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For the record, it was on Tuesday, September 30,
2014, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(or the CDC) of the federal government announced that
the United States of America had the first confirmed case of
ebola (a sometimes deadly virus) infection, and the person
with ebola was in Dallas, Texas [Jackson, Sherry, and The
Associated Press.  "Ebola case in Dallas confirmed by
CDC, first diagnosis in U.S."  dallasnews.com,
29 September 2014, 11:20 p.m. (updated 30
September 2014, 05:13 p.m.].  Meanwhile, children around the
country were being stricken by a bad
virus that was requiring careful medical care [Berman, Mark.
"Rare respiratory illness confirmed in 10 sates, expands
to New York and Alabama."  The Washington
Post, 15 September 2014; Martinez, Michael,
and John Newsome.  "Respiratory virus suspected
in Midwest children's hospitalizations."  CNN.com,
6 September 2014, 10:12 p.m. EDT; others].


On Thursday, October 2, 2014, Anderson Cooper had
a man named David Quammen as a guest on Anderson
Cooper 360 (a television program shown by the cable-
news-network called CNN).  During the program, David
Quammen pushed out the idea that the United States
of America should not block people from Liberia from
entering the United States of America (such as by jet), even
though Liberia was having trouble with an ebola epidemic,
because some people in the United States of America
had been involved in the slave trade in the 1800s.  It
showed of the rottenness of David Quammen, since
he made the statement, and it showed off the rottenness
of Anderson Cooper, who let the statement go
unchallenged.  [To learn more, you should see
my document entitled Michigan Travel Tips #40,
which can be reached through this Travel #40 link.]

- - - T.H.A.T., Edition No. 126 - - -

    Hey, guys and gals!  I have an idea for a television program.  The theme has a guy--maybe someone like me (an "anti-enslavist" and a supporter of "Tea Party" things and The United States Constitution)--working to expose a plot to infect the country with diseases and do more harm to the country purposely.  The plot involves a U.S. President--Barack Obama [I use real names]--whose administration inspired and promoted the idea of having sickly illegal aliens enter the country at the southern border and then having them distributed to all parts of the country.  Doctors and nurses who first see to the children in off-limits-to-the-press-and-public camps (such as military bases) are made to sign non-discloser documents and are threatened with jail time or worse actions--if they reveal all the sickness that is being imported.  In the plot, our hero finds a direct link to the Oval Office that the action of spreading the diseases is designed to hurt and kill Americans.  In addition, there is a side plot to send U.S. military personal to countries in Africa where "ebola" is spreading so that the U.S. military can be stricken with health problems and be weakened and reduced in effective numbers.  I have yet to figure out in my plot how I can link the idea that the U.S. President is supporting "ISIS", a group of terrorists who supports having Sharia (that rotten political system featuring that rotten, rotten idea of "Allah") as the guiding political way of the world.  Hum, the plot seems to be expanding.  I guess it is too much for a simple television movie (or made-for-TV movie).  I can see a big-deal "mini-series" (which I define as a television movie made up of at least two parts, each of which must be at least 90-minutes long).  A "mini-series" is not the same thing as a "short-flight series" or a "limited-run series."  Maybe, I should take the idea to NBC-TV, and pitch the idea.  Oops!  NBC-TV is a communist-supporting network, and even members of sports shows, such as Bob Costas and Tony Dungy, are in on the act.  Ah ha!  I should contact someone in Israel, and maybe they will take up the issue, and they might make my idea into a television movie to be shown in a lot of countries.  By the way, it is not as if I have not tried to communicate with the Israeli people--several years ago, I sent an email to the Israeli embassy, telling them to not trust Barack Hussein Obama, who is an "enslavist" (a rotten, rotten man). While I work things out about my proposed television program, you should read on, and see another edition of Television History and Trivia.

