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    In Michigan, people can find countless places at which to be to think and contemplate. A person can walk along a deserted beach area or nearly deserted beach area, while listening to the waves endlessly splashing up on shore.  A person can sit near a small patch of wildflowers out in a wooded area along a hiking trail.  A person can walk down the middle of a rarely used dirt-and-gravel road, maybe lined by old pine, cedar, and birch trees.  A person can sit on a hill of a little golf course after midnight with the full moon above.  A person can sit in a small aluminum flat-bottomed fishing boat in a pond, home to an endless number of lily pads.

    I often wonder while walking what other Michiganians think about when visiting places where they can think about things or contempt matters, and I wonder if they wonder about these matters or things:

    Based on policies and ideas presented in speeches and talks, Barack Obama can be likened to a hard socialist, and he was elected the president of the United States of America (evidence that shows his hard socialist leanings can be found on the Internet (such as in documents with excerpts of his speeches that exist at the Web site of The Hologlobe Press, one of which is entitled Political Lessons for the Individual Woman and the Individual Man in the United States of America).
    During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama made it clear he wanted to create a new national security force in the country, which would be as well funded as the current military force, which would, of course, be mostly away from the mainland of the country and which would be unable to take on the new national security force quickly if the national security force were--under Barack Obama's direction--directed to secure, for example, cities.  (It would not surprise me if the "Nation of Islam," headed by Reverend Louis Farrakhan (a radical), would be involved in the national security force, especially since Reverend Louis Farrakhan is based in Chicago, as has been Barack Obama, and since Reverend Louis Farrakhan did endorse Barack Obama for president of the United States of America.  If you have ever seen Reverend Louis Farrakhan in video clips or live, I am sure you have seen his entourage, which looks as if it is made up of thugs.)
    A good number of people in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where the economy is struggling greatly, voted for Barack Obama, and Barack Obama is not a person with any ties to rural areas, especially the rural areas of  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan--Barack Obama has ties to big urban areas, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Washington, D.C., where there are big population groups that, in the future, can be controlled, and if any money is going to be distributed out to Michigan from the federal government, the money is more likely to go to such places in Michigan as Detroit and Flint, and then the people in the Upper Peninsula will really know what it is like to be forgotten, except when taxes are called for by Barack Obama.
    Tourism has been important in Michigan for many decades, and, generally speaking, it has been around the third biggest draw of money for the state for decades, and if the country should go to all these electric cars, which cannot travel as far as regular cars can, tourism will drop even more, especially for business people in the Upper Peninsula--vacationers will not be able to easily travel for days, maybe putting on hundreds of miles of work on their cars every day to see things--from Copper Harbor to St. Joseph--and that will result in tourist attractions having to cut back in what is done or having to close, and all the little museums and such will be hurt, and all these electric cars will have to have change in battery units (made up of numerous small batteries) every several years or so at high costs, and that will hurt the used-car industry and will reduce the number of cars that a family will be able to have, and people will not be able to run, for example, an old vehicle really inexpensively for years and years.
    Of course, being a community organizer with no business experience, Barack Obama should be able to create new industry in the state to bring in revenue that will make up for what will be lost, but, of course, the automobile industry will be so much smaller--not only the car companies but also the related companies, such as the hydraulic and broaching machine shops and the small parts companies.
    Under Jennifer Granholm's leadership as governor of Michigan, Michigan will become an important film center--she is probably hoping to make Detroit like Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada), which started to take off as production centers in the 1980s, which was some two-decades ago--but, of course, the film industry is a fickle business, and, for the decades to come, Michigan does not offer a real reason for film makers, such as stars, to leave such states as California, which--now in a big, big financial crisis--will very likely do everything possible now to stop production people from leaving California and going to Michigan and other states.
    The graduation rate for males in high school in Detroit is somewhere below fifty percent (the number is hard for me to determine, since a number of figures have been publicly announced in recent months that show a range of percentages below fifty percent), and Detroit has a large under-educated and poorly educated community, and the school district of Detroit has been in debt for years (and the city is in bad financial straits), and Barack Obama is going to make education an important feature of his presidency, but, for years, since 1970s, the mayors of Detroit have said that they will make education important and use money to make things better, and, by the way, it has been since the 1970s, that discipline has been let go in Detroit schools, and good teachers are certainly afraid to head to Detroit to work--after a while, good teachers get tired of fearing for their safety--and so it is very likely that it will take several generations at least to make the school system of Detroit useful and reliable.
