Mark R. Levin Interviews
U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann:
The Main Topic is ACORN

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October 15, 2009
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    What is going on in the United States of America?  If I were to ask you that question, I do hope you would understand things are not going well.  In fact, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others, most of whom are tied to the Democratic Party are purposely hurting the United States of America and The U.S. Constitution, and one reason can be they want to be kings of the world (or close to it), and another reason is they have a score to settle, which might be for Barack Obama, who has shown himself to be a racist, to punish whites for all the enslaving they have done to the blacks of this country for centuries, and another reason is they are insane, which is not impossible.  On Wednesday, October 15, 2009, Mark R Levin interviewed U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (who is a Republican and a true "conservative" and who is associated with Minnesota) during the nationally syndicated radio show know as The Mark Levin Show, and the interviewed showed listeners some of what is going on in the United States of America and what some evil people are working to do to the United States of America.  This document will give you insight into a bit of what in going on in the United States of America that you will not learn about through most of the main media outlets in the country, and this document is made up a portion of the interview that Mark Levin had with Michele Bachmann, and the interview is in text form.

    Note: By the way, the main topic is ACORN, which was once an entity for which Barack Obama worked and which has been shown to be a corrupt organization, and for a little bit of information about the badness of ACORN (which is formally known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), you should see my document entitled T.H.A.T. #66, which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #66.

    Here is one portion of the interview segment:

    Mark Levin: "..You're still the number one target by Nancy Pelosi.  What does that mean, she's trying to raise money against you?"
    Michele Bachmann: "Yes she's been raising money hand over fist.  She's really serious about this.  She's made me the number one member of Congress she wants defeated next year, and they have access to money that we can't even imagine, and so she's been raising money hand over fist because she intends that I'm going to be gone next year, and, sometimes, money can do it...."

    And here is a really important portion of the interview segment:

