You Must Hate Gretchen Whitmer--
Hate is a Necessary Defensive Weapon
to Be Used Against the Enemies of Good People


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press
Postal Box 5263
Cheboygan, Michigan  49721
The United States of America

copyright c. 2013

February 20, 2024
(Version 2)
(Draft version)

    A short while ago, I was talking with a former U.S. Army Ranger, a man--an elderly gentleman--who had jumped out of airplanes and in to crummy areas of the world while loaded with military gear.  He reported that one reason he was chosen for such work is that he had and has what is called "right-brain syndrome," a state of mind that can help a soldier in battle live--the mind does not go into a debate with the self about whether or not to kill an enemy upon being confronted by the enemy who in a split second could shoot to kill or whatever.  In a way, the skill of jumping into action with right-brain syndrome--the state of mind to instantly protect the self--is immediate and automatic and not hindered by conscious mush thinking.  I say that, if a person does not truly have "right-brain syndrome," a person can at least develop the ability and should develop the ability to immediately jump into hate mode to protect the self against enemies and to quickly jump out of the hate mode, and I say that it is a necessary skill of living.  Every good person must develop the ability to jump in to and out of hate mode, which is contrary to what communists and socialists and progressives and liberals would want to happen for non-communists and non-socialists and non-progressives and non-liberals and would want to become a way of life for non-communists and non-socialists and non-progressives and non-liberals, since the evil people do not want good people to be able to fight back against rottenness and the rotten ways of life that the evil wish to instill in the minds of good people.

    I now come to a matter of life and death--mentally and physically.  A man is a man and a woman is a woman, and the two are different in how the body is structured and what each can do and be, and the mental design is different, and, for one, the mental difference has come to what it is over time and through evolution, and over time, evolution has affected each type of human's development, and, today, the human of today is the result of evolution over years and centuries and more.  That is a fact!  When a person is born, the person has no ties to another life, and when a person is born, the person only really knows what a man is if born a man or what a woman is if born a woman through what the person is.  A person who is born has a man cannot say that the person knows the self is really a woman, based on preceptions in the mind or of the mind, since the perceptions are only based on what the mind is and has been--the person has no understanding of the nature of the mind of another person, since the person has not been in the body of another since birth or at any time since birth.  A person cannot say that it is fact that the self exists in the wrong body or was born in the wrong body.  In essence, the body structure--which includes the brain--makes up what the person has been and is.  That means, for example, no woman can report that she is really was born in the wrong body and is really a man.  To push along such nonsense by a person that the person is really the opposite sex--the opposite of  what is--shows the person is mentally defective, delusional, insane, et cetera.  People, such as communists and socialists and progressives, have been working to sell the idea as truth that a person can be born in the wrong body and a person can then remedy the mistake by cutting off parts of the body and restructing parts of the body and by taking drugs and medications and hormones that can alter the body and the mind.  The people who push the idea as truth and fact have even taken up working to convince young people that indeed they are in the wrong bodies and should alter themselves through physical means and chemical means, and the people who push the idea as truth and fact have even come to say that they have rights over the young people that supercede the rights of the parents, and the people who push the idea as truth and fact have even come to block parents from having any say-so in the lives of their children.  Parents create children, and people who do not actually create a particular child have no real rights or ownership of the child that they have not created--in a sane world--and that means, for example, government people and school-related people have no powers above those obtained by the parents of a child by giving birth to the chil, unless idiocy has been taken up in a society.  It must be remembered that government people and school-related people are not chosen people by a god and then have rights above those of parents; government people and school-related people are just regular people who end up in jobs tied to govenment or schooling of a society.  If a person pushes the idea and teaches the idea that a child should change the physical nature of the body so that it looks like that of the opposite sex, that person is highly evil and highly sick minded, and the person should also be considered a criminal, who is committing a crime against humanity.  In the end, it can be stated that any physical change in image from the real nature to the unreal is a fake change, and any physical change made to an individual only results in the same individual with manmade alterations.

    It is not possible to be born in the wrong body, because all that the body is results in the mind as it is!

    By the way, it is the U.S. Congress that has the final say about whether or not a certain set of electors (related to a presidental election) are viable or not, and it is okay for a people in a state to send two sets of electors (one sent by the Republicans and one sent by the Democrats) to the U.S. Congress in around the time that the U.S. Congress is about to count electors related to an election, and in the past, such as in 1960, the U.S. Congress had to deal with two sets of electors from a state, since, for one, there were court cases taking place in relation to the election in the state at the time, and when court cases are going on, a state may have more than two sets of electors present for the U.S. Congress so that, if a court case alters the result of the election, making one set of electors invalid because the candidate to whom the electors are tied is deemed not the winner, the other set will be present and ready for their presence to be counted by th U.S. Congress at the official time of counting, and a state government, such as a state attorney general, does not have final say about which electors should be counted if two sets are sent to the U.S. Congress, and, for example, a state attorney general cannot deem a set of electors of two sets of electors a part of a criminal action and cannot deem that the people who sent the second set (a set not tied to the person who is currently considered the winner) as people taking part in a criminal action, and the state attorney general cannot try to put the people (tied to the so-called non-winner) on trial for doing something illegal, and when a state district attorney does take up criminal action, especially way after the fact (the time of counting of electors), then the state attorney general is rotten and is in violation of U.S. practices and laws.

