The Arraignment of Donald J. Trump--
Another Television Propaganda Event
from the Enslavists (the Democrats)


Victor Edward Swanson,

The Hologlobe Press

Version One
(April 5, 2023)

    Many persons in the main media of the United States of America support the installation of communism and socialism and progressivism and liberalism--enslavism forms of government--into the society of the country, and the proof has existed for at least the first two decades of the current century.  For example, the staffers of such television networks as ABC-TV, CBS-TV, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC-TV did all they could to degrade Donald J. Trump through television events in the period, such as through television coverage of the sessions held in public by the Select Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol, and I watched many of the television events and wrote about them, and documents that show the rotten of the television events exist at the website for The Hologlobe Press.  Now, I have yet another document that shows the rottenness of many persons in the press, and it focuses on the arraignment of Donald J. Trump, the first U.S. president (former or present) to be indicted by a grand jury and arraigned in a court.
    On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, television networks were in New York City, New York, to cover Donald J. Trump's showing up for an arraignment tied to New York County, and I caught coverage by ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News, but more networks than ABC-TV, CBS-TV, and NBC-TV covered the event.  Here were the hosts for the three commercial broadcast networks--David Muir (ABC News), Norah O'Donnell (CBS News), and Lester Holt (NBC News).  Here is a list of the people who I was able to identify as being a part of the coverage--Dan Abrams (ABC News), Danny Cevallos (NBC News), Catherine Christian (for NBC News), Robert Costa (CBS News), Jonathan Dienst (for NBC News), Major Garrett (CBS News), Jerry Goldfeder (for CBS), Gabe Gutierrez (NBC News), Hallie Jackson (NBC News), Laura Jarrett (NBC News), Jonathan Karl (ABC News), Aaron Katersky (ABC News), Graham Kates (CBS News), Katie Klieman (CBS News), Scott Macfarlane (CBS News), Jeff Pegues (CBS News), Adam Reiss (NBC News), Chuck Rosenberg (NBC News), Olivia Rubin (ABC News), John Santucci (ABC News), Pierre Thomas (ABC News), Chuck Todd (NBC News), Mark Updegrove (ABC News), and Kristen Welker (NBC News).  Since I switched back and forth among the networks, I might have missed someone who took part.
    At least those whom have I listed were a part of the nonsense procedures, the overall goal of which was to tarnish the image of Donald J. Trump, especially by showing Donald J. Trump in slow-motion shots at the courtroom entrance.  Mostly, the networks showed the police standing outside the door to the courtroom proper, which was on the 15th floor of the courthouse building, but, in the end, the networks spent a lot of time following the motorcade (with Donald J. Trump) going from the courthouse building to the airport.  One of the most angry looking--or freaky looking--reporters was Dan Abrams.  The person who showed off his rottenness the best was Chris Christie (a politician who has run for the U.S. presidency and may run again), who calls himself a "Republican," and I state that Chris Christie once again showed his rotten nature by taking part in the coverage of the event, which was done specifically for ABC News, and Chris Christie showed his lack of common sense by taking part, unless he wants to run as a Democrat in the future.  Also taking part in the ABC News coverage was Heidi Heitkamp.  A smart and honorable person knew the coverage by the networks was yet another one-sided event--the networkis took the side of the Democrats, and not one of the participants that I saw passed along the real significance of the event, which was it was a corruption of the justice system of the country that was following in the footsteps (of sorts) of the rotten happenings tied to the "Trump Dossier" (a fake event) and two impeachments of Donald J. Trump.  Once Donald J. Trump was long gone from the courtroom, reporters talked with attorneys for Donald J. Trump at the courthouse building, and one reporter (unidentified to me) brought up the idea that Donald J. Trump was rotten for having swung a baseball bat at someone somewhat recently, and a lawyer for Donald J. Trump rightly reported that the event was a lie and never took place, and the lawyer reported that the baseball-bat event was really an incident in which Donald J. Trump was promoting as good a baseball-bat manufacturer in the United States of America, and the meeting between the lawyer and the reporter showed off the ignorance and rottenness of the reporter, and that reporter showed off in a tiny incident what the people taking part of the coverage were and are.