    I have reported or said in the past that the United States of America is in "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance," and one reason that the country is in "The Pseudo Information Age and the Age of Ignorance" is rotten people or stupid people are the rule in the media business--newspapers, magazines, television, et cetera.  Here, I am only going to focus on television, since the editions of T.H.A.T. are designed to talk about things related to television, most of which are bad in this day and age, and in this paragraph, I am only going to show up or talk about one man.  I make an aside here.  I say that a good family is a family in which parents earn a living to raise their kids and the parents instill as best as they can good moral rules, such as not to be thieves or perpetual liars and sponges on the government, et cetera.  By the way, I noted that two good parents--a man and a woman--are preferred over one parent so that children learn while growing up the interactions of an adult man and an adult woman and their good days and bad days, such as when ill, but sometimes a single-parent home involving a good parent is the best that can be done because, for instance, the other parent may have died, and I do not consider good parents two lesbians or two gays since such an arrangement, for one, does not give children the ability to better learn the nature of the opposite sex on a regular basis.  Within good families, there can be disagreements; for example, there can be tussles about which new car to buy and what color to paint a room, but in good families, basic fundamentals of life are not compromised and are maintained and agreed upon.  That is that.  Now, let us look at a man called Nolan Finley, who calls himself a "Republican."  Nolan Finley is a regular co-host on a television program (MiWeek) produced at and aired by WTVS-TV, Channel 56.1, on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (Detroit time).  The program is about politics, and Nolan Finley is represents the "Republicans."  One of the other main co-hosts--Stephen Henderson--is a hard-line black communist, and the moderator is at least a "socialist" (who is a temporarily restrained communist).  Also Nolan Finley is the head editorial writer for The Detroit News.  On Sunday, September 28, 2014, on the "Opinions" page of The Detroit News, readers saw another article writer by Nolan Finley, and I say that they saw more evidence that Nolan Finley is a stupid man.  The article was entitled "Trio seeks tea party tyranny" [Finley, Nolan.  "Trio seeks tea party tyranny." The Detroit News, 28 September 2014, p. 22A.].  To give a simply explanation of what "tyranny" is, I say--Tyranny involves lying to people and coercion of people and even violence on people, and it is what the Democratic Party in the United States of America holds dear today.  I add--People who uphold the ways of the Democratic Party are "enslavists" and like to--if not love to--be able to hurt other people.  Today, Barack Obama--a highly rotten man--is the poster idiot for the Democratic Party, having violated The United States of America and having shown himself to be a lover of, for instance, Sharia (a rotten political system pushed along by many Muslims).  The headline of the Nolan Finley's article made me angry.  Real "conservatives"--in the United States of America--are anti-enslavists, support the ways of The United States Constitution, are anti-communism, are anti-Sharia, have what history has come to define a good moral values, et cetera.  "Conservatives" (a.k.a. "Tea Party" people" do not agree on everything amongst themselves, and it is impossible for two conservatives to always agree exactly on everything, as I have hinted at in the idea about picking a paint color for a room.  Based on the definition of "conservative," "conservatives" cannot be "enslavists" or runners of "tyranny," since their ways do not include perpetual lying, as is done by Barack Obama, or violence toward other people (except those who may deserve it, such as killers and terrorists who might have to be killed in self defense).  Nolan Finley right from the start presented crap!  The opening sentence of the article was--"Here's the genesis of gridlock and dysfunctional government: A trio of Republican candidates for the state House has delivered a manifesto demanding no compromise or consensus building with Democrats in the next term.".  I note--Over the years, when a good person continually compromises with a bad person, especially over laws and government matters, things get worse and worse for a lot of people.  For instance, a good man who continually compromises with a rotten woman, who happens to be his wife, the family can end up in shit over the years, such as with rotten children.  