    In the 1990s, during the Bill Clinton presidential period, the commercial Internet boom took place--or, at least, it did till the very late 1990s when the "bubble" burst or it was discovered that a lot of Internet companies were not really making any money, so investors lost money (because companies were over valued), and then the President George Bush administration began with the country already in a down turn (to see more about the down turn, see "Thought Number Seven" in the document entitled THOUGHTS AND STATEMENTS ABOUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for the individual woman and the individual man, which can be reached by hitting this link: Thoughts), and then came the Enron Corporation debacle, and there was also the attack on the country (such as the World Trade Center), and there was the war in Iraq, which got opposed greatly by some Democrats, such as U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (of Massachusetts), which probably helped to prolong the war and get Americans unnecessarily killed, and through the first eight years or so of the twenty-first century, more and more jobs were disappearing in the country, as people demanded cheaper priced and cheaper quality products made elsewhere, and more and more bad mortgage loans related to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were being put in the marketplace and were turned into mortgage-loan-related investment vehicles--defective mortgage-loan-related investment vehicles--and, in about 2006, home prices were falling or people were forfeiting on their mortgage-loan obligations (to learn information about the problems at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that brought on the big economic mess of at least 2008, you should see the document entitled THOUGHTS AND PIECES OF LOGIC for the individual woman and the individual man, which can be reached by hitting this link: Logic).
    Many big name reporters and news organizations failed to report on what Barack Obama was or is during 2007 and 2008, and, for instance, people learned very little of his history (to see more about big name reporters and news organizations involved, you should see T.H.A.T. #55, which can be reached through this link: T.H.A.T. #55).
    The biggest problem is many people in Michigan probably cannot take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down an explanation of how and why the financial crisis of 2008 came about, having been given little information to work with or taking little time to try to find information to work with, and, for instance, a friend of mine received a telephone call from an economics student at Michigan State University a few days before the election who was asking for donations to the university, and the student did not know about the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae connections to the economic problems of 2008, and a person that I met at a storage-area company on the day after the election thought that President George Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney had something to do with the recent drop in gasoline prices, though the person could not come up with a cause created by or action done by George Bush or Dick Cheney that could have resulted in a drop in prices, and the person at the storage-area company thought that it was George Bush who appointed U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi (a Democrat from California) as "Speaker of the House" (in essence, the head of the U.S. House of Representatives).
    I met several people in Michigan during the few days before the election who said that I should make the document entitled A Collection of Words--Just Words--That Show Dangerous People much shorter, because people are not going to read much, and I did tell them that presenting a short explanation would not tell the story that had to be told, and I wonder how many other Michiganians are stupid about Barack Obama because that they could not fight through more than a few short paragraphs or snippet-bits of writing about Barack Obama (to see A Collection of Words--Just Words--That Show Dangerous People, you can use this link: Words).
    Even before the election took place, there had been hints that the Barack Obama administration would be involved in having the federal government take over private retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans, from the citizens who have them, and, after the election, more hints that the private retirement plans would be converted to federally controlled retirement plans showed up, and if the plans were converted from privately controlled (by the citizens) to federally controlled, the federal government would control more of a persons's life, persons could not make decisions about where to put retirement money for investment returns, and, in essence, persons could not make decisions about which industries to invest in or not to invest in or support or not support (by making the investments) or persons could not make decisions about what companies to invest in or support, which is a better way to weed out bad businesses, and if things were right with Barack Obama, no talk or hint about taking over private retirement plans would ever take place, since there is no reason to take over the plans, and the federal government's taking over the plans would be an attack against the individual citizen in the country, and, really, there is no good reason for the government to take over the private retirement plans of individuals unless the people who wish to take them over are seeking to do the individual citizens harm and even enslave them to government.
