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April 29, 2022
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    Okay, let me do some teaching.  The United States of America was liberated and founded in the 1700s, and from the 1700s to sometime in the 1900s, it was known that the citizens created the schools and ran the schools ultimately, and, for example, the citizens of a community hired people to be the operators of schools and to be teachers, and, by the way, teachers often learned the teaching trade in the 1800s at schools called "normal schools."  Sometime in the 1900s, probably after the 1960s, schools systems in earnest began to think that they controlled the schools and could determine what children should be taught and should learn, and I say that more and more teachers and school operators were coming from "abnormal schools," places teaching the ways of communism and socialism.  Today, it seems that parents are considered enemies of the "state" if they wish to take on schools that are teaching crap, such as the ways of communism and socialism and progressivism and are  pushing hatred against, for one, the country.  I state that parents have the ultimate say-so about what should be taught children in schools in the United States of America.  Of course, communists and socialists and progressives know, at least between birth and about 16 years of age, a child has no good rationing skills about the world and what the self is, and communists and socialists and progressives know they can program the mind rottenly and push crap into the mind of the child and make the child what they want, such as lesbian or gay or transgender, since the child is not a clear idea about the real world.  I report that lesbianism and gayism and transgenderism has nothing to do with "DNA."  Lesbianism and gayism and transgenderism is learned behavior, either taught by the self and taught by others, especially by others to the young.  I report that people become gay or lesbian or transgender through thinking decisions and choice and not because DNA  pushes them toward being gay or lesbian or transgender, and it is done to escape something, such as to escape life in general or escape what nature created the person to be or to escape duty or escape work or escape violence (such as from a evil parent).  Transgenderism is much, much worse than gayism or lesbianism are, since transgenderism involves a really horrific mind or defective mind, since it involves the mind pushing for self-mutilation, and transgenderim is even worse when people push children, such as children in their young teens, to accept transgenderism for themselves and take on the mutilation process for their lives.  Sick minds push transgenderism on children, and it is criminal!  So on March 28, 2022, the governor of Florida--Governor Ron DeSantis--signed a bill into law, and the bill was known was "HB 1557" or the "Parental Rights in Education" bill or law, and it simply reported that the parents of children get to determine whether or not schools can push gayism and lesbianism and transgenderism on their children.  By the way, a federal law exists that notes that parents may request to see from school managers what documents and materials and such are being taught to their children.  Pushers of, for example, transgenderism and lesbianism and gayism immediately push out the lie that the new law in Florida was the "Don't Say Gay Bill," and it was rottenness from the pushers, and it was evil.  Also companies began to condemn the new law, and one of the big companies that worked to attack the law was Disney, which in the past had been known for promoting family values or good-person values--at least in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, when the rise in communism and socialism and progressivism was taking off in earnest.  In around March 30, 2022, good people in the country were learning just how rotten, for example, some big companies were, such as Disney, and in around March 30, 2022, people were seeing a video--a zoom call--tied to Karey Burke, the general entertainment president of Disney, and in the video, she talked about how the company was pushing to have at least fifty percent of characters in productions from now on have characters related to the "LGBTQ+" movement.  Also around this time, good people were learning Vivian Ware of Disney Parks was noting that visitors at the parks were no longer being called "ladies and gentlemen", and visitors were going to be addressed as "dreamers" and "friends" [Note: I wonder if the "dreamers" thing is also being pushed because it can be used as a replacement term for "illegal aliens" or to make the "dreamers" thing a more commonplace term.]. All  the nonsense from the Disney people was andis tied to a campaign called "Reimagine Tomorrow."  Yes, they were and are working to "Reimagine Tomorrow" under communism and socialism and progressivism, which are rotten political systems, which involve, ultimately, violence and corruption and even killing.  I have another fact of life.  Some people do not like to boycott companies.  I say that that is idiocy!  [Note: Famous radio personality Sean Hannity (who is a non-communist and non-socialist and non-progressive) has always put down the idea of using boycotts, and I say that that is a failure in his nature.]  When boycotts are set up to attack non-communistic and non-socialistic and non-progressive entities, then the boycotts are rotten, because good people are attacked, but when boycotts are set up against companies that support "democratic socialists" (like Alexandria Ocasioo-Cortez) and communists and the ways of communism and socialism and liberalism, that is good, since it is working to protect good people--maybe millions--from harm and hurt and violence.  Disney is a type of company that should be boycotted in all aspects, since it supports ways of life that are rotten.  It has to be beaten down, since it pushes death!