Right from the start, Nolan Finley is putting down work to try to block rotten people--Democrats (who are today communists and socialists and black racists and such).  Why is there gridlock today with, for instance, the federal government?  The answer is many voters--because they are rotten or because they cannot recognize bad politicians or because they are ignorant of the world--have elected too many rotten people into political jobs and the elected people are doing bad things, and what good people who have the ability to block the bad people by being in public office must do is create gridlock to protect against the bad or potentially rotten things--laws and rules [Note: See Michigan Travel Tips for this month to see some new rottenness coming from the Barack Obama administration.  You can use this Travel #126 link.].  Here is the next line in Nolan Finley's piece: "Set aside for a moment the absolute arrogance of those who haven't even been elected yet dictating terms to the Legislature."  Where is the "arrogance"?  They can say what they want to say.  Here is the next line in Nolan Finley's article: "What these three tea party hard-heads are attempting to assure is one-party rule and one ideological approach to governing in Michigan, even if it comes at the expense of addressing the state's pressing problems."  The "pressing problems" have come about mostly because of the Democratic Party, which, for instance, has ruled Detroit, which since the 1970s has gone to crap!  By the way, Nolan Finley will tell you that Detroit is getting better just because the financial structure is being sort of straightened out.  I say that it is not getting better because nothing is being done to change the rules of life upheld by most of the citizens in the city--it is a welfare city, it is a city of ignorance, et cetera.  So Nolan Finley thinks compromise will save the day, though, basically, the Democrats in the state legislature of Michigan are communists, black racists, or ignorant people who can barely speak English clearly (a big example of whom is Coleman Young Jr.).  Nolan Finley put these two lines in his piece--"What they want [Todd Courser, Cindy Gamrat, and Gary Glenn] most is enforcement of the so-called Hastert Rule, named after former Speaker of the U.S. House Dennis Hastert, who refused to take anything to the floor of the House unless a majority of his Republican caucus signed on.  Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville had a similar policy, but broke from it to build a coalition with Democrats on key pieces of legislation, including the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid."  I shall not debate the goodness or badness of the "Hastert Rule" here.  What a person must notice is Nolan Finley thought it was great that a Republican in the state legislature compromised with Democrats to help push along side actions to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (a federal law).  The federal law is a rotten, rotten, rotten piece of law!  It is a law that should be destroyed.  Everything about it--from the creation of it to the aftermath rules from the federal government--is rotten, rotten, rotten.  Yet, Nolan Finley praises Randy Richardville.  Later, Nolan Finley pushes out--Both [Glenn and Courser] are extremely anti-gay and would turn the Republican Party into a fundamentalist denomination of  the Christian Church if given the chance."  That is a ludericous statement.  The action could never happen--it is not possible.  Nolan Finley threw out a scare tactic based on nothing.  By the way, I state--Currently, the "Republican Party" is a socialist party under the hands of such people as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and their close associates, and such men and women are beholden to, for instance, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which, while filled with rich Democrats, is supplying them with election money.  Keep in mind--the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not only made up of business people who might call themselves "Republicans."  The Republican Party needs to be fixed with better people.  Basically, Nolan Finley's article is putting down "conservatives" and supports many ways of the Democratic Party, and that shows that he is a rotten man.  [Note: Hey, Nolan--What is "a meaningful transportation bill"?  Hey, Nolan, sometimes nothing has to be done to block crap!  Nolan, make the crappy people cave at least once!  Hey, Nolan, I guess you would rather come to terms or come to agreements with communists and such than those "Christians," who practice such things as the "Ten Commandments" and such things as telling the truth and doing well for others, which is unlike what the communists do.  You certainly are a defective and rotten man, Nolan.]

