "...The day after the 9/11 attacks, the number one priority in America, if not the world, was we gotta be Bin Laden--we gotta get Bin Laden.  So, ah, eight years go by, we still haven't got Bin Laden.  Ah, George W. Bush at one point said--Well, he really doesn't think too much about Bin Laden.  In the interim, we invaded Afghanistan, then in, invaded Iraq, because, ah, Cheney, wanted to help out his buddies at Brown & Root and, dah, Haliburton...."
    Brian Williams: "You're getting a little sideways, Dave."
    David Letterman: "Okay.  And, and grab up, grab up all the oil."
    Brian Williams: "Yeah."
    David Letterman: "I, I think that they went soft on the project, 'cause they were worried about upsetting their Saudi Arabian royalty buddies.  So, they...."
    [Brian Williams made a little comment (which I leave out), while the audience chuckled.]
    David Letterman: "...so now, ah, Osama Bin Laden, ah, finally is gunned down by Barack Obama--displaying great courage and great intelligence.  What more do you want to lead your country than that kind of courage and that kind of intelligence?...."
    The material passed along by David Letterman is nonsense and lies and historically inaccurate--it is crap.  First, the theme about Brown & Root and Haliburton is a lie and is misinformation at the very least.  Second, Barack Obama used no great courage and intelligence to get Bin Laden killed, given, for example, many persons of the intelligence community--the number of which I will never know--did the actual work to find Bin Laden, using their intelligence.  Third, what I want for a U.S. President is a man or woman who is not a communist and is not pro-Sharia and is not a racist and is not an economic defective.
    David Letterman teaches crap, and I say that, because David Letterman purposely teaches crap, especially to young persons, David Letterman should be charged with crimes against humanity, since, for one, communists are killers, and history proves that my statement that communists are killers is true, and David Letterman supports such defectiveness, and, in essence, logic shows that since David Letterman supports an evil communist--Barack Obama--David Letterman is a communist and evil man.
    That is lesson about life and evil men!

    On Thursday, May 31, 2012, some television entities--but probably not your favorite newscaster, unless it is a New York television station newscast--showed clips of a true "enslavist" in the country.  The enslavist is the mayor of New York--Michael Bloomberg, and one thing that Michael Bloomberg said on the day that showed that he is an enslavist is--"...You can still buy large bottles in stores, but in a restaurant, sixteen ounces is the maximum that they would be able to serve in one cup.  If you want to order two cups at the same time, that's fine.  It's your choice.  We're not taking away anybody's right to do things...."  What the subject is is the size of soft drinks that can be served at restaurants in New York City, New York, and the subject you should have is mind is--From where does a mayor get the power to tell restaurants what size soft drinks that they can serve?  You have a man who has gone beyond commonsense, a man who is acting like a dictator, and a man who is an enslavist, and his statement is even illogical--he tells people what they are not going to be able to do, but he says that it is still "your choice."  You have a defective man in Michael Bloomberg, and it is no wonder New York City and New York (the state) are losing people.

    By the way, Michael Bloomberg is actually showing off what the heart of the Democratic Party is in the United States of America (though he may not call himself a Democrat today and may call himself a Republican or an Independent or something-or-other).

    On Thursday, May 31, 2012, Charlie Rose once again showed that he is a supporter of "enslavism" and the proponents of "enslavism," such as those who are anti-The United States of America and consider themselves communists.  On May 31, 2012, one of the guests on Charlie Rose was John Heilemann, who is a writer for New York Magazine.  At one point, Charlie Rose asked John Heilemann what was at the heart of why Republicans want to defeat Barack Obama, and John Heilemann said: "...A part of the Republican Party--the conservative or conservative aspect of it--that have hated the President with a really raw intensity since the day he walked into office.  Certainly, the birther thing seems to be at least to me partly driven by racial animus.  This notion of Obama as a socialist, that he is Chicago-school Saul Alinsky--there's all these associations that a lot of the Right have with various kinds of left-wing boogies.  You know, that, if you look at the way the President's governed--in my opinion, you know--he's clearly been left of center but not socialist by any means...."  In this segment, Charlie Rose and John Heilemann were teaching the audience propaganda and were lying about what Barack Obama is (and what Barack Obama is is easy to learn by seeing my many documents on the Internet).  Charlie Rose and John Heilemann are bad men and dangerous men--to a good person, a good individual, who wishes not to be a slave to a government.

