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    The reports and stories contained on this Web page have been put together with information taken from "The Victor Swanson Fabulous Files of Places to See in Michigan and Wisconsin" and with information obtained from operators and staffers of tourist attractions and from press releases, Web sites, and other sources.  The reports and stories are provided as a public service by Victor Swanson and The Hologlobe Press.  Almost all persons and entities, such as staffers of radio stations, may freely use the materials; neither AAA Michigan nor any employee of AAA Michigan may use, distribute, download, transmit, copy, or duplicate any of the material presented on this page in any way or through any means.

- - - Travel Thoughts for Everyone - - -

    When a person travels by car on a long drive--maybe that which covers about 400 miles in one day--with children, the person might allow the children to watch DVDs or play with hand-held electronic games, or the person might not allow such things as DVD players or hand-held electronic games on a trip, because the person wants the children to see what is around them.  When a child goes on a long trip and is not allowed to keep the eyes glued to games or movies, the child can begin to learn the scope and feel of distance and how big the planet is or--in particular for the case of this document--the size of the United States of America is.  A child who does not understand the scope and size of the planet can be easy manipulated about the ways of nature or the planet and can be easily swayed as to how the planet is quickly dieing, spurred on by people whose minds are defective because of, for one, their self-built-up fear that they are going to die very soon because people are killing the planet (which is nonsense thought).  A child who does understand the scope and size of the planet will probably have a life that is a more reality based life (by the way, anyone who travels by jet for thousands of miles can never really understand the scope and size of the planet, because a trip by jet over, maybe, thousands of miles, can take place over hours in, essentially, a closed-box-like thing).

    If I were to take a child on a long trip by car, I would not allow the child to watch movies and play electronic hand-held games on the trip, and one reason for that is I would probably talk to the child about things, such as what they are seeing on the trip, if I am able to (something could be unknown to me, as they could be to others).  If I were to take an adult on a long trip by car, I would probably talk about varied subjects, as I would with a child.  Through this edition of Michigan Travel Tips, I  am going to give hints to you about what I might talk about on a long trip.

    By the way, I care not if you are by trade a plumber, a septic-tank man, a banker, a secretary, an electrician, a writer, et cetera, since all have value if the person doing to work is honorable (because the work is honorable if the person is honorable), but, I do hope you are a gal shaped like Joi Lansing (the actress of the 1950s and 1960s, which I talked about in T.H.A.T. #61 and T.H.A.T. #62 ) who happens to be wearing a wonderfully skimpy bikini--she happens to be wearing a wonderfully skimpy bikini because her car got two flat tires on the way to the beach, and now I am helping her out (and I would not miss out on the chance).  (One way in which to see T.H.A.T. #61 and T.H.A.T. #62 is to go to the catalog page for T.H.A.T. documents, which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T..)

    Advertisement: Before we get started on our trip, I have to present a commercial; I have recently started adding commercials to Michigan Travel Tips documents, but they are commercials for which I receive no compensation.  My commercial this time urges you to get a copy of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, which is a book written by Mark R. Levin.  This book will help you understand better what Barack Obama is--a person who is purposely working to hurt the country, even though he is the president of the country--but the book is really about enslavers--politicians--who do not believe in the values of The U.S. Constitution and how The U.S. Constitution is designed to limit the power of the government, especially a dictator type, over the individual (the citizen).  Remember: In the United States of America, it is each individual who owns the government and not the government that owns the citizens, the latter of which is what Barack Obama wants and is pushing for.

    A talk while on a trip would begin with small things or simple subjects, which would most likely get to things to see in Michigan.  I would have to note that the River of History Museum is open again this season at Sault Ste. Marie, but it is at a new location or building in Sault Ste. Marie.  I would also note that the management of the Detroit Historical Museum set July 2009 as a month during which there is free admission to the museum.  And I would have to report that work was done to complete the bicycle trail between Forty Mile Point Lighthouse and Hoeft State Park, and now the full length of the bicycle trail is between Forty Mile Point Lighthouse and Rogers City, and I would have to note that it would be a waste of money to make a bicycle trail between Forty Mile Point Lighthouse and Cheboygan, since the shoulder of US-23 is good enough and since few people bicycle between Cheboygan and Forty Mile Point Lighthouse and there is, really, not a lot of vehicle traffic on US-23 between those two places.