    On Thursday, September 11, 2014, CBS-TV began carrying games of the National Football League on a weekly basis under the Thursday Night Football umbrella title, and the first game was a battle between the Ravens and the Steelers.  The broadcasts take away time for other programs in prime time, such as scripted programs, and that means, basically, the broadcasts network have fewer programs for viewers.  For a number of seasons, the broadcast networks have been involved in double runs and triple runs of programs, which has resulted in viewers actually seeing fewer different programs during prime time (Note: Think how many episodes of The Voice and America's Got Talent are seen during a seven-day period).  Years and years and years ago, people were talking about how great television would be with more than only a few channels, and the cable industry really took off in the 1970s, and then satellite-delivered television really took off later, and now there are hundreds of channels.  And when you look at the schedules of the channels, there are a lot of double runs, triple runs, quadruple runs, et cetera.  It is almost as if there are more channels and yet there has been no gain in the number of different programs.

    By the way, a rotten man--Phil Simms--is one of the commentators for Thursday Night Football, and to learn more about Phil Simms and why he is rotten, see the previous edition of Television History & Trivia.

    I now get to new stuff on Detroit area television.  On September 8, 2014, WXYZ-HD (an affiliate of ABC-TV) began broadcasting a new local one-hour weekday news-weather-features program, which is a light-weight affair.  The main hosts are Glenda Lewis and Brad Galli (see the previous edition of T.H.A.T. to see more about Brad Galli), and other regulars are Meghan Brennan (who is in the "Digital Center" with stories from, for instance, the Internet) and Andy Choi, and Dave Rexroth does weather segments, and other reporters appear on the program, such as Ronnie Dahl, Simon Shaykhet, Kimberly Craig, and Jonathan Carlson.  That means Detroit-area viewers have another useless locally produced program with fluff stuff as a rule to watch for one hour in the afternoon of the weekdays [Note: It means there is less air time available to syndicators on WXYZ-TV and the Detroit area].  Recently, the Adell Broadcasting (or the WADL-HD station group) launched a new sports network, which is entitled the "Titan Classic Sports Network" (the "Titans" are tied to the University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan).  Since last month, I have only seen basketball games being broadcast.  Oh, the basketball games were old games featuring the basketball teams of the University of Detroit Mercy playing opponents, but it seems upcoming games will be broadcast live, and it seems very likely to me that other types of sports will be broadcast in the future.  The Titan Classic Sports Network is sent out over the broadcast waves as Channel 38.4.  Hey!  Let me go back in time.  During the 1960-1961 basketball season for the Titans, WTVS-TV (Channel 56) aired some basketball games, and the main announcer was Patric L. Cavanaugh, and then, the school for the Titans was only called the University of Detroit.  Now, let me take up another subject.  Yet another new channel available through broadcast means on the airwaves today in the Detroit area is the ABN.  The history of ABN goes back to 1999, and since 1999, the operators of ABN have expanded programming and have increased the coverage of the country (for example, in 2005, ABN showed up through satellite delivery to television sets).  ABN is, in essence, a Christian network, and one thing it does is work to reach the Muslim community or Arab community with Christianity, and another thing it does is work to compare Christianity with Islam (such as Sharia, which is promoted as a "religion" but is actually a rotten political system).  Some of the programs shown on ABN are Jesus or Muhammad, Jihad Exposed, and Jihad Watch.  There is the last subject in the paragraph.  For some time, WMYD-HD, Channel 20.1, has played old episodes of Friends (which is an off-network series that is syndicated).  In June 2014, in essence, WXYZ-HD bought WMYD-HD.  Now, WXYZ-HD is also playing episodes of Friends in the late-night block.  That means Detroiters have more repeat stuff and less diversity on television.

    By the way, back in the 1950s and 1960s, new broadcast-network-aired series and new syndicated-offered series (except for talk shows that were designed to run each weekday) aired only once a week, so there were more different programs on each day, and off-network series put in syndication might run one episode each day; for instance, in the 1950s, a new filmed episode of Decoy (featuring Beverly Garland) ran once a week, or a new filmed episode of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (featuring Darren McGavin) ran once a week (there were no double runs of the episode, and no other episodes of the series were shown), and an off-network syndicated series might run once each day in the 1950s, and that is in contrast today, when an off-network series will be offered as two episodes each day and be seen on more than one station in a market.