    And then Charlie Rose was involved in showing off another defective man on Thursday, June 7, 2012.  On weekday mornings, CBS-TV airs CBS Morning News, and on June 7, 2012, one of the guests was Jeb Bush (a part of the U.S. President George H.W. Bush and U.S. President George W. Bush family).  By the way, in the middle of 2008, I was saying to myself, as I had earlier, that what the country does not need is a U.S. President George H.W. Bush, a U.S. President Bill Clinton, a U.S. President George W. Bush, and a U.S. President Hillary Clinton, which would mean the country would, in essence, have two families in control the U.S. Presidency, and given there were 300,000,000 persons in the country, there were many other qualified persons in the country who could and should be the U.S. Presidency instead, and what the country will never need is something like a government run by two families that could be like monarchs.  The Clintons are communists or followers of communism, and George H. Bush caused the federal government to spend too much during this days as the U.S. President, and on June 7, 2012, Jeb Bush (a so-called Republican) said: "...I think Arne Duncan has done a good job, and he's clearly has the unmitigated support of the President.  I don't have to play the game of being a hundred-thousand percent against President Obama...."  Arne Duncan is at least a socialist, and yet Jeb Bush praised him, and Barack Obama is an enslavist with a corrupt and defective mind, and yet Jeb Bush put down people who are totally against Barack Obama--using an implied thought--making it seem Jeb Bush sees at least some good in Barack Obama and Jeb Bush does not want to attack Barack Obama, which is a gutless move and a bad move for the country.

         Advertisement: In March 2009, a book called Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, which had been written by Mark R. Levin, was published.  Through the book, Mark R. Levin talks about how tyranny has been creeping into the country, and he also talks about how the country has been changing from a representative republic, which has a constitution as a basis, to something, yet to be defined, and although Mark R. Levin says that it is the statist who is causing the change, especially those who are a part of the Democratic Party and in government jobs, I say that it is communists, socialists, would-be dictators, and Marxists, such as Barack Obama, who are making the changes, such as by discarding The U.S. Constitution.  I urge you to see and read Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, and pass it on to others, especially teenagers and young adults (and consider listening to The Mark Levin Show, the nationally syndicated radio show, on a regular basis).

    Local television newscasts are, in essence, useless productions, and the newscasts of the major broadcast networks and many cable networks are not only useless but also highly aimed at providing propaganda, and the newscasts are very unlikely to pass along reports about how bad the United Nations is and what the United Nations is trying to do to take control of the people of the United States of America.  Countries make treaties, as countries have for decades or centuries, and the United States of America has made treaties and has been apart of treaties tied directly to the United Nations, which, it must be remembered, is an entity now controlled by socialists and communists and other defected leaders based in other countries, and in the late 1960s, a treaty was signed that, in essence, made it possible that international treaties supersede laws of the United States of America in the United States of America.  In late 2009, a treaty was almost set up in relation to manmade climate change, which would have made United States of America obligated to make payments to the Third World countries through the United Nations for having been--it was alleged or was being promoted as true--a big contributor to changing the climate of the world and, in turn, hurting Third World countries, but the treaty died because a few weeks before the "Climate-gate" scandal had become public knowledge, which showed the manmade-global-warming idea was based on false information and was faked by bad people, some of whom were bad scientists based in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom.  The Barack Obama administration seems to well understand that one way in which to enslave the people of the United States of America is to have the people tied to laws and rules in international treaties, which can make, for example, The United States Constitution subordinate to international treaties (which, you should expect, were designed to make it possible for other countries to impose their defective ways of life and laws on the United States of America and control the United States of America).  Recently, I became aware that a man named Dick Morris has a book out entitled SCREWED! How Foreign Countries are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy--and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It (the writing of which is attributed to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann), and some of the book notes that people are trying to push through such treaties as the "Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"  (or "Law of Sea Treaty"), and through a radio interview distributed nationally, I recently heard Dick Morris talk about some of the proposed treaties or themes for treaties that could be detrimental to you.  Others--non-television newscasts--are reporting about the Barack Obama/United Nations treaty themes; for example, a little while ago, I was given a recently issued letter from The American Conservative Union, and besides working to raise money, the letter presented some information that a person should be aware of, and here is some text contained with the letter: "...He's [Barack Obama's] vowed to support ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child that gives our children rights that trump parental authority.  Rights like: freedom to go to church, freedom to get birth control without a parent's approval, freedom to have an abortion.  He's given the United Nations over $6 billion of your tax dollars in 2009 alone and another $175 million that the Bush administration refused to pay because of the U.N.'s rampant fraud, abuse and faulty assessments...."  If you have not heard at least my little bit of information about potential treaties and themes for treaties from your favorite television newscast, you can see how useless or even evil the people working for your favorite television newscast could be.