    I would have to make a little comment that attacks the nuts of the manmade-climate-change movement, especially Al Gore.  I know that the waters of Lake Huron, especially the waters of Hammond Bay are much higher than they were last year at this time--at least eight inches higher, if not about ten-inches higher.  I can say that Lake Huron is killing plants because the water is higher. Especially, I can say that the water is higher at the shoreline of Hammond Bay, and water is washing out the sand around the roots of plants, such as small trees, that have been able to grow up during the lower water levels of the last three years at least.  When the sand is washed out from the roots of plants, the plants fall over and are washed away.  I have talked with people who have vacationed or lived in the Hammond Bay area since the 1960s, when the water level of Hammond Bay and Lake Huron were much, much higher.  Generally speaking, from the 1960s to a few years ago, the water level of Lake Huron went down, though there were probably slight ups at times, and that is simply the way of nature.  Because of the amount of recent rain or snow, the water level goes up and down and up and down over decades.  And that is life, and that is nature, and Al Gore is a nut of nature who is pushing the idea that manmade carbon-dioxide emissions are killing the planet and that the country should have a "cap-and-trade" system, which is a tax system. (You should see my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which can be reached by using this link: Carbon.)

    I would talk about my evening at the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum on July 4, 2009.  I did volunteer work there from five in the afternoon till a little after eight in the evening, and I met a number of visitors, one of whom had worked on the Mackinaw from 1969 to 1971 as an electrician, and he told me a number of things about the way the ship was while he was on it, and I have written up information about his visit in a document that volunteers get to use as a study guide.  A little after ten in the evening, I was on the starboard recreation deck (which is on Level 02), and I watched the fireworks show given at Mackinaw City by the city.  The fireworks were set off a few hundred feet to the south of The Mackinaw, and that means I was really close to them, and, sometimes, the fireworks exploded almost right over head.  It was a nearly full moon night, which was a little cold (I wore a sweatshirt with a hood), and because the moon was in the sky at about the place where the fireworks were exploding in the sky, the moon was sometimes right in the middle of an explosion, and it looked as if the moon was exploding.  That was specially neat to see.

    Oh, I would have to backtrack.  Earlier in the day, in the twelve-noon hour, I was in Onaway, which is in Presque Isle Country of the Lower Peninsula, to see a parade.  It was a parade in which Tom Moran of Moran Iron Works unveiled another annual metal sculpture, and this year the sculpture was the head of Abraham Lincoln.  During the parade, one group of participants held a sign that announced that a "tea party" was scheduled to be held at 2:30 p.m. at Onaway, and I had to yell out that I could not attend since I had to get up to the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum.

    I would, here, have to note some information.  On Sunday evening, July 5, 2009, I heard Jerome Corsi, who wrote The Obama Nation (a book that shows the bad about Barack Obama) on The Billy Cunningham Show, which is a syndicated radio show and which I was able to hear on WJR-AM (Detroit, Michigan) and WLW-AM (Cleveland, Ohio).  Jerome Corsi, who is associated with WorldNetDaily, reported that WorldNetDaily knew of about 2,000 "tea parties" that were held over the roughly July Fourth holiday.  That is at least 1,000 more "tea parties" than the number of "tea parties" (which are protests against Barack Obama, Barack Obama's push for socialism for the country, and his push to be the dictator of the country) that had taken place on April 15, 2009.