    On March 31, 2022, I learned a number of things about "transgender" stuff.  Joseph Biden first marked the day--"International Transgender Day of Visibility"--as something to celebrate nationally on March 31, 2021, and then he made another proclamation about the day on March 31, 2022.  The "Transgender Day" thing began on March 31, 2009, and it was created by a transgender--Rachel Crandall (or whatever)--and Rachel Crandall was based in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.  By the way, Rachel Crandall was and is a licensed "psychotherapist."  And does that not surprise you?  Yes, the crap got started and came out of Michigan, specificially the mind of a "psychotherapist" or maybe psycho.  Do not celebrate crap!

    So, I now move on to more specifics about Joseph Biden.  On March 31, 2022, Joseph Biden pushed out evil indoctrination, not unlike that done by the Nazis to children in Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s and done to Chinese children in China by the Chinese communists in the 1900s.  At one point during that press conference about transgender stuff, Joseph Biden said--"...To parents of transgender children, affirming you child's identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy....". That is bullshit from shit-head Joseph Biden.  First, if a child is thinking about being a transgender, the child is not "healthy"--something is wrong with the mind, and it was self taught or more likely it was taught to the child by an evil adult.  Second, the best thing you can do if a child wants to transgender is find the evil person who pushed the nonsense on the child, and that person must then be confronted and put down, such as legally for doing an evil deed to your child, and the person must be taken on to keep the child "safe."  During the speech, Joseph Biden showed that he is what I call him--A "fuck-head!".  And I will tell that to his face.  Joseph Biden is a man to be hated.  Teach it!

    Teaching--it is in the long run what parents want to be taught, and good parents want their children to learn English well, which has not been happening in recent decades, especially with black children, and learn general math and science and history well.  That is "right" and the right way for a good life, and it is not up to government to determine what should be taught in the long run, because governments can go bad, and that happens when evil people take power through force or lie to get into office.  On March 31, 2022, Chris Wallace interviewed Robert Iger (a former CEO for Disney) on the network called CNN+.  Look at two small parts of Robert Iger's talk from the interview--"...A lot of these issues are not necessarily political.  It's about right and wrong.  So I happen to feel--and I Tweeted an opinion about this "Don't Say Gay Bill" in Florida--it wasn't politics, it was what is right and what is wrong, and that just seemed wrong.  It seemed potentially harmful to kids...." and "...When you're dealing with right and wrong or when you're dealing with something that does have a profound impact on your business, then I just, you have, you have to do what is right and not worry about the potential backlash to it....".  How is a law that puts parents above government people or school people in the say-so of their children wrong?  How does such a law have a "profound impact" on Disney?  Bob Iger is wrong!  Bob Iger is rotten!
    [Note: By the way, Bob Iger said that it "seemed wrong."  Was he not sure about the law?  He should have said it "was"--not "seemed"--wrong.  He could not even get that right.]