    On August 14, 2023, a local-type prosecutor in Georgia--not a person with federal power to back up actions--was able to get a grand jury to decide to indict Donald J. Trump and 18 others in relation to election issues of the 2020 presidential election, and one of the issues was that Donald J. Trump passed along fraudulent information about fraud in the recent presidental election in Georgia,  and so, in essence, now, with all the the court cases then going on in relation to Donald J. Trump in the country, he was being charged on some 100-plus counts of criminal activity in the past, and, by the way, the action by the grand jury of Georgia was pushing forth the idea that Donald J. Trump could be taken to court based on a law used to take on Mafia-type people and gang-type people, as if Donald J. Trump is the head of a gang or Mafia-like unit who worked to destroy the legal election process, but good and smart and honorable people knew the action by the grand jury--which had been pushed along by the prosecutor--was corruption of law, but, in essence, all Democrats in the country supported the action by the grand jury, as did many of the main media people in the country.  It must be reported that it is really the Democratic Party that is corrupting the election process in the country through all the defective court cases that are in action against Donald J. Trump in, for one, 2023.  Results of an presidential election are not official till the U.S. Congress sets down a decision through a count and certification that the results are the true final results, and if a person challenges results of an election in a state before the results are made official by the U.S. Congress, that person is not in violation of some type of criminal statue and that person is not overthrowing election results (since there are not official results yet).  I state that a person is allowed to say that the person does not accept the preliminary results of an election as good results, such as those within a state, and that the person is allowed to challenge preliminary results in court legally and can even say that the person does not believe the results are non-corrupted--in private and in public.  It was on January 6, 2021, when the U.S. Congress was set to take up the job of certifing the results of the recent presidental election through a count of electors, and it was a day in which Donald J. Trump held a rally in Washington, D.C., some twenty-minutes walking time from the U.S. Capitol, and Donald J. Trump said publicly that he wanted people to go peacefully to the U.S. Capitol (though all opponents to Donald J. Trump since that day have not reported that Donald J. Trump urged people to go peacefully), and Donald J. Trump's statement cannot be tied to working to overthrown election results (since, for one, no results were yet official).  On August 24, 2023, Donald J. Trump showed up at the Fulton County Jail in Altanta, Georgia, to be arraigned on the charges that had put forth by the grand jury in Georgia on August 14, 2023, and on August 24, 2023, Donald J. Trump became the first person as a present or former U.S. president to be put on a "mug shot."

    Now, I begin tgo come to the specific topic of this document--Gretchen Whitmer (who has been a governor of Michigan).  Gretchen Whitmer supports and is tied to directly the Democratic Party in the United States of America, and that means that she is a supporter of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism, which are enslavism forms of government, particularly elitist-based governments in which a few persons rule the many through any means that they wish, such as through corruption and coercion and violence and even killing.  By the way, proof that the ways of the Democratic Party are tied to violence and killing and such can be seen by how Hitler (the head of a socialistic political party in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s) ended up killing millions of people, how Mao (the head of the communist party in China in the middle of the 1900s) ending up millions of people, how Mussolini (a socialist and fascist of Italy in the middle of the 1900s) ended up killing many people, how Castro (a communist of Cuba in, for example, the late 1900s) ended up killing many people, and how Putin (the head communist in Russia at least in around 2022 and 2023) ended up killing many, such as people of Urkaine through a war that he started.  Yes, the nature of Gretchen Whitmer is tied to that of the Democratic Party, and that shows that Gretchen Whitmer has the nature of a society killer or simply a killer since she supports the ways of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism.

    The document is about recent history of Gretchen Whitmer, and her recent history proves my point about what she is and, ultimately, why she must be hated.

    For one, Gretchen Whitmer as the governor of Michigan allowed COVID-19-infected people (or coronavirus-infected people) to be sent in to such places as nursing homes in Michigan in around 2020, where people who were not in great health ended up being exposed unnecessarily to COVID-19 or the coronavirus, and that shows off the evil mindeness of Gretchen Whitmer, and her action was like that which took place in a few other states of the nation, such as New York, where Democrats were in control of government.