    In the middle of September 2014, I was seeing advertisements on television that were promoting the idea that people should vote for Mark Schauer (a "Democrat") to be the next governor of Michigan and that people should not vote for Rick Snyder (a "Republican"), who is the current governor, and the advertisement featured a teacher named Kim Stanley.  Remember--The "Democratic Party" is a party pushing for and supporting an enslavism form of government for the country and the states, such as a communist government.  Over the last several years, Rick Snyder has shown himself to be a "socialist," but he is a better man (though a crummy man) than Mark Schauer is.  Mark Schauer talks like a hard-line communist and acts like a hard-line communist.  Now, weather or not Mark Schauer's advertisement was truthful or not is not a matter to be taken up here.  I note--It is clear Mark Schauer is a hard-line communist ("enslavist") and a rotten man, and Kim Stanley, who was billed as a teacher in Royal Oak (Michigan) showed that she supports him, and a deduction then leads to a conclusion--Kim Stanley, who is a teacher and is supposed to be smart, is a hard-line communist, and that means students who go to her classes will be indoctrinated with communism.  That is what you can get out of an advertisement--You can learn who some of the rotten teachers are in Michigan, and you can learn what teachers should be blocked from teaching your children and teaching your children lies and false information and false ways about the world and the country.  [Note: I have to say--Based on years of living and experience, I found Kim Stanley's persona to be unpleasant and like that of a hard-line feminist.  Later, I found a web page about Kim Stanley associated with Royal Oak Schools.  The page shows that she is a supporter of the lie known as "manmade global warming."  It means she will--"Go green!"--and teach that crap to young minds.  That makes her a dangerous woman.]

   Announcement for the novice again: To get useful television-delivered news or Internet-delivered news, go to Fox News Channel, WorldNetDaily.com, "The Drudge Report," and CNS News (which is on the Internet and which was launched on June 16, 1998), since the entities do not blindly support Barack Obama, as do CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV (to learn about bad journalism, you might tune in to CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV from time to time to see how they differ from the Fox News Channel and those mentioned with it in presenting political stories and events, and you should discover CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV avoid covering things that make Barack Obama look bad or show his true nature, which could harm you).  If you are unclear of my intentions, I say in different words that you should boycott CNN, MSNBC, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, and ABC-TV and hope they lose more ratings and advertising revenues, since they are expendable, and it is time for you to find the guts to be mean and heartless and cancel them--since they are hurting you.