    The depth of the rottenness in relation to the people in the United States of America is deep, certainly covering half the people who voted to make Joseph Biden the U.S. president, but in the entertainment industry the rottenness is very, very deep.  On the April 1, 2022, pushed out a story that showed the depth of rottenness in what can be called the Disney family by publishing a story called "Abigail Disney takes aim at the 'radical ideologues' attacking her family's company over LGBTQ rights" [Gettys, Travis.  "Abigail Disney takes aim at the 'radical ideologues' attacking her family's company over LGBTQ rights.", 1 April 2022, 12:29 p.m..].  Look at a portion of the article--a portion of the portion of the article that was available for free--"...Abigail Disney said she was 'delighted' by the right-wing attacks on the iconic entertainment company founded by her grandfather and his brother because the campaign might finally force businesses to confront their support or bigotry...." and "...'Like all radical ideologues, the right wing has finally run amok and is coming to devour the hand that feeds it: Business,' tweeted Disney, a documentary filmmaker who has no connection to the family business.  'For my part I am delighted.  It is the business world that has been, either by act or omission, feeding the opportunist right wing to distract us with culture war nonsense while they rifle through the till and empty everyone's pockets.  This "anti-woke" right wing nonsense is unsupportd by a large majority of Americans.  In fact most Americans are offended by it and wish it would just go away.'....".  See the rottenness in her mind.  Actually, I say that Disney can go away, since it is expendable, since it makes little children expendable.  How are businesses supporting bigotry in relation to the new law in Florida, which, I say again, reaffirms the rights of parents to be over, for example, the people working as school administrators or teachers?  How does Abigail Disney knows the "majority" of Americans support Disney?  Abigail Disney is yet another communistic gum-flapper, pushing crap.

    On April 13, 2022, I went to a computer connected to the Internet, got on "google", typed in "washington post gay" as a search term, and hit the go button.  I was given a bunch on things on the page--stories.  Look at the crap.  The first listing had--"Don't Say Gay bills cloak their likely effects in neutral langauge", and it was tied to (of April 12, 2022).  The next site was--"America's increased acceptance of gay people isn't about...", and it was tied to (April 7, 2022).  The third will go unmentioned here.  The fourth entry was--"Charlee Disney comes out as transgender, condemns Florida...", and it was tied to  The fourth entry had a subtitle--"Charlee Corra Disney, who came out as transgender, said they regretted not speaking out earlier against Florida's 'don't say gay' bill...".  The idea that Charlee Disney is a transgender shows that Charlee Disney is yet another person with an ill or sick mind.  But there is more to the fourth entry to talk about.  By the way, not wanting to pay money to see any of the entries on the screen, I did not look at any of the stories fully.  The fourth entry pushed out the crap of using "their" as a pronoun related to a single person.  That is garbage!  I spent time trying to learn English stuff from Modern American Usage and even Modern English Usage, and I will not go back on the rules presented in both books, and anyone who pushes stuff about pronouns counter to what can be taught in the two books is pushing stuff that will hurt people.  I would never hire someone who writes "said they regretted" when "said she regretted" or "said he regretted" has to be used to be correct and well understood.  Charlee Disney is screwing up the language, and that makes her crap of the first degree, and that is what you get from a sick mind, something already thinking a person's cutting up the body of the self is changing the sex definition and nature of the self.  Charlee Disney is a person not to be respected and not to be followed, and that is some of the shit of Disney to be hated.

    What some people believe can be truly amazing and truly wrong, and what a person believes can maybe lead the person to tears or fake years, and even if a person is in tears, the person can still be rotten and believe in rotten things.  On April 20, 2022, Jenn Psaki, who was the White House spokesperson (for Joseph Biden), was interviewed by Jessica Yellin on a podcast called News Not Noise.  During the interview, the subject of, for example, transgenders and the "Parental Rights in Education" law of Florida came up.  The segment sort of put Jenn Psaki, who fronts for communistic issues and such, said while in a tearful state--"....They're doing that in a way that is harsh and cruel to a community of kids...." and "...I'm gonna get emotional about this issue 'cause it's horrible.  But, ah, but, you know, it's, it's like kids who are bullied, and...all these leaders are, are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families...." and "...It's completely outrageous...." and "...It's an issue that makes me completely crazy....".  The words from Jenn Psaki showed and shows she has a warped since of what hurts kids, or, really, Jenn Pskai has warped values about life, especially for children.  Teaching and programing children to be what they are not hurts children.


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