    During the time of the COVID-19, Gretchen Whitmer in public statements worked to sell the idea that the medical community in the State of Michigan is racist against blacks, since--it seems--many more of those dying of COVID-19 were black, and so Gretchen Whitmer created, for one, a task force to take on the problem of racism in the medical or health-care industry in Michigan and to take on the job of wiping out the racism in the medical or health-care industry in Michigan, and it was all bullshit and a lie.  [Note: These links--Covid19, that192, and that193--show proof of what Gretchen Whitmer was trying to sell as truth in relation to racism in the medical community, even though it as a big lie, and one statement you will find is--"...Today, I also signed an executive directive declaring racism as a public health crisis in Micihgan....".]

    Gretchen Whitmer has been at the forefront of working to sell as truth that man's using carbon-based fuels is killing the planet, and, for example, she has worked, such as in 2021 in earnest, to shut down the oil pipeline that is under the Straits of Mackinac and runs between the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and since there has yet to be any proof that man is killing the planet, her work is corrupt and based on lies [Note: You can use this Countdown link to see evidence that the theme about man's killing the planet is hollow.].

    On March 24, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill into law, which had been supported by unions (which are, in essence, communistic and socialistic and such), that repealed the rules of "Right to Work" in the state, and, in essence, with the "Right to Work" rulers gone, an individual who wishes to work can be forced to be like a slave to a union, even if the union is corrupt by being an entity that furthers the causes of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism and even if it is known union-controlled money (which comes from the members of the union) is used to overthrow the ways of the United States of America under The United States Constitution and make the United States of America a communistic-type or socialistic-type country.

    The Democratic Party actually is a supporter of the idea that abortion should not be restricted in any way, and it means that the killing of a baby can even happen moments after what could be called the true-birth moment, and on April 5, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer as the governor of Michigan signed a bill into law that wiped out and repealed the abortion-ban rules in Michigan that had been set up in 1931, and that shows once again Gretchen Whitmer's disregard for life, which is commonplace in the mind of communists and socialists and progressives and liberals, as history shows.  It all means that Gretchen Whitmer is all in for the killing of more babies.  Gretchen Whitmer was not really taking up the cause of having potential parents--especially potential female parents--better take up not getting pregnant in the first place (if they can not support mentally or financially what will be born).  Gretchen Whitmer thinks "kill first.".

    The U.S. Department of Education was created in 1979 and went into operation in 1980., and since then, the federal government has become too involved in, for one, setting the standards for education in the country, and it has led, for example, lower standards in education, as can be seen through statistics about how many children cannot read well for their age.  In addition, the main teachers unions--national entities--have also helped lower the standards in education, and the entities have even become the day-to-day main drivers of what should be taught in schools and who should be the teachers, instead of local entities that are influenced well by parents.  Back in the 1800s and early 1900s, it was really the average citizen and parent who could be in control of what schools would do, such as by being the people who hired and fired teachers and set down what would be taught to children.  Incidentally, if decisions are made by a national entity and that entity becomes corrupt--such as by becoming a pusher of communism and socialism--the national entity can screw up the lives of children all over the country, and that is why I believe the U.S. Department of Education should be shut down--it is not need.  Decisions related to education within a particular state should be left to a state entity (if that) or to local entities, since then it is possible that not in all states in the country will end up with education practices and standards that are corrpt.  It is known that Gretchen Whitmer is a supporter of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism, which wants government control of everything, and on July 12, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer expanded the "state's" roll in the education of children, working to expand the control to even the smallest of children, and she did that by signing a bill into law, and, for example, the Detroit Free Press (through an article published on July 13, 2023) helped to show what was being done, and early material in the article was--"Gov. Gtetchen Whitmer created a new statewide department Wednesday focused on accelerating the state's early childhood and higher education programs as a way to bolster the state's economy and reverse Michigan's sluggish population growth.  The department will be caled the Micighan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MILEAP), with the ambitious goal of shepherding cildren through their education careers from preschiol to post-secondary.  MILEAP will be split into three offices: an Office of Early Childhood Education, an Office of Higher Education and an Office of Education Partnerships.  'For too long, we have thought of education as K-1, but we know that's not good enough if we want to remain competitive,' Whitmer said in a tweet Wednesday.  'We need to give our kids a head start in pre-K, and we need to provide a post-graduation path so people can get good-paying, high-skill, and in-demand jobs."....".  It was more communistic and socialistic bullshit!  It is more government control!  It is more government bureaucracy!  It is more taxpayer money going to eggheads (so that they can make a living off taxpayer money)!  More so-called education from communists and socialists and progressives and liberals does not result in higher pay for individuals in the long run, since, for one, communists and socialists and progressives and liberals are anti-capitalism (which is a system in which businesses are not directly or indirectly run by government), and communists and socialists and progressives and liberals cannot determine and predict what in the future will be in the category of "good paying, high-skill, and in-demand jobs", especially when the future can be five and ten and fifteen years away for a particular person, and it unknown what the person will really be in the five and ten and fifteen years and beyond in the future.  All that Gretchen Whitmer was working toward was to have more teaching done in the immediate through government control--corrupt government ways--to create controlled minds.

