Here I Bomb and Destroy
Article by Vladimir Putin "On the Historical Unity
of Russians and Ukrainians"
(July 21, 2021)


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April 21, 2022
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    On March 22, 2022, I took yet another long-distance drive in Michigan of the United States of America, which was a drive set at about 270 miles, and during the trip, I listened to the radio, and at one point during the trip, I listened to The Mark Levin Show (a nationally syndicated radio show, which around the time of history was regularly aired on weekdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Detroit time) where I was traveling).  For a while, Mark R. Levin read words contained in a document called (at least) Article by Vladimir Putin "On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians", which I later on the day found at "en.kremlin/eu/events/president/news/66181" of the Internet.  What Mark R. Levin read did not impress me, given it was supposedly written by Vladimir Putin, whom I knew has been a perpetual liar, not unlike Joseph Biden and Barack Hussein Obama (supporters of communism and socialism and progressivism and like rotten political ideas and systems), and also the material was nothing more than a collection of historical incidents (which may or may not be totally accurate).  When I saw the document on the Internet (in English, by the way) on the evening of the day, I found the document to be a fluff piece that worked to sell the idea that, for one, Ukraine belongs to Russia, and, really, it was a document that showed me Vladimir Putin--then the current president of Ukraine--believes Ukraine should belong to him.  What logic about the ties between Russia and Ukraine that the document attributed to Vladimir Putin worked to push forth was something that I felt I could bomb and destroy easily.  The document attributed to Vladimir Putin pushed out the ideas that, in essence, Russians and Ukrainians have ties to one language and that Kiev was like the center of "Ancient Rus" and that the two groups have ties to a "common faith" and that the two groups have ties to a similar "economic system".  The document attributed to Vladimir Putin had this line--"...Therefore, modern Ukraine is entirely the product of the Soviet era....".  It was all nonsense from Vladimir Putin.  Consider some logic from me.  Look at a family unit, with a father, a mother, and some children.  The father can go nutty and regularly beat the children, till the children are able to stop the beatings or leave, and a mother can be so controlling over a daughter and whom the daughter may date that the daughter finally abandons the family and leaves.  The father and mother can be good, and yet children leave to set up their own adult lives and living areas.  Yes, the members of the family are tied together in history and language and culture and faith as a rule, but there comes a time when people go their ways, and it may be to escape rotten ways of life, and those who leave may set up better rules of living for themselves and their relatives yet to be born, such as over the next decades or even centuries.  In the long run, the father and the mother of a family do not own--like property--their children once the children become adults or leave.  I contend the rulers of a country do not own their citizens, though socialists and communists and the like push the issue that they do and can do what they wish with their citizens, and, certainly, the rulers of a land mass of some type do not own the citizens who might live on the land mass in centuries beyond the days of living of the rulers, or the country that exists on a land mass does not own the citizens who might be on the land in centuries to come.  It is up to the people on a land mass to determine--if possible--what country or like thing that they will have at any given moment of time.  In essence, when the Soviet Union fell part because the ways of communism and socialism and progressivism bombed, the people tied to the land known as Ukraine left to have and run their lives, and many worked to have a country more based on democracy; one of the reasons for leaving is tied to history, such as that of circa 1933, when, in essence, Russians starved and killed people of the land that is known as Ukraine today (something that was not mentioned in the Vladimir Putin document).  The history information presented in the Vladimir Putin document has no value!  Just because two groups people have some genetic ties or ethnic ties going back to the 1600s, which the Vladimir Putin document talked about, it does not make one group the owner of the other, especially when the ways of life being pushed by one group on the other are rotten.  The final paragraph in the Vladimir Putin material is--"Today these words may be perceived by some people with hostility.  They can be interpreted in many possible ways.  Yet, many people will hear me.  And I will say one thing--Russia has never been and will never be 'anti-Ukraine'.  And what Ukraine will--it is up to its citizens to decide."  Hold it!  Years ago, I learned through a book entitled Modern American Usage (by Wilson Follett at least) that, as a rule, if a reader has to read something more than once to understand what the writer was trying to convey, then the writer has failed, but a reader may read something more than once if the something is profound.  Really, if the writer of the Vladimir Putin document was a good writer, there would have been no reason to note that the words might "be interpreted in many possible ways"--The meaning of the document would be clear and concrete.  A person can deduce from the material attributed to Vladimir Putin that Vladimir Putin wishes to reconstitute the Soviet Union or, really, "Ancient Rus" (which would include a number of lands that are defined today as various countries, one of which would be Poland).  The last line that is being attributed to Vladimir Putin is (as I show again)--"...And what Ukraine will--it is up to its citizens to decide."  And on February 21, 2022, Russia began to attack Ukraine with bombs and missiles and tanks and artillery and soldiers, and that shows that it will be the people in Ukraine who will decide (sort of), or it shows what Ukrainians remain on the land will decide (given hundreds of thousands will be gone, having had to leave by force), and they will decide after being beaten into deciding to come under the will of Vladimir Putin and be under the thumb of Vladimir Putin.  The document attributed to Vladimir Putin shows no evidence of why Ukraine should be a part of Russia today or why Russia--Vladimir Putin--should get to have Ukraine or why Ukraine must be tied governmentally to Russia.  The document is nothing from a nothing mind!

    P.S.: Vladimir Putin has pushed forth the idea that Russians and Ukrainians have a shared history and are tied together by history, such as language, and he has pushed forth the idea that Ukrainians then are really today a part of Russia and the land of Ukraine belongs with Russia.  Look at his theme more carefully.  Vladimir Putin forgets that, with a man and a woman related in marriage, the marriage can be dissolved, and that is "divorce," and, in other ways, people can divorce themselves from other people, such as bad politicians (who are killers) or bad governments--people do not own other people and governments (headed by people) do not own people or other people, so people can leave a country or leave a country behind and create a new one or join another one.  So, Ukrainians divorced themselves from Russia some years ago.  Vladimir Putin has pushed out the idea that the Ukraine territory should be joined back with Russia because of the ties of the two peoples, and that means to Vladimiri Putin that Vladimir Putin can do the joining or rejoining in any way necessary or by any way he wishes, such as by killing thousands (his subjects (as soldiers in battle) and the people of Ukraine) and destroying things and pushing people to other lands.  That is idiocy and evil!  Vladimir Putin--to make a whole bigger or make a country happily whole again (as he determines it to be)--can kill those who do not want to join his idiocy.  Yes, Vladimir Putin gets to kill to make people join him and make him free to have them as subjects!  When a person has to kill to get people to join the person under the person's government, it is rottenness, and the person must be treated as a killer.  The so-called logic from Vladimir Putin is nonsense, but that what you get from the socialist and the communist and the progressive and the liberal and the Marxist, and such a person--an "enslavist"--must be stopped.  By the way, Joseph Biden supports and pushes for socialism and communism and progressivism and liberalism and Marxism for the United States of America.


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