    There is the issue of volunteer work. There are hints that rules will be set up forcing people to do a minimum amount of volunteer work, and, so far, it looks as if the requirement might only be for children and teenagers and retirees.  Of course, if a retiree--who is physically able--refuses to take part, will that person lose some Social Security benefits as a punishment or will there be another type of punishment?  Someone will have to keep records on this mess, and that will cost time in the lives of individuals and will cost money (which will take money away from other things, such as making things).  And it might even result to some entities deciding where a person will have to do volunteer work; for example, someone in a suburb of Detroit might be required to head in to Detroit, which is a dead city, to do work.  (During at least a part of the weekend of November 1-2, 2008, people were able to find this text at "change.gov" (which was related to Barack Obama): "...Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America by developing a plan to require fifty hours of community service in middle school and high school and a hundred hours of community service in college every year....")
    Is not e-mail and text-messaging wonderful?  Young children and teenagers are being conditioned to use non-sentences and non-words on a regular basis and put together only short bits of thought, such as "R U Ok" (instead of "Are you Okay?"). Young children and teenagers are getting mentally weak and are reaching a state in which they can be mentally broken easily..
    Oh, and there is the matter of the Internet and information.  I have been telling people for years--In essence, you cannot call up what you do not know through the Internet.  Consider: If you have a big dictionary, such as Webster's Third New International Dictionary, you can make a conscience effort to turn to any page and learn something that you do not know, or you can let the book flop open to a page and learn something that you do not know.  With the Internet, you use "keywords" to call up something, but how do you call up what you do not know the name of or have the keyword for?  Try to get quotations of Barack Obama if you do not know what quotations he made or what words he used.
    Barack Obama did not voluntarily show official documents related to his birth and schooling and such, as other candidates--even Hillary Clinton--have done in the past, and so there is little real information available publicly about Barack Obama, who it can be argued well by me is not being forthright and seems to be hiding information.  Ask someone what they know about Barack Obama.  No good answer or detailed answer will be given, and that is bad.
    During the election campaign, Barack Obama hinted through speeches that he wished to help Third World countries more, and that help would cost money, such as money taken from the people of Michigan, and the taking of money from people in Michigan would put Michigan is a bigger financial hole.  Why should the individuals of Michigan support countries or peoples in, for instance, Africa that have histories related to centuries of tribal rules or related to governments with kings and queens or related to governments with dictators and that have created nothing and have not gone anywhere on their own because of  their political systems, which are not based on "the individual" and which are based on supporting a particular individual.
    I wonder how many people do not think about "cause and effect."  When you turn on light switch, a light bulb goes on (unless the light bulb is defective or broken), but, really, there is a lag time (unnoticable to the person using the switch)--in essence, the electrons on the wire do not move instantlaneously.  The "cause" is hitting the light switch, and the "effect" is a lighted light bulb. There is a "lag" time between "cause" and "effect," and the bigger or more complex the issue is, the greater the "lag" time is.  For example, the economic crisis of 2008 did not happen instantly--the crisis is related to events that were set in place over several decades, but the problems at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae--the decline in money values--triggered the economic crisis.  The economy of the country does not get bad instantly, and the economy of the country can not get good instantly, such as in months, and it can only get better if all businesses are allowed to operate freely.  During the election campaign, many people did not used the words "why" and "how" and "what" and "where" it seems, and many people did not ask for real facts and figures and see calculations that showed facts and figures.  "What" does giving 95% of the people a tax break result in?  "Why" does giving more taxes to people with incomes of more than $250,000 solve the economic crisis, or "why" does giving more taxes to people with incomes of more than $150,000 (which was later used by Barack Obama, as were lower numbers) solve the economic crisis?  "How" can Barack Obama offer more money to other countries, and "where" does the money for the countries come from?
    Hum.  Yup.

    Yes, I do wonder what people think about and contemplate on when they are in Michigan.

    Your travel tips in Michigan in this edition of Michigan Travel Tips are:

    Places where you can think and contemplate.

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