        "...Today, we are banning the horrific practice of conversion therapy in Michigan and ensuring this is a state where you can be who you are...."--this statement was made by Gretchen Whitmer on July 26, 2023, when Gretchen Whitmer as the governor of Michigan signed a bill into law that now made it illegal to try to stop a person, especially a very young child, from taking up changing from the real physical appearance of the person to an imaginary appearance, and that is related to what is called "transgender" medical procedures, and so Gretchen Whitmer showed she was in support of people working to push children into, in essence, cutting off body parts and altering body structure and into taking hormones or drugs that should not be taken.  Gretchen Whitmer was supporting delusion and illusion, and that is the sign of a sick mind, and Gretchen Whitmer was working to pass along insanity as good.

    Communists and socialists and progressives and liberals believe that the children in the country actually belong to the government and not to the parents who create them, and proof of that is the way of life that exists in such places as North Korea, Russia, China, and Cuba, and more and more communists and socialists and progressives and liberals in the United States of America have been working to get government, especially the federal government, in direct control of the growing-up process of children in the United States of America, such as to make them slaves to the "state," and on July 20, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer signed into law a budget for the 2024 fiscal year, and only one small part of the law was designed to have Michigan taxpayer money go to providing so-called "free" breakfasts and lunches to school children in the state, though the feeding of children should in almost all cases be in the hands of the parents and not schools and the government, and Gretchen Whitmer's signing of the bill once more shows how she--as an enslavist--is working to kill off the main structure of the family unit, which has been around for centuries, in which parents are in charge of their children and should only have as many children as they can take care of [Note: Now, even more, I have to pay for the up-keep of children that I did not create, and it is all a part of the theme of "spreading the wealth around" and "spreading the responsibility around", which burdens those who should not have a burden imposed on them, and now, even more, people will be able to produce children, knowing that they ultimately will not have to feed and cloth them.].  I do have to add that, on July 20, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer made this public statement in relation to the education material in the new budget--"...We know that potential is universal, but opportunity to not.  And when we make investments in the education of our kids, we're creating oportunity for all..."  That statement is communistic bullshit!
    [Note: The idea of "free" is fake, since somebody has to pay.]
    [Note: And I have to expand on the theme about the ability to prepare people for good-paying jobs and the like.  No person can determine what jobs will be available in tenyears or fifteen years or twenty years, and I mean no person determine for others what number of openings for a particular type of work will be available way in the future.  In the future, there could be too many qualified people for the same job, so many of qualified people might have to settle for something else, such as something not in their fields of study.  That happens today.  It is better for an individual to determine for the self what to shoot for and what background to get to get something or get somewhere in life, and it is better for an individual to make adjustments in educational background and experience to meet the future as days go along.  When a person in government tries to determine for--maybe--all others what should be done to reach the future, the result is usually crap for all.  No individual mind can make enough proper caculations about the future to help others do better in the future, adn that is because the variables are too numerous, even countless and in the trillions, and that is why socialism and communism and progressivim and liberalism in the long run kills societies.]

    Incidentally, Gretchen Whitmer as the governor of Michigan signed a bill into law on November 5, 2021, that wiped out the sales tax on feminine hygiene products, and that means that men and some women all over the state and from elsewhere in the country (such as women who have already gone through menopause and no longer use such hygiene products) are now subsidizing a few through taxes and through a process that is tied to spreading the wealth around (to all, so that everyone has to take up a burden of paying taxes to support a few, though they have burdens in life that do not get subsidized by those who now get stuff for less cost, something that reduces the state income through taxes, which politicians then get to say have to be replaced through taxes on other things).