    Announcement for the novice again: To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel, WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (to learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the Fox News Channel and those mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.

    So have you seen any pleasant television series lately, as I have?  On Antenna TV, I have been watching episodes of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, which ran on CBS-TV from about the fall of 1950 to the fall of 1958; the show had, in essence, jumped over to television from radio, which was not uncommon in the late 1940s and 1950s for radio series to do.  The episodes that I have seen recently were from the mid-1950s.  On a whim, I went looking for an episode of the first season of the series (on Saturday, May 12, 2012), and I found it on YouTube, and I watched it.  It was listed as "'The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show' The Kleebob Card Game."  The show introduced the main players, such as George Burns (as himself), Gracie Allen (as herself ), and Bill Goodwin (as himself, the announcer).  The show, which was sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk, did not have any actor credits, but I know Hal March (played Harry Morton), and Bea Benaderet (played Blanche Morton).  I must jump in here with an aside.  I do not know how Bea Benaderet spelled her name at the time the episode was shot (the version that I saw was a "kinescope" version).  During the run of the series, she was listed (on the credits of episodes) as "Bee Benadaret" and "Bea Benadaret" and "Bea Benaderet" (at least, based on episodes that I have seen).  Oh, well!  While watching the first episode, I was surprised to see the actor who played the book seller.  That actor was the actor that I know as "Henry Jones," and, here, he played Charles Jones (or Charley Jones).  If you see the episode, you will now know what actor played the book seller.  Incidentally, the musical group that appeared on the episode was called The Skylarks (and I did a little research on the group, and The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation (Web site) had a piece (written by Jay Warner) called "The Skylarks," which gave me some information about the group, such as the founding date (1942), the original name of the group (The Velvetones), the reformation time (which was after the World War II in the Detroit area), the second name of the group (The Blue Moods), and the year the name of the group became The Skylarks (1947).

    Since I published the previous edition of T.H.A.T., a lot of really bad reality series have shown up on prime-time television on the broadcast networks.  On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, a reality series--or really pseudo-reality series--began to run weekly on The CW network, and it is about people working at a hotel in Miami, Florida, and the people, for the most part, came off as airheads and kids (non-grownups).  On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, CBS-TV pushed out the first episode of Dogs in the City, which focuses on a guy helping people with their dogs, and it is another reality--really, pseudo-reality--series.  On Thursday, May 31, 2012, The CW network ran the first episode of a weekly series called Breaking Pointe, which focused on a ballet company in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it was another one of those "staged" reality series--or pseudo-reality series.  On Sunday, June 3, 2012, ABC-TV launched the second season of Secret Millionaire, which is bad in that, in essence, it is designed to make viewers who have done things in life, such as gain good jobs, feel bad for the so-called down-trodden, most of whom got that way because of themselves and because they followed communistic leaders, such as black radicals, from which the people thought they would get something for free, and also on the same day, ABC-TV kicked out the first episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, another one of those supposed do-gooder series, in which caring-types work to help those who are overweight. Love in the Wild, another phony dating show, which happens to have the so-called "pretty" people, began to run weekly on NBC-TV on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.  On Thursday, June 7, 2012, Fox TV let escape Take Me Out--a dating show, supposedly--which was phony, and, for one, the gals came off as flakes, and Fox TV also on the same day stuck viewers with The Choice, another phony dating series with so-called celebrities.  Why the hell would any good person want to see almost all the people of these series on a weekly basis?  Such crap these series all are, and that is especially true for Secret Millionaire!

    By the way, NBC-TV began running the series called Saving Hope on Thursday, June 7, 2012, and NBC-TV is a big supporter of Barack Obama, and Barack Obama pushed "hope" around 2008, and now I wonder if the name Saving Hope has indirect ties to Barack Obama's nonsense theme of "hope and change" of the past (NBC-TV is hoping Barack Obama gets reelected).

.     A reminder (updated): Remember to tell your children and grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any president, which was a topic in T.H.A.T. #58, and remember to tell them to not blindly "believe" in leaders, and that is a lesson in this edition of T.H.A.T., as it was in the past and will be in the future.  By the way, remember, in the "Presidential Video," which is one topic of T.H.A.T. #58, one male says, "I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama."; one female says, "I pledge to be a servant to our president."  And make sure your children and grandchildren are not singing songs at school that praise Barack Obama, which has been done by children at some schools around the country since January 2009, since children should never sing songs that praise any politician, especially a megalomaniac and narcissist like Barack Obama.

