Frank Beckmann of WJR-AM
Interviews Tom Lauria,
an Attorney in Chrysler Mess


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April 9, 2013
(Version 2)

    On Friday, May 1, 2009, I was able to record audio of an interview that took place on WJR-AM (Detroit, Michigan) between Frank Beckmann (of The Frank Beckmann Show) and a lawyer for a few hedge funds involved in the Chrysler mess, and the interview took place on this day, early in the day, but the recording that I got was from The Mark Levin Show, which was able to get a copy of the audio from WJR-AM and play it in the evening (however, Mark Levin only played the first two-minutes-and-twenty-five seconds of what was about a ten-minute interview).  The hedge funds, which are not illegal or bad, did not want to give up their rights to receiving money that was due them, and they were "hold-outs" in the Chrysler reorganization/bankruptcy mess.  Here is the opening portion of the interview:
    Frank Beckmann: "...A bankruptcy attorney representing some of these people--attorney at White and Case offices, New York and Miami, is Tom Lauria, who is on the other end of our line this morning.  Tom, good morning!"
    Tom Lauria: "Good morning."
    Frank Beckmann: "So what's the matter with your vulture clients who were so greedy and selfish, why won't they go along with this?"
    Tom Lauria: "Well, ah, they bought a contract that said that they get paid before anybody else does from Chrysler, and they have been told by the government [the federal government] who is in complete control of Chrysler--oddly enough--that, despite their contractual right, ah, they do not get paid before everybody else, so they are standing on their rights, standing on the law, trying to defend in effect what is The Constitution of the United States to make sure that they get what they're entitled to for their investors."
    Frank Beckmann: "Tom, let me make the argument against you, ah, in, in another way.  That we've heard the President say this 'I wouldn't want to stand on their side."  Ron Gettelfinger said, 'Everybody else has, has made concessions--these people won't, they're greedy.' Ah, why not take a concession that is being asked of everybody else and accepted of everybody else, including other hedge funds that had to have bought some of these bonds in Chrysler?"
    Tom Lauria: "Well, that's a great question, because, let me tell you, it's not fun standing, ah, on this side of the fence, ah, opposing, ah, the President of the United States.  Ah, in fact, let me just say, you know, people have asked me, ah, who I represent, and that's, ah, ah, a moving target.  Ah, I can tell you for sure I represent one less, ah, investor today than I represented yesterday.  Ah, one of my clients was directly threatened by the White House, ah, and, in, in essence, compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under, under, ah, threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight.  That, that's how hard it is to stand on this side of the fence."
    There is more to the interview, but you should already be able to see through what is presented that Barack Obama is using force and is using intimidation and is using coersive tactics to attack the management teams of hedge funds, which, for one, have investments of a lot of people, even average people, who are hoping to make money for retirement years or whatever, so, again, Barack Obama attacked the citizens of the country, and Barack Obama is attacking the individual in this country--and you are one of the individuals.  (Remember: See the document of mine that is entitled  Never Forget These Media "Darlings" ?: A Guide for the Individual in the United States of America.)

    P.S. #1: By the way, on Thursday, April 30, 2009, Barack Obama made this comment: "...A group of investment groups and hedge funds decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout.  They were hoping everybody else would make sacrifices and they would have to make none.  Some demanded twice the return that other lenders were getting.  I don't stand with them!  I don't stand with those who held out when everybody else is sacrificing...."  (Notice how Barack Obama lied.  The investment groups and hedge funds were threatened.  The federal government, which put money into Chrysler, did not threaten itself.  And since the UAW was not a real investor, like the investment groups and the hedge funds, which are made up of all types of people, even people who can be secretaries, cooks, and auto workers who made investments in Chrysler, it was not threatened, and it looks as if the UAW will control about fifty-five percent of Chrysler now.  Remember: Barack Obama pressured and used coercion on the investment groups and the hedge funds to take over a company and give it to the UAW management.)


Note: In essence, this document is one portion of the document entitled Madness in a President and Other Matters of a Defective Mind, which can be reached at this link: Madness.

Note: The first version of this document was posted on the Internet on Saturday, May 2, 2009, and this version was posted on the Internet on Monday, May 4, 2009.

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