    In the 1980s, I regularly read a book called Modern American Usage: A Guide (attributed to Wilson Follett and edited and completed by Jacques Barzun), and it was a book published in 1966, and the book tries to teach a person how to use the English language better and how not to use some structures and words better.  In the book, there is talk about pronouns, and I work to follow the rules, as I work to follow all the rules within the book.  I use use such things as he, him, she, her, it, and them, and I will never use all the crap being sold as good about pronoun usage by, for one, the Democrats and transexuals and others, and I will never attach "she" to a person who--I well know--is a real man (though the image suggests woman), and I will not attach a plural pronoun to a single person.  If I were to meet someone who wants me to use a certain pronoun for a person, even though the action makes no sense and does not meet standards in Modern American Usage: A Guide, I would not care if the person feels "hurt" or injured or threatened or whatever.  The usage of the language in proper form--a form created over decades--takes prescedence.  Average people who do not work to make the use of language clear and more precise do not get to set the standards of use, and that means almost all persons who do not write are not to be followed and some of the people who write are not to be followed, too.  And I say that people, such as policitians, who push the idea that all people have to use certain pronouns in relation to, for example, "transsexuals" or whatever, or be fired do not get to set English usage standards and should not be followed.  In recent years, schools and other entities have been firing people from jobs who failed to comply with idiotic rules about the use of pronouns, such as a teacher who was talked about in an article called "Christian Teacher Says She Was Fired for Using Student's Wrong Pronouns" [Mordowanec, Nick. "Christian Teacher Says She Was Fired for Using Student's Wrong Pronouns.", 12 May 2023, 5:06 p.m. EDT.], and I have heard of a number of other instances, but, here, I will report no more instances.  By the way, no young student has the credibility to dictate the usage of English or has gained the right to dictate the state of English usage.  More recently--in 2023-- I have come across information that the government of Michigan is working to control how pronouns are used, and that is an action that smacks of communistic mind control and thought control.  For example, in April 2023, Democrats, such as Noah Arbit, in the Michigan Legislature began work to pass a law--an addition to an existing law--that could punish people for using the wrong pronouns for a person if the using of the pronoun could make the person feel intimidate or make the person feel hurt.  The bill that was being worked on was being called at the time "House Bill 4474".  While the bill was in the works then, it was noted that, if a person made another person "feel threatened", then the person affecting the other could maybe end up in jail for five years and have to pay a $10,000 fine (if convicted through a court case).  A part of the bill (which has vague themes focusing on emotions and feelings), which was about intimidation, had --"...willfull course of conduct, involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, imtimidated, threated, harassed, or molested, and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, or treatened.".  It is all vague stuff.  It is all about feelings and emotions that cannot ever be defined clearly, since the standard--especially the lowest level or the level of the kick-in of the standard--could never be set and could be ever-changing (depending on the moment), and if a trial were to take place with a jury or then again with even a single judge, the person so-called harmed might become the winner by simply showing tears and saddness in court, causing sympathy for the person.  A person has to wonder--What is continuing harrasment"?  It is simply using "he" for a person who is a man but appears in image to be a woman more than once?  What is "reasonable"?  "Reasonable" has a standard that varies almost at will, and it can vary from group to group of people, and a partcular group of people can be morally rotted.  A definition of "reasonable" discussed between communists and conservatives could take forever to be completed.  For the Democrats in the Michigan Legislature to even consider starting up such a bill shows the nature of the Democrats, and it is not good, and, in fact, anyone who supports such a bill shows off the person's nature, which is to be hated.  A good and smart and honorable person can see that the bill was being made to be vague so that it can be more used and so that it can be stretched to intimidate as many people as possible into using crappy ways of English--since anything could apply.

    Certainly, the theme about Gretchen Whitmer's knocking down "conversion therapy" is enough to show why Gretchen Whitmer is a thing to be hated, and all the other materials about Gretchen Whitmer that are in this document are sort of like piling-on things from me, which is like what the Democrats or Democratic Party-related prosecutors are doing in states in relation to Donald J. Trump and court cases tied to "January 6," such as in relation to so-called "classified documents" and the election of November 2020, which are things that are all based on lies and corrupt reasoning by the prosecutors and such, but, in my case, my piling on shows true rottenness and an ever increasing total amount of rottenness and not faked rottenness (counter to the faked rottenness being, for instance, the thought that Donald J. Trump ran something like a "gang" to change election results, which is why a prosecutor is falsely using the "Rico Act" against Donald J. Trump and some 18 so-called co-conspirators, and why another prosecutor is trying to sell the crap that Donald J. Trump incited a riot and a storming of the U.S. Capitol).  This document should clearly be understood to be a hate document focusing on a bad person named Gretchen Whitmer.  Officially, the document is a hate document directed at all the persons who uphold as good the bad themes shown within the document, and that covers, for one, all the management members of the Democratic Party.  At the very least, I have given you a target to hate--Gretchen Whitmer--and I have barely (it seems) covered all that I could present to show the rottenness of Gretchen Whitmer.

    Oh, I have to put this in.  The Attorney General for Michigan, who is called Dana Nessel (a lesbian), is a close associate to Gretchen Whitmer, and, in essence, Gretchen Whitmer's Dana Nessel is going after people in court cases, some of whom are very old, who were designed to be potential electors for the election of 2020--if they were needed because a decision of a court case had showed the people designed originally to be official electors had no value since they were tied to not enough legitimate votes so other electors could be counted instead.