    I have to make a special statement.  Laura Jarrett pushed out the idea in the broadcast by NBC-TV--after the indictment document had been made public--that New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg--the pusher of the indictment--was suggesting that Donald J. Trump pulled off an election fraud tactic on the American people by paying out money to two women (through non-disclosure documents), and Donald J. Trump's keeping the information related to the documents secret was a corruption of the election system, since the information that was hidden might have been used to change how people voted, choosing to vote for someone other than Donald J. Trump once the information was known.  That idea from New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg was a highly corrupt theme, since in every election that has ever been held in the country, politicians have kept things quiet from the public (and it is known the main press kept quiet about the corruption tied to the Joseph Biden family for the 2020 national election).  [Note: Laura Jarrett seemed to be impressed with Alvin Bragg's thought.  However, I note, if using the theme were made a precedent and a regular occurrence, district attorneys of rotten nature could use the tactic for every election that the Democratic Party loses.  They could always claim the winners kept something in the form of information from the voters, no matter how trivial the information.  In addition, who should determine what information could have affected the outcome of an election enough so that a person should be put in jail or prison?]
    Now, I must make it clear I am not trained in law or lawyer work, but I understand that the charging of Donald J. Trump for something or other was nonsense, but I do now present some proof about the why the indictment event was nonsense.  On the evening of Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Mark R. Levin through his nationally syndicated radio show called The Mark Levin Show (which is a weekday show that runs three hours a day) used the first hour of the show at least to show why the indictment is nonsense; Mark R. Levin is a nationally recognized high-profile and smart lawyer, who has worked for a U.S. president.  The first main point that Mark R. Levin pointed out in the first hour of the show for April 4, 2023, is that no crime is pointed to in the 16-page document that is the indictment from New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg based in New York City, New York, or no crime is listed, and no crime is alleged.  An indictment must contain a note or statement or sentence that reports what crime the defendant is being charged of having been involved with so that the defendant and the defendant's lawyers can respond to an actual charge.  In addition, Mark R Levin noted that Alvin Bragg is trying to suggest another crime (of some type) is being covered up or was covered up, and Mark R. Levin reported that a government cannot claim that another crime is being covered up if no initial crime has been presented.  Oh, Mark R. Levin initially--at the open of his radio program--called the indictment document a "stupid document," and Mark R. Levin said that it "makes no sense."  New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg cannot charge anyone of a crime related to election law, if the election law is a federal law.
    During the television presentations by ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News that I saw, no one pointed out the information focusing on that which I have presented so far in this document.  However, where I was in Michigan at the time, the local affiliates of the three networks cut out of the network feeds (somewhere around 4:00 p.m.) before Alvin Bragg would give a press conference so that the stations could present local programming.  In the press conference held by Alvin Bragg, a reporter--as I would find out later--did ask Alvin Bragg what crime or crimes Donald J. Trump was being indicted for, since the reporter was seeing no information in the indictment document, and Alvin Bragg could not answer the question.
    Here are some final notes to keep in mind.  Certainly, on the morning of April 4, 2023, the main press was aware that Donald J. Trump was being charged with 34 counts in the indictment, because  information about the 34 counts--of a so-called sealed document--had already been leaked to the press, and yet the press people could not present on the afternoon of the day the idea that the whole indictment thing was garbage.  And a lot--millions of dollars probably--were spent to conduct the whole dead-issue event in New York City, covering the pay of police officers, the pay U.S. secret service officers, and more, and that means taxpayer money was wasted on crap, and Donald J. Trump had to waste money and time to get to New York City from Florida and to get back home from New York.
    And I had to waste my time seeing the broadcasts, which before they started, I had well understood would be crap.


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