    I would have to bring up the subject of "cap and trade" again, since I have found few people know what the "cap-and'trade" idea is.  In essence, it is a massive tax idea being pushed through the U.S. Congress by Barack Obama and mostly Democrats in the U.S.House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  The idea is being pushed through what is known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act (or, informally, the Waxman-Markey Bill), and it is very, very bad, and it will be very, very bad for the country if it becomes law.  The legislation is nonsense.  For example, one of the features is that it will raise the cost of energy, but the promoters of the bill have a provision in the legislation in which low-income people would be paid a monthly check to off set the cost.  That is "socialist" crap, and that is what Barack Obama believes in--taking money from people (through high taxes) and giving it to others.  Of course, Barack Obama hates the United States of America, is a racist, and is purposely working to harm the United States of America.  I say that a lot of people cannot believe Barack Obama---a president--would purposely want to hurt the United States of America, but I would pronounce it is true, and I would pass along my documents that give evidence of what he is, such as Nonsense Statements and Quotations of Barack Obama; A Little History of Barack Obama Events: A Show of Deconstruction; "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense; Madness in a President and Other Matters of a Defective Mind; and National Health Care and Mass Failure: The Reasons it is a Dead Issue. I would say all those documents and others exist at the Web Site for The Hologlobe Press.

    Announcement: In T.H.A.T. #59 (published on March 10, 2009), I noted that the national-health-care system in the United Kingdom, which is a socialist system, is a failure and a disaster, and, again, I note you should see T.H.A.T. #59, which can be reached by using this link: T.H.A.T. #59, and you should see the numerous articles about the failure of the national-health-care system of the United Kingdom, which note, for instance, the lack of care for the elderly and the lack of dentists, by seeing Liberty-page.com, which can be reached by hitting this link: Liberty-page.com).

    I might change the subject for a moment, getting off of Barack Obama.  On Saturday, June 13, 2009, I attended a free barbershop concert at the band shell near the marina for Rogers City (of Presque Isle County of the Lower Peninsula).  The event drew about one-hundred-fifty persons or so.  The concert began with a special presentation by "The Silent Singers," which is made up of about 15 children who do sign language to recordings, which happened to be patriot songs.  Then, about two-dozen men gave a barbershop concert; there was the full group, and some of the men did work as small groups.  I suggest that, while you travel in Michigan, you should watch for information about free or fairly inexpensive concerts that will be presented at such places as gazebos and small band shells of small towns and villages this summer.

    I would have to talk about the monopolistic health-care-system that Barack Obama is trying to put the country into so that it will hurt the country and people.  It is a way for him to achieve his goal to hurt the United States of America, and many people in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are following along.  It will be expensive for the country, it will put doctors and dentists and other health-care workers out of work, and it will cause rationing of health care, as goes on with the national health-care systems in such places at England and Canada.  The creation of a national health-care system by Barack Obama, who dislikes the United States of American, certainly would not be a good idea--really, he would not put something good together for the country.  Anyway, the health-care industry in the country needs not to be scrapped; it only needs some repairs, one of which would be to reduce the amounts of malpractice awards of court cases.

    I would have to say--Notice how Barack Obama is not giving members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate time to read legislation, such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, before they are forced to vote on the legislation, which is done so that Barack Obama can put into law a lot of bad things, which will hurt the country.

    I would say, "Barack Obama is nuts and is quite insane, since he is working to hurt millions of people, some of whom have already been the bond holders of the original Chrysler and General Motors Corporation, who were intimated and coerced into accepting low amounts on the dollar over the U.A.W. management during the bankruptcy messes, which were pushed on the car companies by the federal government, which now owns part of the companies and, with Barack Obama in charge, will probably work to own more."

    Oh, it would come to mind that illegal aliens would be able to get free health care if the national health-care system is set up, not that some illegal aliens cannot already get free health care, which is offered to children through the revised SCHIP program (the State Children's Health Insurance Program), which was adjusted through a federal act early in the year (Febuary 4, 2009).  Can you imagine how bad it would be to offer free health care to illegal aliens?  Anybody could come into the country, by crossing the boarders, and get free health care!  That would help destroy the economy of the country, which is what Barack Obama wants!

    And I would have talk about the immigration bill that is being pushed through the U.S. Congress, which will allow illegal aliens to, in essence, become citizens immediately, and the bill makes it so that federal money--money from you--can be used by illegal aliens to defend themselves in U.S. courts, and both features, especially the latter presented, are very, very bad for the country.