    Oh, I see the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, is a supporter of communists (enslavists).  The Detroit Free Press reported on Saturday, May 12, 2012, that Ryan Murphy was going to host a dinner and fund-raiser event on June 6, 2012, at Ryan Murphy's house for Barack Hussein Obama, the communists and what is worse than a communist ("3. 'Glee' creator aids Obama."  Detroit Free Press, 12 May 2012, p. 2D.).  That information should be a good reason for you not to watch Glee--Ryan Murphy is stupid or evil and is working to make your life harder, pushing to have a communist reelected to the office of the U.S. President.  Such crap Hollywood people can be!

    On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, Michelle Obama was on Good Morning America, and I missed seeing her.  Yippy!  By the way, later in the day, Michelle Obama would show up on The View.  I would purposely miss that program, since Michelle Obama is a bad woman.  I tuned in to Good Morning America on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, when it was just about to end, and I just missed a performance by Regina Spektor.  Regina Spektor is a Russian-American who sings and plays the piano.  I wonder if Regina Spektor understands Michelle Obama is a communist, and I wonder if Regina Spektor actually dislikes Michelle Obama.  If Regina Spektor, who has ties to Russia in a way--the communist country--understands Michelle Obama is a bad person, then Regina Spektor is truly a great gal, going beyond her visual persona--that of a true and natural "erotic," something very rarely seen on American television.

    Did your favorite television newscast cover this event?  On Monday, June 4, 2012, Vice President Joseph Biden spoke before students at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida.  Look at one piece of nonsense that Joseph Biden said on that day: "...Imagine a world in which hunger is vanquished by crops that don't depend on the soil, water, or fertilizer, or pesticides to thrive.  They're just around the corner.  Imagine famine being a memory and with it the end of so much war and conflict the plagues so many parts of the world.  Imagine the day on the lightweight materials, cleaner fuels, advanced engine simultaneously make our air cleaner, allowing us to go equivalent of hundreds of miles to the gallon and maybe most importantly freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil and all that it entails for a nation...."  To say such words shows how much of a piece of crap Joseph Biden is; for example, no one can create a food like an apple from nothing--minerals and water to make up the thing are needed and always will be--and until dictators like the African tribal leaders and the communist politicians are wiped off the planet, hunger will never be vanquished (as is shown by the way the communist government of North Korea creates hunger).  Joseph Biden was selling a dream and foolishness to high schoolers, pushing the idea that, in essence, Barack Obama, could get this wonderful world for them in the near future.

    While on the topic of "Russian," let me pass along what I found on YouTube on May 29, 2012, and this segment can be called a "for-real-men segment."  I found or stumbled on an "erotic" named Aliya Kurbanova, who, often in still photographs, has a stern look in her face, which might be because she is in a country that is controlled by communists--Russia--and she is unhappy or not as happy as she should be (unhappiness is the way for many in communistic countries)  She is a bellydancer.  What I found is that Aliya Kurbanova, who has long black hair, is an excellent bellydancer and a bellydancer of the highest quality (at least in my rating book), and examples of her work on YouTube are "Aliya Bellydance DVD Promo 'Classic dance in silver,'" "Incredible Dancer Aliya Kurbanova," "Bellydance Aliya (shik-shak-shok)," and "Bellydance Aliya-kril'ya part 2."  I know not what is in her head--she may support a communist world--and if she does, it means she is a defective woman, but for now I pass along to guys that, if you get bored with the "liberal" skinny and ugly gals on television, who are commonplace, call up "Aliya Kurbanova" on YouTube.  She does good work, and it does look as if she has done a lot of practicing (though you will see she does not smile as much as she should).

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

Stay well!


    P.S. #1: The telephone number of the U.S. Congressional Switchboard is: 1-202-224-3121.  (Use it to fight against the creation of a national-health-care system, especially a system pushed through law by a defective thinker, a man who has created nothing, and a man whose history is mostly filled with tearing things down, a man who continually puts down the U.S.A.--Barack Obama.  By the way, one of the more recent events in which he put down the entire business community of the country took place on Wednesday May 13, 2009, and you should see the second entry for Wednesday, May 13, 2009, in the document entitled Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama).

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