    It was on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, that Gretchen Whitmer once again showed off her rotten nature, which is like that of a nasty little girl who is directed in everything by communism.  On that day, as the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of bills, such as SB 273, SB 519, and HB 5120, into law, while she was at the Eastern Market, Detroit, Michigan.  During the time there, Gretchen Whitmer pushed out that, through her signatures, energy costs for people in Michigan will drop by $145.00 a year on average, and Gretchen Whitmer pushed out the idea that she was going to be creating some 160,000 "good-paying jobs" in the near future.  A person who hears that should remember how Barack Obama as the U.S. president said that the Affordable Care Act was going to save Americans some grand amount of money, and it turned out to be bullshit, which had been predicted by honorable reporters and such.  How does Gretchen Whitmer know some !60,000 jobs are going to be created?  It was not mentioned whether or not the number was reduced after lost jobs had been taken into account.  The package that Gretchen Whitmer signed was tied to energy, and it was related to her "2021 MI Healthy Climate Plan," which has a communistic sound to it.  The new law stuff pushes electric utilities to produce at least 50 percent of energy through so-called renewable means by 2030 (in less than eight years) and produce at least 60 percent by 2035, and there are other requirements, such as to have 100-percent renewable-energy production by 2040.  I have some notes to pass along from the Michigan Center for Public Policy--Solar panels actually produce only 25 percent of the "listed capacity," and wind turbines only produce 34 percent of "listed capacity."  In addition, the Michigan Public Service Commission has recently reported that some 290,000 acres of land will probably be needed to get production by solar means and wind means to 60 percent.  Currently, in Michigan, only 8.1 percent of electricity is produced by so-called renewable means, and 75 percent of Michigan homes use natural gas.  A person has to remember that Gretchen Whitmer is a type of person who has pushed the idea of having a ban on natural-gas use, but she was unable to get such as ban set up in the new rules about energy.  Since August 2021, Joseph Biden as the U.S. president--a communism supporter--has set the country on a course to have at least (roughly) 50 percent of all new vehicles sold in the country be electric vehicles by 2030, and he did that through an executive order (an illegal means).  Incidentally, for a number of years, the federal government has had tax breaks for people who buy electric vehicles, such as $7,500 for new vehicles and $4,000 for used vehicles.  For a number of years, smart and honest persons have wondered how enough electricity through so-called renewable generation is going to be produced, given communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and such in the country want everything to run on electricity made by so-called renewable means--cars, stoves, water heaters, furnaces, edge trimmers, chain saws, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and more, and they are making the push even though, basically, China controls much of the raw material need for batteries, which, in essence, everything designed to do work will have to have to be used remotely.  A smart and honorable person has to keep in mind that some persons--like Gretchen Whitmer--have worked to reduce the production of electricity by means of dams.  Plus, people like Gretchen Whitmer have for years been working to kill off the use of gasoline (such as for portable generators) and coal in the country.  It takes more than eight years to get a new nuclear-power plant in operation, and no big plans to make nuclear-power plants are in the works today, which involves oversight by the federal government, which is currently controlled by communists and socialists and progressives and liberals and such--anti-American people, who want to kill off The U.S. Constitution.  I have a reminder here, and it notes that Michigan is a place that can get storms, some which have tornadoes, and storms can damage solar panels and wind turbines, and the more land that is needed to set up and is used for solar farms and wind farms, the bigger targets that storms can have, where they can cause damage.  When it snows, snow can hinder the use of solar panels, or energy has to be used to keep panels clear of snow (which wastes energy), and Michigan has regular snowstorms between late October of one year and late May of the next year,  Attaching and using solar panels to a house in rural or partial rural areas can be defective, since it is very likely that a lot of currently standing trees will have to be cut down so that sunlight can reach solar panels (maybe mounted on roofs)--when there are no piles of snow in the way or clouds in the way.  When a country is dependent on only one main production method to get electricity, the country is defective, since a failure in the system can lead to trouble--no backup systems--and it can make it easier for sabotage jobs to be effective in times of war, and if war comes, where are the batteries going to come from or how is the country going to get the raw materials for new batteries when batteries have to be replaced regularly)?  On November 28, 2023, Gretchen Whitmer said such things as--"...Once I sign these bills, Michigan becomes a national leader on clean energy, bringing billions of federal tax dollars home and private investments into our communities..." and "...Together we are protecting our air, our water, and our land while focusing on tackling climate change head on.  Today is a huge win for Michigan families, for Michigan business, and for future generations of Michiganders....".  By the way, if war does show up and if the country is not involved in making gas-powered vehicles and the like regularly and if it does not have a lot of gasoline-fuel-processing capability, the country will not be able to power a military force (which it was able to do during World War II).  You should see--And it is all a big scam from a freaky and nasty little girl and her evil associates!
    [Note: I have this section for you, and it is information that I put in this document as a "for-the-record" piece, which, in the future, a person can look back on and see propaganda, and it comes from the website for "MI Clean Cars 2023."  I found this material--"...For Michigan to reach its Healthy Climate Plan goals to remain the nation's automotive leader, a speedy transition to EVs is critical for our future.  The MI Clean Cars 2030 campaign is committed to making electric vehicles the optimum choice for Michiganders by 2030, achieving Governor Whitmer's goal of 2 million EVs and making EVs accessible to everyone--especially the most gasoline-burdened drivers.  We must take Michigan's commitment to the next level for this to be possible...." and "...As the nation's automotive leader, Michigan must lead the national transportation electrification to remain competitive and reach the MI Healthy Climate plan goals.  To do this, it needs to spearhead all aspects of the transition--research & development, production, and sales...." and "...The benefits of transitioning to EVs are much more than a boost to Michigan's economy.  It's crucial for the health of our state.  As a state with high asthma rates, we can reduce air pollution by electrifying cars and trucks...." and "...Vehicle electrification is a clear step toward combating the climate crisis.  The transportation sector is the leading source of greenhouse gas emission, with 58% of emissions from that sector coming from passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks...." and "...On top of all that, even with a higher car payment, EVs cost less to drive, with savings on monthly fuel and maintenance costs...." and "...The bottom line: accelerating to EV transition and committing to help the most gasoline-burdened drivers can get us close to our emission reduction goals while assisting families to lower their monthly costs and breathe cleaner air.".  I state that the overall theme is propaganda piece of high order!  For example, the themes about asthma (while the life-span rate has gone up over the decades) and the "climate crisis" (which does not exist) are defective themes.  I have to report that the "MI Clean Cars 2030" thing is tied to an entity called "The Ecology Center" (which has offices in Ann Arbor, a communistic center in Michigan) and Detroit (a dead city), and on November 30, 2023, I went to the "About" page for the entity (at the website for the entity), and I found that the page showed 24 persons were the main runners of the entity, and 20 were women, who looked like feminists and liberals (communists and the like), and not one of the 24 had any concrete knowledge about making things and making a society work and survive or about running a business (as noted through bios), and one person was called an "environmental justice organizer."  Such bullshit the entity is, and Gretchen Whitmer probably thinks the thinking done at the place is useful.  They are a collection of pseudo-intellectual freaks!]