    At this point, the information presented should make you angry, and I have barely covered all the bad points about the pieces of legislation that Barack Obama is trying to pass into law, and, by the way, the American Clean Energy and Security Act passed through the U.S. House of Representatives through the voting process on Friday, June 26, 2009, and the bill is now associated with the U.S. Senate, and if the bill does not pass, Barack Obama can use the Environmental Protection Agency (or the EPA) to enact laws that will do the same as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, and that process is being fought by some Americans, such as those associated with the Landmark Legal Foundation, which needs your support, such as through contribution. At this point, you would be better off and the country would be better off, if you made donations to the Landmark Legal Foundation than to nonprofit groups that promote global-warming/climate-change legislation!

    The Landmark Legal Foundation is made up of lawyers, such as Mark R. Levin (of The Mark Levin Show, a nationally syndicated radio show), who fight in court against those who do not uphold The U.S. Constitution and the rule of law for the country, and the Landmark Legal Foundation fights for the rights of the individual and against Marxists, communists, and the like.

    I would have to say that I put together a document entitled Enemies of the United States of America: Politicians Who Have Hurt You and Your Family by Voting "Yes" on Bad Federal Bills, which can be reached by using the Enemies link, and the document shows which politicians voted for federal acts that are hurting the United States of America and future generations in the country, whatever it becomes, if allowed to become something else by Barack Obama.

    About here, we would be at some sort of destination, and I would hope that you would be happy that I was willing to tell you about the things that I told you about, especially the bad things that are going on in politics, in this day and age when it is not "politics as usual."  I would have to say that the Waxman-Markey Bill also has provisions to make rules of homeowners' associations useless, to force people to upgrade windows and other fixtures in a house that are for sale if they do not meet federal energy standards, and to allow the provisions about windows and such to be changed on a whim (which would mean a person could spend money making changes and then, the next day, the person would find that the rules were changed and would have to spend more money to meet the new standards, which sucks money out of homeowners), and I would have to say that "cap and trade" bill will surely lead to corruption--big money will be siphoned off from the program--and I would hint at how big the federal government will have to grow to administer the new program.  I would have to note how Barack Obama sided with a hope-to-be dictator in Honduras recently (because of the Honduran constitution, which only allowed a person to be the president for two terms, the military stopped the man from taking a third term, but Barack Obama sided with the man), and I would have to say that I see that Barack Obama would try to do the same thing--be the president of the United States of America for life--and I think he is going to try something to make it happen.  What is really bad is Barack Obama will probably tie the United States of America to an international agreements related to manmade global warming/climate change that will force each citizen in the United States of America to follow international standards about emitting carbon dioxide, which will force the citizen to have to cut back on doing everything related to carbon dioxide--cooking, driving, et cetera--and such agreements will surplant established laws of the United States of America, such as The U.S. Constitution.  I would have to talk about Barack Obama's agreement at the G-8 meeting in Italy on Wednesday, July 8, 2009, in which it was agreed in principle that members would work to stop the Earth from heating up over 3.6 degrees (Fahrenheit) by 2020, and I would have to say that that is a sign of insanity in Barack Obama.  And I would have to say, because of Barack Obama and his dangerous associates, the country is in deep trouble and....

    (By the way, I am looking for real "hope and change," and, maybe, the bikini gal is going to a nude beach, where only a bunch of great smart gals are, and, maybe, she will give me an invitation to come along; I certainly do not want Barack Obama's crappy "hope and change."  How is that "hope and change" doing for you?)

    P.S. #1: Remember: Teach your children or grandchildren that they should never pledge to be a "servant to Obama" or a servant to any politician, which was a subject that I first passed along in the publication entitled T.H.A.T. #58, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #58.

    P.S. #2: You should see my document entitled "CAP AND TRADE" and Carbon Dioxide Facts and Nonsense, which can be reached by using this link: Carbon.

    Your travel tip of Michigan in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips is:

    The Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit, Wayne Country, the Lower Peninsula.

    The River of History Museum, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa County, the Upper Peninsula.

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