    Ever since the 1950s, TV Guide has published a "fall preview"-type issue, and each issue has a program grid that shows what the prime-time shows for the broadcast networks are and when the programs are airing and what programs are new, and this year TV Guide for the week of September 15, 2014, was the "fall preview" issue, and I looked at it to see what the new shows are on the schedules.  This fall, viewers have 24 new series (I am not counting Thursday Night Football).  I see one show is called Black-ish, and I saw one promo for the show, and it seems it might be pleasant.  Then, why call it Blaci-ish?  Why not give it a nice name and a non-racial-focused name?  Call it maybe The Family Johnson, which would hint it is a nice and pleasant family series.  Of course, maybe, Black-ish will come off as another unpleasant series that happens to have brown-skinned actors as the lead performers.  NCIS: New Orleans will probably come off as pleasant--though it will have murder stories--since the Don Bellisario factory, which is instrumental in the series--has generally been producing shows with pleasant characters since the 1980s.  Bad Judge sounds like it will offer crap, as does How to Get Away With Murder, which is yet another crime show.  Madam Secretary comes off to me as nothing more than a political piece to push the idea that Hillary Clinton is a good person and did a good job a U.S. Secretary of State and should be elected to the office of the U.S. presidency, and that is all nonsense, given she has worked to get communistic health-care system for the country, has been a follower of Saul Alinsky (who was a communist), is a communist, and has ties to "The Benghazi Killing Scandal."  By the way, Tea Leoni, who is the featured performer in Madam Secretary is a supporter of communism.  State of Affairs is another political piece, which features Katherine Heigl (a supporter of communists) and Alfre Woodard, who plays a female U.S. president (Note: Do you see the push for a female U.S. president?).  By the way, State of Affairs is a program on NBC-TV, the communistic network.  There is Jane the Virgin, which is a name that no series would have had in the 1940s or 1950s or 1960s.  So, she's a virgin!  Big crap!  Why would I want to watch the characters of Red Band Society, who are young people with diseases and look like a band of young liberals (based on the photograph of the main performers in the "fall preview" TV Guide)? Spencer and Annable gives viewers a black woman with a white guy, and I bet the show was not put together with "fun" in mind first--it was put together to put a black gal with a white guy, and it was all based on pushing politics. Scorpion is a cliché piece, having another team of so-called geniuses or specialists solving crimes.  Stalker is a turn off right from the start for me, and it is more crap, which happens to feature Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q (one of the many women on television today with no shape or no boobs).  Oh, yes, there are more gay characters, such as Ronny (played by Tyler Ritter) of The McCarthysCristela is another political piece, used to push Mexican-American stuff.  And then there is the nonsense of Utopia, and of that series, I saw the opening of the first episode (on the Internet), and I said to myself that it is filled with people as a rule who I would never want to show up each week at my home--especially for a year--though Hex Vanisles (a shapely gal from the Detroit area, who was called "unemployed," might be fun to see regularly as long as she lasts in the show, and she would make a better shaped "belly dancer" than is Dedeker Winston (of the show), who is called a "belly dancer" by trade (and lives with a boy friend, another boy friend, and a girl friend--all lovers).  The host of Utopia--Dan Piraro--has a good voice, but he looks like an unlikable "yuppie liberal freak."  Why would anyone want to watch the Utopia nonsense for a year?  [Note: I saw about a five-minute interview of Hex on the Internet through YouTube after I had seen the opening of the first episode, and I can say--She's an idiot woman.  It is no wonder Detroit is a dead city.  Basically, the others of the series are idiots too, especially Dedeker.]

    Dancing with the Stars is back.  So!  One of the celebrity dancers is Tommy Chong, a good example of a rotten man, who for many years has promoted as good the use of illegal drugs through his persona, such as in movies.  The program has Tavis Smiley, a hard-line communist and black radical (who happens to have a program PBS-associated stations, which regularly has rotten people has guests, such followers of socialism and communism).  And the show has the bullshit idea of having "Derek Hough" as one of the professional dancers and having his sister, Julianne Hough, as one of the judges.  Derek and Julianne might be great people, but one of them should have declined to take job, which shows each is a defective thinker.  A viewer should not be given even the slightest hint that there could be a conflict of interest related to Julianne and Derek, and I say that, also, the producers screwed up by having Derek and Julianne take part in the same season of Dancing with the Stars.

    I come to two rotten shows, which have women as the leads, parts that would never have been taken by Gracie Allen or Bea Benedaret in the 1950s, when women on television could be likable and nice and had moral standards.  On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, Fox TV gave viewers the first new episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project for the 2014-2015 television season, and the episodes showed off how rotten women can be on television today.  Jessica Biel was a guest performer on New Girl, which features Zooey Deschanel, and near the end of the episode, one line uttered by Jessica Biel's character was something like--"...What doesn't cry is the sperm in my freezer....".  I say in jest--"Yes, it was such a funny line."  Early on in the episode of The Mindy Project (which features Mindy Kaling as the main character), one guy is talking to another, and the subject is oral sex, and one of the guys says something like---"I heard you're good with your mouth....".  I also say in jest--"Yes, it was another great moment on prime-time television."  Such crap the two programs are, and, in addition, the episode of New Girl came off as flat and unfunny overall--at least, what little I saw of it.  Actually, since the two series are not brand-new series, I did not have to see the shows fully (such as to stumble across more crappy dialogue), and I only saw the openings and closings of both shows.  I already know what both series are about and how they are formatted, et cetera, and they are two series I will not watch anymore this season (and it is not as if I am going to miss out of seeing pretty women or pleasant-looking women, like Chanin Hale (of years past), who swamps Mindy Kaling and Zooey Deschanel, both of whom are little bratty and uncultured girls).