    What a person calls the self and what the person is can be two different things, and that is idea can be attributed to entities--for example, the Democratic Party has a name that is tied to "democracy," but the entity is a communistic entity at least and has nothing to do with democracy.  Gretchen Whitmer is the governor of Michigan, and she is a "Democrat," and that means she is a communist at least, and her actions prove the point.  On February 12, 2024, a press released with released by the "Office of Global Michigan," and it was entitled "Volunteers needed to support refugee resettlement efforts in Michigan."  By the way, why the fuck does the State of Michigan have an "Office of Global Michigan."  Even the name reeks of communism!  Before I get to the press release, I have to pass along some historical information.  Since January 20, 2021, Joseph Biden as the U.S. president--a communist, as his actions for decades have proved--has purposely failed to follow the immigration laws of the country, which have existed for decades and decades and decades, though they have been adjusted from time to time since the country was founded in the 1700s.  Joseph Biden should be removed from office!  Joseph Biden does not deserve to be the U.S. president--he is a society killer and an enslavist.  Millions of illegal aliens have been added to the land mass of the country since Joseph Biden became the U.S. president, and that is crap!  Since January 20, 2021, Gretchen Whitmer has done nothing to show disapproval for Joseph Biden's action, which is not surprising since she is a communist, and communism comes first to her, and communism is something that allows a few persons--goverrnment persons--freedom to do whatever they want.  Gretchen Whitmer follows the ways of communism to be free!  It is her way of life to survive!  It looks as if a woman--a Latina--named Poppy Sias-Hernandez became the head of the Office of Global Michigan in 2021, and on February 20, 2024, I finally went to the website for the entity to see what crap it was selling and what propaganda it was selling.  Incidentally, on that day I looked at the "leadership page" for the entity, which pushes out the idea that it is all about inclusion, and the management was made up of 15 women and five men, and only one of the guys was a white guy.  It looks like a non-inclusive entity to me, and it looks like a racist entity to me, and it seems to be loaded with feminists (who are always socialists or communists).  On February 10, 2022, this press release with released--"Office of Global Michigan Director, Poppy Sias-Hernandez, Appointed to the USDA Equity Commission--by the Office of Global Michigan, and the press released opened with this nonsense--"Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the newly established Equity Commission members, including Poppy Sias-Hernandez, Executive Director of the Office of Global Michigan.  Sias-Hernandez will be one of the 15-member inaugural Equity Commission members focusing on historical discrimination, strengthening accountability, providing recommendations and advancing racial equity at the USDA...."  That is bullshit!  By the way, as noted in the press release, it was said that Poppy Sias-Hernandez was made the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer in the Governor's Executive Officer in 2020.  Notice how a bunch of people are getting paid by the taxpayer to do idiocy.  On November 30, 2023, the "Office" released this press release--"Governor Whitmer Makes Appointments to the First-Ever Statewide LGBTQ+ Commission".  Here is some opening material from the press release--"Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the following appointments to the LGBTQ+ Commission.  On June 11, 2023, through Executive Order 2023-5, Governor Whitmer made history by creating the LGBTQ+ Commission to ensure that Michigan's LGBTQ+ community is represented at all levels of government, including its executive branch....".  It is nonsense stuff and a nonsense department.  Later in the press release, this material was provided--"'As we face a National State of Emergency for LGBTQ+ Americans, Michigan has been a beacon of hope for equality under Governor Whitmer's leadership,' said Dakota Torolski, Michigan State Director, Human Rights Campaign...."  That material is more crap!  There is no "National State of Emergency for LGBTQ+ Americans."  And more people get to use taxpayer money as income, though what they do is idiocy.  So that shows where the Office of Global Michigan is and where Gretchen Whitmer is.  Now, I present material from the press release that was first mentioned in this section ("Volunteers needed to support refugee resettlement efforts in Michigan") from the Office of Global Michigan, which was dated February 12, 2024--"...As Welcome Corps celebrates a successful first year, the Office of Global Michigan encourages everyday Michiganders to take advantage of the new option to support a refugee family of their choosing.  