    Michele Bachmann: "...I've been hitting hard on ACORN, and so ACORN is lining up against me.  Planned Parenthood is lining up against me.  Every, ah, left-wing organization that there is, they can't wait to get involved in this race.  SEIU, they're all going to be knocking on doors.  It's their birth creed.  I am their poster child, and I am the one they want gone next year, and they're starting early, because they're, they're bound an determined that I'm the one that's going to go."
    Mark Levin: "Well, we should start early, too.  What is your campaign Web site where people can contribute?"
    Michele Bachmann: "It is  And right on the opening page, people can make that contribution.  There are some of us, here, in D.C. that believe The Constitution, love The Constitution, agree with you, Mark, and agree that The Declaration of Independence is your national creed.  We stand by it!  And I truly believe, Mark, that the true coalition that is emerging now in our country--we are a big tent, and the fabric of our tent is made out of the very parchment of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.  We will be formidable at the polls next year!  But the Democrats have money, like, and sources to money like we have never seen.  You know Obama's three-quarter of a billion dollars was nothing to sneeze at.  We can do a lot with money, and so we at least have to fight back."
    Mark Levin: "Now, that's Michele with two 'l's.  Bachmanns, Bachmann with two 'n's.  We, are we linking to that, Mr. Producer?"
    Michele Bachmann: "It's Michele with one 'l.'"
    Mark Levin: "With one 'l.'  I apologize!  Michele Bachmann, one 'l.'  Bachmann, with two 'n's.  We're going to have it linked right.  We'll make sure of that!  Now, tell me what you discovered with ACORN?  Cause you have more information."
    Michele Bachmann: "Yeah.  I do.  Our, our staff has been digging because, ah, only the surface has been scratched on ACORN.  Just a couple of updates.  Yer, yer, your audience should know that ACORN was only defunded for one month--just the month of October.  So, on Halloween evening, when the little kids are out doing trick-or-treat, just realize the American people are having a trick played on them by Congress, because ACORN's funding--when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night--the spigot of funding turns back on, and ACORN's coffers are going to completely fill up again, so this was just a CYA ["cover your ass"] move on the part of Congress.  So, this was just a brief interlude for ACORN.  Their funding is coming back up.  But we've been trying to connect dots, Mark, because, ah--you're familiar with the Community Reinvestment Act, this connected to our economic meltdown--and that bill that Congress wrote, the federal government demanded that private banks make home loans who were really poor credit risks.  Well, banks didn't want to do that, so the Feds hung a threat over the heads of these private banks.  They said, 'Look, private banks, if don't make loans to these private, to these poor credit risks, we're going to either close your interstate branch banks, or we're not going to let you open any more, unless you play ball and make these loans to poor credit risks.  Well, one way we found out that banks could satisfy the Community Reinvestment Act and get a positive rating--'cause, remember, it's federal regulators that gives this, that give this CRA rating out to banks--one way that banks could satisfy their CRA rating would be if they would make financial donations to ACORN.  They could either make direct donations to them, they could give ACORN equipment, like in-kind donations, or they could partner with ACORN and provide mork, home-mortgage loans to poor-credit-risk people.  And we've got the evidence!  And we've sent if over to you, Mark.  Hum, I wrote a letter to our Chair of the FDIC, and told her that she needs to prohibit financial insitutions--banks--from receiving their CRA credit rating by donating or partnering with ACORN or any of its affiliates.  It's a shakedown, Mark!  This is the federal government shaking down private businesses--banks--saying, 'You play ball our way, with our favorite friends or you don't get to do business."
    Mark Levin: "Now, who's the chairman of this committee?"
    Michele Bachmann: "This is, this is Sheila Bair.  She is the head of the FDIC."
    Mark Levin: "Oh, yeah.  That's right."
    Michele Bachmann: "And, and she is the one that I'm writing this letter to.  And we have, we have a list of banks that we've sent over to you who already made financial donations to ACORN, ah, equip, equipment donations, and who agreed to be--quote--partners in making these, these loans..."
    Mark Levin: "And, and they make these payments in order to do business basically."
    Michele Bachmann: "They have to.  Yeah!  Because a bank, in order to stay in business or grow, they have [to have] a positive CRA rating--Community Reinvestment Act rating.  And this all goes back to the big lie that banks were 'red-lining'--that they didn't want to make loans to poor people or people of color, which was a lie.  It was proved to be a lie!  But banks in order to get this CRA rating--that the federal government said that they had to have--they were forced to make loans that they would never make to anybody, because they knew these people were poor credit risks!  So, our federal government forced private banks to make housing loans to people who had no chance of paying these loans back all in the name of political correctness and in order to satisfy the CRA rating.  Hum, they may have made the loans, but they also were told one way that they could satisfy was by giving money to ACORN--money or in-kind donations or partnering with them."
    Mark Levin: "And, and, you know what, Michele, Barney Frank is going to be pushing this even further.  He wants more money for the C, the Community Reinvestment Act.  He, ah, ah, they're going to restore money, as you say, to ACORN.  So, the very thing that brought down this crushing blow on the housing market, they're going to continue to fund."
    Michele Bachmann: "They're going to continue to fund, and, Mark, it's worse!  We're, we marked up a bill today in committee, and we're going to do it again tomorrow on the Consumer Financial Protection Act, and, basically, what that is, Mark--they wanna do to credits cards and to yer, your small personal loans what they did to these housing loans.  They want to force credit-card companies and banks to ge, go through a federal regulator.  And they'll set up the same kind of system where they'll force credit-card companies to give loans to people who can't pay them back so, in other words, extend credit-card debt to people who can't pay it back and extend small, ah, small loans to people who can't pay it back, creating yet one more bubble of people who can't pay their bills.  It'll be back on, ah, on the taxpayers, and, again, it will be politically correct.  And I will bet you six ways to Sunday, ACORN will be in there to.  In order for these credit-card companies to do business, they'll have to make sure their paying off ACORN.  They'll, they'll have to make sure that they are giving loans to people and credit cards to people who wouldn't otherwise quality...."
    Mark Levin: "Well, you know, it's constantly, it's constantly about redistributing wealth, because they don't care--'So what if the credit-care companies and the banks lose money.  So what if the mortgage companies lose money.  So what!  So what!  So what!'"
    Michele Bachmann: "Right."
    Mark Levin: "The people we want to get money--get money."
    Michele Bachmann: "That's right.  And we, and we have, it's, it's like a private business with their own capital isn't even allowed to act like a business anymore.  The federal government goes in and says, 'No!'  Just like Al Capone.  'You're going to do it our way.  You're going to make loans that people, we want you to make loans to.  And you gotta pay off this guy here on the corner 'cause we want you to.'  Well, what's ACORN?  ACORN has proved themselves to be nothing but a corrupt organization.  The President still hasn't called for an investigation of ACORN.  They're, they're having a phony cut-off of funds for one month.  And, yet, what are they?  So many people, Mark, say they are the electioneering arm of the Democrat Party, and they put their campaign people in cold storage in ACORN during the off season, and, then, out, and, and then force people to donate money to 'em, give money to 'em.  Taxpayer money goes to them...."

    That was about it for the interview, but Michele Bachmann did note that, in the U.S. Congress, an amnesty bill (amnesty bill for illegal aliens) in on deck next and then a climate-change bill.

    The interview shows you more about what is associated with Barack Obama and what is in Barack Obama, who acts like a thug (an earlier example of his acting like a thug can be seen in my document entitled Frank Beckmann Interviews Tom Lauria, an Attorney in Chryslsr Mess or in the document from which is comes Madness in a President and Other Matters of a Defective Mind, a link to which is at the end of this document.  You must see the document entitled THOUGHTS AND PIECES OF LOGIC for the individual woman and the individual man, since it gives information about Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae and the economic crash of 2008, and it shows how the Democratic Party was instrumental in the economic crash, and a link to this document exists at the end of this document.  And you should see the document entitled Patriots of the U.S.A. and the Counter-Counter Revolution, especially the section that focuses on Michele Bachmann, and a link to this document can be found at the end of this document.

    And now you know more that you did before, and you should pass it on for your sake and for the sake of your family and relatives, who have economy-killing missiles heading right for their faces


    Note: This document was originally posted on the Internet on October 15, 2009.

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