    Fox TV put the first episode of another new series on the air on September 17, 2014, and the series is Red Band Society, which I did not see on that date.  I tuned in to the first episode on the Internet.  The episode opened with a narrator introducing people, such as a piece-of-crap cheerleader, who, it seems, ended up drinking piss, which had been put in her cup by someone.  I say in jest--"That was great television!"  A little later, viewers were exposed to two young men smoking "dope" in a room of a hospital.  I say in jest--"That was more great and fun television!"  So, right from the start--when a series should put the best foot forward--this series presented crappy people, the types of people that I would not want to show up where I live on a regular basis.  [Print advertisements for the series promote the idea that main characters are sort of rotten.]  My instincts--based on seeing the fall-preview TV Guide--were right, and I can say that Red Band Society is crap and not worth watching.  Oh, the driving force behind the series is a woman named Margaret Nagle, who it seems to me is a rotten women based on what she has come up with.

    On Sunday, September 21, 2014, CBS-TV did something never done before or very, very rarely done by a broadcast network--the network aired the same episode of the series twice in one night in prime time.  The series was Madam Secretary, which has already been mentioned in this edition of T.H.A.T..  At the moment, I just cannot remember when an episode of a series was played twice on a broadcast network in the same evening, besides the case involving Madam Secretary; the practice has been done on cable for a number of years.  It looks as if networks may soon take up the practice of airing an episode of a series twice in the same night on a more regular basis, especially for new series, and I say that that is more crap from television programmers (it is more repeat stuff).  [Oh, you are urged to see my document entitled Film and Television Tax Credits: The Bad Side of the Issue, which can be reached by using this TV-tax link.]

    Incidentally, Tea Leone is not pleasant to look at--their is no real pleasantness in the face, and, in fact, there is something in the face that suggests something not nice in the real person.  [Compare Tea Leone with Chanin Hale when Chanin Hale was in an episode of Dragnet in the 1960s, and see what I mean.  Study the two women.  It is a teaching lesson from me.]

    You might have thought I was done with the putting down some new series.  Well, I am not done.  On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, NBC-TV (the network that backs communists and such) aired the first episode of The Mysteries of Laura, another one of those feminist-themed shows, and this one has an unmarried women (played by Debra Messing) with children and with the job of catching criminals and acting tough (like a man).  Once again, I see another unlikable woman--Debra Messing--on prime-time television.  She just is not pleasant to look at, and often she looks ugly.  This woman--Debra Messing--just does not have the ability to be pleasant, or she does not have the ability to really put forth from herself pleasantness and even kindness.  And then I add in what I saw in the early stages of the first episode--the walls of a room covered with blood.  The Mysteries of Laura is more gore with a female (feminist) lead!  [Debra Messing comes off to me as another pissed-off and unhappy woman.]

    I guess I am back to Chanin Hale again.  Yeah!

    I have to say to young men who have yet to grow up--To be a good tough man, you must be able to recognize fake prettiness, like that which Debra Messing has and like that which Tea Leone has.  [Special note: In this edition of T.H.A.T., a part of my objective was to teach a young man a skill that has to be learned if the young man is to be tough.]

    On Monday, September 22, 2014, CBS-TV pushed out to television viewers the first episode of a series called Scorpion.  It is a cliche piece or a cookie-cutter piece or a phony piece.  A group of smart young people are going to save the day each week--That is the premise.  It has a nerdy and weird fat guy worried about germs, and it has an always angry-looking Asian gal, who is trying to look tough.  There is a black guy, and there are others.  And, as one character says--We have a combined I.Q. of  "700."  I say--So what?  Go to an elementary class with 33 children, and they must have an I.Q. of forty each--at least--and that means the group has an I.Q. of 1,320.  Wow!  That is great.  The kids could solve even more crimes than the team of Scorpion, which, by the way, has a young kid as a member.  [Note: A smart general knowledge man is better than a smart specialist man, because the specialist is so lost about most matters other than the specialist's specialty.]