Global Michigan continues to call for volunteers to welcome and support  refugees from around the world seeking freedom and safety through the CHNV program, Uniting for Ukraine and the Welcome Corps.  'Programs like the Welcome Corps advance the Office of Global Michigan's mission to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our Immigrant, refugee and ethnic communities,' said Poppy Hernandez, Global Michigan Director and Michigan's Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer.  'Expanded refugee resettlement pathways empower more Michiganders to support our state's growing refugee population and build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for all.'....".  By the way, did you notice the touch to "Ukraine."  But it is not really about Ukraine.  It is about the millions of people from all over the world, mostly fighting-aged men, who are entering the country freely by the thousands every month at the border between Mexico and the United States of America.  The taxpayer is paying for the people in Michigan government who are in these nonsense commissions, and now the taxpayer is being encouraged to take on the burden of taking care of all the thousands and thousands of  illegal aliens, who should not be in the country and who should be working to straighten out their crappy countries, mostly communistic and socialistic countries.  The programs being pushed for under Gretchen Whitmer are burdening the American public.  It is not the job of Americans to pay for the support of people from other countries, who are, such as in California, getting free health care and free schooling, and that theme will probably spread over the country if it is not stop and destroyed.  By the way, the citizens of the United States of America are having their house invaded, and the country is the house of the citizens and not the sole house of the government, such as that headed currently by Gretchen Whitmer.  In the decades past, there was no need for an Office of Global Michigan, whose first text presented to people who go to the website for the entity was on February 19, 2024--"The Office of Global Michigan works to make Michigan welcoming and inclusive.  In alignment with this overarching goal, our office takes the lead in advancing equity and inclusion initiatives throughout the state, including spearheading programs for the seamless integration of newcomers.  Global Michigan's dedicated teams are focused on empowering immigrant refugee, underrepresented and marginalized communities across the state to achieve their highest potential.  Our aim is to contribute meaningfully to a Michigan that embraces diversity and actively promotes inclusivity, ensuring that opportunities for growth and prosperity are open to all.".  The set of words is a collage of nonsense.  What is "equity" to a government person like Gretchen Whitmer?  How can government "ensure" all get the same?  It is impossible for a government to make everybody equal--in relation to money--which is what the communist is focused on exclusively, and that is why the communist works to knock down people who have more money than they have or have more of anything.  The "inclusive" theme and the "diversity" theme are lies.  Then again, the "inclusive" theme is designed to get people to support communism and communistic leaders and be like sheep to the communistic leaders.  Look at the management team for the Office of Global Michigan, and look at Gretchen Whitmer.  And in the end, the only way in which the goals of communists and the like can be pushed into society, though the goals are crap, is through force and coercion and laws tied to enslavism, as people have learned in such countries as China, Russia, Cuba...., and then, a good person can wonder when will it come when the government will force people to take in so-called refugees or really illegal aliens into their homes, given millions of illegal aliens--stupid peoples--have flooded into the country and have to be put somewhere.

    When you see Gretchen Whitmer--an enslavist--you must trigger your emotions to enter the hate mode greatly, and you must see no goodness in the face of Gretchen Whitmer, even though she may be smiling, given her mind has no goodness.

    P.S.: The nature of the people who support communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism and Sharia is bad.  Some people have become so bad in history that they only need to be identified with one name, such as Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Castro, and Putin.  Putin, who history includes being a part of the KGB in the Soviet Union, has clearly gotten people killed outright.  By the way, what really happened in the Yevgeny Prilozhin incident (a soldier and a killer and once an associate of Putin's of Russia at least in 2023)?  Signs point to Putin!  Given what this document has, you might think that people will soon only have to say "Whitmer" to identify Gretchen Whitmer.


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