    On the evening on Thursday, September 25, 2014, I was doing my work of getting samples of credits for prime-time shows, and one of the shows was Parenthood.  Around the time of the showing of the opening credits (showing, for example, the writer of the episode), I was put off by two rotten kids (characters).  There was a piss-ass teen guy in a scene dealing with the painting of some walls, maybe blue, and then there was a piss-ass teen gal (with red hair) in the home of a man played by Ray Romano.  If the teens would have been real people, both teens should have been spanked to knock that crap that they did right out of them.  Parenthood has been crap right from the debut episode, pushing out feminized men, the improper dealing with teens screw-ups, et cetera.

    Oh, The Amazing Race and Survivor are back on CBS-TV for the 2014-2015 season (actually, the first season of the 2014-2015 season), and The Biggest Loser is back on NBC-TV.  I have noticed such shows always seem in have people who are financial assistants, models, firefighters, former pro athletes, flight attendants, students, police officers, actors, singers, and fitness coaches or personal trainers.  I do note that The Amazing Race has an Asian-type female impersonator, who is a guy and who is gay and who is working in the series with his "college sweetheart."  I wonder--Where are types like high-tension-power-cable linemen, broaching-machine operators, drill-press operators, exhaust-repair-shop employees, engine rebuilders, auto-supply store employees, et cetera?  By the way, many of the participants come from California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Florida.  Good luck getting on such a show if you live in Montana, North Dakota, Kentucky, et cetera.  I almost get the feeling the producers and casting staffers look for people who are very likely to be "liberals."  Remember: The Big Brother had at least one hard-line communist this past season.

    Oh, NBC-TV ran an episode--the first episode--of The Mysteries of Laura three times in a one-week period.  Enough already!  I say that, after the first showing of the episode, it was no mystery or any better.

    Let me put in an aside here.  So many of the featured women on prime-time series have no shape or boobs.  For example, Karen Gillan (of Selfie), Analeigh Tipton (of Manhattan Love Story), and Maggie Q (of Stalker) are in new series for the fall, and they are shaped like young boys or little girls.  Ugh!

    On Tuesday, September 30, 2014, the first episode of Selfie showed up on ABC-TV, and it was bad (if not a throwup presentation).  For example, at one point early on this show, the main character (played by Karen Gillan) threw up on an airplane, and then a boss (played by a black male actor) kissed a male Asian guy during an office meeting.  That is crap television!  Next, Manhattan Love Story showed up on ABC-TV.  Early on in the episode, the main female character (played by Analeigh Tipton) got tricked into using a stairway in which all the doors at the floors at locked so that a person could not get to the floors proper, and the character said this line roughly--"Really wished I peed before I came in here."  I say in jest--Such fun Manhattan Love Story and Selfie were!  Selfie had a bunch of idiot young women surrounding the main character.  About both series, I say--Why would anyone want these characters around in the house (on the television set) each week?

    I shall have comments about other news shows--some of which will probably already be dead issues--in the next edition of Television History and Trivia.

    Remember: The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan was a television show that was produced across the pond and shown on CBS-TV in the late 1960s, and I urge you to find The Prisoner on DVD, maybe from a library, and watch it, and you should show it--all the episodes--to teenagers, or buy it as a present for teenagers.

    P.S.: I will not review The Roosevelts: An Intimate History fully, but I will say that it is a rotten multiple-episode special on PBS, which tries to promote as good the Roosevelt family, though it was a family of elitists who hated The United States Constitution and thought well of enslavism forms of government (for example, in the 1930s, Franklin D. Roosevelt presented evidence through public ways, such as writings, that he disliked the system of government defined by The United States Constitution), and Ken Burns, the maker of the show, did not pass such facts along in his production, showing himself to be a rotten man.

Stay well!


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